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Has rive Hundred Specials Coming in
and Out of the Strong-box at the Jail
at the Rate of Three a Minute and Is
Urivcn to Distraction in Anxiety to
Avoid Wrecks on Various Systems.
John Maclntish is the latest acquitsitinn
of the county jail's j.ag department. IIe
was put in last ti:ht sullering with the
utIsaI; trouble. lie huad a bad case of
"ja.s" and was arrt sted in a ronlming
house la't eveninig after he had piled all
the furnituire in the hall and was rtun
ning an uts rlaIid train with it, ill his
Macinto-,hl is a painter, and he has
light yellow hair and a corn-colnred #n..r
tache. Ils complhsxin suggests North
ern Europe as his tatie laind, altihoutgh
he is a southernter. and he is known as
"Swede" AMacintosh. Although he is a
house painter andl has lived here for years
in a scry quiet way, hisi delirium siakes
him beIlieve he is the general manager of
a railway system.
All Aboard for Bedlam.
W\'hen lie gt all the room furniture in
the halls lie rushed utp iandl down waving
a pasteioard box for a lantern and gave
orders to "puill out" to 5s conductors,
more or less. lie was senldinlg trainsl over
all the roadis in the United Staites aind
others around tllhe world, not overlookilng
the graniil trunk lines f Eniglianid or the
big Trans Silberian road.
" ull out for \Iadi.v stoci k. .. rhie lisn
itied is off for Cllicago now." "All aloard
fur lirminghaml" hlie cried as he datnced
tip antl down the hall.
Slihe lillady thought there was a sll
riot los., essle ally ilhen the chairs top
pledtl over and there iwais a train wreck on
tie Vahh withe 75 killed alnd the fire
man fried under the engiine tiler. So she
telf lihoned the polics iand had Macintosh
t.itn to jaiul.
He Gets Very Busy.
lit was runningii his train over the jail
ae this miornling and the tIlyers ant li -
itds iwere cot iig into the tunionti dtepot
at the xr the xca it ate of one every
three tintuttes. The great tunion depot at
St. Louiis was nowhsere ctiompareld with the
"boxcar." and the traffic ecce . led that of
half the railroads in the coLLuntry. Tfhe
rpainter with the yellsow hair stood Ithind
the grated dour aind issued diispaltches in
btnches by putsing wast. paper through
the tars.
lie said lie was the president of the Ohlt
iuccaroo rad, the I. P. & 1.., the 'Sassa
fris, the (accrun Shore and four or five
huttlred imore, and thait he found great
pleasusre in the way the h(eels wenit routnd
on the trai that were always whizzing t
Whllen the ov rIlands weure all going in
fine style s ontthoily Sa,ii "Bick tup, back
iip." and it ma.de hi I very anigry.
lie declared that if his sclsiltle 5 re
iterrsitstt a halt ai second there would
Ite a miillioh n wrcsks thait io !l beat aiy
thiing ini hi-tory.
Creates a Rough House.
lie had a load of slieilhi rdesrs i the lit
tle red caloose ont onte train, and ill order
to get exerei sc, lie piled into the caloose
iand licked tour or five of tthem aind threw
the rest through the w.induw -all in his
glorious miniid.
At last cclssiunts this lorning lie was
issuing ipa.s to all the prisonesrs in the
jail to the lPhilippine Islands, where there
is to be an Elk picnic Sunday aifternoon.
T'hey are to blit routed over all air line
thait runs stiraighlt from luntt to Mantla
on it bridge that standl s ai ile ill the air
and begiis on thlis cd at the back door o
the court house.
Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress
August 19 to August 22.
For the absoe oc'caion ttie Nunsrlsrrn Pa
cific will, Ois Auguiit 15 and s6, sell round
trip tir-t-clhss tickets to St. luati, Minne
atolis, Kaiesas Cite, Ciouiicil Illuffs, I(itthaa
or St. Jusetph at rate of $.i500. T'ickets
good untilts i Cotuber as. For fistli"er iifor
niatlion ciil oIt ci r \\rite,
W. It.MEttIIMAN, GCe,'l Agt., N . . ey.
(or. lark aid Main Sttcets, tlutte.
