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Mining News
Claims in Southwestern Part of Butte
Are Said to Be in Good Condition,
With Prospects Bright.
G. R. Nickey, president and [gpeeral
matntager of the Britanniia Miiintin cet
panty, the property of which is lo.tedl inl
the soutllhwstcrn part of the city, Iha
nilade a report to the stockhtolders. The
report covers the t1 months codiing AI
gust I. In the lociuicut. Mr. Nickey
says: "Tlhe shaft is now dowlt .15'o feet
and is first chlss in every respect. At the
soo-foot level a drift has el rtl not .o
feet: (on the 15o, a drift 0oo feet; on the
2.t, a drift 900-all on vein No. t. On
the 50o foot level a crosscut has bIr'tlt rtunl
7o feet south, cuttinlg veil No. 2. At
the tso-foot level a drift 8o0 feet long
has been run otn vein N. , anttd t the
a.3 level a. jon-foot vein hats be(n driven
on No. 2. A crosscut fcAt south ofi
vein No. 2 cut vein No. .
"The manag enr1 t intl'.1- to contikte
work in the shaft tuntil the 5o.-foot mark
of 270 feet below the present workings.
A strong veint cio or' w;as struck in sink
ing the shaft below the present work
ings, which mak(s vin N'. .. T'he man
ag ic ( nt ilt intei.l to e' tss' ( t .ill of the
veins at a depth of .ton f(c t. 'The ma
chinry nl the propelrty was pt it i op
eratio .ow t, I, sm. sin e wh, ch time
the wonsk ,,i *hl.,l. iov.t has ,..i -tedl
ily Ir,,re. it~ O .
"I I e mii1(e lihas prt .l.ter'l aiver 5..-i,
on0 from tii . 2.,0 fr t tvel to the sur
face antl lhas, a large rserve of seiotd
cla, ulo r,,n-idlerabl h t rst 'elms ,,r, which
is w y Icinit minel 1. 'I II i;t l ,t ,hiplo it
was inail .\u uc't 5 to the ,olor.,li ,niete.r
of this city. It e:c.' returns of $'.1..2
per tin. , of which was .,.l. All of
the ,r s. hipped has ac'ver.agc I $.l.. i per
t'rt al, s the lhal;luhiiig am l trc;tintg
"' ti he ine lh. tr rn. ,l in three divi
clci.l $'.. {. mn la there is every re aon
to x ,p.'ct lItt r rsult l t swhctn otr work
ltg , 'v ar , h p, r. 'h1 st arc it pre.s nt .to
miners woking in .linl abi ut the mine.
I xlpe,'t Iii hl t,' th,' ,h..ft r',,m plh t d to
the .i,, f-o t ti,.n n1i1n the fintr s icu
cttt iftnini thl- mi xt fiir n ii t.i I c,, per
is l. , y : it~ ." ,, th ' . , ,o t leh ,l.
antl , it i-, ,un . .hli' heli ft I th! t in
the htu e illi tri ii, nt1,d nmirler .. i(
pohl i., i, .,.r. w ( e.tint x0 'ct to rci;J h
it with ,lth."
Not Satisfied With Havi n Control of
Sh,atinon and Other Companies,
He Is at It Again.
\\ ;inni i:ft. 'I t . , .on i,,fr. m ilv a it
ii n it .l i t uIn of I . i nu m'l New
'ork, is ;.,o, iing qt lit.ii oiu , s,1 :itt i i
the .' , inr ih . I, N ,I . is i. iltd .t ith ila i
(r p. ,c r , i l," h ir th lt. in l .f ttiii he I haln
n1110 l (< olp r ,:Iu . vally i f .\ri ,', .i., ,tillI t,
thei .hil \v hI.itl h tii'n n uii (tl in thill
(if the ri i tr , ilf , it u ,.oit e rIt m It ' ,
tt, t'' the S:It L.:6e lhitahl s tu :
\\'illi; n,, I 1 . iih -Jllll ,i' , . iIho ia.; ' lar e I l
retl , n-il, e f, r th .e flll lill of the Si. a.. .
