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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, August 15, 1902, Evening, Image 5

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to listen to the music of a really fine
piano. And the Voso is certainly that.
Perfect in action, touch and tone, it is
an instrument of the highest grade. It
is handsome in design, of elegant fin
ish, and durable. Always reliable and
sold with a guarantee. The best for the
money. Cash or installments. Bed.
'ock prices.
119 North Main Street
124 N. MAIN ST.
Sets of six balls TABLE
for $1.75 and u TNNIS
ward .......I NNIS
Headquarters for fishing tackle and
baseball goods.
As the name implies, this paint
"Noxall" other paint on the market.
It will cover 3oo square feet of sur
face two coats.
It is put up in 24 good shades, for
Inside or outside use. We warrant
every gallon of it. We have the sale
of it exclusively in this state and are
selling it for
Ellis Paint Co.
Euccessors to Carder Bros
FRose 104. 7 E. Quartz St.
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Best
For Heat
The chapest, the
most convenient
and best.
For Cooking
Saves labor, saves
money and food.
Gas Office
202 North Main Street
rtntral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgt.
Phone 85. 12a E. Park, Butte
I tcllcal Undertaker and Embalmer.
140 W. ParkSt., Butte. Phone 301.
Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe Ry. Co.
3 'rains Daily
From Denver to Kansas City and Chi
cago. Also the direct line to Galves
ton, El Paso, City of Mexico and the
mining camps of New Mexico and Ari
For particulars about the REDUCED
RATES EAST this summer apply to
General Agent, 4z1 Dooly Block, Salt
Lake City, Utah.
Honorary graduate of the Ontario Veter.
Inary college, Toronto, Canada. Treats all
diseases of domesticated animals eacording
to scientific principles. Office at Marlow s
stables, 0o4 South Main street. Telephone
sog. All cases promptly attended to.
(Current Notes.)
Orton Bros.--Pianos and organs.
Miss Florence M. Paul Is visiting in HelI
A. J. Volght of Armington is in the
city. *
J. R. Ross of Silver Star is in the city
H. M. Allen and wife of Billings are at
the Thornton.
Dr. A. B .Culter and Manly Harshman
of Kalispell are in the city.
W. D. Symmes and wife of Lewsiston,
Montana, are at the Finlen.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music Co.,
aip N. Main street. Tel. So4. *
A. C. Sandberg, dentist. has opened
offices in the new Clark block. *
Miss Delia Kehoe of Miles City is in
the city on her way to Pocatello, Idaho.
Beebe Grain Co., automobile tickets with
Soc purchase. New alfalfa, new timothy. *
Judge John Lindsay and family have re
turned from a fishing trip to WVise river.
MaiR springs, $1.oo; watches cleaned,
$1.5o; warranted. Mayer, 65 West Park.
M. Phillips, the well-known business
man of the Electric City, is in town to
George E. Moulthrop and wife left last
night for a trip through the Yellowstone
President James J. Ilill's private secre.
ray. W. E. Toomey, was in the city yes
Joseph Broughton of Walkerville who
has been on a visit to Seattle has returnmed
to Butte.
Mrs. J. J. Ferrell has rcturne.l from a
month's visit with Mrs. J. K. i'Pardc in
Rosie Saint ()nge died yesterday and
will be buried Saturday from Richards'
undertaking parlors.
J. S. Wisner, one of the old-tine resi
dents of Auaconda, was shaking hands with
Butte friends yesterday.
Robert Hart, the Garnet miner, yester
day accompanied several tons of rich ore
from that camp to this city.
Supt. II. J. Ilorn of the Yellowstone
park division of the Northern Pacific rail
way was in the city yesterday.
Sid. Williams, formerly sheriff of Valley
county but now a permanent citizen of
Great Falls, is in the city today.
Daniel Arms, register of the Missoula
land office, was in Ilutte yesterday and
returned to the Garden City today.
Theo. (;ibson, son of United States
Senator Paris Gibson and proprietor of
the Park hotel in Great Falls, is in town
Senator Clark has re-appointed Dr. W.
L. Renick as the oflicial physician and sur
geon of all of his mines in Silver Bow
Ike Heilbranner is now located at the
cigar stand of the Newbro Drug Co. where
he will be pleased to meet his friends and
old customers. R
Mrs. Dan Tewey and son have returned
from a visit with Mrs. Tewey's sisters,
Mrs. Ed Maxwell and Mrs. Murray B.
Miles of Seattle.
G. F. Gaub and Miss Katherine Greene
were joined in the bonds of wedlock yes
terday by Rev. J. E. Noftsinger of the
First Baptist church.
