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Hugh Anderson Finds Three Men Robbing a
House and Fires Shot With Unerring Aim-
Martin Died Without Saying Anything.
James Martin, one of the gang of sneak
thieves and burglars that has heen ro'-
bing houses and holdmig people up iln
Butte during the last six weeks, was shot
and killed by Hugh Anderson of No. 740
West Granite street last night, while try
ing to escape from the scene or a rob
bery he' and two of his pals were comt
mitting. The job was a good one and the
only regret of all good citizens is that
Anderson did not kill the three. One
shot did the work, and alitough Martin
received the bullet about 9:45 o'clock, he
lived until :3o.
The bullet struck hint in the back and
came out in front, but after passing
through the body its force was spent and
it lodged in the clothing. Notwithstand
Ing the frightful wound, Martin ran two
blocks before he fell. IHe was taken to
the city jail in the patrol wagon. where
his wound was examined by Dr. Sullivan,
the city physician, who at once pro
i .
nounced it fatal. The wounded burglar
was then sent to the county jail, where
he died at the hour stated.
Refused to Peach on Pals.
Before going over he range Chief
Reynolds of the police department made
an effort to get some information from
him regarding his pals, but he maintained
a stolid indifference and even in the face
of death refused to tell the truth about
himself. He told the chief he had been
in Butte about three week", having come
from Chicago, but his story is known to
Le false, as he has been here more than
two years.
Martin asked that a messenger be sent
for Burt Cusick, the woman at whose
house James Cusick, who killed John Baggi
a few weeks ago, is said to have lodged.
She was brought into his presence, but
nothing of importance passed between her
Press reports from St. Paul state that
among the victims in the Milwaukee wreck
at Ettera, Minn., is W. E. Farrell of Butte.
Mr. Farrell's body was found yesterday
afternoon in the debris, and he was identi
fied by a miner's union card found in his
pocket. In addition to the card there was
a pocketbook with the name of John M.
Farrell, Butte, Mont., printed on it, and
also the photograph of a young lady bear
ing the name of Mrs. Mattie Elliott, No.
6oa George street, Butte, Mont.
The 1boýy was mutilated almost beyond
recognition. The railroad company has
sent a request to Butte to look up the rela
tives of the dead man here.
Down in a little cottage at No. o80a
George street there lives a young girl
who is prostrated by the news of the death
of the man she was to marry next Chrust
anas. She is Miss Matilda Elliott, who
and the dying burglar. While CJTief
Reynolds was talking to Martin the latter
asked to be allowed to die in peace, a
privilege which the officer granted hint
when it became apparent that no infor
mnation concerning his pals could be ob
tained from him. After death the body
of the dead man was taken to the Mon
tana undertaking parlors at No. 127 East
Park street, where Coroner Johnsmon will
hold an inquest at 7 o'clock this even
Occupants Were Away.
The house which Martin and his pals
were robbing at No. 803 West Granite
street, is owned and occupied by Samuel
'Treloar, leader of the Boston & Montana
hand. Mr. and Mrs. Treloar were at Co
lumbia Gardens at the time the burglars
gut into the house, but Mrs. Treloar and
her little girl returned in a buggy with
Mr. and Mrs. Anmos Booth about o:45
o'clock. The child noticed a light in one
of the upper rooms of the House as the
buggy stopped, and called her mot'icr's at
tention to it In an instart tha light in
that room was cxtingu,ished, but in another
instant an electric jet was turned on in
an adjoining room. Ralph Foltz, a brother
of Mrs. Treloar, rooms in the house and
it was at first thought that he was at
home, but the little girl said she had seen
him just before they left the Gardens.
On one of the opposite corners of the
streets Anderson Brothers keep a grocery.
and Mrs. Treloar, seeing a light in the
store, sent the little girl to the store to
notify those inside that she thought bur
glars were in her house. James Anderson
and his nephew, Hugh Anderson, the lat
ter 26 years old, were there and a.4 soon
as told what was up the two men came
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until yesterday was employed at the Mon
tana steam laundry.
