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Iotaus's arest Orcsry,Jane I1
Strictly fancy, plump, Juicy, with
out seeds-the last good oranges
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size; per dozen, 75c, 65e,
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Budded Oranges-
dozen................... 25
Hood River Strawber.
We have on sale a fine lot of genu
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case; two
boxes ................. 25C
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pounds ................ 25C
47 W. Park. Phone 68
(Malt Extract.)
Has not that sickening sweet
taste, but has tart wine flavor.
Btromberg-Mullins Co.
Distributers, Butte, eMoat
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Without seeing that your glasses are
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G(rady's Standard Carriage
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eor. Main and filver Streets
y ro Y~ 1 -y ýý
. .. i. .
(Picture by Ward, Inter Mountain Staff Photographer.)
Business of First Day Expeditiously Disposed Of
After Which Delegates From All Parts of
State Visit Columbia Gardens.
Considerable business was transacted at
tile convention of Montana Epworth
Leaguers at Mountain View Methodist
church today. Most of it was, of course,
of a routine nature in accordance with
the regular pregranl.
One of the features of the day's meet
ing was the introduction of a resolution
by the Rev. Edward Smith of Livingston
making the state convention a hi-annual
instecad of an annual affair. The reso
lution was signled by the following pastors.
as well as by Mr. Smith: Rev. Paul iM.
Adams of Virginia City; Rev. Charles F.
Miller of livingston diocese, and the Rev.
Mr. Kershaw of Ielgrade.
I'rEsident Avery, at the suggestion of
the mover of the resolution, made it the
order of business for to :Jo a. in. to
in answer to the roll call the followingt
delegates signed their inaimes on tilhe
Prayer at Sunrise.
At the nlornling session, a sunrise
prayer umeeting was conducted by the
president, C. F. Avery, and at o o'clock de
votional exercises were held by Prof. T iti
ny of the \\esle' an -'ivesrsity at lIrlclna.
Plresident Avery called the general ses
sion to order at o :3to and the replorts of
officers for the year were presented.
The reports 'showed tile league in a
Dr. J. S. Hammond Will File Complaint
Against the Police Official
This Evening.
At the city council meeting tonight i)r.
J. S. Ilanmmond will present his complaint
against Police C'aptain Everts. The coln
plaint Has tiled with the city clerk this
It sets forth that the son of Dr. Flatm
mond was arrested with l)elfield Cross
white, another young mlan, on1 the after
noon of June 5: that after arriving at the
city jail and while under arrest, Captain
Everts did "without cause, wilfully and
maliciously assault, strike, beat and bruise
each of said minors with the fists of hinm,
the said Everts."
The complaint further alleges that
Everts ilade the assault while on duty as
police captain, "without authority of law
and maliciously and with intent to bruise
and injure said minors."
The petition concludes with a prayer to
the city council to have Everts brought be
fore the police conunissioners and disci
Three Days' Quiz for Aspirants for
Collegiate Course.
Butte has bIeen recognized in an educa
tional way which is hjl/iy complimentary
to the students and faculty of the high
For the first timne and as the only city
between Minneapolis and Seattle to be so
favored an examination will he held here
for the entrance of students to Harvard.
The examination will begin next Tues
day and continue three days.
It will be tunder the supervision of G.
W. Tower and Professor P. A. Leamy anti
will be held in roonl 6 ill the high school
All who pass the examination are eligi
ble to the college course at Ilarvard uni
Death Claims a Prominent Woman in
New York City.
News has been received in Butte of the
death of Mrs. Louis Gans in New York.
In consequence of this the mercantile es
tablishment of Messrs. Gans & Kline, on
Main street, will he closed until after the
funeral which takes place tomorrow. The
store in Helena is also closed today.
Henry and Bedie Moss Demand $3,500
on Notes from Beulah M. Field.
