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eased Bueg IBwemg, BErept Sw.day.
3e West Granite Street, Butte, Mont.
Per Year, by nmail, in advance...... 7.5o
Jig Carrier, per month............... 7
Editorial Rooms.......... 4-8-( 3 rings)
uusiness Otffice............ 428--(s ring)
The Butte Iloter Mo.,r.iat ha,. i.ninch
Ofifces at Anaconda, Missoei'?, Los. man
and Livingston, where s.bacrlptien and
edterti..ng rates will be juin:ih J ipoun
Thle I.nter Mountaln can be found at the
follouing out-of.to'n nes,' stands- -Fast
rem News Camiany, brattle. Wash.;
Shanks & Smith, Ilorl Northern, Satlle,
I.ash.; Salt Lake Nerws Stand, Silt Lake,.
lfah; Twenty-fourth Street News S 'and,
Twenty-foi.thi Street, Ogden. Utah; liar.
halow li;t,., Salt Lake, Utah; L. E. Lee,
Palace ll,tel, San Prancisco: Portland
Hote., Portland, Ore.: Post,+f'.e. News
Stand, Chicago. Ill.
(t,,n.iderinitz the f:act that a large n um -
ber of the mernltm r f tilt. 1: iglhth legitla.
tive a..t hily hail :ino prvc.io,u . tptil it c
in lgi -latlive i -t1 . that i tsehe ly is mak
i n g a r , n .m u l k a b h t . . .. )l f ,,r bl s ini m s l ik e
n t e t h o sl . . l , r1 o p t ; , v l , , '", t i li t , , i, o n
and iw, h1, 1 s- . ll t, hill . " ach ; total
of more than I "r" hill, b.11, l Litn iintro
d uced in tlht. w o h ,u -t, lh t- v irat ,r po r
tion of thnem alr.:uly are dilsposed of,
ualtl that ttithtout tiue trlthtr.ury at tiunit of
thei steering co -utiltte'.
It is dlub! lt l aI ny "t the , %ven
L's.iR lly it -s niecw.'..;try to h -l um any I ilight
has bicn l t ~-:tiry, nlld thir with onily
a few do retmaiiiung. I ,lay'. work
brittgh lo lt lit h.uis will up il t tithet
busilneic. l-l.h d . Ire lictiot :ire now
that f(cu, if :any more, niiht e,-ion, will
lhe nlc'.', y before fi.li adjtointntlnt.
li he ace pjItd tient of ; ;I- ". I h lta lu'e
is the l tmi1t r of bill, kilht l t;bthet thanl
the mnmil r of hill, . I, ed,,. I 11 as enm -
hly lhas Le n the S tr:melhts r o.ew. of utn
wiie nieasiirw---all that sItiaketl of freak
hle'isliation :,iln the utt:ltl trt p ftf ills that
Cs;er woull be ilt ffcctive oIn the statute
books. Spetrlily. 'tsurely, the as.-embly
has dealt witih tlhese mteastures ac tinsille
men ahlouul. ln fact, thte prevailing .i-nt
timntt in the two house, i-s to exercise
conmon .trt. in doing th,. work of the
Ipeople- -an-l that is tnot ala it, t .t sen
timent of : hlegislative ily.
The credit for the g, d ret.c.rIl that
ha been matile bttl,,ttt. I, t the rt publican
majority, ti ith nI inlc mItid rahl' part of
it going to Speaker \Whitt.. a pre.idint
offcer who has won the ahntiration of the:
state for the dignity, eminent fairnes and
impartiality aith which ie has lpresided. I
in debate int comtittce of the wholtle tlth,
speaker frequently has h tnt hicartl, and
always hi, rtemark have lben listetned to
with tr sp.tct atnd heeded. It fact. there
is n liu ma in the legitlaisttuir e whot iflu
tence has, bele sc o gret for go as that
of Speaker WVhite.
A fact lltich i iparticularly gratifying
to the party in the niwte is the tohesive
ness of tilth repubitlican tjority as Itliton.
strated in these latter day, of thil sion.
(On all party questiot. it votes a; a man,
Its organization has bieen perfetid until
there is not a flaw in its coitposition. In
this manner its power is inicrtaseI and its
effectivte ss made sure and certain. All
in all the state of Montana and the ret
publican party owes a debt of gratitude
to the Eighth legislative ainserbly.
The town is filled with deep and abiding
disgust over the late prizetight fizzle.
