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Attacked Him Without Warning and
Would Have Chopped Him Into Bits
Had He Not Neatly Parried the Axe
With Dinner Bucket-Ericksen to Be
Brought Into Court to Explain.
Il crniait itarkells appeared at the coun
ty attornty'a office this morning with an
"cyr." ie said that he had received it
from Sati Ericksti,n. inrl )Deputy C.'ttity
Attorney I.yncli isted a complaint charg
ing Erircken w itl, assault in the secnld
degree il :and e complaint was tiled ins
Jutdge I.hi.. 's ctort at Mlcaderville.
"Ilow diaI he gitve you the 'eyeI' " Mr.
I.yi h ;asked Ilarkells.
Harkells is Sa wede and he replied:
"Ay va.s u inniing lay fin hem, til' hazy
isr;ik ime ,i;th rutk."
" tlv wvre rnittitig a .ay from him atdl
he sttruk oit wilth a rock. WVell, if you
were rtinitillg away indtl h.l your bat k
turnld,. how coutbl, he strike you in the
eye with a rc, k" the officer wanted to
"Ay look h.k at htem votnce," sail
"Oh, you lirked hlak at hiim ,n'e. Aere
you runntlitng try fh:st?"
Macde Record Time.
"Ay ta r.O,:n tc.rriJle fa.t," the S.iwede
answt roi .
"la i ut iu ,, ih i ' ri. fait ,ni ugh to get
away fr.,nt t]lt- rock. ,mnl hke Lot', wife
yrtu l .,ub!,] ' ,,k l ,,', k nu " M r. I ),ch
tcke d.
"las. ;: d,, k <b t u't ' to . " ;t: rk lls al
. i t' t , .
If: rui)t lye. cont.tiat g a ,orrtwftil
c rxl'r-io,=.. wn t. t't l':. but his htft one
ma, a , ii, with a white. cloth that made
it i,, k ',k, a; lhh t . ', .. hIi tdligl.t cnit
" h t , . n. 1.c t, Ii a ,o, t " the ,; id
as ke I.
B,,rkel. lb aid thiec way no fight, anr
expludnedl that he lived at Ericksn's
h ue, l't, and that when hlite w s leaving 'thi
rmtt with his bucket for his larding
hlitse yesterday aftern,,oon, he fount ,
Erickc outside the dooir wailtig for hIi
isith an axe.
Possessed of a Devil.
"Well, whiat made hitm do that?" the
official tasked.
"Ay dank hay has very hail temper,"
l3arketlls replietd.
"Counsidering the eye there sanis somei
foundlation fior the infer.tnce," the offllicial
Tlhcn lie tried to find tuit i hat roused
.rieksen's uadl temper and caused him to
lic in wait for the complainant with an
axe but cotld not get at the Ihottoin of
the affair. Ilarkell, said that Ericksen
was very qtluatrrelsotie, and that the lat
ter was always diing as he had dote.
"Oh. he's jtt tquarrelsome, and he stands
outside the ldoor every day and takes a
chop at somettody with an axe? I see,"
the attorney flally remarked.
"I dank hay do itit," IRarkells agreed.
Bucket and Axe.
'T'hren he explained again, and gave the
details of the encounter with Erick.en.
He said that he grasped the handle of the
axe and prevented Ericksen fromt asstltin
him. Frictksen made another onslattht on
himt and he stopped that, too.
"l)id you strike hit?" the attorney said.
"Yes; ay straike hemnt on day head vith
day bucket voner," the Swede returned.
After that lie ran away and had the
hbad lhick to look hack and get a blow in
the eye with the stone. That ended the
fracas, but he wanted Erickscnt put in
Districts of Montana and Idaho, Collec
tor's Office, Great talls, Montana, July
24, 1ti02:
Notice is herehy given that a certain
ealskin garminient was stized on the first
day of June, m92,. in the City of Tlutte,
County of Silver Iow, State of Montana,
for the reason that the sarre was untlaw
fully brought into the United States, and
same will be sold at public auction to the
highest bidder, at the front door of the
city hall, in said city of Butte, on the
t6th day of August, i9n2, at to a. m.
And further notice is given that any
perstin claiming such garment is required
to file with the undersigted any claim to
saute within twenty days from the date
of the first puhlication of this notice.
Collector of Customts.
on a $1000 Endowment In Ile
and doyou er-' ouIfiam/lystore good. u
The Equitable Has
Over $330,000,000 of Assetts---Over $71,000,000 of Surplus
if you would like to have a good proposition submitted to you, mail us the ac
companying coupon.
ickards anagers,
Rickards & llis, NA, .NTANa,
Mr. Shafner Will Soon Leave for Butte
to Take an Active Part in the Prepara
tions to Handle the Big Convention!
