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J'o J,, ,
w .a
P y, "k IC BT TY
Poor Dicky Knox Has Not the Where to Lay
His Head--Best Places at Clubhouse Are
All Ciched-- Local Chitchat.
P'e-r lIt ,yv i.inxi! fliskv hadl a had
il.ht it il I and lif. ' as , lucky ' ,1 u ,p h to
catch 4l n \ilth l '(It l1si.kcy just ini ti e to
gi in lt u ni the rt ., rves at lht p letic ti tlh n
fgame in I l mn. Stnnliy. 'hient I i yt y
c l i m bl, . d t l l. . h u t ' ;t i , , ;in n l ;i l a l t rd tI t hil- el r
hai ttr thitil l l,, t,,lly v .l the .
a -g n -t Id. l i
1ils t c. , ,, I i .i i , .l n utu i \i i the v nlt
f <+ ,h l, l', . I : h . 111.I .1r 11 ;111 n'. h" Ili... I lttt
i-n the t I, hu . , t1- r. I l.,v, r 1h: l a pml: -
til',t r ,lit 1 h, 1, , e ill, , ; ii ili itLt m
for ilit' Iihari 1i , .a ,l h i I, h.nli m-. lilky
ta t , ill t s l , i t ii s +h; i h e ".:v .
;t. ut ,, tll.t 1 . ,lI. 1 l ti ly 1,.:n e.
tthat"s Min t
"\\ b:t !,' ,hI in ma l I.I 1',. " , ,,c!. h i
l.tki heath,,.h a tltl..y t.-1, 11 ,,,I :1 1 .thtr
dly 'ljul.
"say. ah n't y,, , Il, l ith,..,. ale ,ll
thin)." ;tail /X a l ",,,'. ;- h, h',-ile I the
"111 \\' unll \ I" (!t.l II til l 1;-l, tt l."I1 ,llt '
Isp, t i l h l ,e iv t.i, n t..
"lh I"t a l h.. , I, \'. , . " ! h. u ,.t1",1 the
i fu h a'. ilh .v;( , t 1, ,'1 .., ~ I : ,ii . v,'.
u n l ul , , ,| i t o' , ,1 . . 1il a l. . me 1 .1 t ih ,
I',II, - \oL ' II Ili, 1 hI, i I c '} ili- "
r , el, -i " \'. ;,t, ;" I l, y in t- . l
Ill ti t1,_ 0 0 m t ;1 (·lrnt ri\ 1u t. 4 1 i , " '' 1
i -i- - - i . it I t , , Oith: w
Li- ,Matht- , : 10 th,.r ndl ,1tasteI f+,r
t11t' ,ho ll'..r. 'I -` t.ll I,!, t. r not ' ll. ,l'
tih t:i ,ll.
tu Et. l I m I' 0 0 1 the .1
" ' -'c I I tl'. Il tliC .' t'n . 111 hc
Helesa Fans Are to Blame.
a i, aid : Ih l ii fan ,Ii t i lthe ti ,;n
'eitir, ,y aIti rnt n. Il h, t shul t uit is
Ittitiluti n, 1bu1t let I lall ltt y tl it of it. lIe
%an l't alone It.u n ilblc fill tit police af
fair last Sinlmy. tIh's a u'ni plsi, r--as
gtid ia thiJ-iere l a hul l tmhl e givet n ctlcdit
for his wat rk in thil ti.Il.
"' ile tru hu l is with t live liJCnti riout
e-rs. It the, y hlose ; It iic ,., r thltr , ih'
the fault of the umnirc. I thity \tin, the
Visiting 'ails is so r'ttcnt ' yoi u S'i -'.
pour otl Jack is up agahin t it atiii his
own peoplet goinig aitl c.ning. Ihere in
Butte you stick to +Mc lIh.kt y andu tlhat's
the iroper way to iti. n, 'Ihit's what ,iveS
your tea-m so muh conlfidence tiaill uuiiak s
thet b Tctter pla s '-Ir."
Coals of Fire.
"You'ret a lIht of slits," angrilly ex
clain ld teilt hti's y Istl-rillay \htlin Mcll tyre,
ltiutz, R ach Isildl Kane stalhd fir their
Ipositionis fromi the blutnich. And then litil o-e
--lohls turneud aruti il and shut out th ilt tit
dangerius train in the leigie. "lMac"
hasn't aputl izeil yet--hut perhaps Ihe.ll
write a public rctraction.
