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United States Geological Survey Are Already
Beginning to Plan-What Walcott Says
In a Recent Report On the Subject.
Washington, Nov. 2o.-.he investiga
tion of the water supply for the Isthmian
canal was as important a factor in the
selection of the route as the survey of
the physical features of the country
through which it must pass, says Director
Charles D. Walcott of the United States
geological survey in his report on the
project. If the original intention of the
French engineers to mtake the canal a
tide-water passage had been carried out,
the water supply of the country would
not have been a factor to be considered.
except for the embarrassment occasion
ally caused by extreme floods which might
find their way into the canal. But when
the tide-water project was abandoned and
it was decided that a canal crossing the
continental divide by means of locks with
a summit level of nearly loo feet abhove
the sea was the most feasihlt plan of con
atruction, it became of the utmost im
portance to determine whether the natural
supply of the region in the form of near
by streams would he sufficient to provide
the amount of water necessary to operate
the canal. There will obviously he a con
stant drain onl the waters of the summit
level with every vessel passing through
the locks, which will be so consideratble
that large quantities of water mutttt be se
cured to replenish it. Careful estimates
have placed this amount necessary to meet
the losses front lockage, power, leakage
and evaporation-the last lieing by no
means an unlimportant factor in a tropical
climtate-at an attount equal to a constant
flow of I,o07 cubic feet per second.
Depends on the Chargers.
Such an investigation was carried on by
the Isthmian commission for a nulmber of
ycar:. under Mr. Arthur P. Ilavi:; of the
United States geological survey, as chief
hydrographer, and included both the re
gions of the Nicaragua and the Panama
routes. The results ot this work are of
much intere-t and will shortly appear inl
the twenty-second annual rep, t o(f the
United States geological survey, part 4,
which is now in press. From thisi comnpre
hen:;ive report it is seen tl .t t the feasi
bility of the Panalma route re-t 1.uoni the
magnitudl nail habit of the (hulgres rivetr,
from clhicIP it must draw its supply for
the summit level, and from which its
lower levels will be in dalnger ill times
of flood ". T, a ss dlegree the Grande
river, at the southern end of the line,
is of similar importance.
Before the I'ana:.a routte cull Le dleft
nitely reeointneule I several important
fact- rtga:rditg the ('h:gres river haul to
be b tcrnuincil. First, the amounit of
its ininmu t 'ow, to lith l h w little water
mighlt lie expccted at certain seasons to
feed the lesummit level: secondl, the nuI ni -
tude of its Ioold dihs-harge, to show how
much surplus water would have to lie dis
posed of in times of freshet without injury
to the canni or det.:ntioi to Its tratoic;
third. the n .siliility i oi t, rng ,iC t . it
reseriirs for use in time of low water;
Bi e ., OCI Ar II. P arF .
l 1T1ic, Nov . ...-( )L eein IIhvl:a was ac
Couchdl of a daughtcr yesterday mlornilng.
The mother and child are announced to be
doing well. The princess will be named
The accolclllhemenllt occurred a monthli
earlier than was expected. The king yes
terday was shooting on the island of Monte
Cristo when lie was suddenly suinomoned
home. lie inmmediately boarded a yacht
anl was landed on the beach in the neigh
borhood of Rome. As tlere were no de
barkation conveniences the king was car
ried ashore on the backs of sailors.
A motor car was in waiting and he soon
reached the palace.
The birth of another princess instead of
an heir to the throne is a great public dls
United States Ambassador Meyer was
the first outside to personally congratulate
the king.
The child born to the king and queen of
Italy today is the second daughter, the
first, 'rincess Yolande Margherita, having
been born at Rome, on June I, m0or.
Activity in That Camp Is a Source of
Satisfaction to Spokane.
The Spokane Spokesman-Review has
this to say in regard to the good times
in the Cocur d'Alencs:
"Everyone in Spokane will rejoice over
the prosperity in the Coeur d'Alenes.
Conditions there are said to be altogtllcr
as satisfactory as they have ever been
in the history of the camp. The price
of the metals produced by the mines is
not so high as it has becu in the past,
but the output is now steadily finding a
marlket, and, as a result, all the camps are
busy. More men are employed than for
several years past, and because of this
healthy activity general trade throughout
the entire Coeur d'Alene region is better
than for many years, and still improvlng.
Such an era of good feeling has not been
enjoyed for somie time, andit must be as
gratifying to the neighbors of the Coeur
d'Alene people is it is to those people
"Anything that benefits the Coeur
d'Alenes must always indirectly benefit
Spokane. The relations between the city
and the mining district have always been
close, and Spokane people can never for
get that it was to the great silver-lead
camps that the town owed its first sub
stantial prosperity. For co years trade
relations have been intimate and mutually
advantageous. and the prosperity of the
one is reflected in the progress of the
other. The Coeur d'Alencs will contlnue
for years to be a great treasure house
upon: which Sokane will rely for a meas
ure of its g:cttness, and it is natural,
therefore, that the, people of this uoin
munity heuleo:d ere'p"'ss felicitations over
the present grao! thins in the most im
portant minor:{ district of the Northwest."
fourth, a knowledge of the rainfall of the
region, on which the flow of the streams
Review of Rain Records.
