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The Professional Boodler Would Not
Look to the Women Constituents for
Tools With Which to Carry Out His
Ends-Apropos of the Coming Suf
frage Convention in This City.
Speaking of the state suffrage conven
tion, to he held in this city next Wednes
day and Thursday, Miss Laura A. Gregg,
who will attend from Helena, has this
to say in a letter:
"There will be quite a large delegation
from Helena at the convention, and I am
delighted to know that Butte is preparing
to entertain'all the delegates so hospita
bly. The program, as prepared by the
committec-Mrs. James Sanders of Hel
ena, Miss Elizabeth Pcellcs of l.ewistown
and Miss M. E. O'Neill of your city-is
one of the best offered a state convent:ou
in the West."
Mrs. Green Majors, president of the
Butte club, in an interview this morning
said :
"There is not a doubt in my mini but'
the enfranchisement of the women in
Montana would go a long way toward
lifting the state out of the corrupt
methods now in vogue here. Why, look
at the condition now confronting the
voters-the hand of every m1an seems
turned against every other man, and it
looks as though the campaign was to be
one of personal revilement rather than
one based on principles and the rights of
the people. Down in Colorado, since the
women of that state have been granted
the ballot, precinct meetings are held in
the homes of the citizens instead of in
back rooms of saloons and down dark
What We Need in Montana.
"This is what is needed in Montana.
It seems as though enough men ( ?) are
purchasable so that the powers that be
can form all sorts of machines, leaving
out the honest man who casts his vote
for right and justice. The 'purchaser' of
men would look elsewhere than to the
mother of the home, when desiring a tool
with which to work out his own ends.
Yes, we need women to vote in this state,
that they may give moral courage to the
men, to olTset the boodle element now so
strong and that sits as a bird of prey
waiting to devour the honor and manhood
of our state."
The program will be completed today
and ready for publication tomorrow. Hon.
J. D. Flenner of Boaise, Idaho, will attend
the convention as a guest of the Butte
Suffrage club, and will deliver an address
on the subject of "The Idaho Woman in
Politics." This will be of interest, in
view of the fact that Idaho has woman
suffrage in that state. Several of the lead
ing politicians of the city will also appear
before the convention and deliver short
Pacific Line Discontinued.
Car AssoCIArTEu ria'ss.]
San Francisco, Sept. 12.-The Pacific
Steam Navigation company's line of
steamers conmnecting Valparaiso with this
port, has been discontinued. The north
ern terminus of the line will be I'anama.
The Highest Ability and the
Finest Instruments in the West.
To introduce my work the prices
will only be About Half the
I Am Here To Stay
48 W. Park - Butte
Opposite Lutey Bros.
Hong Kong Cafe
And Oyster Parlors
Moved to 114t S. Main
Everything new, neat and first-class. The
Best Meals in the city. Great Family Din.
ners from i :30 a. m. to 8 p. m,.
Private rooms for ladies.
Hoping our patrons will find us in out,
iew location, I14 S. Main street. Come
onu, come all. HUM FAY. Proprietor.
Celebrated Herb Sani.
tarlmn. Guaranieces to
cure all diseases by
. .:eans of famous Chil.
nese medicines, never
before introduced into
this ccantry, which
have cured thousands, and can cure you.
Advice free. 4 West Galena street, Buttq
For He Was in a beastly State of In
toxication-Will Be Lodged at the
City's Expense for Some Time to
Come-The Merry Grist Judge Boyle
Turns Out Each Day From His Mill.
Had the Duke of hakiyak been attend
ing the King of Englana's coronation in
stead of the police court, he could not
have been more polite than he was this
morning when Judge Boyle called his case.
The fact of the case is the duke was too
polite for his own good. His extreme
courtesy caused himn to bow low to the
court and his jag did the rest; the duke
pitched forward and landed sqltarely on
his pate before the bar of justice describ
ing a complicated geometrical figure, while
the spectators fairly howled.