He Knows His Business.
"What 'uld lie say to yviu" i\; s lith
syttmpatletic ttTiry plilt itl Iiky t it l iNti y't
tertlay aftcrclioi n after McCarthiy haii
made several rush. it thie "netw one"' after
thie ltter starteid tit- f thall ra t 'e at thirdcl
which selit the hall ill play to the bleach
"le told i no llhat I hlu,hkd like," ulr
nttired lI icky.
"What 'id yv-uta y?
"I ain't s;vin '$ thin' to dat feller jilt
now,." stileti )iclky as elit patteid hitsell
on the ltLack iller thet kniuwlcdige that M
Carthy hadn't imlpotted .1 fin,',
They Measured Noses.
SIhalTer, the hest first baggel'cr i thu
laiguet, a;is sittig in the linlen luhlby es
terday with <llie uinls.
"llcllu, Noity," lutrted "htiiome .Tun"
Mare Was Owned by Farrar and Crane
and Has Won Some Phenom
enal Events.
It was given out today that lr. Mc
Donald had Ipurchased the well-known
stake mttre, Jennie. Reed.
Jennie Reed was owned by Farrar &
Crane, and while campaigned by that firm,
won sonme lphetnotlenal stake events which
eniriched the stiiables.
Ste was sired hby El Roy Rey atnd has
been considered one of the gamenst and
most reliahle mile workers out the West
ern coast circuit.
Jt is understood that Dr. McDonald
will breed the marc to Salvation. This
Jie Mars3hall, as he lande.d a fifty pnud J
paw 3ill lIt-cr's boack.
"Nosey yersrl.f" sluraked Shaflfer as he
sfl ir2u2222d llunder. the, pulnu'ch. "lIeft Ily innle
ain't a: l. n as yours a2nd I'll let Ollie
III1..'; .221 i| "
"22u y.u," ,;id "ll2me Runf."'
, 'hsl.ha 2's pr, .st i. meavsurtd 3 2.-16,.
Shalt"r.s c(uvcatchcllr was mallrkcd .4 I
Want to See Jimmy Run.
\3ll al, IIl2 l il22,' 2I2 , IIn th r is :i2 , uanxi(ty
2,,I Ih, pall oI the sports to, s.e Jiinmmy
\1l, II: 2 , oni tthe 2 illdr pI:th a ,gainst miIneC
,of 3lh . ldal . ith 2 s 5 3ho lhitnk they can
1n \ ll. 4 I IlaI. e2 v taill y the fatteCst
• 2 - it( r ill the I':.gu', hut the boy stiU
I. i cn,, l b , . f'r a- hm11 rted y;ard test.
Shiiil .1,(- Ii.lyv lpery nit of a tla2tch it
i-, t It.,i hl .ll2l Ihl,- l3,,, 3a2h r c.2 e ..- flielder
\,,i .2hl c. (y lh ly 22 22,l 11() y.
D.indlon Is Out for Gore.
ol r I nlndw n hII 1,v toundlll to in hlli
.rll nln l , Im i1 I. d is noIllV i ll2 t r a ellc2l|
,,hh1,1 ,' , h. L- ,, doing 22m.my 2stu2 ts
wulth i lls cc i ot .1r a ch h:Ilen , to, Ibum
2 , 3. l IL I, 2.2 b. , ;f ' t sc1 2 e3 t plenty
,l 0 1 I r, s.i,' I . . Ii t ,t rL. (t ramtC r
11 1. 11 1. r I I r
Will Mose Get It 1
42,,I 3I.,., ! 2!3, l 2,, ti2 got aw ay
I:r"t 2,i t 2 . ! i.f e i2n 'oc2t, ello thi2 ; after
S,, , h, , 2, , 2. , i 2l 2c 2 i 2 i' 0catello
to2'2l, 2,2 ni"2 hl. .,in2" of the 3l.2'll plugs
.tre "x onlt e n ',\lhIlb r Mlos', v.ill Lumnip
i2lo that h .'td r2ll2 t 2 2hip Lh-ln3 ing to
the ,li" 'n l,.e u,:,n. (Ih, if h2' .h3 n hl2 !
The Fans Missed It.
