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Ioutaua's Larguest Grosry, July I
The Wheel of
Swiss Cheese
We have just cut is by far the best we
have had yet. It's the genuine im
ported Swiss cheese. We have the do
mestic Swiss also, which we sell at 25c
pound, but our imported is 35c. At
our cheese department you will find
a large variety. We mention a few:
Fresh cream cheese, pound......15c
Brick cheese, pound ..........25C
Sage cheese, pound .........25C
Fromage de Brie, each....... 35C
Neufchatel cheese, a for ISc, 4
for .................. .......2 5
Roquefort cheese, pound ........50C
Fresh Cream
Fresh cream, gallon $r.5o, quart
4oc, pint .................204
Delicatessen Counter
Preserved strawberries and pine
apples; put up this year; if you can
make better preserves than these
we wish you would tell us how its
done; pound .................30
Home-made salads, cold roast meats
and chickens; lunches put up to order.
Fresh Roasted Coffees
Quality always counts; that's why
our fresh roasted coffees are making
us so many friends. You save one
third by buying your coffees here.
They are that much better values.
Our special coffee, pound .......20C
Our leader coffee, pound ........25C
Cream coffee, pound ............30C
Home luxury coffee, pound..... 35C
"Our Finest" coffee, its equal is
unknown in Montana, pound..l.40
Olive 0il
Finest imported olvie oil, pint
bottle 5oc, one-half pint bottle.25c
Stuffed olves, bottle ............10C
Lemon soda, raspberry soda, cream
'soda, orange cider and ginger ale,
large bottles of five tumblers each,
6 bottles $i.oo, bottle ........20c
Parched Farinose
A delicious breakfast dish; today we
are selling a 17c package
for ...................... I.. .10
47 W. Park. Phone 68
(Ma*t Extraet.)
Has not that sickening sweet
taste, but has tart wine flavor.
Stromberg-Mullas Co.,
Distributers, Butte, Meat
Hight & Fairfield
Manufacturing Opticians.
Duplicate any broken lens and
fill ll' prescriptions given by other
opticlans. All orders filled same
day as received.
Graduate optician of large ex
perience in charge. Examinations
Buggles, Surreys,
Roadwagons, etc.
Grady's Standard Carriage
Main and Silver Sts, BUTTE, MONT.
LEEHEY.-Rosa E., the 8-months-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Leehey,
died this morning at the family resi
dence, No. 33 Miner street. The funeral
will take place Thursday at a o'clock.
SHEPHERD.-The funeral of Albert J.
Shepherd will take place tomorrow after
noon at a o'clock from the family resi
dence, No. 44 Main street, Meaderville,
proceeding to the Mountain View Meth
odist Episcopal church, where services
will be conducted by Rev. John Hosking.
CONNORS---Lucey K., the 4-months-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Connors,
died today at the family residence, No.
261 Pacific street. The funeral will
take place tomorrow afternoon at a
O'SULLIVAN-The funeral of Margaret
N., the i.-months-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John O'Sullivan, will take
place tomorrow afternoon at a o'clock
rom the family residence, No. io East
Clear Grit street.
Race Track, Butte, July i.-Attendance
was fal" at the Montana Jockey Club track
today. The opening events were fast and
betting of a spirited character.
Following is a summary of the earlier
First race, selling, six and one-half fur
longs-Mimo first by four lengths;
(Jockey) Tullett; betting to to I.
Gladys Bell, second; (Jockey) Duggan;
betting 6 to 5.
Phyz, third; (Jockey) Rowan; betting to
to I.
Time, :57 1-2.
Second race, selling, four and a half
furlongs-Annie Max first by a head;
(jockey) Tulley; betting, 3 to 2.
Nanon-second; (jockey) \\'inslctt, bet
ting, 4 to I.
July Gyp-third; (jockey) Bliss; bet
ting, to to 1.
T'lime, :23 1-2.
Souvenirs with each dollar and over
spent. Meyer, 65 West Park. o
J. Stevenson, a well-known mining man
of Wallace, Idaho, is spending a few days
in Butte.
J. J. McMahon and wife of St. Paul,
at one time residents of Butte, are staying
at the Butte.
John Survant, a well-known citizen of
Northern Montana, is at the Butte, regis
tered from Malta.
Mrs. C. R. Ilurket, wife of the proprietor
of 'ipestone IHot Springs, is visiting
friends in the city.
II. Sotmmners of the Rocky Mountain
Hell Telephone company is among the
late arrivals in the city.
