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Such is Finding of Jury
Which Sat on Kelly
A coroner's jury that investigated the
deatn of John Kelly, the young man who
died from an overdose of morprine, ar
rived at a verdict last night that death re
suited from morphine, self-administered.
The evidence did not disclose anything ma
terially different from what has been pub
lished. Kelly appeared at the Copper
King block Tuesday and it was not dis
covered until late at light that he had
taken poison.. Several doctors worked
over Kelly, but were unable to save him.
His true name is said to have been Carl
Johnson and his father is said to be a
storekeeper at Ogden or Salt Lake. His
wife is said to have died a suicide.
Files Petition Asling That Husband and
Relatives Be Dealt With for Con
tempt of Court.
Mrs. Emma Hesse, the mother of little
Ruth Broughton, the child who has been
the subject of so much legal procedure
over her custody. has, by her attorney, B.
F. Thresheor, filed a petition in the dis
trict court asking that the ahtild's father,
her former husband, Edward Broughton
by name, and his relatives, James J.
Broughton and wife and Martha J.
Broughton, all be puished for contempt
for an alleged disobedience to the orders
of the court in spiriting the child out of
the jurisdiction of the latter.
Mrs. Hesse was twice awarded the cus
tody of her child and Broughton was
given possession of her once. The last
time custody was awarded to Mrs. Hesse
she was unable to get possession. Brough
ton having disappeared with the little
It is now believed that he has gone to
Canada and taken the little girl wita him.
His relatives are accused of helping him
get away, and Mrs. Hesse wants them all
punishcd for their alleged acts. The rela
tives are still in Butte. They will be
brought into Judge Clancy's court and re
quired to purge themselves of contempt
or be pumarned. Broughton. being in
Canada, is out of reach of the court and
will escape probably.
She Gave the Legislators at Helena Some
Points on It and Now She
Is in Butte.
Mrs. Urquhart Lee, who has written
and spoken upon the subject of parlia
mentary law and has come to be consid
ered something of an authority upon the
subject from the fact that ex-Speaker
Reed indorsed one of her works, is visiting
in Butte and may remain here for several
Mrs. Lee spent several weeks in Helena
and while there she gave some lessons in
parliamentary law. Among her pupils
were some of the members of the pres
ent Montana legislature, who are said to
have imbibed freely of the information
'Mrs. Lee does not approve of all of the
parliamentary methods that obtaint in the
present session, claiming that there has
been a departure from several of ex
Speaker Reed's well-known rules, notably
in compelling all members present to vote
one way or another upon pending questions.
and the rule permitting three members to
call for a roll call. Mrs. Lee contends
that there are a number of points in par
liamentary law that are confusing to the
average legislator and it would be well
for them to study the same before invok
ing them.
Nearly a Thousand Men Are Idle-Asks
for a Nine-Hou Day and the
Union Wage Scale.
Chicago, Feb. 1a.-With the exception of
the chief engineer, a member of the Marine
Engineers' union, and a few laborers all
of the employes of the Chicago Shipbuild
ing company have gone on strike in sup
port of the machinists. Altogether z,ooo
men are idle in the big South Chicago
plant. The trades include blacksmiths,
boilermakers, steamStters, woodworkers,
engineers and others. The machinists ask
for nine hours work a day and the pay
ment of the union wage scale.
Chicagoans Honor Memory of Mrs. Alice
Freeman Palmer.
Chicago, Feb. ra.-The life, character
and works of the late Mrs. Alice Freeman
Palmer, president of Wellesley college,
have been eulogized at a memnorial meet
ing in her honor at Fullerton hall, Art
institute. The meeting was presided over
by Prof. J. Lawrence Laughlin.
President lames B. Angell of the Uni
versity of Michigan paid an eloquent trib
ute to her memory. Others who spoke
were Mrs. Adeline Emerson Thompson,
Miss Marian Talbot and Prof. Williamu
Gardner Hale.
Artillery Officer Arrives in San Francisco
to Take Charge.
San Francisco, Feb. Ia.-Capt. Winfield
S. Overton of the Artillery corps, who has
been appointed by the war department to
take charge of the submarine defense of
the artillery district of San Francisco, has
arrived from Willets Puint, N. Y., where
te has been taking a special course in the
torpedo school of that place.
He will enter upon his duties at once.
storm in Wyoming Is the Worst in
Years, It Is Reported.
Laramie, Wyo., Feb. Ia.-Train men be
tween Laramie and Rawlins report the
present snowstorm the worst in years. It
as said to be something terrific between
Mledicine Bow and Lookout.
