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State Society.
Bozem an.
Bozeman, July 26.-A very pretty recep
tion was given by Mr. and Mrs. George
Saflcy at their home, on Central avenue.
South, Thursday evening in honor of their
guests, Mrs. Nachbaur of Dubuque, Miss
Johnson of Chicago and Miss Dabney of
Winterset, la. The house was prettily
decorated with roses, sweet peas and
potted plants. Mr. and Mrs. Safley were
assisted in receiving and entertaining their
guests by Mesdames Cooper, Mardis, Wil.
son, Owenhouse and Ilenepe and Misses
Cameron, Sheridan, Martin, Gardner and
Kinney. Misses Edith Brown, Vida Work
and Ernestine Hills served delicious shrub
to the guests. and Hattie Tabor and Blanche
Noe attended the door. During the even
ing, which was a most delightful one, Miss
Winifred Kinney, Mrs. Safley and Prof.
Currier treated the guests to some very
pretty vocal music.
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. George Saflcy
A Well-Known Stock Buyer of Bozeman.
and Miss Cameron gave a very delightful
afternoon company in honor of Miss John
son of Chicago. Sweet peas and roses
formed the floral decorations and the house
looked exceedingly pretty. Some 6o ladies
were present and the entertainment pro
vided for the guests consisted of each one
making pencil sketches to represent the
title of some hook. When the sketches
were completed they were passed to each
lady for her to guess the name of the book
illustrated. Mrs. F. I.. Blenepc guessed the
greatest nulllmber correctly and received the
'rize, a very pretty picture.
Friday afternoon Mr. E. F. Colburn and
bride arrived inl Bozeman. Mr. Colburn
and MIiss Istelle LaMay were married in
larahuoo, \Wis.. on July 16, and left that
evening for ltuzenman, \owhere they will
make their hlome. Mr. Colburn is one of
Izlleman's portular young men.
'Mr. and Mr.Ž,lr;. Iouis \andenllook. Misses
Alice. Lucy :and Mary Gage and tlanch,
MacKenzic I lanth Mears. \Villiams, lo award
and Charles \'andenhook left Saturday
mortling for the Middle Creek canyon,
where they will enjoy a week's camping.
Thetir lestliation was the sumtititter calmp of
(Col. i. '. (Chisholm.
A moonli ght picnlic was enjoyed by 13
younttg ladi es in l.everich canyonl Monday
eveing. After arriving at their destina
tiuoi a huge campfire was kindled by the
C. E. HOY,
A Prominent Bozeman Rancher.
light of which, together with the moon,
there was a game of ball, songs and
stories and last, but by no means least, a
supper cooked by the same fire. At a
rather late hour the young ladies came
home, arriving without accident notwith
standing the unlucky number.
A very pleasant lawn social was given by
the ladies of the South Methodist church
at the home of Mrs. Ferguson on the
North Side, Thursday evening. The event
was well attended and much enjoyed by
the participants. During the evening
t lncheon was served.
An informal social evening was given
y Mr. and Mrs. John I.uce, Monday even
ng, at their home on Blace avenue. The
:ompany was given to entertain Mr. IHor
ace Durston and Miss Spencer of Ana
conda. The amusement of the evening
consisted of music and games. The hostess
served light refreshments during the evei
Ex-('ollgressian W. C. Jones was in the
city lMonlay visiting C. S. Hlartman for a
blhort tiiie.
Alilerman Nevitt returned Tuesday from
a trip IEast, ha illg been away about two
Emil Altitn of tihe Bozeman brewery
\i cen over I I, lena Moinday where he may
dt idle to re lmain.
Mr. Ricihrd Ihockcy visited IBozeman
Miss; Lou:la Fisher left Tuesday mnorning
for Mis soul;i. where she will visit her
b rothlr., Mr. I)an Fisher.
Mrs. E1d Ellis left Wednesday nlorning
for (hirago and other Eastern points.
Jamies I'.nsfoird returned Monday from
a few lda>s' stay at Ilunter's Hlot Springs,.
Miss Sara'h Chaffee left Tuesday for
Spokanlsi I:ulls.
'res.iding Elder G. C. Rector of the
Methodist church spent a few days in
Bozeeiman this week.