Judge McClernan appointed W. J.
Naughten today to appraise the estate of
the late Martin Turck with a view of ascer
taining how much inheritance tax is due
the state from the estate.
W. F. Nugent has a claim of $825 against
the estate of Con Sudlivan, who, with his
brother Florence, was murdered on0 Una
rmik island, Alaska, by Fred Ilardy about a
year ago. The claim was presented to
Jerry McCarthy, the administrator, and
allowed by Judge McClernan today.
(Continu,:d from Page One.)
Under the arrangement of the engine it
can be run to its full capacity of 4,000,000
gallons in 24 hours, or any of the three
pumps can be disconnected, making it
practically three independent pumping en
gines. The engine is supplied with steam
from four 300 horsepower Sterling boilers,
at a pressure of 350 pounds to the square
inch, and the pump is designed to pump
against an hydraulic head of 840 feet.
A 26-inch pipe line connects this pump
ing engine with the South Fork reservoir
on the continental divide, near Feeley
station, from which the water flows by
gravity to the \Vest Side reservoir at
the foot of Big Butte. From this reser
voir it is distributed to the city.
It will be some two or three week 4)e
fore the pump will be in regular com
mission and turned over by the manu
facturers to the water company, but when
it is in operation, Butte will have one of
the largest waterworks pump in the coun
An Enterprise of Especial Interest.
It is of special interest for two fea
tures: ifirst, the great head against which
it works, and second, the fact that the
water is taken from a stream which empties
into the Gulf of Mexico, carried across
the crest of the continent and delivered
on the banks of a tributary to the Pacific.
The new works of the Butte Water com
pany, which will be completed with the
final acceptance of this pump, will make
an entire change in the water system
of the city. Big Hole river will be the
principal supply, augmented by the water
from Fish creek, which will he carried
around the Basin creek reservoir.
Via Oregon Short Line Railway.
Divide .......... ................ $.oo
Melrose ............ ......... ..... $ o
Glenn ...... ...................$2.00oo
Tickets available on 2:o5 a. mn. and ,:50o
p. m., Friday; good to return following
Monday. IH. O. WII.SON,
General Agent.
Mrs. Niedenhofen's
Removal Sale.
My present store having been
leased to another, I shall have to
move in a few weeks. Pending
My, Entire Stock
Is Offered at
G 'eat Reduction
Inci.Jing Fine China, Cut Glass,
Bric-a-Brac and Toys. The best
goods at the lowest prices ever
known in Butte.
My soda fountain and ice
cream parlors are now open. The
best fruit syrups at the fountain
and the finest ice cream that can
be made.
Mrs. Niedenhofen
39 W. Park St., Butte
London, July i.--The reappearance to
day of Queen Alexandra as a participant in
a public ceremony practically marks the
end of the period of anxiety caused by
King Edward's condition. Her presence
at the review ot the colonial troops by
the Prince of Wales greatly increased
public enthusiasm over what in itself
was a picturesque and interesting event.
Upwards of ,5oo00 colonials were
brought in from the various encamnments
and marched through great crowds down
Constitution Hill, which was lined with
troops, past Lluckingham palace, which
for the past week has been the scene of
excitement ,and downt the Mall the llorse
Guards paraded.
The procession represented every part
of the United Kingdom, except India,
whose troops will be separately reviewed
tomorrow. The Canadian detachment nunm
bered 6oo men and was the largest body on
ptrade. The smallest detachment consisted
of three natives of San Lucia, Borneo,
Ceylon, Fiji, the West Indians generally;
Cyprus, the Gold coast, Nigeria, U'ganda
and other remote colonies were represented
by native troops in clothing of striking
variety, while straight from the fightiing
line in South Africa were details from
the Canadian scouts, Kitchencr's horse
and the contingents from a number of
local levies raised during toe war.
Greeted With Cheers.
The queen's appearance while on her
way from the palate to the Horse G(.;uards
was greeted with cheers, which incre'ased
in strength as the spectators noticed that
the ordeal of the past week had but little
affected her majesty's health and not,'d
the absence of any signs of anxiety Ics
she cheerfully acknonledged the colgratut
lations of the public at the unintterruptled
progress of the king.
The ttqueen was seated in an openllit car
riage, beside her being the Princess of
\Vales and seated opposite were the P'rin
cess Victoria and Princess Charles of
Several carriages containing the Duke
of Cambridge. the Duchess of Connaught
and others follbwed.
