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Piano Bargains
To clear our floor of surplus styles
and a few used Pianos and do it
quickly we are offering for the next
week some rare bargains in Pianos,
Following are the instruments and
Price. Now.
i Crown Piano, bevel wal
nut case, new ........$475 $375
a Ellington Piano, bevel
walnut case, new .... 375 3oo
a Cable Piano, bevel walnut
case, new ............. 400 300
a Cable Piano, -mahogany
case, new .............37S a85
a R. I. Howard Piano, oak
ease, new 3S30 75
I Howard Piano, English
oak case, new ......... 3So 5go
a Vose & Son's Piano,
mahogany case, used 3
months ............... 450 325
i Willard Piano, walnut
case, used 7 months.... 325 190
9sp North Main Street
For School of Mines and
High School ...... .
Everything )yu need. Slates, ruled
and plain; Tablets of all descriptions;
new Books; new Stationery.
Evans' .Book Store
114 N. MAIN ST.
As the name implies, this paint
"Noxall" other paint on the market.
It will cover 3oo square feet of sur
face two coats.
It is put up in s4 good shades, for
inside or outside use. We warrant
every gallon of It. We have the sale
of it exclusively in this state and are
selling it for
Ellis Paint Co.
Successors to Carder Bros
Pko0e 104, 17 F. Quartz St.
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Best
For Heat
The chapest, the
most convenient
and best.
For Cooking
Saves labor, aves
money and food.
Gas Office
038 North Main Itreea
Funeral Directors
Ezxpert Embalmers
Thos. Sullilvan, Mgr.
Phone 8a. 23a E. Park, Butte
F rctlcal Undertaker and Embalmer.
140 W. ParkSt., Butte. Phone 307.
Over 5,ooo styles of strictly up-to
date real nobby suitings, overcoat
ings and trouserings. You cannot af
ford to order your fall clothes until
you have seen my stock that I am
offering on the basis of small profits
often repeated. From $28.oo to $35.oo
buys you a business suit that you
cannot duplicate in Montana for the
305 N. Main Street
Current Notes.
Orton Bros.-Pianos and organs. *
W. S. Duncan of Pony is in town.
If you bought it at Sherman's it's good. *
Try Shaw's pan cake flour. *
Steam carpet cleaning. Tel. 668-M.
House moving and raising. TeL 7s7B. o
J. J. Ryan of Helena is in the city.
Social tonight, Eagle hall, Main and
Park. *
W. I. Higgins, the Deer Lodge business
man, is in town.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Musie Co.,
t9p N. Main street. TeL So4. "
John Carr, auditor of the county of
Cascade, is in the city today.
Dr. J. F. Spellman and son came up
from the Smelter City today.
County Attorney D. M. Durfee of
Granite county is in the city.
Hay, grain and feed. Beebe Grain Co.
Automobile tickets with 5oc purchase. *
Main springs, $l.ool watches cleaned,
$s.So; warranted. Mayer, 6g West Park.
Dr. Arthur G. Allen has removed his
offices to zon and o103 ennsylvania block.
Sam Arthur of Granite is looking after
political and business matters in Butte
Angus A. McDonald, prominent in bus
iness affairs in Granite county, is in
the city.
T. J. John's, the well-known newspaper
man of Lewistown, Fergus county, is in
Butte today.
A. J. King of Kalispell, and one of the
prominent politicians of Flathead county,
is in the city. -
Attorney General James Donovan of
Helena is in Butte today to attend the
populist state convention.
S. E. Larabie, the Deer Lodge hanker
and stock-raiser, is in Butte. lie is ac
companied by Mrs. Larabie.
J. E. Marcum and wife of Cascade are
in Butte on their may home from a visit
with friends in Powell county.
Thomas F. llynes, the assessor of
Granite county, is in the city on his way
home from the Bozeman convention.
Peter Gallagher of Granite, who is on
his way home from the Bozeman con
vention, is registered at the Thornton.
Miles Romney and J. R. Rawlins of
Hamilton, who have been in Bozeman,
will leave this afternoon for their homes.
James B. McMaster and James Hart
ford, old-timers of Last Chance gulch,
are in the city on their way home from
the Bozeman convention.
Silver Bow county labor delegates left
last evening for their state convention
at Helena which begins today. The dele
gation, 62 in all, gathered at Judge liar
ney's court room and marched to the
depot in a body.
Major Bridgeman, former Indian agent
at Belknap, who has been indicted for
various serious offenses, was released on
a bond of $1o,ooo yesterday by Judge
Knowles before whom he will have a
hearing in the near future.