Governor of Wyoming Names Dele
gates-Latest News of the Congress.
P'resident E. I.. Shafner of the Inter
national Mining Congress writes from
Cleveland, Ohio, to Secretary Mahon that
he will leave for Butte as soon as he
has made the final arrangements for trans
portation for delegates from the Ease
which will be probably next week.
Mr. Shafner congratulates the congress
on its success in getting the best and most
general rates from the railroads that have
yet been secured. lie says there is con
siderable discussion about the meeting
in commercial centers in the East and
that the prosperity which the country is
experiencing will bring more men to Mon
tana with a view of investing in some
of her mines than any other occasion could
In particular, Mr. Shafner urges that
the people of Butte begin soon to make
arrangements for the accommodation of the
visitors. "We are going to have the big
gest crowd in the history of the c'r
gres~." said he, "and I trust that the
peiole of Butte are appreciating that fact
ant making preparations to receive them."
Wyoming Delegates.
Governor IDe Forest Richards of Wyo
ming has se nt a list of his appointments
to the congress. Among theml are many
of the most prominent mining men in the
state and mlany whose operations have
not been confined to Wyoming alone, but
who will meet many friends when they
come to Ilutte in Septemier.
\\yoming's delegates are: M. Dillon.
Rawlins; John Johnson. Saratoga; A. J.
Richards. William .M. Shipman. J. T. Hlolli
day. NI. T. Ulen. I.aramie; F. M. Footc,
Evanston; 0. J. Ml idthun. Lander; E. J.
Wells. Douglas; A. Kendall, Rock Springs;
William Ridgeiway, Frank Tschirgi. Ed
ward Gillette, Sheridan; Charles J. Finch.
Buelah; T. J. Smith, llazelton; W. F.
Ilartlett. August Rainel, Encampment;
Samuel Fields, T)Doggett C. B. Richardson,
Stephen lon, Cheyenne; J. N. Tibbals,
South Pass; Theodore Becker, Casper;
M. J. Coyle, New Castle: Stewart Ken
nedy. Dietz; George T. Heck, Cody; C.
W. Tewks.ury, Kirwin; Roy J. Peck,
Richard Kennedy, Buffalo; J. K. Jeffrey,
Rudeftha; M. M. Green, Battle.
Trouble Among Operators of Blackwell
Stamp Mill and Cyanide Plant
Paralyzes Interests.
Ceorge M. Allen, formerly assessor of
Silver How county, came in from the
llomestake mining district today.
Mr. Allen says that mining operations in
and around Ilomestake are practically at
a standstill on account of the trouble
among the operators of the Blackwcll
stamp mill and cyanide plant there. "We
had considerable confidence in the mill
and cyanide plant," says Mr. Allen, "but
by reason of the trouble our plans have
been somewhat upset. The mill has been
shut down without demonstrating whether
it is a success or not. There is plenty
of ore in that district, but it is not rich
enough In gold to pay for shipping. If we
had a plant on the ground we could handle
the product of the properties to good ad
"The only work in progress there now
is being done by D. B. Vincent of Butte,
who is operating the Ilidden Treasure
tinder lease. lie does not know yet what
he has in the way of ore, as the property
is not sufficiently developed to determine.
The mine is owned by John Rouse, C.
Adams and C. II. Smith of this city.
'"I amt satisfied that if nothing had oc
curredl in thie operation of the mill and cy
anide pilant the lHomestake district would
now ie lively, as I helieve the cyanide ad
dition to the mill would have saved the
values in the ore which the mill alone
would not save."
shot by an Officer.
ITelcna, July 26.--J. LI. Prill, recently
elloloyedt in the place of business of Kenck
& Mlilch in lutte, was shot Iby Policeman
Hlarry Iliays in Jackson alley at about II
o'clock last night. (tne leg was broken
below thIe knee. According to the offllicer
Prill was acting in a dlisorderly manner
and resisted arrest.
Brown Says He Was Drunk When He
Beat His Wife, but Pleads Guilty to
the Charge-Victor Dodo Did Do It,
Although He Cannot Speak English
and Is Charged by an Interpreter.
Judge Boyle had an assortment of law
breakers before him this morning in the
police court.
In the collection was J. J. Ross, a col
ored man, who was charged with having
assaulted the notorious Mamie Suprenant
in South Arizona street two days ago.
"It was jes' like this, judge," said the
prisoner when abked to enter a plea, "dat
woman attempted to fo'ce herself into my
house and I resented the proposed intru
sion wif all the power at my command.