()ne of the first steps taken in the in
vestigation was a careful review in Paris
of the records of rainfall and stream flow
kept bty the engineers of the French Pan
ama Canal companies, both first and sec
ond, which, though fairly complete, were
found lacking in respect to flood 'records.
The next step was to verify and extend
these observations. This was done by
establishing gauging stations, where care
ful measctrements were made of the
amount of flow by means of current meters
and float rods and by gauges set in the
stream to record its daily heights andl flue
tuations, from which the maximum. mini
mutl and mean discharges were computed.
The projected canal from Colon to Pan
ama is forty-seven miles long, and for
more than half its course it follows the
valley of the Chagres river. Although the
country is covered with heavy vegetation,
the slopes are so precipitous and the rock
is so ne:.r the surface that violent tropical
rainfalls lasting only a few hours cause
heavy and sudden floods. 1 his is the fea
ture which makes the study of the flow of
the lower Chagres of such importance.
The rainfall, though copious, was found
to he peculiar on account of the striking
difl'erence i its am mnt on the northern
end southerly sides of the istlhmus, tilhe
mean yearly rainfall at Colon Iehng ,1o"
inches, while that at P'anama, less tha.i
seventy miles distant, w:.s only 66.8 inches.
United States I.and Oflice lelena, Mon
tana, Nov. 4, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that Samuel I).
Sumlwalt, whose pIostohice address is
Ilutte. Montana, has this day filed his ap
plication for a patent for ,500o linear
feet, being 6o feet easterly and 1,440
feetr westerly from discovery shaft on tile
Mli.ssouri Girl I.ode, and 1026.5 linear feet,
bIcint: 720 feet easterly and 306.5 teet
westerly from discovery shaft on the Rear
Stake 1.ole Mining claims, upon eatch oif
which a notice of the intention to apply
for a , otent was posted on the 5th day of
SeptcLe., oIn2. situated inll Siumnit \Vl:d
ly tI.,n ,rgani/ed Mining District, Silver
I)w ..ointy, Montana, di signaled as Sur
vey Nos. 66t9 and 0610, Township 3 north,
I;,I; 8 west, ing more plarticnlarly dc
scril, d as follows, to nit:
;ur'cy No. 66Lt : lBeginning at the
.orth ;it corner, 0hi(1l is also tCornecr No.
I ii Survey No. 662o, a granite stone with
,oun,! along.side. chiseled 1-6619 for Cot
ntr No. i ftot which the southeast corner
of Section it . Township 3 north., Range 8
west. hears south 29 degrees .'o minutes east
4.l3,.1 feet, and running thence south ::4
degrees 45 minutes cast 339.5 feet; thence
siotlh 67 degrees 15 minutes west 1500o
fect; thence north 24 degrees 45 tinutates
we 't 489.5 feet; thence nlorth 63 hdegrees
3', mlinutes east 686 feet; thence north S,
dc;,rees 35 minutes east 843.3 feet to the
place of begiininning, containing an area of
16.:2 arres from which the following
areas in conflict are excluded anti not
claimed, to wit : Survey No. 982, 1.36
acres; Survey No. 4. ,1. inclusive of 0.19
acres in conflict with Survey No. 5152,
0.20 acres; Survey No. 3012, inclusive of
c.oa acres in conflict with Survey No.
5151, o.o8 acres; Survey No. 65t8, inclu
sive of o.o3 acres in conflict with Survey
No. 3450, 1.98 acres. Tot.l are not
claimed, 3.62 acres. Net area claimed,
:..59 acres, of which 5.81 acres are in
conilict with Survey No. 3450, inclusive
of 3.43 acres in conflict with Survey No.
51t51 and 2.38 acres in conflict with Sur
Vey No. 5152; .22 acres are in conflict
with Survey No. 5152 exclusiv(e iO .19
acres int conflict with Survey No. t413,
and 2.38 acres inl conflict with Survey No.
3450, and 6.55 acres are in conflict with
Survey No. 5151, exclusive of all conflicts
,ith other surveys.
Surtcy No. 6620: BPeginning at Cor
ner No. I, which is also Corner No. I of
Survey No. 6619, a granite stone, chiseled
t-66.o for Corner No. I, with mound
alongside, front which the said section
corner hears south 29 degrees 20 miittes
erst 2.138.1 feet, antd running thence
north 65 degrees 55 minutes cast 451
feet; thence north 44 degrees 40 minutes
cast 88 feet; thence north 73 degrees 34
minutes west 631.5 feet; thence north 86
degrees 42 minutes west 135 feet; thence
south 44 degrees 40 minutes west 803.5
feet: thence north 8o degrees 35 minutes
east 843.3 feet to the place of beginning,
containing an area of 8.06 acres from
which the following areas in conflict are
excluded and not claimed, to wit: Sur
vey No. 3514 inclusive of .37 acres in con
flict with Survey No. 2797 and .05 acres
int conflict with Survey No. 5152, 2.20
acres, Survey No. 2146 .o2 acres. Total
area not claimed 2.22 acres.
Net area claimned 5.84 acres, of which
2.43 acres are in conflict with Survey Nio.
