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Government Appropriations for Irrigation Ought to Mark an Epoch in Com
mercial Development of the Northwest.
Washington. Jan. 26.- rihc aceptailnLCe
by cungr(r a of the principle of fcedral aid
in the c os) mcjtiot) of irrigation woirks in
the at'tern .tatty has g ivelln a gnat inl-
pttita to (very indlintry itn that nytiot) of
the coittitry. TIhe peopl o~f the eastcrn
Statesc are jn~t hcgiiiiutig to Ti;,ifl' the tip.
portitniti ! uttertd in thit territoiry to lie
opti)c iti l . Alt tih' p ripsitiofl nlrti iipt
a tile of iiiiiugrato at i'1 it)( vitarlly .et
In ttd this \ iton "II trt:tc of the
11o0't pt tpulo.tu i i .i o·ni i~ r nicrfin in the
(titnttti \\ itit laurge ,e nat. of tcc'timaiitlut
lan alnd pletty of avaiiaiii a~it Nlm -
tttni ut.jpci; iy itill ).v icjuitul tihe
the actua~l woik -if 'urt evin1:. lo, acing
ant cntutitructing rteirm ;.nd i i tior Irri
tuc tiit w itks. %iill Ie donr I.' % tie l ln o Ii
teal SutreIyI. In orile to oh,; in alittter
Irngatitntil. the lor ttin if the areau imci
fated. i:uld to gaitn --:hur itt finintatiin usefunl
Confesses T'hat She Gave Them Rat Dope and Other
Drugs---Wanted Their Property.
Mr. and %It. Isaace It. Kncii~olcey of thiis
city, who wna recenrtly stet to the Suq
quchatnna \'allty hone, at I inghanallllltln,
bnt H written homeI1 a rclnll l"iiol thalt 'heC
i~ad been !ty·ctcll~aticall y ;,ilnii iistcriic g
poison to her f-titr itircot'. wit h th hr ope
of killinig tlin thao t so i t-c mold II tatijf
their trtorprty.
Itr. ad \I tr.. Kni' lt. 1,:iuv trn maleC
England is Snatching at
Any Old Straw in
These Days.
E" A 'OFtlAlf 1' l HIE4.
LConlon, .ln. an.--llardly any attention
has been pilid to the nololtiuncemlentllt that
the Alask:an Ihoundlary treaty has been
signed. 'lhe i laily 'elegrallh, however,
a\ls there will Ie universal satisfaction
cti bItth .ides of the Atlantic at the pros
pect of clinin.tinio tilthe lat grountd fr
disagreeni; t A ltt. e.l England and Amer
ica. Ihe annllnllceellClt coll.ea at a Ilost
olportlue nmllet, tur it tlght to cni
villcC the Illnt ,ti born that a. far as
threse two cui.tti . are eleerllntd. if a
ceitai nill elmhr if lhatt the I;crman IthaLn
cellr c:dil, ".\Achivi" have lost their hal
ance, the "lkgin' at least have kept their
Two Kings Have Their
Heads Together on a
New Scheme.
ti .i-s IAll'l IVit F2.
london, J:n. .6.- I he khing of the Bel
litns lhas pai;d a private visit to London 11n
furtherance of a new schemlte for the let
ter governmelnet of the .oitgo |ree State.
It is reported to be his Intenition to intro
dtuce a strotng Itritish element into the ad
ministrationl 4I1 that colo)ny. ing I.eo
pohl, it is helued, habn taken lhis step as ai
means of weakeningl the growing demand
for an international intiitry into the true
state of offairs in the C'lgo lfree State,
but it is not surprisinig to learn that the
wish to strengthen his admlinlistration Iby a
few colmpetent Englllshtellntl has created
much indiignation in Brussells.
Captain Dutton Is Booming the Temper
ance Campaign.
Captain t1. C. Dutton, the famous tem
perance lecturer, has fornled a Good 'clem
pllars lodge at Columbus, Montana, and
Good Tempilars organizations in other
Sarts of the state, hith adult and juvenile.
tie closed a series of temlperance lectures,
delivered at ditierent points in Montana,
on Saturday night, and returned to Butte.
His temperance revivals attracted great
attention wherever he went, and he ex
presses much satisfaction at his success.
e expects much good to result front the
tour in the interest of abstinence from
Champions Are to Get Together at In
dianapolis February 23.
