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Mining News
Denver Man Claimed to Have a Mineral
Extracting Scheme Requiring
No Fire.
lly ASsi.. l Ai Iri t ' ss. I
DIenver, July I.-Mining men nre
gre;itly intirestedl in rmnrors whichl arc
current ih l itirhii th of the l of h
city that a Ictiw, r tinIIt hlaiv perfected a
e'rt minerr;il extractiion prlcss )iy wl:ichli
all the principal titlitihs tire ixtrirted
from o.res withoult the' tlse of fire. 'I'he
Jtr Icex'. I eirlilih g to li iilxt thIIt r ' cuLr
rent, was iii result of exhi.rititents stuirtid
for thi. pItilivixi. of diicieriiii g l xtrac
tioti. IlII tlii c'tiurs i of Iltfi initcs tigatiillii
lte . ixleriiiiiiiter dixiviiruqt a miithid i if
uovervminilg iti sulphur i ore.s without
rocres ix xii to lie itite mtlerile, iti
Cl¢,,,,,<.rlil~gl+J ~lht.ull~ll.:t. Thelili II('...If t(il.
Cl~r ,c'.i * tr ,It( h. llilt '( III KIII ilH.. l(.lt, (;Il(
tmii.iri. ;ir.e ,xtr;cttid in thie filhlowing
orde.r: l''-Il. gil, ilxtr ;iiln hel. 'lThi
hld c m.ell ,l-ni.lm in Ith(' liquid "ia al wh ite
powie.r, bult iii r.apily c.iverted ifio col
tutu liii.
rllllpU \\1' 1· 11 1 111111 :1 )11 1 .:1
The priiixx nilLv do awiy . ilh t. nfl' s
ilty of Irge dla tx i t sI 'x 'nsive" fur
lullllts. All y tmilit ti xll l r with tilutoir:Itc
capital ciai irelt a hihjing pliatt. if he
Iha h, i i It. rivilh.t n l hr lthi e p .ii.v.. it ,] w ouk
toult his ot u u -;a ll ll ti vi . tl .ir. tx 1 t tif the
truxi. I he tiixt oliuhI-ati- siulllhidte ofres
lrit taid to yii- l qtivukly It thi tIrtmaeinit.tit,
llixnd ii tit. -.oit o itf li lli thi iui fxlx rilL't:
|has demontr;.+, ;Italt', hat the Ipr,,','ew i., ole
o)f thlit iiiit rut:markil.uh ilixi-u1vri"i ever
inltu I y ;i ny uuiui.g flu it.
A x . ui li tut if l..tle illl i uii.lix .l i , nuiw
in th , ct'iy inv',,.,ti.;ti=. th,' plorew".', f'or
tlh e ul + i u't <,s i u u t lur int sii h t , ix i lit
Inter Mountain Sketches Hoid With hi
tcrest in Houghton Camps.
tI l i.t+,r l t r v u i i .i i t h l i ul u -iht i. n . tlix t i. di
t i ne , : l ti 'h lu t hl i -lii . -II lh . ' i - n' l it hu
olc ia o pr ut~u'''u All f it i a lit-u- Ii.e -vii
thi-t it sa i:
T l i n utiriI , h our "I tI ! itii ry titit u ti
|t t vt t whi i ,it j ii, x ; nd ; 1 " t i it h i ts i
*nitu it x' litrit. + ,I tuht " wutui i, ler liiie
mix a i erlii in t iii' Niili.ual I uh
lit ii xll urnit-tlt-ti -lurt-l ih thit nv i-ir r
(-iiiti .r,' Iv'l hilkt bat tlr i ,ntt e' :tt xx i x
or An.t'oml.. All of th',. h,..v,' h..se ,
promini. ntly Ah tifie., w.ith tihe 'i'\rlnq'
lll nt'l i'l t!iw ).l,, t;na lm ininill ,lis r!.'t an d
slw hult pInets. at th+. ltp of the, tle.~hr.
.In its mlilninll. (.ibh llll w, ilte lip,. lf mllin
w ho, ;ire' p lit, n ei ntly t'onnill('€ l,] with th,'
ilutth' mtinit ll in~t<'re't. ,. I('xw dla.y', m+.,
tha=t I.;qp r Iplimlh l ;=u e'x<'.lhlen likren,,,,
of I),)nhil <illis., a we<ll-knownu c'ulqptr
c:outrlil' bo,.' 'wh = IIow h,, l,+ ;a hi..h l.,,i.
tion, with the 'artell p ole'lh. MIr. I.iili,+
.is a gr..luat,' ,, the 11it'him,.n ( ,l[,',, ,,f
MXine s :.ml of thte l.:ke' lindhn hirlh w.hool.
lit i.. w,. l1 r+'nwmberl,.<. hi tlh ' .oiiptr
('runtlry anllt w.hile t. the' (colh'.' wa.s
p~romin.,nt inl ath'.rtic iri= le' ..
