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St'E('IAL TO TiiE INITIR '.mt N r.1iN.
Deer Lodge, Dec. .o.-A number of
youtng people have arranged for the loodl
ing of the Christofl.rson pol,. he!,w
town, and this week have een hlavint a
gay time skating.
Attorney W. II. lihoades retturnted the
first of the week from a two weeks' visit
to Great Falls. Mr. Rhoades expects to
leave Deer Lodge, but will inot locate in
Great Falls.
Miss Elizabeth Aylesworth, after several
days' visit with friends in lHutte, retutrned
last Thursday after a lmost delightful
Mrs. Jones, wife of I'ostmiaster ''. W.
Jones. and little daughter. returned Tues
day from a visit o ith relatives itd frienlds
in Great Falls.
Jaimes R. Coletmani of Botner camle tIP
for a visit with his partents. Mr. antd .Mr.r.
Le,"w Coleman, and other relatives n1'l
Mrs. Marvin W. Trask, willo went to
Butte Friday to attend the reception givent
by Mesdatnmes Williamls. regg antd (ulll,
returned honle Saturdlay eveling, Itavill
had a lovely visit vwith her fri.,ilb..
N. R. lanie of Ilutte atd Miss .illie
Pierce of up the valley. 51ere maiitrrielt at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. \W. R.tam
sey, ill Deer Lodge. lt.esday mlllruliulg at
to o'clock, 1Rev. t,. C'.Beetdly performing
the cerenmony. The wedding was a quitit
one, only a fte', bcing Ipresent. ahich ini
cluded the motther of the Itride. Miss
Entuna Gabllhri anld ( harlie Pierce st ,,d
up with thetm. T"he ride i. a da:ughter
of thle well-ktnown old titers, Mr. :til
Mrs. Peter I'irce,. on DemI) seylleY creek,
where she was born tdm reared ; the groomt
is ione of lutte's yull me.1i , The Ihappy
couple left for that c'ty on tlte noon train,
where they will reside, carrying with them
the best wislles of a host of friends.
Ehuler Van (Guld., who has beent ill
with typhoid fever the past three weeks.
is reported as slowly recovering.
"Tnmmllly" Kerruish of (;arnle spent Iast
week as a guest of his sister, Mrs. M1.
t..eantltl, t andt family, in Deer I.odge.
irs. '1'. T. . Jones and daughter of I)Der
Lodge are inl Great Falls. thle guests oi
Mrs. W. i. Hodge of the west side.
The ;Good Temnplars lodge has chllanged
its place of ileeting front the K. of I'.
hall to that of the 1. O. U. F. htall. They
meet every Friday evening.
The little son of E. C. Davey. up the
valley, has been quite ill the past week
or more.
\\'ill \WyckolT left Wen\\' esday for Ilow
land, where he will prolbably spend the
winter with relatives and friendts.
The Chaminade club met l:ast t eei with
the Misses Earle. The busi.e's of the
evenlilsg was mtostly a disetu-sin of phins
for future work. Afterward a short pro
gram was given: "life of G rieg." by Mtiss
Earle. and instrumllletal Itmusic by Miss
Bearmtont and Mrs. Joslyn. The club ad
journed to tleet January 11, with Mrs. Jo
seplth l. (Ciletman.
l)atl C. McKenzie wasta over fromn Opphit
Tuesday oni business.
George Shuetz wenllt to Butte nilt t11W
neon train \\'edlesda: on i i ibntts..tes'.
T'he therllmometter registerel 3 Ielit\\ zero
in Deer I.odge Wedtnestlday night.
Mayor l'eter Martin ad lHenry lves
Cohb were do n from IEmry \We\dnesday.
\V. T. Young, a prominent young ii.iul
of tOrandl,. was in I ler ILodge Sunday.
iMrs. C. T. ('lark left for lutte last week
for a several Iday)' sisit with friendl.s.
Osee Norris of lPioneer, after spelling
a few days ill I)ecr ILodge, left for his
honte Monlda.
. Judl.e Napl.nt pas.ecd throtugh Dlflr
Tdlge on \\eltnesday'is, t in oil his- ,ay
to I'lhilips uri g.
The Intoril Blible clfs is aldjioirtd, till
after the hllilay-. \Vork will Ie re-,umetn
January 3.
bE (ItI. I I. I TI'lE INTLl Nul'N Ii'.
ITlavre. Dec. 2.--Ihenry Iliedgcs of Saic
passed through Hlavre la.,t week for flcl
ena. where lie goec to attend his father,
who is very sick.
The Pythian lodge intianted P.. Gilbmcy
of Teton at its einelig 'tue',day night.
Following the inititiation a social iession
was held.
Cards are out ailnottntcitg til weddiini
of (arl J. Schmnidt anid Miss Cl:arn J.
H-lun herger, both of lrowning. tlhat \xill
occur January 7 :it ]rowning.
Edward I)altpt rettunted thi lirst of
the week from a six-\\ceks' \visit in (Chi
rago. whert he went for tci.tmeiiL f,: i s
Mrs. Mac Willi, will give a nmatuerarde
hall New Years ceve at the Illhl [Havre.
The alfair promi;llses to be a great soucce s,
as it has been a long time sinettc, a naiLquter
ade haI been given inl this city.
R. X. Lewis has retturned from a to
weeks' visit with relatives inl St. l.i:ul
T. F. I)o ling of tChiippewa Fall:s is
ited his brother. J. J1. Dowling, recentl'.
Mr. and Mrs. 1', C. (;intiev are enter
tainintg Mrs. P. J. (;ibcy of "'eiton.
Frank Thompson, son of Mrs, I.. E.
Thompson, has returned from Kalispell.
Mrs. M. E. \'ounll¢ (; Granld Florks has
been the gue:-t of Miss liertha Sullivan re
Mrs. \Villin McComas of Ilena F.t
visitin'; her daughtter, M 's. J. C'. Ricker.
of this city.
Mirs. 11. A. 1)uitnt' will spenil the winter
at her old home:n ii (Ohio.
Miss Iuga John.,on has gine to lalta
to live.
SpJixl W . 'i'm Ti1 l: ItF ''I ,i, NTA .11 ' .
Kalispell,. De. .!,.--!rs. Frank (hray
spent two days last xvitek at liti Fork.
Mrs. George IPhillips has beent quite ill,
but is now convalescing.