,President James Reid returned Saturday
from a trip through Montana in the inter
est of the state college.
Frank Wilton and wife returned Satur
day from Stlllwater, Minn.
Mr. and Miss Bartholomew returned the
last of the week from a visit to their old
home in Burlington, Wis.
Judge Bach of Helena spent a few hours
in Bozeman, Monday.
Deer Lodge.
Deer Lodge, July a6.-A beautiful wed
ding took place at the Christian church
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, the high
contracting parties being John Rothwell
Greenholgh of Cowles, Nehf., and Miss
Emma Truscott of this place. The bride
was attended by Miss Linda Williams,
and Lee Williams, a cousin of the bride,
acted as best man. The sacred edifice was
beautifully decorated for the occasion with
potted plants and wild flowers, and a gor
geous array of the town's best people ware
there to witness the ceremony, which was
performed by Rev. Bruce McCully. To
the tune of Mendelssohn's wedding march,
played by Mrs. Scharnikow, the bridal
party entered the church and were met
at the altar by the minister. Mr. and Mrs.
Greenholgh will leave this evening for their
future home in Nebraska.
A jolly party of Deer Lodge young folks
spent Tuesday at Rock creek lake. The
day was an ideal one and all enjoyed
themselves in royal style. Boating, fishing
and mountain climbing were indulged in,
and the day at this splendid resort seemed
to slip away all too soon. Those of the
party were: Mesdames A. I). Iloss and J.
G. Morony, chaperons: Misses Mayme and
Beth Larabie, Sue Welch, Nellie Mills,
Jessie Humber, Mabel Beaumont, Ida Rob
inson, Ella Marcum, May McMahon and
Annie Biclenberg, and Messrs. Don l.ar
abice. Paul Kimball, Archille Mlenard, Wirt
Robinson and Joseph C. Snith.
Miss Irene Rohiison arrived here Sat
urday evening and will spend the succummer
with Mr. and Mrs. W\. F. (;ullette. She
has spent the past year in school at l.ake
Forest, 111.. and for the past three veeeks
has been visiting relatives in Hlclena and
Mrs. John (.. florony of Great Falls,
who. has been here for a fortnight on a
visit to her father, Capt. James II. Mills
and family, left \Wednesday for Hlamilton,
where she will lie the guest of Mrs. Shan
non for a week or more.
R. Donald Larabie left \Vednesday even
ing for a tour of the National park. lie
was met at Livingston by anll old 'college
chum from the East, who will see Won
derland with him aind then visit him here
for some time.
O. S. Draper of the E. L. Bonner store
left Sunday night for Seattle and other
points on the Sound, to be gone about two
weeks on his annual vacation.
T. B. Mannix and wife of Hclmville
came over Sunday. The former has been
sitting with the county commissioners this
week and the latter has been visiting in
the city.
Misses Mayme Plunkett and Maggie
Thomas of Anaconda came down last
A Popular Engineer on the N P. R. R.,
Who Makes His Headquarters
at Missoula.
Thursday and have since been enjoying
themselves as guests of Miss Ida Cross
Miss Nellie Mills returned home Sun
day after a visit of more than two# weeks
in Helena, where she was the guest of
Misses Ethel Booker and Florence Gage.
Miss Ella and Ilattice Marcum returned
Sunday evening from a pleasant visit of
three days with nliss Ona Dingwall at
New Chicago.
Mrs. N. J. liclenberg arrived home Sat
urday after a short visit as the guest of
her sister, Mrs. Scherr and family at
P'rinceton, (;ranite county.
Mrs. 13. K. Wheeler of Avon came over
Saturday and remained until Monday visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. John A. Robinson and
County Commissioner W. T. Kuehn came
over from Elliston Tuesday and met with
the other members of the board Wednes
Raymond Quigley and J. C. Barnden of
Avon were in the county seat Wednesday
on business before the board of county
comnlissi oners.
John F. Davies of Butte has been here
this week assisting in the selection of
books for the Kohrs memorial library.
Mrs. M. J. Keiley and Miss May Mtc
Mlahon returned Saturday evening front a
brief visit with friends in Ilutte.
Col. Thomas McTague and wife went b
Butte Sunday, remaining until Wednesday
onl a pleasant jaunt.
