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Issued Ever Evening, Exoept Sunday.
9R West Granite Street, Butte, Mont.
Per Year, by mail, in advance . . . $7.50
By Carrier, per month . ... . ...76
The Butte Inter Mountain has branch
offices at Anaconda, Missoula, Bozeman
and Livingston, where subscription and
advertising rates will be furnished upon
The Inter Mountain can be found at
the following out-of-town news stands:
Eastern News Company, Seattle, Wash.;
Shank. &, Smith, Hotel Northern, Seat
tie, Wash.; Salt Lake News Stand, Salt
Lake, Utah; Twenty-fourth Street News
Stand, Twenty-fourth Street, Ogden,
Utah; Barkalow Bros., Salt Lake, Utah;
L. E. Lee, Palace Hotel, San Francisco;
Portland Hotel, Portland, Ore.; Postoffice
News Stand, Chicago, III.
1'l ' Rf I 1A . 1"{ cIllI, l I, I .. .
liThe coritt it h :ich la nien iegtun by t
Patrick V. R4yan in Silver Bow county,
protesting againlst the issuinig of thei cer- d
tilicate of election to the otifte if ciunty
clerk to Mr. etto. whlr, was declared
elected by the canva.sising oardl. is very
much in the natttre of a family fight. It
mnay lhe htcld with tsim. prjopriety that it
is a matter with which reputllicans hiave
no concert. inasmuclth as it is a itiuarrel t
bletween dilferent kitnds of democrats. NIr.
Rkyan was the canldidate flr couitinty clerk I,.
onl the straight le.tlitcratic ticket, while
lMr,. VWestonl was the candid:late oit thie
deim cratic-lahlor ticket.
Repttiu licanls are cocll',ern l at least ill
the capacity of go'od citizens,. i lli wish to t
see the r'esullts of "a free ball t andl a
fair c lunlt." if s. clh a thing he pl sible.
It i, not a light tmatter to have thel
\,ti, if the piople tamtlpered with, if they V
wer tampi tred with and thei alle'-;ltiis
:r lto t 'hait efl ict arte iver d 'irt el. If it
is -owt thti there .sac rc.keI work by V
our cteetit ,l friends, thte fusiniists, it
w.suti only hl :Ia \riticatitnr alitt cntitirmita
ti,n of what tiheyttt ulndoltedly arranged
to do, beforec the ,ltetinni , If the)y have,
nt cirrupted tihi ballot theey negletcd to)i i
carry out their planits, which we.r set tiup
title openly alnd brazenily before the voting
the tietIns called ;attention toi this tare
faced scheme nl,an warnelll the peopile to lie
oni their gatd aga:int it. The clhari;es' N
that are now tadet justify Aill that was
thent said on the subjject. The lplresent
alilegaltiuns a:ire specilic aiI shouhil ie sifted
thoroughly, to the end that the elector: of
Slver Blow county may conic soit.IewhlerIe 1
ne:ir getting their rights, Thlre oughl to I
lie an early healtring of the petition of Mr.
Ryan, which i as tiled it thle district curt
The petition alleges tutch crookeid work,
o1t1ig which itmay lie Iiterd "that the total
numlber of ballots counted for \\esiton,
lut which should have cibeen given to his
npponeliliint, was 5o, more thant eiinough to
have elected himii the tillie for which lie
contests." A futrtihr allegation is madle
that aboutt ,lO hitlliots were not counted
by the judges if electioni fir IRya:i, when
they were really cast fir hit.l,
If this is correct it i~ a sc.erioul s miatter
and lne that a'fietsi very citizen ofI f the
county anild the state.
"In each of the said precincts lIerein
before lentiionid," to qiuote the langutage
of the petitioun, "there ere illegal votles
cast arnd counted for the said John Weston
for the office of county clerk afiresaid,
the c:tact t.mluber of which, in each lire
cinct, your petitioner is tunable to give,
but that your petitioner is infotrmeld and
elies es and alleges, that inore than Soo
votes were so counted, and wnich, had said
illegal votes not been coutnted for the said
Johnt \esto, wiould have changed the
result of said clection."