Fite hunwhdr'l iollle at the hall grounld.l.
y2 2ter.l3y ! 1 hink 2t . 3hat.l2 the fan; misscd
on the it- t l.ty I to ,. \ ith such hall
as lButle is plnyin',, a d m ith a h,,am of
the s5r3,l lllnglh 2 III,- S natl;ll2,l:2., 2the nullIetr
shoulhlie qu.Iruphed.
Jack Is All Righlt.
(;eal . al m lighty ..wk Flannery! \We,
in2 lutte, take ti23 u (ilt" h222 at, to 2. ull Jlack
as a lrald .2ard2'en manl2 . 2 i dl;ll l.2ero2ils hatt3er
.1114 a h2eady plat)'r, B t 2h2 i those l lic -
"DWii" Had Better Get Wise.
I.ig4 and 3e2 'y I lu:,hdc, of .. 2atl. i3i
re;dling the3 h;mlwritiing 3 ,1 the wall.
"I)I " ' is \2hl!y 22to hlw e for the at
tIn23pt 3to cast ;2sl2ur.i2,2s2 (,I2 232l('lhsk2y's
2me2n 2n2l i iit thr3,,th his i2flh3euc that a
calal ac,:,int the 111rys' has Len ora'., -
iitd to keep Ilt3 penna32l2 t 2on 3h coas,2t.
3h:t the .an2 e .2won't w2ork thi, lim2 .
3"l2lg.'" 2a l hi's Iai-t little o2ne, 2 are di' e
for a h2cating ar3o ~d the I i2cnil an22 it
23ill t2,2;e hilt a 2 e1 i2s,..'. t. , put lIu te' in
lirst place3 . Its 22etter t322han al even 3t22
that S attle ll. ill tlieav: lt3lhte i2n secon2lh
placel or 2 . l': e .
Slagle's Yellow Streak.
S.i:,gl.c is, :a 2222d pitch, r. Tht3 .'r s no
duhlt of it. I kit the helcna lmd has a
2,lohw str'ak l unt the M2 2tr',; knew it.
\\ hnn the ch.te.r t ih'er lost his 2temper
in thl . eighth )e terday ;tld daslhcd the
h;dl to thu ground et_'ry tian on the M,.
( lokey It:,troll I-:n w tl'|tory \2;is Cl2 inin2g.
()!I the uthti r haud. hI.tally Ske.l R,,aeh got
Letot r -tad bettsr uondcr the swi't cm:wh
i3,g of "2n3lck- 2n2,2 - 2 nd, his hI: ' -all
2223s , 1.n hardehr Ilhian tlh fir.-2 shot. .- c
( .h.ck, s., .'s ll'l s 2 ,ri , of 2itch "-ers ar2
22-'2It thing:. \\hat3.s the m2i2ter'" with
Ialch and lhi, ling and (;ay'
Dowhling Today.
'i,.tro 22,2.ling 2 till g. in 2th232 l.,.A. r
ltint(' tod:l ' w ith Ze-arto'.,s 2 is , t 'k2-t' ,p.
Thomps 222 and 2lullia22 will Ie the 322p2 2 -.
ill2., 3,2tt'ry and 2ii matter 2who wi2s. it
;ilnmost a sure thing that another corking
good game will be the result.
mtals that the formter favorite orill he
retired from the track and will be rietainted
here alter as a bIrood m.re.
'The price paid is not quoited, but it is
tllll erst:od Lth:,t a fancy suin was nece s
sary to take her away fromn tle ',tables,
the relutation of shich she has done so
lmuht to enhance.
"'Tuby Iroin is matched to fight Jack
Kane the first week ill Selptrember at Sac
Tickets for the Root-( ardiner fight,
which will lbe held at Salt Lake City on
August 18, will sell at $a, $5 and $to.
Work has been cotmmencellttd ont tile arena
for the Corbett-McGovern contest. It will
seat 20,000 people.
Salt Lake City, Utah, August 14.-Or
ders were received here yesterday for
over 300 seats to be used at the Root
7:.. ; cY b ·cv,.; \\ c , ,-. • ,.
W , Wt c o a , lJna N
W iht
Wh ihsWihJc oo nSl Lk etModyNet
Ga rdlner ripht nirxt Monday night by
K.tights of I'hthia4, now at San Fran
cisco. After the ailjnornmient of the
Pythian convtlotion the returning knights
Baseb.if Takes Attention of the People
.Io,urst Scores Easy Victory-Big '
Match Race Tomorrow.
