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Viewers Have Reported, but the Result
Not Yet Made Public-It Is Believed,
However, that It Is Favorable to the
Construction of the New Road-Can
Be Built at Smal Expense.
Anaconda, June i8.-The board of
county commissioners, accompanied by
County Clerk and Recorder Philip Green
an, left town early this morning for the
purpose of looking over the proposed road
to Danielsville, on Race Track creek.
This matter will conme before the board
at the special meeting called for next
The viewers in the case have already
filed their report with the county clerk,
and although it has not yet been made
public there is a strong belief that it is
favorable to the construction of the new
road and that the commissioners are out
today so that they may deal with the mat
ter fully at the coming meeting.
They intend going over the entire route,
to the edge of the Corycll ranch, which is
the county line. As has been stated pre
viously the road from there on would have
to be built by private subscription, Mr.
Corycll having made very liberal induce
ments for the construction of the road and
the necessary funds could no doubt be
raised in the city of Anaconda within an
It has been estimated that the total cost
of the cut-off would not exceed $8oo, and
this sum includes several bridges which it
would be necessary to build.
The amount to bIe raised by private sub
scription for that portion of the road
through Corycll's ranch has ,.een set by
that gentleman at $240, making a total cost
of $10.o4o for the entire distance.
This shortens the trip to I)anielsville
about six or seven miles.
Conductor Al Zeik of the Great Northern,
and Wife, Leave Anaconda.
Anaconda, Jute 18.-Conductor and Mrs.
Al. (;. Zick, who have resided in Anaconda
for the past folur years left for Butte this
morning and will make their future home
at 7-' 1-2 South Wyoming street in that
Mr. Zicck's dutics as a Great Northern
conductor make it exceedingly inconveni
ent for them ti live in Anaconda now that
his train does not run in here and for that
reason the change is made.
Mr. and Mrs. Zick have made a vast
number of friends during their residence
in this city and it is with regret that his
friends will learn of the change.
Vacancy Caused by Resignation of Peter
Cox to Be Filled.
Anaconda, lunc IS.--At the next meet
ing of the school board of Anaconda a
new trustee will be chosen to fill the
vacancy causeId by the resignation of
Trustee Peter Cox.
The people here are interested to know
who Mr. Cox's successor will he, as the
Walker investigation will not take place
until the new mcmber of the board has
beent elected.
A number of prominent citizens have
been asked to accept the place, but so
far no one has been definitely decided
Allan, 8-Year-Old Son of Dr. and Mrs.
T. J. McKenzie, Passes Away.
[s'(t'IAI TOi I N'tEt MOUNTAIN.]
Anaconda, June 18.--little Allan Mc
Kenzie, aged 8 years, the second son of
Dr. and Mrs. T. J. McKenzie of this city,
died last night of scarlet fever after an
illness of some days.
The little lad was well known in Ana
conda. Itn school lie was exceptionally
bright and in hi conduct toward older per
sons he was a perfect little gentlemlan.
Ilk death briings sorrow not only to the
home of his parents, but their imany
friendt ; throughout the city as well.
tie % ill he buried this afternoon at 3
o'clock. The funeral will be private.
Will Entertain Tonight.
Anaconda, June x8.-Invitations are out
for a yard party to be given this evgning
at the homne of Miss Evans, 522 Hickory
street. This will be one of the leading
social events of the year in this city. About
5o guests will be present.
o The Daly Bank and Trust 0
o Company of Anaconda 0
o Anaconda, Montana. a
0 General banking in all branches. 0
0 Sell exchanges on New York, Chi- a
0 cago, St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran- o
cisco, Etc., and draw direct on the O
o principal cities of England, France, o
o Ireland, Germany and the Orient. 0
o Deposits of $I.oo and upward re
0 ceived. 0
8 Correspondents 0
O National City bank, New York; 0
o First National bank, Chicago; First 0
a National bank, St. Paul; Omaha o
8 National bank, Omaha; Bank of o
o California. San Francisco. 0
O John R. Toole, President; M. B, 0
0 Greenwood, Via President: Louis 0
o V. Bennett, Cashier; F. C. Nor- o
beck, Assistant Cashier.
