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Anaconda, August .41.-About 6o meni
employed on the air line railroad of the
Washoe Copper company at the new smelt
ing works quit work yesterday, but before
doing so made a demand on the company
for an increase in pay and the reinstate
ment of two men who had been laid off
for falling to report for duty. The places
of the strikers were filled within an hour
after the men had left their posts.
The trouble was precipitated by the
switchmen, who for some time have been
agitating an advance in their wages from
$2.75 to $3 per day. The engineers also
asked that they receive $a.5o instead of $a
per day. The matter came to a head yes
Tuesday two of the men did not go to
work at the time they should, and when they
reported for duty they found their places
filled by other men. They then called upon
their fellow-workmen to help them out.
The latter responded and the boss of thi.
line was asked to reinstate the men. lie
refused to do it and they quit. They
have no union.
Acting General Manager Cairns says he
does not anticipate any more interference
at the works, as everything is running
without a hitch.
George Laslovich, Police Say, Has Been
Endeavoring to Accost Women He
I Met Upon the Street.
Anaconda, August 14.-George Laslo
vich was arrested in this city by Night
Chief O'Brien and Policeman Fitzpatrick
last night on a charge of annoying wom
pn. It is said that I.aslovich, who is an
Austrian, has been conducting himself
improperly in the presence of ladies for
some time and the officers decided some
time ago to put a stop to his "mashing"
Last night they laidl for him. l.aslo
vich. unconscious of the fact that lie was
being shadowed, walked up to a trio of
women and bowed and smiled and scraped.
The two officers saw the performance and
nailed the gay young "masher" before
he could say "hoop Ia."
Iaslovich was togged in the latest style
of clothing and had a mo-cent cigar stuck
in one corner of his mouth, but when
the officers took him in tow he dropped
the smoke and shrunk abont a foot.
Butte Union Men Make Adresses in the
A. O. H. Hall to a Gathering of
Fully Five Hundred.
Anaconda, August 14.-There was an
enthusiastic gathering of the nmembers of
the Mill and Smeltermen's Union at A.
O. HI. hall last evening. The meeting,
which was attended by more than 500o
members, was addressed by several labor
headers, ws1ho came down from Butte
for that purpose.
Charles Whitley of the Buite branch
of the union. William WValsh. Michael
Mooney, Ed HIughes and Joe Shannon, all
of the Miners' Union, made brief ad
dresses. All the speakers were accorded
the earnest attention of the large audi
ence and at the conclusion of the meet
ing Daniel Leary, president of the local
branch of the Mill and Smeltermen's
Union, invited attending members to sign
the roll.
Chief Mentrum Makes Run With Pair of
Fiery Steeds He Has Picked Up.
Anaconda, August 14.-Chief Mentrum
and his men of the fire department were
out yesterday trying somne new horses on
the hose wagon. They made a trial run
down Fourth street which was very satis
factory considering that the horses had
never before been up against a game of that
The chief has to keep his eye on horses
all the time for there is no telling when
they will be needed in the department.
For that reason he always knows just
where he can place his hands on them.
Special Sale
On everything In the Jewelry
line until August 15, when I
will move to my new store in
the Durston Block, 107 East
Park avenue.
L. F. Verberckmoes,
Opticjan and Jeweler
116 E, Park Ave., Anaconda, Montana
c The Daly Bank and Trust o
g Company of Anaconda 8
o Anaconda, Montana. o
o General banking In all branches. o
a Sell exchanges on New York, Chi-.
cago, St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran- 0
o cisco, Etc., and draw direct on the o
" principal cities of England, France, o
o Ireland, Germany and the Orient. o
o Deposits of $i.oo and upward re
o ceived. o
Correspondents Y o
National City bank, New York o
0 First National be,nk, Chicago; First 0
National bank, St. Paul; Omaha
National bank, Omaha; Bank of o
o California, San Francisco. 0
o John R, Toole, Presidentl M. B,
o Greenwood, Via President; Louis
o V. Bennett, Cashier; F. C. Nor. 0
Sbeck, Assistant Cashier.
Anaconda, August 14.--Edward J. Boxer
and Miss Margaret Burke were married
this morning in St. Paul's church, Rev.
