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Kidney Disease eauses Oneothird of l1 Deaths
Statistlelans Tell Us That OneaThird of All Deaths Is Due to Urfeamle Poison, One.Thlrd to @edema of the Lungs, and tie Salono Principally to Pasmeamola. Broshitis ad Roart PIamyre, * t t.
Real Disease Which creates Prastically All Havoc and Sase Nearly All the Deaths Is sright's Disease. Seasarmptl , Paeumelia. Typhoid PFever, Appeadicitis and eart Palllre ae
Physical and Organic Troubles, Justly and Rightly to be Dreaded, but the Alnual Mortality of All These Together Does Not squal That of Kidney Disease.
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney Disease and Do Not Know It.
Hon. James Howard. Financial Secretary Royal Templars, State of IllInois, In view of these facts atld of the great imlportancr to the human family, we deem it our Mr. Miel Sadypes, Secretary Marlowe Club, N Orllam a, Who I
Who Was Give Up by Doctors as Incurable, Was Completely Cured of dulty. regardless of the medicinal authorities aud h.ailith Iard.. to sound a timely note of warn- trd From WliammatIle of the Bladder, Was Cured Perml tl y
Diabetes by "Safe Cure." ah to everyone that great care should Ie taken to .et to it that your kidneys are healthy and by tspa Cure.'
It yO, In h e paill in the' ack, rhu.tnatianm, uric acid poison, rheumatic gout, diabetes,
flright' diacus,., in.al;rmnation of the bladder amd urinary organ.. scalding pains when you urin
ate, crriita, jan;ilic.., swellingi or torpid liver; if a womani, hearing down sernIatitni, fainting
lspells. sot-called ftmale weak.ness, iaiulltl periods; tltee Msyytlllutom tell you that your kidneys
hlave bernt di ,atedl for a long time. for kidney dimeases seldom put out such symnptons as the
victim recogni.r. until they hav. leetn working several months. Y'ou should lose no time
get a 5toc bottl of Safe t ure at your druggist's. It will relieve yotu at once and effect a per- .;:-"
Sitanient cure. It kills tll ldisease germ.s.
Miss Josephine Lane, a lSoiety Leader bl Bestem. After PlFive Yar'
Suffering from Backache ando"llidney Trouble, Was Restored to
Health by "Warner's safe Sure.
, 1 / ,
5' ,
• / . (;,:.Gentlemten:--it afford.s ine the greatc t pleasure to testify to the merits of
11a1. . 11 \I). / ;Warner' S:afe ('Cur. as I ,co,.ider it was the sole means of restoring me to health.
Dear Sirs: T Isered great';ly iul sf-n s yt '.rs wilth ilitlh h ual tws itnable in t at. I sutiered for nearly threet years with iflammtation of the bladder, causing me
tend t) my buine, oar enjoy hit, :an tlit that Ih had one fnt o the ista. I haI severe painsalo tile the mot terriile headaches., and at times I was unable to attend
splet my Ioey ewith dotirs att l imen ip j lIhl. when ay attetit was calledI t to my regular duties. I doctored withotlt receiving any benefit and felt very dia
.W'arner's" S3f I~iahlrnt. I iire·. I haI i,, a;ith ill :tllnnglhllnU, hb iut II; ti,'i" urgent r{- • couraged, whetl a clt, frielnI adlvised tle to try a\';rllcr' Safe Ctre. It aeel; as
(itle~t oi ily wife I Ittouglht ;a hIttlh at1I I egan I. take' it. I w;. rril to l' if tlere war not a boullld orgal ill mI bodtly llel I Itegatll Usillg it. but I gradually
that about Itest itts,'. aflteir tIt toiut lithlitt- oilti Iii, ruIt'alili -et-itti', I,, itt .SlIMS *. I'.IIl I" improved and fl.st m;ti;a egtentrraleal. It took aeven tonths to fully restore . Ee to
prove. I he ditzy pells whit h I had been l toubled sh ppared uickly. in ii t improved and felt mlch encouraged. It took seven months to fully restore me to
three iotlll hnd a half I c .s. re tr.i ti p lret hh. I ws.l hia.i r. r in y "I .ullere f, or five iye:trs with ularia and kidiey trouble--l y whole syttell was t health. Ibut during that 4ime I used no medicine but the Safe Lure and therefore
gravce ,.; i, it t a t Ii ,r \\..ri'. ( hlad IiI ;it1it hCrTlillp vt' rl e g I Irt with thlc pti-otl. it affcted ti ill ererllal vealthr, rohhtillr g If-r of llergy and vitality klow that I owe nmy recoveryy and good health of today enltirely to it, and am pleased
ful. Yourr mo! ret ' pcSfuully ! u,.,, . I \\lr.ti nw \vie ;I aes cauhingi .vel. headache ant backache. The digcstive or.ans were also impaired. so T do mary"eso i opnired, s imy
ft. nur. most rrcfcll Ii t I\I.li f1 Inti ( t-eed tatelts and like lead in my stomach. I passed a dreary existence, and tmy naturt- to idorse it. Very truly yours, MIC'III. I.ANI)V1'OS, iuJt7 Marais street, New
2.(, Smittl It ci ,rt,, it rit., t' a III. ally happy di.p,.ition w cl chalted ilitouo, of ioist;ul irritation and tervous incon-istencis Orleatns . a., December t, 1902. Secretary I "The Marlowe Club."
