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Ed Mayo's Intentions Are Good But His Arm
Gives Out and He Hires a Kid to Do His
Rooting For Him--Chitchat.
Talk abiutt rotting Iy pIroxy I hhnnie
Limtt'ni,, aod I.d Mlayo iirdervd two big
grunttl, to rnit fIr the Mary.
Sim],,,,! i kept hJis hell {,inet all !h iuill.h
the gha te ,ut M. 0 Net I ti al and ;ti
n tt'1 n a h if~ s , l llt .' IIio ll o f I .;1 a ~ ;a r m .
'I hI riir nwrit r ;illrllmitan fromn the Fionn it
ard sA Wiard to the ;il, hSwck. r,
oif hti ti rins i thill Ill ,velry ti . II the
gave thi. si...n:d.
lIh, rI art , m, pe ple( . l l t thn
mhat', the u,., Ihl h, 11 ,utriel,'d at the
Ycprpt tstrs Root for utte.
A Wizard of the Stick.
S.:,tniv.,n ,, the ,,l,11, I nrh ,t t d .4, na
stik,. Inring tt it it li.-t o ai . tlneti the lit -I
ly left liclh; r has utd l triipp, ,l I ,h:th r .i nl
tlanht i y it ,liik w,,Ik. ii i sti rur l t I it. 1t d
dI 'ub l t hc in "licc ,"i on .'11I dill a
whhe lot to s,%1ll tit scrt of the ti,
it r,,.
Youngsters Root for Butte.
S1 tRoach Will Pitch A gavin. n i
taint at thi l i rird, to ,.lk in altd
Isll it ' .'il . I h l jut ilu in - ,e re lo.t, r,
all tihes ayill thrit h ;li l ps tl fr iti
f ltl, tt , t th ' i t. I l i t, h i ,h ,nh u
ith tll teir h,,t ;'I r ti ,iu k t i if tile lo, in.l
Marys. t htic n iti i lig tin-i o rl in tthe "kit s"
nctocr twvtet'red. Suite of t h itt r liu, d
downi unti , Ier h' hit hachit-rt y;I a rl prosi
to'th'l hy t hel ,t;ilt , ,Ive. Ihail tlty it r r
tit .sstd a play, r;tiit or no ttin.
Roach Will Pitch Again.
1I1 ttow rrur 's frame Iine tt h will prlba, ly
Pitch a ip.n a lifty hai not },t roundlld
into frmn. \\'iWF"' mill ,e in the Lux fIr
1h h,.t:o t w rl h,:,hly K, eft I.hint d lh, Ihat.
Z ,arlus gill sttp thilt shout, for the
"Go Way Back!"
P',lice Manager lark FlPl.,.nrv brought
in his butcher s.hop from the it nil r iar
den in one inning yest. relay and Iegan
to carte I'mpire M.' 'arthy in great shape
ovier a dieI,-ion w hich ltft Marshall safe
at the plate.
Weather Was Threatening and the Crowd
Small-Little Life in the Betting Ring
-Amasa Wins Last Race.
Thtre ;pinug wvathlr alwsay, has a iail
effci.t oin the tcrowd at any sort of otoiti ur
amuiement but of all amies racing fares
the worrt on a rainy day. A race can not
be intere i ting: .hli II the hirsces are fairly
plowing aroutnd the traik in mud knee
deep and imaking a ble in aibout 2z :,.
Yesterday was no excepltion to thi ridule
and the attendallnce at the lultte track was
not only small but thoie who lhil bract i
the elementis stood arottundl in pat lhit i lit
tic groups discussing the weacthtr (Iolth
with and without the "dis") and w ishing,
they were home arounl the fire place. It
was cold at the track and no mistake "alout
it. The betting ring wa, poorly patronized
too. 'The mnc preferred to keep their
hands in their pockets, evidently to keep
themll warml, and the few \swomen who were
out staid in the stand.
The races were all of a very ordinary
character, there being neither surprises
in the way of long shots nor exciting
features to vary the monotony of the after
noon's sport.
Amass at to to i in the last race was a
good thing and wont handily. Saul of
Tarsus and Charles L.amar were heavily
backed but neither finished in the money.
Michigan Wrestler Will Not Be Able to
Meet Tony Harris for Sometime,
and Match May Be Off.