Dayton, Ohio, Jan. 26.- I he call for the
tournament of the American Bowling
congress to be held at Indianapolis, Febru.
ary 23 to March I, has been just issued.
sa-room brick, zsis South Arizona, 4-room frame, 423 So. Ohio, $S8.oo.
$27. 4-room frame, 513 South Wyoming,
io-room frame, zsa West Porphyry, $15.oo.
$25.oo. 4-room modern brick, 528 So. Wyo
so-room brick, i133 Nevada, $a5.oo. ming, $ao.oo.
so-room frame, 3o4 West Granite, 4-room frame, ass So. Wyo., $s6.oo.
$35.oo. 4-room brick, z123 So. Arizona, $s5.
9-room modern brick, Iowa avenue, 4-room frame, 2osi \V. Woolman,
$jo.oo. $,8.00.
6-room frame, 310 So. Idaho, s$.oo. 4-room modern flat, 709 South Wyo
6-room brick, :o2a California, s.50o. ming, $2o.oo.
7-room brick, W. Broadway, so.oo. 3-room modern brick, South Main,
6-room brick, Delaware at., $a .oo. $18.oo.
i-room modern brick, West Side, 3-room frame, McQueen Add., $sz.oo.
$40.00. 3-room mod, brick, So., Wyoming,
5-room frame, near Star West mine, $ m8.oo.
$1o.oo. a modern roome, W. Granite, in
S-room brick, 942 South Wyoming, chluding light, s$a.oo.
$Is.oo. Stores in all parts of town.
FORIL ALE Furniture of ia-room lodging house-must sell at once-bargain.
in thin work, the Fifty-seventh congress
authorized the director of the census to
bring down to tiate the irrigation statistics
ll;obtainedl in 900oo hy that ofnice. Letters of
ilntiry anid schedlues ;re now lieilg sent
oult t selttre the necessary information.
\ll interested in irrigation hhouhl answer
a;,s fully and as promptly as possible any
ihimldirieVs th y maly receive so that the
merits of the variouns sctionsl of the coun
try may biecrome knowtn. Irrigators wh3
do Inot receive btanks withint a reasonalble
time shourtil totify the crnsus office at
W',hillnton inld they will be suippliedl.
It is il.ter..sting to note in this connec
tiol how ni lith it ill i man to the cotitry
ilt a.e to hoe the arndl lands of tihe i est
Accorduling to the c(llsusl of tuloo the total
imnlr , I farnm area of the I 'nited. States
w;as , .l.,oni,. n acres. It is constcrva
tiiely e.tinr-atl td that the reclainal le area
is I.,.t thIin tII So,ooo,.oo acres. Its re
cla, mhion, there fore, will ldd nearly one
nighthl to the aicutal cropl producing area
of the ,country ;nul wv illt exceed by a liberal
%cry ill latrly af ter their mleals anud dire.
Knisreey is 110w onii invalid as lte rceult,
it is allegedl, of the lpoioun takren ilnto her
sy stmIII.
ot neirtime Mr. anidl MlrM. Kniselcy ate
u;ri11nvuI meat and were poionedl. Phy
sicians attributed the illnuc to thc can
nin11g. About thc samue timore a ta eighbor
ifut!-lrm.I the Kniwcleys that Nellie had
tohld their daughter that whenh tIer foster
al.rent were dead she would have the
Kaiser Is Suing Edward to
Vent His Spite Upon
This Country.
nV ASS. ('IAIfI) I'tlSS.
I .Londlon, J.. t6.- ' he ,Anglo-(;krrnan
alli:'l'ce hlc.(lIlmes more unlpoular every day.
Rightly or wrongly, the feliing is growing
that the Iterlin govetrnirment is doing its best
to iinvlv.e IEnkglaInd in a qaurrel with
.\ crica. It is dillicult to say what will
ihe tile ultctome of the San Carllos incidenlt.
I(enry Norman, who is one of the ablest
crl'its of florign all airs in the house of
crlonotis, points out that although tihe
lMonroe doctriine has been fiormally recog
nizrel by g;reat BIritain, it has been recog.
nii id by I;rlllany, and as nobodily who5, lol
wI t'eririn opinion closely doubtis for a
rt.llt ilerit 1ia a misundelll.rstanlIding between
this coutry ind \lllmerica would ibe very
far from 1 eaing a nla..er for sorrow inI
etlrmany, it was a mtiaster stroke oit diplo
rnacy for the kaiser to inveigle (Great
Itritain into this alliante for the joint
actioin wilhin the sphere of the Monroe
IlY AS.Oi'IA I:ED 1'iN s5.
