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That Wears
A very little comparison of qualities,
assortments and prices will serve to
show you that this is the place to buy
silverware. Every piece in our stock
is handsome, correct and dependable.
Note the following appropriate goods
for holiday presents:
Silver curling lamp, quadruple
plate .....................$2.5o0
Bread tray, quadruple plate, hand
somely chased ............... 3.00
Cake basket, quadruple plate, satin
..finish ..................... 3.oo
Cream and sugar dessert set,
quadruple plate, satin finish,
bossed, gold lined .......... 6.oo
This store stands back of every price
with an ironclad guarantee.
Towle & Winterhalter
28 West Park St., - Butte
Coal and
All the different grades of
coal found in this market to
be had here.
..eity Offlee..
47 E. Broadway, Phone 532
Yards and Office
Cor. Iowa and front St., So. Butte
Phone 276
All orders handled with
promptness and dispatch.
Picture framing done at low prices.
Call and give us your order.
Watch for our picture sale.
Fancy toilet soap 5 cents a cake.
Nickel plated tea and coffee pots, 35
and 5o cents. .l ckel plated teakettles,
85 cents.
33 West Park
For voting contest for most popu
lar boy or girl undetr 5 years of
Name . ................,,......
Our srecial sale on heavy suits and
For the next ten days we are offering
them at prices that will make you won
der how we can do it. We have an
immense stock and we are going to
reduce it.
305 N. Main Street
12 W.Park St.
Anderson County and
Blackthorn Whiskey.
Honest quart ........
90 dents
An Instrument of assignment was filed
with Clerk Roberts of the district court
today which was executed by Elizabeth A.
Smith to J. Howard Smith. Lizzie Smith
is one of the heirs to the estate of Au
drew J. Davis, who died in Butte March
I:, 189o. Howard Smith is her attorney
and in lieu of the services rendered, she
assigns one-half of her interest in the
estate to the attorney. The assignment
was executed at Claremont, Cal.
In the action of Edward L. Mahoney
against the City of Butte, a deposition was
filed this morning by Mary Mahoney. She
is the mother of the plaintiff. She testi
fied that she had an interest in the own
ership of certain lots which are at issue
in the action.
James Flint, who was appointed referee
in the case of the Helena Produce and
Commission company vs. William Bran
nan, reported the result of his investiga
tion with the clerk of the district court.
It states that William Brannan was en
gaged in the logging business in the Bit
ter Root country and that he had a verbal
contract with the Anaconda Copper Min
ing company to furnish logs at odd times.
He also furnished and hauled stone at
odd times.
William Bennett has filed suit in the
district court against , ...op Reed, alleg
ing that on September 15, 190o, he was
the owner of the Maiden Rock Placer
mining claim, from which he was forcibly
ejected by Reed, who has been in pos
session of the property ever since that
time. Bennett claims that he should be
entitled to $. a month rent for the prop
crty and asks the court to restore his
property to him and compel Reed to pay
$25 damages and court costs. The case
will be tried before Judge Harney.
Betsy Karlman, through her attorneys,
has requested that Frank Peterson, whom
she is suing, produce a deed executed by
George Ilenault .to Betsy Norling, now
Betsy Karlman This case is now being
heard by Judge Harney.
Suit has been filed by Charles E. Pearce
against Rosina Pcarce for divorce. The
complaint shows that the two were married
at New Alameda, Cal., in 1891. In 1900
the wife deserted her husband and has
failed to return to him. Two boys are the
result of the union and Pearce asks the
court that they be awarded to his care.
Mrs. Pearce is at present residing in San
Judge llarney listened to the evidence
in the case of T. F. Hickey & Co. vs. J.
Kaufman et al., this morning. Some time
ago the Hickey company leased certain min
ing machinery to a man named Thomas
and when they appeared to claim it J.
Kaufman was in possession and claimed
that he had regularly bought it from
Thomas. Hickey & Co. replevined the
machinery and are now attempting to
prove their right to it. The case will reach
the jury late this afternoon.
Recently William Walsh, a contractor,
assaulted a bricklayer named McGowan by
hitting hint wth a bric,. Walsh was ar
rested and released on bail. Since that
time the two men got mixed up again on
East Pa .c street and \Valsh had McGowan
arrested. Both men are now awaiting trial
and will have their differences adjusted
before Justice Nelson next Wednesday.
The action of Guyman vs. Kaufman has
been continued at the request of the de
fendant who desires to file an amended
answer. Judge Harney acceded to the re
quest and the case has been continued
until next Monday.