George F. Cowan, wife and daughter of
Boulder were in the city yesterday to meet
Mr. Cowan's brother and family who ere
here on a tour from Ripon, Wisconsi.m.
Walter F. Stewart and Miss Deyott
were married last evening at the home of
the bride, No. 655 East Galena street.
They left for Salt Lake this morning and
will visit San Francisco.
Eddie Bennett, a 5-year-old youngster
from the Paul Clark home. got tired of the
amusement afforded at the picnic given
by the Associated Charities at the gardens
yesterday and came into the city. lie
walked all the way and was lost for two
John Karn, who was tried yesterday for
maintaining a nuisance, before Justice 01
sen and a jury in South Butte, was found
not guilty and discharged. Neighbors com
plained that the bowling alley run by
Karn disurbed their rest, but the -jury
thought differently.
Buy a
And let harmony pre
vail in your home.
Give daughter a mu.
sical education and
you both will be happy
Buy your piano of
SHERMAN and you
will all be happy.
Piano House
129 and 131 East Park St
Shirt Sale Saturday
" In Men's Furnishing Dept., Main Floor
While the weather is warm and wilting we are offering the richest
bargains in Men's Summer Shirts ever shown.
"Savoy" Wilson Bros. and Other Fine Makes
Odd lots, broken lines and manufacturers' samples
In the seasons' latest styles.
Negligee Shirts
SAnd Shirts With each All Sizes From
. Laundered Bosoms n y 7 e 14 to 18 Inches
a) m Regular $1.50, $2 and $2.50 Values
The Best Shirts in the market, made of the finest Percale, Penang and imported Maw
dras cloths; white shirts, too, made of good muslin with fine linen bosoms and cuff bands.
Fancy Shirts with stiff bosoms and detatched cuffs to match; others with detached col
lars and cuffs to match, all good colorings.
Negligee Shirts with soft bosoms, some plain, others plaited, with attached and dew
tached cuffs to match in this summer's latest tints.
Watch Hennessy's Window Display
Pickings for Picnics
HrGoing to the "Miners' Union" of Course?
VHere are some articles, shown on our second floor, that women are likely to want these warm
. days. Closing out prices on every piece. There's no
" keeping them at these low figures.
SFor Women's Wear For Women's Wear
Serge Skirts in black and navy, were $4.95: Silk waists in white and light colorings worth
now $3.25 each. from $5.95 to $7.50 for $2.49.
SSilk and eloth skirts at one-fouth off Blaek silk waists, were $7.5o; now $3.65.
5 \ Colored silk petticoats, were $7.95: now $5.65 Gingham waists, were $1.25; now 75c.
SWhite and colored waists, fine qualities, worth Lawn waists, were $r.95; now 95c.
Sfrom $3.75 to $4.25 for $1.95 each. Pique and percales, were $2.50; now $1.49.
Neck and Waist Novelties
Shown in Hennessy's Notion Dept. Today.
Our notion buyer in New York secured from a maker of novelty neckwear at a very low fig.
Sure about 1,200 of the season's neWest and nobbiest styles in the Florodora, Automobile,
Ping-Pong, Lawn Tennis, lace and net ties. We are now offering them at about one.half
what similar styles brought earlier in the summer.
SNovelty Neckwear Novelty Neckwear Nobby Neckwear New Things in Belts
544 new Florodora ties of white 741 icw white lawn ties, edged Vsith so very hai.sid s Ionss v l ii s, Vi v ii, .i, ss hubblh hiathlir ai ilitent si t:her
muslin and lawn, with blue spots; good fine I r,,tch lace and iniertisn to (Guiptre and Rl n:iswi n.e edgis ami d bits , it i ul k sony; iy is fism i o to
washable quality; worth a5c, for 5c sniqtch, made with an embroidered pro- ,hpiit applique nlii ; 8 to ,., iithes if' rieli ; C, ly .{5 e edch.
each. tcdti'.s collar; $;.oo quality, for 5oc. Vi ide and wlng; daisiy its.siglsl; Ipric'I' ,.ts writ uii lhather silts in the new
144 new white lawn ties, with ena- 435 very pretty ping-pong, tennis anil ru $ s to $. 3d each, ail wor Ii ' he fr e ff'ctt slack I i gm
broidered ends, iin several pretty auto,,hile ties, iii white lawin giid aboult o l ,,,,in,; pi ice oinly 5oc i.a,'sh; all sew
styles; good washable quality, 3 to 6 evetiing shades, in silk, with ends LaCe 'olars.
