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Apprehension Among the Foreigners for
Their Safety at Cape Haytien-Min
ister Livingstone Cables for a Battle
ship to Protect American Interests
Bombardment Is Expected.
Washington, July 22.-The unusual ac
tivity in the \Vest Indies and on the shores
of the Caribbcan sea are taxing the re
sources of the navy department in the
matter of ships to look after American in
A cablegram received at the state depart
ment from Mhinister liowen at Cartaas
states that the Marietta is proceeding to
ascertain the facts connected with the al
leged blockade by the Venezuelan govern
ment at its own port of ('arupane.
An attack on 'uerte Cabelle, which is
about 70 miles west of the capital, is ex
pected by the government and the presi
dent may go there from IHarceluna instead
of to Caracas, as lie originally intended.
The three United States warshil,s on the
Vcnezuelan coast are kept moving with
celerity to put in an appearance at the
ports where disturbances are threatened.
Mecanwhile, a cry conmes for a ship at
Ilayti in the shape of a cabicn'amn from
Mhinister Livingstone at Cape li ayticn,
who reports that troops and Hlayten war
ships are approaching to attack and lom
bard the capital. There is a goodl deal of
apprehension among the forelgnera for
their safety. Besides the three ah;ps em
ployed in Venezuelan waters the United
States has in the Caribbean only the Ma
chias at Colon, and conditions there arc so
threatening that the officials are reluctant
to move her.
In any case it would be iripossible to
get a ship to Cape Hlaytien in less than
two or three days, by which time the crisis
may be past.
LManila, July 22.-Mentallcn and Feli
zarde, the Ladrone chiefs, have broken
through the constabulary cordon in Cavite
province and have escaped to the moun
The cordon encompassed the leaders and
many of their followers. The latter, when
trapped, made a series of breaks to escape.
The constabulary withstood the first at
tacks, killing 14 and capturing 15 men.
The Ladrones finally massed under cover
of darkness and forced their way through
a weak spot in the cordon, near Desamcs,
killing one and wounding one of the con
stabulary. The latter captured the papers
and effects of the leaders and destroyed
quantities of supplies.
An extensive dive, with the object of
capturing the Ladrone chiefs, Montallen
and Felizarde and so50 of their followers,
was organized in Cavite province.
Twelve hundred constabulary, com
manded by Captain Baker, moved last
Thursday at daylight, forming a complete
angle-shaped cordon, covering 6o square
miles. Patrol launches guarded the rivers
and it was expected to close the cordon
last Saturday.
The entire male population of the towns
and farms were to be included in the con
centrating movement. When captured the
Ladrones were to hlave been arrested and
the others released.
Colonel Ward Is Made a Brigadier Gen
eral and Will Soon Retire.
Washington, July 22.-Colonel Thomas
Ward, chief of staff to General Miles. to
day was applointed a brigadier general in
the regular army, vice Jacob Smith, retired.
General Ward himself will be retired in
the course of a day or two, when Colonel
Jo'eph P. Sanger of the inspector general's
department, now in the Philippines, will
become brigadier general.
General Frederick Grant, at present in
the Philippines, is to be tendered the conm
mand of the department of Texas and it
is thought here he will accept it. This is
the department to which General Smith
was originally assigned,
American Horses in Demand.
Washington July 22.-In the French
military service and on French farms,
American horses are much in demand, ac
cording to a report from Commercial
Agent Griffin, at Limogess, dated June 23.
He says that care should be taken to send
only sound horses to France as on arrival
there they are carefully examined by veter
Inaries who exclude defective animals.
Town Marshal Killed.
Lexington, Ky., July az.-James Cock
rell, town marshal, who was brought here
from Jackson last night, mortally wounded,
died today. He was shot from the court
house window in Jackson yesterday by an
unknown assailant. Friends of the dead
man say they fear his death will be the
signal for a prolonged and disastrous war
fare in Breathitt county,
Body of John W. Mackay to Be Placed in the
Family Mausoleum in Greenwood Cem
etery--Funeral Arrangements
to Be Made Later.