It was a poor day for businless at the
race track yesterday, one of the smallest
crowds of the year being in attendance.
The baseball game undoubtedly was re
sponsible for the small attendance more
than anyihig else. The people are be
coming just a trifle tired of the long
seasion of racing and welcoime with open
arms any means of diversion. 'I he track
still showed the signs of the rain of
the day before andl with the heavy going
it is nit remarkable that there should
he a few surprises in the various events.
A horse may do one thing on a fast
track and another under different condi
\V. B1. Sink's Wolthurst had an easy vic
trln in ili. l,llorth event a mile and a six
te nth, and incidentally carried off the
purse of $.;:o which was olfered for the
l.a Borgia, a 5 to I shot, caine in for
first molney in the mile and a furlong, with
lKickumbob. 8 to 5. second by a length
after having led all the way to the
strteneh I'oouirl. tds at 2 to i , in the sev
enth race, and Modder in the sixth event,
at 5 to 2, eashed a little money for their
backers, Note of the races were par
ticularly exciting and few of the finishes
Seire close enough to make them anything
like interesting.
Mich interest is being taken in the
proposed match race betcveen Silver Dick
lld ttdge I iunas tonuorrow afternoon,
f.ot" $i,ou a il,'.i and it is likvly a large
crosd it ill attend the races to see the
big event.
National League.
Ilayed. Won, Iost. P.Ct.
litteisburg . . . 66 23 .742
Brooklyn. . ... 96 54 42 .562
Chicago .. . 93 49 44 .527
Boston. . . . r91 48 43 .527
Cincinnati. . . . 91 4 49 .462
St. louis . . 96 44 52 .458
Philadelphia. . .. 94 37 57 .394
New York. . . . 93 31 2 .333
American League.
Played. Won. Lost. P. Ct.
St. I.ouis ...... 91 53 39 .57S
Philadelphia, . . b, 49 39 .557
Chicago . . . . . 9o 50 40 .556
iosto . ..... . 96 5A 44 .542
Cleveland . . . 96 46 50 .479
Washigton ..... 95 43 52 .453
etroit. . ...... 93 40 53 .430
Baltimore. . . .. 9 39 53 .424
tin August 18 the Interstate tennis tour
nament will commence at Omaha, Neb.
A large number of Western experts have
entered and the play promises to be fast.
are to stop off here to see the fight for
the mtiddle and light heavyweight cham.
iionslhip of the world. Root and Gardner
are still pegging away, though both will
probably case up on their work before
the end of the week, tapering down to just
enough labor to keep their bellows in shape
and their springiness in tact.
It Is Now Up to Stewart to Accept or
Forever Hold His Peace-Hayes Has
Ire Up and Is After Blood.
Say," said Brc'r Isaac Hayes today.
'Yo jist teol dot spohtin' ed'ter dat I'll
light dat cre Stewart for money, mar
bles an' chalk.
"Dat feller has done bin lyin' 'bout
mie an' now I'll gib 'imi de chance to
knock miah block offer me for chips
or coin."
It is now up to Stewart to prove his
courage and the truth of his assertions
that he is willing to box Hayes in a pre
liminary to the McCarthy-Hawkins con
test or forever quit pushing his claims
to pugilistic recognition.
Pacific Northwest League.
lutte, 4; Helena, o.
Seattle, 9; Tacoma, 4.
Portland, 7; Spokane, 4.
National League.
Brooklyn, 4; Chicago, 2.
St. louis, 4; 'lliladellphia, 2.
Roston, 8; Iittsburg, 6. Second game:
littslburg. 6: Boston, i.
Cincinnati, 4; Nlew York, 3. Second
:mne : New York, 4; Cincinnati, 2.
American League.
l'hiladelphia, 8; Detroit, o. Second
:olnel: IPhiladelphia. o ; Detroit, o,
St. l.ouis, 7; Washington, 5.
Ioston, 9; Chicago, o.
nBaltimore, 14; ('lcvcland, 4.
Western League.
Kansas City, 12; Decnver, 8.
St. Joseph, 8; Colorado Springs, i.
Second game: Colorado Springs, ic ; St.
