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Isued Every Evening, Exoept Sunday.
O8 West Granite Street, Butte, Mont.
Per Year, by mail, in advance . .. . 7.50
By Carrier, r.r ,lonth ....... .7
The Butte Inter Mountain has branch
offices at Anaconda, Missoula, Bozeman
and Livingston, where subscription and
advertising rates will be furnished upon
The Inter Mountain can be found at
the following out-of-town news stands:
Eastern News Company, Seattle, Wash.;
ShankL &, Smith, Hotel Northern, Seat
t!e, Wash.; Salt Lake News Stand, Salt
Lake, Utah; Twenty-fourth Street News
Stand, Twenty-fourth Street, Ogden,
'tah; Barkalow Bros., Salt Lake, Utah;
L. E. Lee, Palace Hotel, San Francisco;
Portland Hotel, Portland, Ore.; Postoffice
News Stand, Chicago. III.
11 r .1 . r . ,1 g it-,ll i ts . htlil I hat
n ,- t ' 5 i t, j3 i,1nai so! '-II " I ii ttl tIitll
inc 1 . 1 111111,1 r, ',?q 1, 1". thv Itt1l'e M m , r
I) ,.. 1 ,. I . . 1,, I" ll,' tl' II .I li(,1 111 t n th 1+\ 1111
fi till s 1 11 t . ,111 11s 1 ]] I Il It
;: .d111,,I,. ft'l h1' 1t : 1 ,11 ) t1 ., 1(1'' 1 ,' 11 1 "
\ ,11 '5111 l lli 1 " 1 ' 11 1 ;11 1 1i ' .1
11'I I, 1 i ~ , ,,' I' tlr tilh , '1 "1,' 1 I .J
~ i,' ,:I l . \ ib, " I, li' l .1. , 1 1 1 I ~ I
tt ., I ,.ii li " 'I, .i ,l l 1 1 i 5ill is 111"s I
S111\ 111"" ' i \ 1, 1 111 1 1111 I
tl "'1 - II 4," 1 ,l I I\'C 111., 1 11, ttl,' i,,l
(It:, ".1o +r 1 .,1 ,m , 11 It "1n! 1 !. tilt - 1 1 1. I l l
'I' " ll i i 1 1. 1 t1 111 11 ' h1 1 '.i.,sI I
1.1h . ' i si I t- 11,i IN:,l 1 1. l I l.i itii 1,l
, .1 I I h 111 I '. 1 1 t 1111 11. 1 11,. 11 11, . . 1h I. 1,
I 1 - l it II"I t.1 1 11 1
Is .I i. ,+I lh 11't I i, \ tl- 11 1 111 i r 1.
sts' . I t 4 . l I , sii, h i i,1h .11 , i ts' s,.tt 11.E
Il1.1 4\ 1111 till int, e. tt", :11.1 4".111 11, 11I:" r
ti11 ;..lh- 11,·1 I'1a.11lh, 1. tc ,, III1 ,,t' 11:4,1
to, b11i, it ll in. 1 . t 111 i t ,11. 1 . , i" 1,n^
cO I th l lt l l pro,:ret+.. 111it . I s 1.1 . i1111111
:ii li liatit 41( 1/tI's ,I t',' '-s \t I lti
1\ 11tII i lit'1 I," , L s'I is1i i. 1 (1t1: 1111
the i tcelhc ltu t a1 tqI''i.it-, thi 1111111)'ly
; l i thel - rl l t -t ,f ctii;l tI |r I.t 1l t,11 ;l
Illut itf the 1n1t. .- i \, it it I 1 ti it,1 t's.
l 'in 4iscu Iim:i l t (he 10111., ;h11 " re -.' M er.
i- n11.1 I, i to.<l. '( ,' t .11i 11X (h M inrerr :hnr l.l
-si s l to i ltitt5 ii I silts-, is I 5thist t
\'tu11 nel: i, or wa1 cnll a: little'
Mette.r lixstd ill the ii tt1r ( i a h,'y lthan
i ii S t rit rl' lt 'l, it h ha, n 111 11 t .it 1i.