Regarding tthe handling of the returns
by the cainvasstig board, otherwise the
county comm isoitners, these nirect charges
are miade :
"The board of county commissioners
convened on the 10th day of November
and organized as a board of county
canvassers, and thereupon proceeded to
open the sealed envelopies containing
the returns from each of the 50 pre
cincts in the county of Silver Bow, under
the pretense of ascertaining whether or
not the returns were full and complete.
After having opened each and every
one of the sealed envelopes containing
the returns the board of canvassers de
livered each and every one of the en
velopes so opened, containing the re
turns, into the care and custody of John
Weston, the contestee, as county clerk,
after having placed them in canvas sacks
sealed insecurely, with no distinctive
mark, and that the said envelopes, con
taining the returns from each of the
precincts remained in the care of John
Weston until the 18th day of November,
at which time the board called for them
and proceeded to canvass the vote polled
in the county on the fourth day of
November for the office of county clerk
upon the returns inclosed in the envel
opes, which had for seven days prior to
that day been in the custody of John
here is serious business, If oiel-half
Mr. Ryiin alleges is true and cati be
proved .,the \vrontg mttnt has ticeit ieclaret.
elected,, I lie allegatit.s eth tia'y MI'.
A.lylit .teothld sthow that siiuilar condition
lixist', h'eie with those Mh. liliene -t:It
lished in Rosebud county, where fraud
was unmistakably practiced and which
the people are making an effort to have
righted. The contest proceedings in both
Silver Bow county and Rosebud should be
pushed to a finish.
A concern in California is using a good
deal of printer's ink to assure the public
that it "guarantees" 60 per cent dividends
whenI its mill is completed, and which
promises to pay one per cent per month
until the mill is completed. O()n this
promise it is offering its stock for sale to
the publlic. antd of course is disposing of
a lot of it, although it is promtising too
tlluch to catch any but the utnwalry and
incredulous. It conmes untler'the headl of
the "get-rich-quick" enterprises, aond the
public ought to let it alone. The mining
busiiness perhaps more thtan any other
bulsilness is hurt by these concerll,, and,
strangely enough, peopleh' in the minitng
colunlltry are among the victin.. l'hese
conlcerns qctite oftten pay dividends for
awhile according to promise, butt they are
paid utit of tihe money received from new
victims. It is by no means an "cndless
chain," and the (ltd is soon reached, but
not until thusands of lersons have lost
their mlloney. It is an oldI story to say
thalt schemesll which promlise so ntlch are
fraudulent altl shoudt hI leht alone. hut
it is t story that i ittot lie told vcr andl
tover again.
It is sincerely to be Ihoped that the' con
test procee'diings ltbgnt by Mr. Iyat, deut.
crali c.:tdidlate for .county clerk, will not
ditutrb the perfectly lovely relations which
exit ItIwet't thie busintess ild otf the
linetr etablislhmtnt and the county coin.
mi.sioners wht are charged withl having
miscountet'd lthe vote. 'Ittesec rel;ations m::ty
prove expensive to the taxplayers of Silvcr
Itow 'countty, but they are quite too lovely
tI be rent suttndetr by a little election coti
t".t. \What is the t a.er purity of the ballot
is :after: thierefore he ii:uy catcnh uil with
him nott ithstandihig that Mr. W\estot haa
th. start to the extent of a clean hill of
h'.ilii firotll the collltl y lcoi nissiioii net!
Why Just Read These Extracts From the
Files of the Inter Mountain of That
Date and Be Made Wise.
\ Ili.I, 'ri.l f I.o =l w i, r;al ., tIh a tl ;a t r
ihlielt ire visited Vienna, ;ierniany, lai.t
night and hundreds of live, were h.ot.
lhdlion h il p..intei ts flromt i lttle fur the
wvik lendini I)eceilier Io aggregatedl $56,
Ne\t ye;ear 7..ii men will le givenl c.
iliineti t .n the Pacifiil. diLhiion·i Uf the
Northern Paciflic.
Inwll - w.linformiel railway circle, it is
i thc.r the Mullen or JiipestonLl route iilI
bei dhiteihil biefore tiext spring.
()perations on the l:isele have hien sits
pedeil for a few days awaiting tihe arrival
of iiachiinery which is now nii route. fThe
bLoiir ha, ailready anrriveid.
hktcriis & ( u. are arr inlg ipassenigers
nto and frit Silver hiow ,tai.tin in ;ian ele
g;iat iwagi ntle.
tiehr the anspi. s of Ruth chaphter. No.
t )rder of the I i-tern i Stir. a grand ball
will LI given i i';plihce hall oi Mumdiay
evniug, I)eceniher 27.