3450 inclusive of .84 acres in conflict with
Survey No. 5152, ,t25 acres in conflict
with Survey No. 5152 and 44 acres in
conflict with Survey No. 6387, .t7 acres
are in conflict with Survey No. 5152, .37
acres are in conflict with Survey No. r797
and 2.33 acres are in conflict with Sur
vey No. 6387.
Total area of these surveys claimed,
r8.43 acres.
The location at these claims are record
ed on Page 129 and o30 in Book "\V,"
Records of Silver how county, Montana.
Adjoining on tie northwest of Survey
No. 6620 is Survey No. 982, the Cary
Lode, I.ot No. 228, on the north Survey
No. 3898, the King O'Toole I.ode, on tile
south of Survey No. 6620 and on the east
of Survey No. 66t9 is Survey No. 988, the
Lamontta Lode, Lot No. 230.
United States Claim Agent.
(First Publication November 4, 9o02.)
United States Land Office, Helena, Mlon
tana, Oct. 16, 9goa.
Notice is hereby given that Henry
Smith, John F. Nettle, Alberta Dygert
and the Thompson Investment company,
whose postoflice address i. Butte, Mon
tana, have this day filed their application
for a patent for 86z.5 linear feet, being
49 feet southwesterly and 8:2.s feet north
easterly from discovery shiaft of the Brook
side Lode Mining Claim, ¶to!in which a
notice of intention to apply for a patent
was posted on the soth day of October,
9ago, situated in Summit Valley. .nor
ganised, Mining District, Silver Bow
county, Montana, designated as Survey
No. 6719, in Township 3 north of Ru nse 7
west, being more pattidularly destribel as
follows, to-wit:
Beginning at corner No. I, which is the
point of intersection of the first course of
Survey No. 1533, with the fourth course
of Survey No. 2937, a granite -tL:e set in
the ground, w;th a mound of earth and
stone alongside, and marked 1-6719 for Cor
ner No, r, from which the southeast corneld
of Section i7, Township 3 north. Range ,
west, bears south 6t degrees and s8 min,
utes west, 8640 feet, and running thence
north 52 degrees to minutes west, 5o5 feet;
thence north 6a degrees 53 minutes east,
3to.5 feet; thence north So c~grees 47
minutes east, 633.5 feet: thence south 5J
degrees to minutes e:,st 125.5 feet: thence
south 45 degrees 55 minutes west, 69go.
feet; tience south 83 degrees IS minutes
west, 1t4. feet to the place of beginning,
containing an area of 7.35 acres, cf which
4.44 acres are in cor.tlict with Survtrs No.
2937 and 5351, not claimed, leaving 2.91
acres claimed by the above named appli
T'he location of this claim is of record
in the office of the recorder of Silver Bonl
county, state of Montana, in Book "V" of
Lode Locations, on page 337.
The adjoining cl;%ins to these premises
are on the north Survey No. s4os, Horse
Canyon Lode, lot 334, and Survey No.
3948, Memorial Lode; on the east Survey
No. 5351, Cleveland Lode: on the south
Survey No. 1533, Mountain Lion Lode,
lot a18, and on the west Survey No. 2937,
Cub Lode.
FRAN, DP. MIRACLE, Register.
Attorney for Applicants.
(First Publication Oct. 18, tooa.)
United States Land Oflice,
Helena, Montana, September 23, 9gos.
Notice is hereby given that D. Gay
Stivers. whose oostoffice address is Butte,
Montana, has this day filed his application
for a patent of 136.14 acres of the Lulu
Placer Mining Claim, upon which a notice
of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 18th day of September, g9oa,
situated in (unorganized) mining district,
Silver Bow county, state of Montana,
designated as Survey No. 6670, in Town
ships i and a south of Range 9 west, being.
more particularly described as fol:ows, to
Beginning at the southwest cornet,
lhsicl is also Corners No. I of Surveys No.
6328 and 633:, a pine post set in the
gro-:nd, with a mound of earth around it,
and marked 1-6670 for Corner No. s, from
which the north corner of Sections 4 and
5, Township 2 eouth, Range 9 west, bears
nortt 53 degrees 18 minutes east. 7.12.3
feet, and running thence south 88 degrees
23 mi'iltes cast, 3a22 feet; then -. north
no degrees 3o minutes west, 2035 feet;
thence north 8a degrees 29 minutes west,
2134.5 feet; thence eroth t0o .legrees 43
minutes west, 1o33 feet; thence :urth 87
orgreen 54 minutes west, 764 feet; thence
srith 6 degrees west, 1252 'CCt to the
place of beginning, containing ni, area of
.,,.-.14 acres claimed by the above named
appiicant, of which ::9 62 ac-es are in
conllict with Survey NNs 6_-': 0329 and
The location of ths ciaiin is of record
in t:e office of the recorder of Silver Blow
county, state of Montana, in Book E of
placer locations on Page 162.
The adjoining claims to theise premises
are Survey No. 6.33, Maiden Rock placer
on the southwest, and Northern Pacific
land grant covering the east half of Sec
tion 33, Township 1 south, Range 9 west,
on tha east.
Attorney for Applicant.
'First nublication, September 25, 9oa2.)
LD:partmnent of the Interior,
Land Oflice at Ilelena, Mont.
October 28, 1902.
