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110 West Park Avenue--Telphone No..69 --Adverthln Rtes Furnhed on App&~tion,
Three Lodges Decline to
Name Him as St. Patrick
Day Orator.
Smelter City Irishmen Wanted Hon. Con
F. Kelley for Chief Speaker on the
Anniversary Day of the Green Isles'
Saint, But He Was Unable to Act
and Another Selection Will Have to
Be Made.
arE tAt. TO TJ:n. INTk MOIt"NTAItX.
Anaconda, March sr.-Divisions Nos.
t and a of the A. 0. II. of Anaconda took
decided action last night regarding the
selection of P. A. ('Farrell of Butte as
orator of the day for March 17. A meet
ing was called by County President John
Lawler of the divisions, and at the hall
last night a resolution was introduced and
passed to the effect that it be the sense of.
the order that the services of Mr. O'Far
tell be dispensed with and that some other
person be selected as orator ot the day
on that occasion.
The selection of Mr. O'Farrell to be the
chief speaker in the Margaret theater on
that night was made after it was an
nounced that Hlon. C. F. Kelley could not
ble present on that occasion. A general
feeling seemed at once apparent against
the selection of Mr. O'Farrell., which cul
minated in the decision reached last night,
a notice of which is published in this
issue of the Inter Mountain.
Heavy Cattle Shipments.
Anaconda. March 13.-A. E. Mct'lure
Is shipping today two carloads of beef cat
tie to Everett. Wash. The cattle are in
-excellent condition and have becen pur
chased by- Washington parties for intme
diate killing.
The ao cars of horses belonging to the
Lafontine brothers which have been at
the Butte. Anaconda & Pacific stock yards
for some days. are to be shipped today to
their destination. Winnepeg. Canada. The
horsef were under inspection by Stock In
spector Collins for more than 48 hours.
Charged With Insanity.
Anaconda. March i.--Mat lialloran
was taken into custody last night by Pa
troltan Powers on a charge of insanity.
Halloran was going through queer antics
when the patrolman spied him. Whether
the prisoner at the city jail is really dan
gerous cannot be ascertained at this time.
In all likelihood he will be delivered to the
county officials when an examination into
his mental condition will be made.
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If you study form and play your money
accordingly now and then,
You Have a Sure Thing
We Give the highest Odds at the
Turf Exchange Pool Rooms
Bar with the finest of Liquors and
Cigars in connection.
W. J. JOHNSON, Proprietor,
Male StrbLt Aascauda.
It's a Gireat Spring Tonic
S ISTHIS= - * -
jBilue Rbbon Beer
Made from the New Malt Process
SMalt Is the Soul of Beer
The Better the Malt-
the Better the Beer
Perfect beer, therefore, must come from
perfect malt. Since Pabst's Malt Process
has revolutionized the industry, beer made
*t So far as beer goes
* Blue Ribbon Is the Height of Perfection
S That's why you should call for Pabst's
product when you drink. Get the best
and your money is well spent.
* Distributing Agents * ...ANACONDA
SPlU l.\t. 1 T'it INTE fT MOUNTA.1 .
Anaconlda, March i.t.--Further compli
cations have ariseIn becaCuse of the inalil
ity of a numuher of the railroads to handle
the freight which is being shipped over
their roads and which is now long past
due ill Monttana. Within the past few dlay
the foundry deiartnmet of tile Anlacontlda
company has found it impossible to secure
enough mtaterial to complete the work al
ready started there. and asi a result -'o lm
piloyes of the Ioiler shotpii base ht.n laiii
off un tl suh time as ma;terial arrives.
The foundry lepalrttlellt ha herel work
ing with rapid strides during severll
mollnIths andt itl conslluelllce the material
used there has gradually dcwindld.l away
owing to the lack of stupplies ordinarily
coming in every day or so. The railroads
south and east have gut to that stage
where they dto not even make :t gless as
to whlen they will he in a position to dle
liver ilto Butte or a more re.lmotle dli,.tant
poilnt the supptlly of material alr.ady or.
dered aIndI on the way sumelhere.
