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That fits
You know a skele
ton coat or flan
nel suit is com
fortable but you're
afraid of its ap
pearance ......
This store's sum
mer clothing is
made to fit. They
don't hang flimsy
as the majority of
summer clothing
Serge Coat and Vest
$3, $4 and $5
Serge Suits
$1o and $15
Crash Suits
$5 and $7.50
Flannel Suits
$8.5o and $io
Duck Pants
ians & Klein
r20-122 N. Main St.
Boy Has Made No Effort to Secure Counw
sel or to Get Out on Bond-Andres
Being Held as a Witness.
Assistant County Attorney Yancey drew
an indictment charging Samuel Gottlieb
with grand larceny. Samuel Gottlieb is
the 8-year-old boy who dug up and ap
propriated $310 belonging to James Lewis,
the old man who was killed by lightning in
the llomestake mining district.
Gottlicb has been in the county jail since
Sunday evening. William Andres, a hack
man who is charged with being an accom
plice of Gottlieb's, is confined in the wit
nesses' department of the jail. It is not
yet decided what sort of a complaint
will be filed against him.
The indictment against young Gottliebh
will be filed in Judge McClernan's courC
within a short time and the youth will be
tried on the grand larceny charge.
lie has not sought to get bonds or coun
sel as yet.
Several Parties En Route to Yellowstone
National Park.
Agent Wilson of the Short Line has
been notified that several parties from the
East are going into Yellowstone National
Park by way of Monlda.
Yesterday a party of 41 tourists entered
the Park from the West and today 3t took
the stage at Monida for the nation's won
derland. ....
Managers of Various Hotels Return Their
Estimates, Which Provide for Less
Than One-Sixth of Total Number Who
Are Expected to Attend-Committee
Will Meet Late Today to Cons. der.
W'hat is to become of the guests of the
the city who wtI. visit Butte at the open
ing of the International AMining Congress?
This is the question that is now puzzling
those who have the matter of entertain
Ilentt in charge.
"\We cannot entertain to exceed too
guests in addition to our regular trade; in
fact that number would compel us to use
cots in parlors and hallways," said Hlugh
Wilson. manager of the Butte wlen asked
about the matter today.
"T'he Thornton. by squeezing and doub
ling, might be able to take care of about
l(o extra guests and give theml a place to
sleep. ()f course we could feed mattly
times that number," said Manager Thorn
"One hundred and twenty-five extra
guests would fill this hotel so far as sleep
ing rooms are concerned," was the reply
of the Finlen manager.
"The Southern is nearly always full.
VWe might provide sleeping quarters for a
few, but not many," said I)ant Te"ley, pro
Irietor of that hostelry.
"\What has the local committ'ee of the
International Mining congress bccn doing
about providing for accnnommdations for
those who will attend tle congress.," was
asked Governor Rickards. "Nothing yet,"
said that gentlemana; "but the erxcutiiv'e
committee will meet at 3 o'clock this after
noon and appoint a commolittee whose sole
duty will lbe to attend to the iitlter."
It is expected that at least 3,00o persons
will attend the congress, and as the hotels
cannot entertain nmore than 5.0 it becolmes
the dluty of sl"ne o.e to see to it that o,5,o
visitors to the greatest Iniiing camp on
earth are not tCompclc'd to walk the
It is rumored in police circles that an at
tempt is being made to spirit out of the
city for the time being all of the little
girls who it is claimed were debauched by
Ernest R. Herthorne, now in the county
jail. It is a known fact that some of the
girls have left the city and that someone,
evidently a friend of the prisoners, is do
ing all within his power to get the alleged
lecherous brute out of a bad scrape by de
stroying the proof against him.
HIenthorne lived alone in a little cabin
in East Gold street, between Arizona and
Wyoming streets. It is claimed that ha
made a practice of enticing to his cabin
girls ranging in age from ii to to years.
Two or three of his younger victims told
all about his conduct towards them before
his arrest and oflicers (lid the rest.
The police department will assist in the
prosecution of the prisoner. Some of the
members of the department had knowledge
of the man's doings, and had suggested
that a watch be kept on hint in order that
positive proof against him might be ol
tained, but before they sccured a hohl on
him, he was nabbed by the county author
Associated Charities Take Three Hun
dred Little Ones to the Park.
