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Doings of Society.
Ti.lItWTA, sTsr weather-that is what
we have had through the week--
shirtwanit weather not only for the
ladies, buth for the mI;ascutline conltingent
as well, and in .inote degree it ha.; ben
taken adva(ntlage of, illmorotusly, by the
holder ones amon the sweliterin,: g'enuo
hn0i0. iascline gender. Biut if wte miiay
believe the reports from gay (;oth.mit n:l;I
cosmopolitan San a racirlsio,,, fItntl is
sonmewhat behindhund in the adoption of
the genttlernain's shirthaist.
A late I:n Fra;niscuo palpr gi.'.s .tl
arcerIt , t with :ilmnsing illustratinns. of the
invasion withinl the classic wa.lls of lerk
ley tniversity. rof the hrfrilled and Ibre
tturked and ,lthrrwiste fancily Iwtrirlinied
shirtwanit for tih stertner seax--thle lhold
Initiative haiving been taikent at .a "shirt
waist daner." the first of the season there,
though the shirtwvaist hop has been a
fad for manrny moonslos ill the effete East.
Who Is Well Known and Popu lar in Butte Society Circles.
Aýt Sl h v' II tli light antd cnfrt ani
XdTflrt hi I sup1i. the ' allow
tnl tdc ycid tin lull lrat, forima tii itey
qlit laii t lit it ." aL uli`rvll f itrlllil sstlt
Nortc, ha, ro.-l~·ue I:,u~ l c~1~t 11,111c il.
'11)(2 au ic. ·.:! i t (1, pit I, the dii v4'rtl ,if
t1:lorat L~rts f ",trrl~i~ uui ig rililll.lnC the'
pI lack au-1 (iiilf()ilj ry, fmihr(I withi~l
Bright Butte Miss, Daughter Mir. and Mrs. J. D. Searles Who is Visiting I1
Spok ane.
ercates the fun for those who do not
favor the shirtwaist and mao"es the de
votee of the innovation tihnovls and dif
Acult in appearing in his full gflry.
For a long time the femin.; e lement
have had the monopoly in regard to
daintiness and elaborate adorneent, and
it has come to be an accepted idea that
those of the maculine contingent who
say tucks, ruffiks or trimmings are
.tB#miglte tud therefore to be scorned of
salwart men. But several of the alleged
'cornful, suppoued to be free from all
vanitics of personal embellishments, have
confessed sub rosa, that it would be nic.
'0oull the medern severity of attire now
and tl cn be cast aside for the dainty
'ace stocks and fancy shirtfronts of our
Pt'r tan foretathers-and furthermore,
si ths ha c been heard from, shapely gen
t'mer n, rr i getting that the hose and
Coublet have passed.
A prominent society Adonis was heard
to remark a few days since that the only
fellows who now have a fair chance at
displaying their grace and symmetry, are
actors, policemen and baseball players
the policemen having only the slight ad.
vantage of a symmetrical stripe and hlq
official buttons.
Since the coming of natty goldti suits
and hunting costumes, it will he noticed
that the masculine element have become
fonlder of the spnrty, :nul it may be nood
e tly conjec.urtd whet:ther or not the
foulder of hi, i\ncht for the opportunity it
gives himn in the way of natty Ilannel suits.
'I he same might also be said of the ten
nis devotee.
And what of it-if it shouil le so?
A speculative school gill, freshl from a
mIntiiee, nlnce remal;rkeml that slhe thought
it might he easier to fall in love, in
tlhe-e prosaic days, if the cavaliers but
wore knee breeches and carried a lace
The modern Romiuc might iindl Imiself
mote poetically successful with his zoth
century Juliet did he but have the priv.
ilege of the hose and doublet with Its
dainty and adorning velvet jacket, its lace
fischu and stock. It is a proof of the
loyalty of woman that she is still able
to cherish the tender sentiment towards
the opposite sex In his modern attire,
unromatic, entirely lacking in the plc
turesque, and builded by the tailor only
for practical purposes.
The imodern full dress for the lords of
creation is but a trifle less inspiring-the
wearer not infrequently having the ap.
pearance of a corpulent batrechian which
has had the misfortune to fall into the
hands of the taxidermist.
The expanse of white shirtbosom Is the
only concession to fanciful effect that is
made, and as if in apology for this weak
ness, it is starched very stiff and worn
with a palliative air. Further apology is
made by the collar which tops the ensemble
-an excruciatingly high atrocity whits
elevates the chin of the miserable being
within and gives him a haughty and of
fended me in that is calculated to estrange
his friends from him forever on account of
a supposed ugliness of disposition that
has hitherto been undiscovered.
