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T-All the
The Stage
. . . . Theatrical
_______________.. _ Worl. - ------ __,_ ___-_______ -__ -___
Saves Blanche Bates' Horses at the Ruk
of Hil Life.
fBlanche alltes, the actress, who with her
mother is living in the Carpenter Manor
Ihouse at (Q:aker Ridge near Mit. Vernon.
N. V'.. rece.ntly had an experience with a
llhand of robbers.
As a result of tile encounter at twe
Bnats coItt :.e one robber was shot anl
then carried away by his cor11nlra:es. lIav
ing a pool of blood to ttstify It the ac
curacy of the story.
Sidney Yardley, a yotimu im;.n whn is
overseer for ,ss lBates. an: l mwho broavely
foiled the tobbers aild s:I.sd h1.r 'horses,
is lying inl ant utl.ttairs room ot the cit
tage and ?.li.s lIates is at his biie:;ide ttry
ing to nr'ec hin back tIo life. lie re
ceived a t rrible blow on the hack of the
head with a llackjack or santltbag, an 1
)r. T. .M. Hi all of .\l:unarnrIch, a hC, is
aittcndinl g hn1 . fears t'lat he ma,1y lha,
collc t sirn of tile brai.
Yardley is the , on of aill Ii 6,o ,al
clergyman of llttvcr. Ilh spent f, or
years olit tilti plai.ts as a cowhboy itll for
the past t.n years htid been ill thi e'i
ploy of ithe actress ti looI!; aft.r her
htor-es. I Ih i- only -.t years oll.
The r I h , i,, accortl ,,' to :i0 i. la ',
werr l~ . i lv a\ (. k ptri,-.,.,li , t bc I tihe
h1l0 ste' earl.t ill the evcls il.;, 1 b t u;ie w:o
n n11 r paid nno atttlioh i to C) 1 11 :n. ,h1
thought that they wei're serllallt, ,I :.-ine
Of t ohe 11 ;i-hhori .,g t tlt s. 1I'( 11 11.
imrs. utIl a thinks, It.edtl:d to rht theil
hloum e, blit did inot :ttlte p 11t it il ,y; tot
theill prltonl of htr iinephew, i wer e
visiting IhI v
It was :aft er cii Ilight wh n YVrirelhvy.
who slept ill thle- u..stairs room. heard iInl:1
talking oetl tn ar the stlablli, 0n1 hitily
dressing htiiisel. and ta1.ii; a:1 revolver
he went out. A minute lat1,r Mis:s I;tats,
her nother t ll- t il the o t er ni'eiill.l., of
tihe cottai:c wiere larnttld hby thet rleports
of pistol shots andil thte ctrsin.t andI shi.t.s
of the robbers.
They al-n hear, aI vehicle ot sol. kind
dash outt of tlhe yard ;1ntl go teariing downIi
thle hill towards Mamaroneck. Ilastlly
dressing herself. Miss Iates aw,;kic-1h
her cousin, J. C. 1Mossmau of I'hilalc
phia. and her mother.
They ran out into the yard tI n found
Yardlcy litlg t n itl r a tree. Miss I.ttes
knelt h1c4idc himt and askedl: Sidney.
what's thlte matter; have they shot you?"
Yardley made no reply, but put his
hand to thei back of his head anl falntedl
away. lI' haslt sitnce bleetn unconiscious
most of the timle. Yardley did not rt
cover conlscitlsness untiil late ill the even
ing. when hlie wa- able to talk only a short
time. lie sail that he had lear I voicce
artil had gicn to investigate. Whii hlie
found that the ti1l11 were robbiirs hie stourd
behind a tea and was taking aim to
shoot hIln n1oile of them saw htt 1 antll
shouted: "\Who is there?"
Before Yardley cottlui reply tlhe: ttatn
fired atnd Yardlley fired at the same time.
Yardlcy is conhident that hlie hit the rolb
ler, as he saw him stagger against the
barn and throwing ig up his arms shlut to
a companion. "lhell mle, Dick.
Great Italian Composer and Leader Will
Be in America in October.
Mlascagni has made several important
engagements for the company lhe is to
bring to America to pltiy in I.,s operas.
lie cables his managers, Mlittenthal Bros.