The will of Max Lalande, who commit
ted suicide in his saloon, on East Park
street, some weeks ago, was filed for pro
bate in Judge McClernan's court this morn
ing. It was drawn up by M. E. LeBlanec
on the day after Christmas in the year
1899. Lalande's signature, which is at
tached, can scarcely be recognized.
According to the will, Lalande bequeaths
to his wife the house at No. 653 Maryland
avenue, with all the furniture. This was
the family residence. The wife of the de
ceased also receives two-thirds of all the
real and personal property left. The re
mainder is to be divided equally between
the five children-Paul Armand, Ozannie,
Bertha Rhea, Stella Magdalene, Joseph
Mrs. Lalande is made guardian of the
children, and the deceased requests that
she be appointed administratrix of the
estate without bond. The schedule ac
companying the will enumerates among the
property of the estate the ground and
building at No. 42 East Park street, valued
at $zo,ooo, and mining claims aggregating
$4,0oo. In addition to this there are sev
eral hundred dollars more of personal prop
People With Lost Relatives Appeal to
Our Chief of Police.
Chief of Police Reynolds has inquiries
as to several people who have been lost,
strayed or stolen.
Miss Lela Ilazen of Redlands, Cal., asks
the chief to go through the slums and
look for her brother, who is known as
Farley McGin and whose mother is get
ting nearer to the grave owing to the sus
pense of waiting for the letter that never
Hal Finnie of Gainesville, Texas, wants
to know why his brother, Frank Finnie,
doesn't write to him and has asked the
police to find out the reason of the de
lay in correspondence.
Mrs. Rickards, wife of Montana's for
mer honored governor, J. ., Rickards, who
has been seriously ill at Murray and
Freund's hospital, is gradually Improving.
Police court was of the innocuous order
this morning. There were five arrests on
Sol Levy's book, but only one man got
into the presence of Judge Boyle.
Charles Asplund got a four-foot jag on
yesterday and refused to leave a Granite
street saloon when ordered to go. Later
he was thrown out and returned again to
fall into the anms of Officer Dowling.
Gentle measures wouldn't serve mld the
policeman was forced to tie Asplund into a
knot and roll him to the police station.
This morning he was assessed $5 for the
nigcht's lodging.
"A. Lobster" was the brief comment on
the condition of another drunk brought
in last night and whose wavy condition
prevented any address being secured. He
had $5 and left it with the jailer this
morning to pay this fine with,
Dan Grifflin and Tom Smith were
charged with disturbance. Griffin for
feited this bond and Smith came around
after court adjourned to get his asseses
mont of $So, which was duly made and
Orton Bros. Pianos and organs.
If you bought it at Sherman's it's good.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music Co.,
119 N. Main street. Tel. 5o4.
Main springs, St.oo; watches cleaned,
$1.50; warranted. Mayer, 65 West Park.
C. P. Drennan has moved his land of
ficce to the a ennsylvaslia Building, West
Park street.
A petition for bankruptcy was filed in
the federal court oflices yesterday by G.
H. Patterson of Anaconda.
James Shea, aged 3o years, died yes
terday at the family residence, al5 Ana
conda road, leaving a wife and four small
children to mourn his loss.
J. A. McKay, aged 27 years, died yes
terday at St. James hospital. 'I lhe de
ccarsd was a member of the Bartenders'
union and the Eagles. The body is now at
Richards' undertaking establishment.
Edward Fine, aged 34 years, died last
evening after a brief illness of pneu
monia at I34 W\ells street, Centerville.
'I lie body was taken to Richards' under
taking parlors.
An Oleson testing machine has been
added to the physics laboratory of the
school of mines. The machine is used
to test the tension and elasticity of cer
tain materials.
Leo Brown has begun suit against Hat
tie Brown for divorce. Some years ago
Hattie went to St. Paul and has never
returned. Brown is ,asmng his demand
for separation on desertion.
Detective Jerry Murphy and Under
Sneriff McGuigan have left for Helena
to testify in the case of Egnast Mongan,
who is being held for passing "boosted"
bills in Butte last Saturday. ills case
will be investigated by the federal grand
December Delineator and Designer.
You can get Aemn todlay at the P. O.
News Stand, and everything in miaga
zines .and late books. 57 West Park
(Continued from l'Poe one.r
one of the tally-sheets and the official oaths
taken by the judges and clerks of election.
Each of the judges must write his uname
across the seal of the envelope or cover.
Section 1409. The judges must select
one of their number to retain, open to the
inspection of all electors, for at least six
months, the other list of persons challenged
the other tally-sheet and poll book. The
judge so selected must also retain the bal
lot box.