'I lhe 1tso \iet el,- ' hich the ili trmanI-. t - : .
tlllutlu e t1i n11tllhii g l ;i . s \\it r clt'- I ', it11:1
mtuch , Iht\ ,ere btart'ly ct'll rthy.
The i u I lin...i .i stiauri r., t apNt 'red :1i t.
the lle tr -I i cruiser Vii t;, a lstti t elyit
t ,urt4' 4.1i uhtl1 ', lleatI 'e t acht .\tl.Inta,
whic..h ait is ,hl to lvenlt e'lla ; al-,l a y;,'r
111 ;i n l . htt tcd outl \lith a:1 '\ at
olie- (If the shilt yart' t in New Ytork hai oriit .
The \ siAtalantsa wit;. is 4l. tih plrivatelt ytacht
of the late Jy 11 hl., and N;a, at one
craft. lShe is. nc ct so Swift as shi l moiderl-li
1bui ts ,tsam yachts, hi t hi1, )'11d spetd
l1t.-l Iut ilt bie able ts1 itisc a siy Iof t ll
. l':nRih m'r |Ir;lma ,hip, ill S,,uth .\1me
It i- a decidi d change or t tile t.tlait.a
ish ich, ait the plipirty of the hil oulltl, lith
the flia: ofi the Ntew Ysrk Yehachslittl l, ll
find h1rs- tl"t nlitd'r thil .iie tl ,f \cii c tA lat
it w r is t iiss l r and I n11Io w f1 'i4 the cotlors
of th-e kanier. .\s IlC l aS t;1, 1, 1sertyns
kiiIip ps - I. n of h.ir- tihe \s utezut lnt
i;t iy may si1. I idi to be nil.
It tlssy b1 ' thai tiit t. tldteli departure of
the cl1'tis "r ,\sli ny oft ' A Ihtiral I 1w1.y s
1 t111 from I.'ulehra f ',1rt \ ls ez 11:1 \'tet s
i s simply Ifor ti llt purpsis oti ; cu rl'it} s a
aV; l sollsic t:r t t h tilt s- \1111i1lt little tl't' 1 ict
ali an assistant tio iniis r' a flvh\t . Ne',l vr
theless it is signiticanl thtk.-.le Albanty
was selected over thie nuiy switift craftt tf
lettcr destructilc capacity now attached
ti, the fledi. The yacht Miayllioter or on:
of the 1,eeral torpedyh u hut' lstroyci.r
tuIls, an1d ,uxiliary hsteutia t Irs votul have
d t- it s 11t 11 ai t ilt. Alt ll iy to t.'irs o i il
plascl ni er.
JI-s t I 1\'i*it i'oul ot o he \\is ftrl the
l'U it,:d Sqt ts to ,e1n1 ;1 formidh ahhe Ilh t.
or" (4.'1n a battleship to \'tnezx ela. as such
a c1,ur.(e w11uhl lead to a suspicion of this
(u.n trylt'.\ "111, faith ill the pcunding dh.0
p tle. .At the ,i' .'s tim it i is s , 4 ell to
1.,4c : 1 v,,nrhip ready at h];ul ill ca e
furthir complic,;tions arise. Apparently
thls, pssition of this govern- n.nt is that it
Ills 1n istcntil l of -aking a. show of
shuhl start al d ,houl- it heco - neces,
by a trip to Venezuela. 'Ihey form qluile
an escort for a solitary naval officer who
has been detailed to short duty. The
Albany has a speed of 20 knots nn hour
and belongs to the protected cruiser class
of steel vessels. In her ninin battery she
has six 6-inch rapid-fire rifles and four
4.7-inch rapid-fire rifles, while her
secondary battery consisted of ten 6-pounl
ers, eight -pounders anld two Colts, all
rapid-fire guns. Ini addition she has three
torpedo tubes. In fact she is abshout ns
good as anything the powers have in the
harbors of Venezuela at present. The
chances are that she will have inothing
to do hut to look pleasant, but her prsi
ence mai y lead to, a better observance ofi
good order andl drtecency on tlihe piirt of
the visiting ships from Ilurope.