& Kronberg, that he has signed Signora
Elena Bianchini Cappelli, a noted dra
matic soprano, and Signor Pietru Schia
vazzi, one of the foremost of Italian ten
ors. Both these artists are familiar fig
ures at l.a Scala, in Milan, and other of
the principal opera houses of the penin
sula. They are particularly well known
for their excellent work in the Mascagni
Mascagni also sends word that he has
engaged his entire orchestra. This body
will be large,' than at first intended. The
original estimate was for 55 men, but on
account of the demands of the score of
"Iris," the composer thought best to have
20 additional instrumentalists. The musi
cians will come by first cabin on the Ital
ian line, sailing from Naples on Septem
ber I3. Mascagni himself will come a
little later by the French line.
Woman Sees Face of Husband Killed in
the Philippines.
ltany pictures were taken in the Philip
pines of regiments which had taken part
in thrilling battles. After they got back
safe to the camp at Manila the moving pic
ture man would wait until the regiment
had a drill, and thin he would persuade
the colonel to let his men do a little charg
ing and n:anenvering in range of his in
One picture taken in this way was the
occasion of a tragic incident in a Chicago
theater. The photographs were of a regi
ment advancing at company front. In front
rode the colonel and his staff. At the head
of the second battalion rode the major in
command. As lhe came into sight on the
screen his face turned backward toward
I,,is advancing mcn. Straight on toward
the audience rode the major, his face still
averted, until it seemed as if he wou!M
rile straight out into the body of the
louse. Suddenly when lie was apparently
just about to ride right over the orchestra
he turned his head and faced straight in
front. He was a striking looking man with
a full beard and piercing black eyes.
As his face camne to the front a woman
in the audience screamed aloud and then
broke into uncontrollable sobs. It proved
tnecessatry to stop the show before she could
be quieted. The major, it developed, had
beent her husband. A month after the pa
rade in w\hich he had been photographed
he had b,:rn killed in battle. His death had
occurred ahlost two years before the pic
tires were shown in Chicago, and his
widow, sitting int the theater that evening
IhaI seen his well known face suddenly
lok doen at her front the screen.
Ethel D3:eymnore Has Not Yet Found the
' Man She Seeks.
Sweet t:ie!l ltnrrymore, who said she'd
shlply been. working~ie'self to death in
I.olon .!I 'ari;, has arrived in New
"."Whlo: hlis kept mc so busy?'" VSlIe
;.cated, .:then a, reporter asked hl; the
iqtetiol in a somuewhat incredulous tone.
"Well. I like that I Why, just lots and lots
of things. Trying on dresses and-and
oh I 1 can't remember now. But really
I have been busy, and now I'm going to
rest. I'm going tp to Marion. Mass., on
lBuzzard's bay, to loaf till it's time for me
to begin rehearsals.
"Carrots?" ()h, yes. Blut that's only
a one act piece. Sort of curtain raiser,
you know. I'm to play., boy's part in
that. 1 think that will be jolly; don't
ot? It'll lihe somnet:tilg new for me,
anyway. Ilit the main play. I don't
know ; hat that'll be. Wish I did. Maybe
Mr. IFroham mill tell you. Please ask
himn, ,and let tme know, won't you?"
"Iheie was somethiing else I wanted
to tell you," she added, thoughtfully.
"1 ih, yes; please say I'm not engaged or
marl iei or anythiing of that sort anil I'I
int thiiining about it. Might as well start
right. 'lhe panpers are sure to have stories
LhouLt nme. I hey alsays do. Junst say
Grecen .oom Gossip.
\\. II. 'I'Th o tpson it . to have a leadiu1.
part in "tRobelt I I'nu it."
When I' orbes Rubeltlson visit; this Coun
(r) he will prilu e "llainlet."
t'h(:a ncey I)lC, lt \ill aplpear inll "()
s.imerick l'oit.l" t! it c ining .
1Iirg~rret Iirew, a nifee of Jiti I)retw,
.ill m:ke her delmu t it xt sca.,i t.
hIle Tl radtlr" company next ist sa.i.
r:nk Iceen,: is to, "tar" as Mr. IDo)u
,yt" In tilte IIPrhn li: I :rlutctio ,l .
I.h:,i In Br(.11S . v ill h tht Ie: lint g l 'n
in the pro.ductioi of "M1tie ('ristt" hy
J: hnes i r'tNil..
