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t. listen to the music of a really fine
pitao. And the Vose is certainly that.
Perfect in action, tn;ch and tone. It Is
oa instrumesst of the highest grade. It
is handsome in des.gn, of elegant fin.
ish, and d'rable. Aliays teliable and
sIld with a guarantee. The best for the
money. Casb or nlastallment. Bed.
'ock prices.
st9 North Main Street
For School of Mines and
High School .......
Everything you need. Slates, ruled
and plain; Tablets of all descriptionss;
new Books; new Stationery.
Evans' Book Store
The Value of
Wall Paper
lies in what Is printed on them.
Yeo Wait Good Colorings
You Want Good Desigas
Yeo Want [email protected] Painting
We have these ih the very best styles
and finish. No short rolls, no poor
prints, eo shoddy goods, hig;h-prieed
if given away.
Ellis Paint Co.
Eaucessora to Carder Bros
Rlio 104e 17 E. Quartz St.
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Bat
For Heat
The chapest, the
moat convenient
and best.
Saves labor saves
money and food.
Gas Office
B0s North Maln street
fr.rtral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgr.
Fl:one 85. 125 E. Park, Butte
I iccllcal 'ndcertaker end Embalmer.
140 W. FarkSt., ICutte. Phone 307.
Anywhere to Everywhere.
To anybody and everybody going from
anywhere in the West to everywhere in
the East or South, The Rio Grande Lines
offer every inducement and accommoda
tion for a most delightful trip. It is the
artist's and tourist's route to all that Is
eublimest and grandest in scenery on the
You make no mistake when you choose
the Rio Grande for your next trip. The
name is synonymous of the very best.
nWrite for rates to where you desire to go,
also a copy of "Tourists' Hand Book."
General Agent, Butte, Montana.
Exoursion to California.
September 3oth, October sat and and
the Oregon Short Line will sell round trip
tickets to San Francisco, going and re
turning same route, $5.00oo Going via Og
den and returning via Portland, or vice
versa, $68So.
To Los Angeles, going and returnind
same route, $C7.9o. Going via Ogden and
returning via Portland or vice versa,
Tickets limite, for return until Novem
bher rsth with stop-over privileges.
Remember the Ogden route is s3 hours
the quickest and make sleeping car reser
vations now, Short Line City Ticket
Office, soS North Main. street, Butte Mont.
general Agent.
Agents for The Biggest,
Acorn Stoves and Best and Busiest
Heaters In Butte.
Autumn Styles Are Now Ready
See Dress Goods Display in Show Window
This week we make the first showing of a lot of New Silks and Dress Goods, Trimmings and Laces. The second
floor has new Ready.to.Wear Suits, eostumes, Jackets, Wraps and Furs; the Millinery Department a new lot of
Trimmed Hats, and there's a sale of Men's Socks for today that is sure to draw a big crowd. We are making prepara'
tions for our fall business as never before. eome and see the many rich novelties every department is showing.
~,- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - --------------------------_____
Dress Goods
Latest Styles for
Suits and Dresses
More new goods opened up, more nor
elties, more of the kind that finds favor
with the many. Fall styles tend toward
rougher effects. Zibelines are the favorite
novelty shown, in plain and neat fancy ef
fects, in the most serviceable of shades. If
Syou would know what's most worn and
which shadings are considered the best,
come in and we'll show you.
5a-inch canvas etamines in tan, brown,
royal and navy blues. Our $i.oo quality,
really worth $1.25.
56-inch vertical striped suitings in all
the late shades. Ounly 75c yard, really
worth 1r.25.
38-inch plain and striped Zibelines in a
Sfull line of colorings. 75c values for sp59c
s6-inch tweeds in Oxford mixtures, blue
and light gray. $:.So quality for $S.ag
A full line of the smartest novelties in
pebble etamines, mistrals, English eta
mines, basket etamines and canvas eta
mines in at the newest shades. Prices from
85c to $z.So yard.
Ja-inch fine all wool Zibelines in the
new vertical stripes and plain effects, in
all the best colorings. Price only $S.oo
A new line of suitings for street wear,
mottled effects in blue and white and
black and white; width 54 inches. Price
only $s.So yard.
Dress Trimmings
Choicest Lines Ever Shown in Butte
W e have just received a large importation of line dress trimmings. Only a few
persons have caught a glimpse of them. They were people who can and do appreciate
all that's beautiful. To describe many of these delicately choice novelties with rich
embroidered effects in colored silks and the hundred and one intricate patterns is an
impossibility. Come and see.