Mrs. Charles Skinner is ill anid cotnfined
to her home il the Ford Ilock.
Mrs. D. F. Smith and too sonl, have
gone to Boston to be gone several weeks.
Mrl's. R. M,. Gosllh Iha.; returned home
from an extended trip in tIh:' Est.
M.. antd Mrs. A. W. Merrimain, who
have bIeenl at the Nationtal for two w.ekl:s,
have returned to their home in 'l::asn:tt
T'he teachers of the public :;chlols are
preparing t,, give Mrs. lFannie Spurck
'Macauley a reception before JIe retires
from her office of county supet'i:tendent of
ch :oolk,
Mr. antid Mrs. Thorn of St. Piul, wIho
mre noi their way to the coast, spent Thurse
dlay in Kalispell visiting friends. ?IMany
will remember Mrs. Thorn, who visitled
.,Irs. Charles Noruttist two years aa;o.
Mrs. D. I[:askell, Mrs. II. N. C;G'ag;: and
Miiss lJo; Th:i liott drove- di,,; l ns it'. : T Co
lu.hi;at all'.t Thursday mlorring. .lrs.
Ilaskell and Miss G(rnag returned to their
homes the same evening. The NMisses
Tallott are at the Whiteside hone.
Mr. II. Swtaney has been confined to his
home for the pa-t week with a slight in
Mrs. \V. I.. Nickoens of [Tacma. \\wash.,
is siiting with relatives in the vicinity
of Swan Lake.
SPE(11i. TO TiFt. IN I:R .lo 'NTAII.
Hlamtilton, IDec. .o.--t. I1. Taylor wasi
a Ilutte visitor several d.ty' the past
Charles F. )aly arrived Saturday irotti
C'anada for a visit with his family.
Mrs. S. J. M. .ehet., has ibeen visitin_
her sister. Mrs. J. \ s. t.iser, in Missoula
the past week.
Mr. Asa Kiliian and Miss Aggie Bus
tard, both of Stevensville, were tntited it'
lmarriage 'rTuesday by Justice Morris.
Mrs. I?. A. Pell and mother. Mrs. Inoly
Mclntyre. departed Saturday for I)aven
port. loita, where they explect to reside ill
the fututre.
,lr. I.. 11, John-sli andl Miss Annie
ILeavtensl llf \ ':Ir si re hallppily mii;Lrted
S)leciember 6.
IDr. :ld Mrsi. I eorae MNc'rIath left this
isetk for Ntc Yoirk City. where thlie doc
tir will take a lpost graduate course aind
visit the lprincipal lhosplitals iof the city.
The Sunday schooll of the Christian
clhirch will prestii the cantata. "A\ Sur
prise oni Santla.," 'Ithristlntas eve at the
chllurcth, .\houttt forty chihlren till take
parl in the cxrcises.
lThe Suniday scholisol of the Ml cthodist
llis'collpl church, south, will have Iall On
tertlinlnt ald hl'hristnima tree onl thrist
The infant chill of Mr. aitl Mlri. T. 11.
"illioni died at their home last Moniday
after an illc,. of ninic days of Ibronchial
lpnettil o i a.
I. WV. iDougherty and family have
mloved back to Corvallis and now occtupy
the Iltdge residence, Mr.. Ihedge having
gone to Buitte to reside.
Dr. Iuchetcn. llate of Minteapolis. ar
rived here last night auld proposes Ito lo
cale in Ilantilton. The doctor's family ac
conp anties hinm.
SP iit'll, 1 T ill N't Ni tl I.\l..
Miissoula, Dec. ..--G. W. P'owell, a
prominent Kalispell citizen. visited in the
city this week.
A. I. Violette, thie tiite attorney, is in
the city.
Xrthtir VWoods, a promineni t Stevens
ville resident, triiisacted ItISilness ill li,
¢ll I 'tie day.
J. i. iFaeete, onme of the leading sinll
ini metn of the Cocur d'.\lenes, is in the
James, Willis. the substantial P'lains
rtellIchman, wasi ill Missoula this week.
Mrs. 1J,11 IBel.e, who has bIeen the
tguest of her sister. Mrs. J tohn W. l.iste,
rcturnelld to II:amilton 'I'tueslay.
I. Frank ('one. clerk of the RIavalli
countty district coutrt, was a welcome visitor
in tih e city Tuesday from Ilamilton.
.\ssistant (Icnc ral Superintendent II.
J. iHorn of the Northern l'acithe is a visitor
in the cil.y, arrii l 'Tuesday evening from
the "a-t.
Mrs. i. M'. Moore of North Missouila,
whit hits beer ill for severIal weeks, is re
Iorted as coiinvalescent and able to sit tip.
Miss I'earl ilsswor thI returned from
Spokane, where site has been visitinlg Mr.
anl .\Mr. J. MI. SCiiimp,, . formerly of 1i;,
ou;Ii, flo se\.itral ~ ks.
( htit:les lartlain. ti i a Il tin ytars as
-,,,iattd with the 1urp hy-t;rcen ughl
t :nll1p1 y ,in has rt.,igl 'd to : lc ept a positionl
in lithe ;riery depa:rtni .,t of the Mlissotult
.11re: nti tlecompany.
.\lex R. lihone. editor of the Plainstman,
s\in a visitor in the city this week.
.1Mrs. I. Cyr arrived in the city from
Itiita to care for her daughter, Miss
icmily. s hn is seriously ill at her apart
imei s in the Forbi, flats. \With slight re
tDery Miss Ctyr will be taken to tounita
for collnvalescence.
tirge HI. Bleekwith is moiving his
etiects to St. Ignatius on the Flathead res
ervtinon, which is to ie his future home.
A.\ttorney Hlarry H. Parsons has left for
lMarsihall,, ..to spend tChristmas with
relatives. Mrs. Parsons: is there for the
Mary Arkwright Htiutton. the Coeur
d' \lene literate- im l autthor. was a visitor
in .1isimtla Tueisday. in route i hosi e fro :ll
trill to Ilelena. Mrs. Ilutton secured no
little fame by the authorship of a book
Ipertainid4 to thl strike troubles in her
sectionl of idahn when the Coeur d'Alencs
ore ptt under martial law.
A child was born at the Sisters' hospital
Tuesday to .11r. atd M rs. W\. I. Ilale of
North Missoula, but survived its birth only
a few hours.
I. Deakin is reristered at the Rankin
roin liutte.