\lat y Iithits n h., lo lc" t'i l t;.i .t r i l, ,r ,i
the principdoi i i .ul" ,rt of .hr,, i n ` y ik s
in lt he Itilllonair,.."
Joh1 1rew is tio Ive as netr play by c
Henry Arthur Jones, to be ready for nro
ductitn in New York in September, oii.
1,.i th rt,.m ll I.n\I}n.. will star the
comllc e g ii in I i plat y i y (;Iien .1liC t
1olnl uc!f, entit'l l ".\ Iton i I h rho e l'rc,
.tne that. tue ciitn'tc has gecured :l ctes
('altelin Marshall', play. p"Ia ri's Mha ty
a Sli, pra ves t be ar in as oipt:ltion t of
Scribe and I..ottve', play, "i lataille de
a orr )a )r."
"ThMarurie rish ibrtkerst" will be sent
on the raic early in t Septembeay r, with
\la coe nTrucinlll and Joe J. Sullivan aof the
leading lights.
1 neW 1111,_ic': Comlli ly, to be pr i.tln est
by ldroa-ti hrt & Currie. is entitl, "l.itle
Jolly of Jloit," :and Idis.rd m;arvie will
be seen in the title role.
leports from Switzrlan t are to the ef
fecently that lthe i iimite hs greatly be pneite
Clyde B itch, althlorgh the playwright iof
still in a very precarious condition.
George C. Boniface, Jr.. John 1). Gilbert.
D. 1.. Don, David Torrence and Dorothy
Hunting have been engaged to support
Marguerite Sylva in "The Strollers."
The Rice Amusement company is said to
be contemplating the revival of some of the
old-time Rice successes, including "Little
Christopher," "149." and "Evangeline."
De Wolf Hopper and his company will
commentce rehearsing "Pickwick" in New
York next Monday, and it will lie almost
a general starting time for many comt
Nat C. Goodwin is reported to have
cabled from L.ondon to Klaw & Erlanger
recently that he is willing to play the part
of Bottom in an elaporate revival of "A
Whose New York Home Was Reoentlyl the Soene of Attack by Robbers, in Which:
Talented Actress- W as Central Figure.
Sw ttrt ,
Sweet Ethel Barrymore Denies the Report That Sre Is Engaged to Be Married.
,Ibltunr nier Night's I)ream," which that
firlm ill e phipl it l.ex seaison.
M;ltrlti I lIrvey. wh, I ill he senc in New
ork 1;!tI. in the colning fall in "The (Chil
idr. I';illgs," will prtoduce the s;nte play
ill i)ublin aluiut Septemelr. Mr. larvey
and his compu:ty will arrive in this,, cuttn
try in Octobrr.
r *
with Mary lanll.ring :ast season, is nlow
spoken of for tlihe s;lle position with Mrs.
iske neixt seaont . Mr. lirou't is haird at
swork on aun original Ilay, wshich may lie
exploite cl est sea~ oln.
"\\Woul You I,,r IFivve Millinz,,?" is the
title of a c.lc play written in co.llab ra
tolln by \\'illiam Collier iand ,eorge W.
"1)in the tliclt. Parson, is to star in
r r
t he new pit'' Nil i, .,aI.
Sain Bernard, the well ktowlll (ertlta
comedian, will have the leading role inl
"hI lie Silver Slipper" tnext season. ter.
a:ird sligned the papers ini New York last
X\\S'n-eday and his salary is said to I,^
the largest of hi'c career.
"The iellee of New York" will again
go out o11 the roadl llext seiasin, atll Mar
garet Sayre will hae lEdna Mi;y's old
role of the Salvation Armiy girl. Mis;
Sayre was Miss Alay's understudly when
the piece was first produlced il LIondlon.
"lHearts Aflamie," which was treatetd with
scornl by the critics during a recent week's
trial in New York City, is to ie put for
ward in the autulm in revised for.l by
Mrs. Robert T. Haitnes. It was based on
a short story in "The Smart Set."
James J. Kelley, an olu-time minstrel,
died a week ago at his home in loston,
aged 69 years. In his day lie was coni
nected with the famous Morris Brothers,
Pell and Trowhridge, and played in every
stalte in the Union. lis last importantt
engagemecnt was with Ilaverly's Minstrels,
in Chicago in t885.