(One by one thel rios f;ill and ,nite by
one' the big lung d shiuntters of that lilt li
oraiTle calllpign of 1 .(i6 get in ll n with
what they were pleased then to term
the hellish mo,lny power. flow tmuch of
truth there was in 'the protestations of
these' genitlioneli that they h:oil id,i.tea'te
the.ir lives to presi rviig thel librnit's ofl
the i t.,plic against th- e i l chi l lli, .> t-i oi
ithe ':h, Iaro ns ." how , ,lI1 o, ts* Ihii -
i.e- :ait-l hoi much oi f i t du e ii, ' t,, rule
into Ipohtic -ll hl l er';-hip , i. a i a ..,- i- - I
pI: .' I. , I fad i , 'le t '.h,~nl' t b y their aI ; ii ot:
since their thr, u, h ,l tld i p.nly tt , fit l.d- t
to d 'l te'n .
J ~l ut,' ,, 1 A 11 1,u n ... 1 i- l il Ih :Ih ,
,I 'rrv 111~ i p .i l i- :Il it- le II ,Itt i- \ l ,i,
I -x: I ,' t, rii u-- it kit , itt ,-tit ,l i .t.1 , II
it it tti <- lit it iii t -ir I iii l n t
ill. I I. , r , 1. w 11 1- 1 i l li-11 ' i. l
Ott l li i i, . i lli it . i fl lt Io ilt, i ti lll-t
IIII ul i, l I ,I * s i L I.I\ol tii
i i l l, l i ti pa si f. l- l i 1 i-l- i11. ii l I i IIt i I I : l
1h , 1, 1 II.I l, - th,' ," t,,p.-11n1' \\:i~ll ,,I:l.
SI i ' liii'i, iy hIll. h III i lll i ll lll l,1
; i,.i I. - t hil l ,,11 1 l- , 'sIt I,' i ill -u. N-, , Iis
II I, '.il// .1ti 1i , x i i\, l. i- i v i- i,'h ii , t.ii tili. II1f 1
l., .n ,,r ,,i u l th ,,t n t p y
I l 1 a t I lia l M ill 1, I I. 11 I.:1
b n 1:111 i h1 i il\ ,, 11:I ', 1 1h . i , ,i. \1 1.
11 '\.l 1 1i . t i. II mnt. 1 la 11i l rll l il l ;1 ): th ll ' 1 i l
11 lti l. ll l iv 'li'l , + I v k,l ill ,l 11 ,,1 li1 th -
II, I li' r tIl,ie ' ,ll t,11I . ;i 11d h1r. r t u'l.
t;Ilh , . l u I In I I, H,, t, b," l. l ,I. sl i II -
. 1 , hill tl lc f r the hov l " m;m1; tr w: tl,hlltl ir
t l hiii 11 \,'r \l ;,,, in li i, p a t ca tll t . .iashi
i s1,~t- ,,,,uill ion l t ith \\all si r0 tl That
vil .th ' t It itier tu', oitti the com mo ,edo
it , lrnpiI-r(" iitlal he 1 hhn. luin II;f.ll haI
ruIri ', hi. rth,\ ', I iloe, tol ft r til. , heir
ll , ;ti ll fI e, yTi r.s ;l , i l ) fill e h . Ih , i'c
nf p,,I i .il a , li,,o i.,ti $. '1'. ;.;ls in thi , nl
h v is takhi la i ue re direithe cni,1 lll:rn e lly
su brer roadI'll I i m,,t , it Iht ilm lale
tl'redI ;1 t lurllti over''. (f'Iet Iral .\lexis
Noti. \vhl was war millinilttr f Ithe provi
iinllat governmentl dulring tlihe revothllIn of"
a fewt' weeks ag.1, revulted against. that
ov\ mIe t'lln ;ltI a:1 the. ha:i ' :111o a 11111
11 .I ,n 1m1 he has tIka htrtaige if ie
ship of .sltate ; n1lld I)rolaim ed himself pr'c,
idhnt. Ire o .jcct,,l to his fI .r nwr t' .