Father A. It. Coopman performing the
ceremony. The wedding took place at 7
o'clock sharp. The chturch was filled with
the friends of the two, who are well-knowsn
young society people of this city. Mr. and
Mrs iH. 1T. Van Ellis stood up with the
bride and groom.
After a wedding breakfast at the Mon
tana hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Boxer left on
the 8:30 train for their wedding trip.
They will be gone some little time and will
visit Salt Lake and probably the coast be
fore returning to Anaconda.
Mr. Boxer has tong beetn one of the
most trusted employes of the Copper City
Commercial company of this city, coming
here from St. Paul several years ago.
Prior to that time he resided in Winnipeg.
Canada. The bride is one of Anaconda's
most charming and accomplished young
ladies. For some time past she has been
in charge of the millinery department of
the Copper City Commercial company.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Madge, nee Miss
Anna Burke, sister of this morning's bride,
who were married this week itt Everett,
Wash.. arrived in the city last night and
were present at the wedling.
Now if the Montana Band Can 1 ake the
Other Prize, There Will Be N:thing
Left to Wish ior.
Anaconda. August 4.-- The fact that the
Montana Elks have won such a signal vic
tory inl tile matter of appearance on parade
in Salt I.ake is very pleasing to the mem
bers of the herd woo were compelled to
remain at home. and last night it forneld
the principal theme of conversation amolng
the members of the order.
For the present all else is forgotten and
the desire now is that the Boston & Mon
tana band he awarded the first prize. The
cup of he Montana Elks will then be full
to overflowing. They are not at all san
guine as to the result of the band contest,
however, but think that the chances are
in their favor, if all goes well. The tie
for first place between tie lHutte and Den
ver hands will he played off today.
Process of Laying a Smooth, Hard Strect
Can Readily Be Seen Now, as
Gang Is at Work.
Anaconda, August 14.-The huge rock
crusher in the possession of tile city has
fully demonstrated its value in the last few
days. In the work now being performed
on West Park avenue the jlachine has
been called into use and for probably the
first time the public is aware of the man
ner in which the best Anaconda streets are
Coarse rocks are first thrown on the
ground and then a man comes along with
a shovel and scatters it. After that it
looks bad indeed, and passing pedestrians
will invariably stop and take a look at the
place-at the same time deciding that it is
a bad job.
That is where the roller comes in. It
crushes the rock, and after the street has
been sprinkled, goes over it again, giving
it a very different appearance. This is
kept up for several days, and in the end a
smooth hard surface that seldom gets
muddy and with proper care duly rewards
the efforts of the street commissioner and
his corps of men.
Horses Are Evenly Matched and It Will
Be Anybody's Race Until the
Final Heat.
Anaconda, August i4.-Much interest Is
being taken in the races matched for next
Sunday, to be pulled off at the race track
west of the city. It has been predic'ed
that all of the six heats of the two races
will fall below a :3o and some of the horse
men who know the competing animals
well say they will be surprised if several
of them are not pulled off in titme as low
as 2:20.
This will be good sport and quite ex
citing, for as far as is known all the
horses are capable of about the same per
formance and therefore it will be anybody's
race until the final heat tells the tale.
Then It Is That the Miners and Other
Unions From Several Cities Will
Gather Together.
Anaconda, August 14.-Next Sunday
will be a great day at Mountain View
park. It will be the occasion of the
grand annual Miners' Union picnic. The
day will see one of the biggest picnics
ever given in the West.
An immense turnout of miners and all
kinds of union men will take place from
Butte, and every union in Anaconda will
also be at the picnic.
Special trains will be run from Butte
to the park without stopping at the local
station in Anaconda, and special trains
will be operated between Anaconda and
the park all day so that the picnickers
may take in Anaconda, too, if they see
Big preparations are being made for the
picnic, and everybody will certainly have
the time of his life. There will be no
parade from Anaconda, but the day will
be devoted entirely to amusement at at the
Anaconda, August 14.-E-arly this morn
ing several different parties of mining
omen left the city to look at claims in this
vicinity. In each instance they were at
tended by local tmining men who are inter
cstrd in this county and it would not be
surprising if some large deals were to take
place alot,t here this fall.