('. A. (appedpe i, visiting in the city
froiti Palhins.
Jerry toouiey of Saltese is spending a
few days here.
louis Jacobs of lenver spent \Vecdes
day ini the city.
hie 'tulkerion of Victor is a lusiness
visitir here.
.1. C. Sturman spent \Wednesday it the
city froin I. othrol.
Fred Proebstel of Stark was registered
at the Kennedy hotel this week.
Mrs. N. 'rtlltclly spent \Vednlesdayl it,
i iss;oula from Itonter.
J*hil Farrell is registered at the .i it;
t-ttcla hotel from Butte.
George Helterlinc is spending a sew
days here from Plains.
1Ed Trncdeau is visiting in the city from
hi hosme in l.olo canyon.
WV. I;. Johnson of St. Paul has been
spending a couptle of days here.
Charles G(renier and John Richard of
Frenichtownt are viitiig il the city.
Mrs. M. A. Hutton of Wallace, Idaho,
is visiting in the city for a few day.
Mr. and Mirs. V. A. Hall of Cinnabar
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. WVill P.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Woodford sient
Monday and itucslaiy in town from
M. 11. L.iv stn;tom and J. 1. Farrell are
registered at the Floaence from New York.
Miss Della Ilarding has returned fromi
Spokane, where ihe attenled the wteddi+g
of her brother.
hi. F. East, racie M,. ser andl Fttid Mfe
sr have returned t0 , ietor acfter a brief
stay in the t v.
M rs. i tt * i" .::!tte e lwho has he in ill
at ..'rrick' h a ,l ital e fc s t cl ti ie, has
rtttill leld tc her lome.
a, ' , i: 1 ', . 't.i Ni It,
1lii. ' l"' it l )'c......-J'cia',; .ic ider ,,i
of Melville was here las't Saturday foir the
purpose o(f m eetiting his tmi ther, to si'ters
aid t hrother. msho had just arrived from
A numbller tof y'tttg miien ill to\tl are
tmatking arrantgementsitt for a social la.nter
to take place in thIe A\uditorium Christ
nuas tight.
Mrs. P'aul Van Cleve and daugnhter,
Phyllis, who have tbeent in the E ast some
time past, returned I, llig rimber Mon
day aind departed for their home he.3ond
A gradtt mask hall will he given by the
N. W\, of A. camnp, jntOt, at the Audi
toritlnll New Year's eve.
Mliss Sadie Ilailey is just re,'overitng
fromt a case of diphtheria,
R,. IF., ale, a theatrical man of long
experietnci, who is spenditng the w inter itn
ltig Timber, has persuaded it number of
local aItiateur tto assist hit ill putting on
one or two homne talent plays this winter.
lThe ladies of the IInteland circle held
their annual la:ar an.id cthicken pit stilp
Iper Thtursday. 1ecetmitcr iN, in thte .\udi
toritum, beginning at : :,o p. iii. ee
creamit and cake were served througlnout
the afteritoot intl t.vllitng, supper begitn
tning at S t:t.
Thursday afternoon andl night thle ladies
of the tCongregationial church gave their
annttal ba an.tr inl itd tpper at the Audi
W.I' P. IFran;klin of Melville returned
fromt a tt ip to Chicago this week.
S·lI.t I\1. l00 IllI INII.R M llltNl.\I\.
Ilillings, IDec. io. --.\llan Farrell, better
knowin in the city as "lloxey." Is in
Canital at the present timte visiting rela
ltht Mlaverick lhoise ttcompany is mILakiLg
tnthisal preparations r its aItnntual ball to
tbe givetn on N\ev 'I ear'a. nigh.t.
I.. i'. 'ilper of .\lbsrok e is a vi'.ittr in
lthe city.
\l '. ( ,tll Ilftrimant t .\tbsarotkte- is a
guest at tthe GaIld,
IGeorge Mather oIII Musselshell is regins
tered at the t (raild.
Amiong thc visitors from the tupper part
of the vallhey yesternday was Jisiph I'.. Ites
sette of IPark City.
A marriatge licentse was isstuedl this week
t l.tetvis (. I'iper and Minss Cora . Ilar
rimlllnl, Iboth AbhsarokCe.
License to wed was grantlltd Ilotnlay
a fttrnoon to John ( . Gilhson and Mrs.
Maggie Price. bItth of this city.
Rotbert IHudson andl amiily oi Nye,
after spetnding several days ii the city
tanton;; friends, dlepiarted for their thomte
this mllortling.,
Th'I lie lirely family have removed into
their iniw lihomeit just comtpleted at the cor
ner of Thirty-foutrth street and Second
avetnte, ntirth.
Fred Ramsey of Kirhy :,pent Tesdiy inl
the city 4,11 Ills way hius lrom a vlsit to
li, 1 A I. "i I 1 i t. IN I Ilt S itt 5 1 1 t '.
lFort Ilentott. ctc. . 2---- hlie membentrs of
the Big Sandy lodge of the A. (). U. W.
iart tnaking ipreparations for what tlhey in
tend to he the grlak hall is tvisiteson. It
itinsre a great .i ees,
rsamel Iherr nl, a tolmer r dentll of
('hatenat county, \who has sp.ent tete past
six yearsi it . lwitti. t s visiting with
frin s r, at I clavr ii.
iMrs. \r S. Collies t I)odson arrived in
the city Mrctday attutern n, and returny ied
hmte thi ,, m orningh .
t\ tpai'v of local capitalists and proslpec
trill drv the outry the Thrailkill coal mines
lllTuesdlay mornilng wilthl the intention of lo
Ndge 'aiilMant f treat Italls was a vis
iior in l io t 'ilntotnn several days last week.
Royal A. t)e\\ olfe was ita guest t at tihe
ecpiclaltl y rc teSunday I ly Ill onday o.
this week. He and Mr . Robbins maie aIS
trip inito the rcourntry today.
Mri. and . rs., 1). . Loc kwood he ave
moved into the handsom-e nw rof oeience
recenitly coimpleted bly theim.
News cois from iic. lliirowning of thel wed
ding soonk to be J. int nidl anss isr
Clara tHtlnsherger, formeli lrly of this city.
Carl Nelson of (i real Valls is visiting his
cousinl W. Fi . ari'r, propritor of thi e ()ver
la l .,
j .,i'i. IAI TO Ti lE INTIi: MO i'N lAIN -.