It took Judge IBoyle fully live minutes to
recover his composure and the duke five
more. Then Sol Levy hustled the duke
off to a cell until he could solier up suffi
ciently to tell the court how it all happen
ed and the grinning of the police grist mill
went merrily on.
The Duke of Kakiyak is a well-known
character in local police and saloon circles.
It is ,aid-the ouke himself says so-that
he is descended from the blood royal of
Portugal, but however this may be, the
duke doesn't fail to get drunk just like
the Iumnmest of the bum.
Billposters in Court.
'lThmas Lawson is a billposter and inci
dentally was a defendant in police court
this morning. Lawson was arrested on
the complaint of T. J. Ilarnois, who rep
resents the Montana Itillposting company.
There has never been any great amount of
brotherly love wasted between I.awson and
the rival company, but matters reached a
crisis yesterday when Harnois defaced
some large posters that L.awsonl had put
out for the management of Columbia Gar
dens. Not satisfied with this, Ilarnois
went before Justice Arnold and had Law
soi's money that tile garden's management
owed him, attached; then he had Lawson
arrested on a warrant.
L.awson took 24 hours in which to
plead. Ire took occasion, however, to tell
Judge ]ohyle that Hlarnois was persecuting
him with the intent to run him out of
He swore Muge uatns.
Jack Straw plead guilty to the charge of
using vile language at the corner of Main
and l'ark streets. lie had been arrested
by Policeman Cook, who told Judge Boyle
that Straw insulted several ladies who
were passing at the time.
"I will let you go with a $to fine this
time, Straw," said Judge Boyle, "but the
next time you come up here on such a
charge you might as well place the sylla
ble 'de' before your name, for 1 will de
troy Straw's liberty for a long period."
Straw paid the fine and went out won
dering what Boyle meant.
After Martin Burg had been fined for
making loud noises and Charley Walker
had been acquitted for vagraincy, court
adjourned until this afternoon at 3 o'clock
when the daily aintinee will be heldl.
Attorney for Lane Might Have Won
Point Had He Not Accused Judge
of Unfair Methods.
Judge Boyle has set the case of E. J.
Lane, charged with having assaulted i.1
year-old Mabel Casey, for September S8.
The court decided on that date after hear
ing a heated argument between Assistant
County Attorney Yancey, for the prose
cution, and Attorney John R. (;rice, for
the defense.
As stated in yesterday's Inter Mounta:in,
Mr. Yancey asked for a continuance of
the case which precipitated a pyrotechnic
display of oratory from Mr. (;rice. The
latter objected to a continuance.
Judge Boyle would prolbablly have given
more attention to the argulmenlt of the de
fense had not Attorney G(rice insulted the
court by insinuating he was conspliring
to send Lane to the penitentiary. It was
then the judge promptly interrupted Grice
and set the case for the 18th.
Bitter Root Valley Town Will at Last
Secure the Attention of the
Northern Pacific,
Prominent officials of the Northern Pa
cific railroad are considering the matter
of a better train service for the city of
Hamilton. Recently the matter was
brought to their attention, and it is lie
lieved that bIefore long the pretty city
of the Ilitter Root will have such railroadl
accommlodationls as its importance as a
shipping point deserves. /
lHeretofore the demands for increased
railroad facilities fromt other sections of
the country have been so great that HIam
ilton's claims in that regard could not te
met. Authoritative information is obtain
able to the effect that at last Bitter Root
towns turn has come and that the railroad
company will act sooni.
A RICH CIGAR of clearest, A shapely cigar, brought to A PURE CIGAR, entirely free
choicest Havana, surpassing the perfection of forn under nimble from adulteration. Tasteful, yet
best previously produced. fingers of Cuban experts, harmless.
She Wants to Be Somebody's Darling
and Is Willing to Come on and Try
Her Luok, If Money for Ticket Is
Forwarded to an Address Which Is
in the Hands of inter Mountain.
