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Then the Hurried Tumbling
into Small Boats of Such
Crews as Can Escape.
Six Are Engulfed in the Raging Waters,
While of the Fifteen Who Pull Off, the
Greater Part Die of Hunger or Go In
sane Before They Are Rescued-Tale
of Ship Wreck That Rivals the Roman
.ers of the Wildest Fiction.
11V .\S'SO' A frD PRIt1SS.
Boston, )Dec. 22.--The fishing schoones
Mlanhassett artivced at 2:30 o'clock with
ten of the survivors of the crews of the
schooners Frank A. Palmer and Louise
B. Crary, which were in collision in Massa
chusetts bay on \Vednesday. Six men
of both vessels were drowned in the (ol
lision; the balance, 15, took to one boat.
Three subsequently went insane and
jumped overboard, two died front exposure
and two went insane after gctti;g ashore.
Both captains were saved.
The Louise IB. Crary was a five-masted.
and the Frank Palmer four-masted schoon
er. They were both coal laden, bound for
Boston. At 8 a. m. yesterday when the
Manhassett was 45 miles off Highland light
the lookout sighted a small boat with men
who were making signals of distress. The
Manhlassett changed her course and bore
down on the craft, which proved to be the
boat which had been launched from the
Crary. Only to of the men on board were
alive and they were almost helpless as a
result of their exposure to the rigorous
weather. Saturday night one man be
came crazed by his sufferings and shouting
at the top of his voice that the police were
after him he jumped overboard and dis
appeared. Four other men of the little
boat's company died from exhaustion and
All of the survivors were seriously frost
The Manhassett came into the harbor
early this morning showing signals for as
sistance atnd by the time she arrived at a
wharf ambulances were ready to transfer
the sailors to a hospital. Only six men
could be removed. The other four were
in such condition that it was deemed imn
possible that they could survive being
taken from the vessel.
Two of the men on the Manhassett are
Capt. W. H. Potter of the Crary anti Cap
tain Rawling of the Palmer.
The other two men are sailors, both of
whomll are raving maniacs. The men taken
to the hospital were not only in a critical
condition physically, but they were in
such a mental plight that nothing could
be learned from them as to their expe
rience. l.ittle by little, however, the crew
of the Manhas~ctt had learned something
of the hardships of the wrecked men. It
appears that the collision occurred at 7:3o
last Wednesday night off Cape Ann. The
night was clear, but a stiff gale was blow
ing and the sea was running high. The
lmembers of the Palmer's crew claimed
that the Crary was on the wrong tack
and, in attempting to cross the Palmer's
bow, hit her on the bow, cutting her nose
square off and entangling both vessels in
the wreck. The vessels began to fill and
sank in a few ntinut:s.
The Palmer's men managed to lower a
boat. There was no time to procure pro
visions or additional clothing.
As the men cleared the wreck they saw
the Crary's men in the same plight and
made room for as many as could reach
the boat. Fifteen souls were in the small
craft when it finally pulled away, both
captains being among those who thus es
caped. A short time after the boat left
both schooners went down. Six men per
ished when the vessels sank. For the sur
vivors a battle which lasted three days
and four nights had begun. One-third of
the number succumbed in the light, and
of those who finally reached short none
was able to realize what he had es
The Louise B. Crary was a compara
tively new vessel. She was built at Bath,
Me., in 1900, and was one of the finest
five-masters on the coast. Her cargo con
sisted of 3,702 tons of bituminous coal
consigned to this port. The vessel was
only partially insured, but her cargo was
fully covered.
The Frank A. Palmer was the largest
four-masted schooner ever constructed.
She was built at Bath in 1887 and was
sold to J. S. Winslow & Co. of Portland,
Me. She sailed from Newport News on
December 4 with 4,700 tons of coal for
New York, Dec. 22.-At the general
postoffice and the foreign branch a double
force of men worked all day Sunday and
Sunday night, and it was said that the
office would be turned over to the day
force this morning, with all work finished
up to the hour.