'I he interest that is being manifested by
outsiders in the mineral reasotrces of Deer
l.odge is a source of satisfaction to mining
men of the county and they are confident
that the result will be of great benefit to
this section.
Many of the owners are at present pre
paring exhihits to setul to the International
Mining congress, which convenes in Butte
soon, and it is safe to say that the ore
from Deer .odge county will attract more
than passing notice.
Are 'iot Elks and Their Names Cannot
Be Learned, but the Two Are From
Here and in Toils.
([Y ASAO.CIAotID I'sl itSS.
Atnaconda, August ti.-Now there contes
the story from Salt I.ake that two Ana
conI II en are ill Jl i there and further
more te;at they will stay there for .1'
di'ys. lilt they are not E'l"s. Nut on )o..r
life !
What the tilense was or who the mIlen
are cannot Ie learnel, bIt that they are
in the Mormon cell there is not the slight
est do(l.t. Ptoltbly when they fail to re
turn at the time their friends expect them
to they can l e identl'ied, but if not it is
a hIpeless case, for the two, it seems,
have made strenttuous etlo ts to conceal
their identity. They may have gone to
Salt Ibatke merely for pleasure or they may
have gone with some other object in view,
but the fact remains that they reached the
end of their string all too soo1n.
Capt. W. S. Turner Saya There Is a Uroat
Deal of Work Going on in That
Neck of the Woods.
Anaconda, August 14.-Capt. W. S,;
Turner Is in front his properties inl the
vicinity of Silver I.ake aid reports a
great deal of work going on in that sec
tion. lie has of late been at T'win L.akes,
superintending so'et work on soume of his
tnutterous mining claim. there and speaks
confidently of thet excellence of the ore
is them.
As is his usual custom, Captain Turner
will go East this fall for several months
and will probably return to California to
spend the winter.
Deer Lodge County Mining Man Says We
Are Not to Be Left Behind at Meet
ing of Big Congress in Butte.
PI'. 0I\1. 'l t1 : N IItR MiiNi .tI N.K
Anaconda, August r.t.--William R. Al
len, one of the delegates from Deer
I dlge county to the Iltierational 1i i
ing cougres.s to be held in Butte soon, has
bIegunl the work of getting together an e'x
hibit of mlinerals from this counlty and al
ready has a number of them in his office in
the Durston building. Those who con
tribute specimens are asked to label them,
telling just wehre they are fromt and from
what part of the country.
Mr. Allen, himself a prominent and
well known mining mat of thi, state, d(ue~
this in the interest of the coutnty and as
every county in the state will be repre
sented, lie says lie wants to see Ileer
Lodge there with the goodls. From his
properties in French Gulch he has ai
splendid collection of samples that lie will
display at the comling exhibit.
The mining men of the comitty are
taking a great interest and are assisting
him ill every possible way.
Anaconda Briefs.
A. D. T. messergers-prompt, reliable. *
Miss Anna Morony and Miss Alice Col
lins are at Silver like this week.
Under Sheriff Morgan and wife are
now residing at the Shields block.
James White and Dr. Rinehart left for
the Moose lake district this morning.
C. J. O'Neill and L.tis Bianiki sustained
slight injuries at the Washoe smelter yes
Miss Bridge Reddy of Knoxville, Tenn.,
is visiting Mrs. Hayes of No. 414 East
Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greetn of No. s17
East Third street are happy over the
arrival of a baby girl.
Mrs. E. Irene Rood, national organizer
of the American Humane association, is
occupying apartments in the Leland hotel.
where she will meet persons interested
in the protection of dumb animals. Mrs.
Rood is making a tour of the country
in the interests of the organization and
is meeting with signal success.
Transcript Filed in Case of Mrs. J. T.
Brown Versus W. H. Railey.
Anaconda, August z4.-In the suit of
Mrs. J. T. Brown vs. W. II. Railey, an
action in which the plaiatiff alleges the
defendant owes her $34 for board, a
transcript on appeal has been loed in the
district court.
The suit was tried before Justice Quane
a short time ago and Railey won out.
i. s 4 s. 6 0 9 R .SM
(Continued from Page Eight.)
fairly broke the Ilelntl i heart. So ex
cited was Slagle that a'lth "Letty" Iloutz
oil the first bag ~s the pitcher received
the ball, he threw it traim hi ton a
streak of anger. the ball rolled far into
the center held, but was not ulansrved by
Iloutz until too late to runl.