noiln .pp. r i" i" .' :my,i h:-, inrc-rpor ttII(
lthe ( i ft, t niii v t n. i y u hii n 't r Mi .in
lawi.t , with +ri ,.' o .hares of flt- tinr
value of ti 5 u ,i h. Tl his cUtpl:any a.is,
orcali t a Inte re sted in Fathead Counti
(3." acr,') near Mhetcalf ani ( n,,hlo ,
Enteriz. srrises Says orth Isf (Binft,. .l
adjof itli the pro lrti, i s of the .\tl i. tni
Copper \'implllday aid the arrid it (tpl.r
or aili n . 'I Iel scliit arii t pro e. tlillun-l
dcv'lo'pcil prospeil ts, ibut it is la lievcil
thal't the tfi lti ItiI(loron f vein conl'ltilnue
Into the roll irty co in sliirt by the. 'Ir
O a is l S. l riil it l.ri
Local Man Interested in Flathead County
Enterprises Says Work Is Being
Loi Al V. Kiendr, one of the mrn inter
stl s in thimate il fom plany, which is
boring for oil in the Kintlia lake district
of Flthcial couattenty, is ion the cy illn the
itr workt of the company. le left Kitila
last Wednesday and arrived here ycster
Mir. Tedler says that the com547 y has
rtd drillig in itsYard well ron iStreet aig
as pod progretss as the circustacs utt. ill
permit. '1 lie stratiut of rock through
which the drill is Itotw p1ssing is as hard
as !lint and full of citJices, which ialick s
proyre-s ,'. '1 lit.e remiier brought from
the fast for the purpose of straightening
the v,wll did its w.ork in short order. The
bol is now straight. Poring was re
sunwld ai wek ago tol, ay n1.l1 is cheing
carried o, night and day with two shifts
of m ., 'I he' well is ihout 1,_ca feet deep
and is emitting all cii tra fluw of pis, which
Lumber Co.
All Kinds of
Rough and Dressed
Estimates from plans
cheerfully given. Spe
cial attention to mill
work of all kinds We
rclicit your trade.otwot
Telephone 547.
Office and Yards, Iron Street, East
of Arizona St., Butte.
is conslidcrd n good indication of the prci
encer of oil bclow.
The companty, says Mr. ]'ncder, ihas to
cr ived I ntw cablie 2.50o fIet long anlld is
using it to advantIIaglCe.
As to other properties in that section,
he says they nre king worked and that
there is a report current to the effect thit
it comipany compl)osted of Kalispell and St.
P'utl Ioin is preparing to ship machinery
into the district for use oil its property.
Just wh'ere the plroposald well is to be siunik
the report does tnot state, but it will Ie
within tell miles of the Butte ()il comt
pIany's well.
[ilY AsSII IAI: I I'l( tItss.1.
Lomdon, Sept. ,).-The Anglo-( hin.se
treaty is haiild as a signal triumIiph for
liritish rlilphllloln y :tdl Sir J:iies Mackay's
achievement il persualing the Chin"se
'lovertitt nt to strike oil the lhe vi; s i t ft
ter, that have hlitheto impe'dtd foreign
conlllltcree with the celestial t. pire is
lhuhleI io the skies.
It is fully recognized, however, that the
ialition of the likin tax Cnnotllt Ibeconme
iin acci lllpllillh I et \.ithotut the concutr
ri nce Of all the ipowers. lussia has not
yet discus(.dI her hand.
HIer coilmerciil interests are irilncotiid.
eraile ;I d .iti l may lobject tio l lly rrangtle
nlltlit whih It uld hl e l pricipally for the
lentfit of I: .landl. ('ertainily whiatever
Rtusi;a dlo, \will lie dully sultpported by
I raslie. -&
(li the other hand the ldvantatge to dll
Inationlls iof havingl impllortan:llt m rlllltiI
r ttiions with ( Illil:a is mlanifest a dl nto
oppl.(lion is ;iuticipaled fronll America or
It is hIopted Rutssisi ; ld PrI:;lce will con
si t'r the i ll,;lt, r or n its Imerits aind iot a; -
l.iw ci ltluti tilr lrllmt to ibe lnck.d Iby
any of the dl t hllties andt jealottsics
Shi, Ih are only tit apt to make tihe Eiur
p, an concert inharnnnious antd inhtfectivo.
lit even i t lil i, that aill the ptowers
tappr v Sir .un, .\l:u k;Iy's ag'rec llll,
the task i f (ir .!r ill it out catnlluot fail Io
I w on"II ,.t ihiltn nse, Ilisticulty.