Mrs. Phil H. Miller and children of
Helena came over Monday for a visit with
Mlr. and Mrs. William Williams.
A splendid program is being arranged
by the Deer l.odge orchestra, to be given
at Cottonwood hall albout August 5.
Dr. T. S. Lowry of Warnm Springs
came down Monday and spent the day as
the guest of his friend I)r. iE. . I)odds.
Jay Van (;inldy came (owni from IButte
Sunday and has since been visiting hlis
home folks in West I)eer Lodge.
County Attorney J. II. Dutly and family
were downl from Anaconda last Sunday to
spend the lday with relatives.
Miss Ida Robinison was the guest of
Colonel and Mrs. Thuomas Elliott at their
Race Track home last Saturday and Sun
Jailer M. J. KE.iley left Tueslay for a
visit to his ranch on Nevada creek.
Miss Franncs I'anghlorn is enjoying a
visit from her mother from Michigan.
John N. W. Iiclienherg retutned Mon
day from a brief visit to Blutte.
George J. kirby iof Emery was in th
county seat \Vednesday.
Joseph I.odge is in Waslhllington Gulch
this week.
John ;erdts returnedl Monday fromn
Great Falls.
Missou la.
Missoula, July 26.-Nowhere in this vast
state is there such solid comfort as right
here in Western Montana, and if a person
can spare time to visit trout streams atd
their kindred solitude, he need not envy
Edward his royal yacht. The grounds of
almost the humblest dwelling are deep-set
in foliage and clover blossoms nodding in
whatever breeze strays that way. Our city
has its quota of Butte visitors also, and
they seem to be in perfect harmony with
their surroundings.
The younger set has displayed much
activity this week. Monday it was when a
party of them took one of the 'busses to a
point on the Rattlesnake-dreadful name df
a lovely creek-and there enjoyed them
selves as only the light hearts of the young
find is possible to do.
Tuesday evening Miss Roxie Howell en
tertained a few of her young friends at her
home in South Missoula. Those present
were: Ona Sloane, Evelyn Polleys, Doro
thy Polleys, Hugh Sloane.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Hershey enter
tained the choir of the Christian church at
their pleasant nome in South Missoula,
Tuesday night. It is a very pleasant cus
tom this summer of holding choir rehears
als at the homes of the different memrbers.
The sad accident to Mrs. D. M. Durfee
has been the center of interest to all to
whom the account has reached. Its mys.
A Leading Resident of Pony.
tery makes of it a topic unenling in con
jecture. The many frlcnul of tl:e family
and, in fact, all to whom they are known,
unite in hopes for the complete recovery of
Mrs. Durfee.
Miss Rafaela Spurrier of Butte is the
guest of friends in Missoula,
Miss Elsie Reinnard of this city is the
guest of Miss tadele T''eague of Helena,
Mrs. Kate McCormick, who has suffered
severely from rheumatism since her recent
return fromn Europe. is ablle to leave the
Sstrs Iterp tal for her homte.
M.. a:nd Mrs. T. R. Ph !i'ps and I tile
daughter. Gladys, are visiting Mrs. Phillips'
parents, Mr. and hirs. B. F. See, in the
hitter Root valley.
Mrs. E, II. Young ant danghter, Gladys,
of Spokane, are guests of Mrs. John Wilson
in Misroula.
Mrs. Jonas tidil fietily of iuri'0 are stop
uit,' for a while at the residence, of Mrs.
C A. Pearson and are elithusl;i:ti: over
the rdv..utages of this city.
1'. J. lHathawey has gone for a month to
New York.
Dr. W\. II. Robinson is gone for a week
to Plaradise Hlot Springs.
Miss Anna Marion has left for Paradise
Ilot Springs and will later visit Spokane.
Aver Green of St. Regis and Miss Ma
hala Miller of Pennsylvania will be mar
ried Saturday at the !o:tue of Mr. and Mrs.,
W. W. Wilder in South Missoula.
Mrs. 1.. W. Kelly of Spokane, after a
visit to her sister, Mrs. P. P. Pierce, re
turned home Monday accompanied by Mrs.
Jtmes Moses.
Misses l.ottic Greenough and Ida Flagner
have returned fromn a two weeks' visit to
Plains, Mont.