Anaconda, June 18.-Ge;orge F. Nichols
received a terrific shock of 2,ooo volts
of electricity while working near the top
of a pole yesterday afternoon and was
thrown to the ground, the fall killing him
Nichols worked in Butte prior to com
ing to Anaconda. He was a lineman
here in the employ of the Electric Light
company. lie leaves several relatives in
Kansas, his old home.
Coroner Hughes summoned a jury last
night and after hearing the testimony of
several witnesses the jury arrived at the
following verdict:
"We find that George F. Nichols came
to his death, in our opinion, from a shock
of 2,ooo volts of electricity, and that as
the deceased was warned that the cur
rent was on the line we find no person
or persons responsible for his death."
Anaconda Theater-Goers See the Emi
nent Actor Play in Butte.
Anaconda, June 18.-A large nutmber of
Anaconda theater-goers went to Butte last
night to see Richard Mansfield, who ap
peared at Sutton's Broadway theater.
Among those who attended the per
formance were: Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Spencer, Mrs. l'ogson, Mrs. James Shields,
Mrs. F. I. Caines, Mrs. W. B. Webb, Miss
I.ouise Webb, Miss May Spencer, Miss Iil
lian Shiclds; Messrs. Norbeck, II. 11.
Durston, Clinton, I. C. Williams, J. L.ar
rahee, Magnus. Whitehill, McMillan. Mr.
and Mrs. J. K. l.ewis and Mrs. i.. G.
Bury Ronald McDaniels.
[sI'c.l'Is. To INTER MOU'NTAIN.]
Anaconda. June 18.-Members of the
B;raind Army post and of the two lodges
oif Oddl Fellws joined in escorting the
remains of Ronald Mc):niels to to the )dd
Fellows' cenmetery yesterday. Services
according to t the ritual of the Odd Fel
lows were celebrated. Services were also
Ileld in the Methodist church, the Rev.
Mr. Mac('urdy officiating. The Ana
conda Relbekah lodges also attended the
ceremonies at the church.
Duffy-Rentz Case Postponed.
I(PsCIAz. To sl NTe Maot:NTAIN. ]
Anaconda. June 18.--In the case of
County Attorney i)uffy against Constable
Jake Rentz, in which the former sues for
$.3o.ao property tax on the saloon of Jack
D)oss and 'hlil McDonaldl attached by the
constable, the complaint upon which the
matter was brought before Judge lHayes
was found to be defective and it will be
necessary for County Attorney l)uffy to
amend the complaint before the case can
he brought to trial.
For Assaulting a Boy.
[SI't:('IAL . To INTER tn O'NI rAIN.]
Anaconda, June 18.-A warrant was
issued this morning from the court of
Justice Quane for the arrest of Peter
Malnon, charging hint with assaulting the
young son of Ilugh Early at Mountain
View park yesterday. The specific com
plaint is that aManon grasped the lad by the
neck and choked him.
At the Montana.
rst cl-.it. n To ' INI lR Ou-'Ni. tAIN.
Anaconda, June 18.-iThe following are
registered at the Montana: Enmil Espen,
Chicago; W. II. Schmitz, St. Louis; C. F.
Hiuishow. Chicago; S. F. Fergus, Butte;
\V. 11. Dunn, Rochester; D. J. Hennessy,
Butte; J. T. Ilrazelton, Butte; S. Brady,
I.ouisville, Ky. ; W. M. M. Wheeler, St. I.ouis;
C. II. Alexander, Btttte; E. G. Brown,
San Francisco ; James Dover, Milwaukee,
\Vis. : J. Peterson, San Francisco; ('. W.
Stults, New York.
Twentieth ('entury club meets tnight.
Business of importance, including electioni
of officers. All nemlliers urged to lie
pIrese't t.