Iozeniast, Dec. 2o.-A party of yoicg
folks meit last .iMondaliy ('evening ait Mr. Rob
\Vylie's rlesidence. Tlhis iieetingi of the
park savages was in honor of Miss (hr
('tlrude Richardon, who i.s to delipart on next
'hursday for Hlastings, Neb.. where she
will be married. The evening waiiits lspent
in playing gainls, pulling canly, auid in
genieral a liwvely and pleasanilit tiime was en
joyed, T'hose present were: Misses Nel
lie Pease, Margaret and Pearl Lockhart,
M.aud Stiff, ,Ainnih Crouse, Ada ('oake,
Mary Dlavtidson, Nctr ti Moore, Il.dorol r
Alayrt Ameliss, a avy i arhll,
(Gcrtrude Clark, .lnmn \Wyli,, .M1rs, II. M.
Lockhart: Messrs. Frank Ilini. Frank
Clothier, Ilenjanihi I.aw, Albert oliin. (r
vilh Craig- IFred ylrie. Fred i,' vin, (l ar
Xy (;ilray, Will Robinson, 'ton ti Lockhart,
Clyde Penwell, iu atuel Rllilllr 11 and Toli
Albert Chess, a daiughter.
istorl ---Decembr i , a to Prof. adI liol yMrs.,
WnV. , it ('ih l]ig lo. t daughter.
t r. Carl Scihulin, the oculist land nirst,i
ins ot the hoterl aozetira n. cn
The Ladlks' Ahrid socity of the Saltesville
M. 1-:. church hold a I church fair there to
The Macedonian society of hie P'reshy
teriai church gave o an lntertitin enit last
week at Story hall. he chit tireiin utlir c
is led in part of th concert b the college
hand, adl in addition refreshments were
scrved. It ior tunderst ood tht te youl lksng
ladies of the orwill liz ation raistod ;l con
scdera;ble sum of mony, d it is cerrytain
th their guest s turned out in force and
had a good time.
The Elks' Christmas entertainment is to
take place at the opera hoise on the even
ing of Januliary i. All childre under r
years of age are invited to bel guests alln
the lower part of the opera house will
le reserived for thelic, whilte lthe lw folks,
children iln armsi arnd chiisrin o(vr ir
years of ale will Ie accon S. nodatd with
seat'; in the gallery,
Mrs. Georgia ]'itwood has made ar
raingeenints to bring the sublime lassion
flay to |aozeman for January i.t.
At their meeting last Friday everting. Ic
Fraternal union elected the following of
freers,: J., L. Stiats, fritern:il ioaster : C.
]raft, justice; J. Barr Harris, secretl; y;
Lceslie E. Gae, treasurer; Miss A hlic,
I{rdenlbLrook, protector : Miss Carrter,
guide; Albert fleck, guard: S. !till, senti
ncl; J. Lvanis. I)octor Ilintls and Nlrs.
Sk in!er. stewards.
Mrs., Paul J. )Davies anid tl i . 1V, .
th,, ttltnls, of the hostesses enjoyed their
dc eh.tful hospitality.
S.tcrd mulsical services ,,ill ie hv.lI to
ioml Ii in, in n . local chlurch'i . lilt, surv
ies utal1 he apptl'pillatel It the (h 1't-illis
I 'n t I'r s.h tctrian .t r tl It I". I, (,ra.e
Ilr 1l., pas,tor - I h, strttlel, ,tlpproprtiat
..y tihe' lst. lih' m1 licial prlogramtl will lie
.\t II a. n1."
Organ1 v-lunlary. "1 I'll) II,,ly,
Il,I . ........ ... . .......... iull
'ýl it t I,1" ........ ....... ... . . Hounntd
Ol ii tKrs, orlthn.
An•lthc'1. "Thrice ' l Ilhsse, |.Morn ..mUtl1l
"tChln tI ltnus Snng" . ... .. " .... . . ont a bs
.iM rs. I. h1 n, '.
\t ;" ' p . I.;
V i trt.',11 . li
"S...nt111-" ....... .............( ,Ittiod
Anthl l, ".a\; trllut'h"
h1r i hol mas~, Mr. IIhllli, \tr. Ii.c.l, Mlr.
()2ith I I 'rI. o tI.n.11i
I ll.'h Itt.l t: is Song" ...... . ...... .. \ la tsi
Mr. I h.unl .s.
Antlh m'1. ".\1ngI'i 11rnU111 .' Ir:llhns
1 (ill ry" . ......... . .. .... . I. 111ns 111
( lr il Mri . I k Ihlina: ., Mrs. IIl .
Jack h na11; s. \\ Ill ,rvl n.
Sg 11 . 11 st11 t r. I hlit tlurg .
Flint ( hurch of Chlrist ,I(N iet, t s l I ,
\\"(,t lroadwys a t', l'torner I'.xtc'lstor a; etm.t
Fir.t IReader, Mr'. \clihc IhInlthrg Stlh
jec'. "l i the' l nt rs'ul ' 1 . . Iu 1t M . 111..i
E']vhlvet, by . \ l ,ll I' t ' " e tervl ' ,I " ,it
Brl ,. Ini nil h p. li. Sunda) .chiI
Ia IIpII. \V ' edIl esday etilcnl ing till nl, .lt
Ho'clock. Reading rot. s upon from It .1,
churchi -Sunday Ibefore (lristllla, itIon .
Morning"1 serviceI . It 'cloc1k.
Organ -
"\ 'nlitl Ad ,rolrnlulI " ...... ...... W ly
"lulllaby" ...... .... ....... I(ulhitlaut
A tlth'll.I , "(lory to (1 .d". ......... ( ook'
M rlln" ........ ..... ... ....... IVallr
Carol, . "Joy to, the \\ orlh"........ n I lut , I
Postlude, "Ilallelujah" chioru. ..... I Iandel
(al "March oi the Magli nlls".. Iuhls
I':Ihe suistaineih d note II the Itrele, Iilh
cats, the hleading star of tlhe fhphurds.,
(1 L "Chors of Shepherd." . . I.lcnlut.n
('urid "All HIail the Power oi h,,us'
Nate"i . ............. ........11, 111
lCurl. \ngcl, I'rnelaitm the l lappy
.M111o " ........ . ... . . .... I;ihc ,
Stil., " iiich lt I Itring ( ruml 1 ui
11;: ....... ........ ...... ( 'Hnkt"
.11'. IHotwd n.