Farrell and Miss Elliott were engaged
some months ago, and but two days ago
Miss Elliott received a letter from her
betrothed announcing his intention of leav
ing Milwaukee, where he had gone looking
for employment. lie wrote that he would
go to Chicago, where there were better
prospects in his trade, that of iron
Farrell was 22 years of age and was
killed on his birthday.
There are two brothers, Tom and Frank
Farrell, who are also iron moulders. They
live in Anaconda and are expected here
this afternoon. The brothers will arrange
to have the body shipped back to Butte.
A sister of the dead man, Mrs. William
E. Hamilton, lives at .1, 6a Placer
Tried to Shoot Cards Out of Players'
Hands, and Finally Secures Rig at Re
volver's Point-Drove Toward Lindsey
and Is Expected to Make for the
Mountains-Man Has Bad Record.
Fresno, Cal., July .8.-lin l'rterville
yesterday James McKcIiemy ran ,untlch alid
initiated his performance by shooting out
the lights of a salooni aiid tried to shoot
the cards out of the hands ot a Iman11 in a
card game. That he only wountlded the
mtan was due to his poor mairksmaltship
and not to his crimial intentions. Ili
thenl proceeded to a livery stablle and se
cured a rig at tile point of a revolver,
A constable, a deputy and several citizens
attempted to arrest McKenncy, but he
opened tire and four of them were more
or less seriously wounded.
Officers in surrountding counties were no
tified antd a sharp lookout is being kept.
McKentey has a had record, havinlg some
years ago beenl sent to state's prison from
Tulare county. Two years ago he killed
a man in Itakersfield, hut was exonerated.
Willianm lynn, a gambler, whose abdo
men and legs were filled with buckshot,
has succumblled to his wtoullds.
McKeinney also filled the, right arm of
George Barrows, a printer, witli shot, stint
a hulhet into the imouith of I ilputy Maz 1h.1
Willis, shot another iuto the arlit of Dep)
uty Cotnstable Tompkins i(!d !oad of shot
into the arm of W. B. Iest.
Before leaving town he rclltd at the
house of Dave Mosher., awakenelld .Moshier
and called him to the dtoor.
Standing before the door, lui in hand,
McKenney exclaimed :
"I've got into a h-- -I of a fight. They
came after me, but I whipped them all. I
killed three or four of thtem.
"They have not treated me' right. They
can send tile whole town alter mi1e.
"I'll die game. You talk about Tracy,
he won't be in it with eio. 'They hurt mie."
Putting his hand to his leg, hlie squeezed
up a handful of blood. lie then 'dove off
to Lindsay and is headed fo, Firsno 'otunty
where it is supposed lie will make for the
mountains. McKenney, who has a dshot
gun, rifle and revolver, is a desperate char
acter and will not he taken alive. Sheriff
Parker and his deputies are ill pursuit, but
no definite information has been received
as to the desperado's whereabouts.
Heinze Attorneys Question Authority of Su
preme Court to Grant Injunction -Argu
ment Begun in Court at Helena.
Helena, July 28.--Authority for the su
premne court under the constitution to issue
an injunction in the Minnie Ilealy case is
questioned in a written motion for a re
hearing, filed with the court today.
Thirteen reasons are given in support
of the motion. It is alleged that the con
stitution was misconstrued in the de
cision of a week ago, and the court has
declared itself vested of appellate juris
diction beyond that conferred by the con
The Heinze attorneys also allege that the
decision with reference to the power of
the district court is erroneous in that it
does not apply to the facts as they existed
at the time the injunction was granted by
the lower court. It is held that the only
appeal would have been one for the disso
lution of the injunction.
There is also objection to the decision
of last week on the ground that the judg
nment of the lower court was not consid
Arguments Opened.