Guaranteed Pure.
None So Good.
Order from
U. Uallick
E have a new four-room house and large base
ment for sale on W. Boardman St., Mount
Moriah Addition. Purchase price
Payments easy; title perfect, If you contem
platebuying look this up.
"Clich" Went we CnasnHa of the Inter Mountain Photographer as Exalted Ruler John N. Kirk and Other Butte Elks and
Their Ladies Were Getting on the Cars In Ba It Lake.
Storms County Attorney's Office With a
Large Kick in Connection With Certain
Case Authorities Saw Fit to Dismiss
and Is Exceedingly Hot Under the Col
lar in Interview With Mr. Lynch.
lich;ael \White was in the county attor
ney's othie this morning looking for
troublei. Thlre was ; dissatisfied look in
hie ycyes anid he glowered at ever)thing
befiore him.
"There is no justice here for a ptor,
hardlrworkig m;ii," said Mlr. \lhite, sell
t till iotisly.
It was not justice fir at man at all that
lie was ini search of, how'eve'r. lie was
searching for what he' regarded as justice
for a wointl, and in which the otlhcials of
the conity attiiorney's olhice did not agree
with him.
It turned oumt after hei hal glowerrcd a
bit anld male a few tr nlchlantl remarks,
that Mrs. \\hite, his Aife. had had Mrs.
.ohn1 Kiely arretied sime time iago oul a
icharge of assault with a nbruinii, a:lll the
case had been dislismsed in the justice
court o1i the ordei r of th lu(' 1ollu'y attorney's
Beneath His Awful Eyes.
"\'hat wa;s the c'ase disimi..ls.d I'l:" Mr.
\huite denituld,lI. lowieringly, while his
eyes shot forked lightnings at Asssistant
('itlly Attoruny ilanley and I t lputll
Loutly Attorney Il.ynch.
"\\'ell," replied Mr. L.ynch hbrietly, "we
found that there was nio case again t Mrs.
Kitly. lThere was 1ii) need of a prisucu
tiou. Y'our wvilfe was imore to blliune thani
Mrs. Kiely. \Ve fotod upon investigation
that she hal kept the in'ighbrhiodi it a
turimoil for a loiig tim', and that sit' called
Mrs. Kitry a vile iuine."
"And is that Ihet way you do bi usiniiess
hir?" Mr. \'lhtie demandId with a
scowl. "\'hy dunt you3 have a trial ?"
"\Vtell sr. dont spen.d Amtney on trials
'whei thlre is uo reasonl for it," .was the
There Is No Justice!
Then the digruntled .\Mr. While pro
ceedeld to rn.iark that lie was ditulcased
with the disiis.;al of tlhe caset, 1and that
there was ino justice for the pour and
htardworking, but it did lnot do hiim any
liet was rcmirnded that . Mrs. Kitly had
moved away from his neithborhood in
order to leave Mrs. White tbehind, and
also that Mrs. \White had not been beaten,
nIotwitlsttandintg what she had said and
the further fact that Mrs. Kicly had
started for her w ith the broimi.
After hlie had expressedl his opinion of
the failure of the Ipoverty stricken who
labor all the time to get a slab of justice
around there no miatter how often
they called for it, hlie went away and
slaummed tlhe door hard.
Great Northern excursion to St. Paul
and return. (good going August 15 and 16,
returning until October i5. For informa
tion and tickets call at city ticket oflice, 41
North Main street.
"This Cop, Barney McGillic," Writes Miss
Kelly, or Anderson, or Whatever Her
Name May Be, "Knows Mel" Wherein
She Was Right, for Shortly Afterward
She Was Safe in the Bastile.
