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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, September 06, 1902, Evening, Image 5

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Current Notes.
Orton Bros.-Planos and organs. *
If you bought it at Sherman's it's good. *
House moving and raising. Tel. 727B. o
Alf Whltworth of Deer Lodge is in
the city.
Dr. Sieveri has gone to the Yellowstone
park to see the sights.
J,. M. Adams of Blackfoot, Idaho, is
paying Butte a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lockhart are back
from a trip to the East.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music Co.,
tsp N. Main street. Tel. So4. *
A. C. Sandberg, dentist. has opened
offices in the new Clark block. *
Mrs. G. O. McFarland is the guest of
Mrs. C. T. Boal in Great Falls.
Main springs, $:.oo; watches cleaned,
$s.so; warranted. Mayer, 65 West Park.
Henry G. Rickerts, clerk of the supreme
court, is over from Helena.
All kinds vehicles and feed. Beebe Grain
Co. Automobile tickets with soc purchase. *
H. D. Curtis of Deadwood, South Da
kota, is in the city.
Wanted-At once. boy i7 ; one who owns
a horse. Inquire A. L., anter Mountain
office. *
P. H. hernis of Belt is paying his re
spects to the greatest mining camp on
Irwin Mahon, secretary of the Ameri
can Mining Congress, left today for Chi
R. Malt, representing the Southern Pa
cific Railroad company, is visiting Butte
in the interest of his line.
Vincent Doody is back from a trip to
Pnilipsburg, where he has numerous
A. J. Davidson, woo attended the Min
ing congress, left last night for his home
in Helena.
Miss Sadie Bryson left last night for her
home in Helena. She spent the week with
friends in this city.
Idaho's delegation to the mining con
gress, which came to Butte in a special
car, left for Boise today.
Mrs. K. L. Power of Washington, D. C.,
is spending a few Cays with Mrs. J. J.
Ferrell of No. 837 West Quartz street.
Jack Lavell, formerly chief of police in
this city, nas gone to the northern part of
the state, where he is interested in a ranch.
H. F. Ruger, general agent for the Burl
ington railroad in this city, accompanied
the Deadwood Mining Congress delegates
to Helena last night.
Edward G. Reiner of Colorado Springs,
who attended the Mining congress in the
interest of the Daily Mining Record of his
city, left for the south today.
Mrs. T. C. Douglas, who has been visit
ing in the East for the past five months,
has returned to her home in Butte and re
ports a delightful tiome spent.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas of No. 113 Grey Rock terrace,
Centerville, died yesterday. The funeral
will take place at a :3o o'clock tomorrow.
M. W. Pettigrew, editor and proprie
tor of Wonderland, published in Gardiner,
I'ark county, is in the city, having come
here as a delegate to the mining con
Sadie Lucille Knight, aged 17 years and
6 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
K. Knight of No. 113 Missoula avenue,
Centerville, died last night. She had been
ill several weeks past.
Lawrence McMahon, 56 years old, died
yesterday at the residence of his sister,
Mrs. Stephen Hogan, No. ai Bennett
street. The funeral will take place at a
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
F. C. Kress and wife came up from
Dillon last night and went to Ilamilton
today with the members of the Press As
sociation. Mr. Kress presides over the
destinies of the Dillon Examiner.
Mrs. H. O. Wilson, wife of General
Agent Wilson of the Oregon Short Line
and Union Pacific systems, left last night
for Spokane, where she will be the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen for a few days.
Joseph Smith, president of the Mor
mon church in Salt Lake, passed through
the city today, en route from the Mor
mon settlement in Canada to his Utah
home. He was accompanied by several
members of his family.
First Baptist-Broadway and Montana
streets. J. E. Noftsinger. Worship at II
a. m. and 8 p. m. Young People's meeting
at 7 p.m. The annual business meeting of
the church will be held at 8 p. min. Monday
and Tuesday. Let all reports be prepared
for Monday evening. The election of offi
cers Tuesday evening.
Miss Julia A. Ward of Chicago is visit
ing her sister, Miss Ward, on North Mon
tana street. Miss hard has been in IDen
ver, Colo., attending a meeting ol the board
of supreme trustees of the Ladies' Catholic
Benevolent association, and was also a del
egate to thie National Fraternal congress,
recently held at the Brown Palace hotel,
Mail Your Picture.
In a Patent Photo Envelope and it won't
get broken. You can get any size at the
P. O. News Stand, 57 West Park street.
His Loss Her Gain.
[Philadelphia Press.]