So the shirtwaist should be cordially
welcome, as should also the golf suit,
hunting costume and tennis garbs-even
though it he observed that the wearers
are not always distinguished for any
knowledge of either of these sports-and
if a bicyclist, clad in a natty suit should
be frequently observed on foot-even
though one knows that he does not pos
sess a wheel-one should be grateful for
that remaining spark of commendable
vanity which inspires nman to concede this
much to the attractiveness of person.
Kismets Entertain.
Mr. atid Mrs. F. W. Shively were host
and hostess to the Kismet club and the
husbands of the club mnembers on Monday
evening, at a social session of the popular
euchre coterie.
Six tables accommodated the players,
and the match was a spiritCd one. Mrs. T.
A. G;rigg, whose splendid scores have en
abled her to ;arry away an even dozeLn
handsome prizts during the season, was
again successful and won the first ladies'
prize, a pretty hand-painted salad howl.
Dr. Grigg carried away the second gentle
maI's prize, a halld-painted cup land saucer
in pretty brown tints. The first prize for
the masculine conteslants was won by Mr.
Fred Squires. It was a Iheraitiful hand
painted stein. Mrs. G. E. DeSnell won a
pretty cup and saucer, the ladies' second
prize. The lone hands were won by Mr.
and Mrs. Sol Buckles, Mr. Buckles securing
a half dozen delicate toddy glasses and
Mrs. /hitles a hand-painted plate. Mrs.
W. W. Cheely and the host were awarded
the consolations.
After the bout at euchre delightful re
freshments were served la la uffet. Mrs.
Shively being gracefully assisted by Miss
Mac Miller.
Those who enjoyed the hospitality of the
Kismtets andl personally of the host and
hostess, were: Mr. and Mrs. l)avid
Dixon, Dr. and Mrs. T. A. (;rigg, Mr, and
Mrs. Sol IHuckles, Dr. and Mrs. R. I.. Brad
Icy, Mr. and Mrs. t;. E. 1)e Sihll, Mrs.
David Reinhardt, Mrs. Pat Mullins. Mrs.
1. Donnelly, Mr. aild Mrs. Fred Squires,
Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Laughlin. Mrs. W. W.
Cheely, Miss Dl)orothy Suprenalit, Mr. J.
Pine, Dr. J. II. Keen;ii, Mr. Charles Ful
--4.- --.
Miss Madge Ward of Ilhlena. who has
been visiting in Butnite for several weeks,
left the earlier part of this week for Ana
conda, where she will spend some time
with friends I. fore returning to, her home.
Coroner Sam Johniison has ri-turltne. from
a fi,,hing trip to the Big I h.1e.
Mr. \V. Riehirds ani daughter ;are n
j-ying a vacation at FL1.thead Lake.
Miss tiarric Smith hft for Virginia
City. Nev.. Sundlay, for a six months' visit
among friends there.
Mr. andl Mrs. James Slo;an have been
traveling this week. They will :,pelc l sev.
eral days in St. Paul.
+- ~ --
Prairie State People Talk Over Illinois
Times and Enjoy Social Session.
There was a happy reunion of old l'rairie
state friends 'ucesday evenilg, Mrs. J. F.
Davies of No. 55 East P'ark street, being
the hostess. The affair was given in conm-'
pliimnt to Mr. and Mrs. L. F. iright o0
Blarrie, 1II., who are now visiting in Butte,
and a circle who hal beeni intimate in their
native state caine together in a merry spirit
of reution.
Mrs. I)avies hadl decrated her roopts
very prettily inll arnations iand summer
flowers, anid music, sillgiing and general
social initercourse entertaintd the company
during the evening. Before departing the
guests were invited into the ilining-roonm,
which had been made gay with cut flowers
and pretty greens. A delicious luncheon
was served and the Illinois friends broke
bred a d and partuok of dainty refreshments
together ollce mlore.
Those in attelndance were: Mlr. alld Mi
L. F. Bright, Mr, and Mrs. Charles Slihcw
Mrs. Etutna Mallory. Mrs. Mary Granmmar,
Mrs. E. Dodge, Mrs. F. McDl)onald, Mrs.
Ml. McTucker, Misses Frantces anci Ciara
McTucker, Blertha Davies, Mr. Frank Mc
Tucker, Mr. Ellis Mlc fucker, and Mr. Evert
Mrs. Sam Johnstone Entertains New
York Guest in Pretty Fashion.
Mlrs. J. C. C. Thornton of New York was
very prettily compllitmented on Tuesday
afternoon at a tea given in her honor by
AMrs. Sam Johnstone at her home on WeVst
Broadway. The company were invited
especially for Mrs. Thornton and there were
no young ladies present, the list of guests
being comprised of young matrons and
elderly ladies exclusively.