'Aulthe. l, "{), .1o,11" . .... . ......''tullner
Solo. " le S11hvpherd ulnl," ...... \ cr -,"
M is \Va:lth'r.,
('ar l, " 11 11. .a:ct d Ihl y . ..... .a11r"i.l tl
(Ill rt'ory.
carol, "lhark, the (.hi-,t b a,. Itll,"
( Illntns
gn, "The' Holy I;:ht" . ... I ,m Ih y Itu k
1, WV hile lhepherdl," . .. . . .. Io ,e
lem, "Old D)eliveranc,."
./ruts, "hieaven and it.e Iarth Ihs
playy" ...... ...... .... ,\lcnd|clsvolhn
besper verse.
'ostltl de, grand .chorus ill I. hl11 11 1m
jor . ..... ... .. ...... ( tlllllhllll
Edlward l '. nll t, orgn:initl :and 'chtInc; ,
(race . . EI. Church. (r: e. M .l hl is-,t
lp:is..cipal church, coo'rt-.r Aiiz ,,:t ;i.d
Secondl .treul.; JamilW \W. Tait, pastor.
Preaching all I I , MI and 7:3l ) p. nt.
r f ri ty . 1. IChurch. Trin.ity li. th, ,
t El piscopal church: Rl v. Jlhl, li,,k
7:,10 p. In.. by tilh, pastor. Th V,'lhin;;
theme will be "'Tlhl birtlh of 'hriist." S.u,
day school at i:.so p. n1. I'p ,rth h'lo.'
at h :.1o I. m.
Fir3,t Bapti'st chu1rclI. 3 nrnc'r ci
B'roadwa3':y :1nd( Mon33tana sire t,, .1,.
1'«. Noftsinger, pastor33. Wo3rshi3p at 11
a. M. Will 7:30 p. D). M3r33i33g ,3313
jct, "''leare, the Sphere :tj31[ I1, Ft', ct."
Stnlclay school at 12 . ', p. 33i. ; . 3' I 1;ivv
3U33r?'3333'33313331. \ 333n1e i'euj 1 ', 333', ti .;
-it 43:,p, p. 33l. N, *3. ('cnri',3,3, 13.33133, ,
jCt, "('Iri3.t33 , toll I 3.', ti '313,331
esnpt'3s, "'atrk 1k, My H ( ,Ili I,'' hl;3a1
Antir. .u ".1ry'ucrr of Zion"...... 333,333 i
Duo;. II, cirvl ly Father," I 1(;a111:: otr,
Inll. Mcharlni nu lcl and Mr. I'I1. o WiJ I)(
Evc',niitg p3rogram :33
l1a113jIIjIali ch1orus333," ''3I1 3-Ia1 3" , . 1nla 11
A'ntit n,, ''33 1Hy Night . A.......l.Adam
S3,1.3 '13' llr33'3 l.31 3I:3 .......113 i3rl
3Irn. (;. S. Mathk,.
\11 t ;.3 03ral .\Icl"atl:,33 , leader;3 .'3rs.
Cart3 333r, 11ia31t a33 a3'3 3ni31st.
'1 M, tollon l nng pi(,11o numb, rs will I~1r1 1
rend3, rod by 'r,. 3g'ji, 3i3'3 '3: M dy i33
I , Rui)'))ntcin ; "Il'I33333'r 'n . W il3.ll r
'.hint 'I'· "·; ,1lt " 1 S1'ick '`· · " l':vening
Star," I in t.
3r33ark, 13's. '313 j3l'3333 \I \J, F 1333'
NI'w s '313k. 31r;.. I irki', ('as1 'I'.', 11, e.
s,33n 1 Iisos Mesrs,~'. lI',i hopno, Molar
3)3 31- I 333 !erc,:,. - Swed,'ish I .33 1 333133
('u133c13. 3'3uc3 Mo33 an anfl333 3 Silver stret''3s;
J, Sh~ipp, p~,i-r.3 .Moring wrj3331 31'',1u t
r,'c'1,3'l , uveniug serVice3, '1 3('cl3ck. Sig
31ay "3'! 33,! 33 333333 no n 3lr13tna 333133
3313 .vet 33' i3 3 o'clock'.
'3.31,Ike 13'l ') M . . 1\"a331,.3ills Met !,,..
dit'1333,p l h rch3 Rev, 3. 13. 3 r331331!,
!33I'3l3r. !3r'13chin g at I 1 13. 333. by' t13 31as
tor .333! '33 3,; 3. 33'. 3y \3 W ." Ni 3h 31!',
(.133333 333333 a 137 1 3 a33' m3. Su3333ay3
3,313t ,3I a3 'j 33 333 133333 I l .3ry 33113, 1333133r
vic, at3 (, 3o p. m. i-- ; '33' S3'c33er,
'133333311 '313313 13t~ l3 1.h~o; 133 hurcI 13331
3t -. ;" I. Ill. 33' 33e l 3c,v t3. 333, n 13V 31331
pa tý, ', afer 33.ti133 3i1l3 33 il 133. a13 r
vi,3 I,. 3 1, r3(3.133 u tic3 ii 3333 lu nLo
1 1 3,' 333.3. 333iC i 3 ('arj3 l3'c:3'~ 13333.3
il 1111. .01 91111 1lis. C·olling dt
It0ilI tto.- . iv tllu T.Zll r iI th ,ll.i - Ii oll t i.
)I; III.I1. 1 the c , m Init r l I III Jl·II: ture1 . subject
. T r..l . p. mi i l iit I cl, ll Itl.-hi. .
he(hlll\l t, . In o i1 IhI u
d 'i(y I ,L m n T ,'r, .I 8 0 clo (cr . ":111 11, ,
J. 1( 1 i) I1' III. 11 11ll' ,t I'l.. l\,i.( IL'I'I II'.' . , I ..i
I'hu t lli1 I'L ,fldl~· :It.' ' II .t1 Iii."5111
?( Il'h1 . l',",,'ph I:',11 I . It; i' h1 l 1.) .,i~h [ ' l
h,':ldll~ ,l\. O ' ',, Il l~ ,,II . . '1,'1.)11: I ·hLk, .gm
dcil t\llll' v. ,1I t I' '1L 1l'.,'ltlt'.: . 1 1 '~ 11(.
ii orw i;i and l'ip .n ,h i ,thii, it pi
i.11. t- -. Nti\'et., t ,.I I II.m w, th p.-t r.
v i1 .1 .1 I 8 Leta.,k i.. ,IIy ! . Nit. N. iitnlo. ,
iracin. Mi.' .-Ntttv i-- . s i t- . Ni-i I lx :
1ta.' ay whool :stI,. 1 (·1 2 it 0 1. 4 rs 1.·11
Ii'tu l i',lor l it Ntil, p i. I'. I NllltiCIt - Nit -
griw I.p K. Nh-i Ittioir. . \i~ NItlirtit.