The P'rince of Wales was accompanied
by the Crown Prince of f),nmark, l'rince
Frederick, Prince Charles of Denmark
and their suites and by the foreign at
taches, including Maj. E. 13. Cassatt, the
United States military attache.
Follow the Prince.
The Duke of Connaught andl I.ord Rol,
erts, surrounded by brilliant staffs, rode
behind the Prince of Wales' carriage.
The troops completely filled the yards
of the Horse Guards and their variegated
uniforms stood out in contrast with the
trees in the park.
Spectators filled the stands or stood be
hind the police lines. Among the oin
lookers were "Prince Eddie" and otlher
children of the Prince of Wales.
The colotnial premiers, Indian princes
and other guests of the nation were pres
ent to say nothing of people and member;:
of the house of commons without end.
The troops marched quickly past the
queen's carriage, the Prince of Wales re
ceiving the salute. The queen then drove
slowly in and out of the lines and the
Prince of W\ales closely inspected the
troops and dismounted and conferred
medals and crosses on those who hal
merited the honors, shaking hands with
the recilpients of the Victoria cross.
Native Gamblers, Who Are Also Taxpay
ers, Are Closed Up-Alderman's
Ire Is Aroused.
It is a simple-looking statement in tlhe
police blotter and it reads as follows:
"Charles A. l)wyer, arrested for gambling,
by Officers Ingraham and Yutz, on South
Main street; charge preferred by Aldermen
W. C. acheler, M A. A. Ry an and L. )ug
gan; ou on cash bondl of $50." Under
neath another "$50" is written, which
Jailer Sol l.evy says means that the bInd
of D)wyer was raised to $Sio this morning.
"Case set for July 8, at 3 o'clock," con
eludes the blotter information.
There is much of interest, however, in
the charge. It is really the otfficial re
port of another tour by the famous light
committee, supllemenllted by one member
Alderman D)uggan-of the library comn
mittee of the city council.
It is believed that att the meeting of the
council tomorrow night there will be much
of interest to the gambllin g element of the
Thetis Was Standing by to Render Aid
and No Help Was Asked
of Her.
Former Senator l.ee Mantle received
a dispatch this afternoon from WVashing
ton announcing that the steam whaler Bel
videre has sent word from Nome, where
she arrived June 0o, that she sighted the
steamers Jeanie and Portland in an ice
park off tthe coast. Both vessels signaled
in reply to the Belvidere's inquiry that all
were well on board and that they had
plenty of provisions.
Not far off the revenue cutter Thetis
was standing by, waiting for an oppor
tunity to help the vessels. From the posi
tion of both steamers in the ice pack it
was evident that they were in no imme
diate danger.
l'The land expedition suggested by
friends of the passengers was considered
inexpedient, and the navy department will
not make any attempt in that direction.
Heavy team of cheap horses for sum
mer's outing.
Corner Platinum and Arizona St.
rooms furnished for light housekeeping;
modern. 4s1 West Quarts street
(Continued fronm Page One.)
oils It contained the genuine signature
of Colbert. lie said with relation to the
'o' In it: "There scents to have been some
Sesitation in the making of the first loop
here. The second is open and well de
Collert's signature to a legal paper was
presented to his attention, and he said the
oops in the 'o' were open and clear.
"lHow do the loops in the 'o' in this sig
nature compare with the loops in the samene
letter in the will signature ?" he was asked.
"They are not at all alike," was the re
"\Well, what do you say as to the same
man having made bhoth ?"
"I do not think the samie man made
After that the witness testified that the
Curves between the letters 'I' and 'c' in
'Charles' are almost circular in the will
sielgnature, while angular in the admitted
sigl;atu res.
"\What do you say as to your observa
tions as to these exhhlits applying to oth
ers?" Mr. Cotter asked the witlness.
"1 think I said that the letter '1' in Col
rrl's signature coltres down to the line,
while 'in the will signature it does nlot,"
was tile reply.
"'\\hat do you say as to the 'Ih' ill the
will signature having been writte(. Iby the
same person who wrote tile 'll' in the ad
mlitted signatures?"
"I do not think they were written Iby the
5aieC m11al."
The witness said that the down stroke in
thi hiter 'Ih' in thile will signatlure shtows a
br,'ak, but there are no breaks in the letter
ill ('ollhert's genuinie signlatltres.