Bands, edgings and mnedallion effects 1l',hr,ihlcrred all-over chiffons, in Fnthroidered chitTffons, mouseline de
tn broadcloth, velvet ant silk with cra- whiI., l.l.k and tall, with self and i ad oi and taffeta silks, delicate colorings
broidered designs in rich Persian ald cotuil.lting colors, for waists, gowns, on white, chaste designs and truly ar
other colored effects, on black, white yokes iand fronts, w ith appliques to tistic effects, some in basket weave,
and colored grounds. match, widths i8 to 45 incies; prices, certainly the choicest line of fine trim
Black taffeta, silk strapplings, with $2., to, $:o.oo yard. mings ever shown.
fine stitchings, widths . to 2 inches; Ititttrs. We htve just 36 new Fancy sets for front of waists, in
prices al'c to Soc yard. vei se and gupllre lic' cllars, a black andt white silk gilmp and braided
mlack moire bands, N to a inches snmplen line from ian importer, that eflects; pa ices, $4.uu to $7.50 sct.
wide; prices, a~ c to soc yard. we :te selling at albout half regular
Silk braid trimmings in plain, ap- value. $1t,5 to $Ioo yard. Colors, Sequin and pearl trimmings, cut
plique and lace effects, black and col- h liI., black, ceru, cream, steel and other nobby styles, widths !a
on, in all widths, especially good for .\lppliqgics anl headed effects, on vetl- to 3 inches; prices, Soc to $5.00oo yard.
tailor-made suits and heavy gowns; iv t., lothl, nets, silk and msousseline de Fine all-over laces in chiffon, cluny,
prices, soc to $1a.oo yard. soic. Richly beautiful collars; $5.oo to veniae, guipure, Renaissance, Repousse
Fine black chiffon applique, ' to 3 t$2 .o eacih. and point Flemond and appliques,
Inches wide; price from asc to $3.00 widths :8 to 45 inches; prices, 5oc to
yar. Watch Heanessy's Windows $,o.oo yard;,,.
Nobbiest Silks for Fall
While we haven't our full stock ready to show, we have more pretty novelties and
fancy taffetas than usual. Come in often, for there's always something new and nice
for those who appreciate stylish goods or who want best possible values in the more
staple lines. We prepay expressage to all railroad points in Montana and Idaho.
MOirs to HeBuessy' tte,
Orders to ennessy's Montana.
Irish Satin
Prom Liddell & eo., of
\Ve have a 1,t of warehou.se samples of
Irish lilnen t.,able damask that we bought at
a price from the manufacturer in Ireland.
We mark them as follows:
Lot I
:-yard lingths for $1.s5.
ta yard lenghis for $ta i.
,I yard lengtha for $S.uS.
Lot 2
.-yard lenglthsa for $.,.o0 .
,-' yard Icl.ths- for $i So.
il yard lengths for $j3.,,
New Waistings
French and domestic flannels, 27 inches
wide, in navy, Nile green,, gray, tan, cadelt,
wine, red, rose, cream, white and black.
I'rices Soc and 65c yard.
New wol waistings, latest coloringt, in
fancy stripes; width 27 inches. Ilice Soc
Silk and wool inveltly waistings, Jac
otard stripes, several tculirings. Pricc 85c,
worth $t.25 yard.
French flannels in l', ..ian, anti Ilortdhi-red
designs, full line. Pel'IIe . 5s yard.
Novelty Scotch wais.tings, white anl
creamlll grouitlls, with lafttiy stries. Prices
65, and . Sc yard.
Strictly all wool nIovelty waislintis in the
latest ashades. Price only soc yard.
New and fancy Swandown flannrels in,
faincy strilpes and figurest, all heslt color
ilngs; pretty for wrappers, rithes, and dress
ilng jackets. Price 2oc yard.
New flannlleletter, a grlat ;aslortitent,
latest designs, Persian at.iects, fancy
stripes andil ligtr(es. . ices t1c, 12'.C aand
2oc yard. ,
Current Notes
Orton Bros.--Ptanos and organs. *
If you bought it at Sherman's it's good. -
Steam carpet cleaning. Tel. 668-M.
Prof. II. Tyree of Dillon is in Butte.
House moving and raising. Tel. 727B. o
Dr. C. W. Sweet of Great Falls is in the
W. W. Warner of Sunset, Powell county,
is in Butte today.
Mrs. N. Johannes of Helena is visiting
in Butte for a few days.