Jame, it an. c t ti.itcir iarpen ri i f the
lI;ih & Northerun, aurivid ait the ernd uf
thel track southtl of Itutte last night.
The Niw iurk hiriltne ,ay,: T'lhere
is no rift in the ghloom that haniis iuvir
Irel;ia d; it ithe other hi;ul, €rinii and u iii
liiie increase, and ill ;i unmistakaile n i.irit
iof hostility is lpr ading oun the o the.r sid
,f lthe channel.
1. Scott, a well-known l)illon man, is a
guest at t the Ilutte.
Mrs. Jlohi Noyes will leave today i anll
extenlded visit Ili New \ irk.
RI. del. Saiith. Ed. L)avis, FrauIik r.
1Mart/. and ('harles I1lull all of Anhl:anda,
were in town last tight.
ralnk Clinton, whi assists in givieg
Anaconda a relptationli ala social centter,
wias i town last lil, ht.
S. T. Vincent, a Sat I.:,ke railroad man,
is in towln.
A. J.Me l ay, the \\'hitiehall mterelhantt, is
at the ah tte.
Edwin t Norrise . t l, ltilln lawyer, is at
the Tl'hornti. today.
\V. II. ll't:inn of lhelena i. rr'isterc'l
at the jintlen.
the last state sellnate, is t the Finlen.
E. .\. ( ay of Ilele 'a, l. len ral agelntl of
thile Northiweste'rn, is in towni.
Mr. ail IMr. \' illiam lileniet left last
night for liverpool. They will sail De
cellter 17 fronm New lYork ii the (Oceani
of tlhe White Star line.
C. \V. Wood iof .\urrra, Neh.. general
agent of the Sherilan tCoal comllpany, is in
the city, lie will leave today for tlhe
(Cocur d'Alenes.
Jaimes Williams of Whitihall will leave
today for a trip to Englad, IeIc will cross
via the Cuntard line.
Mr. andl Mrs. 11, I.. Elton have gole to
New York to spentl thle holidays,
Joseph 'I. Carroll left last night for a
three month,' visit to New York.
W. t. AlMet anni of Ie lelna, one of the
deputy shorills of Ilewis ai.l hle h ' coun
ty, is in IBlltte o il lsile so.
\Villiaiim I. ( ecrrah was stinllutl ti the
lbedsidle of his aged mlollther in lelena last
Satturday. Mrs. C.orrti is onie oft IHelena's
pioneer t .ilieits she htating comie to thiis
state ilt htier liti lh nl anid l ei ily it 1874.
Secure $50,000 in Money and Some $75
in Checks and Light Out
'i C8i lloi, (ialio I . .t---Thi safe in
the 1\'cc·tcr I .1. ((; ueiii' c1 c was
blown u'i ll by buirg ,t,- c ,. 1;,~ i uiy110'11 ,
ailoiit $3O,(iioo iii liuiliy ii $7; in CLCCk:ý
'thue Siiudhc'likei .'ihuuiu':i lliu i'oiihi:il'''
oflfi(i tied the Ihcitisu t inluii,,', uijj'u'q
n rt ihi i wcu si'mu 'I.h hiii". ,tut el... a i*5 Ii tie
,isihiji v,'S tll Iial hicis i
th'u \' 1 rcii ~ t~ .ui , 7,, .,a"'c .' ii i c ily
icehlo ,1.
A TTORNEY W. C. JONES of this city,
formerly congressman from the 4tate
of Washington and then a member of they`
anti-republican forces on the floor, tells
a story that well illustrates the esteem In
which the late Thomas B. Reed was held
by the members of congress, over whose,
deliberations he presided.