league; r c . l Ul ni pr ,itn v w ith the elletmt
\\hen a ll.ytian l ,lii cii ,oit hject' to l a
actilon on the p:rt of hi political t, i
ate, Ie does not wait to 'e1 party ,lita -
ipline .rt in its w'ork; he starts ai re.', lt
on.. rd has pulld h hi; particular littlei
revolution through without a hitch. Next
'week ine of hi l present lic utenatliii ii llbti
leh., will start sont'lhi'n of the mnd kind
fand tldeavor to tilt F t'lal Nlord i the
tull. Political m lethod, in l')f i arte .Simpleh
and charmingly direct.
\cconrdinl to ,Iion0l 'ardhen, Itriti -
knownl in the fertile island, lli, report
to hisi hmie i et 'nu t I ttll . pll int id n el.,
where in t th e I n er u intain t idtty, is in
hteltini r.ca ing.
cttle' repCorts nill excetsie perl. ll ge
of crinliwal, in h, r population and a ,u1d
den inerlae ill her c. is e M ' ,ta lti .s . It is
evidlent that the crooks of the country
have followed the allvicc of Hllr, ce
W ith llthe signlit of thl e new extl'radliit
1ith I'razil comes, the clusin, of another
altlreea le lport ol rl cf tg e for t.ll fortunate' I
Americ-ln'. Rio de Jan'ito Hill lose a
1111 t,1 int rtcr' in:; I'Ingli ,ll-,plt kinlV coln ,,
))tit lperhal', Ri, \' ill ,not ,nis t.
I'haI . I , , , te l. I'au Lgr,1hf rr . hen ', ill
you . ea se i, Iak i ; :111 fill plun s O l th c lt' (
of Minister li.m cn? lust bec ut;se he has:4
)ack-lowcn is ntut e..cue frl' harping4 o(l
tilhe .ubject.
A ln , now it turns out that ;:l .11 wtrican
was the cugih-er and huilde, of the great
new d(1i1 on the Nile. One mi.;1ht have
Confessed to Chief,
tlelcna, Dec. .:o. Mr,. Mattd l.eva'n the
treasurer of ft, (I :] w (lold e of )' e lle1
h'lto 11a, e .te- l In 1; 1,1 1l nn or '.hr, of
S,ý ........l I,) .... : - ,.
MAJ)OR Walter Roberts of Dawson
county, who punched cows with
Theodore Roosevelt around Medora, has
a very pleasant recollection of tie cow
puncher president. "It isn't generally
known," said Major Rob.
Roosevelt erts to a representative
Lost of the Inter Mountain,
All His Cattle. "but Roosevelt lost prac
tically all his cattle in the
two hard winters during his term in the
grazing business. lie had bletween 2,ooo
and 3,ooo head, and I doubt if he suc-e
recded in saving over 350 of the herd.
'These he shipped and retired from the
cattle business. But his experience in the
cattle business, although it resulted in a
heavy loss to him financially, gave him a
thorough knowledge of the needs of the
cattle industry.
"This is seen in what he has to say in
his message in regard to keeping the pub
lie domain for the people, which is fair no
tice to the cattle syndicates that they Imust
,ot take wholesale possession of lands
that do not belong to them."
Major koherts remarked that Roosevelt
s.,on established hlimself on the rmost cor
dial relations with the cowboys who were
disposel, to look askance at him on his
first arrival.
