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Commends Heads of Departments in
This County for Efficiency and Says
Their Work Could Not Be Better
But He Is Not Pleased With Delin
quents Who Owe Taxes.
Chairman W. D. Clark of the board of
county commissioners received from W.
Hudnall, state examiner, this morning the
latter's report of examination of offices
and official mliters in Silver Bow county,
made during his visit this week.
Mr. Hudnall is not in the habit of pass.
Ing out any floral tributes to county offi
cers, so it is a little more than gratifying
to the officials of Silver Bow county to
learn that the state examiner is pleased
to compliment them upon the work of the
various offices and to put his complimentq
ina old type. Particularly the offices of
jhlerýc of the court and of the clerk and
'ecorde are commended for their efficient
workf, ,
, VolY wing his recommendation to the
co.tmussioners, the examiner urges
stringent methods in the collection of
licenses for delinquents. It 's evident that
tMr. Hudnall is after the men who won't
pay their licenses with a sharp stick and is
going to see that the county and state get
what is coming to them at the same time,
assuring those who do pay their licenses
that they will be protected from the unjust
competition of the delinquents.
The Examiner's Report.
The state examiner submits the fol
lowing financial reports of the various of
Treasurer's Office-J. Maher.
March so, 1902-To balance
total in all funds ......... $515,487 oo
To receipts all sources from
March so to August 23.... s6I,zs5 o3
Total ..................$676,602 o3
By disbursements from March
so to August 23........... 382,a*6 56
August 23, 19oo2-To balance
total in all funds..........$294475 47
'Accounted for as follows:
Balance in State Savings
bank .....................$293,809,0
Cash in office ............... 666 46
Total ..................$294,475 47
Clerk and Recorder's Office-John
To fees earned from March r,
19go to July 31, 90o...... $ 4.497 40
Bly cash to county treasurer... 4,497 40
Sheriff's pffice-J. B. Furey, Sheriff.
To fees earned in civil business
for use of county from
'March r to July 31r.........$ 732 25
By cash to county treasurer.. 732 25
Office of Clerk of District Court-S. M.
To fees earned, fines and for
feited bail collected from
March z to July 31........$ 5,451 40
By cash to county treasurer.. 5.451 40
Commends the Board.
In the following language the state ex
aminer commends the work of Silver Bow
county's officers:
"The clerical work in these offices was
up to date and had been well done. In
the office of the clerk of the district court,
several improvements have been made.
The clerk and recorder's office is in excel
lent shape, presenting a commendable
contrast with what existed at my examina
tion a year ago."
Referring to the licenses, the examiner
soys: "Diligent efforts to collect licenses
have been made by the treasurer's office
and the receipts have increased, but other
departments have not properly supported
the treasurer. As a result, there is a large
amount due from delinquents. Some of
this, which might have been saved by
timely prosecution, is lost. The county
detective should ascertain who is In busi
ness without a license and report same to
treasurer, but neither he nor the treasurer
can make numerous calls for collections.
A notice by mnlail ought to be sufficient.
Those who fail to pay should be reported
by the treasurer to your board and the
county attorney, who under section 4450
is charged with the prosecution of such
"The method adopted in other counties,
and whichd recommend to your board, Is
a notice in thle newspapers, that all per
sons whose licenses are in arrears after
a specified date, will be prosecuted by thle
county attorney. This does not mean pub
lication of delinquent's name.
"All who do business must pay. The
law makes no exceptions and neither the
commissioners nor the county attorney has
authority to do so."
Must Name Fatal Day.
The examiner then suggests that the
board name a day. September 20, as a date
on or before which (lelilnquents must pay,
and after which the county attorney mulst
prosecute all who violate the law.
"The county and state," says thle ex
aminer, "are entitled to prompt pIayment
and justice to those citizens who pay, de
snands that all who compete with them be
compelled to pay.
"In my last report I referred to over
$5,ooo received from delinquent tax col
lections and placed in the general fund,
thus depriving state and school funds of
their portion. Under section 4oI05, the
state does not appear to be entitled to any
part of the penalty and interest in above,
but only to its a2 mills of tax, and as
your county has refunded taxpayers more
than the state's portion of the above with
out payment from the state, it is satisfac
tory to let one offset the other. In the
future, however, correct accounting re
quires a distribution to the proper funds
of'money received from tax sales and ad
justing with refunds the state auditor.
"The license case against the late Sen
ator Thomas Courtney has, through ef
forts of the attorney general's office been
advanced on the supreme court calendar
and will come to trial next term."