Yesterday afternoon the funeral of Mrs.
H. A. Taylor took place from the family
residence at 815 Copper street. Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. J. E.
Noftsinger. The funeral service of the
Order of Eastern Star was read at the
Henry F. Edgar, one of the best known
old-timers in Montana and the man who
panned the first shovelful of dirt in Vir
ginia City, is in Butte today on his way
to the old-timers' convention in Dillon.
Mr. Edgar is now a resident of Plains
in Missoula county.
Father P. A. Quesnel, pastor of St.
Joseph's church, 122z East Second street,
South Butte, got news this morning that
his lordship Right Rev. John B. Brondel
of Helena will come to bless-the church
and consecrate the new bell the 5th of
October. The details of the feast will
be known later.
The Smart Set for October.
Pearson's, Argosy, Ainslee's, Wide
World, Broadway, Family Library and
everything in late books and magazines
today at the P. O. news stand.
Congregation "B'Nai Israel."
Sabbath services will be held by above
congregation tomorrow, Friday, the 26th,
at 7 :30 p. m. at the M. E. church, South,
corner Idaho and Galena streets, Rabbi
J. H. M. Clumiaciero officiating.
Notice to Carpenters.
All members of Local No. 112 are re
quested to attend meeting Thursday, Sep
tember 25 to vote on assessmernt for
striking coal miners.
Recording Secretary.
Resolved, By local union No. 41, Plumb
ers, Steam and Gasfitters, that all members
of this union refrain from patronizing
places where beer is sold which do not
exhibit the label of the United Brewery
Butte City, Mont,, Sept. 22.
Having disposed of our entiro stock
to the Montana Hardware who will re
open it in the new Pennsylvania block
on Park street on or about the first of
October, we request all persons owing us
bills to call early and settle at our store,
West Granite, west door.
WE sell
Rocky Fork,
Rock Springs,
Pennsylvania Anthracite.
Colorado Anthracite.
I Have you seen that First-Class
Timothy that Whitmore keepst
401 S. Main St.
Telephone, 3a8.
Best Place . Montana
To Trade . Butte
Leather Goods Knitting Yarns
In Notion Dept. In Hennessy's Notion Dept
We are now showing the choicest line of fine leather just opened a goodly supply of olden fleece knit
purses, chi.telaine bags, wrist purses and fancy articles of g s ne p a ply og n nt
si~we aSever hatd o ta niting yarns in the several best makes andti colorings. Noth.
rh Most of these fine goods
a similar nature we ever had. Most of these ine goos ing like starting in early if some fancy work is to be made
were bought expressly for presentation purposes during ready for Christmas presents, or warm goods made for
the holiday season, but as soon as they were shown we be.
gan to sell them. Others may be wanting nice stt,ff just
now, so here they are. Lots of inexpensive purses, too, Knitting Yarns Knitting Yarns
as the following shows. Angora Shetland floss in Nile green, Spanish yarn in light and dark gray,
canary, light bhlue, red, cardinal, whier, reds, black, brown and white. P'rice sSc
Leather Goods Leather Goods black, tan pink, vet.hui,t, etc. skein, $t.. t bo,x.
$'riee 8 I-Jc tkeil, F1.looc g oox.
Children's purses in black and colors Alligator leather chatelaine bags, in Imported Blerlin Saxony yarn, aame t;lhan Fleece knilting worsted in
from toc to Soc each. hlue, tan, brownt and black, containing cotlrings asa ill Angora Shlattlnl flh. light and dark blues, redts anid grys
Women's chatelaine bags of black three compartments, for coin, handker- r e skin, $.75 for x f : in black and white. r c
pebble leather with nickel plated trim- chief and other things. The best ever Inported I;.rti:rntown wool in pik, sktin or $i.oo pound.
mings, have place for handkerchief on shown at the price, $1.5o each. blue, red, gray, yellow, black and white. lee wool, all shadtes, t.S hall Angora
the outside. Price Soc each; larger Very pretty wrist purses with three P'rice ioc skein, $n.t,, box. wool, all shades, two halls for asc.
sizes at 75c and $S.oo. compartments, in black, brown, tan and
Chatelaine bags of walrus and pebble gray. Price only $s.oo each.
leather, in black, brown and tan. Price Several other styles at about the
75c each. same low figures.