Notice is hercby given that the follow,
ing-named settler has filed notic, of his
intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made
before the clerk of to. district court, at
Butte, Montana, December 6, 19o0, viz.:
lanu Johnson, for lIon:estead Entry No.
13751 for the L.ots I and 2, east half
northwest Section 31, Township 3 north,
Range 8 west.
lie names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.:
Amel Anderson, Tilda Stevens, Peter
De Giambattista, John P'ala of Silver Bow,
United States L.anil O:fice,
lHelena, Mont., Nov. 13, 1902.
Notice is here y given that Ilenry
Smith, John F. Nettle, Alberta I)ygert
and the Thompson Investment company,
whose postoflice address is Ilutte, Mon
tana, have this day filed their applicatlio
for a patent for 307.7 linear feet, being
io6 feet southwesterly and cor.7 feet
northeasoterly from discovery shaft of the
Canyon creek No. a lode mining claim,
upon which notice of intention to apply
for a paten: was posted on the 27th day
of October, t1o2, situated in unorgaiiized
mining district, Silver Bow county, state
of Montana, designated as survey No.
6747, in township 3, north of range 7
west, being more particularly described
as follows, to wit: Beginning at the
northwe:t corner, which is also corner
No. I of resurvey No. 2306, a granite
stone set itn the ground, with a nl1;ut:d of
earth and stone alongside, and marked
1-6747 for corner No. 1 from
which the one-quarter section cor
ner on the south boundary of section
17, town:..ip 3 ncrth, range 7 west, bears
south 65 degrees, 39 minutes, 32 seconds
west, 9176.4 feet, and running thence
south 2 degrees cast, :34 feet; thence
south 28 degrees, 22 minutes east, 55.5
feet; thelnce north 6o degrees, :5 mlinutes
cast, 299.2 .cet; thence north 28 degrees,
as minutes west, 75 feet; thence south
83 degrees west, 257.7 feet to the place
of beginning, contai. ing an area of 0.84
acres, of whict. 0.26 acres are in conftlict
with survey No. 2894, not claimed, leav
itig 0.58 acres claimed.
T'lih location of this claim is If record
in the reccrder's office of Silver Bow
county, -.te of Montan.a, ill Book "U"
of I.ode I4cations, on page 457.
The adjoinin; claitms to these premtises
are resurvey No. 2306, Norther . Light
lode, lot 313, on t: north; sur.cy No.
2894, L.ioness lode, lot 389, on the south
east, and survey .1o. 2373, Expert lode,
lot :129, and survey No. 2:92, ihumbolt
Ilode, lot 31I on tile west.
Attorney for Applicants.
(First ;pu.licetion Novenmber :4, g19oa.)
United States Land Office, Helena, Mon
tana, October zj, 19o0.
Notice is hereby given that Harriet
Armstrong, whose postoffice address is
lbtitte, Silver Bow county, Montana, has
this day filed an application for a patent
on the Hattie Armstrong Bar Placer Min
ing Claim, situated in unorganized mining
district, Silver Bow county, Montana, the
position, course, and extent, of the said
itl.ing claim, designated by an official sur
vy, thereof, as Survey No. 6651, Township
Nb. a north, Range No. 8 west, a notice of
which was posted on the claim on the aad
d ly of October, toa2, and bIing more par'
tiwularly set forth and described in the
olticial field notes and plat thereof on file
in this office, as follows, to wit:
Bleginning at the northwest corner, a
granite stone 6x8xz8 inches, 14 inches
deep, marked 1-6651 far ':orner No. I,
from which the quartet secti on corner on
the south boundary of Sectian 2a, fractional
Township a north, Range 8 west. hears
north ,1 degrees 20 ,nitl;teS west, 15tq feet,
and running thence south io degrees 5"l
minutes east, 165o feet to Corner No. J;
tlhence north 6F degrees 58 mlinutcs cast, 511
feet to Corner No. J; thence north it de
, grees 4j minutes west, 1551 feet to Cor
r.r No. 4; thence soulth 7q degrees 18
minutestt west, 480o feet to Corner No. I,
the pltace of beginning. containinR an area
of ..i,6 acres claimed by the above-named
applicant for patent.
The location of this mine is recorded in
the oflice of the recorder of Silver Bow
county, on page .p9 in Book A of placers.
'The only adjoining claim is the Hattie
Armstrong No. 2 places, nnsnrveyed, on
the south, Ilattie ArmstrongR. claimant.
United States Claim Agent.
(First publication Oct. 25. 0oo2.)
Nttice is hereby given ithat the board
of ICounty Commissioners of Silver Bow
county, Montana, will receive sealed pro
pIm.als for all the printing for which Silver
bow county may be chargeable, including
nil legal advertising required by law to
be made, l:anks, blank books and official
pblllica;tions, at prices not to exceed those
laid down in Section 42.1.1, Political Code,
laws of Montana, for the period of two
(.) years, bleginning I)eceniber I, 19)a,
Iand ending l)December , 190o4.
l:ids will hI Ieccived until Tuesday,
Nove'llIell r 5, I'p.1 , at iI o'clock a. in.
All Ibids must I stc aled aind addressed to
tli. (ointy clerk, and marked "hid for
1't inting.,
The board rel'erv'; thlle right to reject
alny tl all hids.