New York, July 22.-The Mackay
mausoleum in Greenwood cemetery in
which the body of John WV. Mackay will be
placed was completed about two years ago.
It is built of granite with marble interior
and cost about $300oo,ooo. A large granite
cross surmounts the building and at each
corner of the room, there is a life-sized
The mosaic work of the marble floor and
ceiling is elaborate and the interior is in
the form of a chapel with an altar. Ilec
tric lights along the ceiling are lighted au
tomatically by the opening of the bronze
doors of the mausoleum. There are 22
The body of Mr. Mackay's son, John W.
Junior, who was killed in Paris by a fall
from his horse, was placed in the vault soon
after its completion. The body of Mrs.
Mackay's father also rests there.
The body of Marcus Daly is also in one
of the crypts, pending the erection of a
Daly family vault.
The body of Mr. Mackay will be placed
in the crypt directly under the altar.
P. H. Lannan of Salt Lake Talks About
Dead Millionaire.
[ay ASSon'AT'IF) rcFss.,
Salt I.ake, Utah, July 22.-P. 11. L.an
nan of this city has treasured the friend
ship of John W. Mackay for nearly a
lifetime. He speaks of him as follows:
"I knew him for 40 years. I knew him
when he was a miner, and he stood then,
with every man, as a peer. What he said
his fellow men knew to be true. It has
been the same since, in California, New
York, everywhere. I never saw a train in
him that did not go to make the perfect
man. lie met every man on the broad
plane of manhood. lie was rich, but the
poor saw nothing of his wealth in meeting
hint, he looked so far above it. Hiis great
est traits were his unostentatious gener
osity and charity and his wonderful Amer
icanism. Contsidering the latter, it seems
an irony of fate that he should have died
in a foreign land. Hiis charities, I know,
amounted to more than a quarter of mill
ion dollars a year, and so modestly were
they given that no one, excepting possibly
his private secretary, knows the benefi
"In the enterprises which bore his aname
at the head his sense of personal honor
was uppermost, and it protected the lowli
est of his associates, be it stockholder in
his Postal Telegraph or employe in his
mines. lie scorned pettiness and meanness.
and his scorn, when impelled, was the loft
iest in the world, but always he stood by
his friends until the guilt of something
petty intervened.
"Mr. Mackay had a tremendous pride in
his own good name, and strove to keep it
above reproach. At the time of the Ba
ring failures in London, and against the
advice of astute financiers, he sent to
L.ondon to float a loan of several millioi
dollars for the Postal Telegraph. '1he lIan
was to remain open for 24 hours and wa',
all taken in six. It is only a sample of the
power of Mackay's name.
"The last time I saw Mr. Mackay was
on May 24, this year, at San Francisco.
lie was in the perfection of health, and
boasted that he could 'andile any 70-year
old fellow in the world.' lie was attend
ing to the preliminaries for the laying of
the Pacific commercial cable.
"There will be weeping and wailing on
the Comstock, where his greatness of heart
was first and best known. I know of no
other man like him. Ile had all the at
tributes of true greatness."
Awaiting the Arrival of Clarence Mackay
-Meeting of Americans.
lay AssoCIATEoD PRES,]
London, July aa.-The remains of John
W. Mackay of San Francisco will be taken
to New York for interment in Greenwood
cemetery, Brooklyn. The exact date for
the removal of the body and the arrange
ments for the funeral will not be decided
upon until the arrival in London ot his son,
Clarence Mackay, who sailedl from New
York on Saturday last. Mrs. John W.
Mackay is quite prostrated with grief. The
afternoon palpers, as well as the morning
papers, print long obituaries of Mr. Mackay.
An informal meeting of Americans so
journing in London, held at the Carlton
hotel tonight, adopted resolutions express
ing regret at the death of John W. Mackay
and tendering sympathy to Mrs. Mackay
and the other members of the family.
Among those present were Gen. Joseph
Wheeler of Alabama, former Governor of
Maryland Frank Brown, Jefferson M. Levy,
former member of congress from New
York, and George T. Wilson, third vice
president of the Equitable l.ife Assurance
society of the United States.
