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The Butte inter mountain. [volume] (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, December 20, 1902, Evening, Image 11

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\Washington. 1,c. .,.--Th, United
States geol.giKanl survey has now in press
and will shortly iiue a topographical mial
of the district sunrrtnding Ilclena. M lnt..
known as the IIleLtla quadrangle. l'he
nap will emhr:itce portion s of Lewis aol
Clarke. Powell, lDeer Lodge. Silver I1ow
and Jeffersoin orunties, including the
towns of An-;cmla. I.utte, Boulder atnd
I)cer Lodge. The scale will be I :25o,o0o,
or abotit four milcs to the inch. and will
be stiliciently large to show in consiler
able detail the location of t ll settlements,
roads and trails. and all drainage fea
tures and boundaries. Elevations alove
sea level and the prominient topographical
features of the region are adimiraldy shown
by contour lines, which s thss Irough points
of 'equal elevation at intervals of _no feet.
In this way are shown the shaples and
slopes of the mountain mas.ses forming
the continental dividel, which traverses
the region in crests from 7,000 to nearly
9.oii feect in elevation. *
.\n interesting feature of the nmapl lies
in the fact that en it aplpear the head
waters of streams flowing through Mis
souri river to the ;ulf of Mexico, and
within a mile or less the waters of other
streams which las to the Placilic ocean
by way of Columbia river.
The map is one of -., topographic sheets
covering different portions of Montana is
sutied by the geological survey. These Imaps
are located chicfly in the southern and
western portion of the state.
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are not in a plitiot II, enijoy the good
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Washington. Dlcc. 2o.--The United
Stat:.s geological survey has recently is
sutld a new topon,,raphical tmap of the dis
.trict surrounding l.aramllic, W o. It is
on a scale uof approximlately two miles to
the inchli and, is of great exactneiis in its
delineations of roads., ettlemeunts and
drainage features, as well as town ship anl
other bouniidaris already establi~h'ld. An
intercsting feature of the Ilap its i i
dication of the topographic and physical
relief of the region: this is accompllished
by tneants of contour lines, wuhich are so
drawln apto pass through points of elual
elevation at intervals of 5o feet.
They bring out clearly the thlat valley
of the I.arautie river, the numetrots sinks
or basins near it, and the steep accent, of
the Ried, Jlihn and other miuntlltain heights
inch.ded on it. The map is now avail
all. at the nlomlinnal governilllclt rate.
Masonic Notice.
A spe'cil cotulllu ication of Monlitor
lodge. No. 35., A. F. & A. l., will be held
in their hall on Sunday, Deceimber ar, at
6:30o p. Im.. r1o0, for the purpose of at.
tenditug St. An.lrew's church. Centers ile.
Membe.rs of sister lodges and sojourn
ing hrothir, are cordially invited to par
By di pensation granted by the M. 'W.
grai:l ulater of Montana.
Meet me at the Phster, a
Holiday Rates.
The Oregon Short Line will place on
sale, l)ecenlber 24, 25 and 31, 1o02, and
January t, 19(3, excursion tickets to all
points within 250 miles of Ilutte, good to
return until January 3, 1903, at one fare
for the round trip.
For further informlation call on or ad
dress II. O. WII.SON,
General Agent.
105 North Main St., lButte, Mont.
Important Mining Suit.
Denver, Dee. 2zo.-A mining suit ill
volving tiany valuable claims at Victor,
some of which are elected to be worth
$5oo0,oo, has been filed in th tle tniiited
States circuit court. Perry Irow,\\n of
L.ake Mills, lIwa, is the plainttlf ath
brings the suit as a stockholder of the
Mounlt Ioa .11intit company. lie alleges
1uisinanagumtetnt of the alffairs of the Mount
Rosa coulipany, asserting that its propeirly
and the moneiy in its treasury have been
misalpproplriated. The W\ood. Im lestiiiitt
company of (.oloralo Springs is the prin
cipal defendant.