WV. It. ('I...1 iK,
Chairnmn lBnard of ',.nni..ioners.
Attest :
JOHIN VIESI'()N, (',oity ('he.k.
U. S. i.and Offire,
Ii,lena, Montana. October R, Ion).
? ,tice is hereby t.:ven that Yoseph II.
I:arlier, whose pnotn.ire nichli' is Ilutte,
Silver Ilow contty, Montana, has thi. day
filed an application for a patent on the
('Columbia Placer Mining (Clair, situited
in (unorgari md) Mining I)iitti't, Silver
]l)ow county Montania, the pIosition, course,
arod extent, of the ,ai mining claim.
designated i y an ofticial survey thereof. as
Survey No. 6.344, Itownship; No. 3 north.
Raln ec No. 7 raest, . noto:c of w:,llh was
posteid on the claii on the lnd day of
Octob:r, zor-, and being more pa'ticulaIly
Eft forth and descriwed in the oificial field
Inote: nr.d lilat therce, on tile in tlbi:, office,
ts follows, to-wit:
iBhg inning at the southwIvest location
corner, a granite stone 5xtIsX o i:lxlch, 16
inches deep, marked *I- i.l3 for Corner No.
I, fioni whence the mnrthe;ast corner of
Section 4, T'owltsl'ip 2 noth, Range 7
west, hears ,ounth 38 degree((s, 58 minultes
west, 2,108.5 feet, a. T. running thence
nilth ll d egre 45 1, tiiiii(te. west, 589,.5
fi ct tI ('trnier No. 2; thence north 40 de
ies' I' llinutes cist, 45 feet, :o Corner
Nor. 3; thence !outh 3. degr'ees -. minutes
(,st, i,* feet to Corner No. .; thence
or;t 7 d(egrees Io mnin.ittes east, 1,(.500
ft ct to Corcnr No. 5; thence soit: 4 (dc
grees 3 ininuttes east, 517.5 feet to C(orn;er
No. 6; thllnce nutth HIn d('lregr's 40 minutlices
vie't, 259.5 feet to Corner No. ; thenlce
fruth l 69 deg;ees 2 tininites WesHt, 1,096.5
I.et to Corner No. I, the place of begin
ning, containing n a 'rea of 14.69' acres,
chateicd by the- above namedl aplpica:t for
'The location of this mine is recorded in
the oflice of the Recordler of Silver flow
county, on l'age: 6o, in Book "E," of
lhoutnled on the southeast by Survey No.
y , the 'l'inker lode, O'I):lo- It. Whit.
ford applicant; on the north, the Constitn
tion lode (onsimrveyed), Ida !eslie, appli
U. S. Claim Agent.
(First publication, October 9 rcoa.)
tl. S. Land Office, Ilelena, Montana, Oc.
tober to, 1i02.
Notice is herh:by given, that Ida Leslie,
whlose postoflice address is Butte, Silver
lkow county, Mont., has this day filed
an application ofr a patent for 15oo00 linear
feet, the same being for 1409 feet in an
eastelly and 9s feet in a westerly direc
tion from the point of discovery on the
Constitution Lode Mining Claim, sit:atel
In (unorganized) mining district, Silver
lir,\w5 C(ttiy, M ontatia, the position,
ciurse, and extent, of the said minirl
claim, designated by ain official survey
th(ereo'f, as Survey Nu.uiiT r (, ',
tiunal Township Number 3 north, Range
Nuutl,er 7 west, a. notice of which was
postedu on the claim on the tad day of
October, 9go2, and being more particularly
set forth and described in the official
field notes and plat thereof on file in this
office, as f'llows, to-wit:
Bieginning at the southwest location
corner, a granite stone, 6xu',xaj inches,
t6 inches deep, marked t 6349 from
whence the northeast corner to Section
4, Township 2 north, range 7 west, beamr
south 28 degrees and 40 minutes west,
2365.5 feet, and running thence north 73
degrees to r inutes cast, 1500 feet to Cor
ner Number 2; thence north 3i. degrees
andi 22 inutes west, t6i5 teet to Corner
Number 3; thence south '" hdegrees anl
to minutes west, 00oo flet to Corner Nunn
ber 4; thence south 33 degrees and j2
minutes east 625 feet to Corner Number
r, and place of beginning, containing an
area of 20.63 acres, claimed by the abovun
named applicant for patent.
The location of this mine is recorded
ih the office of the recorder of Silver IBow
county, on page 460 in book N of l.odes.
Bounded on the south by Survey Num
ber 6348, the Columbia Placer, Joseph
II. Ilarper, applicant.
U. S. Claim Agent.
(First publication October is, sgos.),
U. S. Land Office,
Helena, l, ontana, Oct. s9, 1so0.