Fromi a little town In Indiana comes a
strange mnissive to the Inter Mountain
andt one that ought to Ibe of consuming
interest to the young marriageable men
of Montana.
It is the plaint of a love-lorn maiden
from the banks of the Wabash, who has
grown weary of the sycanmores and the
candle lights immortalized in the song.
Perhaps this being hayin-time, the scent
of new mown hay, too, has something to
do with the mood which prompts the maid
to offer her heart and hand to one of the
young gallants of the Treasure State.
To show that the lady means business,
she subjoins the information that, in Oc
tober, there will be an excursion from
Chicago to IButte, round trip for $30,
good for so days. Perhaps, like Mark
Twain's request for the 75-cent bible, she
would just as soon have the 75 cents or
the $3o; but this is unkind to the lady
from the Wabash, whose letter overflows
with poetic sentiment and shows that she
is a creature possessed of a soul, a mind
and a large, juicy and well developed gall.
She Is Worthy but Lonely.
In her request for the publication of
the letter, she heralds herself as a "really
worthy but lonely woman," and cautiously
asks that her town and maiden name be
concealed from the sensation h.ving pub
lic. She continues with the same caution
to relate that she is "anxious to find a
worthy husband and has been advised to
do this by a lady who found a roble man
in your state." It is to be hoped that her
cortespondent is not one Jess Lester who
occasionally finds a manl more or less
There is either considerable sincerity
in the letter or ,in admirable quality of
bunicoistn. It does not appear, for in
stance, that tile fact that the excursion
ticket front Chicago which is for a re
turn trip and is ;,od,. for 30o days, iK
a vital point in the bargain. I'erhaps
the lady thinks that 20 days wouhr be as
long as anybody could live with her, or
perhaps she thinks that 2o days would libe
as long as she could abide with a "galiuit
young man from Montana ill the golden
imionth anywhere he may designate."
She Means Bjsiness.
"This is in real earles;t, and means
business," says the maiden fair. "No ad
vertising in the slightest," says she. "If
the lady is willing to travel over the moun
tains and through the valleys, gentlemten
of Montana, you should give her a re
sponsive greeting."
"With much love" is her conclusion,
which shows that she has love to spare.
It is hereby distributed inl the fullness of
its lusciousness to tile readers of tile Inter
Mountain in compliance with tile request
of the lady fro Indll(liana.
"' know that thetre are Ianlly fakes
ablroadl in tie landi," she continues, I"but
a tian ill real carnst will always pay
car Tare." If there is ally reflection to be
cast uponl tile purport of tile letter, it falls
right ill this paragralh. Miss Indiana
seems to have experience ill the ethics
of newspaper proposals. Site knows a
laentlabhle familiarity with the sincerity
of thone who put up the cash in ad
V~ ""r.
She Is a Lady.
She opens up her universal proposal with
the statement that she has heard that
"'Montana has tmore marrying met thian
any state in the union," and adds that
"in the grand state of Indiana not a
st.tce's throw fromtt the Wabash lives a
ladly--mind you Mr. Editor, I say a lady,"
she adlts in a p;'renthesis, but does not
submit any alidlavits, "Good, kind and
true." There is a suggestion that she
meant kind, soundm'tnd gentle.. 'This lady
is "well-born, has been well reared andl
very finely educated and thinks congenial
co tllmpanionlship greater tllh n all" (this nit
fortutnately shows mIore experience). She
is "good looking and appreciative. Is
neither young nor oldl, Ibut in that happy
medium (good Lord deliver us) you know
the age," she says. Yes, we know the
age and for tlhe success of the lady's
marital ambition, we shall refrain from
further criticism.
She Knows How to Work.
"Knows every and all kind of work, can
andl will Imake a happy hoIme for some
lonely and waiting heart," are the con
cluding words. Thliere is a Iostscript:
"Will tell you all when you write."
