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You have always meant to
buy a STEINWAY Pleqo
that h your ldea. You don't
know how the idea cae to you
that Stqoways we the best.
We ca tel you, It
Puabli Opinion
No one told you so. The
world says so, and when the
Steinway goes fiome you will
know why better :very dap.
Iaonana lusic Co.
ssgNorth Main St
124 N. MAIN ST.
Sets of six b ABLE
for $1.75 and up
ard..... . .... NIS
Headquarters for fishing tackle and
baseball goods.
The Value of
Wall Paper
lies in what is printed on tham.
You Wast Good Colorings
You Want Good Designs
You Want Good Painting
We have these in the very best styles
and finish. No short rolls, no poor
prints, no shoddy goods, high-priced
if given away.
Ellis Paint Co.
E.ccecors to Carder Bros
Phone 104 17 E. Quartz St.
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Best
For Heat
The chapest, the
most convenient
and best.
For Cooking
Saves labor, saves
money and food.
Gas Office
303 North Main Street
r;neral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgs.
Phtcne 85. s2S E. Park, Butte
All kinds of Fire Crackers, Tea,
Rice, Silk and Fancy Goods. Mail
orders promptly filled.
Walh Chons Tat Co., 15 W. Mercury
Box 1so4, .Butte, Mont.
J. D.M'B11rSQ
Honorary graduate of the Ontario Veter
inary college. Toropto, Canada. Treats all
diseases of domesticated animals accordinp
to scientific principles. Office at Marlow '
stables, so4 South Main street. Telephone
s03. All cases promptly attended to.
Northern Pacific to Offer $39 Rate Be
ginning July 25.
The Northern Pacific announces a spe
cial excursion to the National Park for
July- 25. The rate will be $39 for the
round trip, tickets good for one week,
giving the tourists five and a half days in
the park. On the aoth there will be an
excursion to Deer Lodge when the -Irish
societies will have their picnic.
A change on the minimum weights for
carload lots of freight on s:cr .e c:,immodi
ties has also been annonuced by the
Northern Pacific. o
Current Notes
Orton Bros.-Pianos and organs. o
Dr. Aylseworth, office, Lizzie block. o
A. C. Sandberg, dentist, has opened offices
in the new Clark block. *
Sheriff W. L. Sherlock of Jefferson coun
ty is staying at the Finlen.
Miss Helen Tilton of Butte is visiting
Mrs. Harry Tilton of Helena.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music Co.,
I19 N. Main street, Tel. 504. o
A son was born yesterday to U. J. Mc
Carthy of No. 3j6 West Copper street.
Best wood, $4.75 cord City Woodyard,
a28 South Main. Telephone 184. o
Attorney N. W. McConnell and wife of
Helena are spending a few days in Butte.
Judge Dr- M. Durfee of Philipsburg
came in from the WVest last-evening.
Beebe Grain Co. for bike wagons, carts,
speeding wagons, traps and broughams. o
Chevalier Dien of Paris, France, is a
distinguished guest at the Finlen today.
Main springs, $S.oo: watches cleaned,
$1.5so warranted. Mayer, 65 West Park.
W. I. Higgins, a well-known Deer L.odge
mlerchant, came in ironl tile west yester
Charles W. Clark is ill at his honme on
West Broadway, the result of a bilious at
Thomas D. Long, state register of lalds,
is over from ll elena and is staying at the
Judge llenry N. Blake of llelenla was
among the arrivals on the Great Northern
S. F. Boyd. a well known minig man of
Mackay, Idaho, is namong the guests at
the Thornton.
A. I.. Edwards, a prominent citizen
of Salmon, Idaho, arrived in the city
this mnorning.
W. 0. Grow, a well-known resident
of the Bitter Koot valley, is in the city
front Hamilton.
Prof. !H. Allen of thle l.adies' semlinary
of Red Wing. Minn., is spenllding a few
days in the city.
W. (. Brace, a prominent miinig man
of Denver, is anllon!r tile recent arrivals
at the Thornton.
T. 1). Long anll Thlomas C. Bach are
among the visitors from the capital in the
city this molrning.
Mrs. W. D. Fenner and daughter. Willie
Louise, left for Kansas City yesterday to
splend the summnlller.
Senator C. I-. Eggleston, associate edi
tor of the Standard, was over froumi Ana
conda last evening.
Stewart J. Mroore of (;reat Falls arrived
ontt the Great Northern yesterday for a
short visit ill Butte.