Mrs. Johnstone's artistic drawing room
was decorated prettily and profusely in red
clover, intermingled with greens, and pretty
shades of pale green adorned the globes of
the chandeliers. lThe effect was very
simple, but especially artistic and dainty.
The dining-room was Ibeautifully done in
pink. Pink shades of soft ruffled tissue
softened the illuminations, and pink carna
tions and showers of feverfew were dis"
tributed with dainty discrimination upon
the beautifully appointed table and side
board. The menu was a very tempting
one of afternoon refreshments, and the'
hostess was gracefully assisted in serving
by Mrs. James Forbis and Mrs. Frank
The guests were Mrs. J. C. C. Thornton,
Mrs. James Forbis, Mrs. Frank Boucher,
Mrs. W. O. Speer, Mrs. J. R. Russell, Mrs.
D. J. Hennessy, Mrs. J. H. Vivian, Mrs. C.
R. Leonard, Mrs. H. W. Turner, Mrs. John
Little Templetnan, Mrs. E. Cushing, Mrs.
Mary Sharp, Mrs. C. H. Hand, Mrs. Mary
Emerson, Mrs. Thomas Lavelle, Mrs. J. M.
Lowry, Mrs. W. B. Hamilton, Mrs. W. W.
Dixon, Mrs. H. A. D'Acheul, Mrs. Mary
Patton, Mrs. George Rockwell, Mrs.
Fayette Harrington, Mrs. W. Tuohy, Mrs.
B. E. Calkins, Mrs. M. L. Cunningham,
Mrs. J. M. White, Mrs. J. E. Dawson and
Mrs. J. G.. Dawson
Program of West 8ide Organization for
the Ensuing Year.
In a neat pamphlet form and with cherry
lettering on paper of heavy cream tint,
the new year-book for the West Side
Shakespeare club comes from the press this
week. It outlines the program of work
to be taken up by the club through the
year and gives general information on club
affairs and club topics.
The program of club meetings and the
subjects to be considered at each, is as
October 7-With Mrs. Berry: Annual
address, by the president; reading Act I,
"The 'Tempest."
October s4-With Mrs. A. J. Campbell:
Reading Act II, "The Temptest;" paper
The Theater in Shakespeare's Time, Mrs.
October a--With Miss Coffin: Read
ing Act III, "The Tempest;" current
October 28-With Miss Crossman:
Nr ading Act IV, "The Tempest;" paper
.Miranda, Mrs. Woodbury.
November 4-With Mrs. Cutting: Read
ing Act V, ' The Tempest."
November it-With Mrs Daum: Jona
tha;n Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, Timo
thy l)wight, Miss Teague.
Novembenlr t8-With Mrs. Dickson:
ladling Act I, "Coriolanus;" paper
itsowth of Rome Up to This Time.
November 25--\With Mrs. Dunstan;
it. ling Act 11, "Coriolanus;" paper
c;arolinns, Mrs. I)aumn.
IDcceber 2--With Miss Fosselman:
;:,uling Act III, "Coriolanus;" magazine
Itview, current events.
)December ,--With Mrs. Gilbert : Read
ing Act IV, "('oriolanus;" paper--Volum
mia, Mrs. AMullins.
DIecember t6--\Vith Mrs. Cosman:
l.eading Act V, "Coriolanus;" discussion
of characters.
January 6-With Mrs. llastings: Charles
It. Brown. J. F. Cooper and Early Ora
t.rs. Mrs. Stevens,
January a,-With Mrs. Ingle: Reading
Act I, "'Twelfth Night ;" paper-Ancient
Illyria. Dr. Mackel.
January 2o- With Mrs. Jackman: Read
ing Act I., "Twelfth Night ;" book review;
paper- Contrast Olivia and Viola, Mrs.
January 27--With Dr. Mackel: Read
ing Act III, "Twelfth Night;" book re
Icbrtary 3-With Mrs. Mullins: Read
iiig Act IV. 'Twelfth Night;" magazine
reiview. Miss Robinson.
Fclbrlary 17-With Mrs. l'lunter:cr
Washington irving and Contemporaries,
Nlrs. I ickson.
FIebruary 24--Vith Mrs. Reinhart:
RIeadilng Act I. "'Timlon of Athens;" paper
.\Alilbiadtles. Mr. )us, lstan.
.March J--With AMrs. Robinson: Read
ing Act II. "'limon of Atihens;" ;papcr
t'lhata- ter of 'Timon. Mrs. \\Whitcher.