Coroner and Police Find Three Human
Bodies and Are Making an
Chicag ., .Sv. o. Thel dic very of tlhree
lIh ;n1m hllih .:it Nos. -'709 and1 2711 St:ate
'tr,-t.t ha, t.nut l rn investigation of the
preiili ,. by thn llice, coroner antl city
h-:th hlI departmenT't.
(n of thie lI lits gasi that of ain aiullt,
;tand the m holl riis are iprepart.d to believe
that :a nlure. r \I- ;ni connnliltted or that it is
simplly an t di ance of an illegal Iurial.
'Ilhi othltr t\,o I ,di,. natre those of habies.
'1I 11 i-y wre ftoulnd ill a wooden litox, cov
enr(I with sawt'l-t in the utntlertaking place
ii ('harkl s J hlin i, N _. ..7), State street.
(,u accounnt of the suspiciion which the
finling of the ,di-s hals aroused, a thor
ought ex:umination of thle premcis.,, will be
mi:ale to discover by excavating whether
other reumitins have beettn buried there.
'There are surface indications which lead
the coront r iand hailth authorities to suts
pect that tIle lackyards of the two places
may ie fitmnd to ctontain the graves of
other perst, ns.
Pine Tree State Goes as It Once Did
for Governor Kent-Entire Con
gressional Ticket Elected.
rI t N , , IN . 1 I' I, .0 ,
Portl;and, Me., Sept. o.-Chairman
Simpson of the state coummittee last night
sent a nlissage to the presidelt sayilg:
"Maine haxs gone retpublican as it once
went for Govetrnor Kent. WVe have car
ried the state by probably 25,000. We
have elected the entire delegation to con
gress by a large majority, have chosen
every senator with one exception, andl
about four-lifths of the legislature. The
line Tree state indorses the administra
tion \\ith no uncertain voice."
A message of like id~liort was sent to
Se nator Halnna, saying:
"Maine has today shown her apprecia
tion of the policies which have given to
our country a prosperity tineilqualed ini the
history of the world."
Co'|ngressmalnl ]Iurleigh sent a tmessage
announcilng the result to Clhairman IBah
coick of the republican congressiounal culn
lie said the average off-year republican
plurality has becn .2,,on.
Revolution in Venezuela.
lity A.sos IAnrnI IREss,]
I.ondrn, Selpt. 9.--Francis i. Looniis,
present miniister to Portugal but who
formerly represented this government in
Venezuela, has arrived in London. Talk
inig about the present revolution inl Vene
zuela he said it is more serious than any
of its predecessors.
Cheap Rates to California.
SEPT. so, OCT1. AND 2.
For the meeting of National Wholesale
Druggists at Monterey, California, the
Northern P'acific railway will sell round
trip tickets as follows:
Butte to San Francisco, going and
returning via Portland .........$55.,o
Butte to San Francisco, going via
P'ortland, returning via Ogden... 68.50
Butte to Los Angeles, going and re
turning via Portland .......... 67.90
Butte to Los Angeles, going via
Portland and returning via Og
den ........ .......... ...... 81.40
For information regarding stopover,
sleeping car space, etc., call on or ad
dress, W. H. MERRIMAN,
G. A., N. P. R'y,
Cor. Park and Main Sts., Butte.
Service Will Be Organized by a Chart
ered Vessel, but the Company Will
Build Ships and Complete the New
Enterprise by Affording an Outward
Service-Take Business Established.
rev AssoiAItCI 't rDRss.,
New York, Sept. 9.-Increased interest
in trade with China and elsewhere in the
Orient is indicated by the announcement
of another stcam.ship company formed by
strong financial and shipping interests of
this city, and will soon enter into active
competition for commerce between this
port and the far 1Fast.
The new line from New York is to be
operated by the American Asiatic Steam
ship company, an organization formed
under the laws of Maine with an author
ized capital o $5o00,oo0.