Attention, Eagles.
All 'Eagles are rcclicstcoi to Eieet at
St:itandard hall at a o'c:ocre p. tI., 'lThuris
day, June lo, to attelnd the funeral of our
late brotlf.r, (;George T'. Nichols, who was
killed on thile 17th illnst.
\Vorthy P'resident.
F. (;C. AC(:lIl.l.ES, Secretary.
['honlle Iiri A, Martiin D)rug Co. *
Cheap Excursion via Northern Pacific fly.
Juine 7, 8, io, 14 and :6, round trip
tickets sold to St. Paul, Minne
apolis, IDuluth: Omaha, St. Joseph,
Council lutffs and Kansas City..$42..oo
Chicago and intermediate points and
return ............ ... ...... 53.5o
St. Louis and intermediate points
and returt ................... 40.o
Rates also inll effect to other principal
points west of Chicago.
May 28 to June 9, round trip tickets
to San Fraicisco ..... ........$50.00oo
Los Angeles and return.. ........ 6o.oo
July 4, 5 and 6, St. Paul and Minne
apolis and return.............. 34.50
August 4 to 9, inclus3ive, San Fran
cisco andl retutrn I .............. .50.00
Los Angeles alid return.............. 60.oo00
For berth reservation and other infor
matioml call on or write:
Agt B. A. & P. Ry., Anaconda, Mont.
L. V. Verberckmoes
..Lea ding Optician and Wathmaker.
, Eyes examined. $r to ap
ply on glasses if ordered
within five days.
Fine and complicated watch
' ' repairing. All glasses and
capital and work guaranteed. The genuine
oil. All kind of eyc-water and artificial
116 E, PFak Ave,, Anaconda, Moutana
[uv .SSOCIATnED PRE1.:ss.
Vincennes, Ind., Junte 18,.-Great ex
citement was occasioned early this morn
ing by a report that a mob was on its way
to the jail to secure possession of Will
iam Edison, who has been in custody on
the charge of assaulting 3-year-uid Irma
Pfhol, June r.
For several days there has been talk of
lynching among the irresponsible element
and it has been through the eflorts ot
cooler heads that the feeling against Edi
son has been kept in subjection.
Yesterday those who were the most out
spoken quieted down and no further trou
ble was looked fur, but early this morning
a crowd of 5o or 75 men and boys assem
bled. but without apparent leaderslhil. The
police were notified and the word was at
once passed that an effort was about to be
made to lynch Edison. To add to the ex
citement sonme one turned in an alarm of
fire. This was done, it is believed, to
draw a large crowd to the street to swell
the mob on its way to the jail.
Half an hour after the first alarmo a sec
ond one was turned in. but the police were
on the lookout and nipped in the bud any
tendency toward violence.
The mob finaly dispersed and no actual
attempt was made to etnter the jail. At
a:3o o'clock the police were on watch. but
believed lno further demonstrationl would
take- place.
Edison ha splent vI of his 37 years in
the reform school and the feeling is very
bitter against hint.
Nothing Is Known of Mattie Richards,
Who Died at the Hospital Yesterday.
[si(Ii.uI. to INisis ,t iNT.AiN.]
Anacondai, Juine I,.--The antecedents
and previous life of .Mattie Richardson,
who died of consumpltion in St. Ann's
hospital yesterday, scel to lie enslhrouded
in mystery.
Although she hadl bicei an inmate of
thiat institution since last D)ecemibe, noth
ing is known as to her previous place of
resiilence or of her friends or relatives.
I)During the time she was in the hoslital
she was frequently visited by a woman
named Smith. but some time ago these
visits ceased and the Smith woman cannot
be found.
The body was removed to Ehret's under
taking parlors where it will be kept for a
reasonable length of time, and an en
deavor made to locate friends of the de
ceased woman.
If these efforts fail the rem:ains: will he
interred at the expenlse of the county.
Well-Known Anaconda Young People
Were Married Early This Morning.
r(a t-iAi. TO iN'TJi: Oin -': 'is.