,Iarch io--With Mrs. Stevens: Reading
Act Ill. "'linon of Athens."
M.1arch 17--W\ith MIrs. Sheehy: Reading
Act IV. "Tiion of Athens;" election of
March 2.i-W\\'ith Miss Teagtc: Reading
ct V, "''imon of Athens ;" ili'.cus.ion o
Mar,:h 31t--Xith Mrs. Tully : Thohogi
<al writers, Mrs. Vanoy.
April 7-With , Mrs. \WoodlIury: Rtad
ig At . "Pl'ericles :" paper-Authenticity
of the play, .rs. Jackman.
April 14~\\'ith Mrs. \Whitcher: Read
in, Act It. "Pericles;" paper-E.arly
(;I L k Writers and Il'hit.sophers, Mrs. IS
April 9 --With Mrs. I aneey: Readling
N\t Il.l "Pericle s; p:,,er-Pe ricls, M.rs.
April t - NWith . rs. Coincey: Reading
.\c IV, "Pericles ;" current events.
April 2.i--\Vith Mrs. Conover: Read
-iig Act V, "Pericles ;" discussion of char
May t --\Vith Mrs. Berry: American
I istoriains . rs. L.indsay.
iMay to- With Mrs. Gilbert: Report of
''ttuoing Tlficers; seating new officers;
."lcial session.
The offticers of the club are :s follows:
Iresident, Mrs. F. A. (fillert; vice-presi
h it, Mrs. A. J. Cristobel; recording sec
ti tary, Miss Jennie Robinson ; correspond
ing secretary, Mrs. George Berry; trcas
ner, Mrs. C. N. Gosiion; chairman of
' rcoramt conmmittee, Mrs. DI). F. Reinhardt.
The program for the year's work was ar
t.tiged by Mrs. D. F. Reinhardt, Miss
1i;try Teague and Mrs. Jean \'hitcherg
v ho colnstittle the program cotlnnittee.
T'- he roster for tihe openintg of the year
records a tuenibership of 29.
Despite Warm Weather, There Are
Things Doing at the Club.
\lthough the weather has been discour
iigly warm the golfers have been out in
Ith glory thisi week and things are look
i up for gol.
liii Satitrilay afternoons tea is now
Iv rved a lct the cubholse and the sunmmer
Sp'rt hats begtun in eartuest.
A minher of stmart new golf costumes
he beeni observed on the links and the
iltig ladies of the clutb are rapidly becom
h, very proficient with the cleek and
-brawiie. Several hatut ton functions are
'lIiined for the near future.
Mr. Arthur Marks Is Recipient of Farewell
by Mrs. Harry Symons.
Mrs. Harry Symons was hostess at a
sma:rt Ia o'clock breakfast given on Sunday
in complliment to Mr. Arthur Marks, the
lvi ular young manager of the Grand thea
t, r, who is now visiting his mother in
St :ttle. The affair was in farewell com
Mrs. Symons has a reputation for dainty
adlltl chic entertaining, and her breakfast
SIas in accordance with the fame of the
hostess. The decorations were in pink
*.carnations, and the appointments smart and
clegant-covers laid for six.
The guests were: Mr. Arthur Marks,
Mr. G. Cady, Mr. Mansel Boyle, Miss M.
Rawlins of Salt Lake and Miss J. Gindrup.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Clark, Jr., and Others
Enjoying an Outing.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Clark, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Clark, Judge W. M. Bickford,
Mrs. Bickford and daughter, Miss Edith
Bickford, have been enjoying an outing at
Brown's lake this week.
A number of friends have joined them
and the party will not return until thq
middle of.thbe eoalnWnweek.
Who Is Visiting Miss Gladys Bowen of West Park Street.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Largey Entertain
Friends With Dance.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Largey threw open
their handsome residence on Wednesday
evening for the enjoyment of a large party
of friends at dancing.
The Largey home is particularly suited
for the graceful art of Terpsichore, the pol
ished floors and long suites, which can he
converted into a long hall, being especially
adapted for dancing. On Wednesday even
ing the rooms were beautifully hung with
banners and festively decorated with potted
palms and greens, brightened with a profu
sion of pink carnations and summer
flowers. The beautiful gowns of the ladies
in the whirl of the dance added to the
brilliancy of the scene.
The affair was one of the ultra-fashion
able events of tie season, and the evening
an ideal one for dainty evening gowns and
the exercise of treading the measure.
A stringed orchestra discoursed music
and the arranlgemclnts were artistic in every
Mr,. largey was assisted in receiving by
Mrs. A. T. Morgan and Mrs. Bernard Noon.