(;race Cameron has signedi a contract
with Fred C. Wthiticy for five years,
wherehy the actress will star in comic
opera. The first tour will Ibegin in Sep
teniber, and the vehicle will bie announced
shortly. Miss (Cameront was a member of
the "'oxy Quiller" company last year, anid
previous.to that was identified with the
Lodoe Iloom Gossip
It t ,1 a I ii d, )' )i t hli y l oSI thi i l, i t
l ll ,,w s o l l t , . t h e) h ad11,1 .1 111 -U . 'err
lihl lt t.' 4.a.Itltl 10,lt-" II.'lllltlull otll
ip \', . t r u lI Ile tI l m I 1 I,, bll t'.I", f l thte
I ,ll;: ', o f lt h ttr I ao\ e " .l 't\e 1 .1 '1 , Ilh
lih cte links ill the itll rll, tl chil11 h il
th.l ix 1. (). l). l". Ib;.h , , I , t l ltl,' l,"1t ; II,'r
ill a close, alll Cllthll ,i tic Llly .eIl
Vw h lt t h t 'y d o ill m 11 ~ 'n 1 , l it 'u c
It I,,. ( i St , i t(it Ih II g. i l iit . l Cll l
io lhl folloiwin l 1, . l ,i l I ht ,1 c:.
oful the i tli" y N ih tl.' . .
I 1' l 1'lc 11I ' di. ., . ;, ,. I"1 S. u lh 1 l l ,nll '
N. ,., It h rk, \ ,Ii 'iy i, I. (,,, \\. J.wk
.on ; 1 . L c.. Svc., l.. I D).t.. y I 'n, . hS t,
.ohn ti'l ; Tbras., ,. II. ll I wi.w m.
loaltil, s li.lo N ,. i N N ... ., Ja
itiyon; V. i ., II. 1. hA u iii r; I'. ., ie.
I'. . l lo ll; ,o l ' , . h ( . il J1 a b 1 In'I ,
I v Iliv ril.uI t . 3. No. .".1 \Wilk,
cillh : 1'. (,., J.une, \\alt,,n.; N. (,o\ W . J.
i'r th \y; I,. (i;., W . J. h tiehl ; itu.
SII.. J. II. J r_'valth lle ; 'Ireas., J. 1).
iach' : ii' r I. li r
Ri tht y 1 I.I ieg No.r iy N. (i., J. iMc
Kl n ec ; V. t;.. 11. A. llolim. ,r; R. S., A.
(;. (orbefl; IF. tlS, A. J. \\lite; Trieas.,
i ,vii, M. ikh hle ul o .
Svn t n . 1odgei N, t. . , (;., N. P.
IS:, litin; V. G., IP'tr I vnlh, R. S., (.
. \Villio . nlon; l I'i . S.o c., th i lC e It Sal
anti ; Treas., J. A. Sjohlem.
\\ll, 1ingto1 l.lei, s Noi . ui ('cr1lrville:
N. is,, Alexandei r I lu. r. ; \V. < t,. Ilei Sel
l ridge: S2 c., Willriam Rtohinuol ; Tl reac .,
illiamli t l Carpenter.
Montana Knights of I'ylhisc, ar.e pIal
at the s liecton of "Tracy oI. Itang, of
brand orks. I, tN).e for the staprlte chan
collorshipl of tin. order. Ilodng is well
known in Iiulte alld made a favorable ills
pression on Montanat Pyllnhians who have
ilet hnim at grai londge Imeetings. (harles
i. Shivel-y, who. in huef, ran for gov
ernor of Indianat on tnthe democ'ratic ticket
aidl i left, is now Soupreme vic.(.. (i .
'. Church of ("a'ifornia is supreme pre
late, Ir . C. While is again supreme IK.
of R S.alI S; T. D. Meares is still supreme
master of excheqt.er. For loutlside guard
J. W. 'iThoulpson of Washington, ). l'.,
who for n6 years has stood before the
shichl of ithe lodge, makes a fitting ienl
'ent. All thing.; considered, l'ythian
politics turned out well and ntobody seems
to have an objection to file.
I.et it be recorded thatl ;eorgle tA,
('cronk is, by thie grate of Silver Iliow
lodge No. t-eo, the grand exalted ruler
of thile Elks. Silver Bow lodge took a lad
in his election long before other lodges
of the state or county woke up to the
fact that ('rook lookerd good to them.