Cholly-Yaas, when evah I call on her
she's out, but I hope for better luck next
Miss Pepprey-Ilow ungllan; t ! You
can't both have good luck.
Torpid Liver
When your complexion is
sallow, ald' you are troubled
with C(onsti lation, IMalarit,
Mick Ieadace i and other Liv
er Complaintr, take
Ho rCford'1,
It stimulates healthy liver
activity, increases the ilow of
bile, improves appetite, pro
motes digestion, erliehos the
blood, and improves the whole
Morreford'e SB.a am overy O.UI E p ktlle,
"Buckets" Can't Tell A From B, Nor
Write Without Sticking His Tongue in
His Cheek, but He Is a Pencil Pusher
All the Same, and Expects to Join
the Montana Press Association.
Everylody knows "Buckets."
If you've been in Butte for any length of
time and don't number "Buckets" among
your acquaintances, you'll surely be con
sidered behind the times.
There is a strong suspicion that "Buck
ets" is a tout. Certain it is that he is a
rare character.
If somebody told you that "Buckets" is
editor of a newspaper, you wouldn't br
lieve it, would you? But such is the
And yet "Buckets" can neither read or
just how a man who don't know an A,
B or C from turkey tracks can edit .m
newspaper Is a riddle that the reader will
have to solve, but anyway the facts are
not misstated.
"'Buckets' ' Town I'attler" makes
its appearance every night at 9 o'clock.
The motto of the sheet is original with
the editor and manager and reads: "De
voted to everybody's business but our
Read It and Get Wise.
The paper is full of general gossip vwith
a strong flavoring of the race track lifter.
mixed. It criticises those who the editor
does not like and boosts those who stand
by the ponies.
The editorials bring out the virtues of
touting and classifies those who get
touted as "angels," "good things," "easy
marks" and "soft 'uns." They tell of some
of the inside facts of the betting ring,
which have heretofore remained secret,
and state what a cinch it was to beat the
books at the last meeting of the Montana
Jockey club.
In short the paper puts the public on to
some of the things that "Buckets" thinks.
It is a sheet original in every detail and
a clear cut picture of "Buckets'" char
Just now "Buckets" is receiving,,uthe
congratulations of his many friends.
SHotel Arrivals
At the Butter
James J. Callahan, Ii. English, E. -E.
Hensley, Anaconda; Mrs. II. C. Wilson
and son, Helena; Tyler Worden. Mis
soula; H. A. Durst, Little Rock; J. F.
Bctz, Adrian, Mich.; 1). Curtis, St. Paul;
Mrs. W. II. Godfrey, Twin Bridges ; Miss
A. M. Scott, Blackfoot, Idalo; W. C.
Thomas, Salt Lake; W. F. Rochcleau, I..
McGarry, Joseph Rosenbaum, Chicago ; F.
E. Cornish, Boulder; C. V. Cumnmings,
IIclena; A. Y. Gable, Seattle: 'Iheo. Ac
kerman, Kansas City; L. T. 'l'erry, Spo
kane ; L. S. Ricloldl, Andrew ('eIman I Lay
ton, O. ; Fred W. Wolf, Appleton, \Vis. ;
F. A. Jarvis, New York; S. J. Atwood. A.
M. Atwood, Denver.
At the Southern.
I). B. Newimt, Ieru. Ind.: G(o':gc
\Voten, Dewey's flat; J. J. Coakley, Chi
cago; J. Mcl.aughlin, loise; C. ired
Cowan, Boulder; Jacob Moyer, \Vhitchall:
Carl Skagstad, lhandrew. S. I).; T. 1).
Wright, Great Falls; Ed lDaly, .cewls
town; II. F. l'tanm, l)Deer IL.odge ; Ru
dolph Hilimak, Slpkanc; Gordn Mturay,
Granite; John F. tlair, Anac,,nid; Mrs.
Gephart, Marion, Ind.; Rodgcer (gephart
At the Thornton.
W. II. I.ucas, Spokane; Mrs. 1.. I). Mc
Call, Mrs. II. A. llull, George II. Ilinls
worth, A. W. 'ullen, 1.. I'. I'atterson, Chi
cago; I. D. Fry, 11. (. Fry, (incinnati
Mrs. M. WVinscott, Kansas City; ). 11.
Hahn, Stephen Ives, San Francisco; W.
Mills, Jr., Andrew K. Sicebler, A. '. Low
enthal, New York; Miss Evans, I)enver;
i". W. Christian, F. I.. Champlin, Ba n
nack; M. W. Kelly, Billings; G. W. Rich
ardson, Ilavre; A. II. Dul.ancy, Corn Du
Laney, St. Iouis; D. McDonald anmd wife,
Alhambra Springs; J. R. Greenlites and
wife, I.awrence, Kan.; I)r. 1.. A. Grulson
and wife, Stanton, Iowa; G. A. (;ran and
wife, Mt. l'leasant, Iowa; G. C. llotrunm,
At the Finlen.
