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Montana's Larest Or$cryoJne 14
Hood River
Per Box
Open Until 10 o'Clock
47 W. Park. Phone 68
S (Malt Extract.)
Has not that sickening sweet
taste, but has tart wine flavor.
* tromberg-MullIns Co..
Distributers, Butte. Mont.
We'll exchange new Jewelry for your
old, at full bullion value.
Or we'll remake your jewelry at fac
tory prices and factory quality.
~ hy not come in and talk it over
with us. Bring all your old jeury
Watch Repairs
Missing parts furnished; watches
put in perfect repair and guaranteed to
run accurately. As good repair work
as the factory can do.
Owsley Blo ck, Butte.
Hight & Fairfield
Manufacturing Opticians.
Duplicate any broken lens and
fill all prescriptions given by other
opticians. All orders filled same
day as received.
Graduate optician of large ex
perience in charge. Examinations
Grady's Standard Carriage
High Grade Goods
at Low Grade Prices
eor. Main and Silver Streets
There was music in the very toot of the
engine that pulled the special containing
the Overland minstrels out of the B., A.
& P. yards this afternoon.
At z :3o Montana's greatest aggregation
of black-faced comedians shouted adieu to
the crowd who came to see them off. The
Gay Misses Who Take Part in the "Sun flower Dance" Were Delighted to Go.
(Picture by Ward, Inter Mountain Staff Photographer.)
conductor shouted "All aboard I" and the
Overlands were off overland for Helena.
Tonight Ming's opera house will be
crowded with the beauty and chivalry of
Montana's capital, who will assemble to see
Charley Lane and his darkies do their
Tomorrow afternoon the troupe will re
Returns as Officer of Enlarged Organiza
tion Prepared for Hard Work of
National Character.
Clarence Smith, secretary and treasurer
for the American Labor Union, has just
returned from the convention, where he
has been engaged during the last three
weeks in the general meeting and the
special meetings of the executive commit
"\We went away from Butte as the West
ern Labor Union," said Mr. Smith, "but
we come back as the American l.abor
Union. Our jurisdiction now extends over
the entire continent of North America,
which will, of course, mean an enormous
increase in our membership. Already I
have received applications front Eastern
labor unions, some from Massachusetts
and some from Illinois.
"We had a busy session I assure you,"
he continued, "and I am glad to get back
to Butte again. Mr. McDonald is still in
Denver, where the executive committee is
in session making arrangements for the
change and outlining the policy for the
increase of organiz;ation."
Secreiary Smith is deluged with corre
spondence and the work of the organiza
tion which accumulated while he was away
at the convention and will be one of the
businest men in Butte for a week or two.
lie is pleased at the action of the con
vention in retaining the headquarters in
tButte, and naturally complimented at the
re-election of himself and 'resident Mc
Donald. both of whom have worked ardu
ously and faithfully in the interests of the
Miss Alice l)insmore will leave this
evening for the Yellowstone pars.
Miss Mildred G. Neal of Deer l.odge
is visiting friends in the city today.
Phil Carr, a well-known traveling man
of St. Paul, is in Butte today on business.
Miss Retta M. Brisco left today for
Boston, where she will remain during the
Max Hebgen, manager of the Butte
Electric company's business, left today for
George J. Young of Reno, Nevada, ar
rived in the city last night to visit old
friends in Butte.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Reynolds alnd wife,
well-known residents of Helena, are visit
ing in Butte today.
Ilenry N. Blake, formerly judge of the
supreme court. is a visitor fromt the capi
tal in helena today.
F. II. Whitcomb and wife of l.aurin
are in the city today. Mr. Whitcomb is
a well-known mining man.
George A. Cook of Missoula, one of the
old residents of the Bitter Root valley,
is making a business visit in Butte.
R. ). Nagle and wife of Anaconda, who
came over to Butte for Miners' Union
day, are registered at the Thornton.