Arguments occupied the entire day he
fore the court. Attbrney Mcllatton spske
first. Attorney Shores began in the after
noon. E. V'. lToole is also present for
Ileinze and IL. 0. Evans aids the Ilaintiff.
Logger Killed by a Freight.
[nsY AS,.O.I( AD i HI 5H.1
Tacoma, Wash., July 28. Mack Shelly,
a logger in Frame's camp near Orting, was
struck by a freight train early this morn
ing and killed. The back of hiis skull was
crushed. The body was discovered by a
track walker about 7 o'clock. Shelly was
about 50 years of age arid, so far as kliown,
had no relatives here. l'le bodly was
brought to Tacome a and a ill b kpilt a few
days to see if relatives can be toidiil.
Many Sheep Slaughtered.
[BY Aso l'AI I.) 'ii lss..
John Day City, tre., July ,8. --Word
has reached here from Murderers' Creek
in Grant county, that 300 sheep were
slaughtered, presumably by settlers and
cattlemen, Murderer's Creek is a remote
suummer range district and according to the
informlation, several armed itmeni came upon
the band at night and commenced firing
buckshot into them. The next day 280
dead sheep were found.
Lad Kills Duel Opponent.
Portland, Ore,, July 28.-George W.
Baldwin, the t9-year-old lad who fought a
duel with bayonets Saturday night with
Frank Carlson, in which the latter wais
killed, was today booked on a chauge of
All Good Republicans Will Put Shoulder
to the Wheel Now and Pull foi tho
Best Interests of the Party-What the
Men Who Know Think of the Outlook
-Growth of the Movement.
A lready the rmtblr of thle political
thlunder is audible, to those' whoi krep their
C;ar close to t llhe ground fol)r such tlountlns.
hl b this will le what is known to politi
ciatis a. it "oll year,'" beaise a. full statle
tik,.I rill noti he elected, there twill 1e
ntsle t of1 il 'tlc'est ill th"' I'sults to) tll, pI o()
plt of,' the stale.,
IhoIIIIt; ,'ill olect a ti' gres.a., ln, one
.t,.li,l it istice of the sttpr.ll I court ;itil
"\\h.,t will tlhe retlublic·;, : tl<s this
fall a prominent republit'can was asked
it.I. "\\'eli, they'll carry iithe slit,.
"1,ts a cinch," wtai the retply. "Ii the
I. onr \ \whllic'llh Iilnow prevail, 'n itiulliet
tl till arry tha t ci t lilly t' ,ily. to..
No Factional Differences.
No matte Iir i% hat factional dlilliri'ii's
h II. lti, txis.tedh . they arit ring it radlually
S nil I out, ll n hditen thet c:;ti pai.nll .tart
y ',i t ill see IIw s , t '; led fact tions orl k
I c tore.Ither i uni r one hba;u ii and w ithl
o c i .o ' a t h eas t tll Ih IT'm . .r o f i 'e ist
tutliant litty in cotiuty, stale mu1 nationi
N e'er itr."i chens for a repilian
Vi t.,ry 1n i hliter it the ,tat' thanI this year,
SI .IIll thalt is nt.ti rsi y .now is for t'ar'y
I, ,hir tIo get dla wn to h:titl Iork anul
thu th' nattiny ho ht are diaily leiiviI.g hi
,ill r parties what aI r'epublic'at victory
Mc.srs. Redmond and Others Are After
the Irish Landlords.
. T \uork. July 2X. - A writ of colt
%l. racy isute. by M s.,.rM. Ie. hnnal
(, irien. IlIlon amai I avit, ;wailmt the
tr" t ees ; t( N. ew Iri.h I.:millrrdl ter.st
hrsa created 1a grea stnsltiio in Irceland,
F.ks it 'lribune lll ispatch fim(lll Lodi. u n.
'The I:rrcnii;i's .ii mmlJ l ipromises Ih.i it
will he the igg.est c' .stituii nal hearimig
in frelmand i s ri tihe ['arnell trial iin 17Hn .