In concluding, the examiner thanks the
board of commissioners for numerous
eourtesies extended during examination.
"Gimme a match, Mister? Vo I smoke?
Been at de newsboy bis tree years an' kin
lick inny kid on de Inter Mountain run."
After delivering himself of this speech,
Tommy Johnston, alias "Red Junior,"
took the match ottered him and coolly
lighted his cigar which a nearby gutter
had furnished him.
"Yer see, its dis way, Mister," contitn
ued the diminutive, freckle-faced waif, who
by the way is known to every man who
buys a newspaper in Butte, "I started ter
smokin' since de time I wue a kid an' de
habit has sorter growed ter me. Dey ain't
none o' de bunch kin hlck me, so yer sees
de smokin' nebber hurt me none. Yer kin
ax inny o' de boys if "Red" ain't dere wid
do goods.
"Hey, dere Chimmny," he shouted in the
same breath, at another product of the
streets, who was passing on the opposite
[ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Washington, August 29.-An important
communication relating to the Panama
Canal treaty has been received by Mr.
Concha, the Colombian minister at Wash
ington. The oflicials at Bogota have in
formed the minister that special instruc
tions to govern the wply which Colombia
will make to the modifications in the treaty
proposed by Secretary ilay will reach
Washington by September 15.
The officials of the Colombian legation
anticipated the government at Bogota to
some extent and have set about the task
of framing a reply which to the best of
their knowledge will embody the views of
the home government.
As already stated, the modifications
which were suggested by Mr. Hay, met
general approval in Colombia, but there
are a number of changes which the Co
lombian government desires to make be
fore the treaty is signed.
President Palms Has Lost the Support
of All the Native Organs-Thought
to Favor the Spaniards.
Isv- AsSO(IArenI) I'ess.]
Havana, August z2.--l'resident Palma
finds himself today without the support of
a single newspaper controlled by Cubans.
The editorials ,published in the Cuban
press are, considered collectively, remark
able for their bitterness and outspoken
opposition to th i chief executive. The
only parer":wl1i supports the president is
the Diaro del ;a Marina, formerly the or
gan of, the lptuish government and at
present utpporting the Spanish colony :n
One of the principal causes for the op
position for Palma seems to arise from
the fact that he granted the Castaneda
concession for the establishment of an
electric light plant at Havana.
This concession has been a subject of
bitter discussion in the house of represen
attives and sonic of the members are talk
ing of President Palma's impeachment un
less the concession is rescinded. The
impeachment matter has been upon the
table for the past week. Both houses of
congress have become badly disorganized
over this question and the result has been
a strong anti-Palma feeling.
Pr,.. Pah and Sparking. otUled
Only as the Brew ry in at. Louri,
sP0 er111
sidewalk, "come dis way and lemme show
de gent wot I kin do."
"Chimmy" came with the same reluct
ance that a spider approaches a, fly. It
was evident he held "Red" in mortal
"Me shoe's done come untied," said
"Red" in coilmanding tones; "git onter
yer knees and tie it."
The Cock of the Walk.
The other boy was trembling. He knew
that "Red" wanted to show "de gent" an
example of his supremacy and he didn't,
dare refuse to obey. He did as he was
told and a cuff or two from "Red" has
tened the job to completion.
"Now yer sees dat I'se chief o' de
gang," said "Red" triumphantly. "When
I gits out o' smokin' stuff I makes de
odder kids dig up an' in dis way I keeps
in ducks all de time."
The stranger made "Red" a present of
a dime and he went off whistling a rato
time tune.
"Red Junior" is a rare character. lie can
whip any newsboy in Butte within a foot
of his size and he holds these urchins as
completely under his sway as Boss Croker
held Tammany. He levies tribute on them
"Red" resorts to various and sundry
tricks to sell his papers. If it is a dull
Issue with no sensational news stories, he
will carefully peruse its pages and find ua
small telegraphic item of a murder or sui
cide somewhere. That is all he wants; he
then goes hurtling down the street shout
Ing, "All about de big murder" or "sui
cide," as the case may be, and it is need
less to say his papers go lihe the prover
bial hot cakes.
Just Tricks of the Trade.
If somebody who has l'ought one of his
papers, glances huriedly through it, fails
to find the startling story and calls "Red"
to account for his take, the witty young
ster immediately finds the item which was
the basis for his selling scheme and the
wayfarer is so struck with the ready re
plies and ingenuity that he goes smiling
on his way.
Ther are many other schemes resorted
to by "Red" to dispose of his papers. One
of his favorite schemes is what he terms
"de pity dodge." To do this le will pur
posely drop his papers in the mud of the
street and then sit on the edge of hlie
sidewalk pretending to weep, well know
ing that some kindnearted pedestrian will
buy the entire lot from him.