.loseph, 3,
M ilwaukee-Omaha game postponed;
Peoria-Des Moines game postponed; wet
Pacific Northwest League.
Helena at Butte.
Seattle at Tacoma.
Spokane at Portland,
National League.
Cincinnati at New York.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
P'ittsburg at Boston.
St. Louis at Philadelphia.
American League.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
St. Louis at Washington.
Cleveland at Baltiimore
Chicago at Boston.
Salt Lake, August 14.-Harry P. Hinds
of Cheyenne has been selected as referee
of the 20-round contest between Jack
Root and George Gardner, which takes
place at the salt palace next Monday
night. Hinds was suggested by Alex
Greggains in behalf of Gardner and ac
cepted by Louis Houseman, acting for
Summary of the Events at the Montana
Jockey Club.
First Race-Selling; 2-year-olds; five
and a half furlongs; purse, $250:
P. Sheridan's b g Mimo, by Milesic
Minona, 13J (Fogg), 4 to 5, first; W. L.
Stanfield's ch g Gladys Bell, to9 (Ilow
son), 3 to I, second; W. D. Randall's b c
Nabuco, iii (See), 8 to 5, third.
Sultelma also ran. Blissful scratched.
Good start. Sultelma led to the stretch,
?Mino going second, won by a half a
length; head between second and third.
Time, I :1I.
Second Race-Sclling; mile and a fur
long ; purse, $25u:
J. M. Crane's ch m l.a Borgia, by imp.
Brutus-l.edette, t9r (Burke), 5 to I,
first; L. O. \\'ale's b g Kickumbob, 114
(Burlingame), 8 to 5. second; J. S. Camp
bell & Co.'s br m I.edaca, 1o: (11. Stuua t),
3 to t, third.
Admetus, a to I; Aesop, 8 to r, and
Major King. 6 to i, finished as named.
Good start. Kickumbob led to the stretch,
La Borgia second, Major King third. Won
by a length, one length between second
and third. Time, i :59,4.
Third Race--Selling; six furlongs;
purse, $250:
J. Reel's b m Laureatea by imp. Laureate
Garoga, zoo (IIowso' ), 2 to I, first; W. 1'.
Sullivan's ch b Jerrid, 2la (See), 4 to a,
second; D. Carneron's ch g Flamero, oug
(Stuart), 7 to 2, third.
Decapo, 5 to I; Algarcta, 4 to. ; Flor
incl 11, 7 to 2, and Undergrowth, 30 to I,
finished as named. Brown k'rince, Saul
of Tarsus, Bernota and Nimrod scratched.
Fair start. Decapo first away, Under
growth last, where he finished. Florinel
led into the last turn, Jerrid first in the
stretch, l.aureatea second. \\'on by four
lengths, neck between secona and third.
Time, a :13).
Fourth Race-Handicap; mile and a
sixteenth; purse, $300 :
W. B. Sink, Jr.'s, b g Wolhurst, by Ven
tilator-Nutbrown, i16 (See), 2 to 5, first;
C. W. Chappell's b g Tufts, 75 (Hayes),
to to I, second; George Webb's ch min
Ulloa, 107 (Howson), 2 to ,, third.
la Calma, to to I, also rani. Fair start.
Wolhurst led all the way. La Calma was
second rounding into the back stretch,
Ulloa third. Ulloa took second at the
half and kept it into the stretch. Tufts
came from last and was second at the
finish, two lengths back. a head in front of
third, who was a nose better than l.a
Calma. Time, a :50%.
Fifth Race-Selling; six and one-half
furlongs; purse, $oo00:
Piedmont stables' hr in Alaria, by imp.
Watercress-Alary, 107 (Kelly), 8 to 5,
first; Joseph Kinney's ch g Agnicia, 104
(Frawley), 4 to I, second; Quinland and
I'eck's ch m sweet Caporal, 107 (H. Stu
art), 4 to 5, third.
Amzi, 15 to i; The Scot, to to i, and
Sophie S, 30 to 1, finished as named.
Girly l)ucket, Rose of Hilo and (. II.
Ketchaim scratched. Good start. Sweet
Caporal first away. The Scot led past the
half. Alaria was hrst into the far turn,
Agnicia second, Sweet Caporal third, and
in that order they entered the stretch,
maintaining the positions to the wire. \Von
by two lengths, head between second, third
and fourth. Time, I:234.l
Sixth Race-Selling; non-winners of the
past two years ; five furlongs ; purse, $200oo:
Wheeler & Co.'s b g Modder, b" imp.