San Martin Group, in Southern Mexico,
Said to Be Very Rich.
lnwa'nd ('. \\ ltcrs,. repre,,eIt ig a cn -
panly controlling the Sal M\Itinl group of
mines', ,o Iln es south of the Pily of
tchxicio. is in lth city. lHe says th mines
are oi gl.t.It istric.' l i ntt est. is they
were winiked il a plinitive sway by ithe
Aztecs i'ii lllyli" ;Iago.
"Since oilr comt:panIy Itook hli ,,f the
propei'tty it has discovrc l i i.ne of the
hl workii-s, if .such they caui be terml d.
111 those d;iy'. the miners "imply grubbed
tind scratched andi whre any depth was
lttaimncd, the in lue'enitt to 'untilte
dnwitt a riid \ s byi re' oitn of the. fiIt ltht
the I tmen w re(. folli,w iitg a str(eak oif lire
lea ily charged with yil h ilnd silver,
which couhll ibe separated froim the rock by
the shilplest method. I he ildges .ti
large itd rich, the are on oul r propelrty
bti ing fr'oin .: to So feet wide. F mlo the
surftr e to 11i in foot lete l, it is prin
cipally siliciti.s anid avcrages alb ut $3,
per ton iin :hl nl silver, in the form of
Cnrnci'"ll trai ti t s and cel, r pylri'ts, w]ich
are now y.hicldig about. $1,0 per tin it the
"1 4-low the too, there arc lot, of sulphie
ore in which tlhere is wire aini hirtI silver.
The shaft is now 210o I' ee deep., but we are
nbout to betin sinking one of three col.
partlleints. \\'hen we get it iwell uiller
.way we intend to built a larger concen
trating plant,"
Prank I:. 1ollolway, for years in charge.
Cure A11 Chronic Diseases of
Men and Women.
N. E. Corner Broadway and
Montana Streets.
,.--... . . . . -. . . ..
Lumber Co.
All Kinds of
Rough and Dressed
Estimates from plans
cheerfully given. Spe
cial attention to mill
work of all kinds. We
solicit your trade.i$t,,,t
Telephone 547.
Office and Yards, Iron Street, East
of Arizona St., Butte.
of the Drumlummon near Marysville, this
state, has charge of the work and says
that some of the ore taken from the prop
erty is similar inl character to that of the
Marysville mine.
Frank R. Miles Brings Fine Specimens of
Ore to Butte.
Frank R. Miles of this city, who or
ganized a wild west show a few years
ago aln played "big injuin" at the World's
fair, has returined from a trip to the in
terior of Alaska, where he secured 23 cop
per claims. tIe left fiutte in t897 and
reaclhed I)nason in June of the following
year. being on the relad imore than nine
months. Shortly after reaching I)awson
he heard of some fabuloubly rich copper
prospects farther north and with other
men visited them.
The claims are located ioo miles north
of Mount St. Ehlias and five miles west of
the international Imounilary, on the Alaska
side. Mr. Miles says the claims are full
of native copper and ore that will assay as
high as 65 per cent in the red metal.
'There is also sonme copper associated with
white spar and it is rich in gold. Copper,
he says, is also founnl in nugget form in
the gravel of the creeks. Mr. Miles
birought somie very tline specilnens of the
rock to Btutte.
Local Miners' Union to Lend $20,000 to
Lead Men.
EFdward IHughels, presilcllet rof the Butte
Miners' nmioll, and Patrick Nugent, a
member of thie lboard of trustees, have re
tiiriied froim L.ead, S. 1)., where they were
sent as a c(mmiltce by the Butte union
llout tell days ago to examine the security
oIfered by the Lead Miners' inion for a
loa lllof $.2', ii fIor which the Lead union
has IIben nego ij;ting. James P'. Murphy
iuid Jos( lih Sli.h;llni( , also trustees, ac
co anld tllthem onl the trip, built remained
in I ead to receive the money, it having
h- deididd to snake the loan.