The foundlry departIlllnt has been anl
iously awaiting the stock of material for
malty weeks and for a time it had ihoples
of getting at least a part of it inlto An.i
conda ere this. The railroads now do,, tot
ailswer mtessages regtarding this malilterial
or other freight which many otiher tldel
er ill Anlaconlda have ordered Ianld tihe dI-.
lay of which is seriously handicapping their
trade. The coal supply in Anaconda is still
in a critical state. A cold sttap of a num
her of weeks would soon0i colnsumllle ;tll Iof
the fuel on hand.
Rev. Dr. Gravett of Colorado Metropolis
Holding Revival at Anaconda.
aPl:C'IAt. To 1 III I N'tEsa Mo'i o :s tN.,
Anaconda, March tj.--''The evantgelislic
meetings at the Baptist church under the
direction of IEvangelist tGravett oif IDenver.
continue to grow ill intere.t each day as
the people come out to hear him. They
realize that Mr. (;ravett is a manlll of strong
convictions and a man who believes the
teachings of the Bible, and while he may
dil'er from others in their teaching. he
plainly asks ii his statletments are nIt ac
cording to the word of f;od; if ut., let
people say so. lie stands open for correc
tion: but if not, then let themt come out
plainly and take their stand on the word
of God.
The evangelist spoke last evening on
"Salvation By (;race, or By Works." tak
ing for his text Romlans i :6: "If by
grace. then1 it is ino more of works: other
wise grace is no more grace: but, if it he
of works. then it is no more of grace:
otherwise work is Ino more work." 'Ihe
evatngelist spoke of G;od's covenant with
Alraham; that it was unconditional. God
did not say to Abraham, if you do so and
so then I will give you the land: tlen I
will ntmultiply your seed, and mtake them as
the stars of heavenl or the sand of the sea.
but God said. "Abraham. I will give you
the land; I will make of you i great tni
tion. In you shall all the families of the
earth lie blessed." I)o you not see, tmy
tearers, that this is all of God: that lie
did not base it on the work of Abrahlam,
for then it would not have been a gift. but
it would have been of works. T'hen
Abrasith could have demanded it i, G(ud
as a reward reckoned for work. But if it
is of grace then it can not be of works.
Grace is a gift, but whent we work we
expect pay for it.
Jiennessy's millinery opening on Mon
For the safe investment and rapid accu
mulation of your surplus, talk with Giles,
No. 79 West Broadway. Butte.
FtlI 1f. 1'0 T E1. INI I' Mot' .TAIN.
Anlaconda. MaIrch 1i. -- Xotwithstaladiiig
there was cotlliderahle dllamage done in the
fire at the coal chutes of the HIttte, Atna
conda & I'acific road on l'hursday mortl
igK, the .Alacnudla fire departmenll41t did erx
c.th'llt s'ervlice at thll colflalgrati, ll. Those
.h.o tan the Maze .sayyta that te lire tighters
tere nut ni iii l tlle scene in a htlrry afte'r
the alarmniI had brll tcurd ill andll that they
Hainese. I'ir.t of all %hthr "err handicapped
by the insuftliietucy st hidrult as we'll as
ihoe. It w:u IScIecesary for till aldditional
wltp;Ily of ho.e to he s cllrred Ibefore a
itratm coul lite turall'd mt the flames.
\.\h111 tIlhe water was turndt onil it found
a tierce fire to copl with. The coal andl
thllher hurningll acre ,f 'uch character, of
course,. lIa to givle a ready fuel to the
fliiiinm RI thlle mo.t etlrre4tic work o01
the part itf ('hief MInltrult and his cap
h,hi' 1m11"n rcoul I d Oal of little avail for
I141'tv ti4t1i 11tel.
'Ilhe lire laddics did get at the )base of
the firell ithin i -hurt timlle after getting
tile .ream of watl ter ano the1 tire 1and then
it tas no title' i1ttil t.e' tire War aulldttetld.
Hy tlhot r, whl wI itllisedl iltl ftire it is cOil
ceded t'hat ' hitef Metltrullllt 1and his tmel did'
excellelnt work lllnder thle iirctlllttllances.