Whether with or without reason, tlhe
public believes it was the victim of a
put-up job, and it will require a good deal
of work far removed from the hborder.
land of suspicion to convince the people
of Butte that they will ie justitied in
parting with their money to witness an
ether of these highly moral shows.
Manager Sutton manifestly has the
public with him in his proposition to rent
iis theater for no more of these affairs
unless the promoters sign a contract, suffi
ciently guaranteed, to protect tle public
against the petty swindle of raising
However, that is a matter that has
about corrected itself.. Once impressed
with the fact that it has been swiuenled,
and "popular prices" would fail to draw
a crowd to see one off these alleged
sporting exhibitions, even if it is "pulled
oli" under the patronage of city and
County officials.
No publication is issued regularly Iby
any state in the union which is of moure
practical value to the people of the comn
snonwealth than the reports of the Mon.
tana state bureau of agriculture, labor
and industry. Covering the whole ratige
of the subjects Included within the scope
of the bureau, and including in addition
a mass of most interesting and valuable
statistical and general information con
earning Montana, its resources and its
Industries, the reports serve many pur.
poses. One of these is edvertisitug the
state among thoso who would seek homes
in Montana or invest capital tlu rein.
The eighth report of the tneat', '.itst
front the pre-s, having been ltre..,r-J by
J. A. Fur:;ueio, enuni.tii'uuionser , thie
burtst, and L.. 1'. l.'edi(,t, his chict"
clerk. To both of these gentlemen great
credit is due for the excellence of the
publication. It is a volume of 733 pages,
splendidly and profusely illustrated by
half-tone engravings and containing within
its covers so many special articles and
interesting features that to enumerate them
would fill this column.
It can be said with truth that while
the reports which have preceded this have
been exceptionally good, this certainly
is the best yet issued by the bureau.
(Cincinnati, if it has not been going
Ibackward durimig the past to years, has
not made nmaterial progress. All other
(thin citits lhave advanced, especially
Clevelaiil, twhich is nw the first city in
the Ihtckeye state. The recent di.sas"
trous hrte is a Irttious blow to Cincinati,
from which it awill Ie a long tin' in re
I hat ( incinnati has not been going
ahetal in wealth mlI influenee with other
cities of the c.tunmtry is undo.lntelly due
to the corrupt plitical conditions that
have prevailed there for maniiy years. St.
Louis is likely to be stricken with the
sanm dry-rot from i like cause. It is
said that Minneapolis alrealy feels tile
hadl elltect upon its busine.s iilt-rests lihe
cause of the notoriety lwhichl that city
has received through the corruption that
ran like ia foul stream through the mu
nit ipal adhniiistrattun.
lie lc 1usolln coolneye.l by thllse facts is
an inpoti it one for other cities.
'lh. Mi, , \ fn n az.tteI ~ Ifughton, MI lch.,
put, tt this .ay:
.'2i, tl 1.m lt.,nta h ,hl lp, AhI S t a : la
anclmpllice ill the recent raid oin ain ex
plcs. train by which $7.5 was sec·urced, de
cl.,11 h. is tll .a e thl t l .l a tIIe gamie.
It :lpi ors that, failing i in nakini ta big
h:tld, h '. was hterlniIle1d that the enter
prise shhlld ii t 1 .a1 l w. itlh t reulittIwra
t11n1, iland sit .lullt ti collar the $.5,, ou re
S-ari ,i112rc d tar hil, c"aptlre.
I hi, ,'2s not t.Lke in all the ilterestlng
,hi.ascs of the allair. It (does not take in
,hle., il, hg ,l act uL lL t 'hes I n the ridlicu
lels hlilIup. I llhe rallrroad complfany has
I, t y', I scaltt'ti Its $5,1Ou i amonl g the va
iilln, tl.lianll tll s1/d it will show but or
,linary hun int.e.s rrtlhlencte it it inve-stil
..ilc' the all:ir th rollily twfore it does
.,. A railr'a, ICmillln y may place it'selt
Ill a pI',.titiji (oI oflerntll, a pretilu mlll to ien
s, rprilsing train robl.rs, by being tau ready
with its rewards. ' he Northern Pacific
,owest it to itself and the public to guardl
1g:2ii1st this.
lI he itnter .\Mutain begs to acknowl
II.le tile receipt of a profound letter of
smIe thlous2.alll words or more fromt
"v, I I ;ilbs." written int the highest
style i f pugiilltic literary art. It is an
ablh decnsC agalinst the public accusation
that hte fouled" Mr. l.atotiie in the re
c'(lt si, calehl listic eincounlIter. The con
tin:c toI correct the pnltlh ilmpreshiml in
this detply lailnnted affair is It,. large for
evecn MIr. tjihs. The co2st ,per lin. to
print this able prochltttint wotuld nrces
.itate his walkintg back to ()hio. and out
of cnsider:ation for a prize fighter's prej
udice against trave(ling otherwise than in
a dl.(wing roomt of a l'Puhlllan the litter
Moulltain takes- the liberty, with due and
contlt, apologies, of dekpositing Mr. (ibllbs'
Aldisonian article ti the waste hasket.