(,eorge A. had plenty of friends in Moll
t:an. lie is a Successful business man,
not a great orator nor politician, but a
lalJ l that all cling to with ftienw bhil.'s
fidelity. When he had the tsupport of the
royal good fellows of Silver low lodge
he was sure of election. Butte and Moll
tana leads inl Elks' affairs. W. If. Brock
of Kentucky is grand leading knight; A.
II. Pickens of Denver, granld loyal knight,
and Joseph Henning, of Anderson, Indiana,
grand lecturing knight.
With these chairs filled acceptably it
only remains to say that George Reynolds
of Saginaw, Mich., is grand secretary and
that 1. S. Oddis of Meadville, Pa., is set
ting at the treasurer's desk in the grand
lodge. Then it can be seen how well the
offices are distributed-and they say there
was no "trading" or lodge politics either.
Knights of Pythias who rmeet at Mis
soula in the state grand lodge session will
make Sam White of lutte chancellor corn
mander of the state grand lodge. They
could not select a better man.
The A. O. U. W\. grand lodge meets
in Butte next week, as does also the
Degree of Honor. Both bodies will have
interesting sessions. F. I.. (;randey, a
Butte mnan, is mnaster workmlman, and
Augusta Trask of Deer lodge is G. C._
of If. for the D. of II.
F. A. Falkenberg's re-election to the
highest office in the head camp of W. O.
W. is a good thing for the order. It will
be a cold day for the order when the
ruiding hand of that clever man is taken
from the helm. Montana members of
W. O. W. are always glad to see Falken.
berg come to the state and take com.
mendable pride in the gifted official.
Affred brooded over the fire. The cakes
"I feared lest they might be like mother
used to make," he explained to the irate
Current Book . -
.he Cheatter and ui
Commeht 'M
Revolution in Cosmology.1
"A IRevolut ) ot in lit- Sckience of 2-,22
of Sicvii,'" is the tile 222 .o re'i'12i2 'it
uluc by lI ,'rgti (liiun'I lie. 122222 liv l rani'
& Loii t oipl a K222k) . A.1122', tli blt"'2issit
t~utihic by .sciein e i ii 111i 1i I.o , it lil I.
ni tlit cntrcltesit, n t, rols
The b 1k is said to it22221 Ii ,'trl mot2'
(lirli u112 1 rli i llili l , IiiIi 'I1 i i 2222 li2 2 i I
II t io i, IliaI 12212 2 l22t.li1222,t 222.2 22.2222.2
r'al 2, .11221 22it 22222' II 2222 i y.' 21' 2i2 t "
idltui r, flit' truth oifiift 12I 1211. 222i2 'it I'm
\\ flat gives pr21nliII 1lt'i' ,111.1 iii' i'i
12o it '2 lit2' Ml iei i1 ii is 1 iilit, 'I "\' 1
'A 111) lilts never be. II I lili nl11(1 11 t of ,1111
2ll11221 ti i' 2'll 2 222 loll 222i2II 2I 2''2. I· 2 2 I i.t
iit iIthili a vI ewi'i' t 12 '22.,2222222' , 212' Ib
hill 12'It.i'2 I 1 122h 1,.1 , 2 1122' 14"111.111.
as o dI. S 13' l. tli pi't i 22 )I 22' '12. ,1 .ic 'i11i111t 2
to i l~ititiiiI.ii 51 ISay thiii.' iis·ait '2 222'. .222,
Iha it iii· ln tthe1 liii i, il I.222n 112 ,i .t the
F all I'ubtJail:5t2022.
h)ll~i' 1221222 224 222221 , 1 1. 222lJ\ 222( 222~ II IIi
f.llit' I "l I1. ( i; wllllil tl l 11\ ( n air :1 11'
I, 111 I 22' I 1222i11 on22 1 ii t it 2ot
'1b t t ion it 52e.2 'ii. I "' it `;.1 I IlIt."
2222w' t.1222 l ll.22 '' I 112 1 t 22 12 I. r 22,
'I hunl.I111( I I1et 1,11 a l I I t k 11 1111 I'1 t'
e.',, 22 I .i~ 'I .i In 22.2 a'nt'.. Hot'I li I 2
III illr (II:1II 221 i~ .'.212' '2 [11 2."(~1111 2 ii111
Innlse Itntnh.,~ 1111 III' I(1:1111 of .1 `" 11111(11
by 22 t t o ii, " . 1, ' i i2' I.till '2222222', .~2 221 .