"1t':itAli. in l I -\ Ia s10t \ I A . %'.
the lI twntittlt ( etuy thlrtietc club aire
Iooking fot ard an ith inlterest to the ath
letic elltertailllnment to he given theI latter
part io the Imonth. It is pIedicted that
the ellrtelainlnlt will he of a high ath
letic order and that it a ill I e a succeswr
ii cery particular. It is epcted therd
Hill he a hanttllweight cham.ioinslhip I
tween Frank Mlclachrani and Fred Thiba
drau. Htdger I )'MIara and )Danny IL.yon.s,
the 8-year-ohl niemhers of the c'th,. are
expected to give a live'y h ut. ( turley
khuie iill be Imatehed ag aint ýomtltone
for a go, John Ihlotley will give nil Itndian
club exhilition. Jamies l.yttons will puntch
lthe hag atWll thecre will Ibe titler athletic
features as hell as sli)e uIIcatitl parts.
How the New Bill Which Gives Part of
County to Silver Bow Will
"l4 [Al. 'IO 10 11 I NTIN 01 . I A11.41A
Anaconida. March 1st. -Now that the
counlty segregation , bill has Itecoltte a law
andl the Iig Ihle cutrliry, heretofure a
part of Silver Row county is to ihe of I)eer
I.odge county in tile fillture, the county
oflicials of this county have quitei a task
before themr ere the records are iii shape
for the proper haIndling of the taxes to he
derived from the new strip.
As is supposed by soiime the law making
the change in the two cotuntics does not
take ellect istinediately, as the bill pro
vided that ulponl its passage it lshould go
illto elfect ott June 15 of this year. That
dlate was lixed after ai careful study of the
situation. and in order that all necessary
details might lie looked after by the county
tliicials whose records are to be altected
by the chanIge.
W. H. Allen. 5a1ho was the father of thlte
bill, said this mtorning that it will lie neces
sary for thle counlty assessor to tratlscrihe
the records of the Ilew ground aindl to get
a certilled copy of the descriltion of the
prloperty lyiing il tihe new part of Deer
I.,Ldge counllty. Said M r. Allen.
"The countlry to lie taken ill Iy our
coutity is so situated that the assessor
calnnot do his work inl that district until
after much the 151h of June at the earliest.
'The conditions will IInot Ie such ibefore that
time to permit of the change being made
owinlg to thle snow and high water. lie
cause of these things there cannlot lie work
done on the roads ill that section previous
to the time specifie,l. as the date for the
hill to becomre effective.
"According to the heat h-gal advice the
taxes which are to be collected next fall
will blie paid by thle people affected by the
change to the county of Deer I.odge. The
attorneys say that the taxes on property
must be paid to thle county .1 a hich it is
situated at the time the taxes are paid;
hencce D)er L.odge county aill re;lp the
henefit of the chanlige inl the way of tax
reccipts this year."
Stole Two Hams.
Anaconda, March ta.--Mike iMcGratul
was taken into custody yesterday by the
police on a charge of stealing two hams
fromt Joseph Ililmilton's store on East
Park aventie. McG(rath has been watched
by the police for some days and Patroltan
Barney Fitzpatrick took himll inl yesterday.
Assistant Chief of Police Frank O'Hrien
located the 'hams and returned them to
their owner.
At a largely atended mecting of divi
sions t and a of the A. f). I., held last
evenilg, it was decided jhat the services
of P. A. O'Farrell he dispensed with as
speaker on March ~7 at the St. Patrick's
day celebration.
County President. rn
Grip Remedies in Great Demand,
When colds and grip are prevalent the
quickest and surest rentedies are in great
demand. Mr. Joseph D). Williams of Me.
Duff, Va., says that he was cured of a very
deep and lasting attack of la grippe by
using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy after
trying several other preparations with no
effect. For sale by Paxson & Rockefeller,
Newbro Drug Co., Christie & Leys, IAew.
totn Bros.
sl:rtl.l. TO TgiE 1LIN UMOI' in.ttw.