I doan mean physical power, judge, but
jus' persuasive power. Den she made a
lunge at me wif a knife and the blade of
dat cutter slit a hole in my shirt front. To
keep her from carrying the day and to
pertect myself I slapped her wif my open
Iran'. If dat is what yo' call guilty den 1
is guilty."
"All right. I will sentence you later,"
said the judge.
Mamie Had a Black Eye.
Manic presented the appearance of hav
ing received a pretty hard slap from some
one. lier right eye was blackened an4
she said her ear ached and her body wae
sore as a result of the "slap."
William Brown, a tall slender man
wearing glasses, faced the court on a
charge of beating his wife. "Well, I did
it, judge," said BIrown, "but I was drunk.
It is the first time I have ever been here
on any charge. I just slapped her."
"I will settle with you later, Mr.
Brown," replied the judge.
And William Brown was taken btlow to
await the sentence of the court.
Victor Dodo pleaded guilty to a charge
of assaulting Mary Lee, but had to do it
through an interpreter, as he could not
understand the English language well
enough to carry himself through the or
To a charge of vagrancy, however, he
pleaded not guilty and will be tried next
'Tuesday afternoon.
Socialists Adopt Resolutions Condemning
Fusion-Delegates Elected to the
State Convention.
-Memboersof theeocialist party held a
county convention in the Owaley block
last night to organize for the coming cam
paign and to Slect delegates to the state
convention to be held in Bozemian next
\V. H. Holden was elected temporary
chairman and Thomas Barry temporary
secretary of the convention. There were
86 delegates reported from the committee
on credentials. The committee on perma
nent organization recommended that the
chairman appoint a county central com
mittee, consisting of at members, with
power to elect their own chairman. These
were appointed:
W. H. Pierce, J. F. Smith, J. F. Fox, P.
J. Cooney, Robert Geerch. W. H. Holden,
William Bowden, O. M. Hoysett, Dr. Cal
der, Arthur Jacques, Adolf HoIst, J. L.
Larsen, William Braemner, Clarence
Smith, J. G. Herbst, Tom Barry, Paul
Green, J. Spiegel, Otto Stahlman, George
Geerson and Hy. Smith.
The convention adopted resolutions con
demning "certain parties claiming to be
socialistic" who have advocated fusion
with one of the great parties and pledg,
themselves to the party of Debs and all i4
Thirty-six delegates were selected to a?
tend the state Convention as follows:
J. F. Smith, Adolph Holst. J. F. Fox,
George Geerson, L. A. Van Home, P. J.
Cooney, William Bowden, O. M. Hogsett,
J. Spiegel, William Braemner, W. H. Pierce,
James Sweeney, Henry Smith, Anthony
Ament, Paul S. Green, J. L. Larsen, Jean
Louis Jacques, William Granzow, P. J.
Quirk. Charles Jacobson, Herman Fure,
John Price, Henry Treggerman, Joseph
Shaler, Clarence E. Smith, Dr. John Cal
der, J. G. Herbst, HIenry Sager, Pat Bro.
I an, Robert Giersch, Thomas Barry, Arthur
Jacques, V'. H. Miyers, Hlerman Brandt.
WILL PLACE on sale today, on the men's side-first floor-some
unusual values in
Men's Underwear Shirts, Socks
and Handkerchiefs
We still continue our great annual "Discount Sale" of Men's Fine Clothing
--25 per cent less than marked price.
Open Saturday Nights Until 10 o'Clock
Men's Fine Under- Men's Fine Women's and Chil
wear soc Shoes $1.95 dren's Summer Dresses
MERINO and balbriggan shirts and We will sell today: ".- .. At Half Price and Less
drawers, medium and summer weights, White lawn shirtwaist suits, trlm
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kid lace and congress dress shoes at tnly $575s.
MEN'S twilled overshtrts, broken $1.95 a pair; worth fully $3.oo a pair. LINEN SKIRTS, trimmed with
sizes, only c each piue bands, only 89c each.
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THE RIBBON sale started yesterday has set the town talking. What do you
think of ribbons 6 inches wide, worth $i.oo a yard, for 19c? There are 2,000 pieces--
every color and nearly every design---only 19c a yard. Can't last long at this price.
M. J. Connell Company
Disciples of Christ Plan Interesting Pro
gram as Supplement to Services
Tomorrow Evening.
A sacred concert is to begin at the
Shortridge Memorial Christian church, to
morrow at 8 p. m. by the choir under the
leadership of Prof. G. V. Stevens.
The program is as follows:
Organ Voluntary..................
'O, Come, Let Us Worship".C. P. Morrison
"He Is Blessed" (from mass in F minor)
...................... Morrison
"Universal Praise" ........ E. L. Ashford
Prayer. ........... ............. ......