Fred Stone and L. Bates of Spokane
were among the visitors who watched Butte
administer a drubbing to Portland yes
Miss Laura Simmons of Philiplshurg,
who has been taking a course in the D)illon
Normal school, is in the city on her way
Miss Grace Quick of Great Falls is in
the city en route from Dillon, where she
has been taking a course in the Normal
Miss Mary E. Keenan, one of tIt teach
ers in the Grant school, left today for
New York, where she will spend the sum
mer with relatives.
L. A. Parkhurst, manager of the Butte
board of insurance underwriters, left to
day for Salt Lake, where he has business
requiring his attention.
Miss Esther Meiklejohn, stenographer in
the deputy United States marshal's office
in this city, returned yesterday from Los
Angeles, where she spent two months.
Miss Ella Warner of Pony, Miss Grace
Davidson of Thompson, Miss Gertie Fell
of Big Timber, Miss Wright of Bozeman
and Miss Sinclair of Kalispell, returning
students from the State Normal school
at Dillon, are staying at the Finlen.
turn with their garlands of victory around
them and another notch in their gun
handles to mark the conquest of the gay
The little girls trained by Mrs. Harry
Symons for the Sunflower dance went
along with the minstrels in a special car'
they have all to themnselves. The children
were overjoyed at the prospect of a trip
to the capital.
C. W. Clark pays all expenses of the
trip which are not met by the receipts of
the engagement at Ming's. Mr. Clark is
proud of the Overland mninstrels and en
thusiastic over the trip that began today.
Fred Roberts and His Possible Father
in-Law Are Kept Apart by Fearful
What promised to develop into a tragedy
at No. So3 East Park street did not "pan
out," this afternoon.
Minnie Davidson, the pretty 17-year-old
daughter of C. II. Davidson planned to
run away with and lmarry Fred Robert,.
a young miner who works at the Mitnie
Ilealy mine. For some time past the two
young people have beenl devoted lover.; ;urd4
it is understood Minnie told her friend
Eva Donahoo that she intended to run
away this afternoon and lmarry Roberts.
In somle way the news reached the ears
of Minnie's father, C. I. ID)avidson. 1'h.
latter swore dire vengeance if the youngi
man attempted to run away with his d.itrvh
ter. lie secured a shot gun anld for a1vhil
things looked blue for Roberts who, up to
2 o'clock had not put in his aipp ;,:. .,
Lewis llHarrington, the next door .eivl;
Ior of tlie Davidson famiily telept.honed to
Oflicer larney MvG(;illic at tile p.;lice sita
tion that trouble was brewing lni the lat
ter went to thle scene. Rober's frenlh;
warned him not to face the angry fath.r
and trouile was averted.
Minnlie declares that sihe and F:-e.1 will
yet findl a tway to take upl the ;arl;ial bur
Comments on Common Mistake Regard
ing Celebration of Anniversary
"There lseems to lie considerable misun-i
derstuniling regarding thie numlber of tile
alnniversary which we celebratted yester
day," haid a member of the Mliners' union
"Our union was organized tile rJth day
of June, 1878. That is 24 years ago. Now
some of the papers and some of tile speak
ers got mixed up, some calling yesterday
the twenty-third anniversary, some the
twenty-fourth and some the twenty-fifth.
"If the organization is 24 years old,
there is no question about yesterday's le
ing the twenty-fourth anniversary. That
seems plainl enough. Of course the day of
organization was not an anniversary. We
had our first anniversary at the end of tile
first year, our second at the end of the
second year; so it shouldn't take much of
a mathematician to determine that we had
our twenty-fourth yesterday at the end of
the twenty-fourth year of our existence.
"Nothing could give you a better idea of
the length of tune the unlioll has been inl
existence than the fact that there were
several young fellows in the parade yester
day who were not born when the union
was founded.
"A father andl son walked side by side
in the parade yesterday. The father had
Ibeen a mellmber of the union before tle soni
was born."
A. O. 11. picnic at Mountain View park,
Anaconda, Sunday, June vsth. 80 cents
round trip from Blutte.
rooms; modern. 43 East G(ranite.
newly cleaned; ready to serve meals;
boarders waiting.