Meet ise at the I'hster.
Bli ASsO'IATED I't 11 . 11
New Yo'rk, Dec. 20, --Thc stock market I
moved in aI halting and irregular manne-r
in the openinig dcaling., tlichh were ion a
small scal,'. The majority of st.cks
showcd simall advances, but such specula
tive leaders :cc Southern Pacific, I'ennsyl
v;tali and lailtiniorc ad l Ohio ftll back
sligl tly.
I the iiimovemenliilt was niarrow. "Texas 1'1
cific was the feature Of tlhe market. FromI
417,'cs it wa-, forced dilown to 3i15sac, with
a sllin. i.f I.ooo1,000 share blocks and tilt up
H ard.
Tlhe bank statemenltt indultied some fur
thltr clllig. whichl ncatu d tc; tionsi of It
point in Mt. Paul, Missouri Pacific and
Suta. t'olorr:ulo Fuel rose ti 4c and Gen
eral IClctric a lpoint, ,while smetlting lost
out andlI Anaconda I'c.. lTexas Pacilf
ast.;.a tlhrt sulortcd ntt tlhe mall:rkt ral
lied. Sugair sportedlCI four points over
.lIast night amt relapsed at ;i acd Rock
Islandl Iro, a point.
IThe cl-io i g was tlnit ' a;tii, atndl gtn
erally firm.
New York Stocks.
,' tid hy ',r " o('miiliiss iiot (' lilmpai'.)
Nia\ yiork, l)te. zo.-- FoIlloHinl are the
sock qutotations for today:
Open ('lose.
American I.ocom tii% ..... 28 7
Amen rican Ice .............. woi; to,,,
Amtalgauatead ('oppr ...... 57!4 57'
AnitoiilIai Mining Company.. 86 87
Ametricani (' ttoil I(il....... 4. .1'i
Atchi-on, iTopeka & Saunt Fe 8-' 80.4t
do preferred ............i cH! 1 8i
American I.inseeIl Oil ..... .14 41!d
lialtimore & O)hio .......... 97:. 98!.;
irt klilin CI:apid Transiti ..... (I ' .1'
Canadian Paciifi .......... 127-7 : 1.7
Car & I Foundry 3i4............ .6 i 34 !
('nn. Tobacco Co., preferred. .1.1! , .15
(Cheslapeake I (Ahi') .......... 1-6t 46't
Chicago & Alt. n .......... 3. :i 31'"!i
'olorado Southerll ........ 27jI :7'4
('lhoradl, Foucl & IIr.n ...... 71 71)
'lChicago (;rt'e;t W\\'el'rl.... 2=1' =".1
(hicaigo Terminal ......... 16- 26.)
(on olillated ;as .......... o,; 2 0
I)es Mo11ines & Ft. J)odg'e.... t 4
lric ........... .. ....... 3 3,
(;re t Norllh rn. pfd ........ Io s1i0
IHocking V;alley Ry........ .. n
dlto p fl l .. .. .... ......... ,;'5 98
Tllinis 'central ............r ..1 ; 14143!
iwa Cen'trl .. ............ i 37
:Kans: Is ('ity Southernt ..... 31, 31.)
.ouis villt & iNaslvillc ..... 1-. I I i
eI.:il ......... ........... . ,'i 26
1 lu pt.:th r ......... ...... 1" r
do pii ...... ............ 88, 88
S ~lMa n h .tl l: ( ' sn t. .. . . . . . . . . 16 \ St
M1., St. 1'. & S. Stc. XI...... 7.1 7
Rick Ililt ....... ...........i'
Miinn:pliro t- St. L-uI- ...-.in' i. 1o
!', pri erft r l'al .....- ....... - I 531
Missu,mt ri IPacific ........... 1 . 6 1,, .I
Netw York & c. t -r:l ......... 5- 15.'- i
Norflk & ..'t\\ e,( ll ........ 71 71 ,
North Altr. ic; ............... I- 112
Ont;rio) & \\'.,trI - ....... 2'i 2
'Pressed Sitcel ('Car ('...... 5') 5'c
Pennsylvania Railway ...... 151! i 1
l eople's (;as ............. 1 3.( ' I 2 7i
Republic Ilron & Stcl -...... 1- 'i )'.i
do preferred ............ 7G6 '. 76
Reading ...... .......... . 61 i 6.