\n.condal. Miarch i ,.- 1'niess the courtts
ttdu in their Ifavor, it looks as though
",hri,, S.tirrar atn C'ounty Superrntendesnt
t Sch.iol. Miss Alice Mal;honey will not
I ..W ally paIy ntil tlhe conteull ts institutel
.ittiit.t their title to uti.' Itavit beIr tll t
t.id. hlie attorty -genterral has rrnderedl
Ideriin tol the effect that such is the
,," . ailnd i hei quotes the coh's to prove it.
Ithre is allowed a periIod of tote year
00 , 4al br nt the district 'ttit iii it
It I"t I tcaset the conts tts ,tIII lll haltt,
Sslidtl tralie. ntt' l llt which troill stctll)
* IIts Iiti ai cordii o t o th-it i tter, a t111ri
I .t. talitil Ithe pp. l i'. hiiculttel th'
tlt i itstts ar, noil t liitita rci to dra iiii.
It ii , ti \p tiih a 'I' ti r at ii tit tlll ltniadiinn
it Ili.s itt. allow the i a tccnl .s . ti' i te shott
ll mia t he .ltl d t it tli l ti 'lteld tll h Il the
,t it glilh of tilt- opit o tilo l th attlrnl )
,ne'ral applica t rlti t ill he mad. i to )uitd e
,ltI.ll ti 'r a writ of llland i it to i plltl
It. hoard to py thet s.alatriei.
l th ll rst kirndl of a liish dint er tat The"r
Slccers% restaurant today". 1"a.I t Park are
pue , \na ou ul -a.
4 tiI and. i Mr. .lt~r r iI. M. u .iin. .lry wtiret
-titti" , iitors itn i iThursday ett'II Ig.
tlri. an il . luis. t I. S. F. II.I.n r I tte.mle.
Ih rc''ptl llls 'Thursday Ilialt e.,rll Lt y theI
hIllr Igighlt Tlemplar at wlich tl ladies
t i.mplr in the Smotky ( tity.
Snow followed the ierce wind wthich has
I,-n aging in Anaironlda during the pastl
, w day,. "The grnd i, now laden with
Lout two inches of the beautiful.
,..J&pair, at the variou.s shool homses
W1h werl"e dnan.arI by the recent win,
St.l ti hita.l cmplted and all its in go-t l
tWining trd.r again at the schools.
is. " I . I, . \lunger and moither, who
h .4% v ivle resid|ng at |Unreman. arrived
,,ll th, city .estr rday and will take up their
.ago acc; 't 'Je|('., t ' st i IagI im e 1l o f the local
\\ ,,.rnt 'nions Tel'lgraph olhftf.
I ,attity Atlorn .ry .1|' anllry ;lli- sherill
"itrner are- iii itutth' lo h.,
it. I'. I Iaater, alal lnlr of the fi|lllsiltire
J l"patllt 'enl of the ( ' ppoll it l a nentercilI
4 i1tpsa1y. wrint ti. ' li te this l ' i rnling.
, \Il., h;in Kenne. ly fit . tl,-,attla in heir
l "ý Hillp< Ir inds.
It.h her d,.uglho,. Mr,. V. A. K.enny ofi
\It,. Tlrilpp,.t. viii of J.tdgel T'rippet. hai.
I to rI sr-l after :I |lm limlgt.d vishi with Isola
titr in Iow . Illinui, and (ihio.
lIII,- Fraph ir .ti A lta o a , II. h lturnel froan
l mi rfitl1, I alalai, where he w! tnt to at
tendstl Oe futn ral ,,f hi, b1rothe-r.
T': vangclh I I;ravnl . will ,peak at the
F . hi t l I a n d \ ,i , .. " T h e1 , , , . . tt u r d a y
.e m- it.., .it ; 111 he wtill give a s.-uital Ii h -
I ii the le us,
Colorado & Southern Grants All Their
Demands and They Return.
ihe strike which ihas bern tatiriin;
tllino.' UJp do1Wni in ('lraI do Ira;lilwaylV 'irlerh,
, a;t ar eli. A tlllhtnllic news (if Ith,.
i thin iit was first reveiveli, Iby elrgralph
atlit . Ainericall Labor lunion headliitiartir
I,.t igtill. Accordiing to tlh telgrami f t i
cilm ty ctonceded all drleInanls lof ih.
liotnll asid the striker.. are back at l si rk.
lIi-e lt .l telgram, was. ai. follhow,:
I '; 'I t'laren t Smith. illtllte. M.unt.