Notice is hereby given that John Kane,
the heirs of William I)olan, deceased, and
the heirs of John O'Toole, deceased, whose
postollice address is Ilutte, Montana, have
this day filed their application for a patent
for :,5oo linear feet, being 6ot.5 feet west
erly and 8o8.5 feet easterly from discovery
shaft of the Moonlight I.ode Mining claim,
upon which a notice of intention to apply
for a pat'nt was posted ont the 28th tday of
Ocntober, too.,, situated in Sunmmit \'aley
(untorga:itzed) miiling n'striet, Silver Bow
nttnty. state of Mont:tta, designated as
Survey i\o. 65n4. in Township 4, north of
Range 7 west, heing more particularly
describe,' a4 follnws, to-wit: Ileginning at
the southwest corner, a F.ranite stone set in
the grontil with :t t1onind of -arth llOntq
side, andtl 11111kcd I (t5s4 for ('orner No. I,
front which the northtwest corn, r of Sec
tion 6, 'To'wnship j nuorh, Range 7 west,
11ra'14 sollith 8. I rgre,. .*8 niinutes west
4.781.-' fret, an1d rn1,11ilg thencr north .1
degrees 4 minutes west, 6oo f,,et; thence
torth Ho degre.s .5 minut1e1s castI, I.So0
feet; thence south 3, degrers 4 minutes
aqst, 600 feet; thence soIuthl to 'Iterct: 5l
minutes s-cat. t.5on feet to tihe place of ber
ginning, conltainilng an area of .:.5 naers.
01 which 0.17 acres are in conflict with
Survey No 7 on, trot claimedtI, leaving .'1, ti
acres clhimed by tle t hove nau.-,I appli
'The hcat:on of thin claim hl of record in
the Recorder's office of Silver hlow coullty
state of Montana, itn Book "11," on Page
17.1 of l.nde l.ocattots.
'I he adjoining cl:tins to these prermises
are Sut.ty No. 70g, t;le EgIhert Placer,
l.ot 3R. on the southeast atdl Survey No.
3095 lnomte Rule lode. ont the west.
Attorney for .rants.
(First publication, tOctober 3" onn..)
U. S. Land Office. lclcen., M.,lMtana, Cc.
toiler to, 192o.
Notice is heerly giv:tl, that lila I ,,a;e
whose postoffice addrer.s is ltttte, hlc It,
has this day filed an application tut In
Fatent for 15oo00 lincar feet, the i.rt heI-.
ing for 460.5 feet in an easterly a:ld m1 I1
feet in a westerly direction ftroini th. pthe t
of discovery on the Gertrtale l.ode i'.n,
ing Claiml, slitatted in (unt atlnizicd) t11'
ing district, S.i dcr Iow tiutity, M .it.,, ,
the position, ('1rse, ":11141 erltnt, ,i lh,:
said muiuig clais, dcigni thld hy an 4 liici.al
s:ilVr y thit-rt of, il' Survey 'islulh r ( 5(1o
l'raction.l 'TIIow11.slip NtuIililtI cr 3 niIth,
uN:,e 11umbl'i 7 wS ,I,t a notic' If which
5.tIl ',t,, nn the I ill llt 1' the. :.i d ,Ily
of( I Io -. i l, Io I 111 , 1)4ir1 .11 ,.,1 I 1i1i . illr
ul .11y a 1s Il l I tl I ai (t 'l iL lb. ' I I. l ' :
o I ilI11(I 10 r mi. Ing filme )(Io
(h i..,1 d.otes itI, 1 plJot IthesI , l o1.1 ,lh i1
l,'glnni' g at tli ;,, thwe". l,'lation
cornerll . a ranite ',ll i l it e tI~1 .u iml, hrl,
is ,,ch',4 V'i'p, m l:klcel I (.;, for ")r.
ntr 'I t It er I , fl t t 1 h( 111 t tI ll. I e lill
l l Ith, l(:tm ;i," w' .W ,t l4 ll l ll .tl ills .1 ' (l'.
ptr1 " , '. lit 11 ( r ii "ill st, 1:4 . .llt;
aint rt"',ln gtl, |henr' 1 1t:4 .4 sog11rs :n1I
I ur nlilu 5'1lst, 6 , ilret Ito (t o~'erl N, 111
her . , th ntcr n. 1 th 6,t 4h14 ;11 ,s and .R
1mn . ". 1 11, tSI c feeh t to ( lllter :ltl ber
uit(, (;.t, (,"n fue', to l t ner 1\t:,,1 r, 4;
thence ( mlll 6.h ,o deni "t :1ll,1 '18 11l11.10/'
plan1 11 ( )gl., .1 ( 1 .ollmili ii ;111.1
of :1.6 t 1i. I l , :; rlaimed by lhe : ,,)
1,:1r11( applic:n I.
'lhe loh.atiom ,f thi,4 11i~1" i1 r coin- I
11 tIh, ofi'ce Hf the is('older 4I Silver II w
county, on page ... ill huo k V 1. l l',.'c.tr
atory State'nenth.
1 he adjoining claim 1,, the 'a ,t, th
Glen .oLdh, unsurvcye It, claimall nlt till.
MININi., Al'lI'' ,1 )l'. NO, 4$..j.
Unite'l States L.awl Of)llfce, lie). na, Mos
tall:1. S l, 'lr llt n r I1 , 19tJ 2.