'.up\' Ithe | ltlpit 1 itl .l ied 1 ett\in.'11111, ,
Mitt ii h h. i. IN- t i Ni t I-. ni it-i.H
uNI. i N-t.itt11~11. Ad-i1 Wit. N111~i. d1111.·
Ni i,, lit r'l N ii lt i- i -, i . 'g,' I ),Li, l
Nsttitit ii Nit-il a titi iii iitui ittkitt
kll'.t . 11 it. 1 i. iLi. .i ~1,1n t u u I . Ir .
t.ie .t. t' i1.i i.in ' .'\.t . nt1. I tI l d.ii .wr'
lic,. ii i .it. lit ii: l iii, Nit. I lth- l i
vN,. In ittihtn1t Nit.i,. ollI h,, \i,.tu.
hits w.,.rli..'. at N o .) l,! 'I,.
I ' , tiit tit ', Nit i I''. I tl r- t tet. Ni. it. .
l uIi-h'. , i. Ni .. I N I I.til,,n II lt, .
Itry1: 11,lt . Ir,'im ' 1. 1 1 tli', l ). 1 lll,( l . 11: 11.,,ill
\. IIu . ui ,, ., l I hlt in .. 'IL, .., l i--i ., , '.
l . N i. t). . h n s. ti , n lh. N it , l,, . i htte.
+Ii - lt- t.,d , IlI ,,,'.- . \iit . , .ni l . , I .i ,.
M t-hltl .r, i. I -. Il iith- l,,t . N It . . II.
,u il h lN . '.-'.. \. tl ..tu l,'-r. N1it-.. NI il. lml r.
il. ui ll. I , \\ N \. i Si i It. I,\. , , I,
-K ih.-r.ti J i,, . '. l, i ,,, NI t'., l, nlu ,
tII;rty K e., l. r. \.L II. k el'th. G m,,' l .t l II.
K, ot1,tll, K l ·1yJr) t',,.. I<.HIe King. lill., .nu,"
l.ynt h, ei -tiit it., 1-. . J 1. t.I c lt. it.i. I q it
I. imitIt Ii'.,. lN it".i. I .ml,, i harh
T.n;(l 1 .1i it IihN..itsI. a n , l . 10 b leh
lit l.l n (. (i i :. . I -. I t .,t 111 ll.
\\lher L.wi,. \lk,.. I. L.vI.,hr..1J. Linal
say., .li.,. Amy I,',.. el-. 1 MelII l,,\..l,
M i ,n I.- ),.( I 111111, ; v -i ii. ir .\" . t
hit i , Mr,,. M1a1't \rtuth r, Iiit i.\t i\rlh ir,
Mcinyre F \\.F. H . M.'l'tin n, ..I.J. \h"
NlLL~lit-i It. Nitu J)(~1(1. iI ItIvitti 1nu'.,
Nit-lio . M ,rt.i'. Nitt. iri N.t M Ajlit - 1.iNi -'.
1)r. lIhrth.a MaH'k,.I Ah-,. T. %. Al;=.l'h.'r
Nt i, Mii l I ,lht, t t. I. M I th r .li.tttr.
ShIrititil. I. l . Mitihh ll., Ilintih i N ith i,.
M. (;. ,.l;1111:wN ,','ii,. I. .ulli, \ (n ,t.,, \lullin.,
Nitlll l· tutuII(I~ I.iii (~lill. nut 1.- S:.1
M rs. N rmitrit , t , N l.' . tl II .li , I. il. Niti
nttk I\ N S itv·. iiit Ii. : It NtIII- i'.ii.t it itit
\rlw n. I. I .. M, ul, p (. 1 1\. l ,.'llll.,ll. h.
grow,~ S.:II) I K. r· ilSon:hir-r · L Mel1I;ist1m 11
It it. I. . N i 1, It 1. I. . I 111i t . 11A.t -
hon,'y. I",,,'h r ,ai \|ll,..nl,.,. M11 l,. I 1..
11miles \. 11 ,l eaventll . 1 ll 2 '1 1 , 11 orms jl T
A. i. A lIi, t it.ii. Al.ii Ii !, tlit. i1t- h. i',
Nit ii'. tt l.t i itiltit ll, N t '- it i ' r. i i tit
..lll:ltl. I(I. M I onab: l ,,I Ili. h,,'ic . SI, lia y
M ltl' r, l LIM.. .liil'h r, MIi..I lolh N vr<,.
'r,,.., ; i,'holls., ;N,' il. N ew in,..n i , N o:,rrcell.
N u.'k,,ll. M ,'l,,nalbl. I'. M",h lb bl, . I . ( I
,M ,rri,, o " I',,ny. N,,tt.,ino'r, N wle., h.ah ,,lis,
th etrel.te t, m)' ' nll lit' {ll. i . (. 1I (l'l' ~r
milai, W\. ('. Hitlll. 1. 0 M arkil'e.' Mli.,'
Il ilt -. K(. 0 1)mno ii ll. , s ti :li v,Iv .\ r< l, j hn
|Pai ,.iir'., 1"l, Plllw'. ullil I hllell .. I':ir ,
mlore., M\ines. IPl'nih,,nl, Xlir,. I'iinf 1. .S.
P , I';iii n, i, t. 1t. I'.,x,,, . I" l I s, . ,,,
E'v,,rlII I':ix',,i. I'ii ,h aul . 11t . NI',.l l- ,, ,
I'. . . IP ll'l ifi'l, 1lr.,. I',li.,ni, nll S p,,,k eil,
.J. I';llle'l'ol, 11 ,. Patltl.rw ni . M rs. I). ('.
Ioii, r, J. ('. I' h., l'yh. II, i I'luimou r,
I'i tti . I'.. 1I. I1.,,iw<h. M r, 1,.. % ll h , M is..