,I alird & Sii therni strike swilled. (Iuli
IphI t victl, ry for the l nll . All striker,
,- employed ; scabs distharged ; uniuon rec
'Ih- telegram is signedl by 1. (;. Moser
oll i H11del r ldate of Denve)C r. (,ll .
1 sevrindl wire was received stating that
thee i soui l hlie no further leed of till
-" ie.,.lnts that tie Americatn Labor
I higo has started to miake oni all union
--,i thrlughot t the coiltry. After thi,
t , ,tk, thet refore, thit- a;ser s, tent s w ill i '
Silt out. The cinlectio.t will Iie made fito
Thi. week Ito defray certain niotinial ex
p ., already iiiciurreid.
Speakitng of the Lfinish oif thih strike,
,lrt. Sgiith statei d yesterday that this i,
lth third strike won by the Amerric'a
l.abir iiioi diliringt the past lmoith.
its A.iM~ I u.l\'I r .l VMFF
\\ il.lingtinii, March it.- Il avccordance
sith existiing laws, yrsterdlay the ipresidentl
;ilpointel a coinnissionl. whIise duty it will
ibe to recounllenid any oflicers. hullic.its or
dileptirte.i.ts in lheit- exctitive departnent
hin tiaisfer to the deplartnment of coinm
o.re andl labor which. in the opinion of
tih cuniiission,. sh,1uli properly tieling
l, tilti dartrlet of uomiiirci andI labor.
I hie cn. nisiiitn comprise.. , ( harler I).
Walcott, director of thie gieological stir
v . ; trigadier- i(eni ral W iliitti I 'r icr,
hie.f of the iturean of ordnta.ee of lthi.
swar deoarti'.nt; )Rear Admiral Francis
1. Howles, chief naval constructor; E. 1;I
I'inchli of tihe agricult ural departtment,
~iul Janels R. tarfield of the deparentIC
i uttllterce and labor.
Alameda, Cal., March i1.- IJewalt \\'
ford, a capitalist of Spokaine, ash., died
this afternoon at a lucal sanitarium, after
a protracted illness. Four months ago he
went with his wife and son to Southern
Califorinia, hoping for improvemetnt, and
irrived here six weeks ago, when le was
takeni to the hospital. Death was due to
I right's disease. lIe was a native of
I raice, aged 78 years.
Wrecked Banker Insolvent.
Detroit, Mich., March ,3.-Frank C.
Pingree, who was president of the
wrecked City Savings bank at the time
of its collapse a year ago through the
unlawful use of its funds' by Vice Presi
dent Andrews, now a prisoner in the state
penitentiary at Jackson, today filed a pe
tition in bankruptcy. His liabilities are
given at $825,000ou and his assets a f$3a4,.
Much That Every Woman
Desire to Know
About Sanative Antisep
tic Cleansing
And About Cd lcerative
Pairs ud Weuanes
Too much stress cannot be placed on
the great value of t'utliur 14oap, Olui
amnt and I'ills in the antiaeptio cleans.
lng of Uth nmuralots surfacels and of
the blood anl circulating fluids, thus
-flording put'e, sweet andu economltical
locatl and conslltitutional treatment for
wetakeulug diclithargrA, ulcerations In
fiammunatlous, Ihhings, irritations, relax
ations, displacements, pains and Irregu
larities peculiar to females. hence the
Cuticura remedies have a wonderful
Influence In restoring health, stremnth
and beasty to weary womte, wo
have breen .aurel ed nd In
valkied by these d.. reslngI alments,
as well as smk sympathaeltr llelons as
anamlla ohlorosls, hysteria, nervous
nesas an debility.