Now this is where she makes the fatal
mistake. If she tells too much it may
take away the glamor from the housework
andtt the appreciation and thie happy Imed
ium and the rest of it.
It's a wise womiant, however, that knows
just how imuch t. tell, so, g. It, young
lady frIom the \Valbash. We leve you to
the young gallants from Montania and to
your own salvatior. or lestruction.
For reasons that are applare it, both, tihe
namle anld residence of the "inleditlnu-aged"'
lady are withheld. They iare otn file in
the desk of the !portitng editor atnd may
bie securei from hiMi by the gallants when
they arrive.
No More Dread of the Dental Chair.
New York Dental Parlors
Permanently Located in Butte. Employ Modern
Methods, Modern Appliances and Modern Men.
The New York Dentists Do the Largest Dens
tal Business in America.
Be Sure You Are In Our Office. Over Sy mons'. Opposite Postoffice.
Teeth extracted and flled absolutely with ut pain hty our late scientific meth
ids. No sleep-producing agents or cocaine. These are the only Dental Parlors in
Butte that have the patent appliances and ingredients to cxtract, fill and apply gold
crowns and porcelain crowns, undetectable from natural teeth, i it warranted for
ten years, without the least particle of pain. Gold crowns and teeth without
plates, gold filling and all other .:ntal work done painlessly and by specialists.
Gold Filling ... $1.00 Gold erowns...$5.00
Silver Filling ..... 50c Bridge Work.... $5.00
Pull Set Teeth....... ............ ...... $5.00
A Protective Guarantee Given With All
Work for Ten Years.
We will make a specialty of gold crown and bridge wotk; the most beautiful,
painless and durable of all dental work known to the profession. Our name alone
will be a guarantee that your work will be of the best. We have a specialist in
each department. Best operators. bIst gold workmen and extractorS of teeth; in
fact, all the staff are inventors of ctodern dentistry. We will tell you in advance
exactly what your work will cost, by free cxan:lnation. Give us a call and you
Mill find we do exactly as we advertise.
New York Dental Parlors
80 W. Park, Over Symons' Dry Goods Store, Buttoe,Montana
Htours.8.30 a. m. to 9 p. m.t Sundays, 10 to 9
Coming Your Way
FOR A BIT......
l'he Harvard Cigar
Butte Labor News.
Men of the Hot Lead Claim Certain One
of tihe Fly-wheel Craft Robbed
Them of a Good Job.
Troubhle is still hbrwing between the
loca:l iiitionsi of imlibers anid statiinery
en;inieers aild unless representatives of the
two tlunions glet togetler and adjust their
dllllercs, somie wari ihles lmaly ibe ex
The trouble sltarted iwhen sine pipes in
lithe engine room of the Itlyimpia llrewery
nceled repairing and the regular engilleer
dlil tlih nIcessary repair work. 'lihe
plIhtbers claimed the work slhould have
bl n doiie by one of their craft and tlie
plumiers' union fined the offending -i
ginecr. T'le stalionery etgieiers, how
ever, stood by their mellller ;nd the ;at
teIr catlc to ati ists e.
It Is likely that a lteiml rary flag if
truce will be ralsed and tlha the trouble
will com'e to an amicable setlemelnt.
Believed Machinists' Strike Will Be
Compromised Within Two Days.
Vice l'r(,sidehlt Thomas L. Wilson of th,
\liichirits' Internat lil ail union is in
Livingston, and it is believed that IhI!
,trik- amouong the machinistl of the North
'r11I Pacilil· shols will Ibe siettled wilhinl 48
hoturs. l'todaly Mr. \'ilson will cronfter
wilh Su.perinlcltenllit of Motive' Power
\litchell, who arrivld here r' , the early
mortliug train fromi the West.
'I h( situation remains practically the
n t(e. ilfte.n of the me.n have been work.
ing sine Saturday, hut the mtajority re
fllue to returni to work. Vice Pre'siuldent
\\ rlion states that the strikers acted
h: illy in guoing out withtout first subnmit
ingi their grievance to hiigher authority,
anol that they all shouldl have returnedll to
work as directed biy the( ilnt(riatiorltal of
liiirs ipndingi an adljustmenl.t of their
Blacksmiths' Picnic.