Dirty Ball Playing.
There were two streaks of ditty hall
playing during the game. t( ie was when
Holly sneaked a ball thrown back tromn
a foul to the third hag. Siagle hnd a new
ball and Holly concealed the balle he Iad,
but was caught by Roach and forced
to return it to the umpire among the jeers
.of the bleachers.
The other streak of smut onl the gatnt.
wIas when I)icky Knox, who was on the
Iench but happened to lie at third coach
ing, lost his head and kicked the hall in
play. It was when McIntyre hit for the
three-bagger and the ball arrived at third
a second after "T''he tladiator" landed.
IIolly fumbled the aphtre and it tell in
front of Kncqx, awho couldn't resist the
temptation to play football. The hall
renrt to the bleachers but the kick was seen
and Mclartlhy ordered Knox oif the held.
Butte Starts Right In.
In the first inning Ilutte started out as
if the deal was to run tile totals up
inlo the douhle figures. Ward landed
thel sphere square in the nose for a:
three bagger and Billy Katie brought hi
II with a single. McIntyre hit one to
tin' center garden wnich should have
bIe'n good for three bags, inut trickyi Jack
Flannery maintained his reIputatli ion r
,reat work in the sky and nailed the ball
t onem hand after a heart breaking run.
.tI hall Iounded out of the manlager'
milt iiut he threw upt his right lihand and
again calptured it. It was a splendid tIcwer"
oi work atid the crowd shrieked their
alpprcciation of the good Iplay.
Jiinty Mellate even ou.cltsselI Fl;tla
nery in this inning when he als itnald
a catch a little :hurt of the tna:rviljnits.
llaittiivain and Sechm'er wlere' botlh c.ulglht
at first and Falaitm'ry w'ent in Ito t
diteim the plays. Ile soaked a liner to
dil p center st'aight ovt r Mellat.'s he;at .
"hlii' stprintr't of the Marys slarted in a
ractl with the ball andl actually kept iti
it until the sphere began to drop. Hi'
tutroed his head just in time anid, throw
ing tip his right lhand, caught it at lhi
last notch. The woniderful work sent
the ticachers and graundl.tanl all iithe way
to the insane asyhn' for seve'ral mili
In the seconid alnd thi'rd it was straight
nuts for both teains. It the fourth rif Ihna
jarred tlhe Marys with close elliorts to
reach the plate. Ilutte was retired when
Flaumery made another startling catchl ot
Huston's anitash into centll. ltii Sichln uic
for I lelta hit a ltot one ito thlie siaml
garden and Mcllale again ractl fur it,
making even oii hinors with ltlaniiry by
grabbing the hall just as it skimm ed
thi green.
FIlannery shot oil' just out of \War .s
reach and after Shefler had fanned i ilt,
with plenty of kicking on the unipire',
Sulliva:t and Holly both singhled, giving
Flainitry the third bag. It was thet
that l'artridgi, popped a foul fly which
waIs captured by Meltityre and killtd the
three itu er'r on iiii h tl's.
SLagle Lets Down.
It was h ceari , (lt playing ill alo.und uti
to ti, eighth hiting, and there was
nothing to it bIn t t pitchert' baltt le, with
IIiIhonors eveac. 'Jthet1 jc put ong more
Roach strlck out awl Wald put ta salt
ofl i hlltt Lhlltel' mu itt, I lkll Iw l t iw l out
arshall t.ame up at tl critical mome)nt
anid, as usual,, bhowed lls right to l b
d pendeCd upon telllnt i. hot olle out
ll r'eacLh ald wentlll overl to shaIke lhaI
with Mr. Shaller at I lrti . lie welnt t
.'((and on Kanel' s.loge a, dl adl error o"
shali er.
Mlintyre push.d the hail 5 ar out of
Ilt the bll was iumbhld jedl rlcl0tyrl
. ,cred. ll rkna got tw o s aglesh in this
nnin l but could not score.
