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In the selling of goods at these low figures, but like the
noise of an exploding torpedo or cannon, you'll know there's some
Sthing going on and something going off. Time before the Fourth
is short, but we have done everything to make the buying of necessities
and other things an easy matter. Prices were never so low. That's the pow
S er that will make things lively and keep goods "going off" in anticipation of
the country's celebration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
New Millinery Women's Shoes
;: Mrs. Raleigh, the head of our millinery department, leaves for Furope the beginning of next wcok. It may
be that many of our customers, appreciating the good taste of Mrs. Raleigh, would like her, when in i'Paris, , Our assortment of women's shoes includes the latest and most de4
select for thtem a pattern hat to suit their individual style and taste As Mrs. Raleigh leaves about h th 8th rable styles of tl e selson the noest that money can buy, In all
this month, it is advisable to sae her at once and give her the necessary instruction, wldth a nd sizes. Below weo mention several ines that we are
Trimmed Hats Only $2.95 Each Trimmed Hats Only $4.75 Each closing out at less than cost, because the sizes are somewhat bro,
Stylishly trimmed hats, handsomely effective tyles: T rimmed haits; ialde ip i the very latest tylis ken. There's a big saving In every pair. We guarantee satisfac.
cspecially gotten up for the Fourth of July trade o of choicest materials pretty fI wirs, lters, rhilfmis
made of good materials; large and medium shapes. ribbons tastefully arranged. Values frontm $7.50 to tion. Shop early.
values $5.oo to $6.5o for $2.95 $',so for $4.75. Women's Shoes Women's Shoes
S traw H ats at H alf P rice I,.gh shoes of Title kid, laced ilb, I onis A lit ... womenis lmliers, lIe husk,
Our entire stock of straw hats, the best and most popular shapes in fine and rough straws, going at half XV heels, hand turned siles, v.shi. tops. sir anid .m-hlittoin sty's. ihat tutist I.
rice. $6.00 Values for $3.45 (tlised out at itice, Hr thiuefore illr
S 50c Straw Hats for 25c $1.00 Straw Hats for 50e $4.00 Straw Hats for $2.00 Iligh shes of midislt ideal kid, hLoei thiise
+ T75c Straw Hats for 40e $1.50 Straw Hats for 75c $5.00 Straw Hats for $2.50 style, Culhan heels, hatl cltcd iil s.., Ilhx- $2.50 Slippers for 95c
fhildren's T rim m ed H ats lile aI easy . .'lie fe.. renc kit, snot hern tie. nd J bul
$5.00 Values for $3.45 .hoe, attractiiv in style ;itI perfect fitainui
Leghorn hats, trimmed with chiffon and bunches of flowers, pompon of chiffon with edging of lace. Chiffon WVomen'c high shoes of patent chrome liar tint sltes antd patent tips; regulir
around brim edged with lace. Colors-white, light blue, pink and red, all half price. calf, lace and Ibutton styles, ( iubiai and $4.u00 .and $5.0o slhie.
Hats Worth 95c for 50c Hats Worth $1.50 for 75e Hats Worth $3.50 for $1.75 opera heel,., btrokem ies. ir,
Hats Worth $1.25 for 65c Hats Worth $2.50 for $1.25 Hats Worth $5.00 for $2.50 $6.00 Values for $3.45 Only $2.5 Vair
tWomen's low shoes of fite vici kid ail Vometin'es ti othlern tics, 2 hutltoil ant
patent calfkin, Louis, tiubalt and tIt a * txford rut low shoes, French stles, vtry
hyeelt flexibl- aiti wear-resit' ... . ;, full liar
W o m e n 's W a n ts W om en's . .Sty lish stliha udgod.". sies III, all the, - wantd witths.