New lHaven, Conn., Jan. 6.--"' ric the
Red" will be the name of a Ioat built for
a clergyliman who pilarns to sail her across
the Atlantic to his old horme in Norway.
The owner is somewhat advanced in years,
bult was a sailor when young. Ilis name
is withheld for the present by Capt. C. W.
Foster, who is building the ship.
The clergyman left Norway about 40
years ago as a sailor ald followed th:
sea a number of years, but finally studied
theology. He designed the craft himself.
She will be yawl rigged, 50 feet long, ts
feet heam and five and a half feet draught,
and will have ample cabin accoltmmodationls
for three or four people.
She will be equiipped with a So-horse
power engine.
Don't Worry.
This is easier said than done, yet it may
be of some help to consider the matter.
If the cause is something over which you
have no control it is obvious that worrying
will not help the matter in the least. On
the other hand, if within your control you
have only to act. When you have a cold
and fear an L.ttack of pneumonia, buy a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
anl use it judiciously and all cause for
worry as to the outcome will quickly dis
appear. There is no danger of pneumo
nia when it is used. For sale by JTaxson &
Rockefeller, Newbro Drug Co., Christie &
Lcys, Newton ilros.
Meet me at :he haster. 0
margin the tillable land of all the state,
exceptinqg New York, on the Atlantic coast
from Maine to Florida. Allowing 4o
acres, the average site of irrigatedt fari.,
this area will make t,25o,o0o farms, or a
little less than one-fourth the number hi
the tUnited States in 19oo. The oculpants
of these farms will add directly to the pop.
ulation 6.250,ooo, and indirectly, in the
accompanying mercantile, professional,
itanulfatcttrringl anr industrial classes at
least ,15,oo00 mllor, a total iincrease in
the pop,(ition of the ILnited States of
9,.175,o'0 or nearly 12% per cent.
'The total value of all the farms in
t,oon, includingtl all imuiprovements except
buildings, was $13.11q ,ooo. At $42.5o per
acre, the average vahlue of irrigated land,
the 50,o.oo-o acres to be reclaimed wll
add to the value of farm land $S .ao,ooo..
oo. If huildings are ihnclued. the value will
lie increased $775,.001, 0. ,. while the
atrgumented wealth throtugh railroads,
cities, nills and factories, is be)ond eati
The annuttial value of :all the farm pro
property and that she had given them a
dose which should kill them.
Mr. and Mrs. Kuiseley then recalled that
the girl asked them who would get their
property if they ,oth died.
After they had been ill again they dis
covered that a package of rat poison had
disappeared. They accused the girl of
putting poison in their food, but she had
protested that she was eating the same
food that they were. She is next alleged
to have told a girl companion that she in
tended to give her foster parents another
dose and run away to l'ennsylvania. The
girl was then sent to the Susquchanna
In her confession Nellie says she feels
sorry for what she has done.
Volcanic Ashes From Gaut
emala Carried There by
Wind and Rain.
R'. A.'(( IA IDn I'RI Ss.
San Francisco, Jan. .6.--Sm;all patches
of an extremely line white sand or dust
were seen on maniy asphalt paved streets
tolay whten the rain last night had dried.
Scientists say this dust must have fallen
with the raitn as anything like it was never
seen here Iefore. It is tIlieved to have
comne from the volcano of Santa Maria in
S;uatemala which br,oke out in violnt
crulltiolt October 14 and caused the ruin
of a great area of cultivated country.
The theory is that the dust. being tight
er ttihant air, was carried two thotmusantd
miles from the point of its ascension.
Meet me at the Pfinter.
Girl Didn't Know It Was
Loaded and the Boy
May Not Live.
New York, Jan. 26.-.Miss I-Isie ilerron,
so years old, shot and serioutsy wounlded
her cousin L.ester Carroll, 14 years old,
while sIte was visiting the family.
"1 didn't know it was loaded," protested
Mdiss lierron, when she was arrested.
The girl took l.ester tip stairs to show
him her father's new revolver. She point
ed it at him in play. Just then the pistol
went oil and the bullet struck the boy in
the chest, Ilis chances ut revoery are
about even.