George \Ventworth, a well known horse
man of Calgary, Northwest 'Territory, ar
rived in Butte today.
Mrs. M. L. Hewitt, wife of the well
knowtn Basin minling man, is spendilng a
few days in the city.
WV. E. Moore, a prominent attorney of
Granite county, is at the Finlen, regis
tered front Philipsburg.
John A. Stewart of Great Falls came
in on the Great Northern last evening
and is staying at the Thornton.
Dr. J. A. Sweat, a prominent physician
of Great- Falls and a member of the state
board of health, is in the city today
Mary Ahlis and Gena Westgard have
dismissed their suit against the Palatine
Insurance company in the district court.
Walter J., the infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. Patrick Riordan, died yesterday at
the family residence, No. 814 C:ledlonia
Marriage licenses were issuted yester
day to Nathan Brew and Mary Shechan,
and to George Carder and Margaret Fra
zier, all of Butte.
Frank ). Brown, known to old-timers
as "Sandbar" Brown, of Granite county,
is at the Thornton, registered from the
historic town of Henderson.
Miss Minnie Blume, millinery buyer for
the Lewis I)ry Goods company, left for
New York and Europe this morning to
make purchases for her house.
Stanley, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Wilcox, died yesterday. The funeral
took place this afternoon from the family
residence, No. 740 East Broadway.
Englewood Lots-Perfect title, electric
line already graded, fine soil, soft water,
new school house one block away. Lots
sold on $So monthly payments. Mrs.
Jessie C. Knox, Box Io34. o
Emily Quirk, who is suing Thomas
Quirk for a divorce, has filed a stipula
tion ilnthe district court relinquishing her
claim for alimony upon condition that the
defendant pay her attorney a fee of $50.
Richard Hancock left in his estate when
he died property of the value of $3,o05,
according to the appraisement filed in the
district court. There is $400 in bank and
a house and lot worth $1,500.
Frank C. Yeager has been sued for a
divorce by his wife, l.ita T. Yeager, on
the ground of non-support. The Yeagers
were married in this city in 1898. Mrs.
Yeager desires her maiden name, Lita T.
Tangye, restored.
Judge l arney has dismissed the suit of
William McKinley Flynn against John
MacGinnis for failure to prosecute. Flynn
alleged that he served MacGinnis in a
political capacity during the last cam
paign and had been promised $5 a day
for 147 days.
Judgment against J. W. Swain for the
sum of $1,500, which included,$747 inter
est, in favor of K. S. Batteiger, was en
tered in Judge Ilarney's court yesterday,
the defendant having failed to defend the
suit. The suit was on a no,.
Col. T. O'Leary of the legal fraternity
at Anaconda was in the city yesterday.
Frank Cash, proprietor of the Cash
lodging house on Talbot avenue, has taken
out a permit to reconstruct the south wall
of his building, which has been settling
because of the mining going on under
In an amended complaint just filed in
the district court in the suit of John
Harris, as administrator of the estate of
R. G. Ingersoll, deceased, against the
Davis heirs, Hlenry B. Root and others, to
recover $95,000, alleged to be due Inger
soil's estate as an attorney's fee, the plain
tiff alleges that $670,000 was distributed
to the Davis heirs who are being sued.
Dry Blab Wood.
The best for summer; easily sawed and
quickly split. $4.75 cord.
Z9 East Granite. 'Phone sos.
Big -Discount Sale
On Hennessey's Second Floor
This Week
Previous to taking our semi-annual inventory of stock we will
close out, if possible, the following items, on the square, at the big
discount named. As these goods were all made for the summer trade,
and as our warm weather is yet to come, making a paying investment
is the easiest thing out. See these goods and you will say so. Fancy
, /1 red-hot bargains in warm weather goods before the summer season L
gets heated.
Money Saved on Every Purchase
At 33i Per Gent Off At 33% Per Gent Off At 33/3 Per eent Off At 25 Per Gent Off
Silk Wrappers and Neg. Wo me n's Tailor-Made Black Silk Raglans for Rainy Day Skirts and
ligees. Suits, all grades. Women and Girls. Golf Skirts.
Silk Dress Skirts, Net Silk and Satin Dress and Fine Muslin Night Gowns Black and Colored Silk
Dress Skirts. Shirt Waists. very handsome styles. Petticoats.