Notice is herlc'j givie th it Iliarry
F.ower of Chicago, Illiitisi, at.d Rachert
'.e'a', rgll er| ', w ho.e lm,',:to t r," dh"l, ! '59 is
m atle, Silb ,r L,.w ,,county, M on.l ioan . lihav,
Lhis day litdi an aril,lic;.tiol Ifr a pateit
for ',./o9., linear feet. thIe .me einlg her
a1..6 feet ill lnothea'htlily a;dI 1h.:4t.J feet
i., southwest t lly Iilevtion lion thi polllt
of discovery on the "Bung Your Rye" Lode
Mining Claim, hitlhated |It n o. ; -Ianli,,d
raining district, DeIer Ii.dg;e coit ly, M ,ni.
t:ila, lthe position,. c(,l.se aiil ixt.ilt of
tIe said umining cl.aiim, d'si,natcd iby an
rPicial survey thereof, as Survey No. Glo.,
lTownship No. 5 north. range No. Is
west, a notice of which was posted on the
cl ilr on th,. 3rd day of September, 19or,
a,.d being more patrtkulrly set fijth awl
deJcribied in the offi:ial field notes anl
plat thereof on file in this office, as f.ol
low., to wit:
lieginiing at the southetn corner where
t sect a pine post 6 inches square wit
nissed by bearing trees .and markedl I.
61o3 for corner No. 1, from which tIe'
cortir to Sections 22, 23, 26 and 27,
l'ownship 5 north, it ;ge ,o west, bears
touth 58 degreeas .i minutlii~ east., ,7.13
feet distant, and running t:iince, inrth 4'9
degri ts 17 niititties iast, i.0.14 feet Iv
Corner No. a; thence, nlOt*ý 40 degrees 43
minutes west, S.o feet to Corner No 3;
thence, south 44 degrees 57 ntrutes west,
1,046.9 feet to Corner No. 4; thence south
40 degrees 43 minutes east, 4;: feet to
Corner No. i, teit place of beginn~ng, con.
taingll an a rea of 12.23 acres, claimtld iby
the tabove named applicants, of whic:h n;
trea of o.o7 acres Is io conllct with the
Gold Crowvn L.ile Survey No. 5743.
The location of this mine IC recortJed in
the office of thJ Recorder of Deer Lodge
county on Page 40 in Book of l.ode forms.
The only known adjoining claim to these
premises is the Gold Crown Lode Survey
No. 5743, claimed by I). Giles Browtnell
which conflicts with this survey upon the
(First aublication Se-,t. 1o, imoa.,
Order to Show Cause Why Order of Sale
of RKeal Estate Should Not Be Made.
In the District Court of the Second Ju
dicial Listrict of the State of Montana.
In the matter of thle estate of Richard
Morrison, deceased.
J. P. Collins, the administrator of the
estate of Richard Morrison, deceased, hav
ing filed his petition herein praying for
an order of sale of all the real and per
sonal estate of the said decedent for the
purposes therein set forth.
It is therefore ordered by the judge of
said court that all persons interested in
the estate of said deceased appear before
the said district court on Monday, the
24th day of November, 19o0, at to o'clock
in the forenoon of said day, at the court
room of said district court at the court
house in the county of Silver Bow, N
show cause why an order should not be
granted to the said J. P. Collins to sell
so much of the real estate and personal
property of the said deceased Richard
Morrison as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be pub.
lished at least four successive weeks In
the flutte Inter Mountain, a newspaper
printed and published in said Silver Bow
couttlty, state of Montana.
Dated October 24, 1t)n ,l
lUnitiId States Land Oflice, lieena, Mon.
talna, Orctober Io, to9n.
Notice is hercby iiven that Andrew V,
I orry, whose postIflice address is Iluttle,
S.ilvr low County, Mo:ltana, has this day
tiled an applirsation Ir a patntri for 1,496
iltrar feet, the same b.ing for 1,365 feet
II an reasterly and t.! freet in a westerly
durection fr:,om the ruoit of disrovery on
the Sw.tmp Angel I.o l Mining Claim, sit.
ut.e in IFourth of July . ilormanized) Min.
ing District. JeltcL',un ICounty, Montana,
,he position, coIlr s ltl extent of the saiold
.omnioig hlaimn, d " ig.,.tic.l hI .tt ,flicial sur.
vr) thi"r,.,f, as Sursey No. 6(,75 Township
nublrlllcl .1t irth, Itaniy'ge numbter 7 west, a
notice of which was pIsteid on the rlalin
on the 611t d;ay of Oct,!,cr, iaoi, and, be
In mlre partitruialilly bet forth and de.
tu bihcI in the ,,fl ial fi.l notes and plat
tltertrof on hie in this offic', as fuoliows,
to wit :
ileginniuin Pf the niorthwr.tl I ,.ation
SI ncr, a granlite stlure, i tus aP inches,
I. ilhutle deerp mtitl , , or Corner
No. I from hitncI , itin,.l Point No. j,
rstabhlidwrd fur snn vl r .( 11.( ::I.n yed
uittiln of i.m'ct iin, I Tl l h, > .i north,
loange 7 west., I,: n 11 th111 41 degr.eJ 4.1
nintitl , 10 . ,,ti w ts.ut . , .(I.~ A i tle , llt
IIiiiiliiu1it lth llCe su.l: h I, Itlgi r's ,7 I1111n
tles c ti , ,I( tleel I to n.ttlc'ist C(or
10.r Ni, ; ltlatt"e s,.,tlh 21 degrer a ;,1
lmlllllntte. ' , .,) ; 5 l",' t, tht e nothr.'ast
.ln' r No,. .; the,nc , n,,,h I id',t,'Ler . t
I i.litr N o. ) 1. , thtl.l :1, ill, . d,' . l , , i
Il'] 1 .c (," t I ni n * . I, 11, , ,, I al an. '1. of1
.l , l r" : 1 1 1 h , I ," ~"v ll caIt Ii . 1t -
fI.6 I 11 :h Sn. v N, i . i. I nt hl,ulired,.
hy itl : ,hore,. itrn', I aplul,'. it l.r N tllSe ,.
