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There was much favorable comment in
and around Butte at the action of the
Amalgamated Copper company in giving
the employes who work on the surface a
nine-hour day instead of to. Coming
without solicitation on the part of the.
employes, this reduction has met with the
approval of yorking and business men
alike. It is in line with the company's
policy to make such concessions gradually
There were tears in John Dimple's eyes
this morning when he walked into the po
lice station and in rather broken English en
declared that Sophia Thompson, a woman lie
of the half-world, had robbed him of $40. fr
Dimple said he had visited the woman's wl
apartments in East Galena street and that at
while standing near the door with his open bl
pocketbook in his hand the woman picked be
it of $40.
The jailer told Dimple to be sure that si
he had lost that amount, whereupon the H
unsophisticated German took out his purse
and counted his money. To his surprise in
and delight he found that he had been ri
robbed of $So instead of $40.
The Thompson woman was arrested and at
placed in jail on the charge of larceny. gi
Later she gave bond in the sum of $40.
She failed to appear in the police court
and her bond was forfeited.
Dimple learned a lesson that will stand
him in stead. He came over from Ana
conda last night to see the sights of Butte,
and he saw them $io worth. He returned
to Anaconda today, and before he left
declared he would never again visit the
bad lands of Butte.
Capt. J. L. Fisk Dead. it
Helena, Nov. 3.-News was received b
here yesterday of the death in Minnehaha, g
Minn., of Capt. James L. Fisk. Death i
was caused by a general breakdown of a
the system.
Captain Fisk was a veteran of the civil t
war and an early pioneer of Montana. s
Lookout for Campaign Lies and Cam
paign Liars. F
"Not One Mouthful.
of table food should be given a child be
fore it is one year old," says Dr. Holt.
What substitute then? Borden's Eagle
Brand Condensed Milk is absolutely the
safest and best infant food obtainable.
Avoid unknown brands. Send for "Ba- C
by's Diary."
Carroll G. Dolman gives notice of re
moval of law office from over the postoffice
to No. 132 Pennsylvania Building.
Whose business it is to operate
the Piano Player for visitors and
customers who have never heard
The Chase & Baker
Piano Pla)er •
Has complete mastery over the
piano. Its operation is so simple
that but at few minutes' time is
required to learn how to operate
it. ANYONE, with absolutely no
knowledge of music can produce
everything known in music cor
rectly and beautifully with this
Wonderful Piano Player.
A finely illustrated catalogue
that will tell you lots more about
it is published.
If you are interested send for
it. Sold only by
Piano House
129 and 131 East Park St
Buy the best and keep your horse
fat. Whitmore keepts it.
401 S. Main St.
Telephone, 338.
BWE sell
Rocky Fork,
Rock Springs,
Pennsylvanl Anthracite.
Colorado Anthracite.
in the matter of hours as shall be found
reasonable and progressive.
In all the change will affect more than
Soo men and in)es the blacksmiths, ma
chinists, laborers, boilermakers and rope
men. The companies with the men in
volved are as follows: Anaconda com
pany, 253; Parrot company, 30; Colorado
company, So; Boston & Montana, 150;
Butte & Boston, 46. Total, 5a9.
New York, Nov. 3.-T'atrick -McGrath,
employe of the sewer department, is be
lieved to be dying at Bellevue hospital
from a mysterious disease, the cause of
which leading phyisicans have been un
able to determine. McGrath is turning
black. Cases of similar character have
been frequently in medical history, but
the victim usually turned color very
slowly. McGrath's case is entirely new.
He was taken to the hospital on Thursday.
The discoloration began soon afterwards
in his lower extremities and already has
risen to his abdomen.
The doctors thus far have been un
able to afford him any relief. lie has
grown steadily weaker.
"Shore Acres."
As good as in the good old days when
James A. Herne, that good old man, made
it one of the standard plays of the Ameri
can stage, is presented at the Broadway
by a capable company. A large audience
greeted the players last evening. The cast
is headed by James T. Galloway as
Nathaniel Berry and Atkins Lawrence as
Martin Berry. The Interpretation of these
two roles have become stereotyped. It is
sufficient to say that Messrs. Galloway and
Lawrence come up to expectation.
Jabel Wright Is acceptable as Helen
Berry and Belle Theodore is one of the
hits of the play in that fat part of Ann.
The remainder of the aggregation pleases.
"Shore Acres" will be given at the
Broadway again this evening.
"The Penitent."