According to the Hloughton, Mich., (;a
zctte, there is small chance for a match
between Tony Harris and Tint Hlarrington,
at least as soon as was expected by the
backers of Ioth men in BIutte. It was
practically arranged that H arrington would
coime to Butte and wrestle Hlarris in Cor
nish style for $50o a side and the miatch
was to bie pulled off within three weeks.
The following taken from the Gazette
explains the delay which will result:
In answer to a challenge issuedl re
cently by M. J. D)wyer to the wrestlers
of the coppller country, Joe Zi.chr, a well
known local wrestler, says lie would be
glad and willing to accept the challenge,
if lie were in condition to do so, Zichr,
however, sustained a broken shoulder re
cently and that precludes his appearance
on the mat for at least six weeks to come.
lie says that if D)wyer is still here at the
end of that time and the necessary ar
rangements can be made, he will meet
the Hlancock wrestler. Another local
wrestler. Tim Hlarrington, is also recover
tng from a broken shoulder and is like
wise out of the running for the titme be
Says Stories Are False.
Young Corbett has issued a statement
to the effect that the stories that have
been going the rounds about his not being
in condition and that he is not paying
strict attention to his training are abso
lutely unfounded. lIe invites anybody to
come to his training quarters and see him
work and then judge for themselves
whether or not he is making proper prepa
rations for his coaming battle with Mc
The reports were evidently circulated to
lafiuance th.e betting.
"( o hiack, go 'way lback,"' shoCted IMc
(arthy ;is lie waved the boss cup to the
retr, as if in dadilly fear the man of
t icks wouhl gut cloe ,itiugh to hypnotize
Lia. Ilanlery wasn't tlined-hut McC('arthy
di-Ii't cha;gt e hii d ,eisin, eithel r. W hich
was bad and gooi d for all concerned.
Joe Makes a Stupid Play.
"ll nit Ittn" J ,oe acttually iadel a stupid
play .st l(r.lay mutoch ti the surprise of hi.,
lig list of aiimirers. Joe stood half way in
it in the giardlen oitl a litne with second
;ati third bases, with l Ilatt.ry .5 feet off
towardl third. Kniwing his man as well
;s he did it was a .lurprie. to every one
that .M;arshall ma;le several false movtes
an hi .ld the ball until Flannery had
started the s.coml time for third. Ity
the ti e .-e wok Ill- a;naI sh.ot the sphere
ti, Miclntyr, , t;llltlt ry was satfe on the
Iag oidl "llotmt Iiun" wentt over to his
cirtn- r andl k;k. ,I hiles in the fence.
Must I Have Bccn Wild Throw.
T'ln Ir v. r( s,111 fans mit at the gr ounds
yestmrlyv \iths w.trei men ll(tollt itglh to Ie
lihvc that lhi " itcl.'k tnfuss" tried to hit
Il.iitty ile .hthe latter was prancing
around Ii tv...tt the plate and the third
I.1F. It is not often that the ball fails
to o where /..arfoss intendls it to. It
it I tutly mitIst L. ve e lt,'it a il d throw
.--, i dav Ii-cau.e the dll streuck Fhin
10 r) ill thle Im k ia'.tiead of ill the h0 adt 1
No Game Today.
'I lher v. ill he no hall galome in the leagtue
' i.. lia t the .,atr ns today as the (tdt
Fa.lIsi\ ha '. eneat;et.ld the grotndls for the
it Kin. o th pe r Plucky.r.
'I herei is a li t p t et d aiim e to l.. a Ih e layd
b Itw\ en lhhi .a k it Ittttte and it is likely
that moma.v bill e chosei n for pilayitng
,i1 I in-te; l of pla, ing two ia s neti xt ·ill
"Kid" Peeples Plucky.
1)n11" of the lost records mIhade in the
Ihl la na team of lhte is that by Kid Pie
1h-. "1.he "Kid" has s ',fered with a had
ri.ht hand since luly .1, but with his usual
phluk has been it the 'ame. every day with
a few exceptions, playing practically with
hisi. left hand. Yestelrday Peplles -was in
the p.-;in ittl fietled in a mnttnter that
reflcts tutu b II r diit tupon hiimsl If.
The Little Fighter Makes a Desperate and
Plucky Effort to Save Drowning
Couple in Housatonic.
T'I iy M.I ;,vrn i .I , tlhe h ro of a little
in id.ent ,one. day l.ast \week ;ai,[ though
suct.ces, %\i t lri t II c 1\ ,lwn his etll'Il s, credit
is not tile less cli, d I c nii( g e little lighter.