',uf tt N 2 I2.2222 I'm i2 a .22 "I 1.221 , 1"I 1
H alI1 Ii'l(l. a slew mu[ t 1r" · lilt," e : 1 1. 01 ". .11I1
S. \V )'11):i. 111' rtes ) 11\ 11.l11 1 ·111. 11,
?rilll lilikl .l t " ;I n 1l 1h ," f II' lilt; 111 1 Ill)
i 12,21 ; (111. 1i21212221 1122 I 1.24 \ 1 .111 .
I 2)' n 1 2,22 1.1212.2v1 , ,2l.2I~ 2 .11 , I',"
I1,li~ ru 2222' il2 " Irv ll ' 122 ' .2212,22222 122
In lOt 2Ile:j2 h lit of22 i,2 t2,'.1\ , Il 22'22'2.2121
'12 1 22',. 22L . 2 t ill 1; 1 .1,1 1 .I 2. 5I 222.2 1 t,2
I(rl II 2122 I. ' ..1212.n.
All Go to Amern , a.
IIt tu. 1 t i 11r .. 1 I ,. Ih, I ,n l I ii h.i I.
11,11t 11 a. lic .h \i li.il 11i'.tre tom e , ii th
lII l i . t l t1n ; i '.tl.n i it , I . lu l. it . 1i I h 111
)t p ,t tu ,l I n .1 m . ti , , I , 1 n l , ,i h .t .
, ihet 11. .,v . .,.nolui;;e, .n lh1,, t.1, ht , fo,
AmAin.m r nan Min i oid Let In.
Inot hi alrt il . "' Illa iii, t hi. , tliyunl
Iiirn iiilt ' iar.i"rtillh' ii . ,i Ih.1i ,h',, ,If 1 h
dlale i.r t1 iliuti i, ttyl, "1i. lith .t , ant 1, i1
I ml intgt I I c t ;i 'he . ., ieritra ow I tnli h
l IeIr.y ItIIe ures. 1t:l .i s il tE11 t- e. w t11ha
r ' n1 itn , i ynl .h ltn u t Iisti illy ,,' IIn u ,l.
theSnt Jtr mlight. \, h ai I ak tIt ,hoinw
:hI IIlu i'ls t e,' ah ue uht:il A . il l, , i. uIll
lini ,lltr y nlu inti.t r I Sll 1 % t I t'y r Ils ,' it )ts' rl
literary Irt:stis," A ki l .hir thiI er any
liof oi li.i i i I ii' i, t' 11Ia 1. ltet ill tithe
1.'1 a I:ii, t' c r ui llt nI lul lm1.l l r l lilt
likely to .,r it :t,:iin."
Almeric;an Men of Lelters.
The A mueti(.ilH ,\hln oi l httr it .,, ,
Several new volhll ., inl which ;1t' tI he
puhlihhld Iy h IlIghlo1Inl , hlilllhn ; I n, wa.
pioject- ,l amla b..egun mnaiy yi.', , :I,,) hoy
Jam .es T. Fil~,i . l w . c,lnlin l IIHIhr
the edit.orship llI ( h.lev lIlchy \\'air
i.er, who ill tutin %% . '.t(r(e.,rdI I by thi.
late lilorate F. S.. udlehr. "lle l lot Ionit
ing v-hl..m.s will deal %it.h Il iwtlhornie
by (.George 1?. \\ ,IIb.et ry : 1.,n1l .hlhluw,
by 'T'IlIit;ias W entw.V Olrth l igilnl,ln, uIl.l
\\'hittier, by George P. ('arpe.tl. r. ( lhier
voluiil.s ill pIrlparatiln atil M tlht y, Iby
ldlwa l4 (;. 1ouIlll.e 1 ; 1allkii:ll, by Ill.ary
1). Sedgwick, Jr., %Vhiltmnl, by John Ihir
rougli, aid IIohneiiis, by (welii \W ilter.
"Joe" Wheeler Gave the Ihnt.