Henry Moss and Bedie Moss began an
action against Beulah M. Field in the dis
trict court today to recover judgment for
$3.,500oo and an additional $300 with which
to pay their attorney, E. B. Howell. To
satisfy the judgment they desire to fore
close a mortgage given by the defendant
on a portion of the Yellow Jack clainl to
secure the $3,50o, which is represented by
two promissory notes, one for $2,000 and
the other for $m,Soo. Interest at the rate
of to per cent per annunm is demanded
from May t6 of last' year.
flourishing condition throughout the state.
There are at present I.ioi active and j.1
associate tmlemlbers in the state.
Two new leagues, one at Carlton and ote
at Pyretees applied for and received ad
mission to the organization.
After the business meeting ill the fore
noon, the following papers were read and
discussed :
)cepartment of Spiritual Work, Miss
Clara I). McDonel. Ist vice-president.
()ur Watchword--The Evangelization of
the World in This Generation-Rlev. W.
C. Macurday, Anaconda. Qualifications
for Leadership-1)r. II. F. Carman, Ana
Meetnig at the Auditorium.
It is not probable that tile street meet
ing will be held this evening as originally
arranged. There will. however, be a plat
form meetiitg at the Auditorium this eve
ning at 8:30, at which Prof. Tenny of the
\\ csleyan University will address the audi
ence. The Rev. R. 1'. Smith of Dillon
will also speak on "The lible in E'duca
All tile leaguers are enjoying al out
ing at Columbia Gardens this afternoon.
They are the guests of tile local ieakuers.
The election of offlicers and choice of a
mieeting place for the coming year will
tak place tomorrow, the last day of the
Old-Timer Who Died in California Has
Many Warm Friends in
Allen G. Campbtell, who died il l.os
Angeles, Cal., yesterlday, at the age of 69
y)ears, was once a well-known resident of
"1 knew (;reen ('amnbell well, said
D)avid N. Upton to the Inter Mountain
reporter today as he was talking over old
times with Gecorge Necwkirk and Frank
Beck. "lie came to Montana in t867 and
developed soime placer ground inl ilorse
gulch, near highland. lie made money
and later went over to the Iron Rid
country and discovered a quartz mine lihe
named the Green Campbell which proved
a rich property and was worked for many
years afterwards. Then he went away, I
believe to Utah, but returned to Montana,
coming to Butte where he acquired an in
terest inl the Mountain View mine with
Charlie I.arabie, who later sold it to Jhe
Hoston & Montana. After remaining ill
the state some time he went back to Utah
where he discovered or bought the famous
Horn Silver mine at Frisco, which for years
was a large dividend payer and is still Ibe
ing worked. About fifteen years ago Mr.
m('Lnpbell ran for delegate to congress from
Utah as a republican of "liberal ideas," but
was not elected as the territory was then
"Green Campbell was one of the hest
men in Montana," added Mr. Beck, "f
knew himl well. lie was a great rustler,
and very generous and popular. The Mon
tana pioneers will be very sorry to learn
of his death."
Wants Damages for injuries Sustained
While Working for the Largey
Lumber Company.
John M. Ilardesty is after $.,o,ooo of
the good monley of the Largey L.umbier
company and has brought suit in the dis
trict court to get it, his cotmplaint being
filed today by Attorney E. B. Hlowell.
lie says in his conmplaint that on Novem
ber 2o last, while he was engaged in
transferring some lumber fromt one place
to another in the yard of the company In
this city, the outward tier of one pile of
heavy pieces fell on him and broke and
crushed the bones of one of his legs and
feet; that lie was employed by the com
Ipany and that the company piled the
lumber in such a negligent manner as
to make it top-heavy and dangerous.
The pile that fell, says the plaintiff,
was placed in the yard the day before it
fell on hini; that when the accident oc
curred he was taking lumber from an
other pile four feet away and did not
know the dangerous condition of the pile
near him.
He further says that by reason of the
accident he has been permanently In
jured and prevented from earning $5 per
day, which was the wages he was re
ceiving at the time he was hurt, He
places his age at 45 yeais' and has dam
ages at $ao,ooo.
(Continuned from lPage (ne.)
case against the two menn is the active
part taken by Young in the clearing of
his p. it otr and the practical confession
'which lie makes iil consentinlg to have
Mat till go on the stand and testify that
he hitlpeld rob D)onavan.