Arthur R. Ileinze is Ia spectator. Th:e
court gav;e each sidje two hours for argo
lt lit.
It will undoubtedly Ie several ,lays Ie
for a tdecision shall be reachted. The at
toriiteys for Ileinze filed a long argumient
toul brief in suppog of their motion.
An opinion, written by Justice I'igott,
hoils that the court cannot pass oII the
appeal in the case of the Iuttie & Iloston
v's. I.w Montana Ore Purchasiing com.pany
at.l hotl the Ileinzes-V. A. A. lhciize as
adt.iinistrator of the estate of J.;ities art
kit :.ii Clara larkin. It in hitil that the
losser court'rs judgment was not complete,
atld therefore an aplpeal catnot ite coi
A. J. Shores spoke for the plaintifs thist
aftI uoni and had the att'ention of the
court during tihe entire sitting. ie. m:de
the statenent that beyond a dhulit the
jutdgment of the lower court was ,rrnrei:
Gus rid expressedl himiself as cuonfidlnt
thit the sulprcinie benllch would reverse
J iil;e lIarney's judgment.
'I here has. been othling new brought for
w:,rd iin the CvidelnceC, he says, beicause lthere
is nothing to disclose. All the evide.ie
. is i tn in the lower coutrt; the piaintiff
b:. his hopie of reversal solely upot the
ill ritis of the case.
Methodist Secretary Dead.
i IIY AS.O,(J IA'I El 1aI' I i
s w York, July rX.--Rov. I)r. St(iphll
I,. LIll in, recording secretary of the l is
si.llry secretary of the hMetlhodist .pis
c:, i'I hurch since 18I, , di-d today in
h, , ,klyn of t lyphoidl fever, I tle wais ,7
y.i,, of ai e'. ol'r l i85s ullntil lI ., vith
tlIe xception of two years, hIe ws a is
si iny in (hiha. For four ve.ar hi wis
nit I ittlndenl of the ( hoo ( how o I ion
a4:;' or s eveal yiears hli edlil tIhe Chi
Colliery Foreman Shot.
liv AS.I I A l l ( II e s I
1' tH villh, Va., July a8.- Daniel L.,mnder
trn, folrlman at the Kohirnn r colliery,
SLn uuiJloah, N1,,a shot today near his home
il a crowd of strikers. His face 1 a1d
sl,,.uli:rs are torn willth hu(ks4hot iand it is
th,,uht he will recover. Albert Lander
la. was also 5chased 1tlt shot and foulr
otl r non-union li men were badly injured.
Mining Dividends Declared.
[(Y ASSOC:IAlino R.iss.]
Boston, July a8.-The directors of the
Calumet & Hecla Mining company have de
clared a dividend of $s a share. Three
months ago $5 was paid. This dividend is
Shic first of the fiscal year, beginning May
1, 190821
Enough Water to Supply 2 ;mand For Decades
Comes Tumbling Q n Divide When
Davy Pulls rottle.
rivt-r at i t :,o I l''lo ck y't'.,tl'day Inlllping
s;ater sullicitnt tit supply thi' l l ity o Ititie
111and viciuiy it ll most nic ll s.s lu;antisits.
Ii'he stliti'.in o11 thei blg l liss nmtikvll d a
tritmiph iof tit wi ater irn'll,.iit l i.I'tah
lished it .lpply thait or iany i ale , to
c ill ii is certain to hie i ph lor aill ne'ds.
The 'tar ting tI e lit w piltI p wIia
miade the occa;.sinl of a joillii .tllall which
was pai rticipiatt i y mit .mu I t.ln s itiwn,
city llld t'illllm y li.i.ll iillll Iahu,' w Iipilii
,,'ittllive s, itf th'e new p al iti,, , Wit nsts if
Stlpltintemiltl t',irr,,ll 1, the ,t'r rural
p.mv. "ThI ii r %Vtit''' t;lk tr I thl id'e ll a '
isptl ial litrl 'in olll tier 1.., I l Stii hl t I ille
10' ,hi1 ittln from the diT ,pI at itihi. to
tih 'i Iiig lit . .tationl.