IItn he i l th lultte ital't4 d ill to score
;In and batted lagle hrd. . her.
ire two III " i i. b4 w.lo Ward en 1 t
I S .lo oe e to Sch wel. 4ear 3ls' n ill
third was arxious and tried to s0 c r, but
Sauled to ddge Suiliva,, who hel l
arll at the, plate. Partridge got 3 arhall'
Ihlena went out in one, two, three
order, a fly from Partridge being caught
hy Kane when the ball had just reached
T' ls. fat shortstop's f 7 t.
AB. R. H. Po. A. E.
Ward, zb ........ 5 a 1 a o
Marshall, rf.... . 4 1 3 o o
Kane, bs ......... 3 1 1 5 3 o
Mcintyre. 3b..... 4 s 2 1 z o
ltoutz, If........ 3 o 0 3 o 0
Hlluston, a....... 4 0 o 9 o o
S.earfoss, c ......B. 3 e o r a 0
Mclialer, cf...... 4 ta a o
Roach, p......... 4 o r o 1 n
Totals ........ 34 4 7 z7 9 o
AB. K. H. PO. A. E.
Ilannivan, If..... 4 o o 1 " o
Schmeer, os........ 4 o o 4 a3
Flannery, c f..... 4 o s 3 a ,
Snaffer, ab....... 4 o a 0o o o
Sullivan, c...... 4 * 1 5 s o
Holly, 31)........ 4 o s It s
Partridge, rf .B...u. 4 0 o He e a
l)onalue, ab ..... 4 o s o ia
Slagle, p......... 3 o o o 3 o
Totals........35; o 8 f7 9 3
Score by inningst-Roach. Time-:
Butte...... s oo oo o 0 3 --4
Helena.... o1 o o o o o o o 0 --o
Earned runs-Butte, -. Three-barthy At
-Ward and McIntyre. Stolen bases
Ward, Houtz and Shaffer. Double play
Schmeer to Shaffer. Bases on balls-Off
Slagle, 3. Hit by pitched ball-By Slagle,
z. Struck out-By Slagle, 2; by Roach,
3. Left on bases--Butte, 6; Helena, 8.
Sacrifice hit--Roach. Time-One hour
and 40 minutes. Umpire-McCarthy. At.
tendance-Soo. -.
Sloppy Fielding of t he Bunchgrassers
Gave Home Team Six Runs.
ISit'IAt . tIo IN ert n 'NII its. I
l'ortl;and.l Atugaxt t - l'orthand starle' I
ill yesterd(Iay in the ver y firt itlnning and11
knociked the halt ill over the diaiilllniid untllil
the weary HtIinlchgrassor a were{a tireid chat
ing it. The visitlorl wtelt completely lto
l'it'e' ald dill not recover their etquilihri
tut until the honle asnin had six big rtuai
clhalked ill on the scre hoiard, enoughli lit
win any urdinary game. Alter the first
Stokane settled dowln to Iutsilese and
Portland got nIo imr onlci il across tilthe
plate un til the 'eighth inninig. The gamne
was aiot altogether an uniiterestiing o01r
to srtcll, and while there was considerhabl
looste playinlg o. i.bth sides there were
Iplnny redeemllig ftalllres. Kontal tIitiched
a nli'e gatnle for Spokane anld with proper
suqpiorl would have wont tile Kanie. lie at
lowed oly tive Ihits, andll struck nut three,
lhile' .even hits were recorded against
\\'ctrner and only on sItlike -olut. 'I he score
by innings:
Spoklane .. ....... I o ooli u I - 4
IPortlanud ........6 n u i o o on I 7
ltianed rumn Spokane, I. Sacriticrd hit
--1i.lrris. Stolen bastes Weet. I)lDonahuet .
Anderson. T'Iwo lae hit Zeiglrr, I)r'iael,
D)attahuic, l':ilsey. hairs oan halls ()IT
Werner, a.; oft Ko.ltal, I. Iannsed hall
Ilaaey. Double plays -I)leiwl toa Weedt.
lReitz to Frary; liart is to Weed. Struck
out Ilty W\erner, I; by Kosltal, 1. I.eft
on batses- IPortland, .; Splokael, 4. Ilit
by pitchler -- 'Van lIHturen. T'le of game -
I)lae houtr alnd -o minlutes. Attetinta'c -
t, a., thantpir', o .lgain.