(In Hennessy Notion Department) S u its S u its $5.00 Values for $3.45 $2.50 Values for $1.65
Lots of little things absolutely indispensible, marked at particu, Agents for Banister's the Best Shoes for Men
larly low prices and going off in the middle of the season when Rt Half Price Only $8.85 Each A s o a th B t o r e
they are the most wanted. Fine tailor made suits of fine broad- Women's and Misses' suits of all wool
nel cloths its black, navy, lirown, gray tight gtfititing; Eton atid biox frotnt jacketsQ V E Q i 1 1 Q
NeW Tab dollars New Neckwear cloth, cheviots, serges, Venetians and flan- basket cloth; cheviot, sages and covns ; Y O u t-hs ' S ty lis h S u its
5c collars in white lace and embroidery New ties for summer, including the ned cOxford, with Eton, blouse and, tight- lined with silk; skirts madoe with seven fo lts tr
for ac each. latest automblile efects is nusli, pF ue fitting waists, trimmed with stitched taf- gores or floutmed and lined with per
soc embroidered and lace protection .chabray, Swiss afeta bands and silk braid; very stylish cal. coln s are navy, light gray, ow Values 5 to
coil f.s ~ ... , 4t 0.,h;v. .,,.d-f~,. o, 4, o,,.,. Values $9.50 ý0 to $16r50 Each
coll0ec, n xod szsfo 4 o4 nhsars for 5c each. 10$~oec.effects; sizes 34 to 40 ittchtes; values frontadOfr;szsfotimt 0islis
oc o n5collars for -c. o new boas and neck ruches in black, $i5.oo to $97.50. All go at half price. values from $i,3.5o to $9.-50. Sale price
protectio white and cream net ehillon and liberty only $8.85.F or $ 6 8 5 S uit
goc protection tab collars for aoc. silks. Prices fromnt $i.5o to $0o.oo00 each.
5oc protection tab collars for 25c. Holmes & Ide's latest shapes in wont- Separate Skirts Silk Waists
S75c tab collars for 4oe. en's four ply linen collars. aoc quality for 72 briliant skirts light gray, Ox of colored black tata an At this low figttre our entire stock of youths' lighlt colored long, paitt sutits, nmal
8~c atcolars or oc.12 cc. 2 billizitne kirt inhigtt gayOx- Mileofwoairst ant d ilack dsittaffetaati
85c tab collars for Soc. t x-ac. ford, browni and navy; light weight for satiin in dress waist and shirt waist tf fiie aill wool aoessimere and clhviots. They are correctly cut, ntticely lihucd, well
Real lace protection collars at Soe, 75c Pocket Books warm weather wear; some are unlined or style, a.nd shown in great variety; sizes tailored and perfect fitting. Sizes for at to, I y rs or ti 5 iiinch chest measure.
and $r.oo each. have lined flounce; value $5.95 to $t3.5o. fromt 3.- to 44 iuches; values frnt $5.00 Ci of these $950 to $16.5o vtalues, only $6. l85 suit. (i seco.nd floor.
Combination pocketbooks in black, tan, Sale price only $3.65. to $ o.oo. Sale price only $m.85.
New Belts brown, and green. soc values for 3 Silk Raglans Women's Shirt Waists
Leather and washable belts. Our 35C each. Girl's Dresses
quttality for s5c. New combination pocketbooks,. with 3 Colored Petticoats Girls washa.,le dresses of colored ,ing- At Half Price Only $1.25 Each
Straw belts; this season's latest novelty, andI 4 compartments, in seal, walrus and Pretty mercerized and satin petticoats, ham.s chambrays, percales Sand linien; 'The season's swellest style's for womeum, Women's shirt waistts of fancy pcrcah.,
Our Soc quality for -5c. pebble leathers, 95c Values for Soc. with accordion plaited ruffle of silk ; colors trimnmed with embroidery and insertion ; misses andi girls. Just .7 in the lot, made Iswnt andi gingham limdmed with embroid
Straw belts: all sizes. Our 75c and New combination pocketbooks, black, green, red, purple and olive. Values from wide skirts with deep hems. Two piece of the best qualities of taff-ta, miire and recd edgings andl insertions, blouse fronts,
$1.oo quality for Soc each. tan, brown, green and red in walrus, seal $i.oo to $5.oo. dresses, too. peau de soic. Some are plain tailtr maude, faniy collars, stylishly made and correct
New leather belts in black, gray red and penble with valust witho nountings. . I a others have collars of chiffom and lace,. liting garimets, in light hhie, grect
tan and brown in the latest "fit the forai" at irls' size-s 8, ii,, r - an il i. s.caet, tan, white groumuts with colorudl
shape with small buckles. Only 5oc each. Bletter qualities from $m.oo to $io,oo Misses' sizes, i6, 1 i an 20. figures and stripest. Sizes 3Ja to 40 inches
New belts in crushed silk and satin each. Woimen's sizes, ,31 to .oi inchies. pretty styles for sutttuner. Sale price only
New belts in crushedNew wrist rses with chain and chat- All go at h.l. price. _s.a. each.