.J. 1'. llickankl . ,.li-. Itwk wl, , , Alas. 10l,
h'y, \V. 1.. Iht lnis , .I. II. IN n-, .II .Ali-..,
1[ ul I I., l . Alls. ('. 0 I" li l' 'r. I \ , I/llll.,lr.
X10alich ii( I~it u ,, . \ly'- I<.i, I.,, tl i, r~. 1I
Iok, . Ik',lh'r. IL 1). IH ire.r 11i., I itr.r \II
NI ci,, 1,' 17,ille ilrl , l. i.h d, .. lIt. 11, ,,,-, I.,'H
hU nit,!l All.. IIose,, .J. \\'. I,' ,' , t.l ,..it
14311, J. 11. I/.,,t,, tw,,o .., II. IIlbh ..,in
i.,.orgll Io~ckwo, .d "1hoiile. Ililh:rb., \\.
Rayinaiini, of Shoh.idlin,). I). I1f:.,. Sl,.rey,
lih.;rr~sley. ( lli b Is ,., bliat,, it1, .. I . I.
Si...,.r-. \\. ( ., S ish.rlui, \\. U . ;-pr ,.
I'. \\. Shivw ly, J. I). hhM l,.,i-, .hi..,.,.,l,
11i-, S-tlvleln.. n. II. .'Sym,,,,.. I. ;l).m,, .
.Shr,,l'.hirl', I'. h.v-l~ A, \\,, A ..Smtilh, A. 0;
S whn.el erli, .111 .-> ,r:i, . S.t,+v il.a nl. J. ( .
.Sullivanl, Mll...(' .%ulllitaiii Ali . .Suilly, J.
II .%l iiili MS'tr 'llrbur.er \I". M a t ll' au teir.
.\ is, S'- i': l,,,n .Ir-. . iharl,,. .',ithelll nd of
..h.ril;m., J. V. . ,upr..n:s,l M1in> .Supr,'
t,;snt. S. S;,, I r.r , .\it'. .'ulv e/ir, I'. (;.
.Simitl, i. hi(l, ,d o \nm ,',l,,e M i.. Tfh,,r
oulali, lili , It ii, k< r, I<,. l, 'l sh m i ille., 11,
l1,,. , ,' Aliw 11. ' , .l . l I., ,% 1, ' dl,.f r,
Turlii ., T ilton, A.'. 'i,,'hl.. M ri . l>J. W\.
'1 ,l,.i I1. 1,Iaren ri, J. I. f,'m pl< ,,:ml, i.
"lIbo nu s. I'.. 1, 'li.,l , >,. ' rl.l,;,r, "l,,w\h.,
"1 ralll. \ . Tlalblnlt, EdI., '1 ps n ,, I. I, o1 r
lll ,-. '[ uil.tl o,! (t ,im e vilkl, I,. I,. V ;.il,
Mlia, %',,11, M r..1 J. II. Va'viani, M r.%%'
V;.n 'lls., .\it'" \V:l, M'. r,. lir',.l VW .'t,
\W aiillitce, J. I{, W hai.lion, L.. |'. W alliiants,
\W. \W. \\%llsw,.rth, i1. V. Wins,'hil, A%.
N. \Vinchll, I'. h. W ells, \h ,i t, , \W'.ime..
<ary', J. 11. \\hilt', \!,,)li, M i- W ,,od.
• rh'<. I'. N. \W',,l of C'.blernfian , L . .
\ ihl.. S --n'er. \\'rtm.;lm, \W hitil,t . 11. R,.
M r's. \Vatrliin , Miw \W hirb.;<, I'; II. W\,.
ri,.k, J. \\',',IIli, I1, (), W,'l., , \V. \W .
W ish,,il :Ir,. t. 11. \\,lh1 ,ln ,, I'. \W iw(
.M rs. A. II. \\hitc,'l .r If. \'4 llionl., M iss
W\iih.rs of .Sli(.i-I.., "Mr,. 1,. G. Youngil,
M i..' Ilalic a' n M'Iiil .li. it. V ani l y. Y.)ul.
alie' , \Vilh,,u mull M i ., |.nIn I'll litiv'e.
A party "t I) I ,"I,"na p 111.1. l .1. 1 \lr ill Isott
'n I 'id ty, Aiwm tht i (I.\i'' 'll c
rs,. \illiaimli \\a lP(L) , Pr.. \P'-.. I I
KIrssler will NI is ' PIjjl. K lr
Mrs. Wi.ill l~lllam \\ alla,,, Ir., u( Killila is'
of t'iwi i. rsv"~l r-uely
Ii riP i.
proi ressive whliist wati tinyvil, NSips Jot-u
putI/.i-i. I-lt tlt-lit , n it enjoiycd by Liii
irttl \ r . :HI' i kiolls rcl ili( n( I Ia .11r. I yliclh
'i1uit iic pr(tict wure I 1)t. P P.i~ttnlttt, 1)t.
KNts-iuii, \Pt"ý, P. .N" -IuLk Nu1iMr, , AN.
DJixot, Niti. Ii, I. PoIwl, Nir, A. PP.
N'yrcs, t hi .: Iu t-,i (i--ut I .atau 'tI, Mary NI i
Mural,,t PI Bit ist Ptahu-.;, J usuvjltltt I diP~, pupa
i-arrow, Lola Nitirytt, Pitlliuti t~wynnet,
NPliii tl'liti, u'suhi \NPhtllvi tutui I in mail
,itt, N1 r. Pu'- Pt. N it. It;tiru, tii. \\ Irtti,
Mc, Mrs ,. t'Mr. riha.lds. Mr. Malone, Mr.
I'rt'ilce and Mr. I,qL ch.
The West Side Shakespeare Club.
()i I tietlIdit eveniiti the West Sdle
Stakesp.ere clib iti at the hlntle fit Mrs.
'. N. bossnuIm . A. t \' I (trll 1at1t1s w.ca
r,l tnl tLh. ie:.vill, ftr which curreniit
'\llIt n mton the I 1i til t he· club,
"Aiicricans In Process."