The management of the Broadway
offers W. E. Nankeville's great scenic
production of Hall Caine's powerful story
"The Penitent," for Tuesd.ty and Satur
day of this week. The theatrical repre
sentation of this story has caused more
comment and received greater notoriety
than did "The Christian," Caine's earlier
work. However, be that as it may, the
public desired to see and judge fQr itself
which of this gfted writer's works should
take precedence; so, with a view to satisfy
ing those interested, this problem play has
been booked. The company presenting
this alluring drama numbers a score of
earnest players.
Theatrical Treasurers Elect.
New York, Nov. 3.-At the annual busi
ness meeting of the Theatrical Treasurers'
club of America, just held here, the fol
lowing officers were elected: President,
Max Hirsch; vice president, J. H. Scul
lion; treasurer, Earl King; financial sec
retary, Edward Fletcher; recording secre
tary, A. G. Faber; governors, Arthur
Sheldon, Gilbert Gordon and David Mayer.
"The Belle of New York."
The only performance of "The Belle of
New York" will be at the Broadway thea
ter tomorrow. The music of "The Belle
of New York" is by Gustav Kerger, and
the lyrics by Hugh Morton, who for a
long time was the "funny" man oaj Town
Topics, one of the best known publications
in New York city. It comes to us this
time headed by Mr. Ned Nye, who played
the leading role in London. Miss Floye
Redledge will be seen in the role of Violet
Gray, the Salvation Army lassie. Great
care has been taken with the balance of
the cast. The ensemble numbers are sung
by a very strong chorus of 30. A special
wire will be arranged from the telegraph
office to the stage tomorrow night to re
ceive the correct election returns.
Will Go Down Thursday Instead of This
Evening-Entertaining and 'In
structive program.
The excursion of the members of the
local order of Good Templars to Anaconda,
which was to have been made this even
ing, has been postponed until Thursday
evening of this week. Arrangements have
been about completed for a big meeting on
that night to be conducted in Anaconda by
Captain Dutton, the state organizer for the
Good Templars. Captain Dutton has just
returned from California, and wiil conduct
a series of temperance meetings throughout
the state. Last evening, at the Methodist
church in Anaconda, an enthusiastic meet
ing was held, and Captain Dutton made an
eloquent address upon the subject of the
work of the society.
In addition to the address by Captain
Dutton, Thursday evening, an interesting
program consisting of musical and literary
numbers, is being prepared for the enter
tainment of the visitors.
The meeting is to be a joint session of
the Butte and Anaconda members of the I.
O. G. T. and the W. C. T. U.
It is expected that about too members
will go down to Anaconda on the Butte,
SAnaconda & Pacific train, which leaves for
the Copper City at 6:30 o'clock.
The Best IButte
At Montana
Women~'s e2oats B05' elothing
On Hennessy's Second Floor Ofl Hennessy's 2d Floor
Monte "earlo Boys' Reefers
and 30Inch and Box Coats
and 30-Inch Made of melton, kersey, chev
iot and chinchilla, in several
BOX oats / styles. Colors are red, royal
and navy blue, Oxford and black;
Made of all wool kersey cloth, stylish- velvet collars, buttoned to neck,
ly made, lined with serviceable satin, cor. notched, well made and lined.
rect in style and perfect in fit. Colors, Sizes 3 to 9 years. Prices from
tan, castor and black. Sizes 34 to 4 2 :. . $2.95 to $to.oo each.
inches. Prices $17.50 to $23.50.
Women's Long Coats Women's 48-inch Coats Boys' Vestee Suits Boys' Vestee Suits
Only $12.75 Eachoy's thre piece Vctee Suits, ll. .s' three , piece Vest, Suits of
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Long coats made of all-wool kersey Fine kersey cloth coats, 48 inches meditni weight, cut in latest style and lutist style, cut nulbby and servicable
cloth with half tight-fitting back, lined long, half tight fitting back, lined well tail red, silk onlogramn on shield suitas, well tailorcd ;ito colors dark Iblue
through with serge, culls on sleeves through with satin storm a lnd notchedl front; sizcs j to 8 ycars. ,l l k sits . to years.
and notched collar; warm, stylish and collars, stitched around edges aid lint- Only $4.00 Suit Only $s.oo Suit
serviceable for winter; colors castor toms of coat; colors tan and black:
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Serviceable Styles"for Winter Wear Boys' Winter Caps
Girls' Long Coats Girls' Long Coats o,,s' inter ,l,,f t',*,," ,t,,,, 111111- Boys' Winter Caps
thiwn, in gray ciduriy and chvi-,t. ltivs' i'lilh 'lups with ullilhiwil and
Made of fine all-wool beaver cloth Made of extra quality all wool ker- Priccs 50c ani 75c each; ihir styles anud Cith visor ptites 0e, 75c and $1
with large cape, stylishly trimmed with sey, box plaits in front and back with pulldown at 35c and 50c. t, lth.