With all his tricks "Red" is the most
popular newsboy in Butte. lie is sharp
as a whip and seems to be possessed of
the qualities of success. As he expresses
it: "Dere's some uv de guys down on wot
I calls de tricks tuv de trade; well, I'se up
ter all dese tricks, linut I gits dere jes de
london, August 29.--ln a dispatch from
llavre the correspondent of the Daily Eix
press declares on the evidence of fellow
passengers of Charles M. Schwab, presi
(lent of the United States Steel corpora
tion who sailed from New York, August
21, on the La L]orraine, that Mr. Schwab
worked extremely hard during the trip
over and never gave himself five minutes
"In an interview," proceeds the cor
respondent, "Mr. Schwab maintained that
he had come abroad for a rest and holi
day, his physician having advised him to
do so, but he emphatically denied any in
tention to resign the presidency of the
steel corporation or to negotiate a new
combine in Europe. lie insisted that the
utmost harmony prevailed in the manage
ment of the steel trust. Mr. Schwab said
he had no plans beyond indefinite stays at
the various continental health resorts and
an intention to leave business strictly
alone. lie is going first to Aix les Baines
for a month."
Foxy Quiller Who Sits on Turkish
Throne Has Them Thinking That
He Means to Do Right.
[ni Asso(IATI:eu eI:ss. I
Constantinople, August 29.-Th'le sultan
recently agreed to repeal the exceptional
measures adopted against the Armenians
ii the Armenian patriarch would guaran.
tee that no outbreak would follow.
The patriarchial counsel having met and
signed a document setting forth the loy.
ally of Armenians and promising tran
quillity, an imperial irade is now awaited,
the patriarch refusing to resume his duties
until the promises of theh sultan are ful.
United States Naval Officer Thinks That
John Bull and the Bear May Get
to Mixing It Up Over There.
London, August 29.-Discussing, in the
International Review, international rela
tions on the Persian gulf, Alfred T. Ma
han, U. S. N. (retired), asserts the situ
ation there presented is second only to
the Chinese question,
Comparing the various Interests bound
up in the Persian gulf, Captain Mahan
says: "While Russia and Great Britain
have no nominally equal interests, Great
Britain will finally predominate, as the re
sult of the necessity for her safeguarding
her trade, routed by way of Suez to India,"
You are requested to file with me, with
out delay, a statement of your accounts,
accompanied with affidavit.
J. CHAUVIN, Assignee,
so West Broadway, Butte, Mont.
The crutch is a poor substitute for legs, and affords a very
inconvenient and tiresome mode of locomotion - there is no more
pathetic sight than a person slowly and painfully moving along the
street supported by these artificial limbs.
When Rheumatism settlek in the bones and muscles of the legs,
it is safe to predict that the victim will eventually become helpless
and crutch-bound. The corrosive irritating matter that is deposited
in the joints and muscles causes the most intense pain, the knees and
ankles swell, and when the natural oils and fluids that lubricate
these parts are completely destroyed the joints become locked and
the muscles drawn and stiff, and crutches a necessity.
The acid poisons that produce rheumatic pains form in the blood, and are
distributed through the system, and lodge the system, and lodged in the arms, shoulders, hands,
back or feet, and other parts of the body--resulting often in total dis
ability. A permanent cure of Rheuntatismi can he effected only by a complete
cleansing of the blood, and no other remedy so surely accomuplishes this as
S. S. S. It neutralizes the acid effects, purifies and
invigorates the stagnant blood, and the gritty cotr
rupt particles are washed out or dislodged by the
new rich blood, and relief comnies to the pain-racked I,
sufferer. S. S. S. leaves no mnorbid, irritating matter
in the blood to reunite and produce another attack, but expels every atom
of it front the system. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable remedy, and does not
impair the digestion or generul health like alkali or plotash remedicis.
Write for our special free book op Rheumatism., and if any medical
advice or other information is wanted, our physicians will gladly furnish
it without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA.
No More Dread of the Dental Chair.
New York Dental Parlors
Permanently Located in Butte. Employ Modern
Methods, Modern appliances and Modern Men.
The New York Dentists Do the Largest Dens
tal Business in america.
Be Sure You Are In Our Office. Over Symons'. Opposite Postoffice.