drop front effect ; all sizes with oxidized elaine bags in several styles from 5octo B oys' W ashable S u its
amid Gertian gold buckles. Values to $1.2 stls rmi.oooo ea' W sh b e S utchl.to hl lnr.$~s ah
for 75c each,. New collars of lace, hbatiste atnd fine H o i ry Sl
300 women's "belts in plaited silk, lawn; prettily trinotnedl with fnet en eeise,
stitched silk, crushed satis and umoire silk guipure aptliiuee ad galoons. Samptelte; For Sum m er W ear at l alf Price
its whsite atid Iblack witlh dainty buickles; not two ahike. Prices froum $m.oio to $a.5o u m r ~ e r a rc
prices 75c to $S.oo each. each; worth half as much more. In Hennessy's Notion Dept.
*.i , l vFo Por tomorrow's selling we offer the choice of our entire
jId G lov S ale stock of boy's washable saIlor suits, made of pique, linen crash, ehildren's Hosiery Women's Hosiery
chambray gInghams and galatea cloths, with full blouses, large Riiltbed cotton holts; facst black attir
.,,to tacutless ; dhioulel smiles tuil| wite ind |tl uc 'Wiittitl'it faimey hulack hiusiery ; npcmu
Up to Thursday night at 10 o'clock we will give the greatest valw sailor collars and prettily trimmed. Solorings are white, blue, rnw ribsi sizes 6 to 8 -an. Our w uti ,liai- work; dr/up stitch and lace in lisle; real
ues in fine Prench kid gloves ever seen in Butte. Por Instances pink, red, navy and brown. Sizes 3 to a years, ity. Macti ail cutttn. 75c to $,.as valuecs.
"Flavia" Prench Kids "P & L" Prench Gloves Two pairs for 2se Going at SOC Pair
" Regular v i.a 5 Quality Re"ular $1.50 Quality 95c and $1 Suits for 50c $2.00 Suits for $1.00 (luiuni-s flute Maco hitte: heavy a"mil
Rgulr 7Only Qu ality R ur 0 alit $1.25 and $1.50 Suits for 75¢ $3.00 Suits for $1.50 fitue nIt, dttulule kiets at, soles; excel- Womt's finme lace lisle amd dro. stitch
Onronly c Pair ant fuir use at schotla; sizes 5 2- to 9. hose; "(nyx" faist black; and strictly full
'These gloves are made of the finest ,0ooo pairs of these well known gloves, (o 25 Three ttalrt for 5tfashioet. Values $m.oo pair.
French kid, Paris point stitching and cro- with, and 3-cIasps, Imlack, white al all B oThreenPcSale Prce 65c
chet. All sizes, in all shades, including colorings, in all sizes; Butte's biggest bar- hhr'Knee P ant its f tlek rottin aninh lisle thtreaml
black and white. gain,. u t lLhoust; "(tiyx" fast ttlack; douitle kmmees 'sVuuietus fine gauze lisle hose ilth whuite
abric Gloves es; ful fashi ud rI and double feet; "Iinyx" black, and a good weight for
Pefme . oa.~~Vles £i~'1t 5,0Trefrsumuter. \Ve'vc huoe mutrity of tlietut, that
Women's lisle thread gloves, in gray, Colgate's perfumes at toc, 2St and 5oc $r.50 to $10.00 Values $w.00 to $5.00 Values Three Pairs for $1.00 0 . .isr w a t, ..... th.nt.