Lavish Entertainnt.r %t,
The train ht-t 1t t,.1 " at , t:.l 1 , llhock
yc..terdaIy nulrlillng an;Ld thell. , we.ll, illllllt
11 m111e1n, 1i51. ials ( and pll t l 1i;nis on11l 1hI.n
Ill ;assIisti ill tihl, c l ('lmlo lrl . Flile ar anllgl
m eil' s fllr t 'l 11 tl tain wnt (ll of tll lll ll l l h llts s
\'re. lI'ish a dl Mtr. (It 1' ll w i l the sc
tlpient of li'atly c-onglallt. ali1,i.,
lhI re ' me. 1 IIt h litli I t h 111 . 1111'n r in
dil ill starl il Ing h Iii,, ii l p u p. , 'll 1111Ti -
Ill.rgy w s. p u\1111i11¢ I hi' 11111li r h ir iln prolv
ing111 his right to i !.11 l'l 11 w. tll l oll ni
0.c11r1 1111 t1l he nginieters union 1l. AIter
his ll ihll-nI m was l.lilll "v i il. i. I t eyll
ti ills. caisi!yi tu,;i. l i hi tll.;lii, ino, tIhI e
Sl 1pp11c I. thle till.l ol ,11 . i with ti ll - I1w. r
hllilld .lrll .,lh for %li,('"h hi. i1 , 1 111 ailt
limles, e. i!v 111( Illlllii hl '·( l l' il il Ihl
Ahn.' st noidw(1iily Itil pawll frl 111
hinilry I.- l .11 1 o11 m1li v ;:1i .1 in two1% il iii
iIlt.s' tillmI water fIirom thl I 'II r N:1", ht
ilg f laeC.d ltip 11t tlt, li.. I voIi\1,i R ,ll fi et
higher than tlie lipimping ,laIin-,
As the eniieil ilantd. M r. I';ilr,.ll ;1i
dlrew l the gll sI, 11li,1 11.'1iil. d Ih dlil
Ii t1e1,, \Nwhih li.i4 Ib.l h en ,vt"rc,,ni.., !,iv
ing (11i praise t' i the' ('11ll,1rl i iIt in
giml',, a'. 11. 1 lyile, anil hii e i laiis.
Orators Hold Forth.
',hoirt sp (''ches were niade 1y Alavor
iav\ey 1ilid 11i1ler,4, after which Mr. (. r
roll 11lli1111ll1(11 that while there wi lll, ,llty
il1 wA lil r l0 tillh ri ver flal plenlly ll 1h11
" ay to1 Ifi lte. thlrv ili.ln I hlappi n to 1 .
a lily oil hanld allilltl Ilil( :,lniunl, T hell lll%vtt
Platform Also Calls for Eight-Hour Law
and Denounces Blacklistini-
Candidates for Office.
(res r to i.et I SrtinioiAw.I
lti]ernian. July 11.- Statl- socialists are
in c-nventiti, iIIn lax-ys hall tI;iy with
,bLort -( dhl.-gales prec.. t. T,; h, " l'h lhti..
wa- called to order it to 'clihck sharp by
Johnll N. Ileld (if Ihllena, state ric-retary
of tiIh party. Alex FrIieemanin of itweeInilt an
ai 11.i I J. . ('ooni y of ittltte .it clhoil .en
t(-ipioirary chairalli:in andi sie, rt.icry.
The hiairmian then atppinteild the fotl
lowing comiiitti is;
Credentials liehIl, ie'leina Siiith,
lititte: Lyle, I.ivingstol .
i'latfornu--t ooney. Ilttte ; lBradford,
Helena; MNtiri, (Chiio.