Mi. Ira dilhli, I hantiful ,o year hil
tirl otf Stratol'it , anId 'II ltin IitUeorge (ul.
\cr were out it ;t alcht onl the l ,ousatonici
r tier near whIh l lt ;.osern has his quar
l,.rs. Int soli ic iianiiinler the craft aplll izt.el,
tlhrowiltg l th occupants l; into the 'w;atr.
"\Ihhtouph both to'e tgood s.- wicnners anl,l
there was nn ri al danger. Miss Miller le
came terror ltride. i i11(d seit.d ('aptltin
I nI\t.r ;louil the necI k ;Ial they s.llk to
The captain shoutid lolhlly for hetlp ainl
his cries where heard by lTerry lMciov. rn
and his brlother at the little tighter', train
ingl quarters. T'logethr Tlhey rushed t lhe
gate of the yahlit club gliroiu, ls onuly it
findl it locked. 'I e big ie.t was itoo hihel
to scale, so they \\(r cunomlled to, runil
diwti the river bankl shehlicing their (loth
ing as they went. I lhey hth plulnged into
the water andt s';iun \ilh iall speed toward
Miss .\illhr atd Captain Culver, Otlo ,ere
struggling ilidesperntl ly in the watler. \\Whe
\t ithiniii 5 f iet of , I I it, little Terry cri, d
oittt :
"lear upI jtust a ninutite l stwe will
savlle you11."
Iltut it was ltoo lhate. andl as lthe words
passed his lips lthe iuiule sanik fromiI siew.
Thie Meltovt', rinn lidi not give up here, but
proceeded to dine 'for the bodies in the hope
of ltindlinug the betfior, lie lbecaume eintirely
exltinct. It was not tllntil all hlour after,
howeiver, that the bully of Captain Culver
was locatedl, and it reiluired a half hoiur
more of iiting to bring that of Miss
Miller to thie surface.
Jack McLaughlin Is Struck With Mc
Carthy's Sparring Partner-Jerry in
Fine Fettle.
"Say," said Jack Mcl.,uglhlin this niorn
inig. I don't know when I have met a
yoiiung fellow \huo attracteld ite as Itucih as
Ho ward (pi(e. I was dcown to .,outlder,
where Jerry .McCarthy is wotrking out with
)pie as his trainer and sparring partner.
I never net ()pie personally before and 1
diiln't know whiat a clean-cut, g,'ntlenlenly
fellow he was. lie is one of the nicest,
quietest youtng imen I ever tmet It that line
of business and he's making friends right
and left for himsell and Jerry at Boulder,
l"Mc(arthy is working hard in his train
ing and is in the pink of condition. I
think McCarthy has a big show with
Ilawkints and witl the sort of coaching
and training he is getting. I ati sure lie
will put up the very hst kind of a con
test next Tuesday night."
t Rifle Competition Postponed.
g [Si-. I,. 'l, in itr i.iguINiAlN.]
g New York, August 15.-At the request
of the Einglish team the international rifle
o match scheduled to take place at Ottawa,
n Canada, between teams from England,
s Canada and the United States, has been
postponed until September 13. The com
petition for places on the American team
has therefore been postponed from August
o 15 to September 8, and will be held in
New York.
Who Is Matched With Tom Dun don for,100 Yard Foot Race.
Arrag nsecr iu cane st nigrhtli st Il it for
one of the biggest s rint ing maitches seeni
---.-... -t-h -...
Pr llo,ýýing the receipt u1 a Itter stating
lithtr, i his no'w unmtract ws ith Bitddy
IBihlhll). lac(k (lllltfir this nwrIIning wired~
(ptII his itrms an1dw iu t sitn ta cmtract
a )l s received.
"1 ii m11ans that (hlilittuti o ill gto at oriflcC
ito thi( ttt attnd u"" intott triatnin bfr a tig~ht
woitht Jitmtmy Brttit. the troter :amoatroir who
It is now a stttled fact, cccording to
the adlvices from the coa st. that a rival
basleball league will Ite put in next year.
[The news w.ias receiveld here yesterday and
is taken to mean that Ic('llokcy's offer
fro11 the coat. is from the promlloters of
the Inew league which proposes to give a
letter grade of hall ini sinet of the (Call
forniia cities than is icing offered now.
