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All But Six of those Indicated
Have Been Caught and
Are Under Bonds.
Mlurrell Confession Has Raised Havoo
With the Alleged Boodlers and Those
Who Had the Opportunity Have Left
the City in a Hurry-Several of the
Members of the Swindling House of
Delegates Are in Prison.
St. Louis, Sept. io.-All but six of the
g19 members of the alleged combine of the
house of delegates, who are under indict
ment on various counts, charged with
bribery and perjury in connection with the
passage of measures granting valuable
franchises to public corporations, are or
have been unuer arrest. It was learned
today that former Delegate John A. Sher
idan was last seen Monday. He left hur
riedly on that day when the Murrell con
fession was made public. The whereabouts
of the others is not known to the authori
ties who are watching the homes of the
missing men and guarding all the avenues
of escape. Circuit Attorney Foulk is con
fident he will soon have them all in cus
The friends of Messrs. Hannigan,
Schettler, Gutke, Helms and Schumacher,
who were remanded to jail yesterday be
cause of their inability to furnish bail to
the amount of $45,000 each, are making
strenuous efforts to secure their release
and habeas corpus proceedings may be re
sorted to.
It Comes Too Late.
Delegate Faulkner's proffer to turn
state's evidence and make a clean breast
of all the operations of the house com
bine came too late and has been declined
by Circuit Attorney Foulk.
Edward Murrell, speaker of the house
of delegates in the days of the lighting
and suburban bills, was released from cus
tody today after his bond for $15.ooo had
been signed by Emil G. Woerthick, a
contractor. Only one charge, that of brib
ery, it is now stated, rests against Mr.
Murrell. He has made a confession to
Circuit Attorney Foulk and will be a state
"I have made a full statement to Mr.
Foulk," said the former speaker, as he
left the Four Courts buildings, but lam
not at liberty to say anything for publica
Salt Lake City, Sept. zo.-Telegraphers
of the long ago, including a few who
served in the military telegraph corps dur
ing the civil war, met in Salt Lake today
in the annual reunion of the Old Time
Telegraphers and Historical association
and the society of the United States Mil
itary Telegraph Corps.
Over 200 old timers, including large
delegations from New York, Chicago,
Pittsburg and other big telegraph centers,
met in the parlors of the Kenyon today,
transacted a little formal business and
were taken In hand by local veterans of
the key for a three-days' outing. The
program for their entertainment includes
trips to Saltair, Lagoon, Fort Douglas and
other local resorts, a ride through the fa
mous Ogden canyon and possible visits to
some of the big mines,
The veterans were welcomed by Rev.
Simpkins of the Plymouth Congregational
church, Mayor Cochran of Montreal re
sponding in behalf of the old timers. Mil
waukee, Wis., was decided on as the place
for the next reunion, to take place in Sep
tember, 19o3.
The election of officers resulteu as fol
lows: President, E. J. Fry, Milwaukee;
vice president, W. J. Lloyd, Chicago; sec
retary and treasurer, John Brandt, New
York. An amendment to the by-laws was
adopted after some debate, increasing to
25 years the age limit of service neces
sary to become a member. The Military
Telegraphers will elect officers tomorrow.
Body of Police Will Accompany Remains
to the Train This Evening.
At 6 o'clock this evening the funeral of
Maurice Roach, the policeman who died
yesterday morning after a brief illness of
pneumonia, will take place from the rooms
of the Montana Undertaking company.
The body will be taken from the under
taker's to the Northern Pacific depot and
will be shipped on the evening train to
Portage, Wis., where the remains will be
A large number of policemen will ac
company the body to the train.
Indorses President Roosevelt.
Concord, N. H., Sept. ro.-The demo
cratic state convention today nominated
Henry P. Hollis of Concord for governor.
His speech was somewhat remarkable for
its partial Indorsement of some of the acts
of President Roosevelt
Petition Presented to the Board This
Morning and Prompt Action Taken
-New Thoroughfare Will Open Up
Large Mining and Farming Districts
and Make Them Tributary to Butte.