United States District Attorney Carl
Rasch of Helena is in Butte.
James B. McMaster, one of Montana's
pioneers, is in Butte today.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana bnusic Co.,
stp N. Main street. TeL 504.
Gustav Misson, secretary of the Liquor
Dealers' association, is in Butte.
Ed. Lannen, prominent stockman and
rancher of Bearmouth, is in the city.
Born--To the wife of James Grant, No.
214 East Quartz street, a daughter.
George A. Cook, the Missoula real
estate man, is registered at the Finlcn.
II. J. Toomey, the well-known and popu
lar stockman of Deer I.odge, is in Butte.
Main springs, $1r.oo watches cleaned,
$S.5o; warranted. Mayer, 65 West Park.
Mrs. J. C. Metlin of Dillon is in the city
to remain a few days visiting with friends.
John (. Marony of Great Falls is in
Butte pn his way to tile Bozeman conven
Best of vehicles and feed. Beebe Grain
Co. Automobile tickets with Soc pur
chase. +
Judge 1). M. Durfce, formerly judge of.
the Third judicial district, is in the city
Miss leah Morris has returned to her
home in Pony after a visit of some days in
this city.
Louis Butler of the new town of Ken
dall, in Fergus county, is in the city on
L. C. Parker, accompanied by his son
Charlie, is in the city and will leave for
Bozeman tonight.
Miss Mabel Zinn of Dillon has returned
to her home after spending some weeks
here with friends.
Ed. Norris, formerly state senator of
Beaverhead county, is in the city and is
registered at the Thornton.
R. N. Sutherlin, the popular and well.
known editor of the Rocky Mountain Hus
bandman, Is in Butte today.
T. T. Baker, the well-known engineer,
has returned from Pony, where he was
engaged for some days In surveying.
A. A. McDonald, well-known In business
and banking circles In Granite county, is in
the city on his way to the Bozeman con.
John R. Quigley of Blackfoot City, who
has attended every democratic state con
vention held In Montana since 5869, is in
the city oants way to Bozeman,
Democratic State Central Committeeman
Powell Black of Meagher county, is In
Butte and will leave this evening for Boze.
man on Senator Clark's special train.
E. Scharnikow, the well-known Deer
Llodge attorney, is in the city on his way
to the Bozeman convention. Mr. Scharni
kow is the democratic nominee for the
state senate in Powell county,
About 3o delegates to the state demo
cratic convention from Granite county ar
rived last night and will proceed to Boze
man this afternoon. Granite has Imitated
Silver Bow and sends contesting delega
LIon. James McDonel of Granite county,
formerly representing that county in the
state legislature and one of its prominent
business men and citizens, is in the city
today and will leave on Senator Clark's
special train for Bozeman tonight.
James Hartford, one of the pioneer
prospectors and placer miners of Mon
tana, now a resident of Last Chance Gulch,
is in the city on his way to Bozeman.
Mr. Hartford owns valuable quartz mines
in and near Garnet and is known as a suc
cessful miner.
The Smart Set for October.
Pearson's, Argosy, Ainslee's, Wide
World, Broadway, Family Library and
everything in late books and magazines
today at the P. O. news stand. *
Thousands of Deaths From Cholera Are
Occurring Each Week.
Isy AssocIlATED Pal:ss.]
Alexandria, Sept. 22.-The number of
fresh cholera cases in Egypt in the week
just ended was 6,587. There were 5,893
In the previous week there were 9,805
fresh cases and 8,497 deaths. Since the
commencement of the epidemic, July 15, to
the present time, there have been 30,981
cases and 25,734 deaths.
We extend our sincere thanks to the
many dear friends and ncighbors who so
kindly assisted us during the illness and
death of our dear son and brother. Their
kindness will ever be remembered.
Buy your Rock Springs Coal From
No. 4 East Broadway.
Sheridan Coal
Free from soot and clinkers; only 3
per cent White Ash. A substitute for
Anthracite, $6.oo per ton. Ask your dealer
for it.
25.2T South Main Street.
New Opening Family Dining Parlors
Everything neat and Arst-class.
SHotel Arrivals
At the Thornton.
Hart E. Harris, Owensboro, Ky.; II.
W. l'arker, St. Paul ; Edwin Norris, I)tl
Ion; louis IButler, Kendall, Mont.; Miss
M. 'llcintzalmcn, New York; W. J. Mc
Bride, Mrs. W. J. McBlride, Little Rock,
Ark. ; E. J. Carter. Missoula; C. E. Innes,
San Francisco; David Torrence, F. A.