Nearly 300o boys and girls bclonging
to citizens that cannot afford to t:l.e their
little ones out in automobiles and dtloulc
deck, pneumatic-tired road carts were
given all outing in C(olumia (;arlens yes
terday. The little ones were taken cut
on special cars. The youngsters had entry
to everything at the gardens except the
bear cage and hyena den. They rode on
the merrcy-go-round, played baseball in
tie ball grounds, enjoyed the use of the
swings and heard the automatic banjo play
at the expense of those who had nickets.
The outing took place untrder the ais
pices of the Associated ('harities. A splen
did lunch was served by the young holy
members of the ('hritian Ihteavor, lap
tist Young People's unin aind Ilpvorth
L eagute,
School of Mines Trustees to Put in
Needed Improvements.
At last night's meeting of the local bard
of the School of Mlines it was decided to
Ipurchase $r..o, worth of test mlachinery
for use in the Ilmechanical and engineering
departments of the school. Professor
Blowiman, Iho is spending his vacation in
the East, w\as authorized to muake the pur
President l.eonard in Ihis report stated
the improvements ordered for the labora
tory for chemistry and Metallurgy would
be tinished in time for the fall ternm of the
J. E. Rickards announced that he had a
conference with Senator Clark who had
promised a check of $t,ooo for the school.
Mountain View park tickets will be
on sale at the B., A. & P. railway passenger
depot and at Great Northern office, 43
North Main street, Saturday, account
Miners' union picnic,
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which is death to hide," a philanthropic
young gentleman of Butte gave tlIs men
dicant Lothario a hand organ that played
real tunes and brought in real nickels.
Cast Bread Upon the Waters.
lie cast bread upon the waters and
did not look for it to come back to
him in the form of rocks.
But alas, for the guile that lurks in
the brain behind the light that failed I
For the music that caine from the or
ganl grand anid sobbed and mnourled and
w ailed.
For the dirge that caine from the mu
sic box and floated across the street.
Was the fall of poor Dave, and the
nickels he won, brought sorrow and dire
lHereafter the sign that reads "I have
lost tity ligiht" will have a double signi
ficance. "Light of tiny sout! My light in
the darknessI The light of other days!
My 2,n candle power hour of the poor
farm hals gome." That will blie the real
reading of the sign.
But iti' story of poor )ave I One day
last week, lie tired of the mounotomiu drip
drolp of the nickels and dimnls in his
music Iox can. lIe longed for his old
friends at the poor farm. He thought of
their misery, their loneliness and their
dritought. So Dave picked up his music
hox. calledh a Ilessengerr aoy, and went to
hi~ home,. Hie counted the nickels and
dimes. Ile found that lie had $-,o over
and aboive tlh price of 20 hnttles of
whisky anl a hack.
A Good Sackful of Coin.
T]ie $.oo was cunmbersome. being mlostly
liik.e's and ditmes, so Ith put it in a sack.
It nsi; good cotn of the repiublic and it
looked very mtuch like velvet to "Poor
llind Dave."
"'I" tii-I toor fatm." said he. gratndilo
itgeitly~ to the hiackmllan anil away he went.
Arlrivint at the poor fatl lil. lie rounded
lp all the wtonlmli sho knew him in the
days of his ipe uer. lie ahowced them the
$. , a:nd he invital thAn t-i drink.
"I'll teach you to drhink hleep ere I de
liii" ,aiI tave.
Theli he took a few thimself and then
he ma:le a speech. 'I ilies of the pot1M
form", saild Dave. "I :have come1( to res(ele'
you from n Ith arutlo of poverty! Fly with
iltl inl yon hi'.k. Not a: wotmanI shall re
main. 'll, tho hack! Away l"
Now thire wsere two wi.-etn ill parti;ctt
lar who had desims on Dlave and a
thirst. Miotly, they hadt a thirst. Dora
Shaw had be.ie dr eamiing in her little
c't of a knight wh' o wou, d com( in a
halk with money :and fre.dom and -ln
ottlhts of whisky. She ook lDave's word
and tl ht hack.l
She Came A-ruinnin'.
ItBut )a 've is wtll lalnllo g:tinisl. Mrs.
Doherty, ltoo, was dry anl tired of the
barren life at ttli fa;rm.
"I have .ieen down oin the farm t.long
enough, Davey," said .lh-. "I'lln in with
the hack and the mt.,'y anildl tilt- whisky.,"
In spite of his hlo 'n l t appe als. )anve
could get llno more of lit' woment' to take
his offer, but two woimtn. was inot a had
catch for tnt' blind man, sit lie calhli4 the
"To the cily," said Ie. with adildil grand
iloqtience as lie rattl h thlt sack of t;ekels
and dimies and stowed the surplutls of the
whisky utnder the seat.