IThe lutte union adopted the report of
th'e co iitittee soit to lead and yesterday
th.e iui.y was forwardled thrIugh the
Italy hiank & Trust company. The notiry
is 1ede-I. by hi I..ail l unionl to take tiup
the ru-naimner of $,'. no imortgage holds
is'ued Iby thnI, in 18m ., at which time
their new ball was erected. The iead
inihlitg is a large onli with a stone front
and is onie of thie most imiposing ediilices
in the city.
'lhe Miners' union at Terry's Peak, in
IIh, Black Hills, has also loaned the Lead
Iaion $s.5no. auI it ;iil the iltitte tuniion
Ihave takl1i1 a joint imortgage on the hLead
Clipple Creek Tributary Camps Are Being
Worked Vigorously.
I ,y titSoi IA1. 1lI n li s.]
Ihnvtr. July I.-- Iindr eds of thou
satlds of dollars have been expended by
. ripple ('creek prospeitirs and iittie own.
ers inl h;ht are known as the tributary
campsi t ('ripple 'reek. but tip to date
very lit .lhilp .ts have tetn opetned tip,
it ;aty.
'\lmong lthe c;tn ,,L , which ill tlhe' past te'll
e tr-s hawve b* n prospected by Cripple
('trck nllil'rs are W\est Creek, Fresh
\\atier, ('tiuiron aind HIare illts, as well
as I'ima. All tail situated fromt ten
to to iluh's ill dlifferent directions frout
th .l' great guhll camip.
\\ ille no pay mines have yet blee
opentd tIup, the parlie's w\ho have invested
their mitey are still. for the mlain part.
keepingl u till iheir assessle.lnt work, anid
every fiew dIays assays, aire heingi obhtained
ftia n suoi' . f the di 'tlict'ts that show pay
President of Western Federation of Min
ers Is in Butte.
'Charhles oyter, aws h. was recently 'elect
ed presidlent iof the \\'esterll lederattionll
of .lililtrs, is ill the city for the purpose
iof gtlting acuqiuainltled wiilt olther flhicers
of the ulion tindl famliliarizinig lttnIself
tith the ,it' dittion of the district.
lie ihas been ii nvestigating the East Ilel
ani smelter mIIuddle sad at the S:anle timle
arranllil; to assist those strikers out of
work. Ilh was given an itifuorttial recep
tion inl Mliners' 'Union hil last evening,
Mr. Muyer will leave for Kenmiuerer,
\\ yo., tom irrrow. His hime is in Lead,
S. 1)., at whih pilace the great hlonte
stake comlpany his ntearly tOOO stamps
crnushing gol ore. Ile was horn in
oonellt countly, hlwa. inl 1866. Hle cattle
to Montaniia ill 18821, hut went to the Black
Hills twelve years ago.
Mining Engineer Wrties of Activity in
Thunder Mountain District.
[ti A it0Ins A lu lur'ss,.]
I)eiver, July I.-C. \V. I.uck, the
well iknown lidaho mining engineer, who
is undetr a four-uonths' contract with
W. I1. lTilals of this city anld a syndi
cate of eastern investors to investigate,
pIrospect and secure, if possible, favorable
piroperty ill tile Thunder Mountain coun
try, writes front the new Eldorado that
he and his party atrived at their desti
nation on June 18, after passing numtierous
other pigrinls ell route, who had hit the
trail weeks ahead of him. lie had had no
tiime to get his hearings when the note
announcing his safe arrival was written,
and he took only time to say that the new
town of Roosevelt then contained forty.
two tents, with five log cabins in course
of erection,
The big mule train that broke the trail
fromt \Varren in arrived at Thunder nine
days ahead of Mr. Luck's party, and the
trail, lie said, was alive with horses iand
imen w'orting their way in.
Settle Big Mining Suit,
Boise, Ilaho, July -.--Judge IBeatty
of the llnited States court hantded down
a decision for the defense in the famottus
case of Patrick Clark ct al. versus Charles
Sweeny et al., involviing ownership of the
Ella cl;aim, a o!initig the Tiger-Poorman
at Burke, in the Cocur d'Alenes.
Sweeny purchased the Ella from plain
tiffs for $4,000. It was claimed after.
wards that he secured It through mnis
representations and fraud, it being asserted
that the property was then worth $0,ooo,
ooo. Suit was blrought for cancellation
of the transfer. It hits been a sensational
proceeding thtroughout, and has attracted
a great deal of attention.
No Arrests Have Been Made, but Officials
Are Working Out Murder Theory and
Guilty Man May Be Apprehended at
Any Moment-Woman Would Die to
Save Her Murderer.