Nti. ithstanding this Young nade a posi
tive sltemettnt today that hie was hioing
"anlt wrong.'
Smilth agreed to allow the Ilter Mountaili
stall artist to take his piscttre ont contli
tioni that his statettienit tie published. This
is what lit saida :
For a Thirty Spot.
"l want you to put in every word
of thils as 1 lay it. I amt going to the
jug for a ito splt and I don llt thlink any
one wa il look on it as a just sentence. I
thniik I will get pardonil and I want to
get the thie hiIg before the pewople.
"I was htrn anto raised in l hicag". I
am a candy maker by trade, andil I worked
for seven ditierent linns inl t hicago; I
worked for the Chicago I'ant Caly cot n
pany, which is ouwned y IrI. Price, I)aw
soin Ilrothers, Chiciago, and the iterstate
Cantly comany and the 0. It. I'ectkhant
cotitpay in St. L.oani. I worked also
for the Gralld oplera honiuse in St. I.niiis
and I-r tile 'Chase tcaindy colpaniy in Ito
"I left (hicag. in March. .X.,6 and
worked through l)akota and came to Moin
tauil. I got a rottien deal in HelenaIi .
a nose fetllows there were wwise andll they
ask... mle to hatndle the sttlli tthey c Ipped.
I did and I got seven years i the penit
alit they were ttiurnedi out.
The World "Ag'in" Him.
"After I gut out I wnit to Missoula and
I g a t a rtt del there. Thtere's a
fellow c all d Sidetbittnti whs, senit lil oiti
to ilt thither and said ti. owned the ltid.
lite lidnt uwn it and I got chiased off
the chliie with WVitichesters and lost all
I had.
"I went to work for the ilackfoot L.inn
bcr tcompany, atd whlen I quit there I
started for lultte to get work in tthe litu.s.
"'lhere was a ftellow who wasa a carpten
ter and anither fellow who was an tn
gineer in the boxcar I jupled. They trth
canme from g;reat Falls. We talked and
whii we wecre at the Wicks tunnel, this
fellow I)noiivan jtnlpied in. Theliy said he
iiust he cray and jtnnped ail ti Warnus
Springs btecau:e hie had his hands in his
pockets an d walkearound as ihorigh h
wanted to fight everybody itn the ear.
"He got to talking after, and then tie
said he had tioney atild was conhtiu to
Butte to blow it. Then it . il he was
going to buy soime clothei s and tihe ngineer
fellow fromi Great falls pulled off his coat
and vest and told him it was new and thatt
lie would sell it to him.
Other Fellow Did the Job.
"Ihe got scared or something, and
jumped loil at Woodville, and I never seed
hinm after.
"If you want the facts in the case that
fellow Murphly robbed hii n himself."
'Which Murphy ? Jerry?
"No; I)a, Mllphy I guess his naite is.
They said I told liorvan I wanted to sell
him a watch, aind that I told hint I was
goin' to soak it. I didn't ..ave nothing but
a comilpiass and that was all I had.
"What I want to know is this: Wihy
didn't they arrest inc before ? They say
this fellow was robbed the 24th, and it wari
to days ifter that they arrested ine. I
passed D)onovan on the street a dozen
times, and they didn't take me in. If I
was the one he didn't know ine then.
Perry was up for trial tlts morning with
Attorney Ed. flooth as li counsel. Thlere
was trouble over the selection of jurytten,
and both the prosecution atld defense ob
jected to the majority of the men hum
montd to serve.
Thie entire venire was exhansted, and
Judge McClertnan was compelled to order
a stpecial venire of 5 men to resplond to
mnorrow miornling, Because of this the
case wals contiinuled.
Nalieit is hereby given that I will not
be reslponsible for iany debts contracttied
by any wife, Marie, as she has left any
bed and board.
Martin Brennan, a Miner, Despondent and
in Despair, Commits Suicide
With Carbolic Acid.