Ilig rotary snowplows are kept constantly
at work clearing the main line between the
points mentioned, and a big force of men
is employed shoveling snow in the various
Deaths in Blizzard.
St. Johns, N. B., Feb. Il.-Four. more
deaths due to the recent blizzard are re
ported today. The first train for days
reachedi the city this afternoon. Railway
trairl is still delayed by tne heavy salow
Mrs. Ella Knowles Haskell
Makes Address Upon
the Day.
The Eastern Star Whist cku gave a
most enjoyable valentine party and recep
tion to the members of the Masonie order
2* b.
.I ~I
of Butte and their families at the Masonic
temple last evening. The handsome rooms
of the Masons were the scene of great tea
tivity as a result and the many people who
attended the function will long remem
ber it.
The hall of the Masons was beautifully
ornamented and draped with purple and
white streamers and valentine hearts and
Associated Press Secures Aooount of Condition of Affairs
From Governor of Northern Province Large Amount
of Funds Are Needed at Once.
Stockltlmn, Feb. Ja.--4, vernor I1erg
stromb of Noorbalten, the minit northerly
and largest, and at the same time, the most
affected of the famine strickenl province,.
has made the following statement to the
Associated Press correspondent regarding
the condition of the province:
"'rom the daily requests for help, for
cattle fodder and for food for human ie
ings, from the official reports of the gov
ernment inspectors and frotm the state
ments of local relief committees and from
reliable journals, I certainly do not ex
aggerate when I express the opinion that
even if there is no absolute starvation at
present, there is great danger of it unless
relief in addition to that already received
continues; another great slaughter of cattle
will become necessary and possibly wide
spread starvation among the people will
ensue. Owing to the scarcity of fodder,
the cows are milkless, and milk iq the prnl
Will Hold Meetings Over
America to Explain
BY AS.Oi'IA' El) PR.-SS.
New York, Feb. t:.--James Ilayes of
Richmond, Va., who is testing in the
courts the disfranchisement of tlhe ne
groes of his state; Bishop Derrick of
Flushing, I.. I., l)r. T. B. Walker. II. AM.
Brooks and T. W. Henderson of this city
and the Rev. 1. W. L.. Roun.tree T'ren
ton, the leader of the colored votes in
New Jersey, have held a confareince in
this city to consider the race problems
that have been agitated recently.
To stir up sentiment in favor of the
negroes, as well as the disfranchisement
of the negro, which their leaders claim is
going on in the South, a series o Ilass
meetings extenldilng all over the country
will be held.
Albany and Hudson Railway and Power
Company Sold.
Troy. N. Y., Feb. zr.-'lhe property of
the Albany & Hudson Railway & Power
company has been offered for sale and
bid in by a representative of a trust com
pany which holds a mortgage of $.,oo,
ooo. There was only one bid--$S,5oo.
ooo. The bill includes all the company's
property in Columbia and kennsalaer
counties, the gas plant in Hudson, the
electric powerhouse at Stuyvesant Falls
Electric park and the Hudson railway.
The company has been unable to pay
interest since an accident two years ago
in which several lives were lost.
Billiards at tie P.leWr.
souvenlrs of the occasion were worn by all.
Delightful music was one of the features
of the entertainment.
Mrs. Ella Knowles-Haskell, the well.
known lawyer, ade an address on Me sub.
ject of Valentines' day, sad the grand
larch was led by her and Uant DLaven
port. 'he progreahive whist prizes were
won by Mrs. J. J. I'errcl and John A.
A deliciouts collation was serveI cluringl
the evening and helped to make the testavity
a success. 'he committee of arrangemenlts
wh.to had charge of thiat most successtul
party were as follows: i;rant )Davenport.
Mrs. Ella Knowles-Haskell, Miss Florence
Hamlmer, Mr. Perry. Mrs. J. (;. hlammer,
Mrs. Alva Boardman and Mrs. I na (.
ilpal consituent of rural looud, which in the
ea.*tern part of the province usually cus
. ists exclusively ol unleavened harley
bread alld sour milk. New cattle fodder
canlnot be expeoted lbefore Junle, while the
prsentll needs of the people are estnmatd
at 7.100U tull of straw and hay, i,ooo tons
of oil oak and 5ou tons of lodder meal, 400
tolls of oats and I,soo tons of hour. Seed
harley, oats, rye andu IMpotatos are also
"If good and chartable people, out ot
their plenty woild donate money and pro
visions, the gifts would wh received with
the greatest gratitude and the expressed
swi-,hes of the donators would always be
(;olernor Ilergstromb's statelmelllt is re
ktarded as a very modlerte one. It is estl
mnited that at least $I,oou,ooo will be neI
essary to avert starva:tion until spring.