5 e-w h,,,k t" conaideral, civic no,1
itlitictl tntlerest i. \titerl' ;itts in I'rot
c I g," l I tIu ihton. t\tl , I it t lt ., whit lt
t i ,tllt lit i. t11 11] oiii t i. i, tr lt itl " ietle
Iti' lll \t lltI¶.t.t I ii t ii ,lt. 1i\'t il1 11'1 , Ilt I tie
111,1111 ..i lilt' 1,1 tI-h ,11 th 11111 \\i 4t Ij'miI ,
Iii tlna, pl t'.1111 Ii I ,itll,.'. r iltt dlitricIt Ili
S1 .111 I.. I I i 'i 1, Ii,1111111t.I t ai ut . I I ;
i iilss itttt, it, t hu lt ' c.. t tlltj t ..tti "
t111 t11 \tpl ul*tl 1 iii `it' II t. " t 11t . ti it ther
, ,11h I i .l I ,t 1 hl ..tl s,, i Ira , till II'll -
I;11t. . 11 .' c HAl'. l 1 1 v "l-t it 11:111, ml . llils'4(
lit I '. I l.lt ln I tl l \ I e, - "ll \ \ ii il .4 till
,r h rII e th. 1wt l. +.I, lc 1 ,1 , :1. I ' tt cnlmt idell Ir
. le ii lt i It IIi 1 til s li, . tie I 1.ii. IIsoiw
IIthe 1 I I I.,tn I Ht1.11 i ln t h , 1 ht. i i '. tsriet l
114tiIt , an: oth r p 11,111 ,"t ti-e l . The
1/1. 1,1 il ;l'.-llllil.~lllt~lt I'I liilltt .ri t'llt l +
t .lt, I nt II I. I ti . \;t i i I IIt le L
nitt1 t1 .t 111. l it I 1 i ' 1ll , ll, 1 i t i tt il,.0 1 1111"t i 'fti
ihm. I iii a' mail ti t1 I, hl itit l ar w I
|11111. ' , il .. i ,al. ii ,lIt.I .I their ca . l il .II
I1 .1 11h ,s,, i,', i , II . .. ,ItiI I't. ,l , hl . . till
II11 ,l '1 ,. ltn 1 tt ,11 , l , t1,.1 t tpl tl '.11 i t1.I Ih
11 r , h \ i c ,,d w ,, ill,- ,llltr es -lt it
the c ti le Ii' 1 tt1i t, li i.d .t ii itir
,11i. 1 l ,l;ti I t l . t1 chI. . t l I
tI IIi I' , I,, I 1 ti ,111 . li n ti 5I.1 1 "h.t
U , I I 1 , ll l, ,". , 11 .1 i'.l 111 ' , I 1 g.,l 1 l . l) ,ri+ -
Ill 1 11 . 1 .,1 Ii '' IIlet ,11s' ,',11'i'I,111 ;1111 I Iti
I li . Ililltc .i h . h, I vH ,', it LSh k fnr ,.. l.
"'1 ,,i;.. ,H s,, ,I , no1111!0 , i 1 ' ill that il l\ l
\ I ltil I l . " 111 -.h ,. .t.e Ii , .: ,eta l , 1
tl t~1 t1,I0 l ' . Ih s li b It,1 . . 1 1. ;i
1l ,,ot 1 , tis It.' I,,, i1 ' I ,lia i vi h. ,t ,
Oh ]u11blw ,11 11111h , .1 , 11 i 1, 111:n r se n
( 11:11l x'. 1 , )''I + Ill 'll· lll'Hith p i \ 111 1U lht iltl' t I
illt II lll 1 11.,; 1,ht, ,l ht . h1 . 11 ,. :. 51' 1
1tfIb.t 1,' - t , . ,,11 1,. ' t ,1. 1 1.T 11 h 1 ,1 '1t1
Mle d ,tt ,,s ilh ,, i(H , M ,. I .I ll, 11 arc 1 I ,tI.
1 , 1 llit ,,:(115115.l ],1r l ;le 1 11. h .111 tit
It',, e :t , AI it rc,, I, ,' . ' I IIll.,i ii. 1 , I I ,.
tl l l it l ., t t . I.,' l i, , It , r. ll O,,
th ,.ro h.h.,i , ,, I 'h, . t, t h' , art i f . l,,, rit,
t l \ v.1Ce t 1, t l I 111, i c1* 1 "1 t, . 11 th, ,,'1 I
M ol, hI ,t', tl l.
, \.. . . I ..ll151 aii.i t ! 1. ,'l .m a n. ', 1.1
11€I 1"..1 ..tl It. \ 11 n t,'ll 'h 1r he ll 1, nl I,, i , i ILl
,H.1111 " \11 , 1 1, " I i 'h 11 s l ,, II,' : I i l,', I h '1
ill. fi ll r t: l , '. 1 1n 11. . h ,1111 . . I Illl ll
I " t l th ' s,l, , , I ., ih 1h 1. , i l h, .
I1 1 t, I I, l · . I 1 1 .', th. I, I 1l h ' 111
.1 l1 1 1,. i ll 11 'li t' . 1 II I t,.l ,l+ f, II.... .,
, .. h I I ,I h1 1 ,'11 .1 ' 1 .'1 .... 11 I 111 '11
11 I I II ll ll11 1 , 11 1 11i I , l, . I i 'll . I
h 1 11 .] . sill 11 IIIII" 1'' , lit. 11 ,1 '* 111
,rn .lllll, . n 1 s . 111 ill " , " lil 'lI. I I 11 ,. It I1" .1. 111: r
;t,' .111tH , Ill 'sit ti Mi ll :1 Jests no1t1 ri
'l IIh, i i rl ,I t11 ,; 11 . I 1 I.1 \ h 11. .1 .1, I I,, *
1.1' . I i Ih e ' I ' h,1. , I : ... 111h , h 11111
l. l I hth, l '.tll u ,, 1 h . t I, a ll l'
1 , th i"I, ..n 1 51inI I IIi. , , I. l' It I",,I'- v
li :lII l ,I'. " II 111 1 It ll 1 1l , . .1111 s It t1 I
t I ly . ; l ' 1 'i ,, 4 II ' .lli ll ,I :I . 1 t ,I I, 111 ,1 +t
.Ih, , hadl 1. hi ,, ,, t I t,.11 I ,. I1 lll e c I
f i11 r ;1t11.1 r1 1 111 i ,, l l. , i l , I h , 111 '
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11'.a I fill, " 1 11 I, 1 i"- - l %- J: Lil l, 1 111 r1t "
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Si'ttle.nwt work hct,; I",<comn, not only a
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w',.:i1hh a1a4 crul'.inrl. ",\Anti ricanlts in Pro
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