It is the opinion of the attending physi
cians that Mona Bell will pass through
a crisis this evening. If it is death, the
doctors believe in that terrible moment
when depression and despair comes pre
ceding the sinking from which there is
no rally, she may make a statement that
she died a murdered woman rather than
a suicide.
"If, during the calm that comes before
death, the woman clings to her story that
she shot herself, I will believe her," said
a prominent physician who has been iden
tified with the case. "It is a terrible mo
ment atnd there have been few who have
carried such secrets to their grave. It
is not Jhuian nature."
Police Accepted Suicide Theory.
Until today the authorities have worked
upon but two theories. Chief of Police
Reynolds accepted the statement that the
woman had shot herself. Subsequent de
velopments gave the theory that she had
been shot by sonie person other than
herself, a reasonable basis.
Mona hell has repeatedly been asked
whether the well-known business man
whose name has been connected with the
mysterious case, really shot her. As re
peatedly as she has been asked this 'rlucs
tion, as repeatedly has she denied it.
As yet Mona Bcll has not been asked
whether some other person than the busi
ness mllan meltionedll did not fire the shots
who have left her at death's door.
For several years prior to the time
that the ima it who thas been under ims
picion, became t naimored of and asso
ciated with her, she consorted with a
young man well kinown about town swho
held a responsilble position.
Last eveninig the police set out upon
a new theory. It occurred to the of
ficers that it might have been the young
man, the former consort, who did the
shooting rather than the business man
who has been suspeected. and an effort
lhas been made to ldevelop the latter the
Officials Hold Conference.
It was reported this morning that some
progress had been made along the theory
that her former lover shot her. Detec
tive Murphy and the cnunty officials had
a eonfercnce this morning and it was'
announced that arrests might follow this
The authorities nre keeping in close
tonch with the condition of tile woman
and have ade de preparations to take ani
ante-mlortemn statement.
I.ate this afternoon Mona Bell was
sinking. No one save the doctors had
visited her duiring the forenoon.
It is said that the woman hears her
the man who is guilty.
suffering with great fortitude and she
may carry her secret-if she possesses
one- to her grave, in order to protect the
malln who is guilty.
The Montana State School of Mines'
third year begins Tuesday. September 9.
lo02. For catalogues and terms address
School of Mines, Itutte, lMontana.
Appendicitis Not New.
[(tleveland Plain Dealer.]
"Why is it," asked a man of a physi
cian, "that so many people are suffering
these days withl appendicitis, antd have to
be operated upon. alhen there didat't use to
be anly of them ?"
"My young friend," the doctor answcr'ld,
"this disease has been in the world ever
since Adamn was-perhaps that story of his
losing a rib may have arisen because lie
was operated on for appendicitis. Whet
your grandfather was a boy his nleiglhblrs
had it all around hint, and so they di'l
when you were a boy. But they called it
inllamnnation of the bowels, stomach ache,
a.ute indigestion, liver trouble, or some
thing of that sort. The patient got well
or lihe died, but no one ever opened him
when living to see what the matter was.
Perhaps it is as well that they did not,
for iunch of the surgery of those dlays was
more dangerous than any disease."
Sanguine Schwab.
[ Ialtimore American.]
Mr. Schwalb talke like a imian who would
have written poetry if lihe could have becen
convinced that there was money in it.
Ur.:ted States Land Office, IHelens, Mon.
Ltana, lla" a, 19o n.
Notice s 'hereby given that Henry Smith,
Nomes I. Tliompson and Oliver J. McCon.
nell, whose poaloflice address is Butte, Mon.
taute have this day filed their application for
a patent for 8j3,5 linear feet, being te leet
westerly and 733.5 fee* easterly from tie point
of discovery in tunnel of thle Little Mississipp
Lode Mining claim, upon wlhch a notice of
intention to apply tor a patent was posted on
the sad day of April, A. D., ian,, sitrated in
Summit Valley, unoiganized mining mistrict,
Silver Bow County 5tate of Miontanaw dei.C
sated as survey No. 6566, in Township r
north, Range 7 west, being more partita-rly
described, as fiolows, to-wit:
Beginning at corner No. I, which Is also
corneri No, of survey No. 5759, corner No. 4
of survey N,. 2i88 and corner o of survey
No. s969, a granite stone set in the ground
with a mound of stone alongside, and marked
(.6a66 for corner No. i, from which the north.