Teeth extracted nod filled absolutely without pain f,y our late scientific meth
ids. No sleep-producing agents or cocaine. These are the only Dental Parlors in
Butte that have the patent appliances and ingredients to extract, fill and apply gold
crowns and porcelain crowns, undetectable from natural teeth, . id warranted for
ten years, without the least particle of pain. Gold crowns and teeth without
olates, gold flling and all othrr dental work done painlessly and by specialists.
Gold Filling.... $1.00 Gold erowns.. $5.00
Silver Filling.....50c Bridge Work.... $5.00
Full Set Teeth ...........................$5.00
S A Protective Guarantee Given With All
Work for Ten Years.
We will make a specialty of gold crown and bridge wark; the most beautiful,
painless and durable of all dental work known to the profession. Our name alone
will be a guarantee that your work will be of the best. We have a specialist in
each department. Best operators, b·Ist gold workmen and extractors of teeth; in
fact, all the staff are inventors of rnodern dentistry. We will tell you in advance
exactly what your work will cost, by free examrlation. Give us a call and you
will find we do exactly as we advertise.
New York Dental Parlors
80 W.,Park, ever Symons' Dry Goods Store, Butte, Montana
Hourso-8.30 a. m. to 9 p. m.i Sundays, 10 to t4
Butte Labor News.
Members of Executive Committee and
the Committee on Education Named
at the Final Session.
r..I'.f IAL TTO INNr!' MON1AlAIN.]
Livingston, August 29.--With a rousing
socialistic meeting the Montana 'trades
and Labor assembly adjourned last even
ing. The work of the session was per
formed speedily and the affairs of the
organization are now in good hands.
The executive board is composed of
Frank C. Ives of Missoula; T. F. Murphy
of Anaconda; James Graham of Living
stoun, and R. J. lamont of Helena.
The educational comnmittee is composed
of John Morrissey of Anaconda, Ilenry
Reinhardt of Butte, Jefferson Wade of
An advisory committee was appointed
as follows:
T. F. Murphy of Anaconda; William
l)icc of Aldridge; Charles J. Graham of
lillings; William Pierson of Chestnut;
F. C. Ives of Missoula; R. J. l.cnecrk of
Helena; A. Fargrieves of Red Lodge;
Domninck McGuire of Hamilton; J. E.
Putnam of Winston; James Graham of
The convention was addressed yesterday
by lion. Martin J. Elliott of Butte, who
discussed matters that would improve the
coidition of the working classes in the
state, and spoke enthusiastically of the
woor, of the council at this session.
Says Men Who Caused Arrest of Presi
dent Burt on Grounds of False
Arrest Are Tools of Strikers,
Omaha, Neb., August 29.-John N.
Baldwin, general attorney for the Union
Pacific railroad, gave to the Associated
Press a statement relative to the action
taken against President Burt, by the Ten
Indianapolis men who allege they were de.
prived of their liberty. The statement
"The men arrived Sunday morning,
August 24, 18 in number over the Illinois
Central for work in the Union Pacific
shops in Omaha.
"They had been employed by a labor
agency in Indianapolis, which had no con
nection with the railroad company. They
were given their breakfast and then said
they wanted to go to Denver, but four of
them decided to remain in tins city. One
man left the ground immediately but 13
remained until Mnonday.
"They were without money and the
company furnished them with food and
lodging until Monday. Monday morning
they went to the company's headquarters
strikers, whoI iilced tlhem to swear (jilt
cr1nplaintsll alleging false illlprisonlllnlt
and1 thatt they were detained on the shopI
groundllj Sultday.'
Committee Is to Meet Tuesday to Con
sider Proposition of Erecting Shaft
in the Capitol Grounds.
There will lie a miectinlg of the Tl 'hoias
Francis Meagher jiemorial commnittee next
Tuesday, to decide upon plansill to erect a
slihaft in tihe calpitjl groulnIus, in Ielenlla.
The cojinnittee, of whitch the late Mar
cus I)aly was presilden, is conlmposed of
thle following: irst vice pr.eidetl, Mar
tin Maginlnis; secund vice ipresidenlt, I'.
S. Ilarrington; Itreasulrer, I'. J. Itrophy,.
iland secretl;ary, Jerry J. yllynch.
(;neral Meagher was a plromtillnenllt actor
ill the acrly history of Molltana anl thei
Northwest alld it is l)proposedi lLt build :a
mnII¢lumlent to his ll'lll)ry tlhat will co',t
lot less thain $.ij,0Jj.
There will I.e a Imeeting of the stoc.,
holders of the Bleaverhead Copper Mining
and Smeltitg company at Masoilic hall,
Walkerville, September a, 19oa, at 4
p.,m. All are reeltted to be present as
there is business of inpllortallce.