"At the cloge of the Fifty-fifth con
gress," said Mr.: Jones today, "a tribute
was paid to Speaker Reed the like of
which I believe was never before given a
speaker of the Amc.l
How Tom Reed can house of rep e.,
Was sentatives. It is t e
Highly Honored. custom at the clo e0
of a congress for the
speaker to leave the chair, calling to lit
some member of his party, and then soote
mai prominent in that party offers a
resolution thanking the speaker for t e, ,
manner in which he has conducted the
office. Prior to the Fifty-fifth congress it
was the invari.i,le rule for the party ntt
opposition to vote in the negative on the
"lut so eminently fair and just hld
Speaker Reed 1,ten to members o( 11
parties, so ably had he presided that whhna
he came to leave the chair precedent wits
.thrown to the inds. 1)ockery was .call d
to the chair bIy Spi,.aker Reed whet) t l
prolper time arrived, and then Bailey of
'T'exas, the democratic floor leader, was
the member to offtTer the resolution. In
doing so he made a magnificent little
speech on be llIf of the democrats in
praise of the manner in which Reed had
presided. When the vote was taken not
a 'rn' was heard."
"Seattle is growing fast," said J. lI.
Weston,. a t lhi:ago traveling nman in the
city today. Mr. Weston has just returned
front his first visit to the city on Puget
Soutnd anld iL. enthusiastic in praise of the
irotgressive spirit evident there.
"\Why." said he, "it is a regular second'
Chicago. I have.
Oriental Trade bccn coining io Butte
Grows for manaly years' and
Fast Out West. have a decided (ond-'
htess for the place. I
still retaini that fondness, but I have taken
Seattle into lily allections also. It is full
oif .3,llntilana pen,Il anld is getting some of
the Jlonltalla idea infustd into its life.
"The big thlit., out there just now is
the large and tlrwing Alaska trade, bat
the t)ricnttal tr.ade is piling up fast. t"
contailhns wonderfutl possibilities. The man
liioi realized lolng ago what it will amoutlt
to is James J. Ilill. lie is pireparing to
get that trade inl his towni hands, anld he
will. At present he is building three ships,
each i1of i8,oi t..ns hiurdent. Theli famlous
new tCeltic on the, .\tlantic has a tolnnage
of oinly t15.ioo. !,, )o i canl realize the imn
liltsit' size of the vessels. iEach cant carry
75 train loads ,i freight. Tl'hese vessels
Hill hi- runningll, in a year or 18 nionths
and then yiou v ill seec thing, hul. At
present hill has ctonnections with the Nip
pnll u'sein Kai.hla which operates a large
liect bctwreer the Itritent and Seattle, ibutt
Hill is not satislied; lie wants the whole
t hingl hiuln.el f."
"Lady Ursula."
\ni oll success of E. II. Sithern'a, in
~hich the title role was created by that
cllarlmting \onlla an d sterling actress, hia
wife, MI1iss Virginia IIarned, was oftfere
at the Grand last evening by Florence 'Rol
crts anld hir excellent coultpany. '"Tfhe (Il
ventir.e; of I.:lady I'rs.tla" is a dranmatinat
till of .\of lnthonly lope's nIovel of that nalle I
at ,l. like all thiligs etianating tromt the
Ipe of that clever tictionist, alounds with
airy Ipersillage' aln quiet situations that
.li s Rolberts, whose enlgagemlent hIlts
thusi far this week broken all the records
at the Grand this season, was again gree.
edI by the capacity of the house. iHer Ur
sula is a direct departure fromln tile emll -
timnal %'z/i. but this only accentuates the
impression of her versatility. She is de
lightful as the chic lady who g(oes to see
vchat ai wiomtian-hater is like in his own d(te,
al lends by winning his heart.
Iucius Illenlersun, as Sir (;forge S '
vcstlr. Sotlerl's old role, is mlore alt e:se
than ill "Zaza" ant gives a thoroughly
creditab:le renderiin of the part. The re
maindiler of the company are acceptable in
tmitor roles. The play hiaving been dlratut
atizedl for Mlr. and Mrs. Sothernl. there is'
little left for any but their parts. The
play will be repeated at thle (;rand this
Miss Roblierts will return here in Jan
tiary. bult her repertoire has not beenl de
cidell upon.
"A Gambler's Daughter."
The scenery usled in the production of
tihe sensaltional mclo-dramua. "A I amitlble.s
I)aughter." which is to lie at Sutto sa
lBroadway lnext Sunday and Mlnday,
I)ecetllelir 1 atLnd i; , presenlts some won
derf'ully rtalistic stag.' pictures of a num
ber of famlous places which form a part of
the history of this country. and which
people have heard albout itand nevelr seen.