The s:ailings will he monthly, and the
first sailings of the vessel is expected to
depart from this port about the middle or
latter part of October. f()licers of the new
company are William It. Parsons, presi
dent; l)e .ceroy Dresser, vice president;
T. A. Sparks, secreta;tytreasurer.
'T'ht directors besides the oflicers named
are: August I.elmont, C. A. T'onmes, Cor
nclius N. Vanderbilt and John 1). (Gluck,
Iuther Kotittz, of Kountz Brothers, Ver
milyea & ('o.. and J. Crusby Brown, of
Brown Brothers.
Build Their Own Vessels.
The services will be inaugurated hit the
steamship (Gibraltar, whlet has been thar
ternd by tWe companiil; y. It is the intention
ofe lht'e lcinp:y, hIwever, to build its ownt
Shtiwan, 'Tl'mes & Co., who have thceir
ow,5n ofices int le;ling ports int the far Last
and have opceratled a service fromt ports in
China anod Japan. stuch as Yokohatma. Kohe.
>ttantghai, Foo ('how, Amniy, Iliong Kongt
aitd the Straits 'stttle'tunlts, will beconll'
general agents for the comp'lany ill the
O rient.
lThe new ctuterprisl will coImllte the
=lne by airiing ant outward service. JIn
fact thel American-Asiatic company will not
only establlish a inew line from this port
Ilbut will alo take charge of the busitness
already es t;blthshtd ill tile Orient.
Excursion to California.
Septeimber 3th1, October tist and - i
the ()regon Short L.ine will sell rountd trip
tickets to San Francisco, going and re
turninig same route, $.5.5,o ;oing via Og
diin and returning via Portland, or vice
versa. $68.So.
To Los Angeles, going and returnin;e
same route, $67.,i0. (fing via Ogden and
returnling via Portlalnd or vice versa,
'lickets limited for return until Novecn
lar 15t111 with stop over privileges.
i.Reme.imber the Ogden route is 23 hours
the iquickcst anid make sleepling car reser
v:ationis now, Short Line City Ticket
til'ie., 1.5 North Main street. Butte Mont.
(;eneral Agent.
sure all Chronic Diseases of
Men and Women.
N. E. Corner Broadway and
Montana Streets.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
of imen anil women.
(ffice 104 and o05 Pennsylvania
block, W. Park street. Office tel., 899A.
Residence 616 S. Montana street.
'Phone 721M.
Helena, Mont., August 20, 190o.
Notice is hereby given that Robeht Mc
Bride and Jennie Adams, whose postoffice
address is Butte, Montana, have this *day
filed their application for a patent for
1255.3 linear feet, being 85 feet south
westerly and i170.3 feet northcasternly
from discovery shaft of the Six Thirty
Lode Mining claim, upon which a notice
of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 25111 day of August, 19go2,
situated in Summit Valley (unorganized)
Mining district, Silver Bow county, state
of Montana, designated as Survey No.
6653, in Township 3 north of Range 7
west, being more particularly described as
follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner, a
point in the ntorth side line of Survey No.
618r, a granite stone set in the groupd,
with a mound of earth and stone aloig
side, and marked 1-6653, for Corner No. ;,
from which the northeast corner of Sec
tion 17, Township 3 north, Range 7 west,
bears south 28 degrees, o8 minutes and 40
seconds west 4764.5 feet, and running
thence south 84 degrees 1I minutes east
246 feet; thence north 70 degrees ao min
utes east 733 feet; thence north 61 de
grees 55 minutes east 280 feet; thence
north 18 degrees 21 minutes west 389
feet; thence south 70 degrees 2a minutes
west 1234 feet; thence south 18 degrees
21 minutes east 325 feet to the place of
beginning, containing an area of 55.79
acres, of which 5.2o acres are in conflict
with Surveys No. 2834, 2835, 304..' d
4857, not claimed, leaving 6.59 .,aea
claimed by the above-named applicant,.
The location of this claim is of record
in the Recorder's office of Silver Bow
county, state of Montana, in Book "P" of
Lode Locations, on Page 32a
The adjoining claims to these premises
are Survey No. 2834, Cook Lode, and Sw.u
vey No. 2835, Fredericksburg Lode, on
the north; Survey No. 3043, Black Chief
Lode, on the southeast; Survey No. 4857,
Keokuk Lode, on the south; Survey No.