Many of the judges in the late election
not only misuaderstood the law relative to
the returns to be made to the county clerk
but instead of keeping the tally-sheet and
poll book as required by law they bundled
the whole business up, ballot box and all,
and sent them to the office of the county
One other section of the law will be of
interest to the general public. It relates
to the canvass of the returns, and is as
follows: "In canvassing, no returns must
be rejected if it can be ascertained there
from the number of votes for each person."
The canvassing board met and adjourned
today as usual and will continue to do so
until such time as the returns from the
different precincts are comlnlete.
The returns will of course finally be re
ceived and canvassed and certificates given
to the ones entitled to them, but at present
it is certainly badly mixed up.
British Cruisers Sail.
[nY AsotsmIA I o r'aI..sI
Madrid, Gibraltar, Nov. 13.--The British
cruisers Furious, Pactolus and Proinethus
have sailed from here for Tctuan, Morocco.
To Represent the Islands.
[BY AsSO1IAlst.J s'1 55..J
Manila, Nov. ir.--''he nominations of
Gustavo Neidellin of Philadelphia and
Perry Paterno of Manila to be commis
sioners for the Philippines at the St.
Louis exposition and that of I.eon Guer
rero as secretary of the Philippine civil
commission have been confirmed.
Married in Havre.
Ilavre, Nov. 13.-Frank W. Zirbes, well
known in local business circles, and Miss
Agnes Isabel Sullivan were married at
the Catholic church here Monday. The
bridal couple and a few invited guests en
joyed a breakfast at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. William Mean.
Was Not a Suicide.
Livingston, Nov. I3.-Doctors Cogs
well and Pampel held a post-mortem ex
amination on the remains of John Cun
ningham, whose sudden death on last
Thursday night aroused the suspicion that
he had committed suicide. It was decided
that he had not gilled himself.
Chicken pie dinner at Mountain View
church Thursday evening, November 15.
('oples of the Rat Portage Miner and
News of recent date just received in Butte
by parties who are interested in the
Rainy Lake district give the particulars
of two rich strikes of gold ore in that
country. One was at the Mikado mine
and the other was at the Big Master. The
Mliner says:
"\ord was received at this oflice yes
terlay that the machine screw working
in the north drifts, fourth level of the
Mikado mine, exposed a body of ore so
rich that at present it is said to equal
the rich strike of some years, ago, when
utpwardls of $5o,ooo were taken out in a
few hours.
".r~'nmes McKenzie, the mine captain,
was interviewed by a Miner representa
tive last night when it was learned that
the driving crews had been working for
some days in splendid ore, and he expected
that they were approaching a rich chtte.
".\ courier who came in front the mine
dlescribe, the new strike as somethilng
phenomenal. lie says the Itlachine men
in the drift are standing on a floor of
gold, and the breast of the lode which
the drills are piercing fairly glitters un
der the light of the miners* candles.
"The news of the rich strike is the
role topic of conversation on the streets
today, the big reduction works deal a few
da)s ago being relegated to a back seat
for the time being.
"It never rains but it pours," is a
prvcerb particularly applicaldc to the m1in
ilig business. Ilot upon the heels of the
netas of the Scramble mine--Cedar Islan.
mine deal, conmes this Mikado strike, and
it is authoritively stated as we go to
press that another big syndicate will Ibe
tiln operations here iin a few days. par
ticdlairs of which will be published in a
fuloEre issue of the Miner.
"The Big Foley miine, now owned amu
to h'c operated by thie I'rotogen' (fol
Iines company, Ihas always I'been falvor
bly reported on aitl niconsidered one of the
bti't in the district. the prcoof f whiii is
tlhe mill returns of hbetter than $it per
tin on the plates.
"('apt. O. . l. Robinson reports two veicu
inll the south shalft rosscllt two to four
fry t wide, while :',,no feet of shafts,
dtilts andl winlzes show utip a l'arg a;imount
of ore. Everything is being iput in shape
for steady work, and it is expelicted the
mill will soon hlie yielding its regular quiti
of ghold bricks. AI r. Robinson also says
the Ilig Master mill is turtning lmot at the
rate of $t5,ooo per month and that Mine
('enter will lie a hot mining town in in.t,
"The Big Master again heat all pre
vinos records, when, oni Friday last, the
mlinern working in the sernd level ex
posedl to view an enormoui.is chunk of solidl
quartz literally smicared with visilile gui.