Anaconda, June iS.--Thomas Iloyle and
Miss Beatrice Williams, both of this city,
were married this morning and left on the
early train for a short wedding trip. U:pon
their return they will reside here per
Both of the young Ieople are well known
in this city, having lived here for a num
her of years.
Mr. Bloyle has long been in the employ
of the A. C. MI. colmpalny anld inow holds a
position of hoss at the new works.
A. D. T. messengers-pro:mp, reliable.
Ilishop Blrodlcll is visiting at St. Ann's
1). J. lHennessy andl J. T. Itrazelton of
Butte were in the city yesterday.
S. F. Fergus of Hctte was an Anacomnda
visitor yesterday.
G. S. Eardlcy of this city has acceplted a
positioni with Orton Brts. of Iutte.
alihs EIthel Tholiasu ret'uritedl l;t r:ght
from New York to spend the summer wilth
her parents.
'"liss Laura Thomlpson rmturi.,h tt her
ihome in Missoula this :i rning aftcr spiii
ihg a week with frieids in this city,
Mrs. J. If. I)tirston and Mrs. I ret \V.
Peckover left yesterdlay for SaIlt Iiake Iity
whcre they will remiainii for a imei.
Johin G. *aroiey. cas.hier of the First
National batik of I;reat Falls. wai, in the
city yesterday.
Misa Margaret Tlini reitiriit from
liutte yesterday after visitilg ilth .Miss
Pearl Terry.
Mrs. Fred tlepke and childrcen aind lMrs.
I. Conrad and dlaughlter left yesterdlay for
IHoughton, Mich.
Miss Stclla Copiniu., MNrs. Reiinlho, Mrs.
Mi. Politzcer, andl \V. (copinus rtclurlcd yes
terdlay froin Iutte.
M. G. h.avin has returned from Min
neaplolis where hlie atteiidedl the granil lodge
of the Fraternal Order of Eagles,
Dick I.a('ourse of thie Race Track tlin
ing & Milling company was al Ai;mcotida
visitor yesterday.
Mrs. Mary Mcl.ang, accused of assault
ing Mark Ihimian, was lnot tried in Justice
Quane's court yesterday, the charglie ibeing
The solicitor for the Rocky Mountain
Bell Telephone complalny is expected in
towni in a few days by Manager luatt, for
the purpose of pushing business here,.
Mis Celia Bartean, who has been visit
ing for the past three months at the honme
of Mr. and Mrs, J. C, English in this city,
returned to her home in St. Paul yester
Takes the Oath.
Copenhagen, June i8.-In so lmuch as
King Christian is at W\Veishaden Crown
Prince Frederick and his brother Prince
Waldemar will go to London to attend the
coronation of King Edward. Prince
Christian, the eldest son of the crowni
prince, will take the oath as regent next
New York, June 8.-iBusiness was quite
animated for a time unrdcr the impetus
of large purchases of Reading, the second
preferred, Missouri Pacific, Illinois C'en
tral and New York Central. Traders took
profits in the notably strong stocks and bid
up others, causing an irregular market.
Before noun prices w: re generally de
clining, Sugar broke 3 I-4 and other Sfo
tire stocks a fraction. General Flectric
reacted. Ncew York Air Irake fell four
BIonds were irregular at noon.
Illinois Central was bought confidently
up to t41, making its rise 5 J-4. The
enormous absorpltion of this stock en
couraged the bulls to bid the general mar
ket up and there was an increased demand
for the trans-contnentatl stocks,.
St. I'aul, Union Pacific and Southern
'acifie gained I(at .3 8.
Northwestern wiped out its early loss of
two ipoints.
'The market eased oit' and became dull
at I o'clock.
There was a re-action after to o'clock
but the persistent strength of Illitnois
Central sustained the market. The ganit
in Illinois Central reached 7 1.8.
The market was broader and more ac
tive than any dtay this week.