Rock ,lanil .............. 4n0.) 41
do preferrI d ............ 8Io+ja 8
Southern Raiil---ay ......... 31 8315
Southern ';acitic .......... 6e , 6: I,
St. L. & S. \\'. .............. (26-:- 26
lo pfl ....... ........... 6o.i 650
St. 1.. & S. F ............. 6,)i 6,;
do yst pfdl ............... 78t"i 78rt
Stand. R. & T............... 5 5
Smelter ............ ..... 39 3'
dlo pfd .... .............. 93 93
Sugar Refinery ............ t25!o 127.
St. P'aul ..................173 173)/
T. C. & I................. 55. 5 5.
Texas Pacific .............. 4..1 3-7)
Twin City R. T. C'o........ -.l- 114)
Union Pacific ............. 98f4 98y
I o pfd ........ ........... o 3
U . S. Steel ................ 'ji 34'/
do pfd .... ....... ...... 41. 4- 1
\W estern t'nion ........... 875i 8754
W isconsin ('entral ...... .. 25 25
do ll i.... ........-..... - o 5-- - 0
Total s.les. 28oooo slares.
Money. 3( i per cent hil, 4 Ier cent
askted. No loa-r .
Salt Lake Stocks.
(lRelport.'d by the Coe Commission ('o.)
Salt la.tk, Id)c. 2-.--Noon closing2
prices :
A jax ( ,iI) ................... $ .21
('onsolidatcl d Mercer .......... 1 .7
Carisai (Ihid) ................. . 6
Century (bid) ................ . 0
Callfo 'nia ......... .......... . " l75
I)aly- -\est (bid) .............. 39.52
l.owcr Mamlmoth (Iid- ........ .68.
Mammoth (li- - - ............... -.55
M ay Day ..........m ......... .18
Ontario (bid> ................. 5.oo
ractro ( id)l .................. . io
Star (bid)t ................... .00
Tetro (bid) .................. . 6.
U t ah .......... .............. .58
iUncle Satil ( id) .............(.l- - -
Victor (bid) ................. . 13
Y ankee .......... ............ .40
Black Unss .................. .65
Ben Butler ................... .08
D)aly-Ju(Ige .......... ........ 9.25
Martha \VWashington ........... .o3
Sacramento .......... ........ .30
\\'almha ........ ......... . .69L ,
New York ................... .3.t 4
E. & B. ]}.... ............... .620
(;rand Central (bid) .......... 4.10
United States (hid) ........... 21.00
Silver Shield (bid) ............ .o40
D)aly (bid) .................... I~,.
Chicago Livestock.
(Chicago, Dec. 20.-Cattle-Receipts, 300
head. Market normal. Good to prime
steers, [email protected]; poor to medium, $3.oo
5.25 ; stockers and feeders, $2.oo0 4.50;
cows, $r.255'4.5o ; heifers, [email protected];
canners, $1.25hj 2.40; bulls, [email protected]
calves, [email protected]'7.23; Texas fed steers, $3.75
flogs-Receipts today, 21,000 head; Mon
(lday, 38,00o head; left over, 7,7oo0 head.
Market roc higher. Mixed and butchers,
[email protected]; good to choice 'heavy, [email protected]
6. . rl,:ih licavy. $5.9u( i 6..5 : light, $5.5,1
('0l, oi : hulk of sales, $~6.ofi6.0n.
S;Cep-- lReceipts. Ii.n00 head. hcep
I to 15c lower : lain hs. 1 (' i 25' lower.