MIartin Brennan, a miner 23 years of age,
drank ati ouoice alnd a half of carbolic
acid yesterday evening shortly abefore 8
o'clock, near Main and Broadway and died
fromi the effects of the faital dose 15
inltoutes later.
'lrennan was a mnter at the Anaconda
tInne op to Miners' Uttion ilay, when lie
gave up his position. Since that til
he has been drinking heavily and it was
while lie was teillporarily itntally de
ranged that he drank the poison that
endeI his life,
Determination Sale
A Notable
June Event....
Cheapness and little prices are hbeing promised on
all sides. Promises, like notes, depend on the maker for
value. Our notes have never gone to protest. Our
promises have always been kept. A determination to
make June sales larger than those of May, the largest we
ever made. calls for bargains. You cni't nmake bargains
without breaking pric's any more than you can make
omelets without breaking eggs.
See How We Break
Chair Prices
Dining Chairs
String wi ll I.ii.cht I I .. in i nnty N\ . ,n i - I)l IN N ( IIII).
atltrctive shapil '; I t ' .uni sh I, wig o,
the lentire hIt' u onl of the l hl '4 ().ak, 'iln hni"ih, with a e mli t illli;
Inrgett facltories. Five nuisllll .l sinalhI.: atitelh.or $i ..,: . .ih(e.
out of lthe lic'. 8t to.c
NO. ,10 I)ININi; IIAI.l. Ni) it I 1 NI)0:; HIIAiR.
W9*Ct at, t. si hac'k, -nloltabhh I0 l a, u m all.fir, ,hh n glint hnnih.
S5('. i 1 I1 ,1 $I.Oo
(t .. ............... 5OC $.
N o . 15 I)1N INI ; ( II.Il . N i), t, I)IN IN\ , ( II .Itt.
A straight, high hack ehir, marked t'an m. eat, n hun alk, lal .l.lt ; I.',1v
$1.15; ialso stro ng fatc ,,ller at $..,..
i . t ..... ...... 75C ... .. ...... . $ i.15
We Pay the Freight Mail Us Your Orders
Brownfield=Canty Carpet Co.
48 to 54 West Park and 41 to 43 Went Galena Street, Butte
(('ol titttec] Ireill I |agt (Ili ,.)
mlist bIte cnmpli.ed with. I'his is usually
met by miianufacturers who preIpare' i a simall
s111mpllpnm l of the goodIs Lett it tl he tralde
Iiark andmI ship thei.ii ill on llsignmenlt to a
I('llmallialn hdaler prior to applying for
It is more thani likely that the patent
oflice examiners at hi'alhilll',In wnuIll ex
ercise ulnUsual vigilance ti protect the
rights mof Miss Macl.rnic' in view of the
nevwsIpalper notoriety hIir book has create.d.
Cognizance would pri.,ably le taken of
thie girl's youth and inexperiencei ini ln,si
less affairs and positive proif, of her con
'ent tri commercialize her naiii, wiould he
Large Bonuses Paid.
II the caises of iilliaIn Russell andI
several other public cehlebrities whos,
ialites anild portraits adorn the lids of
cigar boxes, large bonutiss have bimeen paid
by the manufacturer for the privilege of
using the samle.
A reporter for the liuter Mmountain called
today at the Macl.anue nrme, No. 409
North Excelsior. anid, in reply to a rCIes
tion, Miss Macl.ane said she had given
Neilsen pernission to use hetr siglnature
oni cigar boxes.
"lie asked for perl issiom, to use my
picture also," said Miss Macl.ane, "hliut
I refused."
"Would you objcet to stating the' con
sideration of the transaction," asked the
"Yes," replied the authoress, "I object
to making that ,ublir. I gave this per
mission sonic time ago. Mr. Neilsen canue
to see tle and I made thle agreement
with him and have iothing to say lbeyond
stating that he is acting with ilmy full
Neilsen is a mnember of the firm of Piquet
& Neilsen, located at 3,ot North Main
street, IButte.
J. 11. McMillan of the editorial force
of the Standard was in thle city from
Anaconda yeste.rday.