Manager J. R. VWharton of the lButte
Electric Railroad company apl eared be
fore the board of county conmmissioners
this morning with a petition, signed by a
number of the taxpayers in and around
Horse Canyon and Columbia Gardenr, ask
ing that a certain county road already in
use be condemned, and that the board
order a new one opened.
If they open the new road, the com
missioners will connect the city with a
large section of Jefferson and Silver Bow
counties which are at present inaccessible
from Butte.
Mr. Wharton presented his peti
tion, which is signed by F. Augustus
Heinze and a number of well-known resi
dents of the county, and is accompanied
by a chart showing the proposed changes
in the road. In all, it comprises but a
little more than a moile of road, but it
will, if constructed, join an old road run
ning northwest from Columbia Gardens
and across the main range to a rich agri
cultural and mineral section.
It crosses the following mineral claims,
from the stockholders of which consent
for the road has been obtained: Canyon,
Macaroni, Colleen Bawn, Little Ida, Wil
liam, Rockbreaker and Lioness.
The old road leaves a point at the east
end of Montgomery street, on the Park
City addition, and runs to a point on the
Lioness lode claim, situated back of Co
lumbia Gardens.
The proposed road will run from a point
immediately northwest of the old one,
across the claims mentioned above, ending
on the Lioness claim.
Viewers Are Appointed.
After listening to the suggestions of
Mr. Wharton, Chairman Clark appointed
County Surveyor C. F. Munroe, James II.
Lynch and one other to be named by Com
missioner liaggerty as a committee to
view the proposed change and report to
the board.
"In no place wi the grade be heavier,than
to per cent," said Manager Wharton in
presenting his view to the board, "and it
will be of considerable advantage to the
ranchers across the range who can come
to the city to trade. Of course, I am not
personally interested in that section of the
petition. My intention is to enlarge the
Gardens as we own the land, and can, by
changing the present route, make it a
convenience to the residents of that sec
tion. We feel that we are not asking any
more than is right."
Chairman Clark took occasion to re
mark that if the few roads leading into
Butte were repaired it would be of incal
culable benefit to the merchants of the
"It would pay the merchants," said he,
"to put $3,ooo or $4,000 into the improve
ment of those roads and bring trade to the
city that is now diverted and which natur
ally belongs to Butte."
Besides F. Aug. licinze, the following
names are attached to the petition: I'. J.
Brophy, Robert McHride, W. ), Thornton,
Butte Electric Railway Co., George For
sythe, F. T. McBride, J. R. Wharton and
Henry Brundy.
Helena, Sept. zo.-The state board of
pardons today approved of another of
Governor Toole's pardons, that of Charles
Gordon, serving a life sentence for a mur
der committed in Choteau county in 188g.
Gordon shot and killed one Lavelle. It
was alleged, in efforts to get Gordon
pardoned, that he was not properly de
fended during his trial.
Gordon was convicted and sentenced to
be hanged, but Governor Leslie commuted
the sentence to life imprisolnent. Gov
ernor Rickards subsequently granted a con
ditional pardon to take effect in 1906, when
Gordon would be 50o years of age. Gov
ernor Toole granlted an unconditional
James Coleson Files an Answer in Suit
by William Cocanougher.
James Coleson, defendant in a suit
brought against him by William Coca
nougher, for the possession of a piece of
land known as the Coleson ranch, today
filed an answer to the complaint with the
clerk of the tastrict court. In the answer
Coleson denies that the plaintiff ever has
been the owner of the land, and adds that
he (the defendant) has been the owner
and in possession of the property for the
past two years. For all of which he de
mnands a judgment against the plaintiff.for
the property and the costs of the suit.
Dan Yancey is his attorneye
Mayor Davey, Chief of Police Reynolds, City
Attorney Lamb and Four Policemen May
Be Landed on Court's Order.