east corner of section 17, Township 3 north,
Range 7 west, bears south St degrees 54
iin.ites welt 3953.3 feet, and running tlhence
nortlh 53 dr.crees 45 minutes west, 338.5 feet;
thence south 1 degrees 15 minutes east, 3501
feet; thence south 73 degrees ij minutes east,
750.5 feet; thence north is degrees is minutes
west, 0.6 feet; thence north 8 degrees I main.
utcs west, 59e,5 feet to th pae of beginning,
containing si area of ..it acres, of which ci.4l
acres eare In conflict with survey No 1161 not
claimed, leaving i. 6,crecai th
above named applicants. -c b ..th
The location of this claim Is of record In
the recorder's office of Silver flow Cotity,
State of Montana, in Book "T," of Lo.e
Locations, onl page 360.
The adjoining clailms to these premises ,are,
survey No. 294, Little Girl lode and survey
No. 5759, Rocky Point lode on the north;
survey o, ai88,. Monitor lode, lot o8 on the
northeast' survey No. 36, Sunlgh lode lot
188 on the south; survey No. 1924 Mistait
sippi lode, lot 6 on the west.
Attorney for Annlicants.
(First Publication May s, 1902.)
we are satisfied is the better one and If you
..PAY CASH....
or meet your bills monthly, we want to sell you your
and will make the prices so low you will feel that the change Is best for both
of us. , A,,M~
J. N. NEVILLS CO. Phone sA. 106 1. Park Street, Butte
Our ptients eqrd ii yearts ao by our Oreat DlpoeryI , unknown to the profession,
are to-day sound aind well, and hsve health chi ren snce a cured them.
Yprimn} Secondary or 'tertary Youcanbetreat.
,HLIB rmaen..ty Cured in 15 to85 aysdt home for
the smei price, under the same ran . If you preferto come tto Chltgo, we will
contract to pyrailroad fre en hotel bt llsr, and no ha If wefal to ur .
IF YOU HIVE mrcude and ..+* a' .a `hea and pa,.,, .ueou.
an pt oi , h ore4 1 sda otiulcnm on
W Oe _sa 5S a .S at t uegilaiI. e wa o ets i empa eCoa gceo. Thr
SllqeJsnr ý ed o o an c t expeeon rl :nar. aWe hsvO e 9RT eure
i deO o 0 n a , c Ito
COOK RE Y CO., 1582 Macono Temple, Chicago. c
1nited States Land Offce, -Heler.a, Mont.,
May 24, 19o2.
Notice is hereby given that John N.
Kirk, Donat Dorais and Samuel D. Sum
walt, whose postoffice addresses are
Butte, Montana, and Martin Johnson,
whose postoffice address is Laurin, Mon
tana, have this day filed their application
for a patent for 12o05.1 linear feet of the
Frenchman No. a lode mine or vein, bear
ing gold, silver and other precious metals,
with surface ground 6oo feet in width,
situated in Summit valley (unorganized)
Mining district, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, and dealgnated by the
field notes and official plat on file in
this office as Survey No. 6518, in Town
ship 3 north, Range 8 west, of Montana
meridian, said Survey' No. 6518 being de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at Corner No. e, a point on
the west end line of Survey No. 1413,
and the sixth course of Survey No. 3572,
a granite stone set in the ground, with a
mound of earth alongside, and marked
1-6518 for Corner No. i, from which the
southeast corner of Section s, Township
3 north, Range 8 west, bears south 42
degrees 33 minutes east 1752.1 feet, and
running thence south 6o degrees o6 min.
utes west 1205.t feet; thence north 23
degrees 3o minutes west 587.7 feet; thence
north 60o degrees o6 minutes east sazo.z
feet; thence south 23 degrees 30 minutes
east 587.7 feet to the place of beginning,
containing an area of 16.16 acres, of
which 6.95 acres are in conflict with Sur
vey Nos. 3392 and 3572, not claimed,
leaving 9.21 acres claimed by the ablve.
named applicants, of which 4.06 acres are
in conflict with Survey No. 515r, inclu
sive of o.o03 acres in conflict with Survey
No. 3450.
The location of this claim is of record
in the recorder's office of Silver Bow
county, state of Montana. in Book "Q"
of Lode Locatieons, page 39.
The adjoining claims to these premises
are: Survey Na. 5151, Bordeaux Lode,
and Survey No. 3450, Lulu B Lode, on
the north, Survey No. 1413, Manzseville
Lode, Lot 378 on the east, and Survey
No. 3392, Terrace Lode and Survey No.