The Rome correspondent of the Asso
ciated Press, referring to the death of Mr.
Mackay, says a deep impression has been
caused there by the sudden decease of one
who was related by marriage to so many
leading Italian families.
Remains Are Embalmed. ';"
[rY AssociA'ni:, irss.]
London, July 22.--The Cunard steamer
Saxenia, sailing from Liverpool for Bos
ton, has a wireless telegram for Clarence
Mackay, son of the late John W. Mackay,
who sailed from New York, Saturday, July
0q, on the Campania, of the same line. The
Saxonia hopes to communicate with the
Campania tomorrow or [hurs.l.iy.
The remains of Mr. Mackay have been
embalmed and placed in a metallic coffin,
which is now resting in the music room of
the Mackay residence, surrounded by flow
ers which have been sent in in great
profusion. Cards, letters and telegrams
from many distinguished persons in all
parts of the world continue to arrive in
great numnbers.
Mrs. Mackay is as well as could be ex
People Rush Into the Streets in Night
Clothes-Expect a Tidal Wave.
[aY ASsoi IAII rl ii 5ss.1
Kingston, Island of St. Vincent, Mondlay,
July 21.--'lhere was aniother severe earth
quake here at s1:5 o'clock this morning.
It was of long duration and was accomn
panied by a repltitioni of the pnllllolimcna of
Thursday last. '1The shock caused intense
excitement among the inhabitants, who fled
in their night clothing into the streets and
remained out of doors until daybreak.
Partially demolished buihlings are being
pulled down today for public iafety.
There was a thunderstorn last night.
Today the weather is very squally and the
sea is recedinlg. Some people anticipate a
tidal wave.
Santos-Dumont Arrives.
[Iuy ASsoi 1Ar:D 'I.I sS.]
New York, July 22.-George von Mayer,
United States minister to Italy, and Santos
I)uinunt, the Brazilian aeronaut, were
among tihe passengers in the steamship
Kron Prinz \\ilhehln, which arrived today
from Bremcn. Sants- Itlllunnt, who is
scheduled to make a series of airship ascen
sions near New York, said he was very
glad to hear there would be several com
petitors for the prizes offered at the St,
Louis exposition, as it would stimulate In
terest in the building of airships.
Some Military Changes.
[IiN ASSioc IA r li, A ('(I ss.l
Manila, July 22.-- General Th.codore J.
Wint has been assigned to conmmand the
second Irigade in North l.uzon. General
Jesse M. L.ee goes to Batangas, when Gen
eral Franklin M. Bell is relieved.
Cholera Is Less Virulent.
[av AssociATrl;o mracs.a]
Manila, July 22.-Cholera continues to
decrease in the city and provinces. The
authorities think the epidemic is less viru
Does Not Think He Would Have Desert
ed Her-Ise Willing to Prosecute
Authorities Will Be Appealed to and
an Effort Made to Secure the Man's
Release-Traced by Inter Mounltain.
.anmcs O'ol'ule, the tmathinist who dis
!lteared so ntysteriutusly several weeks
aKou and leit a wife and baby girl to won
der where he wentt, has beerii Mioud.
Throtugh the agency ot a tfirm that
ii;akes a specialty of finding rpeople gIne
aitray, ('Toole has been traced Ito Seattle,
i wltc he enlisted as a ar lnist it the
S"' f',l.o's disappearance was renmarkallte,
in that lie had lived applarently happy
w:th his wife and little girl ani had t ,o th
it.g as far as could be ltear ied tu drive
hini Irotm his homite.
Smite months ago he suggestted to his
wife that she take the little girl and go
to W\atertownt, Mintl., to isit his mother -
Mhs. Mary J'Toole. \\ hen the wife re
ti',ed to Ilutte, Ot,'Tole was gone. Nit
t ie ofl himi could she Lind and none of
us fiormer companions seemlled to have
eveni an inklinlg of his wheIreablouts.