.Mers,. Wardle anl Janie, gave a
splendid performance last night itt a
sterlilng dramna, and that their ellorts were
appreciated was fully attested by tile large
auli'nlce present and the Ittnething more
than goodwill manifested toward the
actors and their company. Warde and
James constitute a theatrical attraction
which is exalctly the same in Itutte as it
is in New York, Chicago or San Fran
cisco, and in this it differs from a good
many othters. Their preseltt season in
Itutte will add to their popularity.
The fact that George Cole was today
awarded a term of twenty years in the
penitentiary is an indication that holding
up a train isn't such a mnad, mterry joke
after all. A few sentences like this would
do mutch toward discouraging the gentle
art of train robbery. Mr. lloward will get
his valentine next.
Meanwhile Mr. Castro continues to look
February is going out with antything
but a spring-like finish.
In celebrating the birthdays of the dead,
let ius not overlook the lamtented editor
of the Colllnnoner.
The porte has a kick coming over the
itlerefencee of the powers in Macedonia
and lie wilt get it.
Some (lay Mr. I.al'uitise will go east of
the Mississippi and go against somebody
who will not fix it.
Now that the cowling congress is over
the Indianapolis breweries will doubtless
stop running three shifts.
Roosevelt doubhtless wishes to get a shot
at the Montana game before the bounty
hunters have takecl all the scalps.
As the twentieth round draws near it is
evident to the eye that the Montana legis.
lature hlas abanldolecd hitting in the
clinches. Both sides are pretty well fagged
Mr. Kipling's tilmely poemt on Cham
berlain's efforts in South Africa brings
to mind the fact that as a sphynx the
British poet laureate has the original
skinned a block.
Thile extreme regularity with which the
sheriff of Carbon county has been gather.
ing in all the bad nmen who chance his
way would indicate that all is clay which
comlls to this Pott r.
Thc cxtrlcle reularity with which nitr.
deters trln out to be insane is a forecast
of the day, whien the penitentiary will
give way to the asylum.
Not a Tillman has been put on the
criminal records this month.
Mr. McGovern is doubtless filling his
sleeve with mirth, lie put his man out
in four rounds.
Mr. Knapp has doubtless c'langed the
popular ditty so as to read 'I don't know
why I choke them, but I do l"
After all, there is no reason why Agg~I
should not tour America on the lecture)
platform. lie would need a press agent
now to draw a corporal's guard.
They will not let poor old (hief Jonfepli
go back to his native hills to die, but
DIick (:roker may come back and paralle
tip and down Broadway like an honest
A Kan.as City paper speaks of r"llryan's
Pettrified Ideas." T'his al nut liits the nail
.nn the In art. hiS ideas uiin maniy Iptlluh
lie usl(lvtionsl are remote (lolIlIgh Ifroi the
.nl.iac lld tlhol.ght of today to be classwl
in the stone or the fossilif.ri,, ;,e.
The Iinterouls curtain call, :, 'urh d
Messrs. Warde andl James an l al as Matx
well lupon tile occasion .of their Iopilillng
performance in Ilutte last nighit howre
oenclisively that the tlleatergoing public
of Itlatte know a good thing ishenl they
sCe it.
Thle supreme court of (,Colr:al, has or
der.le City Treasurer Sours of D.enver to
tirrender hiis ,lice under thei. new homlle
rule amenidment to the cVo.titltionll of the
('Clt'eni ial stlate. 'The auiln e of the re
tiring city clirk anl his fIellags are
iproblubly akin this morning.
The kaiser's rxtietne anxiety to, sho,v
that Ihe is nt an atheist or a;it :igiostic
is partly attribult:ble to the t.ott that things
have not lbeen going his way in the
rerichlstag lately, by any nn;nss, :and that
the reichstac is strongly for I nrist. lliw
great i I tiana of the lphesi:ns,!
If thie Irishman slated for the place evr
really succeedls Mr. (urzon he will dohlt
less illtroilldce the olbservance of St. lat
rick's day into Inlia. Hlow funny it wouh.
tie to see a proiesion in honor of the
Ilibernian saint sidlestepping a tunch of
cobras at every bushy point in the road!