The rock weighed several hundred weight
anld ,n attempt was made to bring it to
the surface intact. 'this was found im
possible to accomplish and It was with
some difficulty that a large portiion of the
glittering rock was Iandedt albove ground
and conveyed to tie lmanagler's office,
where it is now on view. The piiecei is
roughly estimated to be worth $Sr,,oo, allnd
Manager P'ickering on Tu'lesdlay evening
said there was anly ltuantity of the samew
stull inl the second level. iMr. Pickering
ftrther said the prospects undelr gruaMlI
were never more encoulragillg. T'he ore
bin was filled to overllowing and hun
dreds of tons more of the samne rich ima
terial blocked out."
(Continued fromn lPage Onte.)
SpiniOnl oat whjich lie retired, but J. I..
Sillgl1ton was passed for cause.
Here the state exercised its seCt lli
perenllptory challenge and Hlarry MIc
Mlanuts 'was excused from further service.
Attorney Trippet used the scoqld chal
lenge for the defense oln AIIgustus Short,
wlho took 'lls aItit. This concludetld the
forenoon session and ant adjournmenl t was
tak(ni until 1 :30.
At .1 o'clock this afternootn a special
venire of 200 inames was exhausteld.
Eighteen of the remaining jurors hadil
opinions lttad the others were opposed to
capital punishment. Judge Napton iih
nlediaitely issued a special venire of too
atles returnlable Saturday iorning at
:.to o'clock. The peremlptory challenges
exercised today were as follows:
For the state, John Iawler and hlarry
Ml Manurt. For the defense, Charles We
greii, Auguistus Short, W. C. ('onverse andll
Da1n Thomtas. This leaves the state t lhree
and the defense six perempnltory challenges
yet to be used. OnI acouttit of the difficulty
in seculringl a jutry, a lquestion hIas ariseln,
whichl is of peculiar ilmportance to the
legal fraternity. It is the procedure in
case the entire panel of the county shlould
be exhausted. No opiniotn as to the action,
in that event has yet bren submitted by
anty of the counsel enlgaged in the case.
Of the three venires which have been
issued the following namles of eleven Inen
havei stood the crossfire of thle attor
neys andt have qualified as competent
jurors: Cyrus Barker, Daniel Murphy,
Jr.. James L. Singleton, F. B. Gorr, Frank
(;ordon, William D)ennlis, Joseph Jacobson,
T. S. 'ancy, G;eorge Wallace, John Kill
melt l and I.andet.
Interesting Session in New Orleans of
the Men Who Help Control Our
Finances at an End.
New Orleans, Nov. 1.---When the
Atni-uicanl IBankers' association met today
Cailifortia invited ttie colnventlioni to mreet
in S.ut Irancisco and Washington invited
the conlventionl to leet in Seattle. The
nominating conmmittee submitted the fol
lowing nominations : President, Caldwell
Hardy, president of the Norfolk National
banik of Norfolk, Va.; first vice-president,
Presilcent Frank G. Bigelow, president of
the First National of Milwaunee; for the
executive council, James Skelton Will
ianms, president of the Richmond Trust &
Safe Deposit company, Richniond, Va.;
W. T. Fcnton, cashier of the First Na
tional bank of the Republic, Chicago; D.
H. Sloan, president of the Lonaconing
Savilngs bank, Lonaconing, Md,; Arthur
Reynolds, president of the Des Moines
National bantk and James T. Ilayden, pres
Ident of the Whitney bank of New Or
Fresh Fish
Our usual weekly shipment of finest fresh
fish ut Less Price than any store in the city.
Delicacies Salmon
Chicken 'icre, home made, Alaska Salmon,
each ...... ........ .. OC ne pund cans ...... .... 12
Meat Pies, home made, Columbia River Sahnl n,
ach .. .... .... ...... lO half o n n. ... ......... l
Potato Salad, home tmad., aglie obsters, fresh ont
per pound ............ 15c the nrket, can, ............ 20c
Canned Meats Choice Pickles
Ilamn Roll, worth Joc can, Tiny Tim Pickles., .I 5c
special ...... ........ ...... IC bottle for .................. 2 5
Hlain Siiausage, wolrth ISe ca.n, lhizi' asi., s tetd pickles,
special .. ....... I s bottl, lpeial.. ..... .... IO c
Olives Olives
A ten ounce hottle S'ltish A dte bottle Olives, still'.tI
Qu.een O)lives, worth .e, special 25c ith tpiniientos, Si'ciat 25c
Cream Mustard Catsu Canned Asparagus
nayles C ream of lCatsup l ral As
Mustard 25c hot- Pint IlDottle Finest Tomato paraguii or A.p.tr
tie, special C tu...... C worth c . speclal 5 a s tips . .