KAVNA(;H.-Rose, the z months and 7
days old daughter of :lr. anti Mrs. Peter
Kavnagh, died this afternoon. The
funeral will take place tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock from the family resi
dence, No. 41 Anaconda road,
Special Palace Pullman Car.
Through to Chicago without change will
leave Oregon Short Line depot 4:30 p. m.,
Monday, June 16th, via the Denver &
Rio Grande (Scenic Line),
Car will stop from morning until even
ing in Salt Lake in order to give excur
sionists the benefit of Colorado scenery
by daylight.
Sleeping car accommodations can he se
curedt at Oregon Short Line City Ticket
office, los North Main street, Butte.
Robbers Were Holding Up Man in Pleas
ant Alley When Patrolman Discovered
Then and Attempted Their Capture-".
Blinded by Electric Light He Stumbles
and Narrowly Escapes Murder.
"My pistol duel with the negro Irvin
All.en, whet ie n apped his gtll at me,
rctIitinl(s l 1 of all e'ncoli nler I ihad illh
a lti'srate lall two years igo'" said I'il
li in iln lill L'ttz this afternoon.
Si pottli ina;ll liingeredl ; six lho t'r
cartlidgil which hie wire ol his watchli
ch.iin. A loser exaiiinatiion of thei' cal
ridge shlowe. d tha;t the hiiManer ofii ith re
vhi r ihad falhlen on the ullp. making a
dint, hilt had failed to fire it.
I alw.ays rize this cartrid'ce as a
fricnll,"' continued the prate goaudiam, "fir
a y othelr enltridgi wouIo l h:ve t* hlhhIl to,
the Il p 'lsasion of the sharp'l b.anuin r . dl
in th.t case I sholi I ni t no iw lie her to
tell thei story.
lTwo years ago I w.las on the iast
( n;.ll, n street halt. which is of 'colurs, iii'
ha ,i'st heali ini the city tl prstirv.e order
on. It was aboutit 'i iclock at nighl whien
s1 i11' ally Camtle rlnllllnlg o Ill ( ltm out of
''leasan:it allhe'y and told un thait three men
Is.il' standing in the darkness of the ailley
and that 'something wly doing.'
Caught in the Act.
"I hnrried ii t he Spoti iinlieat'd anld lip
loilng to withlini a few feelt of tile groupi I
saw that onlll' ima hl;ad ailiother' (oV'i'rreld
ish ti rlarge gati while a third iman was
ridling the victimi's lplac'kets.
"'Wh\'t are you doillng there ?' I crill,
anild at the samelll ti' t I eosi'irdI the fol t
pias with miy revoilver. At that ilinstant
theI rohllier with the revolver ainied his gun
in mty diree timn, aill wt itholiii further adoii I
firetl. Ilut just ais I iiul so thle mntIirtiy
ilh.ltiic light suhldenly Iickereid up .iiiailnd
blindled nim.
"'liefore I coil l shoot again I stmi l,,d
and, fell forward iiiI ily kilnee. The idbler
lidetermii h.e l Iii k ill ii .. 11I pl. ..t d i h Ithe uii -
zle of his gull, a large .14 ialihte' ( 'alt's at
illy bruast auul ipulled the tri'ggi i'r. 'Thi're
a;is a deadl cli'cking sounilldl ild I knew thaln
lily life was saveil. The Cliii hadl mliss'edl
Barney Was There.
"'ly this time' I haul regaiiud miy fnoiliing
ill the hiilghivayman;i hadi tir ,d toI ri ll.
I puitrsuiled hii iip Ialiiii stelt:a which i a'
croi''hled at iih tui'e. I y'elled for e'viry
I,~1ly to get ilt o ,f the Way as I ws
Iabluut to iholnt. 'IThere ¢W r 'a seiltellilli
huilt before' I couild bringi Ihi' thl'eiing man
-W (c took the gunil frolln hlill :oIdI ltnllii
,i, r:lrLrildg.s ilnc(lllding the e(' Ilthalt had;I
li, sn inappl d at o n . I k r pt it as a s si(ull rllI'
i. 'iIuli 1 I i'f . I I ,, I ,iI hii , iS S llllitl;i
fi :is I said before I t . ' have ta ri'l i i
pldl, II.
