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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, February 28, 1903, Image 11

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IN, ;+-,r: " .1 1n ''.a ( CulnnI k-; is) C'unlpany. t
Id. ".\r 1c A4.---I'1't .'peenig and
cl-uit ::.tio11 Wtlc i.s folinwa
.pVen C'(I'ac.
\+n,'.: I 1 I .p cr 7. ~ 72"s
\t I " .1.ic.. & SdInta l~ r N 85!r
I ' ':i ki & 4Ohiiu ...... q' 9't
Call;;lice!r I'.,citi c ....... 3r14 134.
I". '. (., . .`. S. l.Oanii t .... u.1'2 pJ''
4 ..r ,.I. R . .r1.r, . 2 1') ag'.4
VIi··· \1)17. 4 perccii.. 234 ab4
I!1' hu't t k I (& Itl.......244 219
1). 1 a~ rt ~. Ilud.on .... I 761 376
.ri( . ..... .. ....... 37 36
'" Ii prcferred ....... 677 68
Ill ,: ciu~trnl ..... . I42±3 IJ4)2
C( hiuk,.. IFtd. 2. .-P '.tle-Receipts,
.. lyI. 'Market nominal. Good to
1rimet -tcer-e. Ss.,ot( 5.75; poor to tuedit.
$ t..5-r 4.75; : lckeri and ieeders, $2.JS51'
,.;": co.." S.4o61 4.60: heifer., $*.oo0.
'.7': can1rrrI., sI..jol a.6o : bulls. $J.oo0
4a.-: calv¢e. ...25417.50; Texan-fed steers,
A toi. s 4.3,.
I I s--Kreciipts today, t 5,ooo: tomo
rw, .5.r,,,,,: ?eft over. 7.00ooo head. Mar
ket slow ;oud weak. Mixed and butchers,
$,.150o47.:,; Uood to choice heavy, $6.850
7.2u: limns. S6.5un 6.85 ; bulk of sales at
Shctp-- Receipts, t,.oo head. Sheep and
inamb,. .tcady. Good to choice wethers,
p..ol 3.o0 :.f;ir to choice mixed, $4.oo0
..75,: c-terrtl sheep. $4.73005.0: native
la;h,. P'4.7;346.85; western lambs, $4.750
Kansas City Livestock.
l anars C(ity. Feb. 28.-Cattle-Receipts,
3..n head. Market unchanged. Native
,sttro. J3.75;. ( .so: Texas and Indian
st. r~. ,$3.15,' 4.4o: Texas cows. [email protected]
Tone Unsteady, Although
Amalgamated Offers
It', 1o, t I )a t tl PaI4 s.
New \ ,.l. Feb. 28.---The tone of the
otntil: int.-ck market was mixed. A de
cline -; I of New York Central recultcd
irolt ,l:,imace by landslides on its line.
I hle rinajrilt of stocks were lower, but
sl.m.e fi thle principal speculative favor
ites nlhu ed slight gains. The undertone
rrew .tea;lijr as buying orders came in
int thi c.incrsionh. This relief was only
imosetse:t:ily. :ind active selling came in
Lanld tIr ,I! the list, including St. Paul,
Rock I l.nTd. 'Uniont Pacific and Southern
Pacifi, :.",! .Mttropolitan Street Railway,
\;,lii.,, I,1, offered some resiltance. The
.trl.,n i "f Waulash rallied; the market
,sricet ý !,.ht i a ~low recovery until the ap
i,.::e.c, ,ia the bank statements. The de
clic, in rie-rvws was much less than atl
ticil,;,tcl :nd there was a lively scramble
aInniti *;l,,-.. to cover which caused al
moit co ripl tt recoveries. SoIme stocks
rose a irLcti d over last night, notably
St. I'..ul I' Pnnsylvania and Amalgamated.
'lht cl, -ing was moderately active and
Stil"ome ht Iunsteady.
la l, rtdl by C:oe (ommission C'o.)
Boston, Feb. 28.-The copper mining
shares closed today as follows:
Centennial , , ," •   $ 30.75
Parrot - " ... a. 31.50
.Mohawk a. - . a 54 .75
Daly West - - a a a a 38.75
Tamarack a a " a a a 84.75
Utah Con . - a • a a 29.75
Osceola - a a a 73.00
Trinity - - - a a a • 13.00
United States a a a d1 • 25.87
St. Louis Wool.