The advance extended to new l hcks
in the final hoitr, various grain carrying
to,;ts aitt soft cralers rising a point or
more over last nightt. A movetuilent tol
t;ake profits in Illinois C'entral forced it
lark two Ioinits and forced the rise
lRumors were current of comillg stI'Ick
sublscription rights.
IReatling receded to, a share below last
night. The close was active ami ritelhcr
New York Stocks.
( lReported by ('tie o0'nniision Cnlllplllany. )
New Y'ork. Junt IlH. ()pellillIg aild cos
i:11 prices today :
Open. ( hloe.
A tl erican I e ............. 171c, lt-l
AIral)a tal ed ('lppe. r . ..... .. N 0,71
An1aonda Mining ( ompanytl . I1.1 1 .
American ('tinii ()il...... 51'
Alc'hiso, . T'I rpka & . :.. H1 I 8..'
Ialltitnow & ()hio ........ 141112 1417
I rooklyn Rapid Transit.... 071' t171
I':hmelli:ll Pacific . . .... .. IMG14 1,1ti
1t'.. '.. 1(. & St. I ........... Ioi:, g t I,, s
o(ltmenila.I "l'Tob: ) cco Co() ... I:. ta 1:.L4,1
o( l r.ado S ut t hern ........ .I1 .i
(',Iolrado Fuel & Iron ..... 1 ,11
1 hicagio G real WVestern .... .q -i%
co ,sol idated Gas(; .... .... _., .1.
Ihelaware & Iludsoin ....... 171), 17,
I'ri' . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . 7 12 17 :1
,eneral Electric Co ...... ,Iu, 41
I(real Northern preferred'~ . 18. , i4
Iockiog Valley IRailway. . 86o N
Illinois I e' ntral .... ...... 1 5.1,i i 1/
Iowa ('netrnl ...... ...... 41,, 40, %
Kansas ' ily Southernll ..... .14% 14
Louisville & N;ashville ...... 137 1.17?u
leather ...... ...... .... 7 i"i i /
Mianllha'tl Consolidated ... ,11 1,1
M.. SI. '. & S. Sie. \M ....... 5' s',%
M'i'lropli:ani 'Tractiot ..... 151% 151S
\'eslern IUnion ...... .... ,)12/4 y
,Mexican National ......... i jli
Mhineal)polis & St. Louis... 1 I/ 11.5 1
M .. K. & ............... 5sY ~ 9 ,
Mlissoiuri Pacific ............ 171,/ 19 81X .
New York ('eilra; l ....... 154,.Sh i7
Norfolk & \'estrln ....... 57'., 573%
Northwestern .... ... .... '55 '5039y
()ntitri, & W\ esitc rn..i ..... . . .1 .
lPennsiylvanlli I Railway ...... I 5o:y4 I .%
I'acitic tM ail .... . ........ . .t
-'eople's (ias .............. Io.:% . 1:. %
Iclpublic IrIon & Steel...... . 7, 17%
I a'tint, . ...... ...... .... 67" 4, 1%
ti, It Ireferred ........ 85 85
Rock Isl;d .................. 7.: 174
S utithlcrn RaI:ilway .... .... , .;7 .4
S,mtherl,, P'acilic .... .... (, ~0 %
St. I.. & S. F .............. 70 7
;Sn liter ....... ...... .... 48.. % 48%
Su1;;,r Refinery ..... . . 1.2611 i 3603'
St. I'; tll ........ .......... 17.11/1 17.11/
ntllnesc (Coal & Iron ..... 61'/s (u.;%
'Texa, IPacific ........... 41% 4 '%
Twin ('ity It. . (' ....... I Il 11
I "nio:n Pacific ...... ...... u5:% Iiui%
'iite l St:les Steel......... .IH% .8%1
ido preferred ...... .... HH11 Hs81
\\'1tahrsfh ....... ....... .7".*/ 5%
d, prefe(rred .... ...... aI r 'i ,
Salt Lake Stocks.
(Itl p rted by ('uo ('lllllllissioill Co.)