Unless something unexpected happens
Mayor Davey, Chief Reynolds, City A:
torney l.amb and four policemen will be
arrested by the sheriff of Silver Ilow
county and brought before one of the
judges of the Second judicial district to
answer to the charge of contempt of
court. This Is the result of an action
commenced this afternoon by the Montana
Jockey club.
Today's proceedings are an echo of the
old clash between the city and county au
thorities on the poolroom question and
are directly the result of a raid made by
Chief Reynolds and his men at the race
track yesterday and the arrest of Eddie
Sachs, a well-known pool seller in the
employ of the Montana Jockey club.
It will be remembered that in accord
ance with an ordinance passed by the city
council last July, concerning the selling of
pools on the races, the chief attempted to
arrest the poolsellers at thie track, when
an injunction was issued by Judge Ilarney
restraining him.
Opened Up Full Blast.
This restraining order was the signal
for all the poolrooms to continue in busi
ness, the council having concluded that
there was no use attempting a prosecu
tion. The order, however, was consliere I
by the chief to be in operation during the
continuance of the 62 days' racing, and
yesterday he took four policemen with him
to the track and arrested Sachs for viola
tion of tlhe city ordinance.
Now comnies the Montana Jockey chlh, of
which Eddie Sachs is one of the stocklol.l
ers, and says it is going to fight the action
of the chief. Already papers ar being
drawn up aik:ig the :cot -t to ordler the
arrest of the city officials so thiit they may
be brought before the iudg.: to slow cause
for their action and to explain why they
are not in contempt of court.
As the case conmes under the jurisdiction
of the county the sheriff's office will be
called upon to execute the warrant and the
mayor and the other officials will be taken
to the county jail just as if they were
arrested for any other misdemeanor.
Will Have Bonds Ready.
Doubtless the officials will have bonds
ready, so that Jheir time in custody may
be as short as possible. It is not improb
able that the arrests will take place some
time tomorrow. As there is not much
Denver, Sept. to.- -'The dlcmocratic state
convention reassemiiiled at 1o o'clock this
morning to finish the ticket and adopt a
platform. There were lively contests for
most of the positions.
WVhen (Chairman C. S. Thomas called
the conventionn to order this Imloriilng the
fusion commnittee fromn the people's party
conventioln was annoutlllced(. The onllllllit
tee consisted of Leo Vincent of IBoulder,
chairman of the populist stlate commnittee,
antd L.. T. Gray of Colorado Sprintgs.
They asked for recognition on the deitto
cratic ticket without designatitng how
many places they desired.
A mlotion that the question be referred
to a conllnittee of three was vigorously
supported by United States Senator Tcfller
acnd was adopted.
Nelson Franklin of Teller counlty, Sen
ator W. II. Adams of Conejos county anti
Senator \V. S. Buckley of San Miguel
county were appointed as the cottmmittee.
WhIile the committee was consilering
the question, Senator Patterson, by re
quest of the contvention, ltmadle anL address.
lie warmly sllupported the ilomilation of
E. C. Stinson for governor andtl favored
fusion with the populists.
lie declared that the speecehes made by
President Roosevelt during his Southern
trilp were apologies for the suits lie inisti
tuted some time ago againSt two of the
trusts. lIc referred to the recent legal
struggle for the conttrol of the Colorado
Fuel & Ironl compllany, declaring that tlte
clhanlge of mIluanagemenlltt wotuld tmiean the
albsorption of the compilany by the steel
Young Lawyer Shot and Killed His
Sweetheart and Then Himself.
ItvY AssoctCI El) Itrt ss .
Chicago, Sept. to.-As a result of a
lovers' quarrel, Rollin O'Shea, a young
lawyer, shot and killed his betrothed,
Emily Ilogatnson, here today, tried to kill
the girl's mother, and then tried to conmit
suicide. lie is fatally injured.