The lady from the Pacific coast who
writes, as an indication of the number of
shots fired in the Burlington holdup, that
the clothes in her trunk, which stood in
the baggage car and was riddledl, have 5o
Itles in them, does not say how many
times each garment perforated had beesn
Mr. Cleveland is in his way as mighty
a hunter as the president, but you never
hear of him planning expeditions after
bear. lie goes out after smaller game.
As their respective administrations would
indicate, Mr. Cleveland spent his spare
time in shooting ducks; Mr. RIosevelt
has spent his in calling the coal barons
and inviting the powers to go 'way back.
The kaiser has publicly proclaimed his
faith. Mr. Roosevelt makes no protesta
tion of Christianity, but goes about his
business like a Christian man, attending
church regularly and abstainiug faithfully
from that which is wrong. And when his
enemy slaps him oil the cheek, he promptly
turns him around and plants a hick where
it will do the most good.
Ed. Mayer, The Jeweler's
At Forced Auction T'RADJUST THE
Ed Mayer, jeweler, 65 West Park street, who was burned out on the morning of the 8th of February, in
order to adjust the insurance, and to close out all stock preparatory to opening up as early as possible with a
complete new stock, will offer his entire stock, consisting of
2 5 0002 Watches, Diamonds and other Gems, Silverware, Opera Glasses and
a General Line of First-Class Jewelry. v, , ¢
Starting Saturday, March 7, at 2 P. M.
There Will be Sales Daily at 2 p. m. and on Saturdays an Extra Sale at 7 p. m.
While a small portion of the stock was slightly damaged, As much of the stock was bought especially for Christ
much of it escaped with almost no defect, and a great deal mas, it is of a superior character, and this sale will offer an
in the safe was not damaged at all. Nevertheless the entire opportunity of a lifetime for you to get first class jewelry,
stock, "good, bad, and indifferent" will be offered to kgems, watches, silverware, rings, scarf pins, chains and
stock, good, bad, and ii t" will be ofered to clocks at
The Highest Bidder, Without Reserve. At Just What You Choose to Offer.
Free to Every lady Attending Sale A Guarantee That's Good
A coupon will be given to every lady attending the sale, Remember-Ed. Mayer is not going out of business.
whether she buys, bids, or only looks on, entitling her to a One of the purposes of this sale is that he may resume reg
chance in a drawing.after elery sale of ularly again as Ioon as possible. Every article sold is
guaranteed just as represented, and Mayer will be
A Very IjIdsome Present Here Permanently to Back It Up.
Mr. ). E. Swinehart of the Big Black
fnnt Milling company has returned to
lButte after a three weeks' business trip in
the East. Mr. Swinehart says he found
New York and the Eastern states in the
grip of a blizzard and is glad to get back
to Montana where the balm is sweet on
the sumtmner air, so to speak.
\\. II. Gray of Great Falls is at the
C. S. Ilaire, the' lelena architect, ar
e'4v4 from the rapital last night said
L il tered at the Thornton.
J.I.. Morse, the I lton taneker and anin
ng Ican). is in the city.
E. F. Mink left tat nig4it for 'Portland,
)r.. to take: charge crf J. F. IForbi' large
stet. k ra;lch andl orchard near Portland.
Aldlermn: Kroger has returned tronl
S.,lt hernl C( alifornia where lie went a
Montth lag" with his family. Th'le latter re
nuanet in the land oef flowers."
I harlcs H. I.4onardl and Mrs. L.eocnard
ha.e r(eturned from Sran Franeisco where
Mr. I enai'd :ippelared oil ltw bueciess hre
for- tie. irceut court of appeltal.
Ir. J. A. .I eiIhtion, the llouhler phytse
,i ei .e k a titl ' vai.tor.
I. . Ir;eer. iec:ece:eer of the lelena esa
Iet:H ltett if ;iea & Klein, is a ltute
, ,rue \\. llI,tio, of l.iviengstont ie in
" ilt :y.
Why Just Read These Extracts From the
Files of the inter Mountain of That
Data and Be Made Wise.
I'Th .Alice ctompanly lshipped folur bars
of ,ltlini,, v;alu d ;at $6.5,u( ,.