In the higher grades we hae a full line of wrist purses, chatelaine bags,
pocketbooks, etc., made of richest leathetrs, including sea lion, seal, peliie, wal
rus, alligator, lizard, French calf and suede, handsolmely molunlted ill (;German
silver, solid silver and gold plating over sterling silver, exceedingly chas:te inl
designs. In Hennessy's Notion Dept.
e V eilings novelties, (liffercnlt from any
In Hennessy's Notion Dept. "lhi1g ever before shown. I lard
ly any two alike. Choice
Styles change even in little things like veilings. We chains for the neck, n adle of
have the latest out, showing lively effects in plain and et1m- genuine coral, charmingly
broidered chiffons,'sew ing silk and tuxedo nets. beautiful anl dcide dly lmcorly
New Veilings New Veilings . ing to all wearers. The fasl;.
Fine chiffon veiling, with large em- Plain chiffon veilings, in white and I
broidered ping-pong dots, in white, black; width i8 inches. Price 35c yardl. losable fal, too. Ilver sec
black, cream, green and blue; width 18 I'la;in sewing silk vwiling in white coral in its natural state ? \eV
inches. Price 75c. and black, both washlablc; width 15
Fine chiffon veilings, with embroid- inches. 'Price ace ya,,rd. have a pretty specimen of this just as it came from the
cred spots in white and black on white, T''uxedo net veilings, in the latest
black and blue grounds; width t8 meshes, complexion veilings and with ocean's bed. Conm1 and examine it.
inches. Price soc yard. large and small spots; width 18 inchIs.
Come and examine them. . i'rics :Sc to $z.,,o. Fancy Jewelry Fancy Jewelry
RBreal coral necvk chains, for w;alt, cs, Some o, f the most elTfetive styles of
e t a a l looking glass lpelnilnts and other pr- bhatpis wie have ever sc1n; large pearls
poses, ini red, while and pilk; some alnd gll, gun III l .l ital lnd dia n, js
round hbeads of coral string like peiarls; per and gldl, gun iitn l with coral,
We secured a large lot of belts lately at a very low several styles and sizes. I'ric's $i.;5 , it a.nlondl s Iid turlolllise.; I.man y others
to $25.oo00. just as pretty. lrices .l5e to $4.,o
figure. We have marked them at a small profit to give I-lack logwood chains of r,,ound and c l .ll.
our customers the advantage. oval beads; some have jet beadls separ- lBack c,,s for the hair of French
rs ating each two; hingths upl to 7. inches. horn alnd tortoise shell, German gold
Black Satin Belts Black Satin Belts P'rices $..o. and $2t,5 each. am, pearls and liaiiit effects.
:allncy cllatils inl the latest fre;ks of Several little Ientl;ants, brooches,
Made up in the Florodora, ping-pong, Made up in all the leading styles, of fal i ng gn eal ast fR ise little roltn li rrors i pretan ty cases,
automobile and golf styles; a few reds imoire silk, taffeta silk and rich ldoublle tols, gun mttal and pearls. lgytlian fancy pieces copied from the antiqtue
and whites in the lot stin ribbon, with very tylish metal chains, jet, goll and turquoise, so many of themi that a detailed de
and whites in the lot; all have pretty eiuckls of different tietals andl threeis impossible. Do you know
buckles in oxidized, guni metal, gilt and orllnents for back anid sideslc. Values beas of many kinds, rt ciais, w Og gws e al how
cu e Values to . oeoou of nainy icdi short chains, how u sponge grows. We can show
cut steel. Value.i to $1.5o for 75c each. to $-.oo for 9oc each. lneccklaccs anl lolng chailns. you.
New Plaid Belts New Plaid Belts
In tartan plaids, in stitched taffeta silk, Richest quatlities of widle phIni silk Mail Butt
with gilt harness buckles. Price $i.oo ribbons, with postilion back. 'rices rders e
each. $ .c.o to $3.0o each. Orders to Monan
ýýýJCýJ CýJCýJCýJýJ ýJCýJCJ ýýJCýJey(MY dy dy445F J mrý~<JCýJC Cý
It looked like election time last evening
when the two contending factions from
Bozeman, with bands and banners, came
whooping back to town, each endeavoring
to show the people that it was "It," with
a capital "I."
About 4 o'clock a number of boys with
placards appeared to announce that
Napoleon Heinze was returning from the
Moscow of Gallatin valley and when, with
his marshals, he arrived a little later, it
was easy to see he was returning in
defeat. Marshals Lynch, Kennedy, Mc
Ginnis, "'ewey and others tried to put
some spirit in the drooping hearts, and the
aggregation pretending to be a band made
discordant music, but there were outward
and visible signs of gloom.