St. I.,uii. Feb. a8.-Wool, quiet; terr.
tory :e:1 Western mediums, s6Ot8c; fine,
.11st c,.c; coarse, :3 ,i5c.
New York Copper.
N,\., 'ork, Fel,. 28.-Copper and Lead
untltchu t L d.l.
George H. Casey Versus John Hiokey
Comes Up Again.
'l'! ancient suit of George If. Casey,
againt .loin Hlickey, known as.the Hles.
Ilert, Ile case, involving portions of the
surtl:.' of that mining claim, bobbed up
in lu icc Ilarney's court this morning.
Thii ,- was tried several years ago be.
fore ,lt;..L Clancy and judgment given
for lit key.
'l'1l e. rl came tip on a motion of plain.
ti:" ir a new trial. 'his was opposed by
AtL v':ty Ella Knowles IIaskell, counsel
f,,r 1l'icky, and the motion was denied.
'hI.in:ifr gave notice Of appeal to the
snllri fme court.
New York . 20 Irsaw street
Chicago Mwrqtte s lin
St. Louis * cmloemal Bi mIle
Butte nmm~c i nams
Stoo.oo invested in Gratl
or Stocks by our "Safety
Valve Plan" should result in a profit of
$3,o.,, or more within 30 days. Write
for particulars and send for our free book,
"lHow to Speculate Successfully," RICH
A.RT) mI.I VER & CO., Bankers and Brok
ers, Chicago Stock Exchange Bldg, Chi.
Openi. ('lose.
Ktiinn9 City Sout!iernt .... .1:' d'
l.(ottis\illl & Nashvill .....1 ',' 1. ';
Estther .................. 1 t,
Manhliattatt Contsolidatted ...14f.11 14o4
Mctr1 :tit:;nl Trction ..... 136.1 , .16'4
Mlexican ('c:tral .......... .( e 62(
Mexiicatn National .......... tM' ISf';
Minncapolii & St. Louis.... J7!s 27'4
Misslturi, katisaq & 'IPna.t... So7 bo'r
Misrsouri Pacific ............ I I I' * I I I Sit
New York Centtral .........t45d 146
Norfolk & Western ....... 7.3 73'i
t Ontario & Western ......... j '.14 j 1'
'ctnnylvanita Railway ...... 14714 1474i
Peoplc's (;Ga..............ioJ'j tIi 4
Republic Iron & Steel...... .a 'v sl
Reading........ .........6n', 6o4)
Rock Island ..............47"1 47h
h.1o0: native cows ant heifcr. Wt.5ot. 1.40
ctockers and, feeders. $3t.4-p4.So; bulls,
$-.5ou ;.65: calves. $.t.oo.t,.5r : western
steers. $..oo( 5.o00; cows. $t.85,..o.
IlogMs-Receipts,. .50o head. Market
steady. Bulk of sales :It $6.qo.0 7.o05
heavy. $6.n5ff7.ao: packers. $6.735#47.o5;
medium, $6.9oq(7.,i: light, $6.65Q6.95;
yorker. $6.8ot6.,5 ; pigs. $5.65.
Sheep-Receipts, uone.
Omaha Livestock.
ntY Ag~S t'I.ATI.I Pit es.
Suuth Omaha. tech. 38.-- attle-Re-e
ceiits, 400 head. Market, steady. Native
steers. $3.t.756.s; cows and heifers.
[email protected] : cannrers, [email protected]: stockers
and feeders. $.t.o0( 4.40: calves, [email protected](
6.-5 ; Iallts. stags. etc.. $Sao2. t.t75.
Ilcgs-Receipts, S,5oo head. tlarket.
s5 higher. Heavy. $6.45n 7.o5 ; mixed.
$6.o05U6.o : light. $6.756.9o ; pigs, $6.uo
6.75 : budk of sales, $6.8506.95.
Sheep--Receipts. i.oo head. Market,
steady. Fed muttons. $S.aSg6s.8o; West
erns, $4.9o04.95 : ewes. $3.7594.5o; con
mon and stockers, Sa.ooP4.5o; latmbs.