Hif said also that the final oInop ill tile 'b'
inll the will signatulre, is more curved than it
was in the sam' letter ill the admitted sig
nature ill another e xhibit shownu by tihe
"\Wh:at do youe say as to your genieral
iinervations contlcernlinlg tile diTfferences
enlumleratdll anpplyilg to all these otherr ex
hilits?" Mr. ('otter asked.
"'lThy have the same appiliation," Mr.
Nuckolls replied.
(I ther exhibits still of the adm:itted signa
ttrie wiere brougIl ht oit and tilt' witlessl (t
tified that none of the loops inll ti( 'bs' ill
therm wesre like the loops ill tile '1' ill the
will signature.
At the Afternoon Session.
At tilhe afternooni session of t rial
of the first e'vidence the proponentll , put
in referred to two prescriptilons for medi
cine given by I)r. Mlonroe, fur Ct'llert
and filled by l)ruggist W ilso tiof South
Main street.
There was a figlht to excxiude the pr'
scriptions, but judge Clancy let them in.
First Mr. luiies, for the prop nents,
biroutght up s'everal thousand prescrip
lions on a string lile ;Il triied to intro
dtitl I the bunch, buIt .IJIidge' (aiiney said,
"()h, you cant't get all those thilngs ill
here. Colbert did noIt take all that
'I'wo prescriptions were cut out of tie
hunch, and Wilson testified that Moore
hail issued them. 'Tthen Mr. Jones offlrted
themn as exhibits an, the war broke out.
Mr. ('otter objected on the ground that
they were inc'ompetent, irrtelevant, im
material and uninteresting. Also because
theer Was no reason why they shoull lie
:"The object," snid Mr. Jones, impres
sively, "for the admission of thesie pre
scriptious is two-fold; first, to fix the date
the ipressripltit s we.re issued ,and filledl,
alnd second to prove their conttcents."
Mr. Kelley Objects.
'Then Mr. Kelley added u obijection
ill miaiifold formii to Mr. Cotter's. Said
lie :
"T'hise irescriptionls, your honior, are
absolutely inicompIetent to prove anytlliing
in this case. They cault he used for
any purpose in this trial. I canlnot SeC
for tile life oif me how tilhey ;nit prove
that ('ollbert si.gned this will. The pie
scriltint s can only prlove that I)r. Moo'(re
gfuve them. Th,.y will not provw they
v.ere filled, o rthat the medicine named in
them was giveni for th1m1 or that ('ollbert
took it."
Mrs. Jones rlpliled: "\VWe will follow
them iup with proof that Woolieater took
theilt to the diriug strc' ;alndl got therll
filled; with proolf th:at Moo(r :Iave tihemiu
anld lno other. and with prof thit ('ll.ert
took tlh miedicine adil that it was a tonic
for his tnerves."
"\\'h:it t effet (did the tonic have on
the mirvies?" 'Mr. I)ntovan llt in.
"The hefTit was to str.enviit1.n, to steldy
til' mnrves,." Mr. JoTes ruepliued.
T'I Mr. I)onovan sail:
"1.t me also ihject. yuir hiiior. 'Thee
Ir~scrilptioiins were fillid tihe iday tile will
thin. Tht drug wto h I;ii t h'vi l the'nll
Imet',li,:t( effect to hrice "
Interrupt Attorney General.
'I IT latwyers for the prioponentsi iltier
rut' d the attorney geneiral with "popls"
and "pahs," and thte c.iourt I:laughetd anul
ovtrrtuled all the otujectinms.
"\\'Wll. doctor," Mr. Jones began, ad
dressinl the witness, and then he was illn
terruitld by Mr. ('otter, who said:
"'1es, doctor," retlrtied Mr. Jones.
"Every drulggist in Montana is a doctor.
I thought everybody knew that."
"Wu've got all the go)vertinors a:utl g:en
erals in the case," said Mr. (cotter, refer
ring to, x Governor Smith, Attortney G((n
eral I)onovutn and Mr. Jontes himself, who
was once a congressmanlll and is entitled to
be called at least colo.:l. "But we haven't
an omm n llllll sl oldiers.'
"Iih, I don't know," returned Mr. Jones.
"Somle of themll are COmmlltnotn etnotLugh."'
Then lie was allowed to pIroceed with
the examination of Mr. Wilson, who testi
fied to the facts concerning the suppling
of the medicine ordered in the prescrip
tions and the filling of the iprescriptions
among the archives of the drugstore. Ile
was on the stand during the greater part
of the afternoon.
All members of L.ocal Union No. 65,
International Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers, are notified to appear at the
Owsley building at 9 o'clock a. m., July 4,
prepared to take part in the parade.