Inquisitive Babe Strangles From Peculiar
Accident-Distracted Parents Un
able to Find Doctor.
New York, Jan. 26.-\Vhen Edward
Lang, driver for a department store, re
turned home, last night, he laid on the
dining room table the small electric lamp
and battery, which he used in reading
the names on doors when delivering goods
safter night.
Suddenly his little daughter Annie spied
the lamp. Site touched the button and
the little bulb. 'Then she put the bulb in
her motlth. It was but an inch long and
half an inch in circumference. Somehow
the bulb broke oti and slipped down her
throat. iler mother heard the little child
strangle and the father ran for a physician.
He was gone half an hour and found no
doctor at home. lie then decided to call
an ambulance and the child was removed
to a hospital and tracheotomy performed.
Before the operation was completed, littl4
Annie was dead. The physicians finallp
located the glass bulb in the child's nos
tril, It is supposed the mother had stec
ceeded in clearing the child's throat, but
the child was too far gone to recover
her breath and really died of strangulation.
We would like to ask, through the cotl
umns of your paper, if there is any per
son who has used Green's August Flowes
for the cure of Indigestion, Dyspepsia and
Liver Troubles that has not been cured-
and we also mean their results, such as
sour stomach, fermentation of food, habit
ual costiveness, nervous dyspepsia, head
aches, despondent feelings, sleeplessness-
in fact, any trouble connected with the
stomach or liver? This medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilised couw
tries, and we wish to correspond with you
and send you one of our books free of cost.
We have never known of its failing. If so,
something more serious is the matter with
you. Regular size, 75 cents. At ell drug'
gists. G. G. Green, Woodbury, N. J.
For sale by the Newbro Drug company
and the J. T. Finlen Drug company.
Moeet se at the firstg, .
ducts in 900oo was $4,379,oo,ooo. The
average value per acre of products of irri
gated lands was $14.8:. At this rate the
area to be reclaimed will add products
worth $74o,5oo,ooo, an addition of nearly
one-sixth of the life sustaining powers of
the country.
The number of irrigating ditches and
canals in operation in the United States
exceeds zo,ooo, and their combined length
i. not less than So,ooo miles. If joined
,i1id to end they would reach twice around
tih world. Formed into one they would
.i.s titlute a navigable canal, such as the
1I. i.. to feet wide and five feet deep. ex
Iti ling from San Francisco to New York,
I listance of over 3,,ooo miles.
I he figures of the last census show that
the works required to irrigate 7.a63,a73
:I.es cost $64.a89,6oI, an average of $8.85
Ij r acre. At this rate the expenditure re
,luiu'd to reclaim the area proposed would
Ie at leiast $415o,ooo.oOO. After the govern
(.int has performed its part there will be
I., delay by the farmers in carrying on the
Nirk. While the initial expense is enor
,nuu,, it is not comparable with the value
,if the crops which will be grown on the
l:aiIh reclaimed. The total cost of all the
irrigation works in use in the country is
Ionly three-fourths the value of the crops
Ir,,lced each year on irrigated lands.
Lee, Lincoln and Davis Are
to Be Toasted at New
York Banquet.
Yv AssOCIAl.ED raiS's.
New l ork. Jan. a6.-'There will be a slg
nificant meet at the Waldorf-Astoria to
night when the Confederate Veterans'
Camp of New York will hold its thirteenth
annual banquet to which both Northerners
antd Southerners have been invited.
Charles Francis Adams, a former union
soldier, will respond to the toast "General
Robert E. I.ee,' and Col. Henry Watter
son, an old confederate soldier, will re
spind to the toast "Abraham Lincoln."
It is even more significant to the spirit
of the ocasion that the toast "Jefferson
D)avis." will be responded to in this city
by a Northern official, W'illiam Hepburn
Russell, commissioner of public accounts.
Gentleman Who Made Away With Him
self in Butte Bore an Unsavory
Reputation Down in Utah.