IHis eye gla'ss did tnot impress them
favorailv. "I hey Out the notion." said
Mjor hIler"ts, that hI was a very ex
(illiii exam l, l f a t,,iirf,,t. Bli t they
inon found out Ithat he hal the stulff in
himi to nalk' :i good cowputicher. For
one thing. thy sp,edlily lharctd that they
dul not hay,. a bucking horre in their
Ihoe liiakiig 11altery that the manII I in
th. y .gl..e . wtll, nt tackhl . IIn ad
d' ion, to th i . his. kill .ilih ithe ril. and
hi . i.', h d n th, t:,k' ih' Io,.h11 "t w. ;ather(
in l lC I lI t olh .n,,n (,tabliht I h1m1 i tile
S,"1 '15 I.. "I i"l b o 1f1h (o , 11i,"i h yi l Jir hI,111
I I n i t, v i en , -r , - t , n t, " n t. , t , , h ,n ,'o t h a t
li ui.i ii !i llh 'I I, n , rti t i.lt ill
, r il V i u I ,, ;, iit), '.l i iii w 'l u ni t
:! ld,':1 ,of I'llt, 1r :,py r,,bleira;bhle
1,Ih ,r"of dill~, Lot whthl, hir,' he niiaI his
I.ti 1,11 11 wh, know lhim e.IIl
S hI h t ,h i , I I, h.,"t i ,I,, in - e.c lu-ive
.,1. \ v . 1 ,11 tn 1, ,,, to,, - , i ly ill
I, .,. I,' ilf : l hal fi L i- ;Sif ,uicn , w ife.
I i. th, I h( ' I.1 Li ,e ,hil; th p: ,ac ' tr the
l 1,,-I ,iS ',', , I tul 1i.1, I l\cr b ," ' ( I, lle
l n' l thI l ,,ul hr I c',,ili ,l ,.ltional.
I t,, d t 1, tlh 1, h, d, par't'ed usi n "11,1y ,r
t d ;t ' il GI at I ,ult. l n, , n ter rtun uatl.
i i 11.lll. II1 1( i L 1(.lll .4IIl11.t.'1( 11 ' 1 111. (
t1~ 1 II IlI 1:l I' , ' 1 .1 I Ill I. 11:11 1.1
I\·1 ' 1. 1(:111 1 Ii .4114 11' . ii : III1~1; Ili
It by~1~ rei 1.ring iiifll ri.(lill:Ilig ~~
~;i~i~:11411 Iii1 1r. (iil:I:~~ 1~ lii··
l11 ll~t1 t 11. 11ll4~~c.lt l t l ttil 'l 1111' L\:1 II1I
14)IIIII I. ~ll.. llll ttl~it Ill1 III1·1; III rellII (I
1114. ~·icri ul ,I~lItlV4.llrl1. F~or tist' lfllt
tc;r1lill, ViP SitIg.I every11 little he rot illi
.1111 111,1 It 4.lI4.1I.4.I yI)tl SIII11l1 It.)', try
111I t. lC Tlli y i IC 1.1. 1 .) 11
I IIlltt~i II 1111fr ile11:414 d((l'It) (me
111111 rill ICI IlIt IIIc il'lsglitit tillt Irllile Is
Illllillll:Il 4.1 II II .1,1 4 11 II 1414.1111 l ls III til
Originators of Modern Prices Originators of Modern Methods
"Time Hath Not ehanged The
New York Dentists"
IExceplt to ieCret:se our bsliness. Locatiot tL1i samte--8o \Vest Park street, over Symons' Dry Goods store. Same reliable
slecia;lists. whho cntiltue to pl:ese. Same I,,:lltiful parlors, with elaborately arranlged private operatiing rootlis. Same mod
crate prics, inl reach of all. Samle method -i extracting teeth-paillessly-with their time-tried anesthetic.
ine o'f the most noted chietists of tit state of New Yorkork rking hand-in-hatnd for years with one of the best prac
ticatl .n in the dental professiont, solved th problem of extracting teeth absolutely without pain. This "secret has been
guarded" all of lthee )years with the most slemn of agreements. N)OT KNO()\ N BY A SING .I l)ENTIST (UTSIDE
O1: Tl'lts NI{\\V ''(IK 1)1N'TI'.\ I PARFl,.I. lctware of imitators. If others claim to use the same methods, they are de
eciving you.
All -.a:... l ad waranted to weal tur o We Guarantee a Fit or No Pay
ten y a rus. .lave your teeth out inll the morning
and go Ioue \\ith new ones the same
No Studonts Employed day.