velvet and silk braid; colors castor, stitched colors tan andl red; swell
diue and red; sizes 6 to to years, and warm for winter; sizes 6 to t._
Only $7.50 Each Only $14.50 Each
Wogmen' Waists Sale of Lamps
Warm W it
Two Good Styles Out of Many In Hennessy's Basement Bazaar
Women's Warm Waists Women's Warm Waists Fill siztl laniml, in assoumr-e colors, Famiy nikil a t .m, with N... . r,
Medium-weight new striped waists New Waists made of fine serge with with 8i inch rtiud ghulb, de, corated I to er draft blurnr, ruiml wic, t imih
I n w ' ' 'white ioltute slituih', all ciitli-tte; p~rtc
in the latest color combinations, with the new Persian stripes, blouse fronts match Iiottim, com1luite t ith o, s d, r ti y $- pio.
full blouse front, stylishly made and in strictly new combination of colors, tind chiimniy, fur $t.5. large sized fanry decorated lampt in
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Only $6.75 Each Only $7.50o Each wick tad chiii..iy; price $i.7. litt', fur $.75.
Agents for Butterick Patterns Several Other Styles, too, Some as low as Soc
...Bargains in Shoes... warm
Cold Facts About Warm Slippers Underw'r
HIlere's the first of November and every sign of an early
-winter. So it's wise to see that one is properly shod. Cold
feet, who wants them? We are starting the month with sonime c
big bargains in our shoe department, selling shoes feor men,
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Rubbers and overshoes of all kinds when you want them.
Watch -lennessy's Windows
Women's Shoes Women's Slippers Children's Shoe
Kid congress shoes, elastic sides, Felt house slippers, warm linings felt Misses' bright finihd il kiid shoeis,
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Men's box calf shoes, laced style, welted Thc besta, y thereasons we are aulost e
heavyweight soles, Grahams toes. Sizes 6 ,it' Ionilon tons with catp. Sites 6 to it. givui g themi aw y. $i 75 to $3 5o gil
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Met's aviei kud shsoes, laced style, London Only $1.50 pair
and Glote toes, tipped and plain Sizes 6 tlittle gets' ilack satin calf shoes, laced erineSSy's
nlto . 2styli-."'"n t 13 B l S tore
Only $2.50 pair Only $1.25 pair i
Little Folks Render Delightful Program
at Meadcrville Methodist Church.
The children's rally day exercises werd
held last evening at the Meaderville
Methodist Episcopal church. An interest
ing program had been arranged for the oc
casion and the little folks acquitted them
selves in a very creditable manner. They
were rehearsed for the entertainment by
Mrs. Richards and Miss Florence An
The program rendered was as follows:
Hymn ..........School and Congrcgatig
Prayer .................. Paul Adams
Hymn ....... School and Congregation
Scripture Reading ... ..'homnas Richards
Address-"Our Sunday-school"......
.. Superintendent
Duet and Chorus ...............
Flossie Nankervis, Bessie Mlls
worth and School.
Recitation ...............Flora Stodden
Address-"The Sunday school Un
ion" ...... .. ............. Pastor
Class Song ........Sixteen Iittle Girls
Collection for Sunday-school Union.
Organ Solo........... Florence Andrews
Recitation ............... Evaline Adamn
Song................. .... Young Ladies
Recitatioln, with song and response..
...Seven Young Ladies
Recitation. ............. Harry Skewes
Song ...............Three Young Ladies
Recitation . .............Charles Treloar
"America"....... ... .....Congregation
Bencdiction ...... ...... ........ Pastor
Buy your ock Springs Loal From
CITIoIN. ' COAls Bw.
No. 4 East Broadway.
Cholera's Ravages.
Jerusaleml, Nov. 3.--There have beetn
454 deaths from cholera here and 76 at
Ghusseh during the past week. Great
distress prevails at Lidda because of the
total inadequacy of medical aid there to
cope with the disease.
Carroll G. Dolman grves notice of re.
moval of law office from over the postoffice
to No. ija Pennsylvania Building.
Lookout for Campaign Lies and Carmn
paign Liars.

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