(,oo, to chorei wether*, $3.710.4. 4: fair
th clhn e mix c ed. $2.75l ,13.;"5 western
ih , ,, $3.50o5t4. i native t c.iit ' . . o'i
5.,5: eterrn lamh., $4.oo00i'R5.73.
Omaha Livestock.
t h .:l,llha. II II -o. (, :tleth I, tc,'tl,l '..
2" , b t'Ia ,. M arket, slow , N ativt hee tl te ,-r ',
I$ 'i* ri.o.i,; i tettl st eet's. $21.-8 1414 .
"IT'c ,s steer., $ .to 10i4o; W\l ill| a I it
eC1 . $3.on tri . 5 : caitlnlrs, $1.goi ",tt :
St, ok r iiI f'eeeer., $2.O o5t' is; c.llvr".
$.t ,',1 a o ; hulls usal >1.4;<. $1.73 1s3.75
S -, Receipt' t . S. ,,' 1. lM atrk t I.
ctii ler, 5. higher. I .eai~. $ .ot((t o i li:i
Inlli ntl. $to.on rl'to.u5 ; light. p$1r,1 o .1 ; t i
i. of sale.. $;.ooi i 5..1o.
lrp Receipts, Ioo htail. ..iirket.
b . I' ir to choict' statirvt $,.5. rtr
t a i r t o c h i c , \ \ t ,i t e r t . i t t ,
t , " t and stockers, $ . ":, '|3 ry. 3; ,1 'ii .
Kansas City Livestock.
tii .551 , I 11 i liiI
I, 11 , I( t, Il)ec. -o.- ( ,11t Ii R t'
i i. h.a I, rket, tt iich.. ..ii l.
Io I - Rec ipts . 3.,00 hr.il,. i I i il, 1,
tg oto, hihMs., h. c. 30--T"i copp.
11' i,: hl\avy. $(.I I." .' o .i' p1ker'.,
$53 ,'Ir. : l ite t . $0 u .ses , : In;ht
h>,ii shres closd today as follows:
sit ,] , utt ot1 $,LoI, l,!* l ambs.t .
Boston, Mass., Dec. 30.--The copper
,luting shares closed today as follows:
Osecola - - - b - - - 5l.UO
Parrot - - - - - - - 2-..U0
MoIhawk - - - - - - 36.0O
Daly West - - - - - - 38.b0
Tamarack - - - - - - 1144.UO
Utlh Con - - - - - - 25.25
Shnnlon - - - - - - 8.75
Centennial - - - - - 1b.75
Copper Range - - - - - 54.00
UJ. S. Mining - - - - - 22.25
Trinity - - - - - - - 8.25
Anaconda - - - - - - 28.b0
New York Copper.
Xiw Yotk, l)cc. I. leal and ,pliir
The annual meleting of the stockholderr
of the First National Ilank of Iitle, will
Ih aheld at the o'fier of sail hank in IButte,
ilnll;illln, oni Tuesday, January I.3, 190,
Li titi n the hours of I I a. a ll. anI 4 p. iII.
T'1he ibhjcct of the mnetIthlIg is the ltclinm
of Iirectors for lth t ensll ling year, anili the
tr:Io.ltction of such other blline's as ma~ty
iproperly colre 1,before the etin'illg.
E. I1. W\'I itIt'KI, (;athicr.
)at'd luitte, lonuiiaui, Itecember 12,
oo 2.
Flag Day at St. Louis.
IBY A :,.o- I\1110I RIIlI r:,
` . Louis,, liei . .,. I his i.s L.o isi.. a
S1: t I l)y and as s hi \\ as dlc' lareI'd ;L
hl,.l;y bl y y iovernoi, r Itcikery :aul ,Mayor
\ ells. It is also the first anlive'rsairy ,of
tf:e bIreakinilg grrounl fir the \W\'Vhl' laii .