In our .1) ('.ROW\NS and lRIIDGt)' \\'IRK, of which we are making A Si'I(CIAI.TIY, the most IlAL'TIf ILI, AIN
.L1.SS and I)lLR.\ItLlE of all dental work .nown to the profession, you will find ani example of the Il(hilEST ARTISTIIC
ALI .\I N NI INT'I, tilhe adapltability of which i thie IIYGIEN IC conditions of the miouth is unquestioiined.
If t.,t are troubled with nervousness or heart trouble, ie sure to call upon us. You will have nto fainting spells, no
b:tI :.lt! te clects.
Nowhere on earth is lhe sutbject of ,i'ntistry so thoroughly understood aid so much care experiencced as by the direct
ors ,f these n.agItltirently-; ppointell iarlors,
Ifetth extracted and filled albsolutely I ithout pain by otur late scientific method. No sleep-producinig agents or cocatiie.
l'These are the only dental parlors in Btutte lint have the patent ;appliances a1nd ingredients to extract, till and apply gold
crownsi and porcelatin crowns, uin.etectable . nit natural teeth lnd warranted for io years, without the least particle of patin.
Gold crown and teeth without plates, gold tilling anld other dental work done painlessly ;and by specialists.
l)tr prices are the lowest consistenit \ili lirst-class work, \We do not try to compete with cheap dental work.
We are tmaking a specialty of gold crow i and bridge work. Our name alone will lie a guaranltee that your work will be
of the best. We htave a specialist in each deplartmnct. Best operators, best gold workmen and extractors of teeth; in fact,
all tihe stafll are inventors of modern dentistry. We will tell you in advance exactly what your work will cost by a free ex
aminationl. Give us a call and you will findtl . do exactly as we advertise.
A PROEC(TI' E \'GI (ARANTEE given with all work for ten years.
Set of Teeth $5.00 Gold Filling - $1.00
Gold erown $5.00 Silver Filling .50
SNW YORIK DENTAL PARBLOmS' West Park Street Over Symons,
est is other than his natural love for
children. The other day he was walking
aling, leading the little one by the hand,
when he met a friend, The friend being
also a -lover of children, chhcked her
under the chin and inquired: "What's
your name, little girl?" She promptly
replied, "Smith I"
It is a wise child.
Again the New York papers are telling
of the engagement of Senator Clark.
About once a month there comes a story
of his alleged affair de coeur with an*
eother damsel. Those who are acquainted
'wilh the senator are not easily deceived
by these reports of reckless matrimonial
ventures. The easterners seem to forget
that Mr. Clark is the senator from Mon
ta,:l--not Utah.
(rut at the Country club there Is a
.large bulletin, on which are posted the
names of those careless ones who forget
to miake a satisfactory settlement for the
things they consume. The other after
ntonl there happened to be quite a crowd
gathered about the cheery fire. The con
vcrsation turned to the subject of "keep
iig the pace" in a state of impecuniosity.
Amll others on the bulletin, appears the
name of a young man, who, now of New
S-Yak, was one ot the best-known men
aslut town two years ago. lIe was, in
fa, t. for a time the president of one of
the largest clubs in the city. On the
blletin it appears that when he sought
p., toiret new tile club was out about $3.
hi uplllaid bills. One of the crowd, ob
s'rving this, said : "It is a wonder he
wui ,ln't settle down." "Yes, or settle
upl respondlied one of the committee. l'he
fit tm'i:lal functionaries of the Town
(C' ntry are still wondering what hap
i, nm, d to Jonets.
It tons ratlher anitising at the perform
a . ti "ZaI/;t" and "Saliphc" last week to
,1, rt tile expressions an nut the com
S. of the spect.ators. As the crowd
v :passing iut aftcr the evening per
.,-, i,, , of the last natmteI play, I hap
p. ,, .I I,, be directly behinl two memnbers
, I ,x party. The cne sail. "It was
c. I inly a good play, lbat the themen was
a itlh ti l ri-q le., dlnl't you think?" lTheii
,.,,r repli'l, "Yts, but it is true tI life,"
Ii iere doinmmgs att t ihe Thi rmronm
\\, I . ,lay Ili hl It.t witk. "Fido"
('. ~ .n r,, kln.wil in t tlhe pr .fessiin ias Dr.