Judson, New York; John P. llarrity, Great
Falls; E. I.. Ritson, Boston ; Gustav
Nisson, ellena; C. II. Smith, loston ; W.
B. Webb, Anaconda; Karl Ellis, Denver,
Colo.; George A. Maywood, l'hilipsburg;
W. II. Smith, )runmmond; Mrs. B. Eslede,
Mrs. It. D)emond, Missoula: James llart
ford, C. C. Parker, S. C. Parker, Garnet;
M. Illock. Kansas City; J. G. Morony,
Great Falls; harry Miller, M. It. Perkin,
At the Butte.
W. W. Warner, Sunset; S. J. Gorlcey,
Anaconda; E. W. Schilling, Missoula; W.
J. Heaney, Basin; F. F. Johnson, RI. N.
Sutherlin, Thomas Ilughes, I). W. Mc
Kay, J. M. Kumpe, J. J. McCarthy, Powell
Black, White Sulphur Springs; Charles R.
Cassatt, Anaconda; N. J. Toomey, Deer
Iadg, ; J. McDonel, Philipshburg; John E.
Strwe, San Francisco; John R. Quigley,
Blackfoot; J. I3. McMaster, Garnet; C.
H. Faton, T. II. Smitlh, Ihlelena; J. J. ial
lard, A. A. McD)onald, WV. F. Albright,
J. 1H. Williams, J. S. Sclhoonover, ('Cemi
Mees, Neil McDlonahl and wife, John,
luffy, Joseph lHeilman, W. . E. rey,
Thomas Ilynes, henry l.ewerey, Granite;
John I). Gilbert, New York; Mrs. A. lcl
inger, Mrs. R. N. McKee, Monida ; It. J.
Fine, Mammoth; W. II. Losrenz and wife,
Miss Rock, Miss York, New York; It.
Haywoodl andt wife, Denver; If. It. Met
lin, D)illon ; J. C. Quinn, WisIdomt ; T. low,
V. 1'. Fox, Fox; A. Chester Beatty, Min
At the Southern.
Ben McNally, Denver; Ilarry Bennam,
New York; II. L. Dennison, Slelby; J. It.
Talbot, Madison; II. A. Sallee, )Denver;
Dan l'heney, Mrs. M. E. Littlcjohn, Chi
cago; Thomas Devine, L. II. Casey, II.
Thorn and wife, Anaconda; George I).
Brown, Norris; Ed Ilerbern, Bozeman;
David Gilbert, Basin; Joseph Latimer,
Parsel Transor, Helena; George Evans,
Deer Lodge; Frank Charleson, Anaconda;
William If. Belis, Chicago; Dallas Olden,
Kansas City; Wilson Caldwell, Miles City.
At the Finlen.
H. V. Warnock, C. L. Sevick, Anaconda;
C. W. Sweet, Great Falls; E. Donoln,
'Mlssoula; W. B. Brlnkerhoff, Chicago; E.
Sharnikom, Deer Lodge; William Ray, D.
M. Durfee, Philipsburg; Eld Lannen,
'Beaumoth; Carl Ranch, Hlelena: W. IL.
Stanton and wife, Dillon; N. 1B. Smith,
West Sulphur Springs; Mrs. M. Busch,
Colorado, John W.Fitzgerald, Grinnell; N.
G. Forbos, Parisi S. K. Pierce, Duluth;'
M. H. Potter, Helena; F. C. Creamer and
wife, IIealey; J. M. Nelson, Minneapolis;
MW. M. Knapp, Hyram Tyree, Dillon; Will.
Sam Gilman, William Ferndon, New York;
S. Van Brunt, Pekin James McGrath, St.
LouIs; Thomas 'S. Jones, Anaconda; W.
C. Howell, St. Paul; E. D. Coleman, Glas.
gow Charles H. Causey, Havre; J. R.
Kelman, Portland; William T'. Clemo, J.
F. Ileyson, Anaconda: Frank E. Smith,
Lewistown; A. Crutchfield, Mlssoula; An.
drew Erwin, St. Paul; M. L. Fullenback,
St. Louis; C. L. True, Minneapolis; M. A,
Kruger, New York; C. F. Cutter, ]. II.
lHopkins, St. Louis; J. I,. fruft, Salt l.ake;
R. C. Henderson, San Francisco; G. C.
Iloniface, Jr., New York; Thomas J.