Three thousand childrlen lack toou and
Canadian Pacific Desires
2,500,000 Acres From
NY AS.iO'IAIL I', Pt111".
Montreal, le:b. t . -The I anadlian Pa
cilic i askin' tihe Dominion government
to give it 2, 00,000 acres of land from
3.300,.0oo acres still due the rcompany in
the arid lanidi bitween lMedicine Flat
and Calgary. Thei comnpany weit. granted
-t5.ul,0oo acres at the outse:t and has
generally rceived it in alternative blocks.
As the territory it now seeks will have to
Ie irrigated, the comllpany wants a conces
sion like that given to irrigation conm
It has been estimated that it will cost
from $8,ooo,ono to $,o,ooo,oot for irriga
tion and this is provided for. The re
mainiing 8oo,ooo acres are astked from
government lands in Manitoba.
But London Police Are Still Keeping an
Eye on Them.
London, Feb. ta.-The processions of
unemployed who have been blockading
traffic for many weeks are now reduced)
to smtall battalions of tramps and round
ers, incapable of work.
The collections made by the bondhold.
ers were so small that it was difficult to
obtain recruits except for short marches.
The movement is likely to collapse, but
the police precautions have not been re
The young ladles of St. Lawrence's par
ish will give a card party at Hibernia hall,
Friday evening, February l. All are cor
dially invited to attend.
Litigation of F. Augustus and Company Against the Butte and
Boston in the United States Court- Final Decision
May Not Come for Months.
i9 AS,(t'IATOED PllrFl.
San Francisco, Feb. Is.-i'here was sub
mitted on briefs in the United State. cir.
tuit court yesterday the case of i. Augus
tus Ileinze and company and F. Augustus
lleinze as administrator of the estate of
James Larkins, apppellants. erms the tfute
& Ioston o (nsolidaed Miinn company,
et al., appellees.
The brief and arguments af the appel
lants state that the case is an appeal from
the decision of the United States clreult
court, ninth circuit, disrict of Montana.
d.lmissing the crss bill of F. Augustus
Veinse as adminiMrator of the Ilrrnn cs.
tte and otners, and taxting costs against
*eni and adjudlging e appellee to be the
*ter of the Sn h and 'I ramwa
aims in Silver Bow county. Montana.
S'his is the case that was tried in the
nited States ouwt here. and in whch the
Gang of Italian Conspirators in New York Said to Have Car
ried Thing on Under a System and Must Have
Made Heaps of Money.
DV ALfl'IA1ii PkI R.
New 1utk, .Itcl. it. An c po)ZiTi of
the metIhodj or thr inIlpil.itti i IIr Iiih re
fL etly discovered life ins~urxancr fraud.,
Mat tn mar in a iOo1fiirinn of onII( f till
I piratrt It anspire thefraud
ive lvcn tarriedl oiii fr )care ;:IguI mlcltly
coura ip.e cnmpuniri h;ave bIiic illi .oiude.
huudwiml of thionur.itid of I lliii.
ýtine uoupany paid Iou $.'I.41404) iii Clie
~prary, It is studii, iw ., Iltirtudun to ( rioi,
to ns trccrnllly ;Irrc·*lcll will rele~·t c ·-l
k n ide r $ O.o u hio l I. I ir tin is .ai di i Ito h a t e
~bapcroed and. Ili, botil will Ire ordered
1. The usual plan if oupir;tin oou V is I
mnake an *gpicaI iiii for iuiIrhinii ii tilii
haic1 o~flWr prmu il a irailly i)
Iig_ condhtion, i htiltIl %utnlitute lie
Charge of Stealing Coal
From Yards at Pater
son, New Jersey.
sa A4MHOi(IAI 4L.i I It S.
New York, F'el. I.. Fifty wonlln hbave
bee'en commnlittedl it jail in Paterson., N.
J.. charged by the I)elawarce. I.ackawanna
I Westernl railroad ot stealiltR coal front
the cars at that place. Forty tons of
"coal were stolen by women, who carried
'the coal aWay in tInkS on their backs.