At 50 Per eent Off At 33V3 Per eent Off At 33V3 Per Gent Off At 25 Per Gent Off
Boys' Vash Sailor Suits, Boys' and Youths' Fancy (Girs' Trimmed Ifats. Women's and Misses'
B oys Wash Sailor Suits, Cassimere and Cheviot Women's Trimmed 1 faInts, Spring Jackets
"sizes 3 to 9 years. Suits.
Childrens' ann1 Boys' Long and Knee Pants. the $5 to $15 qualities. and
n s and Boys Light Weight Wool Boys' Laundered Percale Summer Weight Knit
Straw Hats. Sweaters. Shirts, 12 to x1 years. Vcets and Pants.
At 50 Per eent Off At 20 Per Gent Off At 20 Per Gent Off At 25 Per Gent Off
Women's Trimmed Hats All Cloth Dress Skirts. Wr a p pe r s of iPercale, Muslin Skirts, I)rawcrs
in the finer qualities. All Wash Waists of lawn and Gingham. and Corset Covers.
Women's Sailor Hats in Lawn, Percale and Infants' Drsses, Skirts, Sailor Blouse Waists of
Gingham. (;owns, Cloaks, Caps, \ ; Psllc c nc;dl n
all the grades. Boys' 25c and 35C I'ercale tc. (inham in all
Infants' Odds and Ends. Shirt Waists. A Special Sale of Corsets. grades.
Ribbon Sale Today At -ennessy's
State Is Now Dependent Upon Eastern
Agricultural Conditions for Daily Bread
-National Irrigation Association is
Preparing for an Active Campaign All
Over the State.
George II. Maxwell, executive chair
man of the National Irrigation associa
tion, has agreed to give the people of
Montana one full montit ot his time. Mr.
W. M. Wooldridge, of Kiusdale Valley
county, Montana, who is state secretary
of the association, is in Butte today to
arrange for a public meeting to be ad
dressed by Mr. Maxwell at Butte on
August 4.
Mr. Maxwell will also speak at Ana
conda on August 5, at Dillon on August
6, at White Sulphur Springs on August 8.
In all he will speak at 22 different towns
throughout the state, his first place being
at Glasgow Valley county on July 21, the
last one being Miles City on August 16.
In speaking of this matter with a rep
resentative of the inter Mountain Mr.
Wooldridge said: "I venture 'the asser
tion that many persons in Butte will say
that as we have no irrigable lands con
tiguous to Butte, that we are not inter
ested in the matter to the extent that
Great Falls, Missoula or Billings would
be. The mining and laboring people will
probably hold similar views. To any per
son who has given this matter thought,
this is recognized as an erroneous view.
The people of Butte and Anaconda are
obliged to import nearly the entire amount
of their food product.
Let Montana Feed Herself.
"Much of, this comes from distant
states at a great cost for transportation
and when a crop failure occurs in those
states, as occurred last ye, in the Mis
sissippi valley, the cost o, these food
products are greatly increased. Now, if
those parts of our own state that could
be reclaimed by irrigation, were developed,
we could produce these food products at
home. The cost of transportation would
he greatly reduced ind consequently, the
cost cheapened to the consumer, and in this
way every citizen of Butte has a direct
and personal interest in the fullest pos
sible development of our agricultural re
"Besides, the fuller development of our
agricultural resources aid a fuller develop
ment of our mineral wealth. Mr. C. H.
Edwards of Butte, who is secretary of the
state board of horticulture and who told
me today that he was now checking off
the books of the various prominent rail
way stations of Montana to determine just
how much food products were shipped
into Montana, said that he had already
completed, this w ork at a nuntier of promti
Oc'lt' stations, and that the peolphI of Motl
taLn would he surprised wIno thee fig
ures were made public in Noveimbier.
Benefit to Laboring Men.
"''o tlihe laborinllg 'people of this state,
the develolpment of our noirw waste regionii
means opportunities for thile ulilding of
hlonmes for themselves and families. It
means indlependlence and the plhcilng in
their own hands the means of their liveli
Mr. Maxwell is the great irrigatioiin
champion, and as the head of the National
Irrig:tion association has always stood out
for anlything cnaleulated to benefli tihe nltlual
holltluildler. Senators Clark and GIilbsonl
have done everythiing possible to aid Mr.
Maxwell in his eflorts, and as a result the
irrigation bill was passed. Maxwell is an
'Mlle, convincing and entertaiing spellaker,
aihd with himn this mIatter is largely a laibr
of love.