* Secretary.
Burlington Route Excursions.
Date of sale July 4, 5 and 6.
Omaha and return ..............$.34.50
St. Joseph and return ......... 34.50
Kansas City and return .......... 34.50
Three routes East: Via Billitngs, via
Denver, via St. Paul.
For further information aiipply 35 East
Broadway, Butte, Montana.
I. F. IUGER, Agent.
Coaxing Customers
Lace eurtains
This week we plead for your patronage with
Lace Curtain prices, positively profitless to
us. Large quantities, and not poor qualities
are responsible for the following unusual
markudowns. Window display proves what
we say of quality, and too many of certain
numbers in the curtain section of this great
housefurnishing house offer the only excuse
for the following
Scotch Net Lace eurtains
Ioo pairs. . yards long. full width, with fancy borders and Ilail centers. 0111
$1 Curtains for the last six montlh.. . ................. Special at S c
No. 139 Lace Curtains
96 pair, full 3 yards lung, generous width, in stlpe d (ffl cts, ltrong net, wrill
finlslcrd cdge. A delayed shipment;: n orth $l 75 .... Special at $1.00
No. 3482 Lace Curtains
tsu pair, .1 1 2 yards long, So i.nches wide, d'eep flural Ibrder .ta rong mesh, It it
edge. Formerly sold at $. ........................ Special at $1.,3
No. 5007 Lace Curtains
9 pair to close, S. -: yards long, So intcIsa wide', Iarder andu insetiin .lte.t with
plain nrt centers, strikingly pretty. I:Frmicrly $. .. Special at $1.95
No. 5502 Lace Curtains
41 p.air, , a i yards lhng, 5S inches w'ide, heatittifItl scroll hIarmer, fish not lille,l,
;and button hole edge,, vrry lchoice, ornmeily $..1o .....Special at $2.25
No. 5245 Lace Curtains
37 pair extra wihde and hIn ig, sited I for irge wiIndows hiave doIIle Ihrder dI
tlched centert ligurts, and to tIhose whli ciai u.st the i il . ( ori s long I, 1t,,
inches wide), they present ani tit is.tna oplttnity, $.4.5 vln' Spec. $2.95
High Art Lace Curtains
Door Panels
At correspondingly low prices in the
numbers that we have too many of.
Brownfield=Canty Carpet Co.
48 to 54 West Park and 4I to 43 West Galena Street, Butte
No More Dread of the Dental Chair.
New York Dental Parlors
Permanently Located In Butte. Employ Modern
Methods, Modern Rppllances and Modern Men.
The New York Dentists Do the Largest Den
tal Business in America.
Be Sure You Are In Our Office. Over Symons'. Opposite Postoffice.
T,,ath extracted and filfed absolutely withhit pain by our lat" sci,.ntilic meth
,is. No sl.ep-producing agentsf or cocaine. Tli.es,' are ti.t only i intfl I'airll.s in
Ilutft that have the patent app!inctiets ;andl ingredients to exlralti ftill andl apply g;ll,
crowins anid puorcelain i rownlls, undetll t all. frilll ii ntura; l t eth, llli wlarrantelll d I t
tent years, without the la.st particle of pa;li. I;fIlal crownsi anld teethl witlhout
ulates, gold filling anid all other dental work ,done painlehssly andil by specialists.
Gold Filling .... $1.00 Gold growns...$5.00
Silver Filling....50c Bridge Work.... $5.00
Full Set Teeth........ .................$5.00
S A Protective Guarantee Given With All
Work for Ten Years.
We will make a specialty of g~old crown and bridge work; the . m iost bautiful,
ta 'inless and durable of all dental work known Ito I hf lpra fession. lar iname alu'ila
vill be a guarant'. r t'hat your work will be of the' beIt. We' havt' a sp'ciaht in
eacli dt'lparltlait. lest opelrators, h.st g lf workmlen anll d e' xlrau lolr of t, th; inII
fat I, all the stall are inventors of modern d, i. try. We will tll you in adv;uuy
txactly what your work will costl, by fre xalination. Give a i f a ;t all and you
sill find we do exactly as we advertihc.
New York Dental Parlors
80 W. Park, Over Symons' Dry Goods Store, Butte, Montana
Hours.-8.30 a. m. to 9 p. m.l Sundays, 10 to 4
Come to us for your Sunday candy. We offer
special bargains every Saturday.
24 West Park Street. Tel. 7-.
Red Cross
Drug Store.

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