Is the BEST In the WORLD
proofs of cures
sent sealed on
Our 100 paDe book i finely dlustreld with 01Y0 photecpbaf. amonl them lhoto..apb and afldavibto o
the man whoe head iL shown ern (te plages 70o 71 10 page book)., Sas an amidavitr of photographer who
took the pictures. The irst picture was taken July 11. 198, the other October 1i, 1198. Our hook nowe a thie
photo taken Aug. iB, 18n. at which time patliet wau s ueared and fac eand head were entirely healed end his hal'
Krartl to I row.
Our pa ient o red 1 years alo by our reat Discovery, unknown to the profession, are today sound and
wellt and have healthy children slince we cudrl them.
Prfllsry secondary or Teti. d'. ie n I15¶ Io $ 54 'K Dna You an be treated at home for the same
ary BY'lILS permanenmtly Ui II l Ii V Y rce, under the o ame guaranty. If you
prrefr f como to Chicago, we will contract to /fay railroad lure and hotel bills and no char.e It we Iall to cure.
IF YO HAVE taken mercury, Lodie potash, anu titi have aches and painsuucoe Pa¶tobDe In
o ut.. , A e Douth, rOohtepro l..DOe orlplot e.r colored epota, ulcers on any parte of the b.d,
alr or... ro.. falling out. is the E -- a
Wo solicit the most obstinatec es and elallenge the world for a caue we cannot dure.. se dcu has at
way baflld the skill the mosteomalnelt phheilne 0800,00 capItal behind our unconditional guasanty.
DON'T WAS.YI JOUR TIND AND giONN _Texperimentng. W have the O ,LY cure. Absolute un
ehallangeable proofs sent pcaled on a t. or 1i years weee av tnatedOltonedlesC-4ontagloui Blood
oOlOandwepostl 1562 Masonict tompley cured. - -- -
[email protected]%'RIMEDYCOu 1562 Malonlc TompJe7Cii,+,gh_;.O7
618t, Morning Star L.ode, on the south
we4t, and Survey No. 4943, East Golden
Chief No. 2 Lode, on the west.
Samuel Harker, Jr., Attorney for Appll
[First publication, August 30, 19go.)
Estate of Mercy G. IHartwell, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the ur,dcr
signed, executor of the estate of Idercy
(,. Hartwell, deceased, to the creditors of
and all persons having claims against the
said dccased, to exhibit them, with the
necessary vouchers, within four months
alter the first publication of this notice,
to the said administrator at the office of
l.ewis A. Smith, Room 4, Silver Eow
Block, Butte, Montana, the same being
the place for the transaction of the busi
ne-s of said estate, in the County of Sil
ver Bow, State of Montana.
EARNEST E. WRIGHT, Executor of
the Estate of Mercy G. Hartwell, deceased.
Dated Butte, Montana, this and day
of September, :oo2.
LEWIS A. SMITH Attorney for Exe
United States Land Office, Helenr, Mon
tana, August 14, 9goa.
Notice is hereby given that James H.
McDonald, whose postoffice address is
Butte, Montana, has this day filed an ap
The Job
Of the
Copper Plate
Anything You
Done Right
Done Quick
Blank Books
plication for a patent for I,5oo linear feet,
the same being totr 35oofeet In an easterly
and i,ISo feet in a westerly direction from
the point of discovery on the Rising Sun
lode mining claim, situated in Indcpend
ence (unorganized) mining district, Silver
Bow county, Montana, the position, course
and extent of the said mining claim,
designated by an official survey thereof,
as Survey No. 6645, Township No. 3
north, Range No. 8 west, a notice of which
was posted on the claim on the 22d day
of July, 9goo, and being more particular
ly set forth and described in the official
field notes and plat theseof on file in
this office, as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southeast corner, a
quartzite stone, 6x8xm8 inches, 14 inches
deep, with mound of earth alongside, and
marked 1-6645 for Corner No. z, from
which the one-fourth section corner
to Sections 2a and 22. Township 3 north,
Range 8 west, bears south 75 degrees 44
minutes west, 565 feet. and running thence
north 79 degrees 19 minutes west, 1458.5
feet to the Southwest Corner No. a;
thence north 3 degrees east, 136 feet to
Corner No. 3; thence north 2o degrees 2s
minutes east, 431 feet to th; Northwest
Corner No. 4; thence south 79 degrees
Is minutes east, 1499 feet to the North
east Corner No.' ; thence south ao de
grees a2 minutes west, 564 feet to Cor
ner No. I and place of beginning, con
taining an area of 19.14 acres, of which
J.37 acres are in conflict with Survey No.