Bishop Brewer of Hlelena is trying his
luck with lish in complany of Rev. C. H,
I.inley of this city. The gentlemen are up
the iitter Root stream.
iMrs. Albert crost and little daughtelr
have returned froim all extended visit to
Iclatli\es in Salt Iake, Utah,
Mr. aind Mrs. Daniel Arms arrived from
Ilutlte lMonday.
lion. Johnll . Forhis of lButte has been
ini the city to accompany his mother home
to that city.
IITh meeting of the Press club of Itamllt
tol will call out a crowd of the hest people
of the city who know front experience what
jollity accompanies "the boys."
IMrs. Joseplh T. Eichberg of Atllanta, Ga.,
is the guest of hter brother, HIerr Daniel L.
Ittindmtann, at Ihis ranch east of the city.
Mrs. Harry W. Thoimpson has returned
from several weeks spent In the East.
Mrs. P. W. Panle of Hamilton visited
NMiisslula recently to attend the Suntner
( allin weddiilg.
Fsi lAI . 10 INI'It R MOtNI'NAIN.]
Anacondla, July 2(..-I)nring the past
Iwo wee ks there has been ablsolutely
nothing doing inl Anaconda society ex
cptiog proba:tly a few informal after
Hi1tl teias, iiid the lmeictiings of tih regt-i
Iir card citls.. Even ping polg has lost
its chartm thecautse of the hilt weather ;and
in the cool of the eveninlg ever onie is
too busy getting nout of doors to pay
the slightest attentiont to itndoor antttse
nitenlt s.
Invitations are out for a reception to be
iveln at the Montana hotel next Tuesday
evening, Iby Mesdames I. . . Smith, i.
IIt. Winston, A. C. Mach'oltlnii, R. T.
N\ilbanis aitnd 1). J. Ma:clronall. It is
c.pccted that 75 couple will he Iresent
andl it will be one of the leading social
eventis of the stttltoier.
The Thursday Alternoon chili was en
Irtained this week by Mis. Fred Junk it
her home on Locust street.
Mrs. II. W. Stephens, Mrs. J. II. 1)itlTy
and Mrs. C. II. \illiaims were lultte vis
itors Wednesday.
Mias Lillian Shields ha. returncd front
a two-wreeks' stay with Mrs. Marcus. Italy
and family in the Hitter kRot.
Mrs John Od.",on and diautghter, Miss
Genevieve, liave re turned frot aI oitt
ing at Silver lake.
Ilorace )tttrs.ut is visiting in ll.,' ltan
with his siti'r, Mrs. Johnl Maxey.
Mi ss May Spetner is spcnliigt a few
wCeeks with friends in Itoz'nan.
TI ler Sheriff J. 1). K tnudy tandl wife
of I;ranite cotiunty were in AnIacolda utr
ing the week.
Mrs. C. O)'l)onnell and da:ughter, IHar
riht, of Butte visited in Anaconda dur
ing the week.
Qtiite a ntimber of Anaroilans left
yelterday to join one of the Ihitte ex
cv.rsiouns throttgh the Yellows!onte National
Are Now Manufactured With the Aid of
[New York Sun.]
"A new industry has grown up In this
country in the last few years," a downtown
jeweler told a Sun reporter. "It is the
treatment and setting of crystals and minir
crals partly as imitations of real precious
stones and partly as art objects and orna
ments which do not pretend to be any other
than they are-simply pretty things. The
extent of this industry and the success of
its products can hardly he realized by any
one outside the jewelry trade.
"Chemistry plays an important part In
the industry. It is remarkable what beau
tiful effects can be secured with a bit of
quartz by a chemist who has studied this
phase of mineralology.
"There is, for instance, the so-called
golden opal, which is not an opal at all. It
is made by boiling chalcedony, which is
merely a species of quartz, in honey, then
in a solution of chromate of lead, and final
ly baking it in hydrochloric acid kept at a
moderate heat for a few weeks.
"In the same way deep red carnelians
are produced by skillfully burning the pale
or dull chalcedonies. Black agate, popular
for mourning jewelry, is made by similar
"Other colors and stripes are obtained by
boiling chalcedony in such solutions as
blood and water, sugar and water, an#
molasses and water and after it has ab
sorbed these boiling it in sulphuric acid.