Considering the fact that in addition to
the heavy Christmas mail more than 6,ooo
bags of foreign mail had arrived since
Saturday evening, this was looked upon as
an unusual and probably unequalled 24
hours' work in the history of the post
This congestion was caused by the be
lated steamers. The Cymric arrived last
Saturday afternoon with 2,600 bags of mail
on board. This did not reach the foreign
branch until early Sunday morning. Then
came the Savoie with 344 sacks; the
Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, with 660, and
the Etruria with ,8o05. These vessels
Came up to their respective piers during
the day and by to o'clock over half the
nmail had been worked and the worst of
the unusual rush had been met and con.
Not Known Whether Roosevelt Will Accept--In Event He Does, Blockade May Be Called Off at Once--Germany Notifies Us
That It Is Formally On, Allowing Certain Days of Grace--Castro Would Welcome Roosevelt as the Arbitrator
and Signs Seem to Say That Ultimately Teddy Will Take the Responsibility on His Shoulders.
and Greac~t Britain forma~lly inv~itingy I'rcs(
dent Roosecvelt to oit 115 aibitrator ill Ithe
nttited Staites a tbai:iiabr here and to the
$f feV. ýT. .Bý F
3,. the; "· u
.. 1
s s` 1
TheGeran Warhi Viet' ao H M S.'Ain~e'in heharor. Th "A idne isbee i th foegoun wth hesaioron he ftrbrdg, ad he ul
legt of'' th iea ntebcgon. Te eane ftevsesse r rt· n 2ra hp fwr
United States charge d'a(laires in .on
don, today.
'Washington, J)ec, rr.--''ea followi ng
callegram has )en l received from Com
mander lDithl of the li M tta which ies
Billings, D)ec. 2-'.-Again is Yellowstone
county tied on its electiont for a represen
tative in the lower house of the coming
legislative assembly.
U'noflicial returns complelted this morn
RY ASSoIlA'i ;:i) PRHSS,
Chlicago, De, 2.---"'heodore I(onse
velt as a m;in is greater tln thile govelrn
Inent he represents. \\hile the govern
ment of the it'United State. wet uaable to
restore peace in t he i ;tltllr.t'it' regionl,
Roosevelt, not as prtol.lem, l u Il:l,
suggested a rational way to settle tilhe
trouble. The mian trilimtphtld and the:
preobleml was solved."
Thus spoke Samuel M, i'(;old .' Rule")
Jones, the mayor of Tolddo, ()liio, before
the Chicago Peace society, lie sought to
show that force of arms trwas fCtilh; that
war was inexcusable alld that killing; in
battle was lmurdetr. Manyor J n, s dle
clared, however, that lie was ::i , ptlimist,
and, in spite of recent wt.ar, ih. aid the
world was better off than it t\\: loo ye::rs
ago, aol was cntinually implr. i,.
Mayor June., ciiticist \ l : jor I itlt
Young, who, it a iantiiti ill 'levi ,lnl c.1
Saturday night, pl,oke of the nlecesity of
fierce to maintain the supremnacy of the
nationi's commiierce,
at I a ( It:va rii (" ,csa o a via
(~avtindn iul dtedi )t aka,
Vessels sailing from the United States and
\\cst Indies before the date of Iotifica
tion allowed grace."
Amba.su.sa;dor Tower has notified the
state deartment from Berlin that he has
received inlformation from the (;erlman
government that the (German slallldrIn
has Ilock;aded Maracaibo anud I'rto Ca
i11g show that C.( . .Beaver, relpul.lican,
and Si.ecy I. Morse. democrat, have tach
received 575 'rltrs. The special election
was held Saturday, but the count was slow
Lanld o(n accounllt of the size of the county
returns werc not all in until toda.. hi&d
large mI1II)er of votes cast is a surprise
Three Hundred and Twenty Residents of Silver Bow County
and of This City Are Back in Their Payment of Business
and Mercantile Licenses and Are to Be Prosecuted.
IJhr 'ec 111] 411],(I ;171,1 twe(n;zty I( d' uts of, r
tt!I and i!l.r l'wV ((itlo ty ;ar. delin.