Thought O'Toole Had Suicided,
lttr ,lit ineffectual search, the wife,
wvh o w.; aimost distracted, crnt ludcd that
in a tit of temporary ilnsanity hi had gins
s ,v aind Iperhapst taken his lilte its the
hini where his body woull not he foumi
I.t '. ime tile.
hI' tenlly .Mrs. ()"l' ole took her little
guIl alid wenlt hack to her imother in law,
vwi;o offered tier a hite, having word with
h, r attorney to notify her if any tidings
of tile missing Ilan Cai (e to Iuitte.
It was itn an indirect way thatt w hi t
sutheirs gut tltn the tniil of i( 'l ,lo e, andl
ill the cias' the fliit( r l 11t, it;inll was
n, t ,te ill Ieing of siitle ;Issi. unci .
\\li tom "lottole reacht d the i c.aist Ie ',taytdi
a t, w days at Seattle and took the trainl
fr Ptrtland. o()i the train he firimned a
taveling acquaintance to whom he eon
filed his mim e and s-- l etllhing of his his
t ry, tcmlealing, however, the itlry of
hi. s Iertion.
Saw Story in Inter Mountain.
Nut more than a month later the triay
Otr iwas ill Ielent and picked hp a copy
of tho Inter Mountain "ith thi stoy
of thel desertio,. l Ie llmade hlast to ii
fosus ilth- authorities of his aeqluaiunl(:ie
of a month before and with that clew to
pork oil the hnterlatintal detertive ngency
tpac'd the iant to S.attle, white it htas
just .itn learned that h' enlisted ill the
I:t iy.
lIedy a dispatch was sent to Mr,.
(, foole at W\atertowtl ital it is IroLbable
t ,,t .h ,' w Il conluln nicate w ith the authori
iti in Seattle in a.i effort to bring her
htusband ho.te. Slhe etxpr,..edI ;it utwil
lnguess, however, to trusec utle him for
dii rtitn and ibelievew, Itil his remarkaleh
disalpearance wuas the result of 'ircilm -
sitaices over which he has no conitrol.
Ninety-Six Are Missing.
[It e ,.ui IA I' u-tiso.]
hlamblurg, July s.. 'lThc sitsivori of
the steamer Primus, which, with i5 pis.
ilgers oilt hoard, was cuit in twit andl
suik by the tug Il;tsa yesterlday, say that
9l, of those who were on board that ve ssel
at the time of the disaster arc ,nis-.in,.
Guessing Cabinet Selections.
I tt Ass,;otiA'i lli uII ss.]
l.uoldon, Jtuly aa.--Reconstruction of the
chi iet remtains a guessing conte'st for the
irumor mongers. Mr. Blroderick hats been
added to the string of political hacks
trotted out for the treasury vacancy.
Gold for Europe,
New York, July z2.--Ladenburg, Thal
mon & Co. have engaged $i,ooo,ooo in gold
at the assay office for shipment to Europe.
Japanese on Marcus Island May Resist
the Landing of White Meii to Lxmine
the Guano Beds-Ex-Queen Lihou
kalani Arrives at Honolulu and Is Wel
conmed by Her Old Retainers.
11.51111,1 . n y I' , \'i l Pl ,%-= 1 1 21. riD,
II tallil.t. luly mu, sia n.mii Iilno co
Iitly . - -' ie telh121I .il 1 ,nv.11 o11211, ,11 thre
h lll et i l r cptu l iii, in p itiy hli i 121 h,11 ih .1
'plit ble twi n tll h tlll fIl cl i th 111 .1111 li (11.
i1i, i2 111i l l .t ut .1a , lI thr l .tlht t llsll '
h ]lled the enivtt. lation to lIarllt ai III'w p t.'ly
ill op ost( n t o d Ieellli llt t I I'nllwil' , i uI b
i'll 1211, 2 I2.~
I les W . \\ tl1x llll itll.lr ll~llli h111'
hIlcth flstaid lhli e hllltyt lllll2 * l'l. .1i ll ih
tllC m'l t'i ll e mi t al iy th e 2ln2 l Ill t t.h1111 h ,
W lh'ox w'ill Ih" electll'.d to. i'onlll"( ; l i ,
LookillU for Guinlo.