"Agates are easily converted into onyx
like substances which lapidaries use for
cameos and intaglios. Any colored onyx
can be obtained by simple chemical pro
cesses; in fact, modern chemistry has pro.
duced such changes In stones and minerals
that it is possible to imitate many of them
"Not only can the whole stone be e made
to change its color, hut sections and lines
of it can be made to assume a red, black,
yellow or white tone while the rest stays
pure white or black.
"Rock crystal, which is simply pure
quartz, is employed to a much greater .x
tent than ever before for imitating dia
monds and other precious stones. These
can he cut and polished to almost as rich a
brilliancy, as the real stones, though, of
course, they soon lose their luster and must
be recut to regain it.
"Agate is used in many different ways
for ornamnentiug trinkets. Small but beau
tiful amethysts are found in Pennsylvania,
Maine and North Carolina and in Wyoming
are large masses of moss agates.
"In fact, chemistry applied to compara
tively cheap minerals and skillful treatment
of them have made it apossible for people
far from wealthy to possess excellent imi
tationls of jewels which thqmselves are al
most priceless."
Rev, Martin IltdtllT, Iastor rf the
German Lu.theratn chturch cton Wes\,t Silver
street, came to Ilttut nine ynt' ago to
take charge of a sma;ll btint promistnlling cotl
gregation, shortly aftcr ih' htticlincg o the
church which is now alcout to be given lup
for a more colltlltodiousc antd sttitable tidi
fice. The church property was sold this
week for $S,as, anId by the aid of sttb
scrilptions the ibuilding cotlnnitta'n has pyr
42 .
Pastor of German Lutheran Church. P hotogiaph Taken Nine Years Ago WIfePl
the Minister First Came to Take C harge of His Preent Paatorate.
etaselll a t htrch site ion te corner of Molt.
t.I;La all Silver streetls, upolln which will be
erected durinig itheI co(ninllg year a new aitif
more pret|tiotls struiture than the one
whlichl has done ,rvitt.e ifr the Germani cl.e
imetI bitlCt I18. 1.
lRev. Mir. IlndthltilT cralne to Tlutte from
MlilnneIr:sota, where he h0aI1 Ieteen two years Ilt
charge of a pa:slor:ite at L.tverne. I Ic is a
graltlnlltn of the ''llheolgical .mttinary of
the I;mean Lutheran church, in St. Louil,
antd alsio took a coutrse at (otlsiordia colleg.,
Membcrship Has Increased.
lit is a young :Itn of i rea;lt spirit attd
(energy anld in thIe ine years li hl:ts s'rved
hi.I, people in ]tiltu"e ha% aro sled it, rest
aInid added I;Lily to thle in mbtI 'rship roll.
Down Church Aisles.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, 85o
\Vest llroadway, corner lxcelsior avenue.
First Reader, Mrs. C. E. Crowley. Sun
day, July 27, subject, "love." Services
to :45 a. itt. and 8 p. mi. Siunday school,
12:15 p. I. Wedllnesday eveninlg tmeet
ing at 8 o'clock. Recaditng rooms open
from ai a. in. to S p. m. except Sun
Unitarian meeting In Good Templars'
hall Sunday, at a. nt. Lewis J. Duncan,
miniister, will lecture. Subject, "The Power
of Love."
New A. M. E. church, situated on the
corner of Platinum and Idaho streets, will
be opened with appropriate ceremonies on
the 57th instant. Rev. Jordan Allen,
the pastor, and his people have la
bored with commendable zeal in securing
this house of worship. It is now about
completed and will be opened for wor
shil, on next Sunday. Rev. James II.
lHubbard, elder of Denver district, will be
present and render assistance. Come over
into Macedonia and help us. The muin
isterial association will officiate on the
Next Thursday evening the organist
and choir of Mountain View M. E. church,
with Mr. J. S. Thomas, basso, of Seattle,
Wash., will give a choir festival.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal church,
Rlev. John liosking, pastor; residence, 97t
North Main street. (.lass meeting at to
a. tt., John Gilbert, leader. I'reaching at
it a. im. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school
at a:3o p. m., W. II. Gribbin and John
-Removes wrinikles and every facial blem.c
Ish. Tlhe treatmenit for skin diseases are
the same as given by l)r. (;eorge iox, the
great skin specialist of New York City.