Whilen and wife, New York; J. I'.
Neatlher, Chicago; F1. L. Lyhla, Itostotn; C.
II. McCall, Minneapolis ; G. St. Itositer,
Chicago; F. St. .Lawrence, Helena; John
R. Tra, Shelby; M. Edelstein, St. Paul;
F. O'Leary, U. 1). Twihy, iEd ('lHrien, J.
I. Biryson, Anaconda; U. Critchtichied, Mis
ily A; lOCIAl l.i tIlE.s. I
New York, Sept. 2.. --r. 'l'holias I )ed.
rick of Washington, N. J., who had a dis
agreement with tPeary, the Arcltc explorer
and left the latter's expedition August 17,
9gor, has arrived in New York, after an
ablsence of four years in tilhe far North.
(tolcertIlllg tille cliticisils of his all
tiis in the Arctic regions, he w:as il
elin,'d to be reticent.
"I will not discuss in any way, any 1i
Iuntlerstanlhig that iiimay lhave h:ad, with
J.ieitienalt iPeiry, and that miiay or Imay
lnot have bIcen the cause of lily leavinlg 1t(
"W hat iolilut the intlnat:ion that til'h
reason that you left tihe: party w; lbecei:lll!e
yout were Inolt exracltly in a soillllld state
mentally at the time "
His Mind is Sound.
"The report that I was m lent;llly tn
sound," he replied, "is a licaliIonus lie.,"
"Are you going to miake a ltatemenlIt ill
regard to the affair?"
"At the proper time I will make a state
tnent inl full of the reasons that led lIe :o
pursue the course I did, both a:; to remiaii
ing oil the Arctic and as to the charges
about lily nlental status."
"'lending the report that l.ieutenalnt
Peary will mnake about the work anid ex
periences of the expenditton, however,"
said Dr. i)edrick. "I do not tlhink that any
IpersonI who was identified with the ex
pedition, or who may have been con
nected with it, should do any talking. It
is very hard to be maligned, as I have,
and not to talk, but I shall nevertheless
adhere to the determination on iiiy part.
Was Denied Food.
"Concerning my trouble with Lieutenant
Peary and mly experiences while living
among the Eskimos and the denial of food
to me by Lieutenant Peary, even a little
coffee without sugar, I shall say nothing
at this time.
"The reason I remained in the Arctic
was purely one of duty to the expedition
and was not for any monetary purpose.
When I was a member of the expedition,
I contracted not to publish articles, and
I shall not act otherwise. There has not
been a single day since I left the expedi
tion over a year ago, that I have regretted
the step I saw fit to take and the knowl
edge that I acted in an honorable manner
has done much to mitigate the unpleasant
experiences I had and the attacks made
on me."
Hold Fast
Alway, hold f.,t t, that which is
bet ,nd fecl your live sick with
IiEI:1'.,.'S l;RAIN anl " F1hU a;nt
you focd thnir tihe IEST, (.'e our
prices bhefore youl buy 'elsewhere. Au
ltoml,bile tickets FRI"I. with cvery 5'u
ca:,h purchase.
6413.649 South Rrizona St.
Hello 421. Butte, Mont.
Too(thy at Wh itmore keep,,
401 S. Main St.
Telephor, 32$8.
In th,. District Court of the Second Ju
dicial I)i,,trict of the State of Montana,
in and for Silver ftow County,
In the matter of thel estate of Thoiias
Sephton, deccased,
Martha Scphton, tih executrix of tile
estate of Thomas Sept.lol, deceasedl, hav
ing filed her petitioni hereci, duly verilied,
prayiung for an order of sale of a certain
part of the real estate of the said de
cedent, to-wit:
Lot 4 in block to of the Kemper addi
tion to tIh City of Ilttre, Monttana, for the
purpo.,es in said petition set forth, anld
it appearing to the court a proper, case,
It is ordered by the said court that
all persons Interested in the estate of
said deceased appear before the said di;
trict court on Tuesday morning, the 7th
day of October, spoa, at to o'clock a. im.,
at the court room of department No, 3
of said court, In Butte, Montana, to show
cause, if any there be, why an order should
not be granted to the said executrix to sell
the said described real estate of the said
deceased at pyivate sale.
It is ordered that a copy of this or
der be published at least four (4) suc
cessive weeks prior to the said hearing
in the Inter Mountain, a newspaper print
ed and published In Butte, Montana.
Dated, September 8th, 190o.
Attest A true copy. J

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