R :t il, tih ": ,pay ,. .t\: ; of rt.-in, ss ah h
-a! '. ro-,cc'tinns ;ar' ;(bout to he h l;,tn.
Stat- I:xm incr Il lnell, who ;:H-, here
1;1:,t week, returnig t Io H .elte a Swunlay,
nl Ic t 'IveLtigation 1t( the tmaitter. lie
Hold Up a Stage Coach.
ILdling,. (Cal., De . a_... I he Ior hors,.
:1 ., hortlll from(l I< nldi ng Ito \\. :caverv\illl.,
I nity c.i nty, w., held up near Shasta
by a taskedI it:m. Selt passenlilrs were'
r-.bb'ed and tly' express t'len,.
Got a Cool Thousand.
i S ,i r 1 i t 1 ,' 'S
Sh! e1, l nt' . , Idalli,, le,,r. n. -- \\ . 1). I:r
by burglars Sa:titrday night ianid ,allna.iIndt
and jewelry valhtued at $i,ooo weile taketn.
'`clltt, rlrI~ectivc Ilrcctlllln~r `it itllnt\ i l'c III
t II II Iii lams, :,I1I111, i nn) l l 1:ll. illl
nim .1 Ii~li her I'wrtý :IIII 1,5 t11%'. loll' \'l.
I, , t XC(I) VeniIVzueil), to Ivevc( Vcoc
i~lIiic ports.
Ambi~assado~rr Ntyer ha:s cablelo thaot III
received yesteruday fromn the bjuioistcr for
.OtO'5'O ibIfotts tool officialo joolo olotooct
I -conii bor .o, ninoooooooooioog I ot I toly boaoo
o boCided i:citotjbLto. sitbo heo r ntaovaob
lotc i tit( blockadoe of \'ooootooboo
to t'cryott, nolI, as it w:a1 tllzhai)t, the
.oal v'ale ssoatl he ab uta 1a5'a I's thaullt it
'Iaaa o rrow the taaaaaaI of Caattatty aNaaaatais
',ia'inrs will nII tt t to canatv ss the retarnas.
vearty slihlt aais tla attk tin the t lticia t:
;uras v:uttlttl tharowt the rcle tilt alit way
tutu lo ll liutwirI 'Il 1 Wnro il alit m
I,.' r I1 iii Ii1t v I ; 1 lls 1l 1 i1
t ro Ii t ,l l;' ll ithl II I
ort''I t pr 'l~ ',il Oil hI' lilt' 1'l
Bitj London Firm Fails
i t' W ; A I't'' ti ll ' ' i it t
11111t ~f It tll i trs I yl'l'. It II'' lI,;1
ll.cy. c ni y otf lohud Poisoi ng.i
hot f tý h ;I tl %r n r n ccl.1.1 11n by the
Act.s ~IIiilh I I ii i i ", l the .lii
(IfnldII% \s "1 ttt v o K. 0 h
rival IIIj'r.. Ill Ai I a lln ll',I at the
s1XlI(ric;1y lIr ll r lit " l rty ; taut I' 1 ti III'' tgit
III(" antli Inl, i KII I,, lil t; v \v l' t, 111 ,·
I'InI ~ I'llif·(l )i;~ il·· ):uIýI I 11111 u1 i ;Iý,ul
fI~un i~lii iI ~n I';,'I I Ii,
i Iwllt , the t l : gl , m' lthet
A rlu bh'e" ti prit',c'll , T ', h w.l I wide
changes fromu the t...:,tvcemb r !hction. In
in ,tilw s'" the m;ajorit' gli. l tc'h i .% w' rc
Ii +11T t f r i u l 11 i I,. . I11 i ii', i ll l -
', ' ;'c I t . ,r;l,. . .. ,, l tJ Pill h
h ;t;lippi:t.", th; ir i t'l . , r ". 1 tote
of. t' < J, ulic r nw ,e ,,,t. ,n t 'ion of indl ors
nt 'l' ,i l ht -tit S iliti e , titws wal , given
(' - 6ltll tl i I i hl. lti. t k' l~l; l i that in his
jlt-litt I I- ii;,i iit, itt ikl I' 'I" l i l itre',
tlosvl ith .is 1t this sc r ii 1 llount t so frt
hi, lign, itilnt to the Iihililpline Col lis
.inu h. Iclrned the pi ",i h~lh lit hadl acted
w ith :ii ihlea of .ivi l:;; c1 tLlciltlttiunI tO
the Iililio t.c , as well a" t, th flt Cuban,.