According to the story given nut, it Is
the intelltiOll to il;nvade thei territory of
abth the ICalifornia and Pacilic-Northwest
I.agues. 'J'his will mean thelre will he two
baseball teams in San Francisco, two In
Sacramlento and two inll Oa)kland tol com
pete against the present (alifornia league
It is also anlnounllced that lPortlanid :anld
Scattle and possibly Ticonla w ill be in
the new leatgue next year also. This will
miean a rivalry with Piresident Lucas*
league, w\hich ilny resuilt in none of the
clubs on the coast making molney next
The itovcmniti it is said was started a
few weeks ago i l'Portland and it was from
the Poitlanid promioters that two of the
managers in the Pacific Northwest league
received offers to run tealls ini the new
Persons in a position to know say there
is a whole lot of truth in the story of the
new league for next year and that it Is
more than likely that the organization will
cause a radical change in the make-up
of the lPacific-Northwcst.
Lane Expected Tonight.
President Charles Lane of the Butte
baseball association, is expected home to
morrow night from lioston, where he at
tended the funeral of his sister.
in Butte for many a day, so far as speed
antd money are concerned.
The articles for the match were signed
today by Tom Dundon and P. J. Corcoran
to race too yards for a purse of $1,ooo.
Forfeits of $500 each were put up this
morning to .13ure the appearance of the
mtrn oin the date fixed.
The match will be pulled off at Columbia
(ardens, September 14, under the usual
conditions prevailing in sprint races.
I )undon is well known in Butte and is a
veteran racer who has brought horme many
lIlrses. Unitil lately he has been out of
form and on this account was unable to get
(,i, any big matches.
At present he is only known as a tI-sec
ondls man. but those who have worked out
with himt insist that his old speed has re
turned and that Ite is a sure winner in the
comning mlnatch.
Corcoran is a school teacher and a col
lege graduate who holds the college records
for 224 yards indoors and has the scalps
of a number of sprinters of the ioo-yard
path danllling at his belt.
Iloth men went into training today. The
mnatch is creating considerable excitentmel
laonrig the local sports, who look forward
to1 a contest well worth attending.
hImr ,to the c.oast championship in the
%,,l is hikd uatin as the ct.oitg world's
t } ig piion.
I he oJp.ortunity alTorded ("liTuord is
.i at ,,tl mtneatns rttan) thoiusanlds of ulo
1.:r, to the Montatna champiuon in case he
-w , idsis beatinig llritt.
c'lilltrd will probablly leave within the
Ia it t.eek or to days.
S.ln Articles to Go on in Preliminary to
McCarthy-Hawkins Contest Next
Tuesday Night.
\t last the ahnlst ilmpossible has hap
le'dI. After miuch Iickering and side
"l ,,ing orf principals and backers. Ike
I1,'.eis and John Stewart have finally
;: rl, ed to coniie together in a Io-round
Sit\ a rt gave his consent last night and
I s.is yesterdayv nnouncellled that he want
m'd northing hbtter than a chance at the
I;.rn a ho spread the report that he had
r I'ltserd to box him.
I li pair will go on for a preliminary
io the Mc(Carthy-Ilawkins go next Tues
di;y night in the Broadway theater. The
1 ct is expected to Ire even more enter
tI;ining for a short time than the main
e'Vritt. Itholugh of course the real contest
a ill Ire between lHawkins and McCarthy.
Since Stewart gave his consent, there
have sprrrng up ally nulmbler of mern with
srirrrs of Imollney to wager on hill against
the colored man and there's likely to be
cnlsiderable betting on the decision, an
rlllurnsurl feature inl the glove contests in
Famous English Trio Bring Out Many En
thusiasts at the Long Island Cham
pionship Tournament.
So.uthampton, Ill., August 15.-A large
gallery gathered today to witness the
pla;yig of the famous trio of Englishmen
in the closing matches of the doubles in
the long Island championship Tennis tour
tn;rment. The morning match brought to
gether Miss Hollins and R. F. Doherty
against Miss Anna Sanders and Dr. Joshua
Hill. This is for the place on the top final
bracket, the lower bracket having been
won yesterday by Mrs. Hoadley and H. L.
Doherty. The courts today were in per
fect condition and the weather was favor
Crescent City Jockey Club Offers Inducements
For New Orleans Meeting--Mackay Horses
Bring Good Prices-Gossip.