Candlemas-Moderocia, 113 (McCarty), 5
to 2, first ; Berkley stables' b in Cora Goetz,
10o7 (Ennis), a to I, second; F. T. Nich
ols' ch im Louise Hooker, 107 (HI-. Stuart),
8 to I, third.
Dyke, 5 to I; Caligula 11, 8 to 1; Mrs.
C, 5 to ; Cricket Buck, to to I, and
Gypsy D, 5 to 2, finished as named.
Moruni and Too Hot scratched. Good
start. Dyke led to tile last turn, Gypsy D
going second. Won by two lengths, half
a length between second and third. Time,
i :024.
Seventh Race-Mile ana an eighth;
over four hurdles; purse, $250:
E. F. Smith's b g Poorlands, by Flat
lands-Lizzie M, 133 (Neal), a to I, first;
J. W. Riley's blk h Mr. Rose, z37 (Burts),
5 to a, second; J. M. Crane's b h Phil
Archibald, 145 (Peters), 4 to 5, third.
Metoxen, 6 to r, and Free Gold, 6 to z,
finished as named. Good start. Poor
lands first over first hurdle, Archibald
second. Archibald first over second and
third hurdles. Poorlands first over fourth,
Archibald second, Mr. Rose third. Won
)y a length, neck between second and
third, Time, a:oE.
Roach and Slagle Both Pitch Excellent
Ball-Butte Got a Batting Streak in
the Eighth and Touched the Visiting
Twirler for Three Runs-Knox Is
Put Out of the Game.
Pacific Northwest League.
Played. \\Von. Lost. I'.Ct.
Secattlc ........... 76 46 30 .605
Butte..........73 4 J .575
!'ortland ..... 75 J5 3 37 .507
I llcna........... .73 34 39 ..166
Spokane .......... 74 3J 4 .433
1 acomaa ..........75 31 441 .413
"Bring on your Flannery police," says
the bleachers-and then those horrid anti.
Flalnery people began to count:
"One, two, three, fou-r-r-r-."
That was all yesterday. The four tallies
went to Butte and Helena was shut out in
the cleanest, fastest game of ball played
in the league this season. It wasn't the
fault of the Helena players. There was
not a man in the game who did not play
fast ball and although there were three
errors counted against the Senators, not
one of them was really a glaring break.
Butte's game was faultless and the shut
out came about as a retaliation for the
police-ridden game at lHelena last Sunday
There were a dozen sensational plays
in the game. The work of the outfield
on both teams was of the hair-raising sort,
and calculated at times to give the fans in
cipient heart disease.
Jimmy McHale, playing center for Butte,
and Jack Flannery in center field for
Helena, received most of the cheers for
their great catches. Both men did phe
nomenal work and gathered in flies which
looked good for one or two bags.
Mcintyre's Great Catch.
Billy Kane at snort made two sensa
tional stops and to grand old McIntyre
came the opportunity, with a dillicult foul
far from the third bag, to prevent Helena
from scoring.
"The Gladiator" made a great run for
the foul and gathered it in with a stretch
that put kinks in his spinal column.
While there were more sensational plays
in the center garden, Mcintyre's catch was
undoubtedly the pivot on which the lHelena
shutout turned. With the three men on
the bags and Partridge at the hat, it
looked as if the Senators were certain to
score, but the capture of the Partridge
chicken saved the inning for Butte.
Skel Roach pitched a perfect game.
There were seven hits recorded against
him, but the way in which the lanky
boy from "Chi-town" turned on the steam
in the eighth and ninth inning. sent a
streak of yellow down the backs of the
police-protected players.
Slagle made his debut in BTutte yester.
lday for the Senators and his work in the
box was almost equal to that 'of Roach
tup to the eighth inning, when that same
thing happened'that has given MctCoskey's
sluggers so many games. The heav hit
ters started in slugging one after an
other and a three bagger by .McTntyre
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Camping OTENTS
Harness, Saddles, etc.
112 So. Main Street
Baseball, Athletic Goods Fishing
Tackle, Fire Arms, Amawniltol
=1 s-1a West Park
Carl ng Write for rice

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