$Ss .50 . 7 .0 . . .. . . . . .
((lutinutle froint PaCe Eight.
izcd the st;ald k i t h:tkt n te Iowa profc .,Jr
as amrlsing. lie aiid:
"W hy. this idh.t i. rt t ,nl al,,urd. ,ut
Iht f. s,'.. Mill rnot htar to' t the stat'tntnt'+
he has made. I trained at college for a
years--years of the harde..i kind of Iratii
ing-and I have nlever felit lbetter in my
life: yet it has bccn years since I left
college and gave tlp the training. (Of
cotlrbe, I keep tip a certain amount of g) m'
Inastic work. lheca:ItC it has so Hecomtel at
part of my life that I feel miserable if I
don't. I only know of one or two cases
where college athletes have met premature
deaths. The only ione that I can nclw re
call is that of Wa.lter IDohmt, who was a
fanmouts runner in hii day. lie Itcantc a
reporter and wsa~ out in all sorts of
weather. nld'he finally died of cosunmp
tion. That is the only case that I t'an
think of. As t to the.e remarks; aboutl pro
fesionalism, thecy are the 1most Inonsensical
things I have heard in a longt while.
T'homas .lacN.amara, a well-known and
popular young man, who was only .6
years of age, died in this city last evening
after a brief illness. Death was caused
by an attack of penunmonia, which carried
ofT its unfortunate victim in to days. The
THE VAlTS THOMAS UN~AMARA-HIHEI ~l ?Ii,~ 719in ~lii Sionu.,
death of the young man is deeply n-e
gretted by ail who knew him, and his
youth makes bsl death doubly ead.
Mr. MoNamera died at the Bennett
block at No a East Path street, where
he roomed. He received every attention
during his illness and the beat of medleal
attention, but the effllorts of nurses and
doctors did not avail.
The young man was a miner and was
employed in the mines of the town. ie
had been a resident of this city for three
years, and during that time he made a
('pen.( ( INe.
Soulthern Railway * .......... t4' 34
d's. pr.efCrredl .......... 1114 014'4
Southern pacific ........... h] 62'i
St. l.'wji & San Francicco.. $4 *
Sm:eter ...... 'I'. 4. 5
Sngar Retirye * 1............ I ., 1 ttok
St. PattI ...... ......... 174 *t I 74.
"TnInItesee Coual & I tln ...... ('5'a (1.14
*fexaa Pacitic .............. 4' 40
lrion Pacitic * ........ ;7' ',t a
United Statei Sitel......... 381'v .t
do. prctfrc. ............ *i 8' $
Wabauh . .... .......... h* A .t`'4
Wi'e..tern Union ..... *Q..... $O '
Wisconsin Central .......... -
do. preferrerd ........... st"g Jl'j
Money at 4 per cent.
Total sales, ja8,oot sharesa.
((',ilt nuled from Page 1iht.t
the fight posibile. While it has not yet
been definitely settled. 4here is some talk
of putting jave Zcarfu.s in charge of the
Butte team. Dave is fully competentI to
handle the job and, as Hutte will have
most ef the old men back. his ta.k of build
ino up a winniing comhbinlati n will nIIt Ih
a hard one.
I)alrymple naked I).,dale for lis release
and got it Hle will play with a .l-ei pro
fessiolnal team in Ivercit. I)alryiplea't
fielding last year wa, everyithing to he de
sired, but when the pinch came in the
last few weeks of the season and Scattl.
was trying to get the lead away from
Butte his courage failed himn and his work
slumped off badly. lie writes that Ihe feels
that his work was not appreciated here
last year. and he would rather play somc
where else. RAMSIEY.
Sues Charles German for $10,000 for Al
leged Carelessness by Which
Eggers Was Badly Hurt.