Women from the very first have fully
She2purity and sweetness,
the power to aford Immledlate rlief,
the certanluty of speedy and permanent
cure, the aheolute safety and great
enoomy which have made the Cutlcura
Soap, Oontment and Pills the standard
skin cares and humour remedies of the
dvilised world.
Millions of the world's best people
use Cytarcmra Sap, assisted by Cutcutra
Ointment, for preserving, purifylng
and beautifyiulg the kln, flsor c sl
the scalp of crusts, scales and dladru
and the stopping of faling hair, for
softening, whitening and seething red,
rough and sore hands, In the form of
baths for annoying Irritations, Inloan
mations and ulcerative wlkuresae'na, anld
for many mnnative, antleptic purposes
wh'ltc readily suggest thlemseo lve,, as
well as for all the purposes of the
tollot, bath and nursery.
UTnited States land ffiere,
lreena, Montanla. January i.2, loo3.
Notice Is herIlaly given that ltlul P.
I.argey by hI. S. Largey, her attorney in
fart, and the Butte and Boston Consoli.
dated Mining company, a corporatina, exc
isting u0ndaer the laws of the state of New
York. whose ,potoflice addrres is Ilutte,
Montana,, have this day filed their applica
tion for a patent for 6(iu linear feet. all
westerly from the poinat of discorery in
drift, of the Torrid Lode Mining Claim,
upon which a notice o inatention0 to apply
for a patent was posted on ad day of
January, ,9o3, sitnat d in ea.iunit Valley
(unorganised), "nining dis.rlct. Silver Bow
county, state of Mmitana, designated as
Survey No. 6754, la Section 17, Towlnship
3 north. Hunae 7 west, being more particu.
larly described as follows, to-wit:
It.egining at the northru.t corner, a
galite stnoll, set in tile groulnd, with a
nmol.nd of earth alongsiua, and marked
a-6754 for Corner No. ,, fromi which the
northeast corner of Section 17. Townllip
s north, Range p west, bears north o de.
grees Ias ilnlutes west 37.J feet; and run
ning thence south o degrees ais minutIes
east 6o'0 feet; thence south 8g degrees 43
ninutes west 66o f.eet; thence north o
degrees IS minutes west 600oo feet, thence
north hNo degrees 4.t lminaites east bao feet
to the place of beginninaag, containing an
area of 9.o9 acres claiamed, all of which is
in conflict with Survey No. 1516, and re
ports Nos. a5a and J74, inclusivae of o.06
acres in conflict with Survey No. tya,.
The location of this claim is of record
in the Recore -r's office of Silver Bow
couinty, Montana, in Book "U" of lodes,
on pages 27 and 854.
The adjoitlilng claims to these premises
are Survey No. :197, SpreaId Light Lode,
lot all, on the northeast, Survey No. s15s,
placer, sot at ., on the south said east,
Report No. a a, Wallshington Placer, and
Report No. 374, Polly Placer, on the south,
and Survey No. 34811, McQueen Placer,
Lot aus, on the west.
Attorney for Applisus,
(Firt publication, January a., a:e)
United States Land Office, Helena, Mon.
tana, January sa, 9go3.
Notice is hereby given that Lulu F.
Largey, by M. S. Largey, her attorney in
fact, and the Butte and Boston Consoli.
dated Mining company, a corporation e::.
hsting under t . laws of the state of New
York, whose postoffice address is Butte,
Montana, have this day filed their applica.
Lion for a patent for 66o0 near feet, all
westerly from the point of discovery over
discovery. drift oi thi Tropic lode mining
claim, upon which a notice of int:ntion
to .pply for a patent was posted on the
ad day of January, 19c3, bitt'ated in
Summit valley, unorganized, nain;ng dis
trict, Silver Bow county, state of Mon.
tana, designated as Survey No. 6755, in
Township j north, Range 7 west, Section
s7, and bcing more particularly described
as follows, to wits Beginning at the
northeast corner, a granite atone act in
the ground, with a maund of earth along.
side, and marked o-67Jg for Coriser No,
s, frons which the iorthsest eo'srr of
Section 17, Township j north, Rang* y
wet, bean rth t deee i. mianuo
wel Feo.y feet, a.d .msin theses u
o degrees alinuutes el,. 6n feat;
thence south 9o degrees 43 sinutea west
66o feet; them:3 north o degr:es iS min.
utes west 6oo feet; thence north 8g c.
grees 43 minutes east 66o feet to the
place of beglinning, containing an area of
g.og acres claimed by the above named ap.
plicants, all of which is in conalit with
Survey No. 1516, and Reports No. zsa
and 174.