black and white; sizes 5. -a to 7; prices bottle, according to size; Jockey CluI, Only $4.65 Suit enly $2.15 Suit Per ys. a vair
a5c and 35c pair. Violette, Cashmere Houquet, la France
New lace lisle gloves, double wovet rose, Italian violets, pansy blossoms and Boys' two-piece and three-piece knee Boy. two-piece knee pant stits, nicely WOmen'S HOsler.
fiasger tils, it lack and white; prices, ,oc, daplele .lossoms; only a5c ounce; worth pamt suits, extra well made of fine all- - aumuihu- of all-wool cheviots t tand iksshnere, .,\e n Hoser hVoueis's fancy colored lisle thread hose
dsc nd ~c hir. ouhie. toolcheiot mid assuuuet., ic fliuihd tark gray auth lrowis stripues amid checks. Fast hIacik cottoms hose, full fashmioned;
wool cheviot and caSnero, well finished Coats are double-breasted, pants have double sole sand a nice weight for sut- i stripes, tolka dots; einhrtidlr-d atd
Women's silk gloves, interwoven tips, Toilet Water garments with good linings. The patterns taped seams, double stitched. Strictly mmr wear, opecn work etfects; all strictly new goods
in black, white, modes, tan and slates; 4,7i Favorita toilet water; Lilas de are desirable amd the colorings light asd serviceable suits. Sizes 9 to .4 years. is5 Quality for lo0 an.d this seusst's est styles. Values to
all sizes; prices $ioo pair. Perse, June rose and violette; price 65c medium. Sizes 8 to 14 years. Only $4.65 Valuei $4.00, $4,5o and $5.oo for $a.i5 per
Handkerchiefs bottle; worth $i.oo, for choice of these $6.50 to Nouoo suits, suit WVomen's fast black cotton hose; good Sale Price T75 Pair
Women's and children's lace embroid- New Ribbons flue quality; double soles; all sizes. Our
ered and plain linen handkerchiefs; Ioo BOYS' Knee Pants sc uuaity Womy.', reat Maco cotton hose. "Onyx"
quality for tc. aoft qtalities ary psk so led in tate, o s Waists W made, of all-wool eeviots, cassl- Three Pairs for so5 black; full fashioned; high heels amnd
Women's fiute Swiss handkerchiefs, with plain and fancy; width 3 to 6 inches; Boys' calico waists, light colorings, sizes nieres and worsteds in a big variety of W'omen's Macu cotton hose; fast black spliced soles; sold only by the box of 3
tace and embroidered edges; z5c quality; prices 9c to 40c yard.4 styles, in all sizes. Prices soc, 75c atdl snd m stainless; with unbleached soles and pairs for $S.oo. Reduced in price from
three for asc. s i d c.to years, oily oeach, $c.o0 per pair. tuibleached feet; light is weight. $i.So.
Women's fine lawn handkerchiefs, with New Yellings Boys' calico waists acid blouse waists, blh feality foh $5 oa
embroidered lace edges; values to 35c, The very latest styles in chiffon, net light and dark colorings, sizes 3 to 8 years. ehildren's Hats 3sc Quality for 25c A Bargain
for aSc each. and complexion veilings; prices froit z5e Some in the lot worth soc. All marked
to $m.oo each. -se each, Straw sailor hats ii white, navy and al " Butte
Chihlren's silk handkerchiefs, with ema- 'red, price ise each.
hroidered and colored borders, at greatly Very pretty things in fancy jewelry at Boys' shirts, neckwear and furnisblngs Boyf ' straw hats ase each. Orders to eS S S flontana
redce picsvery low figutres. in great variety at thme lowest of prices, tulexiesmi shapeul straw hatst -25e.

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