Several children have been arrested on
chlarges made bIy the yardnmilster of thel
New Jersey Central, who asserts that
the cIrisoners, together with otlhers, hIave
carrired coal away frllli thle :yards. The
iprisoners colfessed, blt were discharged
with warning, the yardliaester r fu~eig to
mIlake a fIorma:l charge.
Measure to Regulate Eminent Domain
Rights of Mines and Smelters Lost.
Slb'lIAl. '1o Till. IN'IMM MiOUNTAIN.
Ilelena, Fleb. Is. enllator Kohlrs' nln
tilt donmain bill was defeated bIy a vote of
lille to 1l on tune for passage in the tsen
.te yesterday. It was a measure which
:'.lroposed to to ke Irolm mines anld smleelters
the plresent rights of eminent domalllin which
they ecljoy In this i.ate. '1 ie1 b1ll, like the
islloke tbills which Selnator Kohtr htias in
Irodueced, wsa aiedl at tihe Anaceonda coull
pa;ly preimarily, but woulI, o course., aItect
all mining property in the state.
Tlhe vote which deleated the measure
was as tollow :
In favor of the passage of the hbill Al
blriglht, Riigs, (onreow, Johnson, Keunedy,
k(slirs. Murray, Sherlock and Yclgen.
Aga~inlst the passage of the bill Anider
B,, Iourne, IBrennln, ( tllenI1, l)onlan,
Dlierhamn, Ilollntoi, Ilopkins, Kelly, MaSt
dox, .Ma)er, Mcl.eancl and Waite.
Firt of the Kind is to Be Given at St.
If A.~(( IAI':I) .I'. S I.
St. I.OUi, Mo., eb. is. The Iouisiana
Purchaset exposition will be tihe first inter
lnutional fair to have a relpresentative re
flit.erating exhilbit. The various uses to
which miiechanical refrigerators are applied
wi.1 bIe exhibited.
'I here will ee a skating rilnk and la cer
linl tixed hour during the dlay; there will
ie, a regular slowstorm. The clargest re
f. llerator plant in the world will be shown.
Mrs. Chaffee, Just Dead, Owned Famous
Slave, Dred Scott.
Springficld. Mass., Feb. -a. Mrs. '. C.
I haffee died in this city yesterday aged 88
ite was the widow of the late I1r. C. C.
(Chailler andl was at onie timie the owner of
th slave. I)red Scott, over whom the.
mllts legal controversy was wagedi' which
atically aniiulled the Missouri cEiuIpro
President of Creek House of Kings Is
No More.
Kansas City, Feb. ia.--Rev. T. A. Perry
men, president of the Creek house of
kilniv. ldied here yesterday, aged 64.
Mr. Perryman was a full-blooded Creek
Indian, and had been a leader in national
affairs for 30 years.
tound Guilty of Connection With a
Yonkers Establishment.
White Plains N. Y., Feb. ia.-William
Shannon, found guilty for his connection
with a poolroom alleged to have been run
in Yonkers, has been sentenced to Sing
Sing prison for one year at heard labor.
Shannon declares that he was only a
telegraph operator in the poolroom Mld
broke downl when he heard the sentence.
Bowling at the 'Liter.
referee who heard the evidlence returned
fndings against Ileinse. It lvollvcvt it.,thir
in the Snohomish anm I ramlway Ine',
which were oltd to the tltte & llo to,
Mining company by l.arkltn, and the dreeds
to which Hetnle sought to have set a;leti
in favor of I.arkina' daughter, who was the
heir to the estate of her deceased t.lther.
Attorney John J. kForhts recently hlit
here for San Francisco to present the t.tse
in the circuit court of appeals there,. ;it
Attorney (. F. Leonard went to the th,
city lor the purpose of represent ,tl
HleiaI. Both gentlemen expected to make
argutments in the court of appeals.
The suit involves title to salf of one 1it
the mines and a quarter of the other. I le
case was ortginally tried in Bue tiltit
four years ago. I he property under Iiti
gation is oft grt bai unknown value. it
s prob·abe that it will be months Ibe.te
the cilcuit court of appeals passes on the
in,, prc~vrntI 2..: ,uig,.,I rv;:::i1l.:IiI,n Il
Cr.t".r IIIalr II¶1" ..I '-I t I k Iingel.I .
Irate Isniy tii uMrel nit whiih tit cull...l th
lit . 1 the juc0c1 IhCr.rC IccIic, ail.