Int the second act is a vivid reproductiotn
of the Chicago Itoard of 'Trade. It is a
day of panic ont 'chanlge, antld fortunles are
quickly ,being made anid lost. In the cen
ter of the frenzied throng of brokers
around the wheat pit stands the gambler
referred to in the title of the play. He'
has in Ilatnd a tremendous wheat deal,
which is being smashed aln foiled by
somne unllkownl operator who is dealing
through another broker. The place is a
veritable bedlain in its turmoil. The gatu
bler (he is termed a gamblnller because e,
secretly o, is a magnificently titted up
Michigan atcvenue gamling house and not
becatuse he is a membller of tile Board of
Trade), sees his owni plans going to ruli
and his private fortune dwindling away
nlinute by minute. lle is int all almost
crazed conditiotl to learn the apparently
giant hand who is working against him,
lie does niot know until later that it is his
own daughter, who has familiarized her
self with loard of 'l'rade methods and is
fighting hint to save himi front being suc
t cessful in accomplishing his dishonest de
ssigns. This is said to lie one of the most
s ildly exciting and inltenseCly dramlatic
scenles the stage has kllown itll llally years.
It fairly lifts the audience oiff its feet.
"Hearts of Oak."
"Houses sold out nightly" is the record
that ,is again maintained this season }y
the James A. Hlerne plays, "Hearts of
Oak" andl "Shore Acres." Year after year
have these delightful stories of domestio
life on the New EIlngland coast attrictk.:
hunIreds of thousands of play-goers. To
witness these plays time and again is to
find new hidden htunan truths. \WVhcn
James A. Ierie established a new order
of thijngs in play-writing and play-produc
ing lie net with fierce opplosition. Cap
tious critics declared that he was ahead
of the limes, and lie was told that he wotld
meet with failure. Ilerne overcame all
obstacles and .( et with a success that can
lever be forgotten. "hlearts of Oak,'
Trial of E. J. Daily, Charged With the Murder of Charles Ray, Be.
gun Before Judge McClernan..Jurors Shown Environments
of Struggle In Which Ray-Received Death Wound.
A selection of men who will determine
'vlhether or not E. J. Daily is to be held
responsible for the death of Charles Ray,
whose end was caused by a knife wound
,in the leg, was made in Judge McClernan's
court this morning, and the trial of the
dean charged with the most serious of
,crimes was begun..
The jurors are: William Tyaack, Ed
ward Wilcox, John Nankirvis, John Hask
'ings, Samuel Williams, Mike Merevitch,
''Maurice McGrath, Joseph D. Vallencourt,
tGus Ahltquist, W. C. Moore, J. W. Mar
shall and D. 'T. Staten.
It was only by drawing upon the spe
eial venire summoned Tuesday that the
jury was finally completed. This was done
.soon after the opening of court this morn
sing, however, and, the case was then ready
fur trial.
Mackel Statement First.
Alexander Mackel, assistanlt county at
,rlney, made the opening statement to the
jury. lie announced that the state would
endeavor t'o 'roJe that it was Daily who
'inflicted the wound, that was said to have
caused the death of Ray. The state will
'cite tie alleged enmity between the men
:mId the charges of "a fight.
After the opening statemnct on cbehalf*
played by a specially selected comllpany and
equlipped with magnifident scenery and ef
fects, is to be produced at the Broadway
theater next Friday and Saturday even
inllgs, with a matinee on Saturday.
In "The Princess Chic."
One of the most popular vocal numbers
ini the "Princess Chic" is a solo for Jo
sph C. Miron, the leading basso, entitled
"War is a Bountiful Jade." The solo ;s
,accompanied by the entire strength of the
imale chorus of the company. It is ren
dered uniqute by the fact that each of the
,,o ldd ilirn is equipped with a hammer
anid anvil, with which they are supposed
to be mending their broadswords. Julian
EI'dwards has written characteristic music
for the refrain, and this, with the novel
:cl:cmllpaninilent, has made the song as
lppular as thl armorer song in "Rolbin
Ild.I." The song has made a big hit at
the Ilroadway. The engagemelnt closes this
"Alphonse and Gaston."