inches wide; regular 35c and Soc ties, handlomsly triiined with lace in a vac New sathn uari ,ilk ls.lis, ii ihlh k
for aoc and 25c each. ietly of .styles; sose, too, of white A s tample line of the newest thingi i al ' hit,., with pretty hlir hkl;s if gilt,
d u k a u s t $ . 0 o .i t, V ,-n ise , (G u ip u re , R e n a iw . t ..a nde a o rl e h ized a n d silv t'r ; Ip ric t's fro m 6 0~c
24o new ping-pong and automobile duck; valres to $s,.5s, for 75c. irish crochet la ec collars, ri dh sh i tsna t, $.srrs each.
tics, of whitei lawn, with pretty eni. 2s,0 richly t'rtibruihered white Iiwin iin ssovs'l shapes, crearms, white :ussl Arats 3so n w pintr-pong sells, ii1 black
broidered tab collars, with tucked stocks and Issitlini tics, prettily edged with .lsadscs; prices fiomis $5.75 to $.5.s0 gid ssd white, eatirdt ed silk mail ntv
and hesistitched edges; also in white laces and embroidery; several new and worth I ;t least doubhl . sisy silk ws bb i g; i hi ,u:s i ts i,.st bslt sf
duck with tab collar and tucked stock; nobisy styles; priced from $i.o th $.e. s All t' I rs anr K r I eI t y aji wsistsiss s i.; s c s. : t, 3 t; Iric st $ .o
5oc and 75c ties, for 35c each. each. c llrs at half price, ti $ti,,.
and Gloves Bargains in Hosiery
4 The notion counters in this big store are more than In. Several lines of plain black hosiery for womeu and chil.
terestlng Just now, because our buyers are sending in some dren are marked very low. Take advantage of these offerings
thing new and nice every day. and lay in a supply. Prices never so low.
Veilings Women's Gloves Women's Hose Women's Hose
New chiffon veilings, in white, with N. s fabric s t lovs,' is ilisiti, lisle, last blaick \iis cittn I i ,s full list c,,ttsn host., iturlirrts fs t
large interwoven spots, in green, black tafl t ii and silk; s'lsrs whlit, black, fa r sinsd. bliack iid rstailu ; a ,site have white .
and white; the nobli.s t veiling for face tan rut gray; iin all sizes' ; iericrs's -sc
or hat; width i8 inches; prices 5uc to to .. pair. 2C Quality for 1Oc ..ii Vals for 25c
_ i .00,' l~erfu~Perfum es t sso n a II irk ns a ii, lustn l g o ,tnuih.,; snic s . ri s :, sri s tiry ts1 s uk
New lack and white chiffon, sewing s vrral leading itakes and latest tri isns a siluits tly ssiiles ls i ii ri rs rrost ts istfyhcc
silk and tuxedo net veiliigs, at asc, odor-i hy the sunti or in bottlte, from linsstsn :ru1 "t)nyx" fslt slack, full
35 i and soc yard. boc to $t3 cactih. 3 Pairs for 50c f ,i...tsisss and stain, s; regular 5ec
aild 6sc valvir's.
French Kid Gloves Fancy Hosiery r, ..... ssu lisle ass... .,c." 'l' 3 Pairs for $1.00
All lengths for evening wear; new orin,, i finc li isic thr ylad, ol, work all r e ,; stainsc,' blck, fti ll fa Jhi sne. \ ,mens fine lile hose in plain
shades, buede and glace kids; all sizes, and lace tltccts, with dotlle ,,lcsi ; valuts to $i.-'5. gailc lisle thread ard faI ny drop
At Half Price All at Half Price Only 75c Pair ,,citit' st ' ul iashioned wsh
Hnde to hildren's Hose $1.00 Quality for 50c
I hlilik'nlitisls itirliiehldren's Hose
A Handsome .Souvenir Free to Fast ,back and stai,,es coto .... S'" hildren's Hose
C ustom er fline asid heavy ribs; our 25c ,iuality. Ihtys' astl girls' very hie eotton anI
Evry Customer 3atday t Pairs for 50€ isli l,,,as hs, 'hiyi f.st bck,
livery aturaaydotileli soles and kntees; our regular 5oc
________________________________________________ Boys' and girls fast black cotto 1 iquality.
rl .I fl es ny ss y ,Bo e . fineaeavy ribs, douhle knees Agn Pairs for $1.00,,,.
Orders to nS onaa5€ale o 5 Agtsfor "Only:" Ho~siery

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