\V. A. 'lable, St. l.ouis; F. C. Krcss and
wife, I)illon; Mrs. A. SutherlaMl, Ana
conda ; I)r. A. I., Ward, Ioulder ; C. II.
I:.twards and wile, Ilceina; l. 1). Curtis,
l)Deadwood ; R. Malt, S. PI', . R. .; Mrs. F.
D). ( )sborne, Seattle: Alf \ nitworth, ])ecr
l.odge; tcorge I.. Krammner, A. K. Graf
ton, Stony City, Iowa; 1.. 1). McBac, Fait
ilton; J. .. Adams,, Blackfoot; W. T. Rei.
Icy, (;rcat Falls.
Malta Squabble Will Be Straightened
Out if Possible.
[siEt Ai. ti 'I.a MOI'Nst- N.]
lIelcna, Sept. 6.-- -Social circles in Malta;
a little towni near Glasgow, are stirred!
over the recenit action of Mrs. Carric
I.uther, superintendent of the Valley coun
ty schools, who took up the teacher's
ccertiicate of Miss l.eah litinphrey and re
fused to allow her to teach in that couun
ty. º
State Superintendent \VWelch left Helena
for Malta last Inight and will endeavor to
straighten out matters to the satisfactiam
of all concerned.
Investigating Smallpox Report.
I sl'it IA. '1o IsN'[El MOt'NTAIN.]
Glendive, Sept. 6.----Dr. J. II. Hunt has
been informed by the state board of health
that smallpox is understood to exist near
Jordan and that no precautions have been
taken to prevent the spread of the dis
ease. The matter was immediately re
ferred to the county conmmissioners and
Dr. W. A. Andrews of Miles City was ip
ettucted to investigate the nmattfr.
Would Have Accomplished His Purpose
Had Not a Friend to the Unhappy
Woman Jumped Upon Him and
Wrested Weapon From His Grasp
And Now He Is Likely to Rest in Jail.
County Attorney Peter Itrcen is lint
on the trail of 1)r. W. A. Miller ot
I)illhi and a warrant will probably lbe
issued this atternoun, in which cvent
Ntiller will be atlrestedt iu I)illnn ou thir
charge of assault antd broughtl to llutte
lot trial.
1)r. Miller is a prominent iphysician of
)illon, hut he is tuoo tree in tIhe use of
his gut anld a*cotding ti Deputy .Slhcrilff
E. '. )ooubsn, it was inot thl eI dotI r's
fault that hli didtl't kill his ilte last night,
at No. 740o Maryland avcnue.
Soeic time ago Mrs. Mhiler lbrought suit
for divorce andii alimollly agaillst her hus
hanild in the colllts io lIcaverlhead crunltly.
Pendtling the action of the court she caCane
to Ilutte and hai.s since lived at the house
of Mrs. Charlotte G(;imses, in the house
In the nlcaltilne the court of Itacivelheatl
county granted NIrs. hIilier aiiimoniy and as
I)r. Miller rcfuned to comply with the
court's order, his goods were attached.
This infuri:atled the physicint and he swsore
ihe would ilieo to lhltte and iobtain re.
Verge on his crstwhile spouse.
He learn.ed whitre his wife was sllopt
ping andt, Iprocuring a pistoll. he went to
the house andl lay hid hchiimd thi front
ptorch. l.ant night at i iclt'h k iMrs. Miller.
accoulpanited by Mr. ;ri ties, caue outll of
the house and started towaruts thli front
gate to meet smiie frilenls.
Tried to Kill Her.
t'hey hadl scarcely rached the hot toIn
of the steps when Miller juillml.l front
his hiding place andI pIilntrd his gun at
his wife. Before ithe ouil shoot I;rimes
grappl.d with him aniti after a hnt slrung
glh, got Ipossession of the weapon. Miller
was shortly afterwards arrested and a
nomliinal lchargie was ctcii red oppostit.e hidk
name onl the bllttecr at police Iheadtlmar
Mrs. MillerI is afraid of her l sh itutt.d
She splent th'e remmainldcr oif list nighlt at
the ho, of" I)rpntily Stheriltf El . J l)obson,
whicth is utniar the. (;irim s resiI idt',. Thii
mimurning shIe camue to tlhe police had.
iuji;t'irs r as .tl askedl ftlr pi'rotctiiln. Slit' was
asuredm her IhuttshandI hal r turnumI it 1)il.n
mitl woutl nlimt imliest her furthter.
limit Counllity Attorney Itreeti is nit smit
hlif'd with the w;ay Ihi city ;Iauthorities
hiulhed the case miul he will issue a war
ra l fIir Miller, charvghn him with as.
s:altl1 :Hll W\illi cPtrr'i'yi ii iSilt', , ac h l w ,;ipl ii.. ,
Missoula Plants Adopt New Schedule
Pleasing to the Unions.