Ih, hil waynilalln's iia e' was \ Vi illiali
and hi is it'sw i'rviiin a 15 year sentl it l
it I)(..r I. Lodge fir tlell a illrtoptd hli w:I' w v\
roilhury ini whirh I (iaught himi . 'I'Th'e other
h'. l ir 'eisaped ait the tim, but w:I s r pil
t oI, d I "ter an d lie, ta i, is iaw serv ini ,
" I hLal wias ih(- clo'h ',.t ic;ll I ever hud;
;aIlI l.,\ver w LIant an:Llth r Iike it."
He Won $800 After Losing $1,100 on
One Hand.
(lindianapolis ('or. New 'ork Ileral,.)
.\ party of rollmmelllcriln Ir raelers iwere
dining at the (Columbinia lul a few even
ils, :'Ip, nlld after the meal ione of lthim
sug..esttd that they while a:way an hour
or two with a gamue of poker.
'1 he suilggestion was favoredl by all but
one man, who said he hail not playedi a
gamei for 1o years, and tlat lie lever
'pei'ted to totih another eard. Ills
earnoChtll'es Was so maIlrked that tie was
asked to explain.
lie said that he haId learnel the ganle
wlheu a toy on a farti, anid hie tfinally
scceteded in playing a better gaie than
any of his asisuciates, iandt so got the idiea
that he was a star player. His wiiniilig4
w re n ver large, but hte was so imiprsse'l
by their uniformiity that he believed lie was
a borlln gamitbler.
"\heni I reached lily miajority," lie clln
tin'd, "I determined to, go Wetst .iland row
up with my comitry, and when I landed ait
O)mahta I had $, i12 in my pocket. I
sttruek out from there across the counltry
on foot, and late ill tie eveniing I tstrolled
into a public hlouse in what was the be.
gitlnlihig of a town.
"There was no one in but tie propt ietor,
who was host anid saloonkeeper, too, and
after lounging around for a tilme we en
tercl into conversation. IHe inllquired as to
tmy busiless, and I sutipposed my reticence
excitled his suspicion for ihe ilillediately
asked if I were looking for a galle.
"ltalih ving I was all expert, I replied in
tihe allirnmative, and we welnt into ai side
room aid began to play. It took just oiie
Ihi l I gct ol lt co neit of Olile.
I dealt tile cards myself, aill, stayed in
on ;a pair of kings, drawinllg three cards alt
getting tile other two kings. My host drew
two c;arlds, and I assiiued that he had
threes, aniid all the chances, of cours'e,
aguainst his gettiing fours.
"We began with small bets, but kept inl
creasing this till I had $i,ooo oni the table
and called hiim, I believed he had been
blueing, and threw down four kings with
an ',ir of triuiiph, but he hadl four aces
atlI took the stake. I remlained that night
and my hIist refused to take anything for
lly imeals and lodgilng and the next dlay I
started back for Omaha.
"My $2 gradually dwindled away till I
had but $z left. A guileless looking fel
low entered the hotel and took a seat near
ime. lie finally asked men if I played. I
slhook my head sorrowfully, and then he
asked if I would not like to learn the game.
I thought I might as well risk my last $a,
anll we went to a roomn andti began at a
Cent ante.
"1 was lucky, and at my friend's sug
gestion tile ante was increased, and whent
we quit that evening I had $75 of his
money, The next morning we went at it
GRA ND Butte's Finest Theatre
Howe & Marks, Mgrs Phone 356
Another week commencing Sunday, of the select
Manhattan Company
Sunday, 1Mond.ay, 'Tuesday, \VWclnsday
Mouth of the Cannron
'T'hursday, FI riday, S~:it lurday
." .. BargEain Matinee .o v
...Peaceful Valley...
Sol Smith RItuvell's (;rc:itest I'lay.