It is necessary to draw a veil over
the tviuetniints oif the trio for a week.
D)ora is now serving 30 dlays in the
county jail. She had delirium trtimnes.
Mrs. Doherty, too. seeintg it.' stock of
whisky, nickels and dint.s dwindlitng made
at escape.
Has to Get Even Somewhere.
"I think I'll sue th1e street car m.tn
pany for hitting iw,," said Dave. That is
I)ave's mtcthitlI of aicknowhldgiin philaut
ihi has lost mueh of his contfidhence in
his old friends of the poor farm.
For a quiet, remuneraltive, clea':in easy
life hlie thinks there's nothing like the halnd
organ after all.
Making love is hazardous. It takes
rmoney to btity whisky andti then beIsides
it casts a reflection on the mendicantt
business to get mixed tip in escaplades of
this nature.
'old Joe" From the Catholic Cemetery
Is Up Before Boyle-He Is Released
and Undertaker Is Fined.
Joseph Norbly, sexton at the Catholic
cmetetry, \a; anrrested yestertlday, charged.
with having ibuied a body in the c-me
tery without ftr ,t s ing the certiltate of
death. 'hi' comiplahit was tmade by tlhe
health uti'e'r. Thi, morning Norbey
plea.l ed lguilty in the police' (courlt anad
Judge lioB yle fi ',il bli $ .
"Your honor," .ail the prisoner, wlh,
is familiarly knwn its " 1,1i Joe," I will
protmi.,.e you that nobioly will gyt jnto that
pilace a;lain with i 1' e rolper creldentials,
if yit till let mI . g, this ti e.
"All right." r.epomdeAd the jwme. "IJ
you will obey the law in this matter I'll
let yout off, bit etltenm' .er and dio Inot let
this thinlg let'cur again."
Slihrtly after thei Sexton was fined, a
warrant wais isstued for the arrest o(f In
dlertaker )uggan, who, had charge of the
r-oly that cause, the sexton trouhble, hut
before an offlicer hui time to serve it, Mr.
I)lng an walked into thle rnm, pleadhed
guilty to the ao.lusatiun, and vias fln.ed
$Lo, lie paid tih fine.
Ilealth ()flie r Stulliv:n ,ays - e intend
to prosecute all who siltate the ordiance
relating to the hurial of bodlies with(out
thIe Inee ssrivy permit.
H. A. Conn and Charles Dyer, Reported
Lost in Alaskan Wilds, Both Alive
and Well at Last Mail.
Mrs. Fred Paorlin oif tlhi city has receivel
a letter franm her sister in-law, Mrs. It. A.
Conti, iof No uu, Alaska, in which she
learned for the frst tirme that II, A. Contn
and his tbrother in-law, Charles D)yer, who
were reported dead, are both well and pros.
In a letter received in Butte in the lat
ter part of .June and signed Iby I,. K,
Leys, it was atnnouncel that Mr. Cort
was "the proud father of twins" and later
that "he was frozen to death on the Arc
tic divide."
As the story was published extensively
in San Francisco and other Western papers
it was generally believed and the news
of the health and prosperity of her rela
tives was a joyous message to Mrs. Par.
No More Dread of the Dental Chair.
New York Dental Parlors
Permanently Located In Butte. Employ Modern
Methods, Modern Appliances and Modern Men.
The New York Dentists Do the Largest Dens
tal Business in America.
Be Sure You Are in Our Office. Over Symons'. Opposite Postofflice.
Teeth extracted and filled absolutely without pain by our late acs ntific meth
,ds. No .lerp-producing agents or cocaine. T'hese nre the only Dental Parlors in
Butte that have the patent appliances and ingredients to extract, fill and apply gold
crowns and porcelain cdowns, undetectable from natural teeth, u.'id warranted for
ten years, without the least particle of pain. Gold crowns antd teeth without
olates, gold filing and all other dental work done painlessly and by specialists.
Gold Filllng.... $1.00 Gold @rowns...$5.00
Silver Fillling..... 50c Bridge Work.... $5.00
Full Set Teeth........................... $5.00
A Protective Guarantee Given With All
Work for Ten Years.