5111212 , II it' Kl.lnlo npilH del icts 211 2 ill 21I1
ilit it l is L 1Illr y Il oii hlitii til , wiivill ll n
ti loll iti 111u.1 11r11y i s (.I(.i I il etl . I 1,ii 'I
rI ubi llill $.l 111 f hll 11h thll 11it w.ill iIII
i t t . , c 1111 t r f Il S ii x iu thr 1121i ll1
'lels l 2lll. 22ll ill e r 12 1 11 II 11121112
Aftrl'i th l' hho of i lth d ,iI ,ished on. l,
hl i '.l il il' lll ( Ir rl r l III li llll Ill~lll~lil l'l
the gll i t tlt llt ll! the jIon lIj Ilvittio I rlul
\\ilcox for deh'1gate t I on t silt l . mi , elll| ,
illrhe ll 1112slt p ll y T
'ri1 I. y h, llyrl. ,l111il1i~e ,I ii<. Il.lly
rchioile Prlincl Ulid lple. hilldent anl Iilked
ill nllmielK hii lir S onlltlllrl. .i 1. l 221 ll1
aining with l hl lariaitlr, lho ll., aI1
al mllrtiniM lalst nlii4h .
Lookhng for Gunnlo.
Tlhe ..teamer Jluli:= E'. \\'h.'len hftl ,.n
Jtuly II lir 11 sl s i sl aw< ..l l tu Ilinve til40tll till
valuel of ith Ill uanlilo deposlitsl Iherie, inl llt
ilntere'lt of the. Honolulullh ,.wnl , who il . ll
waskil Ihe- deplo its if i1 lallurlllbil sepri t i.
I iLat' re'lltllt florl Itiolse w.io haivel callli't
the~re imll~iil.,e Ih01t the" .Jaipailrse on1 th
isl~ltld arl' iln'linle'd lt l(.ist Ihe" ltuii ngli
(of whi~te" lllr aili it Is f.;lea 'l thlll Itiols
oill the scish alisll t w ill hiav:, Isll allI w lll
"fhe, (ornineial~~ l I',.s ili.. t'iblr c"o1ll,,lily
hIa1 paiid $$,,,,>0 foa i si t flh' |i Ih nIoildiil
of its i'ble~( Irainl .,anl Fraliii s.o.l oni thi.
hea*'h ill Wa';ikiki, W ork of[ impsollviilK the
r..ary huihliilgs will Ibe eri'e.ted ;.1 oince.
l1)rllds atl tirisfer have~i fuslserd hbetwein
thIe golvirllmllnli anld thel prloiilrly o'lllers
ill ;ll of1 the- {,:lse fior ltlh° miniol~ ln~in itio
oft hilll folr thie I'.arl harbo.r nllvall .ltation,
e'xc'ptl thlat iof the. ilainlt .f the. IIntiahlult
"Trmiillolrlt tionl im mlpliliiy, whic h i.. ,,1p1,,ed
to thie ,.ite,.
E!x,(Qilel.n Iilimlil I, kllii ;irr vlt,. herrr ILat
niglht onl lhe' st ntl(' hiipll ('hlii , aitl r .I ,lohil
.ltay in W asihiiiltoni. Shi. wasl ili, I ;f lhe
whulrf" by inll ily Ilaiilves ;lld iothill,, ill iy
eof the chih retl glslll l. (,ihelrilll to. li~ii tliotle~
Ito hier w.homll Ihe.y .tll plliulr lto squaiii ail
al lilnlluif h
rit( Alt 4441111 1 S( ul 41)1 1 411 ,',1 ~~ll 1 I1I
l.44 4 1 il Jl y A 2S 11 44lt n ;14 4 '4 , 1
444'44 oI 4 41 1 t . 4414444 1 4l1 . h 1444144' of 444
(.IIII. I r itll 11 111 r, a1.(111 of to i~113111(. 1 I t ()I
tilt- i fim st iou of `iI (l a lmship 'mb "ItII1!1 , w:llr
i4 s4'.4Il, t iu l it ,, 114144..; i, 1114 'x:114Ii,', I
Si 1,44,? I;. A. I11i O 4 of1 ,,utrr'.uIll .