Sall Lake, June IM. I)pening call 'II
Sali .Lake xchlnaIIgv :
A ja , i . . .... .. ............ . 3 5!'
lercuri (bid, ................. . 1, ).(
( :ritry ...... ............... -
( clil ry ........ .............. .
(:dilorni;t .. .................. .1.
I)Daly \\'.st t jid) ............... 4 ,r,0
lower Maa oth .. ............. . ..
MIowrsla ,h (bid) ................ .o1 J
Al.ay lc y .................... ...
(o)nario M bid h .. ............. . . 7.2l
metro (asked ) ................. 1.1
' etro (asked ) ............. .... .2,%
I ta (id) ................... .
' cI .C Sam .................... .31
\ictor (bid) .................. . u)
V a lk Ce . ........ .. ............. 1.25
Capital and Surplus $~00,000O.).
Gen'I Offices Bank of Commerce Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Mlnn.
Stocks, Bonds,
Ilought and sold for cash or on margins for
future delivery. We own antl operale the
most extensive private wire systemr In tihe
SUnited States.
We guarantee the execution of orders
whoe Ilmits are reached. ns
Valuable book of etatlstlcts free on ap.
E RJEENC.C S : a6 Nat'l and State banks
A. J. DARCH, Local Manager,
Bi~ Discount
Linen Sale
Commencing Monday we will arrange oni
Bargain Counters our Entire Stock of Im
ported and Domestic Linens, including
Table Linens, Napkins, Tea Cloths, Linen Scarfs
of all Kinds, Linen Towels and Spatchel
fioods etc., at
20 per cent off Marked Price
Anaconda, Montana.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Boston, Mass., June 18.--The copper
mining shares closed today as follows:
Amalgamated - - - $ 67.75
Anaconda - - - - - - 28.25
Parrot - - - - - 29.00
Calumet & Hecla - - - - 580.00
Tamarack - - - - - - 183.00
Osceola - - - -- - - 61.50
Utah Con - - - - - - 21.00
Shannon - - - - - - 1j.H7
Chicago Livestock.
Iic i ).I t J ) In I 1. ('a l. I ceipl .,
I;,0,, hl(' la,I, i l ding I ,(),,) ·o'n " , ins.
.Ml il. s la tlii l ; tl:5l l'. I;,i s 11, 1 1, ln '
,Jlrcr . ,;.,51, 7.an, 10,r ' l Ito m linlllll.
('w. , iow , $l.1,11,1 5.6i: h11l1' ,, $ . '5,- '
I(..'3, c inner, $ i 10 ..ii ; I ills . $. ~ ;.5s ,
S. 1 ; (':,l-1,, $. ,.Srri 1.ni s , 'l x ;1. 1 4-1 l 414'4,i N,
IIngs Rceipt. tday, 0 to
marrow, .I' "'*,; Ietll over. 5..0. 11.Ilket
\w';ak, Mixed sntd hlhuches,, $7.0,1 17., ;1:
l'nd Il I'c1hic" h'avy, $7. " IS '7.5-."i , , 11,1r1µh
hIIei y, $7.1101 7.10' ; light, $b)o. l 7.25; ;Ih lk
1, salt,, $7.1116 1 7.31,
h11111) lleS r i-,l. , i.il1. `'hlislp., steai ly
li sl,-, higKi r. I , Idi it ch ict, weilhiet-.,
Si . .1, ; i (sir to t hic:r iti ix d, $ .1it
4 .75; \\' tr sheelp. $i.5 i I.45 . native"
Itl ii-. , $.;. i1, I 6.0, ; tI.i,.e st'i l lambts. $5 5sl
,i 7. I )litial yest:erlday SI s l i Ig ;tils,,
$7 too.
Kansaus tl,' livestock.