.1, t ..I ,bt . ,, , in thb ,unlit r.. if
by the ;w ll iiliti n of the' 1'h+.il i,in ,. I'rt's
itlcnt ý.Sc' trllain rem r'kll ' 1 : " hl.od re
Roosevelt is :'t this very mlomevnt assert
ing it hard"
Scion of a Well Known Butte
Family Shoots Himself
for Unhappy Love.
Friends Deny Suicidal Intent, but De
clare ShootiriU Was Accidental His
Father Was a Well Known Physician
and the Family W-re Pioniiiient in
lIutte Society-Hils Suiotlficant \\idsI
as He fell Mortilly Stricken.
l.\ iur Ih i 11.111q 1 111l. .. %1111' .1 ..
I l idi '' 11 i- n n1. 11 s I h 1 l1 11 11/i1 1
t\histI itll t 1111 l .. , 111.1 11 \\11h .i {: i .111
hI'r t \1.i \ ,I .1t .111 .Ill 1..III Ills , 1 11 nK
,. I 1 '11". \ ,. hu ,, 111 , 1, 111, .', h,,1 1 . \ 1.. .
\\ 'l I hi.i t/ I l l. I111 .111 11'1111 u
i i ni', i t , I h 111h 11t ti h L I lt t , llii il 1
,111'1 I l(e \I. i ; ii .il. l i.", 11 .I . \ 1\ I
1 i'v\ , i t.' II. liii llh 1 Ii)1 h il'lt 11 1 ,1..
1 l I . I.'1 I ll. 111. 11 h 11i. . , l en,'. I n 1 i I ll.i,
11, 1111 Cl lr 11 11'u 1111 , 1 m. 1 1.111'1n r ~11t it
Ilet it li·it . t1 i slub us y
I l, " 1h i, I, ,, it. '11 1 in 1111 ,, .1 11 111
.I 11t i 111%uu t 1 ... ii i litl 1 s I i i t I.
i1 111 ,ii I , 1111 1 ,,1 t I yt 1 nt iit , I , .o 1 1 1 "
II .1111. 1 . th t I . h11, li. Iih 11" 1 11 11
(i h .,l,, h, , ,11 +.+1' 111, ee,. 1111 t,,,, II l mll h.u
('.ltl;u i i'll . i ;i i h. l ' I. '111 .1 h111, 11 111111 "
I.n. . Lh u or' h, he- v i1 r fIlI t h' ~ I. on '.
itl/ h, is e.une i i t i 1 ...ute
i. ll Il h liihi ,, .l .I. .i lt ih "'5 "
11 . 11 l th1 v 1, o11 f11 I o11l 111, 11 I. 111e
Tihi t ii .II ·1 1 ;1111 1 I i 11(1 11' 11, 1111
iluf . a ,,, :silt is i hlo l '' ,t. ' h., h a tl, ,
r 111'i ht ilii al I 1, I n 1 .in l , 1. 1 li,
I tll1l I IIt 1.1 II 1 1 111 1 .1ill, 111 1 1 1 % 1 11 1 . \i
h1, 1' l, Ir,, 1. 1 11' l h si ' I 111. t lt 111 ,I
i'.t1- . 11 1h, \ 1.i rII , 1,ti i .1 11 111 111 11 i. .fil l
l-.. ,11, , '., 11o the- 11. 111 :,f.ill 11i.. 1.(lll+
lhn . .l n \\ hi' 11 1, [I' I 1. 11.h I , 1 11 l. ,, . 'oi
a w n 111/1111 11 I " r 11, 1111111 ( 11 1 I t
th yv I::1'[ to hi-, .1". I1.1·1 11 . 111 1 I I 11111, a
h1r1. 1 l , 1 l, , ;,i, -hair 1,, 11:1 Il,,. I he
('lh .v i l 61. i g hII t1:1 hi., (ri, l, 1 1 w.,
wouwlli dh I :1 1,11 hire wh, hI' h1.1 I ,n, it,
aLIS il. i ( h W )l,,ll" r, li,',l . \ ,,t kn ,. ,hy
I dill if."