mr. lik t ia ,I14441,! l i cant l144' 14144 1 liit lt, 44 l
int,; ,1 1i, ;,l Iy to1111,',,uu I4.1 414,' lna·
u1,444 114,1 41 4' 0.4 ,11111414 jj ,l µ.4 4t 1114-1. IV
At first it would .I u ')It 1 thalt tif or
41410', of a 1414441 r of 1,141 i 'Iti' " 1t 4 141 .l,4
14 - s l l y Ii t' v ' ' A l eii i ', t 1 4 . 4 4 , 4 ', 1 ,4 2 t ol.y
he rl imrdird blrl~y IlluII:I)'C p, flow boat`.). Hut·l
424W 44'4 1i 1 44.1 Is th 11is Iw' 4414,14' 122
Irolitallr bI y [l114t A , i 1(:113,, who,4 L. 1(1,44 4'
,ft ur.,c Ii Itw iII, 4;cn I~l~i nlg 424,11 II
o'2j44 ln ',114 2144' 41,21 t i'nI If o11 11 to - 1
wetnll as acou1I1 rrbrr olci 1 o the p:Is-ecoir
liti i'v I v Ill Ithat y thie 'nly h4 of Ii.
I, 44Ii 11 I14I',' contirol o'4 .44244'oi ;1
s1 114 l '4' 4.44 '2 k iine .y 411114 1 Il4lad
41a at' ,reriicvto of : e knotjuncamtln l'her
Ir4'14t 14 jIl tin a d Iali x, 14.4444 of N,'u
fork So14' x'it lint 01101 t to e I ,4111'si ~ 4rjlig.
totett-4-o ;111po unds tvrliinste g
4 4l1. 11.40 pounIs yearlry f,,r te'u I %' ,
hIaf 4444'114 lby I4r,;t 144 1141 .11nl hal1 ly
Ca411, 1,. 'I l44'1ft 4r, hII' [I' 'ciI 4h141 41he'
li444, if jnltli '1111llly 2l41l4114441, 1%o4,dIlll 1 ,elf
supportl ritii. It w%',211d I,, 14l aIV4414144141441 to
both41 ('4114444'14 1444! 244,41 o ld .4ti,41i:l;u th~e
trade1, b4.44444n (reait 11itu a14 Catnad a.
Order for a Rehearing.
14.14241, Jully 22.---IIhomas4 Bauch today
ob14414ned a44 (ord41r of the supreme coturt
sta~yinlg the ('42forcemen'4t olf the in4jhuncion
closin4g the M innie HIalc1y until MondaI1y.
At tha~t tim444 argument.44s will be heard on4 a4
motion144 to granit a re-144'4ring or 4a heairing4
for a modi4fie4ationl of the in4junction. Theu
proceecdinlg toda~y was fourmal.
Appoints Garcia Minister.
[utY ASi~IoCI r~l 4K44 14441514
Havana, July za.-General Garcia
Velez, son of tihe late G'ecteral Calixto
Garcia, baa been appuinoted CAlban minlister
to Mexico.
They Are Feeding Peanuts to the Swans
Until Those Graceful Birds Gasp for
Their Breath, and They Aro Rlunning
Such Races, for Big Prizes, as Chil
dren Never Ran for Before.
NI l, tlh;ia ,t,.mlo c'lihlirnil irnli. ! . l on
th e gtac n .w a d i t (l Mt' u.h h i ,! If , lu ,+ to -
I .ly. ilt tit, i4 4hihiht .'s Iay at tht, li c
4, lt witlli .1 ca,'1it i. "'."
At anl vai lly halmi thi. it a iU '1,. thl ,y Ile.
+ i tt sw. li'm, l the tart ten' ti ( G tir
Ahn . h('h lhh. I Ii ,i 4. ii l 4 ..4i , Li44 1t i tnL.