The Crescent City Jockey club has an
nounced the stakes for the winter meet
ing of zgoa-oj, and from the inducements
offered it is more than evident that New
Orleans will see some of the fastest rac
ing ever witnessed on the southern turf.
The fixtures are all for 3-year-olds and
ulpward and range in value from $i,ooo to
$2,500. The Crescent City Derby, which
will oe run on the last day of the meeting,
is the richest fixture.
The stakes are all added money affairs
and will close otf November iS. The meet.
ing will be inaugurated on Thanksgiving
day, November 27, and will run for moo
days. The selling race purses have been
increased from $3oo to $400 and the over
night handicaps to $5oo.
Forty thousand dollars will be spent in
improving the local course. A new grand
stand, betting ring, clubhouse and paddock
with St new stables are now under con
The stakes, with their added money,
are as follows:
Inaugural handicap, $:,25o; Magnolia
selling, $i,0oo; Palmetto sweepstake, $t,
ouo; Preliminary Derby, $,5oo ; Crescent
City handicap, $.50oo: Christmas hand
icap, $S,ooo; New Orleans handicap, $S,
o0o; New Year's handicap, $S,ooo; Audo
bo handicap. $1.ooo; Jackson handicap,
$S,oo0; Gentility handicap. $r,ooo; l.ive
Oak handicap, $S,ooo; Cotton selling
stakes, $S.coo; Merchants' handicap, $m,
500; Clubh use handicap, $i.ooo; Desota
handicap, $i,ooo; George Washington
handicap, $1,ooo; Speed handicap, $:,ooo;
Oakland handicap, $r,ooo: Bush handicap,
$i,5co; Derby, $2,5oo. Total, $24,750.
The second batch of stakes for the
meeting, which will be for 2-year-olls, will
be announced on January 3, 1903.
American Athlete Is England's Idol.
Arthur Duy, the Georgetown university
sprinter and holder of the world's record
for the too-yard dash, who went the dis
tance in 9 3-5 seconds, has practically all
England at his feet. lie is the idol of
the English sporting public; the maga
zines devote page after page to the
methods adopted by him in his training,
and his picture is in almost every paper
and magazine. More than that, the man
ufacturers of several patent goods have
asked to use his name and photograph in
connection with their products. The races
he has been running in England have been
nothing short of marvelous. On several
occasions he has given the best of the
English sprinters as much as six yards
handicap and has beaten them easily. To
Duy's fame is due that Georgetown is con
sidered in England to be the college of
A Magnificent Trophy.
It was announced at Cleveland last week
that C. K. G. Billings will offer to be con
tested for during the Memphis meeting
a solid gold cup of elaborate design, to coat
$5.ooo, for trotters driven to wagon by am
ateurs. It is to be a challenge cup and
will be the most magnificent trophy ever
offered for competition.
"Zimmy" Will Go to Prance.
Arthur A. Zimmerman, at one time the
undisputed champion of America, who re
tired but subsequently appeared on the
cycle track for another try at bicycle
racing, is so popular in France that he
has received a tempting offer to cross
the water. The offer is such that Zim
mermnan has accepted and signed a con
Sportsmen Remember No More Wretched
Opening of the Season-Shooting
Postponed in Many Cases.
[l AsshOcIATEr D PRESS.]
New York, August z5.-l'he opening
of the grouse season in Great Britain, Au
gust I2, this year, is thus commented ul%ýn
by the Herald's London correspondent:
According to. the reports from the
north, sportsmen never remember such a
wretched opening of the grouse sihootnig.
A cold spring followed by an unusual
summer, has killed the young birds off
on many moors, while the matching in
many districts proved a failure.
Owing to the poor reports of the birds,
sportsmen were slow in arriving on many
moors and on account of the backward
state of birds, the opening of the shoot
ing has been postponed for a week in
some cases, parties not being invited to
meet before the 26th, a fortnight later
than usual.
On the Perthshire district the results of
the day on those moors where shooting
was started were very poor, in several
cases being only a fourth or fifth of the
yield of last year's first day. The coveys
were found to be scarce and small. On
the Yorkshire moors, it was also the
worst "twelfth" known for very many
The sport was disheartening. though on
some of the low-lying moors, such bags
were obtained as made those shooting on
the hills envious.
For instance, Sir Christopher FurnesB
shot over the Grantly moors, near Ripon,
with Marmaduke Furness, Joseph A.
Pease, M. P., Doctor Mac Lagan of Lon
don, Hon. John Maxwell Scott and Mr.