Jou:'elphine Kelly, alias ,Mary Anderson,
was arre ;ted by Dletective .Mutl,hy yester
day on a charge of grand larceny and locked
tip in the city jail. She is suspected of
becing the woman waho on the 4th of the
I(ontilt robbed Charlic Andra.tchky, a
brewer living 8t H i Front street, of
$~65. Thie officer fi,itnl her at No. 437
South Arizona street, where she had
\\'het Mr. Mutirphy entered the house
the woaillian was. in the act of sending a
nlte to a lman frlietld whomi slit designiated
as "''Ilar Mark." but the note did not go
out of the ihouse in the tiael;lr she itn
tendei d it shounl. )it seeing the o:]icer
she tore the etpisti into '5 pieces and
attmlptId to chew them ip. but M.1urphy
caught hIr biefiore the pieces had receivced
ithe proper ii:latieationl to dicstroy the
lehihility of the writing on them. The
piecic.,s were, fterwards put tethr toihltcr tintder
a gl.ss at the city jail adl the wrsiting ott
th,:tn det iphered.
A Note to "Dear Mark."
The note' read:
11 rs. Nalcai. No. i 4.7 Arizona street:
Dear Mlark -1 have a chanice t.i send a
note- to ),t. I hL tse trid often, ut could
not gelt t chancet'; or, ratherl, was afraid,
butt I took t chtae tloday. I scn itt y one
hfore'. but yutt did not mecl ir,. T'his
cop, I;r'etty Mt illic, knowu s me. lie was
at the house yesterday and I rant into him,
but cscapd. Il1 you kntw if that fellow
is here yet that made thet kick? I have a
whole lot to tell you. Will you meet ite
;tolnoow I hriday) at tile ciorntr of the
alley bet"twcn lPark and Ilroaidway, on,
Arizotna street ? Walk up to lraidway by
tile M11 tltiltt Ihotiel, T'hl ere is al vacant
lot there andll I will s e tyou.
"iiho iuin that you are all it. K., I an
yours',. ep lit.'n."
Josephinel Kelly, or Mary Anderson, or
whiatever hr namie lay be, is a chemical
bhstle alout 45 years old. and a more
homiely l'ooking Vutniatn coiul inot lbe found
iin the 'iited States. Site was given quar
ters in the woman I ward of the jail pend
ing the arrival of "that fellow that made
the kick," for the purpse of identlifying
her tas tilet elt who took his i $650. When
Airasehky arrived lie was ushered into
her Ir'ellte a l asked tby the toltiers if
she wtas the woman lie 11ha picked up at
th'e corner of Arizonua and Park streets.
The little brewer sized her tillp carefully
a:ntl th,,n said: "That is the woman."
If Looks Could Kill.
The prisoner cyed Andraschky critically
during the ordeal and elndeavored tio put
on a bold front, but it was a feeble ait
temptl. "I never saw you before," she
chirped. looking idaggers of seven distinct
brands at the hbrewer.
Since the robbery occurrei tile police
have been untiring in their efforts to locate
lher, but failetd unitil yesterday. It was known
that she had rooims ill three different
places- one in the 1)akota block at the
northwe'. corner oif Dakota ail (;alena
streets, another in the Silver block, in
East Park street, and :nother at No. 437
South Arizona street. Shite has not been
at the iEast Park place since the robbery,
and did not put in an appearance at the
South Arizona house until yesterday.
(il the mnorning of the day after the
robbery Policeman Olds saw her enter a
restaurant, cat her breakfast and then
drive away in a hack, but where shite went
no one knew. Every hackman in the city
denied having taken her away front the
[Chicago Record-Hlerald.]
Lucille-But he has no imagination.
Hortense-He hasn't? That's where
you wrong him. Why, he thinks therc
are fully a dozen girls In this town who
have hearts that he broke all to pieces.
If So, the Officer in Question Did Not
Deem the Theft of $500 Worth of
Valuables of Enough Importance to
Make Mention of the Matter at Head
quarters, for No One Knew of It.
Where were the police? This query,
worked overtime of late in Butte oflicial
circles, is bothering the mIIanage('ent of
the Thornton hotel and frienlds of Brad.
ford Merrill, tnataging editor of the New
\ ork World, who lust his portmanteau con
taining valuable papers and property
valued at $50o.