We will make a specialty of gold crown and bridge work; the most beautiful,
painless and durable of all dental work known to the profession. Our name alone
sill be a guarantee that your work will be of the best. We have a splecialit in
each department. Best operators, best gold workmen and extrantors of teeth; in
tact, all the st-ff are inventors of r.odern d entistry. We will tell you in advance
exactly what your work will cost, by free exaination. Give us a call and you
will find we do exactly as we advertise,
New York Dental Parlors
80 W. Park, Over Symons.' Dry Goods Store, Butte, Montana
Hours.LS.30 a. m. to 9 p. mo. Sundays, 10 to 4
Butte Labor News.
Applications Received and Granted by
the American Labor Union.
i mbr111 1 f ll'new unions. All it N.l llll l tI. lthe
all,"wins;: lh lena t ;armtent M. et'., ('I'I
inntati t nion of Steam I' na i e1.m . \ 1t.
tor I.lulberlnllan's union li \'i !o, 1Mon.;
I ainver E:ngineer.,s lrotherhoi. , I . ai l .and.
Machi"i Sheep Shl'arers ' unun,. at lar;:,ge,
\miric:a EInigiui ers unin at (I levelt; d,
( Labor Notes.
P'resident Ititn Mcli).tali andt Secre
tary ( larence Smith of the: AmtericatI
1 alabor lliit a lion have g 'i tio A ta\ tl lai to
:itend to mat(l ters cottni ete wilh the
President of1d lli hea.. J l. h.nllli,
I11 ,llael l ' ley rand \\ia i ali sl l W .j .h t lt
th,. Miners' Ii l ion went to Ainamola tyet
Ih National I'rewry \o.rtkei,' unlion
Ilratltns to cutlst l atfrom thl l fir ricli
1I' lera ion of I.La for tiss ist ptitt itt.,
NET. gbhh up the enginSE rTS and ;1 irnV n
Aull neport of Laborion of the oard o
hat crhangeI it, h(e.ahlilartrts from the
lizzie pluck to the I nlusylvania Iuil -
ijg nn West Park street. 'I he ste- 1 -
qura liationhrs will occSilvupy roo-m jini
the headquarters or the Amnelicani l.abor
Il'ioin. hliss Jane E. Murphy, use of the
stenographers employed in the ogur es. f
th io ,, Iiuijhas been seleted t lo, lo, k after
the husines t of the i$, assoeiatio ill Ith
.nw buiiling. She will kieep ra i Il of
the line Uers. nd act as-l l ent il fr tihe
mem ers lookinlll for lni l llloy n ent.llI.
AT MORE THAN $16,000
full Report of Labors cof the Board of
Equalization in Silver Bow-An
Itemized List of Figures.
1i the rh. ll of i , oth l rs of th Io ardit
1iutalitatli l m of Silv(r lIj w, coulily, jui-lst
Itclilu, theri isc ;i ieti iln, cr. as, in the
ttlsed vlnneatn of all property in the
i tlcry of $as6s . rnted to the antiount of
nu nL . 'I hi, in, hules railr,.ul plo-l
Tle retular annuatin, ixcl ie of e toche
Ir .' - .- $ , ..4,'.* ., : i r. lf (-r th .la -
i/oir, itof the dvatitern Mi .c Enterprise
ctt 'I he illgross de el at te oic of the
h, n't inirea',e thus is $16, -s.
I I chan's] i iii l,".' were a;t fullowus.
I :1,11 value of I'r al "stattl other that city
I : ,,N1o ltll, deere ' $l, $, ; . .., u'rv
Value of city' a'1 t,,n i lo1 , decrta-;
S, ; inlupr'ov'c ln ts on sa vn , drl trms ",
\ahlue of all real properlyrtv aw inimiivr
it. , decreased, $6,., 0.
De r rv'ase in ollrt.e:lcs a/l taxable
i wlds, $iH,uI .
In c r e a s e ill e x p r e s ,, w a g 'r ( "1 11 l l ,
"irvct railway ;nd el.ctric light Ilan
1)lcrea',e i watch. ,, j.wclry, lila' ', r.tc.,
I)I(ra.se ill hous..hold uod,.1 and furni
cltcl ea n in mn rchandise stocks. $;6,0 ,
I),etr(las in Illntlly (,it hanl d, $2,700,
I ncrlahtse in machinery, $20,000.
D)tcrease on common mules, $30.
Total Increase on personal property,
1 (no,(0, , ant decreases, $21,870.