C. N. Nicholson, and birds were to be
fairly numerous and strong. Before
lunch the party had bagged the goodly
number of 2ao brace.
Also up to luncheon, Colonel Charles
Worth's party on the moors to the west
bf Richmond, with four guns, had bagged
136 brace, while seven or eight parties
bagged an average of So to 6o brace dur
ing the first half the day up to which
time reports are at hand,
On the whole It has been an Inglorious
twelfth. Grouse are selling on the mar
ket at a4s ($6) per brace against 16s
(4) last year,
tract to appear at the Parc des Princes
track in Paris in October. At present
he is conducting a summer hotel in Jer
sey and can hardly afford to leave his
business until the season is over. "Zimmy"
captured the hearts of the Frenchmen by
his clever riding years ago and they are
willing to pay big admission prices sim
ply to see him again, if only in an ex
hibition ride.
Star Ball Tossers to Tour.
Arrangements for the California and
llawaian trip of the Lajoic Baseball aggre
gation have been completed and it is
thought that the team will prove one of the
strongest that has yet made this trip. The
players in the All-American stars who have
received contracts are:
harry l)avis, Athletics, first base; Na
poleon Lajoic, Cleveland, second base;
l:radley, Cleveland, third ; Wallace, St.
Louis, short; "l)ucky" IHolmes, Detroit,
center field; Fileding Jones, Chicago, left
field; Wyatt .ee, Washington, pitcher and
change fielder; Win Mercer, Detroit,
pitcher and change fielder: Sullivan, Chi
cago, catcher; McGuire, Detroit, catcher;
Bernhard, Cleveland, pitcher. Another
pitcher, who will be one of the stars of the
American league this season, has yet to be
selected to complete the team. He will
not be selected until the end of the sea
son. Those who have been picked to
make up the All-National Stars and who
were sent contracts are: Beckley, Cin
cinnati, first base; Irwin, Brooklyn, third
base; Steinfeldt, Cincinnati, shortstop;
Clarke, Pittsburg, left field; Crawford,
Cincinnati, center field; Kahoe, Fraser,
Philadelphia, and Donovan, Brooklyn,
pitchers. Two other pitchers have to be
picked, while a second baseman and an
outfielder have also to be selected, Keeler of
Brooklyn will probably be given a place
in the outfield, as he wants to jeoi the
Unique Auto Race.
One of the most unique contests of the
year and one of the most original ever
conceived will be the automobile obstacle
race, which will be one of the events held
under the auspices of the Long Island
club at the Brighton Beach race track on
August 23.
Dexterity, rapidity of thought, judg
ment and calculation are the qualities
most called for in a competition of this
class. The operator who is accustomed
to threading his way through the crowded
city thoroughfares, and who has more or
less often crossed the Brooklyn bridge Is
the one who, if he drives a light car, should
be able to win the prize.
To Feature Wagon Races.
Wagon races will be one of the prin
cipal features of the meeting of the Memn
phis Trotting association, which begins
early in October.
The principal feature will be the race
for a $5,o00 gold challenge cup offered by
President C. K. G. Billings, the Chicago
millionaire. The race will no doubt at
tract the best horses that are owned by
amateur drivers.
Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia and New
York will be represented, and it is safe to
say that the metropolis will be prepare l to
send a string that will make the other
cracks step some if they want to carry off
the honors.
E. E. Smathers, the Lord Derby, and
Fred Gerken, with The Monk, have their
eye on the handsome trophy, and this pair
will probably be on hand when the date of
the race comes around.
Both Sides Play a Listless Game in the
Field-Open War Threatened Once or
Twice but Umpire McCarthy Was
Game and No Blood Was Spilled-.
Thompson Fanned Eight Men.
Pacific Northwest League.
Played. Won. Lost. P. Ct.
Seattle .... . 77 47 30 .61o
Butte. ..... 74 42 32 .568
Portland ..... 76 39 37 .513
Helena..... . 74 35 39 .473
Spokane ... . 75 32 43 .427
Tacoma. ..... 76 31 45 .408
IHelena won the second game of the
Butte-Helena series yesterday, and it
wasn't the umpire who won it. The vic
tory is due almost entirely to Thompson
who, while hit frequently during the
game, was able to settle down to business
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Tackle, Fire Arms, Ammunition
Carl EUgeI 1-1 West Paris
SWrlte fot Prices

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