;I ' : lll.-l I h , of'1 : ';i ' il ill . ' l .. '
Ii'it t hii allrti e, ii iulr a l l. I n i',i l 1'ýI ,
I , 'tr I ht ' lli il i ,'t t " li ..trict , liii
file .1.1 a n t cme nttde auns r """1.1 Iph. o l the
iCeti failure (lln the pa.ilt of t , d s i,, uI
al in t t , f u l l y i l.e : ,1 ti t, . . *: t u t e , : io l J u .tl1 ,
Ilurney iI.,niedl the io.t ,l:, . ',in ex,(lltion
%%a; taken. and the iei:t,. I i6 1 h . , ip , al,,l
' l t atliuin grev ~It! of :-i :w( bi :, t t-,
F . . in witiih o.).e ~f hi lll.,l,
s;'er'ly injured. I .;1 t ld th d h tn ld ,,i
wer, en.itagi d in ..onk:, , iu a m ,i bi
S.halt, :aul it it a!hle *1 t'h,,t tlh,,,i!o b I c
c rl:,r +e ne i of los i, i d ir ,rton the
now anetl nt iof a (:iat :. i :. <1,1 i,t l i. t ", 1
:ti ld I.1" ! r.. u,, ta tii t,,I . r, " p. r , i -
host of fricnds all of %%ho arC hIcrti(v1v
at hii d1(ath1. 1le wa~s a meimIbIer the
Butte Miners uunion, but ol no other or
Ile lcavcs a fathcr, Jliitl h racNauiara,
and two cousins, hoc and Hilly Iohuuia, all
of this city I end two brothers and a sis*
ter, who live at Scranton, Pa ido was
born at the latter place.
The young man's funeral will take place
from the Sacred Heart church at a o'clock
tomorrow afternoon. This afternoon the
remains were moved from the Montana
Undertaking rooms to the residence of M.
J. Murphy at No. 7o7 North Montana
street. The funeral will probably be a
large one owing to the wide acquaintance
of the young man and the high esteem in
which he was held.
Every Want
Listed Her.
A\1 \I 1) -.oyt st. A . tp. 1 no :¶jII.n l
State to w:,tt!·tge Me'ttle'. of tv n'Plthty (III(
oI ori: 'ot: .alaity, $:i i~wI: eah hutr,ida:
irect I I. ini hc.athlI i ri, \pr)l tllltliVe
\1'A\ ri: I) \irn to Isar 1 brbeir lradjC
Sadvaun:tages of sti'auy IpiatiC'. :rpert
i::atrut't iO n.. Icrttsreq. tIC., wivthiwut lini: it
to tizlli" tools, &ipluJII.I, Suitrtl,:v H ager
Smritc today. l il ilcr Ilui wr I uIIt;, Mill
!11 - \1r tt' tocl: thdIe I.i:Iwr tvjde t Inth
Hnrrhcr (Uollr. Snai I aku ( it\. I't.ilt.
\ýA" .I) --A partncr Ili a, oanl payai4
'ic"t:ntr.IttI. Aiiplv it i'utn cu''. No. too
n1'e' l'ui it) , j No. *jSunitt\l Mit.
111 I)% 1 to Mat, nn1 II; I.uld of t lly
The-[r~avo~lupon Co., . tf IlamIIit on stret
IAJANS---\Mooy to loain att II pr cent; no
detay.. hall unrc licr, NO. 48 Last
Broadway, Ilotte. Montnna.
I.(O,'S -(It, frn:ittre; lot; rates. Boom
:, No. 77 "i'cVt Broadway.
M1O:JlM l. lO hO)AN-Jackmanta & Armi
tage Co., Ilirluour block, northacmt corner
Maui aln dlBroldway.
1). T1'. A. GRI1;G-. ye. cear, nose, ,thrat
and lultgs; prices moderate; terms cash.
Nl. 4t Ilirlibr builintg. 'Phone 93.4..
Mit NTANA VIAVI ,CuMPAN---o. jia
Goldberg block, Butte. We treat su-*
ceasfully diseasrs of wome a. catarrh.
stomach and bowel troubles. Vapor baths
and massage treatment in conncction.
NW\V CO uCaII{S, $s up; 1:ew sagres to
cxchange for old atov,,s and fliniture;
sturag ,. l)D chali, No. 4 " A\\et Broadway.
SV'aI\ All N.oodic 1% i, - Iulp ter, I:ne
teas, t n.dll Ch:l. , :,!,i 11, i'lah Lu.,
No. tIo, cvlrnrr \l .r I h, , :I, v.
U\ \ 1\ .I\ t L" 1' t l t"1 n t l n t,' h ,ujt,
I to ,. . ih, ,, t 1. -I'. I Ih 'k t.I o,
J1tl3 \ It, IIAI'I V 1 -.1 "a: ". °., 1 17 ll.a:n
iltn t :tret, itte, Monlat. ia.