Il n , 1,,ours I i ,, I
Ia. i .tas (C ity. Junt- i1 . I 'tilth ecei ilts,
5,.1I00 h lad, inluliing i,;5.t Ticxati,. Mar
k1 I stel y. Ni;iv% ,t'es.,, $4.5)047.45
' x;/ x1, stll Indiaii hl.e lrs, $r .1.,1,(6, S
Tl'x, 'A ) ow,, $.", (ti .3.;5 1 ; iltlve cows anti
i.ifrs., $s. t5rfi.5,; s, Isckers andi fe lders,
$.i.H1.5( -.n-; hulls, $.,.104115.411 ; 'alvem,
$,1. I041 5s.41.
IIrs Riceiiptjs, 7,1101 lisad. Market,
steaidy to lower. lhuilk tif sales, $7.25((,?
7,5 i; heavy, $7.41oh7.S5; pauckers, $7.2548
7.15; light, $6.85(617..30 ; Ysorkers, $7,J00
;7..' ; pigs, $6.50,(s 6. "5.
SIhieep- -IReeiplts, 3.Io0s hleaid. Market.
t, rollg. Mutltons, [email protected] ; lambs, [email protected]
7.,10 ; rangte A eh:.rs, $1 (o4) 4l.85 ; .wes,
$1. 15(1 5.15.
Omaha Livestock
insY AS ((t IA'III Il, i' ' :.1
South (muliha, Juie il. -Cattle le
'eilpti, ,.1, 1 hebrad. Mllrket foI r Ibest,
l'ly; coulinil, lower.i Naitive steers,
$4 ."5'37.61,; cows iand heifei'rs. 31.754
;.X1; westerl steers, $4.6i,.r 5.70, ; T'exas
vsteer,, $.1.)t1,41 5.l ; c-ui ierMs, $1.506.,1.2.5;
isi(.kers anlld feederts, $,.oi.til.85i ; calves,
$,.1i. [email protected] ; liulls, stiag ', etc., $1i.750o5.75"
IIoKgs IReceilpts, I0,,,t00. Market weak
uill 5c lower. Ileavy, $7.354h7.)50; miixed.
$7.1 (I 7.-'5; light, $7.1)7l?.25 ; Ipgs. $6.t.
10 7ti0; hulk of sales, $6~s514 7.315.
SIthl'ep -s- Receiptst, .h,1. Market aleady.
J id in tlittoit ,s $4. S51 '52 JS; westiernl . $ (.ois
i 1.7 ; ewes-, $3.5ii t4.475; co'innl1io i alnllit
stl,cll Is, $3.001. O ..5 ; liIIb), $1,,5(0 7.0.0.
Corn Pit Excitement.
(litic:,g0, Junii .. - The c.Ort pit was
gtliii the sceniie of a; turlttuleit Iiolob of
grain ,peculators today. Prices so.red sky
ward tulinder lh iitanipuilatilni of the crowd
that hi;( cornerld the July options, and
sl quickly dropped with ii thud,
I'.very Iriller iil the pit was kept guess
ing as t. whti would be thei prie( at the
cud of the day. Natural conditions were
entirely i lgnored.i i lilt' first t ten mi utes
advalices of I I .1 were altd., Ili the next
hour pricers s.h iile thr.i 't.1 1 ntl .
'Frisco Cereal Market.
i Y AhsocI,.i'IAI 1 ls ,s.
S;i rancisco, June i 17.--W at, siteaidy ;
l)eenliiber, ,$1t. i .4; spoit hill but stterly
:It $1.1661 1f,1 1 4"
ltarley quie.t; I).v-itl ber, . i I I bi ;
cas:isl, o(, -4.
Wheat in Liverpool.
Sit'" AS. ui( I Ali ItsI, . I
Liverpool, June 18. -W"heat: July, S,
Iso -I.4 .; September, 6t" I I-°pld.
-, ttt'd - s IsI illis .
of the most obstlasto cases of Gnorirh(u a
isd i l~ht, i(ara i teed In fromn II to, ,
Land Office st Helena, Montana.
April I-, igo,.