on. J. C. Petersen Low W ith Bright's Disease ,.arler Sta- lnte Is. fle oi..l riemediy ever bonned which .helpetld me. I began taking it
IDoctor. t'.s e I ii ( 'rlNt n i P. nu tc I It ri glT' )i'ialte. Iut ( ..Ild No',t it March. andI ittl'rrt Ior .irtie warm weathel r n.. I a curompletely cured: felt like a ,new womian First pIan to Scale W all of Pekin
H'llll im '"" hf," :II IIdI)to.
lWrtr llSafe Cure ll "' he;d Ingr.l 1' camntot tell how pleasetl I a t have my healthl back. I have a keen appletite and Mr. James A. (Galt. of the Fotlrteellth L'. S. Intfanttry. \t hie.. Wa\'ls the First to Scale
Wa'rner's Safe Cure ci imtlh ltl cu, hit lntt. tusir tvnLrythiiti t i. ha-i I'i.i i jtilI ,tij, ii !ea'l.,; diia t.t '.tint i-. ierfetet. All mittly aches and pains.r havve left te. I have gaittedL the Wall of Pekilt all(l Platt the Stars and Stripes on (hinese Possession, Coo
(,elutlltntt: I alw: .ays enjoyed good health untIt tt ye :irs Kg. l.'wlhen I begaht It t. lulUll~ it as ight atld I feel n hi Ia;rlrlutl with all the world Ibecatlse I ant inow perfectly well. tracted Inflalllltation of the Kitileys and Was Cured by Warner's See Cure
to nticei rtputed b.akache, whitch khepit incr.:.siig. I hI i sharlp itc- llhe, l d ity "Mliss J() ll'IIIlN LANE., n Shawalutt .Avciiue, Ito111.t Ma;ss ."
back felt lame and ,re I ha!d my, urine x:ained the docto'r on it highly ol Mrr. G(alt's father was also cured of I;,all-Stonemsa Iy Safe Cure."
orcdl. wiith conislerlb.le brick ild.t, and pronounced it itriglt'. lisea,. I hatd li-. Doctors Prescribe ar,,ner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester, N. V.: Exposure during the war settled in
faith ill Iis pIrecriptlimn ;tul tsun chaied,. I.ikini om greatlt ly ;adtt.erl- t ie killl) a1 hospitatl, i.e "Safe ('ore" etlu'ily i all ca4t"1 of kidney or blaldder trouble. my kidnleys and bladdadder. causing evere severe intserious i i paing
cures. but with unti act lll;tiIry r.-s until I Ied 'ar ir' Sale ( uret. ithin W'rer' tl'Safe ure is urely vegetable andi citaitns o ntreotic or harmful drugs. It is urine. At the time of ty discharge I was simply unfit for otuty at utltie to work.