V1i 'IA I I'llK & I..\ IS.-.-A. , c"+.
S cce so , t A. IU. Io:.tLlu'r, a 0. N.
W yo. t. 'l 'h o' 01, 0 It. P. . II.x t I.
t\HI`, \1 ita 1 \ la 1i I I I ,
I\ , . \ o a l , ,. II I\a t I', h, ,,
' I",, , 3, . I".
\VAN IIEI -foil to be proahi tat the
Harrison Mutual Burial A .,uciitinu.
See Shermar n & Iterd.
UilLTT. AD)jt, .I 'ENi'. C LtMI.ANY -
Collects had bills; try it. Its N. lain.
'S.ILAU & 'iUMSUo-- I-l'hotulgrapl,
era; first-class work guaranteed. Nos.
a17.s9 lEast Park street.
'Trinity .Mtclholi.t I.liscopal chutrh
(Rev. Jo.nt loskl.t', p:.trr. ( Il.s IIall
inig at to a. ti. StaIdlay. P'reachinlg tat II
a. Ii, nlll 7.:3o0 . Ill. Sundltau h11,ol at
.:3u p a. I . ipworth Iague at (.: p. p, n.
WValkerville l labodlls dt I'. liar pall ~hiura
Ra.ev. I. I. rauc l ,, l:at lo . ( 1p0, no .et
ing at Ia: l5. Pl'r lachillg at i a. IIII. a ..,I t
day "ho01 at _.:,3. At 7:r, a:l:a an.ally
of Frceed.manj', Aid i ociety.
alUadlervilh . Melha uliat l.lu.ar. e: Ii't:a Ih
- Rev. I' . I, I.r .o h. lpa,,tor. .Slirld y
sclaool 1 .;:,ao. I'rearIhmag at 7 .;o by \\.
1. .Nicholls.
l' helnsophy Judrce \%. . I. Spal r will
condtuct a teelatilg at I heltsoph , :1 ,tu1l
qllartet c, roon 41 1 l;,+ldh'ai; blat 'l, :,un
day evenllg ati 8 o'lock.
celsh servlces ii ( arpeanter.' ninm hall
orl West (;ranite street. I'reachling at i
:. In. Sut day-school at r a : ts p. it. ( .ol.
nItluion1 services and preading at 7 :.ao p.
iIlUllion services, preaching at 7:jo Ip. nIt.
Swedish aMilona churcha lAugtt ;u.s
tafaaon, pastor. Services at ai a. nt. atild R
o'clock; Suanday school at l, ni.; ouang
Peoplc's meeting at 6 p. an.
Grace Methodist Episcopal church-
Jamtes W. Tolt, pastor. Plreachinag at iS
a. in. and 7:3o p. st. ; Sunday school at
:30o o'clock.
'nitarian claroh--Services in Good
T'nplars' hall Sunday evening at A
o'clock. l.ewis J. Ikan..n, msinister, will
lecture, subject, "l.iving by Law."
First Church of Christ (Solentist) -
First reader, Mrs. Nellie Elnhherg. Serv.
ices, ro:45 a. et. aind I p. m.; Sunday
scdool, is:t5 p. m.
"Mormonlsn"-Standay afternoon and
evening at a and 7:3o p. t. in the Good
Templars' hall.
Second Church of Christ (Scientist)
First reader, Mrs. C. Grimes. Morning
servIce at is o'olock; Sunday school at
t Shortridge Memorial Chrllan chalurcLh
-A. I.. Chapman, pastor. Preaching at
a a e. m. and p:lo p. m.: Sunday school,
a a:Jo p. nm.; Junlor Y. P. S. C, E., s :Jo
e p. 11.
German Lulcran ctrch--Ml. IlldtalIuff,
Butte Business Directory
For the Benefit of Busy People.
I'1R 11 'I" 1'n11 1 ed. seat t,,r Ihght
5t t \\ ct Prk.
'.TRASIN'I'--Spcct.a!, \oik lienk. No.
66 West P'ark.
I'.R REIN I'--lwo nicely turasished frout
rooms, with board, $;o each per month.