Total decrease on real property and im
l rovements, $62,080,
Total increase of all property in Butte,
$5.1,6oo, and decrease, $490445"
Walkerville property increased $t,80o
and decreases granted to the amount of
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular annual meting of the stock
holders of the Western Mine Enterprise
conmpany will be held at the office of the
'i+ll, .l h . ll.t111111 1 s 111 11 Ill M illi, '.tl I , i( ,
1,:1i, i hIui114 l1 ,lt' .111.1 11t .1" li ,, , I , i 111
ill i i .111111i.' ii l 111 ' 1 : 1111 i t ii, l, i.t r
1 1111 , in ( 1 111 1111111 .1; 1 til 111 111...;111
\\'lillh i ('11 1 ltp .1 o ,i l th I, .ti d (' ..a
,tr II ,In tn 11 1 .Ur, \1 t. hl . . ', .it tith I Ill it
Il ,ii x . M i i. v,, 'li' t t t ,Ill i .1 1t1 it i. .1
l lt iv.t, lfle tlk' ', ,1, a t h ,a , 1 t hIll. .i
yI ht i ll l L... 'i .I 1' .1 11t t11 ll t l Iil : .1
tihri' ti. t i , dl illnp I i 1111n . i .n1 ., MluilltN
t11 I I.s ilIi l ll f lu nr ii' ti 111 1 .11,1 s iuelll
I\ t11111 4t'l 11i t l 111i t Iig .i t II C hl l. ti h I ll11t h
(':l i ll tr 'fr It hl lim l I, 0 i.d ., i lV ' r '
the col tIiactors, ilt deI:ln li: l $.. a day ofll
ir1 hiIursn, ,lih hOul o IIIn ,ILSaturdaiy. 'i ITll
.situ.ti'm hlll a' :1','1 1111 a11 ,I Vy v a)l '(- 14' ly
rrai n ll ' thr o .,i hllly or f I sy at l .ll h t1
strikei , i thi , tei-lu ru iulit- iii y Iad is.
The Ionck'Vrs' ul llPln pIropltse' , In t;ike "i
iew ip arIa' tur i n l tl 1, Il ;it o itf l ldingi
anId 11111alitg vQulsit at the London, r lg.
1:onu, h. , dck d , hatvv. It i, prno pod.
th t Ih .e tion, as a' a Ibody 'rpo. t. l l, Shall
i ml l til i 'l f I ll w it II x I II/n g ' atlt ;ICtlol's, bl y cuo -
lt'ring Into contractll with Chea U)ti51 pen
alty lais attau hnl, and tihen di , theil work
by and th.1o gh tl i llolm f i lht" 1f i1 t t1 imll
o. ly.
"|'h're hai bt rn a gI er'llrral Ilikc inlu t#,
ratt'd :l n.g lhilI gar tt1l w torkeri in No w
YTrk for highir wal lts and shnller hours.
It is estlatld that t ,l wIkr arc e 1oi.
Thi e oatus of th e strkl i., that it is fa
vored by th- woum,. ; mid opposed generally
by irthe lein. 'Ie h trk er, dPraannd Aa 5
hour worliN wck, th. payment of lBlast
y at's. unions tial'e ; ul IIte 'lployln. t of
only union labor Abot hine differnt
companii y, rlOi 4 ('a, y blck, lile, i.rn
T! lli, on Wee.slday, AigI,t ;.oi , ld Jo.L, at
i o'lock i. 1l., fl or th' clctioin of ia
hoard of ti'lutis ald f"r the itianaction
of .itch oth1'1"r uIlineS ' as may lawfully
colll" bcfor. the tini1lg. 'T'h, ho <ks of
thi" c piallilny, far lit th" ral .af1-n of ,to1'k prior
tai ,,:Ii I me-i ting, will close, August i4,
A. J. Ilit NNl I. , St;,cr1i;iry.
Illl", Montana, August ,, Io5n..
Depatrrmnt Is Carlled Upon to Ltihngitsh
Two 1lze, in Early Morning.
1J 11.11ii l' of fu , w ,+re+ tirnt l ii tili,
ioornr ing bI fon" (Ir ' .+ i< l . 'lh" 1 ."I
1 1 11 'htl hi th e d ow nin l ei t to ." o . 24 7 J1: i,1
\l1 (lii'y .ll 11 r st i r,' Ih ' t ,o ,soul h,..o
o,-t piivl lay J,,hn I6.iscr PatI f1:unily 11a.,
4,11 fil. flolm ai 1:]lny exp0l.,ion.
hlh ,' a+n' d 1111, in the. .,1,,m' n .,n I::1"t
Ih ,,oid liy, u1 1til rrntly illl I by M ilk
T r<.l-I~y. It wa1 1 di i ,cim'rl by \Villialm
lb -;;va', fur, ni ily w.c viaIg ; t of pAlic..