It ~hIt (i)'('i,ll io r. gave a quliet little
ntntm r. Yi";, the dinner was really quict,
f(. , iv ..mInmi. oversight, the gluests negleeted
t i, at manytlhing. Along in tilhe afternoton
ii i, . cid ,ohl es were ieneld, anild bIy the
titl diinnlir was served they all decided
thi t t 'he w re in t huni gry. I lavig cir
cIh I .irnttmnl thile t;iabl several times ill an
ltitlrt!iiptU linl -llnla, the ronilllllvu aild
jmmm,,I lit the lohby. There. headed lby
ti*" hmi l , brought into relttuisition fir this
pn Ise a piarai.lc was formed. iTo the
i ptull- i ItIig itite ii ;ltl I d march tIhe ha;t
le--. ,dre.-m conit'edl atssemblllage Imadle thile
romitl of the hit, I corrilors anild went
oiii if Int ri ti siing. At 5 o'clock the next
altten ti, ni thliy nere still talkilng it over.
It is a ,luestion of inleriest---who got tlhe
dilnner? Sceveral familiar faces were there.
such ias: "Jerry" ('oney. "Toinu" Me
'':muie,.. "lulg." C('lark. "lloward" Welch
and. of course, the genial host. It will
e a lonitg time before thie Thorntoni for
get.s Ihtlrdette's quiet little dinner.
J. (,'1V WO1'TRIHt;I'rS.
Sothern in "Hamlet."
)Y .\S;,c( 1.IAl Il) I'RI.SS,
Pittsburg, Dec. 20.--'lThe presentation
of "Hlaltlet" at the Alvin theater last
night by F. II. Sitthern was highly suc
c essful. The conception of the character
by Mr. Sthern diffters materially fromll
tha:t irestltedl by lEdwin Rooth, notably so
ill the ghost scene. Where Ilooth applear
el cool and calm in his interview with
his father's apparition, Mr. Sothert is ex
citedt itn his speech which is loud and
ltaplid. Other differences of simiilar char
;ictier appea;ir throughout the perfornmanlce.
('ecilia Loftus maide anl admirable O(phelia
alrtl scored a great success.
'lThe staging of the play was onl a grand
sctale iad the costumling tInusually line
Im lI consistent.
A Itbeautiful guitar, mandolin, violin,
hlinj, or a nice imusic folio, or music roll.
A splendid line of these goods at Orton
iBras., No. 219 North Main street, at low
pl t'es and on e-asy terms if desired.
Meet me at tihe h'hster.
Why Just Read These Extracts From the
Files of the Inter Mountain of That
Date and Be Made Wise.
IH. A. Riddleberger was elected to the
United States senate by the legislature of
Virginia today.
The senate today confirmed the ap
pointment of Howe for postmaster-gen
eral, Gray for associate justice of the su
preme court and Acton assistant treasurer
at New York.
It is denied at the White House that the
president is engaged to Miss Freling
huysen, daughter of the secretary of state.
Sinking work was progressing very fa
vorably at the Mountain Consolidated,
Anaconda and Clear Grit mines.
James Mendelsohn received a number of
copies of the Christmas Argosy today, and
found them excellent.
The enterprising firm of Casey & Brophy
have put on a bran new delivery wagon.
A teacher of the method of detecting
counterfeit currency is busily engaged inl
imparting the secret to Butteites at $to
a 'head.
Sporting in Butte shows no signs of dull
ness. The faro banks are running night
and day and the faro Industry seems to he
in as flourishing a condition as any other
A letter was received this morning by
John II. Curtis from Mr. Andricux in Chi
cago. The letter came through in the re
markably quick time of three and one-half
days, as acertained by the Chicago post
Stockmen are greatly pleased with the
winter weather thus far hereabouts. Bet
ter weather could not be desired.
It was rtumoredl on the streets this after
noon that the railway company would fur
nish free transportation and free whisky
to all who desire to participate in their
little jollificatiion at the depot grounds to
A diamnnd pin was raffled off at the
Phoenix saloon in Hellena last night. It
was won by the well-known miter
Messrs. Schrul e and Ferris will leave on
the morning train for l)illon.