"ightingl Joe" Wheelerh is ss.plni'ihhle
for la miost charcra listic bit in Mii hives'iw
grizzled little veteran, wiho hias bnii a
long andl close friend of herr, ,at dining
together at the Waluorf one evtli)ng a few
months aila. The general w'4 t.lling
stories of tIlle hiioii.ro us ..lm r thee (' le an
"One of amy colohl hostler:,," lihe "11,,
"ulnwittingly got under lire on tile d!ay o.
the S.n JuaIn fight, anll I iasked hill how
hli liked it. ' 'Taint ie cannon'( an' such
what lustratec tile,' hle saidi 'it's .ini dilrt
zilp-screeclhy criltters ley calls Mousers,
what goes eroiun' hollerin' "Whatr iz iz
yo'? \\'h;n iz iz yo'?" IDay needni' Ie look
in' fer di, yer chic·kcn 1'"
"We will probably put a charge of grand
larceny against young (;ottlic hbefore
long," said Deputy County Attorney I.ynch
this morning at the county attorney's oflice.
Young Samuel Gottlicb is the 17-year
old boy who dug up a can of money bc
,1i,. l.iVe. (l apl i'I l i| t' ' i;iiiI',. 1 iih,"
dIhe criedl. "Miay I l. thIIt- I ', g t a
igwri Illhlly si1.tI11t III tIy It Vw l.lk that
it will fit r. .a tly."
Ami tlhis it hw " ,I1hn 11,' Iipisilt." the
n11.lal lyl} htnulrl, r.n 1 lIh .i:,tc lr It I lh airtl
( I 'ltr g .1 " a,I a iI n nn, I h uIt
Ltterary Votles.
\\ 'l'illnt I",|11., .uul l (nnoutl hIln Iltn.t -
lH iu 1 . a lit i 1-,,k I) .\11 1i11.1 t1) hie
,,!! (',I ' 1 1 h. \\ w l ,, . I. N .1u ,H I,,L
ii i ',l t't,9 , Ihln i,illhl.91 hii tloi of
I I lv',1 ,I,'11,1 ( ,11'111'1 .1 h. 1.1 1" i x11 11Il199 .II Ily
11 iun HoldlI Iles , l" 1. .I114 \% Ill hos m atten b
,,11 9I9 I.,1 l I I .1, I, I. I . ll i. 1 hi. I nllh eI
1l;,,,' h Il hl 11, t1111 , ,I th , 1111" ,lly
.\ 11. ' 111 .I it9-t 9 l'9.1 '11 1 l. ht, , 11!i 111111 "
it',, \\ I .. ul I 11111, h,11 ., m th,1 11 ' I hr
I I. %I '.. i l .11 1 1111ji li 111, I il. I .I i l. 1,i
1h,' , \ 1 1 IIui\L t I I..1 I 'x11t 1111 1 ' 1.
1 1t 1 1 1 .".1 . h . I,11 l I. 1 1 , ,t "1.I1n 1 a .thu
III Ih " 9 '.i19 1 .11 il. , *Ii 9 9 I.' 11 '1 1 .i ll9 Iho
, , h,' 1 \ ,1 ,o $x' I , , Ih w ,, k , u se1i""l e
Xi ' II ll- l , ' 91 991 't i .I9t . ul'lu. , 111I 'u .'I I i t,
11 1. "99I . 1 ,, , , ,- 1 11 -.., I h t.ii 'l -
1n 'Io 1111.' t111, 1. ' i.I t ill. 9
i ' h,19 ..'11"1 11. , I . ,,9 I .i . I It. 1 "
.I 11 , .lit l,,t \,, I I," I 1i" ? .h t '1, ., .', I Ix 1 -
I. . l" l f 1 ,11 1 . 1 1 . . 1 fu ' i ' nI.I H , ,1 1i
,i l . , ,1 t ,,,I , ,I "
\ illl li Io 1 9 t 19 .\ , . t Ih , I Il l .
h11Ih l h .r 9111' 11 . 1 1 . , 1 tl,9 .
\ I19.19,,. ti t ,l li l\. 1 I .1 1 ,.I1 '
11 ,' 'h I' 9 1 "" 11 9. 1 .Ii
99 99999 1 911' 11.1'9 91191 99,11. 11i 9 9 . ,t1 99.I
9911 1, I, I ii, , I i 1 1 . 1 1 1 . ,I ,
i In 1 0 . 11 . 1 .111 , Ih u ý1 1.,11 . ,1'I 111.
sinn t. 1 111 1 ,1'.1 1,o 1 ' son th 1 \ I u
'''l ''19 I" " I9 .