I n ut i l . ti It l t mit i mSi S i m,...1
Miissoula, Septm. 6.--ltegimiiimg Saturday,
Stleptember 6, all iof th.e uiptile) ts ill t1h
s.awmills, factmrtims mml Imogig c:mops of
thIe Ilig 1lickfoot h oillin g compm atmy, lthe
Anaconda Iu iii ni ng c tnmimi a y :mil ithi eit -
ern Luimer coimlmpuy in Ilissmmula snmt la
vmlli comilties will work nine hlmts a lay
ist tad of im. I' .esilen. t 'Tomle of theI.
Big llt. 'klcik oot c'mii all:ll y re(Itllfu , ted ye.ster
taiy a m ti hng with the" rrm srenUtti.ves
oif thIe laSir tu ioni which rl.epres iint thet
lumbel r workers, nlt ia t thl lis m-'liing inl
fmrmed them of the u-lmI.ion whuhs hiad
lt.-i rachtehcd by hi, cmlmpany aml the
mluit t'ls im~iiuti'm .
The Best
Is The
Yuii rannlt pIrc have n high
gradel piano for the saiie pric youi
would pay for a Flial, shoddy in
I)o tnot lh influ -c'd by u t l ilt
Qn l's oIf JpiIutus or claims of a lla
tocratic paltong.,
PIANI) il)Il:SI: you cain finl the
largestt (an i is't tctmplcte assort
tent of strictly lirnt class piinos to
be foutndl in ..tnt;nca.
In tone iualiity, in ('case design, iin
solid construction, in detail of fin -
Pih, we an l you.se
129r ttand 131 easyt ar'k St
mt li ve rM lbile spe
did argains in lightly uAway. in
SIt rUIl it S.
We are state agents for the c(l'l
PLAYER. It leads them all.
Piano House
129 and 131 East Park St
We Give Mobile
Tickets Away.
For Neck and Waist
In Notion Department
I lundreds of pretty ties, the
`DLO >ý. latest out; dainty lace collars and
novelties in belts are shown today
r ,' at vecry low prices. O(ur buyers
" in New York bought a big lot at
l much less than usual figures. Our
customers reap the benefit. Come
and see these Fliorodora, Automo.
bile, Ping P'ong, ILawn T.ennis and
' other ties. They are marvels of
Novelty Neckwear Novelty Neckwear
I5.4 new Hlchircvra tit's of white ani ;- I.II lnew whihr I.t;V| l itie, r',lg,'dl with
lin and lawn, with blue ports ; p',- t liare I"rln h Lhce anr' -t i isrtiont to
washable qtlaliy; worth . ', for i5c tochtlc, tr w ll :u t rt bail pro,
r'ails. ,l.lc vrty pr'tty pin; puolln , t'ln is amt
144 new whlel lawn ties, willh en- auh tn, hth, lir ., in white lawn nnId
brtidtl r l endils, Ill several pretty stylis ; evtnic ' i .hah rl in ',ilk. with end i hanl
5gootd was alhi e ,ithr ity, a t i h s t l illl 'l si itll I;sla ill ;L V tilelv t y
of i styl'sh ; "r114, tu.n nl whihe d1 c k ,
widt; rgullair 35c culI Sn" ti'.s, for 2C value'r to $1.5c, jfr 75c.
;alll . taC rn. .no, richly inch, rotill icd white lawni
.'.to new pink puin and mtomnhihl h, and utthslil tie", puttly edgeI wilth Iles
tils of 'while lawn,1 , with pretly nitt :ulnd rnlhriiilry; ,several new and iIIu '
roidered tab collar,, with tlucked ly styles; plric frint $t.1o to $a.25
sticks atci hrn' stitr hid edge's"; ilvi in each.
lwhiie' der k with talb collar ;andI tickti
sto, 5111ce an 75e irs, i, fr ,.Se es1. New Things in Belts
Nobby Neckcwear ",l.. Ic lplek t h l.r aI a'"'. 1"" " hal tr
bollsiace Collars Ius hit itrk ily; sIu'ki, 'ifil vili
$ . v" cy a 1 1 t t lii" Itil's,,I' Iii: t la t i ll V 'f tI''
Bargains in Hosiery
pIinI appl lue ats d; l t. c I .1 inch. h q l wim 1n's I'ather ; L tlls in tle new
w'ide af d l: g ; dAinty dIri'alS, ipricrs "lh Ih fel ns" ffrrC V ; I thck low l . ind
rmlll $1 So to $:.5 each cill worl'h lll s ins ; p ice onLly 5p ' eaihr ; arll new
aptlal duuhhle.i, .