I'ernianient (Order, I-t,.-Carl Smiith,
I lh lena; I tick, Aldrichl: Iox, Iltlte.
After a sh1 rt rc'.,"s the (oilllitllt'i rCe
|ported temporary organlllllliatllon made pIll .r
alll-tenlt, andil the l lt f.lrIe, andie i ll li;elate
denllll lsl i were receiveld.
lThe platformn deniat;ds an eig"ht hour law
for siiet'lterien iI d ai lliners, asks illitia
tive and reft re.eiiini, t.lep l suilfl'age, d.
lno.nt(s bllacklisting by corporatiiions adl
deinauils the passage of employeiirs' liabil
ity act.
I.n the afternoon session several tunimn
portanit nutatt'rs were take n up and then
followed .selection of ca didallates. (,erge
i). Sproule wasn nolnuiitalt'l for collll-es-h
lual hey accla'imation. For issociatl jus
tire, M, Caieronu of Altirh ;id NNational
,lnllnuuuitte( -ntlll l Fox of Iltlte were nalliied..
Moros Attack Americans.
Mnldila. Jtuly 281---A party oIf ciinuirs,
cotmllllllallndejld y ,iel nu'll t BIrowIn, i n
aemtnped at Mataling river, was, attacktd Iby
Moroes at nithilht on Friday. 'The attack
was repulsredl without loss to the Amuri
earts. t'lhre- Mor.s wire killed. FI iendly
nIIatives report that the sultiian p sonally
led the a lak, thinking the Aimerican
c munote ;ty was without Siltt i ,s.
h itli reiret walS PXIexpreed in Itttle to
day at the new, of the utnlimely death of
.li s Natlt ini In:oley at Spokane yI ster
li s 'Foltey was riding a horse whiclt
had l .; i in use d ii a local circus as a wild
and nitlnin :ite IrinihI,, and which, start
ing . 1ti,, uly, thl ',v her on her Ihead. her
ni<l. w:va, broken ly the fall, aml when her
ftieuls narived 'I, twas dea:il.
.1iss Foley had h.ieel visiting her father,
who lives at Stl,poke ith her sister, Mrs.
J. J. Il;r'riilgton, anol was just learning to
\ hen her mother, who livtes at No, 509
'/,liurs avetne', Centerville, heard of the
iunfortinate affair, she was aliost pros
trated with grief.
T'le young girl was only t7 years of
age, onid because of her bright disposition
and winnintg matnner had made many
Shite leaves, besides her parents, a sister
and a brother, John Foley, well ktnown In
Arrangements have not yet been made
concerning the disposition of the remains,
but it is probalile that the body will be
brought back to Butte for interment.
S ilht yi li t hr ss.i ' hl;ic nail Aller.
\h, 1 ohlun, wh,,o hal i hunch that
i thugs H ee thile il take the pl:co
With tiht assiltan'c of his sibortinates
andl a;' 1cia'tt". \.r. ('t roll vu1 t *IC l' hY' l
dlriving thel gKits l iltti n room specially
thirsty :i thle hll tiigry ;lid fter itI hells
hul 1 tl rltt'ovl from Ci t ('h f Stanger's
path n Jd C it , 'T re'1a tu e , I 115 1 C a' lki n , hi.Is tr c
lirn lthl.'i into n c.tior' liby himseIf the
land l taviiIr i ill right.
rI'e.i nit William S.ailln, ilof thue Ana
onlda 'nmipany, w1,ho was olle of ft lu eolt t
Iof th, occasion. I ih i l plropo l i ii . it
it W A Ihi.,I , ccll," ,id t h4. "\\'' have
a;ll so1l,. no. tr 41 ,,, L icking asaint .t Mr.,
('atroll n :i l IhI. wa'l't r t rimpalit l. I hii ve
wlIt Iiil ill wa I ii iii.to itn t. , mines.It
i. iii '. t.ut ' ilt tl ii lii ii It ii Il.