Iuthte Ilacksumits are ireplaring for a
picnic at Mlyulntainl View Park, Anl;inda,
next Sundlay. 'l'this will lprolbalbly lie the
last excxursionl this season.
To Address the Vets.
SItie a Ao lto ll.'ss.J
\'asuhington, Slet. 2., - Secretary of
Slate Ilay has acceptedl an invitation toi
bie present at the dedication of Camp
IhRooseveult, which is to bie a ftea:ttulre of thi .
i;r:lla l Armily CIIcai!)Iipmenit an to deliver
thi( oratiuon.
Election of Officers Closes Meeting of
Allied Bodies in f'ittbburg.
\W ilh ithle c'l tioii of oflleiir ;nd the
slhrclion of Atlantic t ;ly as the ntexl place
of merting, lthe co'vtition of th prinlin.l
tr:aiis. which have lbeun ii scssion dlringi
the week, ended yesterdal;y. The Typo
lhet,. elected Edward Ster of Phihlhel
11(hi;, vi',' presiah ,,. The #lIr" h tr typleri
lictedl (, io,.e II. lh'niiiliit of Chic'ago,
presidlnt, lad the liiphoto eg]ravirelers chose
lfinujamin Wilso, Jr., of New York, as
'1 he 'iTyphlithea' vo,dl for Ih.e ;iropo'ed
ne'w contract with the prlssiei., by which'
emnunilive of arbitration. TJ his conmitti1e
alo will have full ipowr ti enforce the
c 'pta l( i f of their ici ,isiou .
Situation in Barcelona Is Be[coming Seri
ous in the Lxtreme.
I [1'Y A:,'.) i 'Ill l l I' .1 1 ,,-,.
BIarcelona, S pt. I.. 'I h1e. local althori
lies have rlnesii ld the miii stry of thie
interior to main in llnatlll iaLl lI;w on ;I ouut
of the altiludh of the strikers.
plies what is, desrrl'ed as a;1 geii'ril labor
uivlll ,nl t.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
Are to Make Demand January 1.
'The San l'rancisro (';iall says that ili'
l 'rothleruhood of I .l.oet tive' lngines , rs.
will, oi Jautiary i, iine'xt, iake a fortual
deiu;lind for vi1 i crase of wageis.
'I hi' I otherhood, it is said, is nut af
filiated, in Its fight with the Wustinii fudl
ilnl'td o('nI ittces, ( outpu'dll ollll f west r
Icoillctri I':s ;t i d brakel'lllLn.
Meeting of Coremakers.
At yi'slerday's session.ii f lh,' litirna
tional Uliioi of i ioremakers, ini I niniu
nati, it was decided to leave the' qlestion
of weliher the core.muakers wouldt merge
with the ironworkers of America in a ref
.rendull i it all the colri it'akers' tuiuns ofi
The Fraternal Brotherhood.
' lie Fraternal lBrotherhoodl meets every
Siaturday nighit at C o'clock in I'ythiai
;astle. (fllice roui i t, over pustfltice.
There will be a meeting of the 'lepulb
lian (outi y ('tintral ('imnitte at thl
otlic'u of theI Thomlpson Iinvesttnenu t coin
palY, \\'W.st iBroa:dway, lThursday, Se'teum
her Ii, i, ,,, for the purpolise of namitinit.