Leaders Land on Drinkwater for Ten
Singles--tTacoma. Lncapes Slhut-out.
lsyr asi. l in ta-tat xittna.vsas.j
Taaiaat, r August ItiI a satI t'a potar
lihlidag w.ts the feature of y'esterlay's
g;ana', antd it' Ire'tquincty with whith Ithe
lplayers made etrrors was alstatlnding. Iha.t
for a liltl sttick wlork il tilt ninth inniil :
thelil' . tl' wa l have r'si ltled itll at ti
iate'r sahut oat for the S isitoa.s.
Vith twoI Iatait' outai it iokead like tilt '
Iaana'l was over', lbut 0 .larthy. I"ilsht. atnd
/ilnlntr each gI t 'single, Itllit. tihe
htse.. Ilantaanai at It Ia lto i fIr Dlrink
water and got a Ieauttly ight whtt'l I"he
w'uttlad it. The hit was good for a donltle
and hiath Mt arlhy aual ishelr s..teorad.
/.intntar scaoretl d on a wild throwa' andl Ilar
olrlie ;l.........n n Ke lly's m of at fly.
The hlaul wras t.un rtiaC ov, rc Sote ill o.
lt lilt folur tl, .runs tedited til vitsitr
Tht .taOti" by Oil aitng I:
',ote;l tlt" .. ........ o .1 1 11 . 1 1 a n I )
racolt'a .. a .......0 M 0 t nanka AI
Earned rmn Tacolma, : SAi'tle, I.
Sacri'ite hits Stanley, ; Khtifal . t Solel
baisr Iatlbill, Hiurley, UI)thrymuple, ';o
vall. 'I we harc' bhis 1 l;11101, Nagle.
lIes .in bal . ()f11 Sto lt: l, i; tll )link-.
waterl, 4. l)ouhlI play .Murdoclk Int An
il'r'ws toI Mc(il uthy. \Wild pitches' fly
I)rittnkwaittr, J. Stal'.ltk ou lt .lBy Sttvall,
y: hay ]ri'ikwlatr, .1. Lett nui lTtast's .
'latta tna, 7; at.ithle, '. f 'i guatte
(nI hour an ItlJ .It I inute'.. Alt'llantl (' -
7 .;'. l tm pit I'i:,her.
Not Such Easey Picking as, at First An
tictpated-G:neroua Action of
Race Track Officials.
.lea ral of that: 'aleara at the a tllt:
liack are arca'.gig tao go to .Seat.lh tut'
Ih. r.,i-. tIh tr uitl ltaai.y at tcarloadsl'
w, , .hippwd hutma tilt Itaatk.
J. Al. ( r:uIe of I' uatar & (tat'u la1t
ludaI;y with till' lIi; ',tlaible whiabl has IBteen
raIt d attllar l" Ital'e colors.
Il the htuncth wre: Phil Archibald,
lanoat,, ( ourlirr, J.arnatl an ad iLa lor
gi;t. 'I he latter wao a rate. at Lthe track
yr-t *rday alter mtally attia lta at t1- 1' first
.l)iln Kttan i tax al, t ai i shiplpedl Sylviat
Ia.:'s tto S'ttti le atd ,se've'rail i the other
owivera who hItave ftailad to nake' iaood inl
Ithe' :rt compani;ty at this track at- ar
rangting to go t thel croast in the ,1iopes
of picking tip eml.j{r onuutey than canl ib
had l attntg Ithe fa.t otes here.
I tr'r has lt'ren a 'lirger ltttlhin"r of
litaurs.s. at tihe track hb er, than is generally
stuert ill tutetingls otf this a-t- s and it hast
lttbeen a big sritinble liaun.ng somie of the
towners to atluake f(eal I1uteay.
As a malatter of fact tie speedy tones
iahave mostly outiclassed tilt] avterage' stale
brouata hla latre with ttita id .al tihatu it woatld
it(. .'asy Iitckitt'. ind at " raesult there
art' a nuaiber (atf |tablis with hlorses
whlicrh would average well on tae Seattle
track which have been placed under finan
cial obligatione that the club officials
have generously protected.