Mr. F. tipper, with his pictures of the
ulira polite Frecnchnlen, has mnade the na
rioi laugh regularly once a week for the
past two years, but Alpholnse. anid (;'aston
in the Ilcslh produce laughs that last antl
their io,li-lmots will rbecome try-words in
every hamrlet and city in the country. "'.l
iholse and Gaston" comes to Sutton's
Blroadway theater next Tuesday ano
\\ednesday, with \\edlnesday matinee.
Read This Column if You Wish to Learn
All the News of Montana.
Meagher Republican Club.
White Sulphur Springs, Dec. i .-The
iteagher Republican club has re-elected of
ficers as follows: 'resident. I). E. Fol
som; vice-president, C. W. Cook; secre
tary, Max Waterman; treasurer, E. J..\ -
Passing of a Pioneer.
(;rcat Falls, Dec. ti.-Edwin C. Carter,
a pioneer of the Wolf Ctreek regiou and
well known throughout Northern Montana,
died last night at Columbtlus hospital of
inhlammation of the Lladder.
Conference of Priests.
;reat Falls, Dec. It .---Priests attending
the semi-annual conference of Catholic
ct'hurch clergy in this city are: Rev. J.
\'Vermat of I.ewistown, Rev. Father O'Bltrien
of Fort lenton. Rev. Father Snell of Blelt,
Rev. oIther Ptudenz of St. Peter's mis
sion and Rev. Thomas MlcCortnack of
;reat Falls.
Invading Montana Soil.
Lewviston, Dec. I .--Iocal sheepmen
are complaining of the invasion of the
southern part of the county by outsiders,
especially sheeponen front \Vyoming, who
persist in herding sheep on the unfenced
range, much of which has been taken up
I) local ranchers.
Oldtimer Is Dead.
hurt IRenton, Dec. ii.-Mrs. Rebecca
"Smith, aged 76, who has lived itn this coun
ty for -o years, lied yesterday. A wid
, e\cr, two Imarried daughters and three
sons sutrvive her.
They Want a Hospital.
Itozeman, Dec. i I.-Physicians of Ioze
man are trying to get a hospital for lIoze
ma:n. At a meeting they decided either to
buy the Blair sanitarium, build a new hos
lital or induce the Sisters of Mercy to es
tthlish one here.
Picture Men Go Free.
(;reat Falls, Dec., tIr-Local authorities
have failed in their endeavors to break up
lie business of two young men who are
working the old picture enlarging proposi
tion here. 'The men were arrested, but
have been discharged, the state being un
able to make a case of fraud.
Whiskey Gulch Loses Him.
I ewistown, Dec. Ii.-('. T. Durell has
resigned his position as secretary of the
S\\hiskey gulch mines and left.this morn
ing for Denver, where lie may possibly lo
Meet ine at the 'lhster.
Tiny Items of News of the World Boiled
a Down for Busy Readers.
To Punish the Profane.
Brussels, Dec, Ir.--After a prolonged
debate the chamber last nighlt adopted
d the government bill providing for the pun
y ilhmuent of persons using indecent or im
'f rolper language in any pIublic place or at
ar ny meeting.
Nine Feet of Snow.
o EIverett, Wash., Dec. Ii.-Two feet of
0 siiow fell Tuesday night in the Cascade
0 iiountains, making nine feet lying along
r the line of the Great Northern. Rotary
snow-plows are kept constantly at work
? clearing the tracks.
,d Sixty Lives Lost.
I Victoria, t. ('., Dec. i I.-According to
n mail 'adviecs received from the Orient by
the. IItlIress of India the higi spring tides
of the state the jurors were escorted to
the Marco Medin store In West Broadway,
where it is said the quarrel and fight took
place. There they were shown the envir
onments and the conditions explained 'to
them. The jurors returned to the court
room, but the taking of testimony was riot
Many witnesses have been called for the
case and there are no means of estimating
the length of time that will be occupied
in the trial. It will be several days any
way unless some sudden turn is taken.
Among the witnesses called for the case
are several from other cities.
Dave Harris Located.
The long search for Dave Harris,' a
newspaper artist, who, was much wanted
as a witness in the case, was rewarded
Wednesday by the 'fihding of the missing
man in Helena by Deputy Sherif V W. Hl.
McCann of Lewis and Clarke county. The
deputy sheriff found Harris soon after he
landed in the capital and promptly topk
him into custody.