Popular Prices 25c. 50c. 75c.
flor Swlilte :IlglifUt litir l illimig.ll ti I ., I '.l0 l
I ' Ih , n t' s , rl it "ll ,lll $,..lou ,$: it t II f ,-,n
ia ,tete r for Il l -.
' W hen I g t I. St. . I. nis I p.i.l,, .I U .p i
papler a;nds, Law thall mily friet tI h.I .lone
jti .l wlint I W ,n -ithllnpl tlig iii , i r eli
:accostsh l IiA il thll' t hrho cl l; w i' ' ll.lll i
Ilbefl ;lt (IhUi: l1:1 i \'l 11 ; hIli Illiili ,
wtlh a r.volvir.
Itnitte, M. lliia.. . May a2,. 1004.
To \Vholtt It May ('iclctil:
Nftie in herl,hy tgiven that I)tllant to
tIut , rlr oif the Ilnars( ol Unn')llllins"i lln.l I
of Silver liww wio'lty, il the Mlate oil Mn
tauit, imde ol the 2Ilt, day of May, ti'lt ,
and entelredt il liok of the proceingsllll
of said Bliard, at Page 34.", the sbiI
Silver linw rtcounlty, inlldll by sani! l* lullty
On liuly 1, Ithr , land niu erlllll)'ti l coti-ii i
tively front t ine ( ) to Slventy (7i I, both
ntlinthertl. inliuttiv , bearing date li ly I is,
lM9., ill denll llllll i tolll ns of $1,is. ni icaih,
bearing itllec l at the rate (of liv, Ir
c ntltll f (5 per ecniti.gn l t 11 lllllll, .ll
countlly at ally lins' aftelr telll 1 (i) yelll,
ainll n t l Ionger than tw llnty (.I) lp s ,i
froA the date of their issN ; which ld
bionds ar' hereby called iittdy t i e l ok.
rs thireof i arey heriy notifid Iend lrell ilin d
to prletingt said bniisy, filr pir ylliviol t to thei
treasurel r Iof said Silvl er Iow I unityll .l :,t
the curthouse oi f .;ilu i iily, Iiii h (ily
lof l utte, Mt i nti l ut; , i ll iiill ilt day oit Juily,
t12i ati whit'h tiiilme ii bo.l ianld tach
theri of will lc ' i a Ito h lar i lntcr , ' l et.
WII.L.IAM 1). C'I.tRK,
Chuirnimn of ,r tiey lltuiin d of t"conu , issionr.llt
o(f Silveir Ni.w Solutlyll N. Miontlniil.a
Attest : JUlI N io .STO N,
(',tinty Clerk.
MINING AI'L'I.ItA' J ION No.( 45.6.
United Stlllaters I.and Office,
l honiea, Montan, May o.l qv , nos,
Notice is hereby given thtat Ihl Iti., Mining
& Milling coimpany, a corporation exilisin
nder tihe laws of illhte sll il Mot ilulna. iy
Allird It, It tnmbuutr, itlll i agnt, wlt e lpost..
iulll t idtll tes6 i lihlte, lh .::ninlt, hi it thit i day
blrd its appihcaliol (fr a ,h.itl lth ,...- hlter
Iul, httitn ut 30 I ell wt'iit sitiuly uai u 9 frt 'ast.
r tly tonl dl veiy hlilul of the M.uitd (C. t I.Lv a
Musliig claini , uliln thith a I ntte I, of in tnt.
tion to apply rit i l palenlt Io lt Ipt ed I theNil
I.Ih day of May, A. It. Iull, inutd In artlln
uaind vniel biy ,inng dietrl Jrll rsoi mlunty,
Slite of ltititanii de uign ihl uts Surveyl Nil.