Congressman Robinson Ill.
la lisonl, Neb., 1)'('. .'t. ( r 1i a;111
John S. lohinson of the Thid Nclheka.t
th-lri'l i, Ilyin n s',li,,udly ill \\'ilh ;ppen-
dicili, "' hii home heri , :oii it i, i an'h. ,
- m I,'' Ve r.
Notice to Stockholders.
I]nit(. N llntaina, ])ce m.l .ber 1.1, Ilt ,
'lhie 1:li;1 Iu l l 'i tilg of IiI' strll khiol tirs
of thie Silver low National ; kil liof Init
Cily \\ill e hilh I "nesilay, J iaiuary 13,
1loo3, at .t o'clock p. in. it the bankiml ,
IhoL of sild lhank, for the' election :i a
hoirdl of directors for the (nsIinig ye(ar ;and
the transactiion of such other bl.siist.i a'
i:I.y co5011me hclll' saidl me11(111ng.
IIespeil fully,
1AYI'lI 1 I IAllRIN(l,l ()N,
Modoc Is Afloat Again.
Toulon, hranc'e, ])ec. ti.---Thei' steamer
Modlc of the .Messagerieres Maritimes,
Swhich rTau agroinld ionl the rocks at the
Miotrilloni arsenal last Ieveninlg, has le'
float.ed :iil towed to her iioik for I't
Capital and Surpluo $300,000.00.
Gen'I Offices Bank of Commerce SIldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Stocks, Bonds,
Jlnogl:t and sold for cash or on margins for
future delivery. We own ;tnI ope rate the
Illtot extenlNive private wire tysternl in the
United States.
We guarantee the execution of orders
when Ilmits are reached.
Valuable book of ttatisticts free on ap
RK!F'IEENCiS: 56 Nat'l and State banks
A. J. DARCH. Local Manager.
Public Accountants
New York Chicago
St. Louis Butte
Hennessy Building......Butte.
Grain or Stocks by our
"Safety Valve Plan"
$.uo,oco invested in
shoubl result ilo a profit of $500.o0 to
$1,too.o, within 30 days. Write for par
ticulars andl semi for our free book, "Mod
ern Methods for Safe illvet.stients."
II('IlARnI) lI \',lVlR & CU)., Blankers
all lrokcrs, (Chicago Stock Exchange
1,1g., Chicago.
SOur Practice Is the Larg
est Because We Invaria
bly Fulfill Our Promises.
Quick Cures. Perfect Cures
\Ve are alwa' ah.le ol, ti n propii iii't
sr..ult., E"ve:1 the lfirst h nelle t ntl~ed ii
g4 l lil I e alld l;,Iil.1i., ll i the i llmprovl e.ntlt
Scontin111- 0 u1 il t he c -e i i e tl iet. Noil I
mostE~ lit iiie-, t1 t Isain perfect ti aii
i°.~!l r(c~ lllllll, l',.tll~l hi. (,.p.'L'l;'.[ llL l.l |i'I I'€ '.'!1·· ;1211.1 1 .1 11 I '.r l -( '
icg l.,r' y )111 ; I,, 1 h' .,Id,l I,, .'1. '.t.',ll f..m~l Uer
Whatt We;kner lehA tichi
ontracted lot fe ti, in lt Varr octh le
When F":ie·' he"p nu o ain
e' cd, 'ri , hI. i ,' l". Alis '1 tIt i i' m11111 I
co p . l h ' le lIb ' l Ib ' In,. .rl,.l" '..