NotIce is hereby glven that the following.
named person has filed application to make a
Soidier's Additional Homeiteld Entry, for and
u.pon lot one ), Section twenty-six (26),
Township three (i) north, Range eight (8)
west, Montann, vi..: Robert Mitchell of
Itutle, MIontana. land who will submit testi.
moiny and prunl hat said land i nonnmln mineral
int claricter, DI the hearing hereinalter men.
It mei.
And the cail township havlng been returned
by the Surveyor General as mniner.ll in charac
ter, a heiring will he held at thi office on the
,1r' day of Junie, is,,, In determine the true
chalracter of said hint. tIestimoily to be
I li therein Io le sulmitted on tIle 24thi day
of June., tus, at ton .'u I. i. in m.. beflore j hi
Ilsntn, notary pusil' C, t his office iIn1 lttte.
G;ORE;a D. LnR,.P.0
.(; , tt;E Ml. r 1 iT'Rti t N Register.
Attorney for Atllic ant.
B.A. 0 P. R. R. CO.
Irains Leave B. A.& P. Depot, Baljts
for Anaconda, as follows:
7 a. IIl , i. aIIn., I: , p. noi 5 .:1 i it. i, I1:
lTraint I.rLeave Union PIaseIaener Sta
tion Anallconda,for 'lutte, as follows:
a.rs a1. tn., II Jo l i. nI) I. , 3 P. Im., 7 is , In.m
.iinneislonh will bh made with all Nort ere
arilli' f sit.i, ILoth I.nat aind .Ves,tshe i.l, at
I)Uir.ns, isl.aId it S i;trt.
'Iralins Leave Anaconda
'To rollrecl at S ;lver flilw with rti rgo
Shtss tise ui .i ti. nm.
Ii.isA ss:s la (its fl. m, 7.5¶ ii
is cinrsss t wills (esrt Nslsissi liaway ut
'lit ris for isle for all point , oral and
lthi si Sh son the (s.hs t iNorthle. Itaillslw.sy, Ire
nii Sh,, i I ne scRailroald anld Nirterl
iPaifi." lilwa nt dl Ilheir o innesrlon l.
is.letnshsl I sklet. ( rs sale to ai puintst I
Euroe Via tile above linesn
Six Million Dollars
Spent by the
U.P. R. R.Co
In ueprovingl what wasn isigiually the
finest track it the VWest.
A comprratively straight nut lvelh
roadbed Iallasted will dutless. Siher.
man granite, rendering possible the
hligllheise rete of speed, toigthelr withs
the greatent degree of safety. Tle
malnitudle of the work nust be secn
oi be appreriated.
W IIA' li)l':S ITr MEAN?
Solid onfuort, security and pleasure to
ur pXIt I t;tj *NG EAST?
If sol, you cannoti atllordl to go via any
othlier than this ROYAl. it l tIi AY.
Further informatian on application
persotally or iyl letter to
i. U. WILV ON, O. S. S..
Butte, Montana.
Pullman Dining and
Library Car Route
ctd AlI letern Pointa
Short Line to
Colorado. Arizona and Mklicl
tan f rancis~o, Los Angeles
Antd all Pai ific Coast Points.
Depart..... a:o a. n. :45 . m....... Arrive
Depart.... 4:30 p. rm. S:o p. in....... Arrive
Ticket Office, 105 N. Main 4treet
Butte, Montana.
M. 0. W!I.5ON, General get.
Cheap [xcursion Rates
S"( VIA. , ,
the Atchison Topeka,
& Santa Fe Ry.
On June 10th, 11th :.nd 12th, the
following flrst-claet ise,5s±nger rates
will be effective via alt.ve route
fromn Ogden and Salt Lake City,
Utah, to
Missourl River an1 :eturn...$32.00
St. Louis and return......... 39.50
Chicago and return........... 44.50
Final return limit September 8th,
For reduced rates to other points,
and Information regarding excur
alons on other dates than above,
apply to
C. F. WARREN, General Agent,
411 Dooly Block, Salt Lake City,

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