4840 and is not claimed, leaving an area
of I5.77 acres, claimed by the above
named applicant for patent.
The location of this mine is recorded in
the office of the recorder of Silver Bow
county, on Page 417 in Book R of Quartz
The only known adjoining claim is on
the Northeast Survey No. 4840, the Carrie
United States Claim Agent.
Date for first publication August 15. go90.
Pullman Dining and
Library Car Route
and lIl Eastern Pointa
Short Line to
Colorado, Arizona and Mexico
San Francisco, Los Anglees
.1Oces 'or nail.)
And all Psclfo Coast Points.
Depart.. s:o5 a. m. i1 :45 a. m..Arrive
Depart ..4:5o p. m. I 4:40 p. m..Arrive
Ticket Offioe, i05 N. Main 6treet
Butte, Montana.
H. O. WlgON. OsGeneral Agt
Like No
Other Train
There is no other train like
the St. Louis Special.
It is a daily train from
Northwest to Southeast.
Carries standard and tourist
sleepers, also dining car and
chair car to Kansas City;
chair car to St. Louis. Runs
via Billings. Shortest line,
and makes fast time.
H. P. RUBCS, Arget, -
as esat Beedwy., Aiutes Ires
. I. SODUR, General Agent,
Ewiings. Mont.
B.A, r P, M, O, QO.
Train connecting with Eastbound N. Pa
leaves Anaconda for Durant at 2:35 a. m.4l
leave Durant for Anaconda at 3:so a. lm
Trains Leave B. A.8 P. Depot, Butte
for Anaconda, as follows:
p . m., so s. m., ani. p. m, gal p. m, 1.:t1
p. m.
Trains Leave Union Passenger Sta
tion Anaconda,for Butte, as follows
:3o a. mn , t30at.g n P., 3 ., V I. P7 m.
Connections will be made with al Northern
Pacific trains, both East and Westbound, at
Durant, instead of Stuart.
Trains Leave Anaconda
To connect at Silver Bow with Oregon
Shot Linj at :oe p. m.
Trains leave Anaconda Ir:o . m., sS p. m.,
to connect with Great Northern iastway as
Tickets for salv for all points, local and
through, on the Great Northern Railway, Ore.
son Short Line Railroad and Northern
Pacific Railway and their connections.
Steamship tickets for sale to all points is
Europe via the above lines.
,T9 Observation Cars
' Electric Lighted'
Steam Heated
Arrive Dopart
North Coast Ltd.
North Coast Ltd.
EASTBOUND. 3 50 am 4 N am
Sleeper on this
train open for re
ception of passen
gers at 9:3o p. m.
No. 13-From all 1055 am .
points east .....
No. 14-To all
points east .... ........ 8 40 pm
No. 5--From N. P.
local points west
of Billings, and
all B. and M. R.
points, and to all
points west .... pm 15p
No. 6-From all
points west and
to N. P. points
to Billings and
all B. and M. R.
points ......... 2 40 a 12 m
Passengers for Norris and Pony and
Alder branches leave Butte on No. 14,
connecting at Whitehall and Sapplngtoa
for branch line points. Passengers front
these points connect at Sappington and
Whitehall, arriving at Butte on No. S.
General Agent,
Corner Park and Main streets.
Six Million Dollars
Spent by the
U.P. R. R.Co
In anproving what was originally the
Bnest track in the West.
A comparatively slralght and level
osadbed ballasted with dustless Shear
man granite, rendering possible the
highest rate of speed, together with
the rea'est degree of safety. The
magnitude of the work must be sees
1olid comfort, security and pleasure to
our patrons.
Ii so, you cannot afford to go vie an.
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on applicatlon
personally or by letter to
Butte, Montana.
Atchison,Topeka &
Santa Fe Ry. Co.
3 Trains Daily
From Denver to Kansas City and Chi
cago. Also the direct line to Galves
ton, El Paso, City of Mexico and the
mining camps of New Mexico and Artn
For particulars about the REDUCED
RATES EAST this summer apply to
General Agent, 411 Dooly Block, Salt
Lake City, Utah.

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