The hostess wore a handsome costume of
castor-colored silk elaborately trimmed with
Persian braid. Mrs. Morgan was exquis
itely gowned in pink crepe de chine, with
fluffy touches of white; Mrs. Noon wore a
dainty creation of white organdie.
An elaborate buffet supper was served.
The guests were:
Misses Margagaret McElvain, Maud Galen,
Madge Raleigh. BIessie Skyrme, Grover,
Shores. Manie l)illon. Laura Rlolland.
I)aisy Dawson. .Madge Marks, Hattie
Young. Mae and Margaret Reinhardt. Mau:y
Cowan of Salt Lake, Allie and i~tnie
L.owry. Cora, Julia and Hattie Sanders,
Eleanor, Viola and l.ouise Horgan, Mae,
Jean and loettic Sullivan, Nell Floyd,
Florence Simpson. Ethel Thomntas of Ana
conda, Mrs. Thomas l.avell, Mrs. D. J.
Hennessy, Mrs. Fayette Harrington, Mrs.
A. T. Morgan, Mrs. Bernard Noon, Mrs. I.
Freund, Mrs. Sam M. Johnstone; Messrs.
Sellers Largey, Arthur Dorland, D. C. Grif
The Bright Little rNeph ew of Mrs. J. F. Davies.
fitli, George Curtis, ,unn, Gage, Tower,
Horgan, Dr. Carl Horst, Dr. Jed Freund,
Dr. Ray Freund, Cole Campbell, D'Gay
Stivers, Bert Stephens, A. T. Morgan, Rob
ert Shores, Alf. Kremer, Bernard Noon,
Dr. Pigot, Dr. Napton, F. A. Heinze, Sena
tor W. A. Clark, Dan Raymond, Fred
Slemons, Ben Cosby, Robert La Beau,
Thomas Markley, Dr. Schwartz, George
Busch, L. O. Evans, J. T. Carroll, Glenn
Harrington, Dick Lacy, Al. Trask and H.
Ladies' Aid Sooiety Entertain With Music.
ale at Eagles' Hall.
It was a most enjoyable social and con
oert given on Wednesday night at Eagle
ball by the German Lutheran church under
the direction of the Ladles' Aid society and
Rev. Martin Hudtloff, pastor. Musical
numbers on the piano and violin, and vocal
selections were given and enjoyed by a
large audience. Professor Hebau's junior
violin class, composed of Misses Louise
Nickel, Eva Casey, Eva O'Leary, Edith
Webster and Lillie White, Mrs. H. Nickel
playing the piano accompaniments. render
ed two very acceptable selections--"The
Holy City" and "The Caliph of Bagdad."
Miss Ethel Dillon, the blind violin player,
contributed two solos, followed by the
Liederkranz Tyrolese, which sang several
German selections, much to the delight o(
the audience. Mr. J. S. Thomas, basso,
and Miss Hattie Seigz, violinist, were also
contributors to the concert.
The social portion of the evening was
very pleasant and profitaule as well to the
ladies of the church, who reaped a harvest
of dimes through their fancy work sales.
Mrs. H. W. Winchell Entertains in Comrn
pliment to Minneapolis Guests.
Mrs. If. V. \'inchcell entertained at a
delightful musicale on Wednesday evening
in her apartments at the l.ennox. Sev
eral members of Bttte's Itaiecal circle
contributed to the program, among themn
being Mr. and Mrs. Jack 'lThnmas, Mrs.
Barrie lhiamilton. Mr. Sam (Coup, Mr.
Fred Greene. Mlrs. Marvin JLakins and
the hostess herself.
The affair was given in ceompliment to
Mrs. F. N. Stacy and Miss I.ouie \\'inchell
of Minneapolis, who are now gutets of
the hostess.
A collation was served at the conclu
sion of the musical program.
The guests were: Mrs. F. N. Stacy,
Miss Louise Winchell, Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Thomnas. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hamilton,
Miss Voltz, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kremer,
Mr. and Mrs. John Gillie, Mrs. Alexainder
Winchell, Mr. and Mrs. James N. Mc
Gee, Mrs. J. H. Durston, Miss Margaret
Marks, Mrs. Thomas Lavell, Mrs. D. J.
Hennessy, Mrs. J. M. White, Mias Goodale,
Mr. C, Goodule, Mr. i). Bruntonl, Mr
Reno Sales, Mr. Alf Kremer, Mr. Marvli
Jenkins, Mr. C. F. Kelley, Mr. James Gillic.
Mr. J. D. Ryan and Mr. Fred Greene.
(Additional Society on Page Fourteen.)

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