ten days' I felt greatly rehtuseld. the pain grudla.lly d.ii ri'-l ti Nstdii ,n dli-appeared fri fretom s..limenit andl pleh Intt to take. It does It ulconstipate; it is a most tvaluable and ef.- My father has been cured of gall-stone through the use of W'arner'n Safe Cure,
the urinte ulted a naiiitural, healthy color aiI l witltin it mth, theailth ws,. f'ctire t,,liic; it is si timttull t to digrstlion antd awI;akens the torpid liver. It cures all formnt of and so he advised ime to take it. I used it faithfully for three w.k lefore I found
fully and competllcly reslred. ki.dney disease and leavei tlhe. kidnleys andil bladder in a normallll healthy conditionl. It repa-lirs the relief. but it seemlted like a godsend to me. I had endured sufTeritlg so long. I kept up
I have IIw enjoyd,) I good)li hIa;lth flr aver fItir i)Lart n it.l illlr. \\ .r'. Site i'l.'ue. sootihes intlatlltio aindl irritation, atimtulte. the enfeebled orgatns atnd heals. at the the treatment for four imonths and waa then completely cured. This' is over eighteen
Cure a;1 the one infa.llible riemedyt for kidnlly intll e tie. It hMil ,ip the body. giv'es it strength atl restores etergy. You canl Ibuy "Safe tionths ago, but I am pleased to state that I have had no relapse since, but am enjoy
11.t. J. t I'I. 'lR.N, 7" t'lymlutthl t .\v t t, .l :t .li, '.liln. (tire" at any drug store or direct,. (ICEN'S ANI) $t A li(I'l E. ing most excellent health, aitnd gladly do I indorse your Safe Cure. 'ery respectfully
Doctors Gave im Up. Ile sure yuii get "'W\arner.s Safe t'ure"-take no other. yours. JAIIES A. ;ALT. City Ilotel. St. PaIul, Minn. Secretary to Colonel DaI art,
Doctors Gave m p. I 4th U. S. Infantry, Regulars; President St. Paul Ski Club, St. Paul, Mlinn. Novem.
D)ear Siri- I (iel it my dmut to tlthank yout. Ei..iteinI )year, atgo was. sulille.ig Could Not Sleep--"Safe Cure" eared HRim. kbr 14. 0 , .
fro.t kidney ctltplaint, andt for twoi years swas very low. The d'octor t:t, ha ..ivn milte ,Dear Sirs: I received yours of the 3d inst. I got your trial bottle of Warner's Safe Test Your Kidneys.
up unless I went through a olperation. At that timte I he'ardl of Wariner's Safe ('ttr Cure ;andIt tu.i it. Si.eI have takent two large and two small bottles. which I can gladly say
and iimmediately stolped all doctors and oommencced using youtlr remedy. For Ilthe have cured me of kidney trouble, for which I had to lie up fro two to three times at night: Let some mornling urine stand for 14 hours in a glass or bottle. Tf then it is
iast 15 years haver enjoyued perfect htealtL iom w I1 can rest without getting up. I had severe pain in kidneys and back, and I have io more milky or cloudy, or containtl a reddish, brick dust sedimnent, or if particles or germs
I advertise it to all sick Ipeople I comti ln t-mlat-rt w ilt, st with a gr:til phmi.tii painitd atll sure Ithtat it was through your \arncr's Safe Cure that I tlow enjoy good health, floatL abot in it, your kidneys are diseased.
It has effectedl a -itnre. Very rr-spt-ttilly, J(ihIN C. I'/. , Ienh;t, Iu.d, D eI)- 'un arc. at lihlerty to use the above statemeent. I returnt hearty thanks to you. Signed .
cem'ber I. 'iuo. J. F. SAUNDERS. Long Beach. Cal., Dec. ir, arsu. ANALYSIS FREE.
Perfectly Cured. Refuse Substitutes and Imitations. If. after you have smadle this test, you have any doubt in your mind as to the
('hatanomga. 'enn.- I have tIuseld Vt rner's Safe ('ture for chill, c.taisel I y rtie There is ino kitdney cure "just as good" as WVarner's. Insist on the genuine. Substitutes cort. developlitelt of the disease in your system. seld sample of your urine to the Medical
acid poisoni in my systeml and I have bIeenl perfectly curedutI. It lhai dtonle for Itie wha;it tain dlangerolust drugs. I)epartment. \a'aler'a Safe ('ttre Co.. Rochester. N. Y., and our doctors will ina
I have never known any other medicine to do. It curer peolple iin the South who lyze it anrd send you a report with advice free of charge to you. together with I
suffer muclh from m:laria;. which always affects the kiditeys. If all tIhe doctors woutlui Beware of so-called kidney remedies which are full of sediment and of bad odor; valuable book describing all diseases of the kidteys, liver, bladder and blood and
prescribe \Varner' s Safe ('Cre instead of qluinllie, for cases of tml;lari;t, there woutll they are harmful. treatment for each disease.
be Ic. hail after elfects. as tilitue loues nut retnove the tliG.ea,. gers front theI All etters fro wo read ad awered y woman doctor. A orrpon
1ystett like a\\'rir's Safe Cure. M nS. il. . I)A.AN, ireas. I.ot.s crtl. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS mouve the bowel gently amd aid a speedy cure. dence ilt trktest cotimitenre.