I ,, in l wnsliit 3, i noli th it luiage 7 wetail,
ilu intg ore particularly dr8 ciiloed as follows:o
to wit:
ltuiinning at it i t northeast tirner, wh rich is
also I Oimer No. 3 of Survey No. 330., and a
point in the west eld line of Survey Ni. Iit u,
t graith stoile sel in Ihr Irr lnd, wiltnh.td by
Lt'allng trees, Iandl iarkled I).-I(6 i l or erc
No. I Prulm which the s tl,eaut ('lnir ute
Stction 34, TownShip 4 ilium h, iRange 7 west,
bears n otIIh I16 legic 37 ""'illtc wet' , 57.17' (
Pfeet, and rtning themeouthi7 llr
westginnin, l f Moday; h Junene north .I lr l.
itWes r't, solicit youi/eer trade 87 degrees
went, 331 fect; thence soiltli I d'grer ,o mnin.
e wetele, fephonet; phone north 7.8 dcrrs 47
tnuln eh cast, 1.,56 felm; th" ne: north I degree
39 mlinutes ' ust, 300 feet It) the al:re of hginl
ing, ce anid Yardi , Iron Street res. of
whicoh .rres arl iz conflict wrli Si'rey No.
--6p, claimeid by IhI"( above narilrd lpplicni~ .
rlhe location of this claim is of record it the
Montana, in liSok I of lode Locations, on
, he adjjoining cl;limn to tlrhee premises are
Survey No, steo, Monitor lode, lIt 368 and
Survey No. t367, Syndicate lode on Ih, north,
and Survey No. Ibn, Silver Kiig Jlde, lut .2,
on the cost.
GE.)l((;l: 1). ftlEENl.,
SAMUEL liA14iEll, JR.,
Attorney fr Applicant.
(First Poblicat ,u, Mtay 14. I9o.)
Establishcd It19a, 'Phone 639,
222 E. Platinum St., Butte
Lumber Yard
Planing Mill
Will be in Operation be
ginning Monday June 14.
We solicit your trade.
of Arizonr St., Butte.
Ko dak
Agen 'y
(;0,,.1 It liblelh .º,un,,s at the prices
ith 1 ,. W i' lll ;lllll ilt ll... .
Ittt iihaik t . havi\it nut whI. $ oui II
w i 'ntl IIIt I €+,II rI Yull ylll K III llt ' inl
il v.'. . nII1,iI+ s +'y.I+ Ii
l1 l itH I {':iica i't- No. ....... $ , n
Ih'x,4 Is .lak ........ ...... 5. 411
Jlnll'. Iayl E v Nn. .......... H.co
No. I J'hlinl;. I l'P ki.t K .lak (. .10 I
N i,. 1 1' (11 lim I'cl.lt KoI lak nt. .i,
N ... l,'ilin. i l',ckit Kndak 17.50j
N0, I t;u'i' llyi Klila;k..... 1si.11,
No.. . (.rit (iL.. .. .1111
N..1 I ,arlidi : l. a.....k ..... "..0,o
N0. I at ' thihlpv KG,,lak . .. . 5.011
N',i .y li'hiu t N l, . ..... .......... nr. u
I' tln I'it.o Ni. . 5.......... r7....
i l'o y I'rih o N n. ..... ...... ii.*, t
Cyclhu . Mlagahint. Ni., 5.... H.o
RI d tlI s',. I)rtug Store,
-.1 W ,," Park.
Mrs. Niedenhofen's
Removal Sale.
My present store having been
leased to another, I shall have to
move in a few weeks. Pending
My Entire Stock
Is Offered at
Great Reduction
Including Fine China, Cut Glass,
Bric-a-Brac and Toys. The best
goods at the lowest prices ever
known in Butte.
My soda fo',ntain and ice
cream parlors are now open. The
best fruit syrups at the fountain
and the finest ice cream that can
be made.
Mrs. Niedenhofen
39 W. Park St., Butte'
There Are Always Some Busy Ones.
Those who have occasion to write the
detective agerlcy or call at their offices for
itifotrm.ation of any kind always receive
the best of advice that can be given by
their knowledge and long experience.
Why is it that some people will stand to
lose jewelry or valuables of ditTerent
kintds and say nothing about it? Why
they do this wlhen they are in a position
to get their valuable experience, we do not
kitow. *
Souvenirs with eacth dollar and over
spent, Mayer, 65 West Park,

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