3572, Rival Lode, on the south.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said Frenchman No. a
lode Mining claim, or surface ground, are
required to file their adverse claims with
the register of the United States Land
Office at Helena, Montana, during the
sixty days' period of publication thereof,
or they will be barred by the provisions
of the statute.
First publication May y7, 902o.)
United States Land Office.
Helena, Montana, June 5, 19o2.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph Wey
erhorst, whose postoffice address is Butte,
Montana, has this day filed his application
for a patent for Ioo linear feet, being 388
feet westerly and ,irla feet easterly from
discovery shaft of the Philadelphia Lode
mining claim, upon which a notice of in
tention to apply for a patent was posted
on the e8th day of May, 19o0, situated in
Summit Valley, unorganized, mining dis
trict, Silver Bow county, state of Montana,
designated as survey .o. 659g, in Town
ship 3 north, of Range 7 west, being more
particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the northwest corner, a point
in the east end line of Survey No. 5049, a
granite stone set in the ground, with a
mound of earth alongside, and marked
z-6519 for Corner No. I, from which the
/a section corner on the north boundary of
Section so, Township 3 north, Range 7 west,
bears north 76 degrees 29 minutes, 45 sec
onds west, 8,129.2 feet; and running thence
south 6 degrees 45 minutes east, 450 feet;
thence north 81 degrees 45 minutee east,
229 feet; thence north 80 degrees 29 min
utes east, 1272.5 feet; thence north 6 de.
grees 45 minutes west, 425 feet; thence
south 81 degrees 38 minutes west i,5oo
feet to the place of beginning, ;'ontaining
an area of 15.14 acres, of which 0.32 acres
are in conflict with the Annie Btten lode,
unsurveyed, not clain:c,, leaviug 14.8a
acres claimed by the above named appli
The location of this claim is of record in
the recorder's office of Silver Bow county,
state of Montana, in Jook "S" of Lode
Locations, on Page 13.
The adjoining claims to these p:emises
are Survey No. 4129, Narrow Gauge
placer on the south; the Annie Batten
Lode, unsurveyed, on the southwest; Sur
vey No. 5049, Henrietta Lode on the west.
Attorney for Applicant.
(First Publication June 6, soom.)
United States Lane. Office, Helena, Mon
tana, June 3, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that Charles C.
Rueger and Louis Demars whose post
office address is Butte, Silver Bow coun
ty, Montana, have this day filed an ap.
plication for a patent for 1,451 linear
feet, the same being for 412 feet in a
westerly and ,0o39 feet in an easterly
direction from the point of discovery on
the Wedge lode mining claim situated
in Summit valley (unorganized) mining
district, Sil ir Bow county, Montana, the
position, course, and extent, of the said
mining claim, designated by an official
survey thereof, as Survey No. 6,533,
rownship No. 3 north, Range No. 7 west, a
notice of which was posted on the claim
on the 23d day of May, 19o2, and being
more particularly set forth and described
in the official field notes and plats thereof
on file in this office as follows, w-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner, a
granite stone, 8xxo'ro inches, 16 inches
deep, marked :-6533 for corner No. I,
from whence the northeast corner to sec
tion 7, fractional township 3, north range 7
west, bears south 6 degrees 47 minutes
east, 1,728 feet and running thence north
za degrees 50 minutes east, 347 feet to the
northeast corner No. 2, thence south 73
degrees 45 minutes east, 5,4So.5 feet to
the nertheast corner No. 3, thence south
a1 degrees 50o minutes west, 4a2 feet to
the southeast corner No. 4, thence north
yo degrees 46 minutes west, 1,457 feet to
Corner No. I and place of beginning. Con
taining an area of :2.8o acres, excluding
so.6i acres in Survey No. 2.283-2,316 and
2.40o, leaving a net area of 2.18 acres as
daimed by the above named applicants
for patent.
The location of this mine is recorded
in the office of the recorder of Silver
Bow county, on page 175 In Book B of
quartz lodes.
The only adjoining claim is on the
east, survey No. 5,o37,Forest Rose lode,
William U. Speer, ap licant.
JOS. HI. HARPER, Register.
United States Claim Agent.
First pub.ication June 4, 00o2.
Department of the Interior Land Office at
Helena Montana, da;y 27, 19oa.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
iitention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before clerk of district court, Silver
Bow county, at Butte, Mont., on July to
1902, viz.: Felix O'Neill for Homestead
Entry No, 869u for the Northewest quar
ter Section 15, Township a north, Range
9 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.: Malcolm P.