The grip was set down by Mr. Merrill
\\ ednesday evening at the \\ yomuing street
enttrantce to the Thorntotn hotel, where it
5was supposed to be in the charge of the
plrter. Somiie one caIme along and stole
thie valise and up to today no trace of
the property or the thief has been dis
cut ered.
T'he negllign.ce of the police catte intto
proinenttet' \edtnesday night whetn the
hote-l porter notified a policemant, who, the
ortelr says. travels the Dublit Gulch
,eat. The oflicer oni this heat is Patrick
I ghes.
The policeman to whom the report was
ll;le.. failed to report the theft at the
plice station as relquire.d utnder the rules
cstablished by ('Chie f f Police Reynolds
;idtlte thhief was given nearly 24 hours'
The fact that Iio police report was sent
i aild ino attmlpt mtade to trace the stolen
,'lo t'rty, did inot develop tttttil yesterday
tliOt, whenl an itnquiry as to the restilt of
the search supposed to hIe startedtl. revealed
thie fact that no one in authority hlad Ieetn
Iltilied by the olficer to whom the first re
jlot was made.
There Is No Trace.
p',(ptain Everts, who is acting chief dur
ing the ablsence of Chief Reynolls. got
the first news of the theft in a saloon
1.st night and today was unable to say
,iheithter any otlicer had been notilicd or
;e,\, steps taken to trace the thief.
I) ttective Jerry Murphy was informed
i th tltheft yesterday but as yet has ob
ti nIeld no clew to the property or the
p- r'ont wanted.
The fact that a heavy portmtantean, filled
ith valuabllcs, could he taken early in
the eveninig and the police of the city
ttldl Ihe so indifferent as to fail to re
p'r't the matter. is taken by those actqlaint
I v. ilth the fac.ts as another indication of
the tlx motethods and the total tllismlan
'"l'' lint of the police department under
'\lich Butte is suffering.
For the good of the service in Butte,
iit is tip to the conltmmanding officers who
h l 'ttIn to still lie in the city to make an
investigation and an exaimple of the police
ntotn who are so indifferent to property
Irsses, and through negligence fail to
obhey the rules provided for making
full reports.
But Now Sigouney Wishes He Had
Stopped the Gentleman and Investi
gated the Contents of His Sack.
S. 1). Sigouney, who conducts a meat
market at No. 81t Front street, wishes he
ht;d stopped a man ire met coming out of
his back yard about 9:3o o'clock last night
with a gunny sack thrown over one of his
"What have you in that sack ?" he in
quired as the nlan brushed by him.
"Hlay," came the response.
The man with the "hay" passed on with
out further interruption.
Later on Mr. Sigouney made an investi.
gation and found that his two sets of har
ness had been stolen from a shed ie the
rear of his store. This morning he re
ported the matter at police headquarters
and a search is being made for the man
who had the sack of "hay."
Open Saturday Night Until Ten o'Clock
Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the
last day of our great
$11.95 Clothing Sale $11.95
Every suit in this store, no matter
whether worth $25.00 or more,
goes for $11.95. Last call.
Hanan's Fall Shoes HAVE
2,000 pairs of Hanan's men's new
Fall shoes are now on sale. New
B shapes, all sizes, all widths. Can't
be had elsewhere in Butte.
IM. J. Connell Co.
Trains. Depot. Office. Distributed.
Burlington (N. P.) from West ........... :4 a. m. z:oo a. . 7 :oo a. m.
Oregon Short Line................... :45 a. m. 3:oo a. m. 7 :oo a. m.
Northern Pacific, from West............ 3.;o a. m. 4:to a. In. 7:oo e. m.
Acaconda ............ ........... :3 a. m. 9:45 a. m o:oo a. m.
South Butte ........................... - 9:45 a. m. so:oo a. m.
WAlkerville ........ ................ - o10:oo a. m. 0o:z5 a. m.
Northern Pacific, from East.............so:55 a. m. Iz:x5 a. m. z :45 a. m.
Anaconda ...... ... ... ............12:25 p. m. 12:35 p. m. 12:5o p. m.