ol'o i llll e t l\hI.: sol+n µrl , Iflr.lr .) LV I the
',hrt'. uaml Ibe we m h'll 111 5y w;I I,,k,'n t)
lneIray 1\ lr ' l.m ,rs. h1, ,Hit.ul, in, ".. 1,h r.
It w 11, tho. 1 hl hIII. h Il , 5 1111115, ll t,111
11ll 111 t . Ilill,; 1 11 111 111i, 1 l i r ,l (, , I l I, h,
al 1'.. :I yellm 'i 1. 11 l'r,o µ 1 n h " .' . Iry
.,ina . 1I, h 1 1,l . I .1 ,11 '11, 111 111. t 11. 1 "
11 1 1t, 111hi . II i. I ' l". , ;l , i , l1 ,. 1 .1s
( ll +1 1 l l l'lltl+. In th , g,11 111 1 .\ ,. 1'! 111
d h .I t,,1 11 . ,I I 1 1, L, " I I Ii, t , l , ll ,
IIII tllfl} t Ih \,I lll, g 4.1 1 1 00 1 .
i" ll , 111,1 fill-. 11 111 10 001111; t 1 e 1111. 1 I '%1,, 11111
p lat I, r tlhi l, I ll l h I, I t I ,11111n I )
i+, tl1 11 11 ,t, . r,,' , ,11 l lh1,1 I l , ., , ,' . ,y
i1';" 111 " 1111 * %% , 10,1, 1 1 1'11 ,1 . Ir 1 t1.11
fl e t l I I ,h.p 1 . . 0 , \ , . , ,I . . a1
o;ml . t 1 lh 11 ' , 1, 1 t l, ; , t it t :i 11, 5
I1 1. 1 11 1. 1 I 11 . 11 %, 1 ; , 1 11 11,. ,, t .1. ,'
,li ,i .. '' , ' 1; , ..i: ll ,,1 I,+ , 1 1, 1 I 111t..
haI I i l II uIII ll th 111 1111" ,.1111 11;,
Vating 1.;1 I h1.1pe1 I livi,; ". w ll Ili'
widowed 11d 1 nr ill l, hl lh" l I,,lI. ;1111,
is w h tt . 5. 1: e ,1,,' . 11, l , I- f, l, ;,.,
(,f a w ill k1, , 111v.I 1;t1 + 1h,.;' ,"'1 ., w hµ 1
d i e d ',o m , I t ,n , ; i t ,ll . I I , i ; , ,l 1 h , , o f a
very 1h1.1 Itul aII : , vivaio'a nus , 1 111~ 1.1111111 ,
:III Ir t l h 1II atemp upll irll s fI own h l 'J :h
IIIkn t.vw 11l1 µll.'.11"
Ii-, fill oflhlr i", 1'1h 1;111tly 5 ,1 hi', h111,1
ii+O l,. t+ Ihl+ he i t. II~ l
; 1 t In I f I I
:N ew '\,Itk h.'. c ,. , ;I .: I''- "t
Ilht N ( w \1 rk I) ?·~'t L l. II tli illt (!. il rilt
.S Il y. ;t l rt.1:lli (i , .to ;"a. " I, >i. , y.
i' (t1i1 ii ;ITl li 11 li l ' i l i
--~ . ... -;_-_-·- -:
l rthar, a broker, who s ys he went. to Mc
(I y 's drinking place Saturday and gave
Mc(.u y a $ir0oo bill, telling him to keep it
until the party stopped drinking, when the
charges were to be deducted and change
According to llamar .Mcltoy declared
later that it was only a $.'o bill he had re
ceived, After the dispute the police say
McCoy could not be found.

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