Harris was brought to Butte'last night
by McCann, and'the local authorities will
see that he does not 'again give them trdu
ble in the present case. The sehrch for
him had continued almost front the tilme
of the death of Ray.
onil the Yangtse Kiang caused the sitik
ing of 4o junks on November 17 and the
loss of over 6o lives.
Royal Betrothal Announced.
Berlin, Dec. ix.--'The betrothal is an
nounced of the Grand Duke of Saxe
Wcimnar to Princess Caroline of Rcus.
Lloyd's Nomination Confirmed.
Washington, Dec. Ii.-The senate has
confirmed the nominations of C. F. I.loyd
as marshal for the district of Montana
and C. A. (;. Winn as postmaster at Gar
field, Wash.
Where Madame de Sevigne Died.
Paris, Dec. Ir.-Count Boni de Cas
tellane today purchased for $6o,ooo the
historic ('hatcua de Grignan, near Mont
('limar, formerly the homne of Madame de
Sevigne, who died at the chateau in
One of His Peculiarities.
[(Chicago Rccord-HFerald.1
"I see Shakespeare makes gotne rhyme
with mnoan."
"\Well. Shakespeare always had a way
of doing things with words that other
people cani't."
Makes a Poor Showing.
LDenver Republican.]
For a race that has absorbed $J4o,ooo,
000 in education the American Indian
scents to make a mighty poor showing in
the football records.
Meet Ine at the P'tister.
Six flilllon Dollars Spent by the
U. P. R. R. Co.
In improving what was originally the
fnest track in the West.
A comparatively straight and level
roadbed ballasted with dustless Sher.
man granite, rendering possibla the
highest rate of speed, together with
the greatest degree of safety. The
magnitude of the work must be seen
to be appreciated.
Solid comfort, security and picas.m
to our patrons.
If so, you cannot afford to go via san
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on application
personally or by lette- to
H. O. WILSON, O. S. L.,
Butte, Montana
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Best
For Heat
The chapest, the
and best.
For Cooking
Saves labor saves
money and food.
Gas Office
202 North Main Street
Diaries and ealen
dars for 1903
Full line of the handsomest seen in
years. Come and see them and make
your selections while the lines are
complete. New books for holidays.
Latest popular books, invitation and re
gret stationery, blank hooks arnd all
kinds of office and house stationery.
114 N. MAIN ST.
We\ thoroughly clean and press
I.adies' Walking Skirts for 73c and
$S.oo. Called for and delivered.
7o .E OranitIte
'Phone 138 For Our Wagon
We are offering our large stock of
Christmas goods as cheap, if not
cheaper, than firms that claim to be
going out of business.
We will give free with $S purchase
VER NUT SET, consisting of nut
cracker and two nut picks.
Liquor Department
Irondequoit Tonic Port Wine,
quarts ... .... .... .... $.oo
Irondequoit Sherry Wine, quarts.$z.oo
Cascade Clib Whisky, quarts ...1.2a5
Doctor's Choice Whisky, quarts..$3.oo00
Hennelty Brandy, 72 years old,
quarts ...................$..5.oo
Newbro Drug Co.
Largest Drug House in the State "
109 N. Main St., Butte.
All the World
Loves a
Pretty Picture
We were never prepared to show
you more or nicer ones than now.
Subjects to suit all tastes. Prices
within reach of all buyers. Any friend
or any member of your family would
appreciate a picture as a holiday gift.
Artistic framing is also a feature of
our business, in which we are able to
satisfy the most cxacting. 'There is a
pleasant hour inl store here for those
who care to look through our art treas
14 West Broadway.
$2.50 to $10
Artificial Eyes
have the ability to fit without. All
my time is devoted to the work. I
give absolutely the best of every
Examination Free
Dr. Daniel Rosche
Tel. 741R
Opp. Lutey Bros.
Open evenings, 7 to 8:3o.
Hight & Fairfield
Manufacturing Opticians.
Duplicate any broken lens and
f: I iili prescriptions given by other
rceiclans. AU orders filled same
day as receive4.
Graduate optlclan of large ex
perience in .harge. Examinations
All Kilds of Coal and Wood.
No. 4 East Broadway.
Kemmerer Coal Sold by
No. 4 East' Broadway.

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