Dryden, Samuel Shone, John Dudden,
John Enright, of Silver Bow, Montana.
United States Land Office,
LHelena, Montana, May rp, ipoa.
Notlee Is hereby given that the Leo Mining
& Milling company, a corporation existing
under the laws of the state of Montana. by
Alfred B. Rombauer, its agent, whose post.
office address is Butte, Montana lhas this day
flied its application for a patent for 5,aa9 linear
feet, being 300o ieet westerly and gra feet east.
erly from discovery shaft of the Maud C. Lode
Mining claim, upon which a notice of inten.
tion to apply for a patent was posted on the
cath day of May, A. i. spoz situated in an
unorganized mining d atrtct, Jenerson county,
state of Montana, designated as Survey No.
6aos, in Township 3, north of Range 7 west,
being more particularly described as follows:
Beginning at the northeast corner, which Ip
also Corner No. 3 of Survey No. 336o. and a
point in the west end lIne of Survey No. i6oa,
a granite stone set in the ground, wit. es4
aring trees, and makedk soao for t ,
'o. , from which the aoethejat Coarner
eceton , Township 4 north, Range weaet.
ears north degrees a minutes west 7"
et eand running thence .outh Sr deg'q
west, o feet; thenee north t .egree as min.
tes etat, an feetI thence south 7 ldegreet
west, sai feet; thence south t degree p nile.
.tas weet, 6os feet; thence north 7 degrees 47
minutes east, othI feet; thence north I dgree
go minutes east, 3a feet to the olace of begin.
ning containing an rea of Ma.e ere, of
which .o ntrerede in eonflict w lth Survoe Na
cd siamed by the above named applic nt.
The location of this claim is of record In the
recorder' ofiSce of Jeerson ounty, state
Montana, in Book x of Lode Locations, on
'al.dl eoining claim to these premises are
Survey No, ao, Monitor lode, lot js and
Survey No. &8i, Syndicate lode on the north
and Suvey No. l #os, Silver King lode, lot ja,
on the e ot,
bAMUEL BARKER, JR., Register
Attorney for Appliant.
(First Publication, May Jo, toes.)
Butte, Montana, May as, agos.
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to
an order of the Board of Commistioners
of. Silver Bow county, in the state of Mon
tana, made on ehe sad, day of May, tpea,
and entered in Book I of the proceedings
of said Board, at Pale 34d , the said
county of Silver Bow will, on the first day
of July, egos, exercise its right, option
and, privilee to pay, end will pa, ill
those certain outstanding bonds of said
Silver Bow county, issued by said county
on y July s, p89, and numbered consec-.
tive y from one (1) to seventy (7o), both
numbers inclusive, bearing date July t,
s89, in denominations of Sz,ooo each,
bearing interest at the rate of five per
centum (S per centum) per annum, and
payable at the optio., 9f said Silver Bow
county at any time after ten (to) years,
and not longer then twenty (2o) years
from the date of their issue; which said
bonds are hereby called in; and the hold.
era thereof are hereby notified and required
to present said bonds for payment to the
treasurer of said Silver ow county, at
the courthouse of said county, in the city
of Butte, Montana, on the tat day of July,
19os; at which time said bonds and each
thereof will cease to bear interest.
Chairman of the Board of Commissioners
of Silver Bow County, Montana.
Attest: JOHN ,, aSTON,
County Clerk.
United states Land OMfices
Helena, Montasna May r, sans.
Notice Is hereby given that Henry Smith,
and John F. Nettle, tiRe heirs of William T.
Lewis, deceased, and William B. Thompson,
whose postoffice address is Butte, Montana,
have this day filed their application for a
patent for 134.3 linear feet, being 68 feet north.
easterly and aOO.s teet southwesterly from
discovery shaft of the DBig Timber Fraction
Lode ".ining claim, upon which a notice of
intentinca to anrnly for a patent was posted on
the and day of April, A. D. i9oa. situatud in
unorganized mining district, Silver Bow
county, state of Montana, designated as Sue.
vey No. 6561, in Township 3 north, Range 7
west, and being more particularly described as
follows, to-wit
Beginning at the northeast corner, which Is
also the point of intersection of the west end
line of Survey No. 30o81 and the third course
of Survey No. star, a granite stone set in the
ground with a mound of earth alongside and
marked -6568 for corner No. r. from which
the southeast corner of Section 34, Township 4
north, Range 7 west bears north 32 degrees s$
minutes aso seconds east 7464.4 feet. and run.
ning thence north 74 degrees 17 minutes west
$as feet; thence south it degrees to minutes
west i95 feet; thence south II degrees o$
minutes east 533.5 feet; thence south 74 de
grees I7 minutes cast 334 feet; thence north ISt
degrees 05 minutes west 351.5 feet to the place
of beqlnnlng, containing an area of s.aa acres
of which .ol accres are In conflict with Survey
No. 2to1, not claimed, leaving .sa acres
claimed by the above natrd applicants.