All modern convenienuces. No. jog Westl
IIOII'FL OXIFOtl)-- loo10s $So l$p. Furlt*
class; modern conveniences. So. lanin.
I 1. 1 HI14,111141' 1 . hai;,tu e- n= e
lnllicunre, chimIpedlist I \\' rt Ithlvy.
\! I. I. 1 1 . u.,dh t, , ar. 11.u er
.\ I ,' It ty tit S I. th \ l.i t .n '.
1hltI. . i.. L. CARSON. sciclttifc masselr.
Ofices ..os, ;274-7s Penn;ylvania budd.
h,:. 'I'hone 997.3.
t 1 R 14 l I\. lt.uni'er l anI i * .u neil . :
rents ;11,1 till u air. 51S 7 soutlh l,tllluanu.
MIttii t rN si.s.u. .n housn. erletric light.
li ath. \\'rS.t Silver ttieelt $Si per Itn)Ith.
I.. IuiSr at I ir. Iht's inheit . Iltrilsout IIIdg.
11. iI. 1ANSU.N, Al. I).---UCrural opern
tite sturerun. (Oll1nci; 25, G6, .J, Silver
Dow Block. Telcphluon 4uJ.
MISS TUINI.EIY'S SC;1i()L--All rades
taullht. No. 4Ji West Mercury. Unly
private school.
LII,(,EL'S 1.OAN OFF;IC'L.-.No. Il lust
I'ark street. Money l~fued on every
artit l. of v .lu.
,\ l\1 l I? you, hoou .hhul g ,,1l an.
utitr val, hles, it :n ssn wagon olhnt
yIu cain nuIv to aug ht tltainn, q sikj t
aud ct hea.r in our unew vtan' (. dl lip
'Ilephll, nc ,I. J lont.nut, 'I'l l k !& T'anafer
(',. () :r No .s \\I 't Hro,.ulway.
FtOUR SA.l,: . Ltl.urant a;wI ao(t'ctiont
cry ~tore, bjc:ip. Apply i:t luu.i s l',. No.
se), \\'Ist I'otphyry btrdct, or No. JJ.I
;,ntihl .M -in.
]rl \.l l a Its i s l I **0 t tr l Io I I , I , t.
al . 1 - t . .,t ,,n1;.,.,, In I .,I a1 1 s ta
(1.L., II. , . A plily' at . l l nlt '., t o. s1o.
VWe It !'lphyl)y or No. t4o S.th Alain.
lP I V A l IA l hM,'in for li 'i . i) l)dak ,ta t .t
I \lt l . , Ii . be t li tl . t 1,\ ,
I ilig.
.1111.. Hit 'll tIN, extu'h iv,' roe unv lng,
N'. to. \\''cst I.ntlitil. .aM ,k., wigs,
I' lt or 'ar.
S:l.str. No se'rvice .nndl:ty Sudl:ay
:, hul at thll' r lal time.
Irea'hling at Shatter' ('hI prl, African
Alethodi,,t l.:pi:cw.al church at ,s a. Il.
:IInd 7 :.3t . I11. by the iatitor; Suaid3ay
,choul at :.lo p. In.
I irtt liaptit zhurch J. 1.., Nof,. singzter,
lp ti"r. W1\',trs'ip a'i tI I . Ill. astl 7: it P.
1 ,4 . : S u n d a y lcho o l a t l- :.;u p . Il. ; ¢U , ila
'e pl,.' tiil L.ng alt 6:..o tI . n.
(1I ti lit .ie f ,r., I' aIge I ight. I
galI a right ,to eye. 'lu I.llI's lI'ft eye wa,
ilnelly C.lo.ed at the a ini of the ound1111 .
l ,,F u Id 8 Firb., iut a left fnt tte
ineck uandl foillowedl with a left zon i't.
lill', hld eye. 'JI h, in caitle togethcr
ill a Ih'I ( ;thalnl!g . Forbesrl having tIhe
h tell r ilt it. Iore, pit a -avail',e upptlter
rut fl I T'I'kell', chin, jarrinug him iadlly.
InlIhes put a light left to the ,ishoulder~,
getting a still" right etouluter on the ribs..