I5C 25C
Here'. a Pointer
The Harvard CiJar
FINE. I.dward ine, a lI .1.1 yea., li4, ,l
yesterday alt .r ai brel ilhi.i o.li. I1141
.anl ia at s i I,.1I| \ 'llse stI , ( , ' l ll lit "
villy i. at h It ld. a il. I rh alin . Nit Ih. sils
unllderr in K pall 'ors. 'linlr ;lal pI. c'
of fJuderal will ap. Cdwer lDeadr.
(l KAY -J. A. McKay, aped .cai.s, died
yestelrdl y at St.ay JIII.' h ,pial . i I h
dekl.:stl was a c mel, r of the i lll i rI of
lBarrels of' i. I hMney
body is at ieches,' imods ,hking an
Judge J. P. Caldwell Dead.
levH uy ers, Nov. .1. \'rd w;1 r,
reiwvd here today of thi' 1h'ath at Italth'
('reek, Mlichigan, of 1 iri(- it Judge J. I'.
Ca ndiedwll. His home eas in J.lers.,
Ohio. JDeath wa thc res ilt of n Ierrn
Barrels of Money io
On Watches, Diamonds and
S aln l otihler collateral ait lowiel.t ales of
A. IThKIN, 5 North Min Street
luylker's is known from
MI e to Califoriten tovery
irall class druggist in all the
rg cie 4 carris linyhr's.
'axson & RO ckEE ler have
Red Crot s lctd Dr to re rprsnt
th4 West Pin Buttrk., dTeluthos e
cause of their re'oguized good
standing with the IButte po
Chocolates and Bonbons
just in.
Makes a combination long to
be remembered with keen
If you have forgotten to
Phone 74
And we will deliver immedi
Send mall orders to
Red Cross Drug Store
24 Went Park. Telephone 74.
Krinnier.r (' al Sohl by
No. 4 :-ut Ilroadway.
GR AND Butte's
Plinest Theater
Ilowe & Marks, Mgrn. Ihole I.56
I Ir I h it, e( ullllllllll i
Monday November Io
'111 h ,111 ,'hlo, Ira11 n tic f,'ast, i ne.w .,nI
Imode tl I "..g s.l- ry,
James Boys in Missouri
A run itusui live tll. Ai'o m h, itl.ing
nC'nsll nall; l .¢.lturll : :111.1 lll)al ions ofI ill
I III' inlllters. A Ie.w play, e·\ ,hll,,lgl
fhle mt l o 1 rlihllilng h111pp ingsi iallth e"l ilit
y Ilhe'e fIInIuts ls " hthers. Th uK e.,I
b'u111.1- I" ain Ihhely. aN it a hlually
o,. urnrl l .1,pl. 7, I I. 'Ihe uhr 1..,1 hattral
tralill (lrlil 'v r ipli, n.CI.
I' lpilar Iplit '. -j.', 5 '1. ,, 7 ,
G R A N D- Bu"':lnS
Ilowe & fiarks, manllaget. s. uhtne 1;6.
IF1ulr Iliyhls s.ith ,:ih lIy.d ' ali, .`,u l.l.y
Ill.lllll'neh. It ringsl thrulgh hih" y.
Pr nllts a wsnlptnuou prou' Lion ,f the
tlathet t Wair I)r:nula of the' I,'i,
lil In .r 'iu.:.u . i",, ,11 M ,ry I':liz-a' hl h I", Ll .
A nill llilicen hito rll tfaliL , I ir.lrl,
hy 1'lylle Fiolh, Allerir a's I;l .,:h l ,1 I II,H. -
St.,s now on '.ahr. I'osilively n,, al.
van;IIc " ill pricesi .
Sutton's Broadway Theater
'wo lights'", 'enesdllay and: l ThIr..day,
Novetlmber is anid i .
ittirt engagetllt lit of
The William I. West
Big Minstrel Jubilee
TIh trittmnph of minrit. l''rfelctitn in
every ill :ail.
SA .I H1I) II. 1ICAIIY, IManag"r.
T'Iso nlights, cOllllll( ll( ill FIl iay, Novemn
Ir I.I ;a l Satiurday.
Stuart Robson
As Dromlo of Syracuse in
I iter the I)irtcdti ,i of
Most e'lalborale pirodiluttion ever given
Shakespe.lll'e's imimlortal conmedly,
Friday evenintg and Saturlday matlinee,
"'I he (:Comedy of Errors."
Saturday evening, "Thire lnrietta."
Plrices-- $ir .o, $i.oo, 75, 5,c, -,-c.
Hight & Fairfield
Manufacturing Opticians.
Duplicate any broken lens and
ll 11ill prescriptions given by other
roticians. All orders filled same
day as received.
Graduate opticlun of large ex
perience io 'harge. Examlnations

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