Montana Drug Company, Selling Agents, Butte, Montana.
Denver, March j3..-Denver's two largest
theaters, the Broadway and the Tabor,
were today given into the hands of W. W.
Borst as receiver appointed by Judge Hlal
lett, in the federal court, pending the
settlement of a suit brought by Mrs. Marie
Singer Bigger, daughter of the late W\il
liam 11. Bush, formerly in partnership
with Peter McCourt in the management of
the two theaters.
The suit is brought to obtain an interest
in the present leases of the two theaters
held by McCourt. About $50,000 is ,n
volved in the suit. The profits of the two
theaters, it is said, are $js,ooo a year,
besides a salary of $6oo per month, which
is paid to McCourt as manager. Mrs.
Digger sues for a share in the partnership
of the leases and unpaid rrofits, with in
terest to date.
Danger of Colds and Grip.
The greatest danger from colds and grip
is their resulting in pneumonia. If rea
sonable care is used, however, and Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy taken, all danger
will be avoided. Among the tens of thou
pands who have used this remedy for these
iseases we have yet to learn of a single
Pase having resulted in pneumonia, which
shows conclusively that it is a certain pre.
kentive of that dangerous disease. It will
ra cold or an attack of the grip in less
e than any other treatment. It is
at and safe to take. For sale by
son & Rockefeller, Newbro Drug Co,.
I& .ye, Newton Bros.
Mile. tCity, March t .-1-ltle operation
of a recent decisioi of the supreme court
of the United States is liable to reopen
some ill ,ortatt land contests here whicht
were dropped 2o years ago-contests in
volvitng title tu v;luable real estate within
Miles City and adjacent to the towtn.
This opinioni of the court. in the case
entitled Peter Nelson and Hlenry Nelson
vs. The Northern Pacific Railway cotm
pany, was deliveretd by Mr. Justice Har
lan on Jannuary ah, and goes primarily to
the question as to when the right of the
Northern Pacific Railway company at
tached under its grant lands by act of con
gress, passed July a, 1864. The decision
appears to be that the railroad title to the
odd-numnbered sections within the 40-mile
limit was vested itn such portion of these
sections as were free froln pre-emption or
other claims or rights at the time the
line of said road was definitely located,
and not at the time of filing its map of
general route, as had been generally un
derstood and erroneously decided in some
lower courts.
T'he court holds that if a settler, in
good faith, was in occupancy of one of
these odd-numbered sections at and before
the filing of the railroad map of definite
location, his residence and occupancy con
stituted a "claim" under the explicit terms
Local Relief Fund Committee Sends a
Substantial Donation to Starving
People of Sweden.
Today the local Swedish relief fund
of the act of July 2, 1864., which claim
would withdraw or except the land so oc
culpied froll the operation of the grant
and give a preference right to the settler.
The rights of the settler are held to be
paramount if he settled on the laud before
a survey had demonstrated that he was
on an odd section. and maintained his
settlement and residence under an asserted
homestead or pre-emption claim at the
time of the definite location of the line of
the Northern Pacific railroad, cotertninus
with the land in conttroversy.
Now, the date of filing a map of definite
location as affecting lands near this city,
was sometime in August, 188j, but the
land department of the government had
comnuonly supported the contention of
the railroad that its rights attached in
1873, when the company filed its tmap of
general route. There were nlo settlers in
this reiuon in, 187., nor until 1878, and
therefore the local land oflicers usually re
jected all otTered entries on odd sections
on the theory that these lands were cov
ered by the grant to the railroad. The
supreme court decision inl Nelson vs.
Northern Pacific Railway company changes
all this.