" n ,,. 11. i 111 .n 1 It 1',x i l I by I. 1.
11 i'. .11 I also I | < It. Iv, 11 , 1 1t 1, ,\ I .. it
I'1"9111 1 "1111 119. ( 11 111 it 11\I I .11 9 19999
9 11 11 . 1111 99l i it, u 1 .1i . t .ll t 11.1 1 ,
lItlu 1nn1 llllt . 11 n II 1l1l 1.1rr .111 .I' il""
''I Il. 1 . l I I1l1(·1 II ~I.I ii I u ý, Il, i i. " tal
I.II1 I tnnl t , ;ilti l itti I,,,, l. Yt 'i"tu hvlll
I .1 n isi, i, t ll it I i. l It I , 1 it , I y t I.
1 i r1111 y1:u 111. ii , it. WllI t i, I ll., w ok
~ .t li iiti it Ily iii .t ii, 1'itt ly . ie i l' . II
,Ill,.l oon, :1 hr bullying I,111 I ,1.1)(1(· 11, t(J y (Ilil
t ut'' ,'.;iy ' w 1,i\ll ' appil rt(it tttr ii , h
d l ilt, Siono ill, V.1,,,,,. tilt-t' it'tI n h
lo",tltlt".k ~ l It C i4 pntll hrly (I' i ts iv folk I1 li
t. . 1)fflt &I ii ,i , F i:ol ill I.ita. nl by 'I'.
Alipry t. Vilkil i' iiiing a rrir4 of
unilil't( !,boI( ll "tnti,' 1I i IlaII)(.'IL ::ll:(r, ill
t r11,1in u.. ", w u ll ale ni' 11.1 1e o ligilre.
,igllill(.:lntlly in rat It I ,lIoly. " h ,'a
hill c ll er 'I n~lr4 t~r"," I hl",h ,I a.
year by t(l~l(:ilt- ll Ilalp rs, though in ll, ras
illy rlrl· ;r ··1 n (I li kocctili(,,r.1.l
To Ihr ever t~ wtowing I"llra ry of l',lgiolut1U y
1":dwI;I JIY Illrir r h:13 ju t added :1 littlei
volume milt1IIli)I( iffg hi4 ",`limb,'' in tilel~((
1eiii :I as will :t", tit the lle 'Ial 41, 11r. !l ull:
toltll's a~:lyI will appeal for tht11~ ll· htillul
,,I) le . 'Ilse saint, whose live, hr alrlci, yres
(.line and SIH , VIllllell.rt In St. John of file.L(II
ttl rlit, :1111 Wil li Ihr a.!~(' ll)l, r ', lll. ''. J ptl till,
tilt tin, two V nll lll ,",,4,11I11'11 ho,11d., till
$31 o. A irst nisi ion of Kea! ,' po J)rotIIIY
Wili stu ~yrphnl~Milion 'III tae
$6e~.t'c. ~ wa od Io 1e Il- l s
illner it llomitake who wa, killiii lby
lighttiig Last week, aond w tl it ilt for a
gay time with it at Anami, la alnI Ilnlte.
(;ottlielb is in the cmlnty jalil atllI the
County attorlny's oflice hal:I; tihe ct. Ider
cessory of ;ottlieb aift l r the fact, was
transferred fromi tihe city to the coutlnty
jail, and at preset is livid as a w0i le s.
A charge of giand larceny will I) placel
against hint if the fat ct, ill ti i' I :, " hliar
it out.
Andres is san e(irts li r ali t yli.ls
old. Y ut g Gottlieb :.,:ys th.lt .Amhre'
had possession of all tlke .oney b'llin.ingi
to l.ewis the day after the all l riationll
of the cortenlqts of the treasure pot, atnd
it looks as if lie knew that the Illmony had
Iecn stolen and took posses i,,, of it to
help (;ottlieh out.
Gottlicb says ilthere was ahiot' $..1 ill
the can. Two checks for $1 ea ach andl
about $8 in mtoney were recovere.I whlie
Gottlieb was arrested Sunday, so hei is
about $104 short.
Would Prefer It Otherwise.
(Judge. )
adl---Ain't you ;shami- l (f 'he lce,,i-g
S ci' street ?
r---\ ell, S. lI, sdniier do it 'in
a. ].iiljit or at a cuteh 'l ffli", 1;i( 'at
t,; a',, ,.

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