The location uf this claim is of record in the
county recorder's office of Silver Bow county,
Montana. in Iit; I*R," of loude locations on
'a ae 313.
The adjoining t (alms to these premises are.
on tile northwest Survey No. siol; Big Tim.
ber lode on the east, Survcy No. 38t C(lide
lode, andti on the south Survey .. 446o, Blue
Bird lode.
Attorney for Applicants.
tFirlt Publication May a, rou.)
United States Land Office. Helona, Montana.
Notice s ereby given that Arthur Smith
and Joln F. Nettle, whose postolfice address
is Butte, Montana, have this day filed their
application for a patent for 97.3. linear feet.
being 4o feet easterly and ~r7.5 feet westerly
from tn. point of discoveryi n cut of the
)ecaur Fraction Lode Mining claim, upon
which a notice or Intention to apply for a
patent was posted on toe lad day of April,
A. D., , situated in unorganized mining
district, Silver Bow county, state of Montana,
deslignated as Survey No. 657!. in Township J
north, Rda,geT west, and being maro particu.
larly described as fol.,ws, to-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner, a point
in the north side line of Survey No. 6.a3, a
granite stone set in the ground, wih
mound of earth and stone alongside and
marked 1.6371 for Lorner No. r, from which
the 14 ;ection corner on the south boundary
of Section 7y, Township 3 north, Range 7
west hears south 59 derrees 38 minutes west
o,o201.8 feet, and running the ce north 7
degrees 3o minutes east J.,5 feet; thences
north 8 degrees os minutes west ol8.5 fesat
thence south 76 degrees so minutes west sess -
feet; thence south 8 degrees op minutes erst
98.5 feet to the place of beginning, containing
an area of 0.66 acres, of wiich 0.33 acres are
in conflict with Survey Nc. 2395 not claimed
leaving o.33 acres claimed oy t:eo above.nmed
The location of this claim is of record In the
recorder's offce of Silver Bow county, state of
Montana, in Book "U" of lode locations, om
Page 43,
The adjoining claims to these premises are
Survey No. ag95, Decatur Lode, on the north
Survey No. a115lt, Scottish Chief Lode, on the
east, and Survey No. 61da, Lillie Lode, on the
Attorney for Applicants.
(First Publication May a, mtc,,3
Department of the Interfor, Land office at
Helena, Montana, May 28, 190o.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of.
his intention to make final proof in stip.
port of his claim, and that said "rool will
be made before John R. Eardl.y, U. S.
commissioner at Anaconda, Montana, onr
July sth, goso. viz.: William H. Al.
len on his homestead entry No. 8,756 for
the east half of the northeast quarter
southwest quarter northeast quarter andi
northeast quarter southeast quarter sec
tion i8 township 4 north, range to west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.: David
Jones, of Anaconda, Mont. Walter Stay
ton of Anaconda, Mont., John 0. Allen
of Anaconda, Mont.; William R. Allen, of
Anaconda, Mont.
Butte, Montana. April 8, spa.
To Thomas L. Porter, or Assigns:
You are hereby notified that I have expend.
ed during the year 19o0, one hundred dollars
in labor and improvements rpon the Julian
Lode claim, situates in Summit Valley mining
district, Silver bow county, Montana, about
4ti miles southeast of Butte City, Montana, of
which the declaratory statement is found of
record on Fage 76 of took "D" of lode claims,
in the office of the recorder of said county of
Silver Bow, in order tu huad said'claim uinder
the laws of the United Sates concernilg
annual labor upon mining claims, being the
amount required to bold said lode for the
period ending on tae 3ist. day of December
tr. And'If within ninety days after publics:
ton hereof, you fail to contribute your pro.
portion of said expendsure, as a co-owner by
payment tllhereofto me or to mý agents, the
J, E, Rickards Co., at Butte, Montana, your
interest in the claim will become the proyertr
of the subscriber, your co-owner, by the pre
si-as of said iaws.

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