Last night the young couple quarreled.
Early this morning O'Snea visited the
IIogantson home with a view to a reconcili
ation. The altercation was resumed, Mrs.
Hloganson interfering and the shooting
Scepter Wins St. Leger.
[BY ASsocIATED raiEss.]
London, Sept. to.-R. S. Sievier's Scep
tre won the St. Leger stakes at the Don
caster September meeting.
Ising Glass was second and Fear Cur
tain third. Twelve horses started.
Blessings for Senator Roaoh.
Washington, Sept. ro.--',te ceremony of
blesling the dead was held over the re
mains of the late William A. Roach of
North Dakota at St. Patrick's cathedral
this morning, and the remains were in
terred at the Catholic cclstery.
ro, iI alow in the county jail for more
prissoners, it is a matter of some conljecture
to the counlity officers where they will put
their dlitilnguishell guests.
T'here is considerable speculation labout
the matter .and it scents that the arrest
of the city otlicials is inevitable.
What Lamb Has to Say.
l ity Attorney I.alih had the tfollowing
to say in regard to the mlatter c "I the
Comtlity attorney thinks Ihe can do some
goodI by issuing coi.tplaints. against the
chtll of police andl myself, why he should
go al;ead and do it.
""ut the charge of contempit of court
Is ridiculous. I have no1t tolllmmitted. coin
teilt of court and I sleak ads isedly
whoi I say I think I have as keen per
cepioll of whatt constittes c:ontitplllt as
has IMr. lreen.
.hides Ilariney issiied an order which
wouhl not allow theli city to interfele with
the carrying 1K of the races by thie Mloin
taail; Jockey club at the track an1 the work
of the biookkseller . TIllis order we re
sp'ectd ;nd obeyed. But thait which is
nonw guilg on at th( track is another
prolpositilonl. The Monltana Jockey cllub
is no longer on the scenie. A few indi
iiltilIs aire iiaking a blult at cat lying on
a i:i ig Illct anld at the siilla tilte are
selling pools on outside rices.
"This is an opill violation (f the law.
It is gamblinlig a;ud in accordatul: with illy
dllutiis as city attIorney, I itistructed the
clerk to issue th ie compltaints. W\\'hly shlould
the countlty attortney interfere'
"Hreetn is illntollistent. anid L i;ways has
been.. ( lte week he will make a crulsalde
agi;ist gainllitig Ond the next h Is it t11111
ont. One week he allows pti;refightiing
sild tIe nlext sits dowono it. 1 Ibuntlors
the ministers by enflorcillg Sudlay laws
andl yet he hasi no scruples abiut driving
his horse ill the harniess races on the
"I have doe niothinlg but lily duty ailll
I 'hIall stanud by my rights."
They Await Arrest.
'T'iis afternoon nhlmiist all the depttit's
from the sherill's oflicei are out at thle
track waiting further action on the part of
the city authorities.
ClUriy Attcrney Blreen says there will
be nio clash betweeln his mlen and those .f
the city but he will proceed iitnlrnliately
upon the action of the latter andl will in
stitute legal procecdilgs agatils. t uh, u.
fly AS. ) IAI l II I.ss.1 .
Washinuton, Sept. to.- President Romoe
velt arrived hcbe at 6 :.111 o'clock this
iaeorling ill his spect'al trai.n over tilhe
Southllrnl rajilrolad ;111 left at 7 o'clock,
via the I'elnsylvania railro:ad for New
irotln New York, the Sylph will conlvey
thte president to ()yster tlay.
I)lring the half houtr his caLr was in the
dep.,t thie prsident ias15 s..leeping.
S, v1ral White houIse licials met theI
train 1and flor so. i t111t11 were Inagel ill
Conversa.ltionl with Secretary L.tl1tlyotl.
'1 le prtesidlnt was arcclpanl;litld by Sec
retal y Cortelyou, Assistant Mecret;lar
llarnwe, I)r. I.IIg and .two stenllographllers.