Our paniets cusedi yu aob our crest DcoeLWry unhsnown to the proceuaiou,
are to-day eousd we iodt e bsvs health children sinc~ cured tlwm.
irlo 'rf 'Y4o~ucabereat.
W t i° I .= Cured irlu~l n 15 to S aye d at home forounbtc·
the asss rouertesameguraty. It you preferto coma to Chicagro, we wUl
contrct }tto lmalroatare aabodbljs sad oocharg itwefaIt to cure.
IF YOU r 1VE aepaei'oai aes rrand 1 ld auos
au puute4 MoU body, M ' e Hws a os It tile *eNooncary
diee otae b ae halaed Ike lt apt te meet eOeuine phyasosuu. O5OOOc e e astall bLehuid our
.NaMr)mnhe {e 1.O ,Yen.
CO K M 9 _ 1602ftasonto Temple, Chicago.
May Stop Corbett-McGovern Contest.
Talk of stopping the Corbett-McGovern
contest, which is scheduled to take place
at New I.ondon, Conn., on August aq, has
been revived. State Attorney Lucas says
that he will do all in his power to stop
the fight.
Sured or Money Refunded
Dr. Mclenry's Headache
Are guaranteed to cure all kinds
of headuchr. You will find in
staidt relief front themn where other
remedies have failed.
They do not contain anty opiates
chloral or coal tar productas. It
is a new scientilic discovery .,.i
warranted to hI pet f'ctly harmless.
..Our Bed Bug Killer..
is not having the sale it
once had because it has had such
a deadly effect on the hutgs that
there are bint few left. We want
to kill themn. If you have any
bed bugs at your house try a bot
tie. only a5c. You will never
regret it.
Standard Drug Co.
Reliable Druggists
2to E. Park Avenue, Anaconda
Mail orders promptly filled.
b.A. aý P. R. R. Co.
Train connecting with Eastboiund N. P.
leaves Anaconda for Durant at at :35 a. so.;
leave Durant for Anaconda at j:lo a. ..
Trains Leave L A.i r. Bepst, Butt]
for Anacsnda, as fllows
y a. m., to a. a., seu.v . I., :as p. an., arrl.
p. m.
Trains Leave Union Passenger Sta
tlon Anaconda,for liutte, as follows
:3jo a. m., at-as3 a. t., .3 p. ia., ,ISt . ai.
Coinnections waill be made with Pit Nurt:ere
Pacific trains, both Fasut sald .'.'etbound. as
Durant. iastead uf Stuart.
Trains Leave Anaconda
To connect at .ilver Uuw with Oreglo
Short Line at j:oo p. n.
Trains leave Anaconda rl:o a. m.. t: p. m..
to counnet with Great £erthterln iLwaw,
lckets for salte for all print. loatr sad
throutgh, on the Great Northelu Ktailway. Ore
Finn Shos1 Line Italtroad and Northera
Pacific I:ailway and their connectuots.
Steamshlip ticket for ale to asil points I
Europe via the above l:hs.
Pullman Dining and
Library Car Route
crd Rll Iestern Polne.
Short Line to
Colerado, Arizona and Mexico
tSan racisco, Los A1ogl0c
(Oceam or .aud.)
And au Pacific Coast l'oint.
rJlpart.. 2:15 it. In. s :45 a. Im..Arrive
D)epart . 4:50 p. M. 4:40 p. "I..Arrive
Ticket Oflie. 105 N. Mahi ,treet
Butte. Montana.
n. o. WILo5N04. General Agt.
Six Million Dollars
Spent by the
U.P. R. R.Co
In nnprovlnl wh5at was originally the
Luarst trSck in the West.
A r .,,paratively slmnight and level
tondllil ball.ted with idutlless Sher.
n.tan granite, raIderin~i possible the
hIigbth rate of speed, together with
the greatest degree df safety. The
tagnlattude of the work Joust be seeo
ao e aIpprciateJT.
talid comforl, stcurity and pleasure to
ALr t Y'()J I .t.NG EAST?
11 so, you cannot afford to go via non
oth"." than ithi ItOYAL III(;I!llAY.
Further information on applicat~la
personally or by li.tter to
L. U. W ILuON., 0. S. L.
Butte, Montana.

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