"My Saviour Died For Me"........Lorenz
"Behold, God is My Salvation"....Towner
Solo-"Eternal City" ........ Miss Millard
Offertory ...... .. .. ......
Anthem--"Lord God of Sabbath".........
Anthem-"Who Follows in His Train?"..
Solo-"Holy City" .........G. V. Stevens
"The Strife is Over".............
Strains from Palistrina (16th century)
Benediction ............................
Postlude ..............................
C. W. Enzie Is Stopped by Three Men,
but Escapes-David Michelovitch
Is Also Object of Attack.
C. W. Enzie, employed as a clerk in
Lutey Brothers' store, in West Park street,
was captured by three men in Front street,
South Butte, last night, but managed to
escape from them before they had declared
their intention of either searching his
pockets or holding him for a ransom.
Whether they were regularly ordained
highwaymen or men who had lost on the
prize fight and desired to get even, is not
known, as they failed to tell Enzie any
thing about it.
Enzie had come from Columbia Gardens,
and got off the car at the corner of Utah
avenue and Front street for the purpose of
going to the Northern Pacific depot to take
the Burlington train East. It was then
about midnight. The men were in one of
the dark corners between Utah avenue and
the depot. He threw up his hands when
told to do so, but while one of the men
was searching him he broke away and ran
towards the depot. He telephoned the
matter to the police station and then went
David Michelovitcli, who works for the
city, was held up by two men at the corner
of Gold and Dakota streets about i2
o'clock and robbed of a package of tobacco.
lie had nothing else to take. One of the
men held him while the other went through
his pockets. lie says they spoke imper
feet English and were tall.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J.
Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We,
the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney
for the last is years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligations made by their firm. West &
Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.;
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, acting directly upon
It is not a question of profit on
Harness and
Saddles... .
with us. We have an immense
stock and need money instead.
l106 E. Park, Butte. Phone 686A
the blood and mucous surface of the sys
tem. Price, 75C per bottle. Sold by all
druggists. Testimonials free. Hall's
Family Pills are the best. *
All members of Labor Party County Cen
tral committee are requested to meet at
Judge Harircy's court room Saturday eve
ning, July 26, at 8 o'clock. Business of
Special Excursion Train
Leaves Montana Union depot at 8:30
a. mn., Sunday for .. iestone Springs,
Whitehall, Twin Bridges and Alder, re
turning leaves Alder at 6:oo p. m. Rates
as follows:
v..tte to Ptpestone and return...... $.co
Butte to Whitehall and return...... 5.5o
Butte to Twin Bridges and return.,. 1.Se
Butte to Alder and return........... a.oo
Notice is hereby given tiat the board
of commissioners of Silvea Bow county,
Molltana, will on the third Monday of July,
z902, viz: On the asst day of said month,
convene as a board of equalization for said
county, at the cffice ot the county assessor
at the court house in said county, and will
thereafter sit as such boars of equaliza
tion on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays of
cash week from so o'clock a. m. to za
o'clock m. and from a o'clock p. im. till 4
o'clock p. m. on said days; continuing their
sessions as such board of equalization until
the second Monday in August, viz: The
zlth day of said month.
JOHN .' ESTON, Chairman.
County Clerk.
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
Helena, Montana, July a, zgoa.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before the clerk of the district
court, Silver Bow county, Butte, Mon
tana, on August 6, agoa, viz.: Guiseppe
Cereghino, for Homestead Entry No.
Is,28o, for the northwest quarter south
east quarter Section 5, Township 4 north,
Range 8 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.:
Evan Herbert and Antone Garborena of
Walkerville, Mont.; Desse Aratta, Antone
Guisse, of Butte City, Mont.
In the District Court of the Second Ju
dicial District of the State of Montana,
County of Silver Bow.
In the matter of the estate of August
Ruddles, deceased:
Pursuant to an order of said district
court, made on the 17th day of July, 19o2,
notice is hereby given that Monday, the
4th day of August, 9go2, at zo o'clock a. in.
of said clay, at the court ronm of said court,
at the City of Butte in the County of Sil
ver Bow, has been appointed as the time
and place for proving the will of said
August Ruddies, deceased, and for hear
ing the application of Jennie Ruddies for
the issuance to her of letters testamentary,
when and where any person interested may
appear and contest the same.
Dated July 19th, 19oz.
JAMES II. BALDWIN. Deputy Clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner.
Dr. F. A.
The Dentist
Extracts teeth absolute
ly without pain,
Fine Gold and
Bridge Work
A Specialty.
Prices Moderate
Fully Warranted
25 West Park Street

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