'I hert was a1 crowd of 10about four llllu.
dred p5ersons ill anl1d albout the railrad
and fIry station land there was iapplause
all the president ap:lpearel.
I1, rtesponded repeatedly rail,1g his, ha1t.
Arrived in New York.
lily ASSO'lIA Ito II I S',.1
New York, Sept. Io.---IPrIsideul t R.oose
velt arrived ait the Jelrs.y st;latr2n (of the
I'etnsylvaliia ra1d at t :.2o 2 o'clock and
boarleld a Twelty third street ferry boat
for Ne:w York.
E. L. Chapman Begins Suit Against
Butte and Ruby Valley Company.
I' .. ('h;apnl;u has commen112 d .suit ill
the ditrict court against the lutlte &
Ruly \ alley Smeltintg compallllny for $9,001o
and illlnerest du 11n11 four promissory 1notes
held by hint agatinst the company.
'1 2I (of tle n1ot1'es are for $.,ti0. , 2l:e for
$2,.4,o and one12 for $60,, all ibearing in
ter- t from Jlly andlt Sepltember, 1899, at
to pecr cenit.
'IlIe note for $6o1 was delivered to
Jas.es A. Murray, who indorsed said note
to Ip!;intiIf, and tihe other notes were exc
cuttd and delivered to Silas I'. King, wioa
also indorsed them to Chapman.
All the notes were signed I,y thel Ilutte
Ruley Valley Smelting company, by J2n11s
A. M irray as presideInt and 'ewall IDavis
as 2.2 cretary.
J;'uit IE. Murray is attorney for the
Warships in Sight.
1';, a.ma, Sept. io.-The inlsurigent war
stll-.p can b1e seenl fronm here, but they are
not in the harbor of Panama. The troops
conlaidlled by General Helrrera, the in
sullrg, t commander, are at Chorrcra, a
pot ;,houot 15 miles from here. The gov
etllm lIt officials are making all the neces
sary defetnsive preparations.
Hermit Dead at White Sulphur.
NI;.ite Sulphur Springs, Sept. io.
Jams II. Beebe, who has long resided in
this section, living in a cabin about a
wJe and a half below Gilman's ranch,
Wis found dead last Monday. The cor
4a-r had the body removed to this place
Ja l,·:rial.
A. F. Bray Also Addresses the ting.
as Does Ex-Governor Ricka and
Richard Lockey-Recommei ).ns
for Vacancies Upon the County
Central Committee Made.
There wa" s enthusiaism i plenty at Ihr
m(tllting of thei I(rept lial I. Lciign. chilt at
thli Auditorium la-t 'v'ning. \\'Ih. it C.h ir
man Johnlll N. kirk c.'hilhe . tle m e(lin t I)
oIdler he lookrel dlown ulponi a Iailhling
Of hl lime republtcan. that li t hint in
the bst of humor illnmmditdly,.
li.side tlii rIegula;r work ahich ca;me
betlo'e the lmetlting, Imaniy of li th old war
hll.llls' (of the pall y weisI calli'd upon toII)
hi.ress. the ga;ilh1ting, ald all resplndl,'d
with an ctlhusi.ilsm and vigor that shows
the iarty will le in the cominhg cintpaigni
lII win.
.\A 1m.st inl..usting spt'ic'I wasi thalt by
I iPostmilaster tl; I org. Irvin. Whelin called
upon he rose adl aitte'mptcd Io put oil the
lspetvchr, king. blilt there wrlte Ilep;lred
hcalls of "I'l ii,.f irm !" . It was amid It
istorl llol i applause that "h le l ll;li . lg
mnount4 d the pla;tform and mode a good,
rousing sp'iecr , full Iof Ihoughtl ud oll hlr.
lhe begatn by s.thing that hr w',4 not a11
orator, llui that oi oil f '(i 'lit i onll l
which Irre eaelt d i in it tlllI.' li li eing;
Was to lie I l ltne. t He painlttl ia h iumor
tls pivctrr ofi the iost Ic iip ign, whi, hI
e dcharacterid vasi thne t"hi c dwirillr1.11 of
(II" (' 1nt sl.y,
" t issy' I Loftus as the (l nter of( liraiC
ti-n, singing ht'e 'loly I h ey,'" tsaid Mr.