S.hapeir , .4.4yiin,, niii b,lhl., if .* Il4lil4r (l ion4
iate dvie'. 4i 1ha.'nIhllh t ll4 I '. ... i,' ad.
tI ltiolli ni luinth pl,, il ., ;o. I4.. hlitl ni eIt. l
tit iI ,14 4 i4 . , 4 i It n ll,,I I I. l I.4 l I.h .itrl,
ilh it. t' l ul ll I liiiii '.iii ll ii 44h4ll44 ' 4 .t
% .lt III Itc. ll IIland 1 a n I I1' il 'ih iir lpoi .k l . -
Iii ft lh' hlli , i v ' iW.- '' 4111111 .4 4 c1) -.llla l lh r.
4I,4 i. lt f.i 'e, 4. ; all ii. II the I lk 1 , , the
h 4l., 4 h 44.4 iii .Ii ,ly 4ll i Ihil'iii. et tle
pl11.e ,% t't 11, 11 i4.1 .4n 44t4. h l4 s thuan. IFor
Si veI l.il h1llls Il. th lle tl l aIti enipllh ys , w 'ere
k l lp t ir lsy In . iilian g e ft s :in tl io nl iso h n . tilt
Iove fl. w wilh Ih iil l llnlllu ill that I hli a.Ie
w Iu l Ill.ii n thl ,i c ii.l iii 1 l4,4w iIii4 44.
Gave the Menagerie Indigestion.
AnII when l hly g1ilt ilt tile t fr I .iun l
"lhI' him1 tush ia.4 lsl Ith animll l. I hf
Ib4a;ll"s Ait prann'll until Ithry f.unnl, h ,"1 ::il(id
hlhked inlollullingily Ili lu i4 f 1 thi 4;ila
loI thet fuilllth, of rilell l. ti ceam';le. Ilie
1waill fillerd I lt i gir i aII :i 4, thl 'ir i .p ,i .li
s t.I4 . 0 lllll 4 l 4e4ep .t 4li'.l . willih ti ll thl
'I ll('ii' 1hM4llie", l.l llh 4 h4 y hI.im ' bil .i I.i lit
u nI s h.ll l l ' l llp 11 i tlld t 1 a 1 lu I I ml i rllll '
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until til y N, lght a *hauly ,pmt andl 114l 111,|
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44I ,4 o lgluly ptI.;iack 4ate p4 l orn mil ll ic
Ir'hmlii ed a ttikey b4izr4 ld a;ndi4 even tIhAt
timit ill IhI' illntain pll,i fi'ale.ir iutill
Ithty rlb'.iiilld iIlbblI lt4.4i4 llwn u p willth
4a b ycle p44u' 4p.
'Ihrn I h,. re w4ere th," rceii's e. ' ry kliin
ll rallt' ilrni a strauigll ht hu ded y Illld
dl h it iaci- foir little girls wll, hal d I nily
I'iclilly i iilllen It i, walk.
"Tlh rill WIell hilurl e rllacesl fol r llll ys iiller
ten ,aiiJ liui .hl rIacs r' i 4 Iill.4 lvlr 4ti;
for piket kniv.es n t i llguarantdlllrl II O clt,
pie e'tliing '.lln'4 l f4 r the pi',s and4 gl,4iasy
pilg cha".4. for 1.the pi. Wtell 'hI chlihl ren
w oni lllpir i (.f shl li i lt ll th11l1 in not L ýoL
will (lad w444 li .inen hluik4 rcl.,' u, , Iliit .ll
w ili , t li .61ly lli lto f IIl i f ir l I lh iI .
l4e,: lined in b.hadly Nooks.