A letter received in this city yesterday
by an official of the police department
from Salt Lake contains the following
about Burt I)e Shazo, the yoi.ung fellow
who commnitted suicide in the county jail
in this city on Thursday last:
"De Slhao was well known in Salt
.lake and vicinity, especially among the
nificials, with whom lie has had many
dealings during the past two years. Most
of the time lie was in Salt Lake lie re
mained in jail for larceny or robbery.
lust before lie left the city a few weeks
ago hie announced that lie had reformed
mdll wouhl seek to keep in the straight
and nlarrow path. T'he officials, at the
times of his disappearance, suggested that
he hadcl merely gone to a Ilew field, where
his face was not familiar to every police
"l. Ib'ega:ln his career three years ago
il this city. when as a boy of io he re
fuled to marry a woman lie had ruined
olulder promise of marriage. After serving
Ss~hort term for that offense he was re
bIl"sd, but w as again behind the hars
hirmtly iafterwards on a charge of lar.
ceny. A ftcr that he was arrested as
fretluitllly as he was released from jail,
always foir larceny, robbery or obtaining
loley utinder false pretenses. On one
,ccasion lie stood off with a gun three
pIlice officers, who were trying to arrest
hint. and made good his escape. Several
dlaritng robberies and hold-ups have been
laid at his door, but there was no evidence
to convict hint.
"Ilia parents and sisters live at Bounti
ful, where he was born."
Dr. German
Has Resumed Practice.
Six Million Dollars Spent by the
U. P. R. R. Co.
In improving what was originally the
fittest track in the West.
A comparatively straight and level
roadbed ballasted with dustless Sher.
man granite, rendering possible the
highest rate of speed, together with
the greatest degree of safety. The
magnitude of the work must be seen
to be appreciated.
.olid comfort, security and pleasure
to our patrons.
If so, you cannot afford to go via any
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on application
personally or by letter to
H. O. WILSON, O, S. L,
Butte, Montana.
Atchison,Tope kas&
Santa fe Ry. Co.
3 Trains Dally
From Denver to Kansas City and Chi.
cago. Also the direct line to Galves
ton, El Paso, City of Mexico ind tbhe
mining camps of New Mexie. and Ad.
For particulars about the RE
DUCED RATES EAST thie summer
apply to C. F., WARREN,
General Agent, 4t5 Dooly Block Salt
Lake City, Uta,.
IS ESSENTIALLY the men's store of Butte-.one
side of our establishment, with a separate entrancec
is devoted exclusively to men's wear. Our great
Discount Sale of Suits and Overcoats
Marks an epoch in the clothing trade. Every man in
Butte knows the character of our clothing. We neither
buy nor sell "job lots" or "seconds." All our clothing
is made expressly for us by the Stein Bloch Co. and
Hart, Schaffner & Marx. We sell no other. This sale
includes every suit and ovey coat in the store, as well as
four Overcoats and Separate Trousers
25 Per Cent. Off Every Garment
Special marked down prices for men's underwear, gloves
and furnishings
Puafahr ,
Preparatory to joing East, I
Brilljgadly et1 for my custo
mers any such article as
you may Desire. I shall be
pleased to djise the order
careful consideration and
det for you the new thinds
that the market affords.
R Lespectfully,,
L Pfahl'.
It costs more to operate a dining-car than it does
to run a restaurant...and yet, in Burlington diners,
priecs are no higher than in a good restaurant-..and
not nearly as high as in an expensive one.
A good meal can be had for 6o cents and an
excellent one for half as much again.
On the Burlington you can depend upon getting
just what you want at a price you can afford to pay.
Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, and
Tickets, berths and information, at of.
fces of connecting lines, or from
SH. P. RUGER, Rgent,
35 East Broadway, Butte Moant.
General Agent, Billings, Moent.
The Best Friend
the Northwest
Ever Had
"The Road That Made the
Northwest Famous."
For St. Paul and East, daily..86 : p. m.
Great Falls local, daily......p:4 a. m.
From St. Paul, daily...... so:: p.r.
From Great Falls and Helena,
daily ............... 4:4o0 p. m.
City Ticket Office, No. 4z North Main
street, Butte. J. 1. Dawson, General
All kinds of soal and weed.
OII584 OOI. 0.
V4. 4 ast Broadwy.
pullman, Dining and
Library Car Route to
And All Bastoer Points
Short Lino To
Colorado, Arizona and Mexico
San franclsco, Los Angeles
(Oceon or Rail.)
And All Paclfil qoast Polnts
No, p..... ( 404 p, I n. I No. I...4145 p. .I
No, 7.....a :4· a.m, I a so...a 1 oe a. a
Tioket OffieE 108 N. Main Street
Butte, Montana.

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