Irvin, iand there was nvtiiiii an i nr 11i Iiihi
hall, irrespective of14 i politics . lh l did uli
see the hllilnlr of the reference..
Referring t t the ques tic n of vth er .ratiiil
the present split ill the denilluo ltic party.
"I elieve iMn giving the corportis
jIst tIIhll I) Il'atlre r of prl tt'ii c l oi to i iS
individuals,." aid Mr. lIrvin; "but the or
i railtlil areli bgi ilulig to se tIhait theyi
c;rlu t get thalli t prolctiin ll rom the dlemo-il
crai l . At least I fr,,I sfer I in sal ying that
Aly personal fiitinl, the stllir ws l lso
ably ripr: ent.ts li ly it i th:I natior il .ay iii
lature, wl uhl fuil jaifer iti the Ihnds of
the republlilicans Sti11 il thel ; i ads of lon
of hi.' demourati fc i<.:b,"
Theire was ii roar flout Ihi( iundinii 'e at
the reference, alnn somebody ill Ith rear
of i lih roomll shil.litd:
"Where is kIlowlilsa ?"
Good Men in Corporations.
Mr. Irviin blought ;I bui..st ofi .il ppl ',
IiifromIII th e a liillencel wh ii he saidl: I nti l
AI, of th- republicans who believe that in
lvery lcorlporation i tht, are gool d men aw
uhll) bltcalse ll n hand Ii li i t inllrestsl to
g tllhr for IIh . dii vurlopmaent of the ii
snorers of our slate thkrri A . no rea;isi
whly tlhey should be csidPhrd inimical
to t- interests of (ht' iolntry."
lhe ridiculed the rllort to make fhc. r,
porations the bugaboo of the rampai,.,
"I stand fur Ihr proctH tih.l of their prop
trty, just as for the pltch'tion, of Ih,
property of private imlivhluals." s.;u Mr.
Irvin in clarion tunes. "lepuhlih ls hbav,
always repres.cnt-d tfli. s.ber, st1'sible
thought of IhI, peoplet mot it is to ihl, re'
pi blit-aln p;aly th t;4 thest. surlporatin i..
must look for the jostlle that is fhil in
ali.nablh righlt (If American citimenship.
"When the 4t1(t1" was in fhlt hands ,.f
the rcpubli, ns we heard nothing of thi.,
eorporation fight. Private. rill/cs niam
public property owners alike hadl a gar
;uhtrc of pr.hletion. 'This year h.t us imak,
all earnest effort for the s.tlnruelay of th,.
right and of 11;t11 governlnlnt. Let its
complete thfl tier of Nrthln Starl s Ilhit
rigistlr their votes for progress, pro-
ptrity nld clean aidninistralion ;ias tnl
bodie', in the plinc-i'lcs of rep lblican -,m-
( r tllnll t."
A Well Known Republican.
IAnele Iaqnat limalh tlk, coilmlimektinl has
(('OnIIItinu d ont Pavel+ J;(.lr.}
nmY ASS $Alo IAI ' I 50l h.1
San Francisco, Sept. to. 'The Southern
Pacific surveyors that have Ih.n c;4;aged
sincce last spring to find a tunnel route for
the Central Pacific through the Sierra Nc
vala mountains, are pIuttiing the results of
their work inito shape for submission to
President E. . I Ilarrimian.
It is known that the route laid out by
the surveyors provides for a tunnel 24,8oo
feet long, or nearly seven miles. The
estimated cost is $t4,000,000. It will cut
down the summit grade i,500 feet and en
able the company to get rid of all but
three miles of the 40 miles of snow sheds.