About half-past six Heinze mounted the
courthouse steps and told the crowd,
gathered more from curiosity than inter
est, how it all happened. Incidentally he
told how he was the Moses that had come
to deliver the people of Silver Bow county
from their imaginary Egypt, and how he
would some day get Pharaoh Clark on the
At the conclusion of his harangue he
announced that steps would be taken for
the formation of a new party tonight.
Without the slightest show of embarrass
ment the six weeks' old democrat declared
that he had bolted the party. He pro
tested that he was neither dead physically
nor politically, and the band played on.
When Mr. Ileinze's breath became ex
hausted and he sat down, Jim Lynch
moved that a committee of nine be
selected to formulate the preliminary
plans necessary for the formation of a new
On October 6, 7, 8 and 9 the Northern
Pacific railway will sell round trip tickets
to Billings at rate of $9.55, limited to
return October aith.
W. H. MERRIMAN, Gen'l Agt.,
Cor. Park and Main Ste.,
Buy your Rock Springs Coal From.
No. 4 East Broadway,
(Hotel Arrivals
At the Finlen.
John Carr, (;reat Ialls ; II. ;. Crawford,
l'lny; (. A. Sclimant, Missonila; I. John
son and wife, Cincinnati ; Charles liurns,
Denver; J. E. Marcrum alnd wife, Deer
Lodge; WV. I. Iliggins, Deer Lodge; O. F.
IIldge, New York ; W. F. Butrton., (;rafton;
hlenry F. Adger, Plains I. ltlanklield, New
York; Morrison Pettus, St. Louis; A. J.
Frank, Boston; T. Hallock, Fort Dodge;
licnjamin I). Stewart, Otto Siegel and
wife, N. I. Wood, Missoula; W. Allen,
lincoln, Ne. : S. T. Simonson, J. Mullerin,
Alb.arokee, Mont.; L.yon Comfort, l'win
Itridges; J. T. Montgomery, Chicago; II.
S. MlcFadden and wife, Whitehall; W. A.
Itrake and family, Norris; O. M. lolomes,
eI llena; J. M. Stern, Kansas City; Louis
Roalsric k, (;reat Falls; ,Pees I)avis, llel
cna; S. R. Jensen, Great Falls; T. J. Van
dlcrslice, San Francisco; C. 1I. Illanchard,
Shicago ; C. A. Bergllnd, Manhattan ; F. R.
Miles, Kalinpell; I'. J. Mclntyre, l;avre ; E.
D1. Nash, Helena; N. it. Woods, Stevens
ville; E:. I). Coleman, G;lasgow; I). II.
Mell.n, Philipsburg; F. W. Poindexter, Jr.,
Dillon; 1). M. Durfee, Philipslburlg; Ed
l.annon, Ilearmouth; J. I). WeVir, libby;
I)r. Ray, lPhilipsburg: A. O. Taylor, IE. T.
Keuelr, St. Patl: Ifly J. Mellon, Dillon
Jamsn Mcl)owell, Phililpslurg; E. C. Ran
dell, Chicago.
At the Southern.
John Ahern, St. Paul; J. R. Cleary,
(;us ltakka and family, Twin Blridges; J.
D). Ileberling, Iluffalo, N. Y.; S. I). Mul
lin., Sheridan; Rees Davis, it, F. I)otigh
erty, Hlelena; Charles I). Martin. Kalis
pell; C. W, Sigust and wife, Columbus,
0.; J. A. Fifer, George Brown, Race
Track; Con Coughlin, Joe Sinclair, l lelm
ville; A. Bassett, lIannack; James Mar
shall, P. H. Griffin, Glendive; J. E.
Stevenson, I.. II. Casey, lHelena; J. J.
Fitzpatrick, Columbia Falls; Hlarry I.
LIarein, Kalispeil; C. E. Kinmman, Wood
ville; N. B. Ilunneberry and daughter,
DIeer Lodge; S. C. Bush, W\. W. Reed,
Avon, Molnt.
At the Butte.
J. S. Ross and wife, A. Cunningham and
wife, W, Buckner and wife, C. Ilenly, Tom
Nowlan, Marion Budgar, Ida St. Unbin,
Ferris Hartman and wife, Tivoli Opera
company, San Francisco; A. S. Slant, Chi
cago; C. W. Hawley, Owataman; W. E.
Albright, F. F. Hlynes, John Duffy, E. Bal.
lard, Elem Mees, John Boyd, Joseph Heil
man, Charles Schoonover, A. A. McDonald,
W. Fahey, John Williams, George May
wood, Hugh Murphy, Con Coughlin, N. R.