T'okell put a hartd right on the rib.s and
followed with ail uppertcut fol the chert,
receiving ai right ihook o.n tIh, ear. 'I ukell
utppercut agaii, getting a stiff left to the
stomachi andl a right to the ribt. Forhws
pult hard atrtight left on 'Tokell's left
.)ye, whlih swllehd to the site of ian egg.
Iound 9 -Forlbe put a left to the nloutll
anld two lefts on Tokell's split cheek. 'l'o
kell put a strong left on the stomach and
jahl,bed Forbes hard on the chin with his
left. Tokell landed a hard right one ont
the ribs and followed with a straight left
to tile cheek, repeating the latter a second
later. Tokell wrestled Forbes to the mat
and was hissed and warned a second time
by the referee. The men clinched in tile
center of the ring as the round closed.
Both went to their corners tired, Forbes
being in the better shape.
Roulnd so-Forbes put his left twice to
Tokell's bad eye, straightening tile llng
lishlnalt up. Tokell put a hard right on
Forbes' shoulder, getting a stiff jolt on
the mouth in return. Forbes put a right
to the ear and a left to the bad eye. Forbes
uppercut Tokell heavily with his left, al
most lifting hitn off his feet. Tokell put
a hard left to the stomach and Forbes
camte back with a stiff left drive on the
eye. Tokell fell short with a left swing
and got a left on the eye and a straight
left ot the jaw. Forbes staggered Tokell
with a right to the Jaw and put two lefts
to thle ismouth. Forbes landed a left hook
to tile jaw and staggered 'lokell wltlh a
heavy right to jaw. Forbes landed a left
hook to the jaw and staggered Tokell with
a heavy. righlt, Florbles laIned left to the
usonth, ,Forbes ngot tihe decision.
I Cent
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il , ., I, I . l ., ' 1~ r \1 l .ii in uIfite.
I III.. is t , In ,iry I .i th at uiir'lt ftl dats'I
n , I , ili l "r .- a 1, 11 , .I . is p,1 . l nl o f
I, ,".i . 11. i, 1 h I n }h 1t;.,,d.\. . w ill he' s,,hl
;Ir .i I, I i. I , t .c , O iw l ; I.t milh r at 3
\*as /.11 so , It JM ciSill·,
I \' . tI, . I ll l .lolil I ll ll i I,.iy ai .iil
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'I lI Ipli'Ce haive klept a iho,. watch
Iatl.y ni Iiiyi :.tlppnOs(I to have beeta
ht'; alil newslpalper frlom the iporches of
varirfa. hlmitt.. I his morning Arthur
SchIiIltz, a bIuy oht 15 years, was caught
in the iiat ff at, alilg the fpaper in front
of Alleriiman tcnlllaler'a dloor in the
affliiIi i block ilf l West l teIlia street,
c.hulItA s .. proimptly urrested andil taken
i" the city jail.
ili case Vwas called in police coturt this
Imoiring and I the iOy admitted( his Lgilt.
Hllow ling hairve you becen stealing pa.
iper,'?" askl I the judge.
"h'ir a year or two, I guess," replied
"\What do you do with the Ipapers?'" was
the next question.
"Sell therl like commonl newsboys."
"Do you make a living that way?
"Yea, and a good one, too. I inake
lots more than other newsboys, for I
get my papers for nothitng, while they
have to buy theirs at the newspaper of.
Judge Boyle told Schultz he would make
it optional as to whether he wanted to
pay a Ias fine or go to the county jail
for eight days. Schultz chose the latter
alternative, and was driven to the county
jail itn the patrol wagon.
Alderman Siebenaler has thissed his pa.
per off and on for several months. He
would complain at the newspaper offlces,
and was invariably assured that his paper
had leen duly delivered. He reported the
mnatter to the police and a watch was kept
with the result that Schultz was arrested.
This boy is not the only one who has
made a practice of stealing papers, how
ever. Many complaints from all over the
city have been registered and the pollee
will keep a close lookout for the youlth.
,ul thieves in the future.
In Rasmussen inquest.
Miles City, Felteh, a8,--The coroner's jury
!hlat investigated the death of R. Raamus.
sen, the a:.sepherder who out Isis threat
-here Wednesday, returned a verdict tiat
Ihia act resulted front despondency due No
Imelancholia and remorse.

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