12.1 III hIavIe itic (/it tintiutIii I Ih) JuI lli
I Iaiptia, ait Ilainaic ,ciicirglcksc wh:.. i+t rta
a tt alt tli ! lti.1 it1114- I.111r 111... III u 11r III
'ujisc 1.. hasve hill- .ict.i.I h), ('inn., sit 1,1
I't.. I t;uli.et a unh t. tWilli .114 th.a ta.itir
liiit liiit I. 1i tl11i u1it.'111.t01 lt Iiiic ii( c
11.n·i1 it, 11!4. 1tc:I.1i itt rick. th.tt ithu hut(
Why Just HIead These t xt,v.ts from the
Files of the inter Mountain of That
Date and Ue Made Wise.
.% ('hiltlnanie pleadred g iil' ito th,
('harg oT f isnlkins e ls ttt ;eitis cii ass. 11lit'It
$sio ;asl the trilImmini s l n Jus.tice l\\'
coux's rcolrt thelsIe sImsIes.
The I riginal Ifiutle iine is slihipping iso
tolts oif hligh greade r ts t ile (tolurade
smilll er for rreldclion.
'I ll, (t lolisl plmip ai t thi.e M tislton was
.slarted, isto experimeental oeperatlin yes
trdslay andI i's sail ti work like a ch:nrs.
fl'ans and specificailloulls arrivrl from
New York tloday for the new ,suilslssws
whi'ch is to le sesttly erected by I. I..
lonner in this city. It .sll be une of the
lIrest its he city.
J. C. Singer has er-cted two storses on
\Vr-t I'ark street. In one of the lnew
uIUldingslg he will open a furniture stari.
The') Iickese social to lie gives uniders
ftle aus.ices of thie Hutte I.ilbrary flu
nprtOllises to be a sU .,ess of itanilc tpro
p ,rtiones.
The church service' yerstelay were at
tendeld by record breaksug ra'ngregalioes.
Th'lle seised ill the str(..es and e t ftie eri
eller's make', walking almost impir,ihlfe
these days.
James liensheaw, tie nlilling machinery
eean, will remlove froln his presenlt quar
teirs to the new Chambers buildin shortly.
l'aul d't reille I.ake, one of the meust
pictures, ue points Uoe the Northern Pia
cific, will he the scene eof a picnic which
will fee attendled by may Itutte people the
latter part of next meonth.
T'homas (t;. Na;plon, Esqu.., i ies flutte at
tending the session of the district court.
t;eorge I;. Wattare of l)Der .uodge is in
the city handshaking with his many
Hlugh Kirkenedall, one of tile heaviest
and most prosperous freighters in the
northern part of this state, is ill the city on
William Ihunlell of Ilelena in in the city
aned will be here for several days.
(Chicken thieves made a raid on the
lhene house of I)R'. IEpton last niglht and
relieved him of all his fat hens.
Funeral of Ryan infant.
The funewral of tihe illnant daughter of
Mr. anld Mrs. Isis HIf. Ryan whleo died yes
terday took place at a o'chlck this alter
noon from the residence, No. .5 ugVllsan
street, North Walkerville.
Things That Weaken Man's Gallant Ad
miration of Women.
The conseqtuences of wonmen's adlopting
customs uenlltecoming to herself arg mani.
foild, says M. 1:. W. Sherwood 1h Sue
Ce-s. Inl tihe first phaCe she strikes at tile
mosit sacred thing itn thie universe, nlean's
love andi reverence for women. She
strikes at that primneval instinct, which is
that tile strong should protect the weak:
that the lover should seek the mail, and
that lie should kiss whilst she holds the
cheek. Who could in the fashionable cir
cles of today have inspired Shakespeare
to create Viola? or else have made fa;ir
loisalind say, wihen faintinlg, "I have Ilso
doublet and hose in miy dlispositiorn?" A
younlg girl of today would e alipt to call
for her sweater, and, las I would hbet in
the race colrse language of Saratoga iln
stead of saying, with Jessica, charmielg
creature: "I ant never smerry whisen I
hear sweet mIIusiC. or oses sReuch refinedl
remark. It would seem sonmetimes as if
that primeval Eve had been eradicated,
sand that Catherine of Russia. Nell
(;wynne and less illustrious exanmpr!s had
bIen installed ill her place. A very clever
literary artist of today, who has written
ill French of Eve Virtoricuse, has paint
ed, with consummnate skill, the beautiful
young American woman in Paris, her
who. partly spoiled by her indulgent and
nrost chivalrous American husband (who
thinks whatever she does is right), is not
rightly comprehended in the Old World,
where her mannerisms are misunderstood.