Scoville was reported as saying that
he thought his client (;uiteau was a fool.
The presid-ent signed the commission
of J. S. Ilancroft as a.sistatit secretary of
IEx-Secretary IaI:line riefused to deliver
the ciutlgy on the late I'resident (;arfiecl
efore the house.
Secretary Frelinglhuysetl took possession
ofthe state depliartment.
Miniing stocks were quiet and the
amounts otlere.d wiere inollnllsiderable.
A I;ain street mathematician calcul:itcd
that there . ercr 5ion drunks ii one. biarrel
of Ihttti ihis ky.
T. S. Ilamuilton,i who had teenu ill, was
reported outt of danger.
lThere iswete ni, olIfl-nders ill the Ipolice
()re from the n-est level of the Moirr.ng,
side assayed as high as 496 ounlces to the
The number of visitors to the city was
ttnusually large.
Ex-Mayor Ilank \'alitotl was confined
with an attack of pneumonia.
Constable ()wens left at the head ot a
posse for the- head of the Blacktail creek
to make arrests of menit for engaging In
unlawful proceedings. At the hour of
going to press nto word had been re
ceived froii the posse.
The New York Worll suggested that
it would Ibe well to let the agitation
aga;inst polygamy drop. as it was conlfident
the Morman creed was about to die out of
Trees! 'Trees ! T'Irees!
Not the awkward. limbless tree, but the
elegant, symmetrical Christmas tree.
Carlpenters! Carpenters! Carpenters I
Not the lazy, indolent kind, but the
active, energetic mIechlanic.
If you want either, or both, telephone
No. 73; M. Shackleton & Whiteway's job
bing department. No. 516 S. Main street.
The First Fines.
Iltig Timber. t)cc. ,o.-The first lines im
posed biy the city governtment were paid
yesterday by two ranchers who engag-ed
ill a rotgh-and tumble light otn Mcl.eod
Died From Accidental Shot.
Miles ('ity, )cc. 20.--Alvin Iitle, the
young mant whio accidentally shot himself
while huntting the day before yesterday,
died at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Beautifully decorated in Holly, Mar
guerito, Orchids, Apple Blossoms, Etc.
Three-piece Tea Sets, Pudding Sets,
Tea Trays, Salad Bowls, Punch Sets,
Cups and Saucers. Chocolate Sets.
flight & Fairfield Co.
Whether You Want Them for a
(For which there is nothing in ;rc aup
preciatcld) or whether you want a pair
for yourself. You can he sure of an
abslhlttly perfect lit \WHIEN I LX.
Glasses Complete $2.50
to $to.oo. Examination
Free to All.
Dr. Daniel Rosche
48 W. PARIC ST. Tel. 741i
Opp. Lutey Bros.
Open Evenings for Examination.
For Light
The Cheapest
the Best
For Heat
The chapest, the
most convenient
and besj.
For Cooking
Saves labor, saves
money and food.
Gas Office
0S2 North Main tteret
six Mlillioo Dollars Spent by the
U.P. R. R. Co.
In improving what was originally the
Snest track in the West.
A comparatively straight and level
roadbed ballasted with dustless Sher,
man granite, rendering possibl, the
highest rate of speed, logether with
the greatest degree of safety. The
magnitude of the work must be seen
to be appreciated.
Solid comfort, security and pleasar
to our patrons.
If so, you cannot afford to go via an,
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on applicatiom
personally or by letter to
H. O. WILSON, O. S. I.,
Butte, Montana.
Diaries and ealena
dars for 1903
Full line of the handsomest seen In
years. Come and see them and make
your selections while the lines are
complete. New books for holidays.
Latest popular books, invitation and re
gret stationery, blank books and all
kinds of office and house stationery.
1f4 N. MAIN ST.
Tachell, the Under
taker, Has Moved to
129 South Main Street
Pithian eastle.
Tel. 311. Res. Phone 6841B
Buy your Rock Springs Coal From
No. 4 East Broadway.
SIl 1'1

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