Sp cfc B oohti.11 i il4 t'" ,It 44'11'l 1 ,4'.€' s' :,tr iIc;t'ure
1114.1 1 14t44 tO' 40 4li. 0.I11 41I. _ ___ _ ________ __________
1 1. Evel u11 npt~1( n1 Ill the' ..i i tk w
Oululfctons maishd Uai tow 'ies n tne
of ll ki, tllnot stlt. If Ii t:,4 ti'
(IF i".kly'. t'lr A r m th, ,l w' illa;t It ,rt
Vellek Medica Institutel~ll
- --one"r"" W. hat Weaknea s Is and t
gentracted flow to (.ure it Varicocele
lh'I( I .l lll '.ll"I ; ,1, ,.,,,,,., 1 ,.11,,, lr',il.'l| 11
1n oII" eI p( tie t, l t( it the' pr ,- ll w1, I , ll|, hl ll
ha vr ·ia s aa iclgil( notII hman. ht~r onI ' v~
laps, e.v l. r h i in, il e al ,t *..1 it l . l) v I l1 t. ou , [llth ". .
hshr.,'d .s 1, ar 1 1'nr t', l.t I.\h olh y t hu
1)1.|1 W .'11 11ttll .:llI [l".'. 1.t II\ l!I tltl].lI J 'i,*'l i.'.,II
an ec u r Qulfn ~ in le" ou gly s senill
dit it .y l,,.. . 1 ca., \ .,m ,;,h~ h. ,.nl .(nlt l1L l sMll'll a 'i 11 an l,, thI*
t r le. ltlltl11t l('t l. I ll, tmlll I'., tfolllllle.ll' . , I tll ',[ II dlN,( ' I.'( i Pii i
I 'lel to I'it l | 1,[ ..tnllt..
Speclfic Blood g ,." so ,,.,ia i,, pdtr'tu: re,.h,
°l!th ll' are' nol tre'l etlll'l I , ,l t,' at onlll l'll ah ,''intll y\ l.tlln '
danf g.es I.l " ullilne'lll tit .ly. It i'. ,, as .',~lll .nIl .ml [ a ll pc I't rl illit
t,. shave thel m uS U , ..i.ntih.* andl h,.' b'nt pios,,.,,l ep ibe
halmd . h lood ;muls *,I lct '.t. \\.. uste l',t IIT il ,v r l
clean.-in- rleme',ie'. .inc'.., thb hv no~ otlhr .-t lou',e \\r do n,, I
that s,.mnove tIhelas't inet'hosl. l',ol l ll ,:nlel lpe't'l r ltum} tw,, ,liI *ld01
atll* \ ge h.,I lit' n,..* l h .h"l.
Our Qualifications and lI acilities
\Ve hlhl ,lphitm sl (sons~ lthe heat aw',ise,dt mlh'l,," anal ho,.litad. o, the ',v rbl.l
have for twently ye',ll ,hvotcd Oll ou attlenltions m a sslitelyl l, the' tlll' nestl'l ofI meets'
the' samel di'.eat'.v , and olur ,,ike', l'c'lulil'. si' rm,,ns', lp hitivl'ly t I mp'|a st. in.stitutiion
Evewry afflic'h', m~an shoubhl re',t our l,;oplhh't entitled "LIVI' Till° REST
(Wl Y().I¢ LI.III' A M\1N." maihll free.
('()N.SI LT'ATII)N FRI,.I., at thl' oilice, or hly avail.
Yellek M/edical I nstitute
N. I.. (.orner of W. B~roadway and Montana Sta., IHutte, MontanaJ
000000zooo tOOoo00oo onoooooo
o )
o JLhn A. Crrighton........'s.IPen*
o G. W. Stapnlet'I ....Vlcr l'i eihent 0
S '. M. llodgens .... ... .... c hi* r
o J. O. Hlo-_g-_, .. . Assi,.st :t .ahie 0
o Rt. LU. Nukulls....Assist. .iC. Ct.ra ic:
0 Under state Isel ,i.'o" . , 1 0
o jurisdictior.. Intterest paid on de- (
SIposits. o
o Sells excha:nge available in all O
O the principal o ciis of th.c Itri* te1
o States and 'Hrope. ('n!lhetioni
O promptl, ly aIlll dd to Tr isict .I O
0 general bankilg nllsi, ess, 0
o lirrctors: J. A. Creighth s,
o Omaha; G. W. Stapleton, A. it.