Lace Collars New satin ani silk t Its, l iny . lr .oc
a3 phaires for prc C l liof Ihhe o" rill
rish crot:he, lice ' coillt s, sich ltlc s $. .o eac11h.
it n vll l shapes. , cr|eam, white andl li new pins. puonkg hel.ts, in Clack am
Aralb '~I5 s; pries lItot $t,75 to while, rn il3drpd silk anfor nov t
$, til a .i l wisps at Ilea desu . Mik wcsle lell ; the dl ainlnst I.ll of Ih'
All a collaI r inch Kc. i,'r bh lls a ln scw ,en ; Isites -, Io tio ; pri'ces $sa u to
Women's Bose Woemen's ose
WVinnted Bl ar , ains at Willi tngh, t licetsn fast
lites t htaso n l ,Il," hIt, ly i rn sLl., .,l l,,h.,",, and ha .e whil,
hi '' I; m Ir , t irll \ i ui,, I , c u I , ,, . , ,
3 pairs for C oc i 5g C values for 25c
tIl 11'n. i i '' l i ll n y hl '. h si.
'V 1 e1 '', (ice li, I i h. d u r i, ,r, l rlr it I ln , ti .nI h.in ti t, b ti 11c l l , c n,
Ltnw hl ic '. w11111' . h l.li '' nItii , l" , , ii h ilinl'et n nil 'I rove ' last LI;,lIi, full
oc'' all i.c i ; .Lul ll- I Ihh, lull In!1 t;i-h ,m+i l ouch I.ta lnb s; rc'uttler Sic
iu, 'ed w it h i t , i d , l . ! , , h ,; v.cluc", to a'L,'i $..il1n.l s.
.:'s. 3 pairs for $1.oo
Only 75c pair v,, . . . ,
',u.m e lt ,he thrt, u ,I le d l:,, v ih op ,tl, hl
C h ild ren 's H ose , ,,.o . ,, il t,,i ..u in..I . i , .h i
".l P;L h . 'via~, l~+1I I i u ', i t~1c li'..
:i t liiik :end1 'ti'utv Ii'. , iv'ttt hcrir f
li ,,.1 I,. i y u.ri ... .. ',r ,,,ty S.oo0 Q uality for 5oc
3 pairs for 50c Children's Hose
lacys' , i i . l'hi .irls' , t',l I , , , ! , It,," I 1,hk' lh,,.r'l h oc', "i y1" t; , I f hl.k,
honu,, liar a:d h, avy ril-s, do, h la,,i ,, dn . .,lr' Giad klu ',' ; In'r t, :ulhu'
allot sa.h" l s. ',.' c l, hity.
35c values for 25c 3 pairs for $S.oo
(;,oI cloth('s Jine(, w{,Itlh .Lg , f r" .'.c. .<0c v;ch.
A Summer Trilp Through Zion and the
A trip to the East by way ot Salt
the greatest on the Amer;can continent,
passing as it Idoes along tihe shores of Salt
lIake and Utah l;kcs, through Utah and
Colorado's fertile valleys and the heart of
the Rocky mountains. No Europan j,lur
ncy of equal length can compare with it
in splendor of scenery or wealth of na'vel
interest. A stop-over at Salt Lake City
is allowed on all classes of tickets via
this route. JFor full information or for
copy of "With Nature in Colorado," write
to or call on G. W; Fitzgerald, GepA, Atf,.
Butte, Moat.
NOt'IC1' 'It) (T1<2:%ITORS.
Estite cf I.awrcnce Manning, deccased.
Nutiic is hereby given by the undsr
signed admninistratur of the estate of
Iawrence Manning, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit them,
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this
notice, to the said administrator at No.
o East Granite street, Butte, Montana,
the same being the place for the transac.
tion of the business of said estate, in the
county of Silver Bow, state of Montana.
Administrator of the Estate of Lawrence
ac txee,. Montana, this aoth' day of
M ý, 3*. ..

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