'Paul McCormick Jr.. son of the well
known stockman anid banker of Hlillings,
was aimong the arrivals in(i the evening
train from the east.
J. I.. Weaver, a well known rsidenlt of
Boise City, is stpelning a few days in
Mrs. M. Morris of Ihelena is visitiint
Mrs. Dan IBrown of 846 \est Q(uartz
Thomas Ilodgens, cashier of the State
Savings baniik, has gone to ilathead Cotlnty
for a brief bI sitn ss trip.
Ilugh I. Wilson, of the Butte hotel, is in
Seattle and it is said he may secure a
lease of the Ranicr hotel, oune of the best
and largest hostelries of'that city.
J. W. Kennedy, formerly of Great Falls,
has moved to liutte and is putting in a
nIew soup factory on First street. The
new factory will manufartiure half a
dozen different kinds of smoap for the
local trade,
F. A. Bartlett, Ilefenilant iln a suit
brought by Alexander Mackel as trustee
is li;iiikrjlitcy f r tle Ila i .lllit statre, las.
111.1 is nlufioi f, r a tilt Iri;11. "I'l l' "nit
w o. t11 1d n11 the distIrict al I.I 1 few l I.Lys
ago ivii win by Ma hel.
I lit " st ill ,it J. W . Swain :t-insat KC.
S. liattie'g r, ;1ii tilliil io ilqiiit title to
:ia ilntlrl .tf ill lh,' t Ilh'id.ihl placer clillm,
a; IIIn11111 l 'n ;1 wI ll slit Was sttlall i'l by
.Jiidyi' Ilani y iSt.1rlday.
Mlt ssli:4 (' li; . i- llt bn.n h I.a' i", il, I tol
Al ;xamlelr S.I ley aillld hlili. i hIluiiig r
Iird if P nyll ; Johlin II. ('l lils l .\leaigaret
Slatery of Itutte; I'.itricik .,1iiiiugh ltu
M iattie I)irrini of Aunni i, l:, unli I .inlsl
C. sh rlulirnei andiiil A , P'lhillips of thliii
l.iilis liiiltisi is llooking for dliata in
hIis S it uak in it (erg Iia I . D ill an olll Iii.ers
Ic r ilpeliiiy. I liay hie was griant l peri.
mii.issiion by 1n1e I larii y to ilnspel. the
blinoks muil l ;ai.(l nt, ofl Ih I r llpaily. M.
I., I.ullllii. andel Johlii N, Kirk, his at
Ii, iu.ys, will aLssist him ili ihi.e w lk.
J. I, ()'Shaniinessily of Stillwaiter. Mhin.,
i ii inll lti to secure ii alljeitl for M.tl
t;ia i il it l establijsh oilies for the Mutuali
I.ife Insuiiralnce cimpllllPlly oif New York.
Mr. ()'Shalluness.y was a vetera;ln Na
tionial (tuardsiiaini in Minneslotla uaid hasi
imaniy oll-tiie Minitesotu.ai frieidu in Ithis
I)r. r)nnal.lhi ('aiuiphellI, who wsit Ilast
thlree weeks ilag1 to etltlnlll tell( I'lil.grcus
oif 'lu'tlercrlulosis in Ne.w Y'ork asul the
iiannual meetinug of the Americiilani Mli
cal associationi in Saratoga, returnedii'i to
linte today, Mrs. ('amblllll aiiut thel
bahby, who iaccomuliieil the doctor tiast,
re'iotiin.l iii Atlantic (' ity, N. J., which
placre the docltctor also visited, anid will not
return to Mtl ltnuiiia unitil August,
Mrs. Niedenhof en's
Removal Sale.
My present stare having been
leased to another, I shall have to
move in a few weeks. Pending
My Entire Stock
Is Offered at
Great Reduction
Including Fine China, Cut Glass,
Bric-a-Brac and Toys. The best
goods at the lowest prices ever
known in Butte.
My soda fountain and ice
cream parlors are now open. The
best fruit syrups at the fountain
and the finest ice cream that can
be made.
Mrs. Niedenhofen
39 W. Park St., Butte'

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