True delicacy exhibits itself most sig
nificantly in little things, in the attitude,
the way of standing and of sitting down.
Watch a famous dancer and see how
well, how modestly, she sits down. Fanny
.ldsler said she gave five years' study to
the art of sitting down gracefully. It is
a great thing to do a little thing well,
and we may be sure that the art of tak
ing a seat "like a lady" Is not tee much
stfddied by women in public places. A
young woman should remember, as she
enters a crowded theater, that sie should
produce a murmur of satisfaction from
her modest, shrinking beauty, not a con.
gratulatory gurgle of pleasure at her air
of impudence and independence.
Is an impnrtant state and St.g per
cent of its population is
located on
Chicago, the grreaet commercial
center of the West, is best vreched
from the Northwest by this famous
Uhe Northwestern
Daily between Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicaeo is the peer of
all Ane trains.
For lowest rates, time of trains
and full informatr;on write to
E. A. (;RAY,
Gen. Agent, Helena, Montana.
Ueemr liaso*tMr Aget.,
LSt. Paul, Mla.
Milwaukee -&
St. Paul Ry.
of the WORLD
All agents ell ktickets aia the Milwaukee
lor low rates to all points address
N. W. P. A.. St. Paul.
l O bservation Cars
Electric Lighted
Steam Heated
Arrive. Depat.
No. sI-.orte Coast
Limited .......... :oo p. a. ,-:so p.
No. --B u rlington
Express ... ..... :o p.m. 8 :oo p. a
No. sa--Bitter Root
Local' .......... " -- 3:30 p.
No. iJ-.-Twin City
Jxpsae ........ s:o{ a.m. ----
No. a-North Coast
Limi d ........ssto a.m. 5s:5 . t.
(Sleeper for this
train open at 9:3e
p. m. for reception
of passengers.
No 6 - Burlington
Expres ........ s:a2 pm. ::-J pal
No. S--littee weot
Local' ......... *415 p. m. -
No. s4 --l win CIt
Express ........ - ta: op.
)Daily except Sunday.
No.3 North Coast Lrsted. from St. Pad
and Eastern points, to the Pacie roast.
No. 2 North Coast Limited, from the
PaciPc coast to St Paul, Duluth and pria*
cipal Eastern points.
NO.5 Burlington Express, from Kanas/
City and all B. & M. R. points, and ad
N. Y. points west of Billings to Seattli
and Tacoma.
N..b --Burlington Express, from Tao
a and Seattle to Billings and all B. !
M. R. points.
No. T Bitter Root Local, starts from ueeg
for 4iAsoula, Hamilton and all intermedi.
ate points.
NO. d Bitter Root Local, from Hamillto
and Philipaburg.
No. 13 Local connection from Twin Cltp
Express from St. aust and all Easters
No.ll4 .ocal connection with Twin City
Express for St. Paul, and all points East.
Passengers for Twin Brs~recs, bneridan,
Alder, Pony and Norris branches leave
Butte on I o. x4, and arrive in Butte from
these I. ints on No. S Traius on these
branches do not run Sundays.
General Agaent, corner Main and Park
Leave Arrive
No. Butte. Anaconda.
s--l., A. & P. L. 7:ooa. m. 7:SJ a. m.
3-11., A. & P. L.to:o- a.m. to:o a. m.
I-B., A. & P. L. :ao p.m. :15 p. m.
y-B., A. & P. L. 5:os p.m. 4:oop.m.
9-B., A. & P. L.s:45p.m. sa:4oa. am.
Lave Arrive
No. Art conda. Butte.
s-B., A. & P. L. 4:5ssa . g:ooa.sm.
4-B., A. & P. L. 8:30o.m. U ::Sa.lA
6-B., A. & P. L.t:ao a.m. sa:sop. m.
8--B., A. & P. L. L3:op.m. 4:ssp.m.
so--B., A. & P. L. 7 :os p.m. :ob p. n.
To make connection with Northern Pa
cifts railway, westbound, trains at Durant
leave Anaconda at s :ao a. m., 3 :o p. nm.
and .:oS p. m.
To make connection with Northern Pa.
clia railway, eastbound, trains Mt Butte
leave Anacond It Il. :ao a. m. and 7.n5 p.m.
To stake connection with Oreson Shot
Lise railroad at Silver Bow, leave Aas
*oada at 3:So p. m.
Tioleta on sale at City Ticket oflle, (G.
N. Ry.), No. 4s North Main street, and at
Passenger Station, Butte, Anaconda & Pa.
cif5 Railway.

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