WM. J. .HALL, Sec.
On Septemler 5 the Northern Pacific
railway will run another popular excur
sion to Yellowstone part at rate of $39.00
for the round trip, which includes all
necessary expense. If you contemplate
making the trill leave your name at the
office of the Northern I'acific railway, cor
ner Park and Main streets, so that ac
colnmodations may bIe reserved.
Gcn'l. Agt., N. P. Ry.
[lectrical Contractor
Estimates Furnished on Short Notice.
Electrical Wiring and Electrical
Work, Armature Work a Specialty;
All Kinds of Chandeliers.
Phone 956-B 102 E. Park St.
o hltablhedl 1882 Incorporates 1901 0
o o
0 Capital...$100,000.00o
o General r
0 0
o Bankling Business g
o o
o JOHN D. RYAN........ President 0
o JOHN R. TOOIE..Vice President 0
o C. C. SWINIIORNE...... Cashier
o R. A. KUNKEL.....Asn't Cashier 0
u 0
o000O 0000000000000000o000
o Butte. Mont. o
S Capital...... $oo,oo.oo 0
O Under rtate supervision. IFive per g
o cent interest, payable auarterly, 0
o paid on deposits 0
o Money to Loan on o
o o
o Real Estate o
O P. AUG. IIEINZE ..... 'realentl
o A. I.. CI.rMENT N 3........Cashier 0
o 0
000000000000 0000000000000
Ilennessy Building, Butte.
New York Office 20 Broad Street.
C. R. Lconaurd. Pres, T. R. Hinds. V-Pro a
I'uyrttu Ilarrlndton, Cashlir
Silver Bow National Bank
CAPITAL. $100.000.00
This Ibanls olicito nccomnt~, offers prompt
and caretil altnllllonI to business of cus
tosucra. Collucliun. promptly attended to
and rcn:itt.ed for on day of collection.
Sell lureign and dOumchti( rKxcbige, trans
act a gesneral b.aking Isusincss, pay in
terest on time deposits.
DIirectors.--(Charlera R. l.eonard, P. Aug.
I]ritsze, S. Marchsllar.e , A. llallnfortb.
14. A. l.oul, '. W. Newton, T. It. Ilinds.
John MacGinasis, I.syctte Ilarrington.
00000000oooo oo0000000000000
The First National Bank o
o Of Butte. 0
o 0
o 0
O (Establi*hacd a879.) 0
o Capital ....... .$203.0).) .)
o 0
SDrafts drawn on all princil:al cities
o of the World and Letters of Credit
o issued. 0
o - --- - 0
o ANIDRi,'W J. DAVIS.... President 0
o lAMES A. TALllOTT..Vice Pres. 0
O E. B. WEIRICK..........Cuashier
o J. S. DUT1TON..Asuistant Cashier g
0 0
O W. A. Clark. J. Ross Clark. O
o o
o Trasnact Genoral Dankil.g BusIRIass
0 Buy gold oiust, gold bars, silver 8
o bullion and local securities.
o Boxes for rent li, safe deposit 0
vault. 0
0 Sell excrhange available In all of a
o the principal cities of the United 0
o States and Europe. 0
o Special attention given to eulles. 0
Stlons. 0
o Cashier. 0
0 0
o000000oooooot ooooooooooocoooo
0 0
o Jobs A. Creiglton....... Presi¶ent 0
SG. W. Stp let n.... Vice Preillent 0
o T. M. llod'ns............Cashier 0
SJ. 0. Hodgens.... Assist'nt Cashier a
o R. B. Nuckolls...Assistant Cashier o
o 0
o .
o Unier state sutervision and
o jurisdiction. Interest paid on do. 0
a posits. O
o Sells sxeha'rge avalla;,se In all 0
) the principal citiec of the United
o States and Europe. Collections O
o promptly attended to. o
o Transact general ',tanking hl lii~ess. 0
o Dre.:tors: J. A. Creighton, Omna.
0 ha; G. W. Stapleton. A. II. Bsret,
E. D. Levitt, S. V. Kemper, T. M.
Hogllens, J. 0. lHodrens. o
o Corner Main and Park Sts., Eutte. 0
O0000000000000000 500 00.
Hong Kong Cafe
And eyster Parlors
Moved to 114 S. Main
Everything new, neat and first-class. The
Best Meals in the city. Great Family Din.
ners from 1i:30 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Private rooms for ladies.
Hoping our patrons will find us in out
new location, 114 S. Main stctet. Come
one, come all. HUM FAY. Iroprietor

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