'I h, h;,:,ti,o ,, f 'hiI ru.m , , s ,, ,,, ' ,I in
it h w * " f li L, , .0 r ,.f ."1
Ih, oi iiin .,, , i. 1 c v N.. rI 7
lhi 1 i. t I t, I . I . I . 1, . %, t. I' ,. rt
Dl 1111 , ', .,,l 1 ,.i.
i'1 \., I' 1'.\ .
.I . II 1 1 ` . , ; '
( i11i'. 1 StaI J, . , , I r,, li lu , , i ,
, 1.111. 1, I ll ',t h ' i , I"
t Ii , , 11 .1 1 n 111.1v . , , p.
1i, , aI' l 1i, I 1. 11 I0. 1 i ,, ' l t:1 g
HI 't u, I. l..tI f 1111 U.
1 I I I ,I ', , ., 14 I. 1, '1111"
l vn l I ,,. ý., I , i ;'. , 1,. a,, 1.1:
I Il i i t . .1 u:" Ii
' disyii iu 1. 1i l i l.
m II'..lh . t II l , it i t
1ut. 1:11 11i .1; .1i 1 1. i' 1,i. l . ' uc i H le tir a
tI ,. 1', "r " 1 't . ý , 1r, t1 t,, . t, :1
u t, , t l l, I ii I | 1 I I I' n .' t t,
I tl. l i or5 n't Ii , : d gree
, 1 1 ;11 1 1' i *,' Ii ,' ,I 1,ie I f, .
II..Ilr , I , , h . I I i ' , ( h i!4
f it . I . IhI ut ' . . / ,1 I 1 1, t , ', t I',
lot .45 dn glire
e 'li u I ) ''1.1 ,1 t t':, ' .t
g :nu ; l.,1.1" ;1 .;II ,
"l . :I , uitla i of reiorl.
( MININ Al,' rl1 .,I u, 1 1 NU . !',. ",
:u1" bj*n v ly , I " ll + . I l:l'l..h , Ir, · .,,le,
lot .. ;; nI th . ... I1,, , n. u ,.y ';n. r 761,
(ulitd States I n 1 ,. ice, Hi elemn, :ditn
'a t h, Octur i r . , .I r ,, .u :
Ido ani ,l R I '., .In .'iI' , h .ave tI. s yul
1.101' th t i 1l 1 ' u l o r , 1. , rlh.
l A, I l IIi,'iuj c r ii, f r ' g I , ( t south :: .
cihy ando sj fit lilil(ej 'ctly Lana
d ,ict shli ,. ,1t of i I ,d , lai . .,
tn.g (,lliin , ua i 'of t lies a oi.o e c inc.
t Ni ut. is 1f ) Iyot r..n 'rl sitiated IF.
lieoigatisit' l .Cituiig Dii ti itt, Jlie'rsor)
Coutlty, Alit:u.l :, h .llai, te : 'J i , So ervey
N'I. fl7.II, li ii:.I .I d lu I ',titu ,lip . ioIt
of an ',e t7 w tl, n. ,, I .,i0, re pa't cul ir*
h ly ile iri d aii', l ls , to w. '.it t o
Ii gini g 5t f "t tte u'TiI, 't zlner, alil
dl tovery shilt of thl .l:lid l of Survey
No. i6lSd, ii mIiw lot U.: it 0n the
igro taim, witl1h 1 u c sic a l u ,,tce iu:iae,
anit arked 'f a g fLvi (rno'r No, , fron
which Init)ia l'oit N, '. , Ta' po:isiP.d o
grecs 43 lday tes (it, 6ie', 6 "to t, ttltd irll
u.ing th71.,ce i n :rth: d eg'..s.e 30 minutes
ofwet. oan 7 wt, h iug mouth 6ac degrees.
ly22 described ;; te st, 418 feit
It ate nl lg It itI t : (t olicrnet,
ihe location of this clati is of recort
poin te ofice of tih Ri'cod li.c of SurvJefere
County65, State of Montana, .: :t in theBook "
groThe adjoithng claims to t1 ,l premalies,,
ae onarked t-6744he south, Sur'ey N.,. 68, frKing
Solomowhich Initial lont N.248, t Survey No.ip
rt2525, ule g est Lode ..' , lot (r5 7, and em
the west a4 e tinutetit Survey No. 4run.
Roinlba Lode, lot 336. dges 3o inute
wet. o FRANK D. MIRACLE,gre
3 mi te-; , 1.5 0 tt; th c. giste t
1,4SAMU6 feet to thARKER, JR.,of beinning, l
the Attorney for Applicants.
(irThe location of this claim is of reor.)
(Fi'rst publication October 54, tpes.)

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