I tl lh e "f t( tunty I retasurr \ .4llchI
is itntuord front the ( :plhce• buildihn to a
reai;lr rlon oi f nneI) ll. ( I=ark lland Larl.blt, v.
i I. S;li"hitly will hereafter recei''ve
i a , y ar for arryitti.g the mitt i he
t ?' Ituttc and h'IulItpsbutt three iin'es
a ,'. kH. t ;lllir
I',e litte sttku hI ard i forman:lly or
gt;ni,' i id a goverittltlt or .x cutive ciatt
nIIItz t,' all Ltntel with full Jpower to diecid
all1 it'stio s ar;iting in the conductllt o f th
A e t.tionl itl bl"in circuSted to ailp
ýitlftL IL .c M.-tlte successotr to lPostmastert
- . ' l.h.4ert Smith.
'hilt liottc Minstlret club rtl thear"i'd lilu
the firsIt joke slprung, donated $aS to the
clubi treasiury on cndition the irlnt dlor
is tluht.ked.
. I)lehlgate Malgionis.. is in receipt of a
letter from the secretary of war annotiutn
ing the apjpropriation of $t4,ouo for the
cretion of a solldiers and citizenls' moin
umncttt to conitnemorate the battle of " Ihe
Big Hole Paiiss."
Judge \\ ilson ejects an implertinenilt
comnplainant from the police court and
fires the ink.stand at the tyilng form.
A colored man breaas into the house of
II. ('. Ilxlley on West suroadway and
e-.lties a wine gallon demijohn of whisky
land thei goes to sleep on the piano.
'The sum of $1o,oon a year is appro
priated by the directors of the Northern
Pacific for the planting of trees along the
right of way out of Butte.
Belleville, Ill., Feb. 28.-Jehu Baker, ex
minister to Venezuela and a member of
congress for several terms, is seriously Ill
at his home in Belleville. It is feared
he will not recover.
Wards and James.
"Francesca da Rimini," with Warde and
James as the leading exemplars of its
merits, was presented last evening at the
Broadway theater to an appreciative au
dience. The revival of the renowned
tragedy by the two eminent actors was
a success, and the audience enthusiast
ically encored many of the scenes.
Bloth \Varde and James deserve the
greatest cominsenldation for the clever way
in which they rendered the roles of the
htnnchback anl tihe jester. Both are suited
admirably to their parts and their acting
created the greatest admiration.
The support, rendered by the lesser
members of the Warde and James com
ipany was exccellent. Norman lHackett and
Teresa Maxwell deserve special mention.
A1 lFranwesca Miss Maxwell is very ac
ce.ptabklc and the work of Hackett as Paola
St rong.
"lrancesca da Rimini" was performed
at the lnatiunee this afternoon and will he
gi.euln again thi4 evening. Tomorrow night
the company will present "The Tempest."
March 12 is the Date and the Auditorium
the Place Chosen to Nominate
the Party Candidates.
Supiloters of the labor party gathered
in slender bunchls about ^ lae of the des
ig,:tred places for primary voting on dele
atres and alternatives yesterday evening.
I1 stome wards there were not enough of
the laborites intetelted to chose a list
ifrll even the voters so that, according to
a ls'rts, the central committee was comn
plled to complete the list at the special
nutating held last night in Justice 1)oran's
otice at tQuartz and lMontana strects.
After the lists had been completed the
ceI.tral commlllittee voted to hold the col
v.,tion which rill anominate the labor
cailidatcs for llnicipal pIositintll , in the
.\11itoriinum March 32. I lie canldidlancie
t Xlpt.tedl Wir inillormally discusscl, but It
is nolt givenu ont that anly slate was dcliit
itely fixed up. 'There is little doubt of
Ahermnan Larry I )atggian leading the slate
ticket, and althlaighl there may develop
soell oplpitionl the I)uggan Ilmen insist
that their champion objector and police in
ve:.tigator will inl in dead Iarcih Oitlae.
Will Have Big Time in Rooms in Penn
sylvania Block.
There will 1h a rattle of hoofs and toss
ing" of horns in the l'ennsylvania block
tunlight. where the Ilutlalocs oat ilcrd No.
I will hold a stampede, o :herwise known
as a social session and house-warnning, in
honlor of the olpening of their new quar
ters in rooms 170 atd l 7. It will be
purely a mastculine entertainment, stags
being welcome but deers excludedl. T'he
Big Buffalo says that there will be doings
and many stunts in the musical and liter
ary line.
The rooms have been fitted up recently
and will be used merely as a social club.
After Smoot.
Topeka. Kan., Feb. 28.-Mr. \4ulfe
kehler of Leavenworth has introduced a
tesolution in the senate protesting against
the seating of Reed Smnoot of Utah in the
United States senate.
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