o liarret, I' D). Le.vitt, S. V. Klen l.r O
o T. M. I lligens, J. O. Ilnrlk.n.is.
o Corner Main and Park Sis., Iluttt. .
o 0
l DALY o
o O
o I
o 0
o Established i83a. Incorporated 1por 0
o Caital.. .$10i0,000oo .0
o 0
o General o
o Banking Business o
o JOHN D. RYAN.........President o
O JOHN R. TOOL...Vic. President O
o C. C. SWINBORNE.,.....Cashier 0
t R. A. KUNKEL...Amistant Cashier o
o U
Butte. Mont. o
0 0
o Capital...... $Soo,ooo.n 5 O
Under state supervision. Five Ier 0
o cent Interest, payable quarterly, paid 0
g on deposits. O
o Money to Loan on 0
o Real Estate o
o F. AUG. HEINZR....... Prealdent 0
SA. N. CLEMENTS.........Cashier 0
00000000000 000000000000c0
g W. A. Clarkt J. Ros Clark. 0
o0 ransacts General Banking Ilusines,
O 0
0 Buy uold dust, gold bars, silver O
o bullion and local securities. 0
0 3oxes, for rent in safe deposit 0
o vault. 0
o Sell exchange available in all of 0
o the principal cities of the United 0
o States and Europe. 0
o Special at'ention given to colle. a
o tions. 0
0 Cashier. O
0 0
C. R. Leonard, Pres. T. R. Hinds, V. Pres
Fayette Harrington, Cashier.
Silver Bow National Bank
CAPITAL, $100,000.03
This bank solicits accounts, offers
prompt and careful attention to business of
customers. Collections promptly attended
to and remitted for on day of collections
Sell foreign and domestic exchange, trans.
act a general banking basiness, pay iuteret
on time deposits.
Directors-Charles R. Leonard, P. Au&
elrinte, S. larclhrssrau. A. Bilmstorth. t.
A. I.oui',. C. \V. N,-tn, '1. IL. limbl,
John Mi (;anniss, ;vary.te lHarrinuton.
i l ity ,t,
. ll ·io lllg 1 11 o' I . t i ,,h ''j,'.*
H. F. RUCE. Aoget,
35 last Usoadwys, Eutt,, Moeat
HI. U. S1CUR, General I.g'n?,
BIII;ngs, Ilont.
Atchison,Topeka &
Santa Fe Ry. Co.
3 i'rains Daily
From Io lver tI Ka as City an! Chi.
cago. Also Ith dirrcit Ine to t(alvyc
to i, lI 'so, City ,f Mxicv a:l the
miniisg caml, s of New Mexict aInd Ari
"or I, iiti't '.i iiliout the RE
1)UC(I:I) 1rE5 'Tl thix sumtier
apply to C.F . WAIIEN,
G.nrral Ag,, t tI I)ooly Block, Salt
LakI City, Ut ah. ,
nhirteenth doctor of Chinnad .on rand.
Iather down. JHrn and schooled in
the profession. Treata all diseases,
making a specialty of chronic troublet.
.otsult oe. 227 South Main St.
o u
o The Daly Baink and Trust
o Company of Anaconda g
o A nlcoIdoN, Mont ana. 0
o t.N
o General banking in all branches. 0
o Sell exchanges on New York, Chi
cago, St. !atl, UOnaha, San Fran. o
O Sisco, etc., and draw direct on the S
Sprincipal cities of England, France, d
t Ireland, Germnany and the Orient o
o Dposaits of i.ano and upward ro- 0
O ceived. 0
o Correspondents o
o o
o National City banki , New York; 0
O First National bank, Chicago; First
National bank, St. Patl; Omaha o
o National bank, Omaha; Bank of 0
p California, Sin Frruncisco. 0
o John rI. Toole, President; M. B. o
o Greenwood, Vice x'resident; Louis 0
SV. Bennett, C asaier; '. C. Nork 0
o lbckt, Assistatal Cashier. O

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