A flter h4,' 44,4 '., till,, . ., li.,,4l iod ,;utli'l
th tl l 11hI n ,1h oil g iven 1114 t ihll l i, I I u i
ial1.. hliunt, d ':haI ly l44 .'-s .iul 4 ' pi ini4 k ti
14 if the.y were' i . tho4.ilill 4il,,44 froii
4 s4'li/ation. I ben 4 4 4 y Shot the chutes,
i44 iii lli(h 'Swi htih, i,4 i the wm il i h t'mres
m14 the Il'etry 4go 44illmil I4 44 w'li 41 r, 1i4d
t i4.4y. i 4Ill 44441i4-%',1 ill .i hI4ili4h4.,i w;i4 3 .
\41 hi 4li tIh ,,4l44 4i l l 4, ' , liht l i . i itte
Ihll- 4 4v4 ' i'l' l 44i4'4 w ill I4 ' ., 4. tilr ,,hall.py,
yol llilt, I 4 i1 , w ill I, o 1,to I, t o, Io rj,,llli
iII IllyI"< i. mi,, hliu '' bmlIll.uy ;i44l Ihil4 44o hl4
4144 1,r1,,ii hitg . llll4;I m ail nl44 4 .44
Pope Leo Will Appoint Apostolic Dole
uate anid a Bishop in Manila.
Ill, . ",o r IA III, 1-11 .1,% 1
It m.l ,, , INly I., 1t ,idh -h ani ,pl lot lic
del,'h as' ior the hiljl ipi in , islat.l,, the
vat i;In i rs pr l arlitl , to ;app. oint all arcJ h
i, .ip of Manila;, whi will prI ,bly he
;ishop Se ~Iias iii I illbirhit .l in res
(aI Swiss prlo. ,sor of Il , c;lann law illn li
I hilliilic itlI'virily iw W ;ililiiiI ehiice
;I~o ,r.anted. 1',v. BI la, I f re " ;,rtillng
for N; lll s to vish I'Ir,iil ii aI..l M nlllt
V . ,vis, I xpr ,,s.s l a de.sie t l ithat thlie
li ihop of tone of i hl sisi w dli ..l ,:, aii a is
tiv Itilipinlo.
lMajor IPorteir lhas .laitrl for I',oi to
pI~lild ;i f.w .l;iys Ili.r, lbIorl e rctiillining
to ýWasinpton.
Looking for Captain Strong.
I1n7 A n ^i A II I Ir t : 1, I (
Ncw Yoluik, July I al aiui fiiit of
Iih Isi'stisive liltreau said tho lay that sev
cral d, isrtivi. hail btuu ;ill night Itoking
iir I aptaiih Irailhe Strong, :g iiin.l whom
a wasli lll iiu Iiw s , iwiornl util i Mry . YtiPLe,
ulit f hiiion iio Itrat e hail liets i toha ll.
Iilapli Tl'iis said ile hadi iien tio New
Yiiik fuLolr II litslgs on tile Iludin, on, and,
willi ueveIril d oe.l tiv.s, wai iiiakin a tour
of the p;wn -hops for hlllh ppo's of idLte
tifyiui}, if po.sil.l, soili oif tii. jewels
suipp'sd to havs loe piuwlid ly Strolng.
To Attack Cape Haytien.
I ii AS-(l IAII Iio 'uiisS.I
f'ape Iiliyiinii, Ilayti, July 22.-- The
loPiic. l ilih rili.s hier have notillcd the
coni.lar ci rps thati ('ape Ilaytien is to be
ailackeid hi lil and seait iand that they
a;liiot giarantc thie safety of foreigners.
'hie consuls have reilquested that the
IFiienh cruiser D'Assais, now at Port au
r nce, lie sent here, lut the French non
ister there has replied that the situation at
Port au Prince does not permit the send
ing of the cruiser to Cape llaytien.
Over Due Ship Arrives.
[uY AssoiIAIEI) PRess.]
San Francisco, July a,.-'The long due
Frencui bark lrcenn, upon which there has
ibeen someii speculation, the rate of insur
ance reaching 35 per cent, is at last safe
in port front Newcastle, England, having
arrived with a cargo of 2,975 tons of geti
eral merchandise. The Brenn, according
to Captain Brette's report, was off this port
for to days, most of the time in a dense
fog. She had previously been delayed by
adverse winds.

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