The proposed tunnel will pierce the
mountains at at elevation of about 5,300
The tunnel is part of IIarrin:an's plan
to reduce the time between San Francisco
and Chicago .o hours, or from three days,
as at present, to two days and a half.
Complete List of the Demands
Made by Burgher Generals
of Their Conquerors.
Mr. Chamberlain Expressed Great Sur
prise at the Character and Number
of the Proposals and Pointed Out
That the Conditions Already Agreed
Upon Could Not Be Reopened-Lord
Kitchener's Promisoes Adhered To.
[IY AS tii.lA IN IA l hiit.
I.o,=lun, Se{pt. InJ - pa l;rliailinentry pai
pIir issu. il toiily givs.. a full pll tI il the
, 'crrtary, Jsphl, ( hI; bhl.rlil, ,lllll IItheC
Iver g 'Ineta l~s, Itlhn, i llrow t a in 1).lrcy.
Iri .r it. lllriig 11 the imterI'vilw w hinh
I . d i IIiurs maskeiI hi A lugust .o.I , t1h 'ihllln.u l
.'ltllry rt.1 i, r tstd ii list if suiit.jicts
lwhiclh it wuis diisird IiI dl t l 'ull ..llJ t11ihe
gi tittl,. fimrw irelemld mi list, Iiihidmli|j; thie
I \win, : l ml pldte al m etllllt',y t thIlelI
A yi .irly g. t'it I all i t r II idis wi si ;itl
irlihli u.;l uilhtm ll the| I Etgltshr.
l.lguimhgr. it tlhti .li.llahi h tutu.
~IIy lllll.("; i1!l IIh' .('ll,.. OL llll Iifi~ill..l
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Giaivs, I aiyti, Sept. in. An investi
ai ion niail, by a correspoll dent of the
Assi iated P'ress into the sinking of the
"irminists' gunboat, Crete-a I'ierrot. at the
Centranlce of this lharbor, Saturday, *nlows
that Admhiral Killi.k, her cionlmnanidr, per
soinally fired tlhe aft Inagazilne of thlil ves
sei when the ;German gilunboat, P'anther,
allttemptd to capture her, and that he
apparently wesnt down wits his ship. The
I'allthier, whlich had previously attelpteI,
I, Ioard the Crete a,- 'ierrot, the lattcr
Ibeing moored to he shore, re'versed her
nligines when the miilagazine exploded, and
on:e hmour after fired 1,o shots from her gunsl
at I.e Cret-a- I'irrot in order to linishi
the work of sinking her. The l'anther
then left ,onaives.
It is claimied that the rifles anril iimacaiile
guns of thie Lrcte-a-l'ierrot have Ibeen
sa ved,
The body of Admiral Kiiick was recov
ered Saturday afternoon arid was buried
the saiuie eveniing.
Went Down With Ship.
The surgeon of the Crete-a-l'ierrot, who
was asleep ini his cabi and two sailors of
tlat vessel, perished.
The l'anther is expected to reach Cape
Ilayticn on Friday. A newspaper of Port
au-l'rince, July 14, contaiuied the follow
ing telegram fromn Admiral Killick to Gen
eral ltoiserond ..anal, provisional governor
of llayti :
"(;onaives, July 12.-Ifoiserond Canal,
P'ort-au-Prince.--Killick does not fear any
thing. Will blow up his ship and com
pany for the sake of the national honor.
You alone remain responsible."
Previous to sending the message to
GeCjeral Canal, it appears, Admiral Killick
had received orders from the latter to
give Ulp his vessel to Lieutenant Reid, his
second in command, and it was also re
ported that the provisional government had
requested the Uniteu States gunboat Mari
etta and the French cruiser 'Assis to
capture the Crete-a-Pierrot; hence the
defiant dispatch to General Boiserond

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