tiln ml, place of h.lling caucusis tand
priii;ii'i.s to elec't d 'li'veate's to county
convuciui ti . M. ( 11.1.1 ,
o0000O00000000000Q 0000oo
O 0
o o
o Istabllshed 1882 tncorporatel 1931 0
Capital... S100,000.00 0
0 c0
o Gereratl
o Banking Business g
o -
Jo 1 1 1. RYAN........ resi.lent
o JOHN Rt. TOOI.E..Vice President 0
o C. C. SWINIIORNE ... ...Casier
o R. A. KUNKEL.....Asn't Cashier 0
o' Butte. Mont. o
O Capital...... Soo,oro.o, O
, Under state supervision. Five per 0
o cent interest, payalle ouarterly, O
o paid on deposits. 0
o o
0 Money to Loan on o
g Real Estate g
o 0
O F. AUG. IIEINZE...... Presl lent 0
o A. h. C.EMN'rTS........Cashier 0
o 0
000000OO OOOO0000000000 0000
Public Accountants
Hennessy Building, Butte.
New York Offico 20 Broad Street.
C. IR. Lconard. Pies, T It. Iinds V. Pr's.
l:uyett u llrrlngton, Casthlr
Silver Bow National Bank
CAP'I rAL, $100.000.03
This bank solicits nccounts, offers prompt
and careful attention to Iusiness of cus
tomlers. Collections promptly attended to
and remitted for on day of collection.
Sell foreign and doamestic. exchange, trans.
nat a glier:al b;,king business, pay in.
terlet on time deIposits.
DIirectors--Charleo i. Leonard, P. Aug.
Ilrinze, S. Marchessranu, A. lialmforth,
R. A. l.ouli, ". W. Newton, T. It. Hinds,
John MacGinnis, I'ayette larrington.
o o
The First National Bank o
o Of Butto. 0
o o
0 (Estab!!shed 187p.) a
o Capital ....... $20,0· 8 ) o
o 0
a 0
o Drafts drawn on all principal cities 0
0 of the World and Letters of Credit 0
o issued. 0
o -- 0
O ANDREW J. DAVIS.... Presldent o
o TAMES A, TAI.iOTT..Vice Pres. O
E. B. WEIRIlCK..........Cuahier a
o J. S. DUTTON..Assistant Cashier 5
O000 00000000'10000000 0 ) 0 000
o 0
O W. A. C'lask. J. Roas Clark. 0
o 0
o W. A. CLARK & BRO.
0 0
0 Transuact Genoell B.nkln. Bluslnass 0
0 Buy gold dunt, gold hors, silver o
bullion and local securitics. 0
0 Boxes for rent in safe deposit 0
0 vault. 0
Sell exchang.e avnil.bl,le in Ill oaf
O the principal cities of the United o
0 States and Europe. O
0 0
0 Special attention given to cullee. O
0 t1 ns. 0
0 Cashier. 0
a o
0000000 00000030000300C000000
0 0
0 a
0 Jobh A Cr.it,ton .......President
0 G. W. Stpo1et ,n....Vice l'red.ient
0 T. M. Ilod~nas...........Cashabkir
0 J. O. Ilodgens.... Assistant Cashier c
0 i. B. Nuckulls...Asbistant CabLier L
0 0
0 Uner state su)t ervision and 0
0 jurisdiction. Interest paid on de O
0 tIuSits. 0
O Sells excha.,ge availause in all 0
o the principal cities of the i nited 0
0 States and Europe. Collectiona a
0 pro:mptly attended to, 0
0 Transact general ba,:king buslres,, 0
o Dlilaetors: J. A. Creighton, Ciaa. o
0 ha; G. W. Stapleton. A. 11. Basret.
0 E. D. Levitt, S. V. Kemlper, T. M. o
S lo Jgens, J. O. llodvens. 0
Corner Main and Park Sta., Fatte. t
000000000000000000000 0000
of the most obstinate caseL of Conorrhea
and leet, Imarrlte!d in fnnl3 to O
die d by all drugglaits.
WUlRNT t, 8poraattorrapp.r
lerns osuuloas tion of mucosi mom.
as i~tLr.ANS CHMIOALIIO. sbrri. N-utrlugeat.
Sor sent In platin Wrppet
U..A epeaws, prepaid fn}

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