Mr. \Vooldridge wished to consult the
labor people and the business lmen. The
people of llutte would lie required to pro
vilde a suital,le hill in which to hold this
meehting. They are tinder ino expense what
evewr to Maxwell, as the association meets
his expenses,
treat Valls has over 70 illebiliers of the
National Irrigation association, alt her
people are iolly alive to the imnlportace of
this llmatter.
Neck Yoke Bill's Victim Will Not Die, but
Live, as a Witness Against
His Rival.
Dancing Georgie, the amorous Cree who
was clubbed half to death by his valorous
trilbes.iiman, Neck Yoke Bill, is recoveritng
froln the various cuts and bruises on his
pate and countenance. lie is able to rise
and walk around thle roomi in which he is
colnliiled at the county jail, and to take
lih will be well enonugh to circulate
around within a dlay or so. But lie will
be kept as a witness against Neck Yoke
Bill probably till that worthy mLan is
brought to trial.
Neck Yoke Hill is confined in a corridor
of the iaitn jail, and he takes his iml
prisonllment in stolid silence. Neither he
nor (;eorgie care to talk about their
trouble over the enticing daimsel, l.ittle
Flatfeet. I)ancing Georgie is a very big
mail physically, but he is humble enough
Ino an;ild prides himsinelf not upon Ihis coni
quey t of the maiden with the small, but
spreading pedals.
Pill, the warrior who knows so well how
to wicld a piece of wagoln gear, is also
very qtuiet. His fellow prisoners have
tried to induce hint to cheer up, with the
assurance that the thuimps he gave iGeorgie
will not be fatal, but he resists enicourage.
VtWhen l)ancing Georgie has recovered
from his wounds a charge will lie lodged
against Bill and the case tried.
Saturday and Sunday Excursions.
Basin and return ..................*$ So
Boulder and return ............., I o
Alhamtbra and return .......... ., 30
Good going Saturday and Sunday, re.
turning Monay.
Basin and return ................ .$ oo
Boulder and return .. .......... oo
Good going and returning Sundays only.
Ticket offlce, 41 North Main street and
Sutot. on.
Ilutte. Mont. May S, sooa.
I Am the Person
They Require...
The Harvard Cigar
Gambler Had Been Convicted, but Failed
to Present Himself for
rantk Al(nderson, ai n11:111 C'onvicteld :
Judge McClernian's court ,,f gambling,
hut who could lnot hr s.ente'llnced becaus, he
was not in custody anid had failed to, pre
sent himsrlf for sentenice voluntarily, was
brotight to Ilutte last Iight by Sheriff
l're.wtt of Missoiila.
Anderson is now lodged in the county
jail anld ht, will bc iriuglit before Judge
Mc('lernanl within a few days to receive
sentence. Ile was convicted at the same
time (George Wilson was found guilty. IHe
was out on bondls, however, and he did not
show up after his conviction,
\Vilson was sente o ced Ito pay a fine of
$1So anld t.osts of Iprosecultion, .Ind ii all
likelilhood AIdcrson will receive a sent
cle as heavy or mIlore so.
Report of City Employment Agent F. W.
Cronin for June.
Over a.s positions were lilled by City
I"mplloyment Agent IF. W. (:ronii during
the month of June. The report, filed yes
terday, shows that in aill there were .79i
applications for work and -27.1 applications
for help. Ahout 30 per rent, or 61 of
the ponsitions, were not filled by the city.
Positions were s'cured for I27 males
and 86 females, and 5.; of the positions
were filled outside the city.
Hotel. Arrivals)
At the Thornton.
George J. Gibson, Salt I.akc II. A M.far
rison, Salt .ake; C. R. Brown, l'ittsiurg;
Frank S. Pierson. New York; Joseph l)io
deruct and wife, Salt Lake; J. II. R.lhr
New York; Morton 1i,. Wiener, Clevelal.;
Mrs. I.. Wiener, Cleveland ; William
Walsh qnd wife, Denver ; l. T. Stolzen
berger, Salt Iake; John II. Reddin, l)en
ver; Joseph Newman, Denver; F. Kappl
anil son, New York; R. A. Canning, Salt
Lake; A. R. l)ooley and wife, Salt l.ake;
J. A. Gallager, Salt I.ake; F. E. Burke,
Chicago; William J. Morton, New York;
J. C. (;air, Chicago; I,. Bates, Spokane;
G. C. Hataum, Spokane; Charles Caldwell,
Chicago; Wallace F. Peck, New York;
Lawrence F. Peck, New York; W. C.