I..vidcunlly yth bla/i 111,, t .l work of nit
i ,cmiidary. Bloth ftireh w,- ' put iut with
1,,mp;uiatively little daiiagv.
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the goods and the lowest prices.
Montana Book Co.
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Music Day and Night.
Day time stage, round trip .... aac
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ath and fare ................. oc
e. LANGLOIS, Prop.
Crlchrated Ilcsb Sani.
tarium. Guarantees to
Scure all diseases by
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near medicrincs, never
S before introduced lt.e
this country, whi.l
have cured thousands, and can cure you.
Advice free. : West Galena street, Butte,
0 Butte. Mott. o
0 Capital...... Sloo,o.oo 0
o Under s.ate supervision. Five per 0
o cent Inaterest, payalle uualterly. 0
o paid on deposits. 0
o Money to Ltran on o
Real Estato o
o F. AUG. IIEINZt' . ...'resileut 0
o A. B. Cl.EMENT3.......Cashler 0
o 0
o JoLh A Crrel,ton....... Preidhent 0
o G. V. StIpletn.... Vice I'resident 0
oa . M. Ilod.astl...........Cashir. o
u J. O. lodges . . .. Assistant Cashier
a0 t. B. Nuckulls...Assistant Casiier c,
o 0
o o
0 !'n t7: stite si5 rrvi,.inn and 0
0 jurl'h.ctiun. ItIllet paid on de- 0
o I. ita. 0
0 Sells exrhn,'ge availadle in all 0
the principal citie, of the United
O States and Iurope. Coll,:ction o
Oa rompltly ,ttenle'l to. 0
o0 Transact general .ankLing husices, , 0
o l)i)edtur: J. A. Creightuon, Oma. 0
0 ha; G. W. Stapleton, A. 11. Ila:ret,
o E.l1. I. evitt, S. V. Keamper, T. M. 0
S hini.gen.s, J. . lihdrens. 0
, Corner tMain and I'ark Sts.. ru'tte. 0
0000000 C 000000000000030000
0 o
The First National Bank g
o Of Butte. o
0 (lEstallihsl.,l t879,) 0
0 Capital ....... $200,0)3..3
0 0
o Drafts drawn on all prinielal cities o
0 of the World and Letters of Credit 0
0 issued. 0
o - - 0
0 0
C ANI)R,:W j. DAVIS....President o
0 IAMES A, TALIItJOTT..Vice Pres. 0
0 E. II. WEIRICICK..........Cashier o
o J. S. DUlTTON..Assistant Cashier 0
0000 00000000 ')ooooooooooood
0 W. A. Clark. J. Ross Clark. 0
0 0
0 Transact General Banking Buslnass0
0 Buy gold dust, gold bars, silver 0
o bullion and local securities.
o Boxes for rent in safe deposit 0
0 vault. 0
0 Sell extbange available in all of 0
o the priscipal cities of the United a
0 States and Elurope. 0
0 Special attention given to cullee. 0
0 lons. 0
0 Cashier. o
SIsltablished 1082 lncorporatel 1931 0
o 0
, CspitalI... $100,000.00 0
o o
g General 0
Banking Business 0
o 0
SJON . YAN ........ President 0
() JOHN IR, TOOI.E.. Vice President 0
o C. C. SWINi3OI.NE......Cashier
o . A. KUNKEL.....Asn't Cashier a
o o
00c'00 C000000000000000000000,
C. R. Leonard, Pres, T. R. Hinds, V-Pres,
yayette H.arrington, Cashier
Silver Bow National Bank
CAPITAL, $100.000.00
This bank solicits accounts, offers prompt
and careful attention to business of cus.
tomers. Collections promptly attended to
and remittcd for on day of collection,
Sell foreign and domestic exchange, trans.
act a general banking business, pay in.
terest on time deposits.
Directors-Charles R. Leonard, F. Aug.
lieinze, S. Marchesseau, A. U3almforth,
R. A. Louis, C. W. Newton, T. R. Hinds,
John MacGinnis, l'ayette larrington.
hose tiny Capsules are super or
to Balsam of Copalba
Cubebs or Injections and
the same diseases with.
Sold bin acne inariest

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