Burlington (N. P.) from Fast........... z:oS p. in. :o p. m. 1:40 p. m.
Gunderson . .................. -:oo p. m. a:15 p. m.
W~alkerville ................ .......-. - 3:o p. m. 3:20 p. m.
South Butte ...................... - 3:3o p. m. 3:40 p. m.
Great Northern, Great Falls Local....... 3 :50 p. m. 4:10o p. m. 4:30 p. m.
Anaconda ..................... 3:55 p. . 4:1o p. m. 4:30 p. m.
Oiegon Short Line ................. 4:40 p. m. 4:55 P. m. 5:30 p. m.
Northern Pacific, from East............. ?:ro p. m. ":3- p. m. 9:oo p. m.
Ar.,.conda .... .... ........ 8:o p.m. 8:25 p. m. g:oo p. m.
Great Northern, from West............. 9:45 P. m. m o:o p. m. 7:oo a. na
Trains. Close. Leave Depot.
Burlington (N. P.) to East ....................... 11:30 p. . 12:50 a. m.
Oregon Short Line .. ......................... 11:30 p. m. a:o5 a. m.
Northern Pacific, to East.... ................ 11:30 p. m. 4:00 a. m,.
Great Northern, Great Falls Local ................ 9:oo a. m. 9:So a. m.
Anaconda ...................................... 9:00oo a. m. 1o:oo a. n,
South Butte.................................. 9:oo a. I. -
Walkerville ................................ 9:oo a. m. -
Burlington (N. P.) to West...................... a:3o p. m. 1 :15 p. m.
Anaconda ...................................... z:o p. m. a:zo p. a.
Gunderson ................................... z:oo p. m. -
Walkerville .................................... :oo p. m. -
South Butte ................................... 2:30 p. m. -
Oregon Short Line.............................. 4 :oo p. mT. 4:50 p. m.
Anaconda .................................. 4:30 p. m. 5:15 p. m.
Northern Pacific, to WVest ...................... 6:30 p, m. 7 :2o p. m.
Great Northern, to East ...................... 7:30 p. m. 8:30 p. m.
Northern Pacific, to East.......................... 7:4o p. m. 8:4o p. m.
Anaconda ...................................... o10:50 p. m. 1s :30 p. m.
GEO. W. IRVIN, Postmastcr.
Special Excursion Train.
L.eaves Montana Union depot at I8:lo
. m., Sunday for ipcstone Springs,
Whitehall, Twin Bridges and Alder, re
turning leaves Alder at 6:oo p. m. Rates
a.i follows:
a..tte to Pipestono and return...... $.oo
Butte to Whitehall and return...... z.So
Butte to Twin Brid, es and return... s.So
!'utte to Alder and return.......... a.oo
Another Excursion to the Park.
On August 22 the Northern Pacific will
run another excursion to the Yellowstone
National park at the nominal cost of
$39.oo. This includes all necessary ex
penses for the week's trip; that is, round
trilp transportation on the railroad, as well
OF 1902
Is the new "Great Western
Limited," the most sumptu
ously equipped train rdn
ning every night between
St. Paul and Minneapolis,
and Chicago and Kansas
City vie...
Great Western
OGeneral Passenger Agent,
as hotel accommodations and transporta
tion in the park. Leave your name early
and secure accommodations for this de
lightful trip. For any other information
call on or address,
W. H. MERRIMAN, Gen'I Agt. N. P.
Ry., Cor. Park and Masin Streets.
Hong Kong Cafe
and Oyster Parlors
Moved to 1114 S. Main
Everything new, neat ansd first-class. The
Best Meals in the city. Great Family Din
ners from I:3o a. in. to 8 p. in.
Private rooms for ladies.
Hoping our patrons will find us In our
icew location, Ir4 S. Main street. Come
one, come all. HUM FAY. Proprietor.
Dr. F.A.
The Dentist
Extracts teeth absolute
ly without pain,
Fine Gold and
Bridge Work
A Specialty.
Prices Moderate
Fully Warranted
25 West Park Street

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