Brace, Denver; Thomas D. Iong, Helena;
Thormas C. Bach, Helena; C. A. Magrath,
Lethbridge, N. W. T.; S. F. Boyd, Mac
kay, Idaho; M. I.. Davidson, Dillon; W.
R. Grant, Greenwood; W. W. Morris,
Pony; C. W. Flower, St. Louis; C. L
ih, , rick, I., . in.l., M ich.; II. J. Si itlh,
Sanl Frain ico; J.A . Mltlktll, Ihhttqur;;
Johnl A. Sthcwart, a,reat lalls; C. S. Shan
kin, ( lChicago; M. I Iward, Stan Francisco ;
Frallk I), Itnrwnl, il.enlderhson, Mmllt.: Al
bert Meyear, C'hicago; Charles (;oodwiln,
Jr., IBaltimore.
At the Southern.
Jamles Mc(t'racki. I.ivingstonl; WV. .V.
Silla, Warnock, Mont.; I lIcnry itaue,
)illon; F. I.. Johlnson, lflamillo ; 'I hol
PIa.si'ry andl wife, I)illhan; G. (Otygod, Ithill
iagls M. 11. Callwell, Malt. It lrank ( hiM,,
Malta; Arthur I'ollinger, Twin Bridges;
Richard Martin, I'hilipsburg: T'humas Mo
ran, 'helena; M. . I. Jackson, (,arieldl,
Mont.; Fred Mott, Missoula; L. laynes,
vWallace, Idaho; II. A. Ilatheway, Mis
s.oula; J. 11. Geiger, l. gat, aMont.; A. L.
Johnsona andl wife, Sipokane.
At the Finlen.
C, J. (ottingham. (;re-at Falls; Mrs.
Knowlton, Chicago; I. L.evin. St. J'atul; C.
Livingstou, Denver; R. E. Palmer, Spo
kane; (;eorge Wentworth, Calgary; W'. L..
Sherlock, lHouler ; Ora Myers, (reat
Fulls; Rolbert Tyler, 'Portlanlld; 1). M. l)ur
fee, 'Philipsburg ; . F. Hewes, Hlelenat ; C.
R. Prescott. Missoula; 'V. I,. Edwards,
Saliion,i, Idaho; ihenry N. Illake, llclcana;
F'. C. (Gilds, D)enver; W. F. Moore, Phil
lpsburg; J. N. Chantders, I lelena ; E. I.
Wheel, St. Louis; N. W. McColnncell alni
wife, Ilelena; 1). M. Inglis, Calgary: %W.
(). (;row, I laliltont; C. II. lEglestonL, Ana
conda; W. I. Higgins, Deer I.odge; Ch.
Dien, Paris, France.
At the Butte.
Mrs. M. L.. Hewitt, liastta; Mrs. Elie
tDean, Great Falls, Charles Mctzitr and
wife, Puller Springs ; lenry Cahill, Adobe
town ; J. F. Matthews, Towlsend ; Joseph
Percy, Anaconda; Mrs. C. If. I lalntlln,
Ihlvre; e(;corge P, Moore, (),naha; Will
inm Winters, Spokane; C. M. Ingram,
New York: W. A. White, St. Iouis; J. U,
Barton and wife, Chicago.
Butte, Montana. April 8, spl,.
To Thomas L. Porter, or Assigns:
You are hereby notified that I have expend.
ed during the year agou, one hundred dollars
in labor and improvements tpon the Julian
Lode claim, situatel in Summit Valley mitutng
district, bilver how county, Montana, about
4i miles southeast of Butte City, Montana, of
whTic! the declaratory statement is found ol
record on Page 76 of Book "D" of lode claims
in the office of the recorder of said oounty ol
Silver Bow, in order ta iuij said claim undsl
the laws of the United Sates couenrninlg
annual labor upon mining claims, beng the
amount required to Iold said lode for the
period endin on tlae gtSt day of December,
seot. And if within ninety days after publica.
tfon hereof, you fail to contribute your pro.
portion of said expendiure, as a co-owner by
payment thereof to ne or to m.Y agents, the
. E. Rickards Co., at Butte. Montana, yotar
nterest in the claim will become the pronerts
of the subscriber, your co-owner, by the provs.
siona of said laws

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