Miss Ilarcol absolutely guarantees the
cure of the most obstinate cases of
E czema, Acne, Pimples
Illacklheals, moth patches, liver spots,
freckles, tanl, oily skins and open pIore,.
S~Miss Harold Permanently Removes
Superfluous Hair, Moles, Birthmarks
SWithout pain aind without scarring; also
smiallpox pits andl scars.
"Eidleweis (ream prevents wrinkles,
price, $i.oo; Almond Wrinkle Cream, re
n moves, wrinkles, price, $.uo; Hlealing
Crearmi prevents scars, cures burns, etc.,
price, 5oc; Iate Erasive, a compllexion
soap, price, 5oc; Miss llarold's l)andrutf
Cure, price, $W.oo ; lalir l'onic, $M.oo.
All work gu.ra.'antced. Lust of city ref.
erelnces given.
Office 30, The Rrgyle, No. 68, West Broadway, Butte, Montana
When lie caine to take charge of the Ilutte
patlorate tlhere wi re 7 cottmunicanlit mtein
h.s atl a itotal imetniersuip of 8uo. At
)present the t:,toer shIws a communicant
oinmherhhip of i awil aI total memibership
of i'-l5 .ods, with a t iriving Sunday school.
Mr. llltluli has also given attenltion to
the teahring of ;.r;m alNumung his lnock,
and a tIlriving (erman chluti has heein
uollductedl at the little church builling
throughl t u1 ummcr nontljt for t110 p0I
thrce or four yeardl ''Ths h9 l lheCh oi
r'reat advalntal to chihlren of Gctmtlq
parentake, wljo have c(' rnec. tsheir racli
tongue cor"rectly and well frotu the gooda
tlotured and popular minkitc;l ,
Sale of Prppoe. ,J
ih: t:le of the churcli 'rppyrlY tJ
week will enable the I.alJlcs' 4 e c.e .
the CeJiulh, which is folisulasiz
for thi Ijew ihuilding, to tur
oittjy tii y thc 1rcllitc(Itri an 03 r
arrangeKInts of tfie siew cl>1q C fi'
maindL.r of the nmpuey nectctS W j1
rai'.rd by ulnl,,criplion. . " ,
Mr. Ifndtlull'f church is the Oply.QDo Q1
the (;crrun Lutlhran denomlnatlbll 1
Btulle. -, '. , ::T,./f', b4;.tj
Callow, superlntendcnt,. Prpworth Tcagueu
at (6: o p. ni., IIngh Wick%, leadel
Monthly ollicial hoard meeting Monday
evening in the pastor's study. Tuesda#
evening, prayer meeting. Wednesday
evening, choir rehearsal, R. W. Halph,
leader. Friday evening, class meeting, Itl
James, leader. , s
Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal
church, corner of Copper and Alaska
streets, W. L. llansen, pastor. Morning
service at i , evening service at 8, Sun*
day school, za in.
----*** I
South Butte Presbyterian church, core
ner of First street and Utah avenue.
Rev. Frederick Tongie, pastor; residence,
rear of the church on East First street.
Services Sunday morning at st o'clock.
Sunday school at ra:15, Mr. C. Carroll,
.superintendent. Christian Endeavor at 7
p. iii., subject, "Missions." Preaching at
8 p. sm. by the pastor; subject, "The Man
on the Jericho Road." Mid-week service
Tuesday next at 7:3o p. in.; jubject, "The
Form Without the Substance."
(;race Methodist Episcopal church, cor
ner of Arizona and Second streets. James
W. Tait, pastor; residence, 935 Arizona
street. Preaching at t a. m. and 8 p.
m. Sunday school at a :o, Mr. Iogan Mc.
D)onald, superintendent. L.eague devo.
tional meeting at 7 p. MI., Mr. P'. II. Sher.
rard, leader. Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Shortridge Memorial Christian church,
corner of Washington and Mercury
streets. Pastor, A. I,. Chapman; resi
daneuce, 432 West Mercury street. Preach
ing and L.ord's Supper at i= a. ai. Song
service by the choir at 8 p. mn. Sunday
school at a:Jo; Junior ('. !e., I:J.o, and
Senior C. F., 7 p. in. The public is cor
dially invited to these services.

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