McDonald and wife, Granite county: A.
J. King, W. N. Griffin, Kalispell; H, J.
Toonwy. Deer L.odge ; I'owell I lac'k, Wlhite
Sulplhur Sprin s ; I. . Curric, Livil.ngston;
S. Arthur, (Charls I)unam, (;ramie; W.
S. Dunian, P'ony; W. W. Warner, Sun
set; Miles kloney, J. R. Uawlins, Ilamil.
ton J. It. McMaster, J. Ilartford, (;arnet,
T. J. Johos, ivingston ; W. Mess, I rillia
'homas J. Ward, G ranite county; II. 'I.
, ietman, Anaconda; J. I. 'r o g, hill, Ihl.
ena; W. J. (;dies, Jell erson Island; A. 14.
Kelly, San Francisco; Rudollph Corny,
New York.
At the Thornton.
I). M. Moses, New York; C. M. love
stead, Minneapolis; John Giller, Sand
Co(:oll(e; J. . Spel(man and son, Anas
conlda; Charles Iturns, lenver; I. WV.
White, M. Franklin, New York J. J.
hayes, Wallace, Idaho; It. I. Lindsay,
Deinver ; Jack I lays, Missoula; Lotils
oev , lPhiladellphia; S. . I.arshie aiul wile,
lDeer lodge; II. L.;le;ire, Chicago; Ir.
Watt, Denver; Walter ISreede, Niw York;
C. IE. Kistler, Carroll, 0.; A. J. (ondon,
J. S. Phinney, Chicago; 1. ., Mainicke,
Cincinhlnati; II . . ;ilraveni, Livingston;
A. N. Jacobs, New York; C. W. Flower,
St. I.ouis; R. 11. Walsh, Wyomin, ; WII
liuln C. C. amiion, Iohert I. ILee, W.
It. Moon, Samuel Card. New York; Karl
S. llarhough, Seattle; C. S. llrook, iois.
ton; Janmes D)onovan. lelena ; J. Marx,
New York; M. W. Whitley, Salt Iake;
Mrs. J. Whitlecy, Chicaigo; 1R. Jtnilorf,
Cleveland; Mrs. George 1. Mitley, Dillon;
W. R. Southard, lolchestcr, N. Y. ; F. S.
Wheden, New York; Samuel It. Pratt,
ibby, Mont, ; F. hlibeher, D)etroit; C. C.
Willis, Plains; Dr. O. Y. Warren, Warm
Springs; IW. II. ('lark, Virginia City;
George P. Miller, Dillon; John 1R. lucas,
P'hiliisburg, M nlit.; Peter Gallagher,
Granite, Mont.; J. II, WVoolford and wife,
Carter, Mont.; J. I1. J'oole, Anacondla; J.
G. Morony, (;reat halls; George G. Ilotigh,
Jiridger; R. J. Brown, Glendive; W. II.
Siith, Irunmmond; 11. Hart, Cinciinati.
Lucas County-ss:
Frank J. C[hency makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Chency & Co., doing business in the city
of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of One
Hundred Dollars for each and every case
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscrihed in
my presence this 6th day of December,
A. D. z886.
[SEAL.] Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mtucous
surfaces of the system. Send for testi
monials, free.
F. J. CIIHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
The Men Who Carried His Banner.
Got Fifty Cents Each and the
Promise of Phantom Job.
"Say," said one of the young men who
carried the ibarrllrs through the streets yes.
terlday Illlaniio(,iing l l(.e's co(LurtihouIse
meeting-, "say, what kind of a gay is that
Monte Cristh of Butte Mountainti, any
how ?"
"What's the miatter?"
"Why, he promised mne a day's salary
and a good johI if I totied one of his ha;li
ners thlrough the sun and today I'Ii get'llin'i
it in the nieck."
"Hlow's that "
"Well, the blroon in' Ilike gives nie 50
cen'ts and says there's notlhill' doin' as to a
job. I gets a Iicie niithll -lresent from thie
tlhree cardl Monte Cristo of iutte Mooln.
taitl, anl that's all de iother fellows got.
We're also standil' up for a square deal,
and justice, see ?"
I HRVE the only first class
and up-toedate optical
parlors in the West. The
finest of Instruments. The
hlhest ability. Exclusively
optical, devoting all my time
to the work.
Full examination free to all.
Dr. Daniel Rosche
Tel. 741 A

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