lith n it ll . tl ', ii,' l f itl flti lt I'I. , 11
mr ai, l s :I . l nll' 4l .. l Iti1111c.) i eik a I nIhll. I
nowiii I hai he *i.d i id(·t·. \'. . i .111 e I h ul, a11s
Illli ll 1e11 i w l.lnt lii i t lll I i. i e liabl h' l i
waii r i ri i " w ,. 11, h -1%- witnll1..1s l lthi
,,lui tlil, of this IIc.It Ipllony. It i' .. Iilll
,l. Ihow , wl ily ,.l ',, i ' stil ."ll , thII"
Ira, hiinrly. iln I n .tl n. I \ li\111n11i 14t1 ,.. IhIt
thi nl y iil mltio, , h11.111 in 11 1111i' I ,t 4I I
fo n .l ni , i 1111 ( nhillr h .uI " or , "nti
p o1 lhoo l t u nlancc. 11 ' il ell ir. 1 I n II "
t cint. . 1 event in , Ith Iti s l' of '.tit l .
1 bii n mei, s fit Iw, ,lh anal r, n .dl,,th
tion, to %i t. 1, 1 1w4.11 .1101 to i 1, 15 a l01 th : " I' -
; lh. cc tlo i h te I tn.t li t h i l, l .ani il I II I
mall W . (*. I 'ach ,, 1 .r w ,o .e ind t I~ , tl 1c
fiu il'in1ny wol 1 nl;, 1 l. Ihtile
Club to De Organized and Preparations
for Coming Campaiun Set on Foot
New Depat.:roe.
1 S)1 IAI. 1ll INII It nlo' , IN.
Antaconda, July ;IH.- M~\I lni ri of the
J II rion I)uc oer:tlic ,hIdI will m,,et to
Itlllrrow ('vE llnK, ;alll it iis ullnhi r toidl that
hreaf~tr a lu'tintr will ,e heIt.. n th
first T'l"u sday n(f ,, h m. nnth, Vmi th. Jllst
tiltle ill the hi h,1ry O llclhili s in thiN' city
the deim..rats founnl it n'cessary to olan
in ' a cn1hh ,lritig the lasI t Imllnicip:l c;a 1
paign. It was dlec;idedl nil to dhanr l but
sun..ler months, and 'or thi", pu.pos, the
nii li' , is called fllr tomorrow night.
Cloudburst Widepread.
lylv A.,i l IAt))I Icru ,,.I
Ilornull ville, N. Y., July !8. i. o urt.
froil (D l'urronllldlilng countrll y sIIhow thatll
the culoutlbhr't of Sa;rllday niy.hl :alhlcted
Inearly HI slylnar miles of territory. A
hra:- ,stlimal.e of the dI;nna.e is $.*.,000.
'h'lh(. crop I.o is cnommons, 1~ Mcb h'.tck
has I'en drowned anlI many hnihlings
have BeI n w;cahl.l toll thl ir fomnlationy.
It will he 'one dal;ys Ibefore all 1the < u-11
n-.'e to railrohads arc repaired.
Many Deaths from Cholera.
I[ y <..',=' IA:.o IIuys. l
St. l .trshtllry, July .,. I), hib fromt
(' . Itelll ill M: cllihuria hIlween' Jlll y rf ;,ul
tI" '. ii'r) ' w 'rr. 3. ' .YN ci:iss iof
chi Ilera al dii 3 de;ilthls f ,i the di ;.ea
Ill (airo yIet,,ll y. In '. .ha, yI iiyw
c;(.,',s and I .'1 (I.i h, WID"h w rlp. U'lt.. ,l.
Elevated Road Collision.
SiY AS:,NI IAI ll It) sa l
New York, illy . ..--.1 'l1.1l Il c1., 1.
llrooklyn elevated railway at ,\';n ., w iich
resul.tltii in the i aith of t.v,) andl the ill
juring of sevra;l lerson..I.

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