The nost valuable portion of the orig
inal townsite of Miles City lies within an
odd-numbered section. At least two set
tiers, prior to 188x, when the line of
committee forwarded $9oo by wire through
the Daly Bank & Trust company to the
central relief commnittee appointed by King
Oscar II. at Stockholm. At the meeting
of the committee held in Oscar Sternberg's
shop last nuight, all collections up to date
were reported. With the $5a8 sent last
week, the money to be forwarded today
will aggregate about $i,Soo that Butte has
contributed to the famine sufferers.
derinite location of the railroad was filed,
contend with the Northern Pacific for
these tracts of land, but they were beaten
and the railroad received a patent for the
I'he decision above referred to will
surely reopen the litigation.
There are quite a number of valuable
ranches, now under irrigation, which were
held by the railroad adversely to contest
ing homestead claimants, the title to which
will probably now come on for review by
th. courts.
imhe case of an old settler named Bender
is peculiar, if not interesting. He settled
on 16o acres of unsurveyed land adjacent
to the present townsite of Miles City in
I87(4. When the survey came he applied
at the United States land office at Bose
maL to pre-empt his claim and it was al
lowed. but shortly afterward cancelled for
the alleged reason that the land being on
an odd section was withdrawn from settle
tuent, being included in the grant to the
Northern Pacific railroad.
In 188o a United States land office was
opened in Miles City and Bender offered
to enter his claim as a homestead. This
was also refused for the same reason.
Bender appealed front this decision of the
F1cal officers to the commissioner of the
~tlneral land office, who sustained the reg
iUter and receiver at Miles City. Bender's
Chicago, March 13.--A special from
New Orleans says the fruit steamer Dun.
can of the Vacouro line reached here last
night from Honduras with the most sig
niticant war news since the outbreak of
the Bonilla rebellion, A battle was foughl
claim was soon afterward patented to the
railroad and the settler was ordered off
the land by the sheriff, but he astuck.
lie was afterward permitted to remain
on the land if he would pay rent to the
company at the rate of $5 per month
for four months. lie remained for the
four months, but did not pay and refused
to peaceably vacate. Finally, the land
ageut of the company offered to sell to
Bender the north So acres of the ranch
and Bender joined in the contract and has
been 'holding it ever since in virtue of that
The agent refused to sell the more val
uable half of the claim to Bender, but
transferred it to another, who in turn sold
four acres of it to the Ursuline Sisters and
the Ursuline convent, costing $3o,ooo, now
stands on the south half of his claim.
Bender claims to have resided continu
ously on his claim since 1878. Since the
official survey of his township he has twice
offered to enter his land and perfect a
title of record, but each time was refused
by the land officers here and at \\ashing
lie will now try again for recognition
of his rights as a settler in good faith,
and he believes *hat under the decision
above referred to lie will compel the can
cellation of the railroad patent to his
claim and then secure the title for himself.
at Ceiba on the night of March 6 and the
forces of BonIlla defeated the government
forces and captured the fort and town.
American Vice-Consul Wildt sent a
telegram by one of the passengers asking
that a warship be sent to protect American
IHennessy's millinery opening on Mon
Hlclena, March 13.--Cuba should not
be annexed to the United States, That is
the verdict of the judges appointed to
pass upon the debate held here last night
between debaters from the Wesleyan uni.
versity of this city and the State Agricul
tural college at Bozeman upon the sub
ject, "Resolved, Cuba Should Be Annexed
to the United States." The debate was
held in college hall and was listened to
by a number of people from the city.
The visiting team had the negative side
of the proposition and after the debate
were awarded the decision.
'Those who spoke for Montana Wes.
leyan were Robert Logan, Gordon Wil.
liams and Miss Nellie Monk, while the
Hozeman speakers were R. G. Locke, Mr,
Jones and Mr. Law.
The judges in announcing their deihsion
said that special compliment should be
paid to Miss Monk of the Wesleyan team.
The judges were Henry N. Blake, J. M.
Clements and W. N. Sloan. A number of
students from the agricultural college were
present to cheer for their side, and they
did this with a vengeance when the de
cision was announced.
East Via the Twin Cities,
The Pioneer Limited is the train of
trains between Minneapolis, St. Paul and
Chicago. It is most handsomely equipped,
and runs via the fast mail route-the Chi
cago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway.
W. B. Dixon, Northwestern Passeager
agent, C. M. & St. P. Ry., St. Patti linn.

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