The location of this mine Le of record
in the County Recorder's olice of Silver
Bow County, Montana, in Book "U" of
lode locations at page .g,
The adjoining claims to these premises
are Srrvey No. 5sl6, Placer, Lot No. asr,
on the east; keport No. 51a, Washingto.
Ple r, and Report No. s74, Polly Plar,
on the north, and Survey No, s488, Mg.
Queecn Flacer, Lot sog, on the west.
SAMUEL BARKER, )R., ister.
Attorney for Applicants,
I .First publication January t8, lOslok
The Daly Sank and Trust
Cempany of Anasends
Anmbede Metsntean.
Ceneral banking In all bhrnches.
Sell exchanges on New York, Chli
eage, St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran.
risco, etc., and draw direct on the
principal cities of England, France.
freland, Germany and the Orlent
'Lepoelts Oe $a.oo' ao upward re.
National City bat.k, New York:
First National ban', Chicago; First
National bank, St. Paul; Omaha
National bank. OIlaka; ranLu ot
California, San Francisco.
John R. Toole, President: M. 3.
Greenwood, Vice President; Loife
:. Beanstt, Cesbier: F. C. Nor.
ieck, Assistant Cashier.
EstablisheJ 888i. Incorporated laes.
Cesuda... $S.OOe1Oo3
Blnking Business
JOlHN D. RYAN ........ President
JOHN R. TOOI.N.....Vice Presmdent
C. 4'. SWINBORNE.......... Cashe
R. A. KUNKEL.....AeistasLt Casier
John A. C.relgtoa..........Preeldest
G. W. Strletn ........Vice President
T. M. Jledgens ...............Callie
i. O. Hodgeol ...... Assistsnt Caisler
R. . N.uckottl......Assistant Casher
Under state snpervislon and Jurle.
diction. Interest paid on deposits.
Sells exchange available in all the
principal cities of the United States
and Europe. Collkrtions promptly at.
tended to. Transact a general bank.
ing htuiness.
Directors: Y. A. ('reighton, Omsaal
C. W. Stapleton. A. Ii. tarret, P.. D.
Levitt. S. V, Kemper, T. M. Ilodgl
ens, J. O. ilodgens.
Corner Main and Park Strecet, Butte.
Butte. Mont.
Under state supervlsion. Plv tiper
cent interest, payable quartcrlr, paid
on deposits.
Money to Loan on
Real Estate
P. ATUG. IETNZE.......... President
A. N. Clcment...............Cashier
W. A. Clark. J. Ros Clark.
Transacts General Banking Buslness.
Buy gold dust, gold bars, silver bul.
lion and local securitics.
Boxes for rent is safe deposit vault
Sell exchange available in all of the
principal cities t the United States
and Europe.
Special attention given to collie.
The First National Bank
Of Butt.
(Established 1879.)
Capital - - $200,000.00
Drafts drawn on all principal cities
of the world and letters of credit is.
ANDREW J. DAVIS......President
E. B. WEIRICK............Cashier
1. S. DUTTON.... Ass!stant Cashier
C. R. Leonard, Pres. T. R. Hinds, V. Pree.
ayjette Harrington, Lashler.
Silver Bow National Bank
CAPITAL, $100,000.00
This bank solicits accounts, offers
prompt and careful attention to business of
customere. Collections promptly attended
to and remitted for on day of collections.
Sell froeign and domestic exchange, trans.
act a general banking business, pay inter,
-et on time deposits.
Directors-Charles R. Leonard, P,. Aug.
Helns, S. Marchesseau, A. Balmfortb, K.
A. Louis, C. W. Newton, T. R. Hinds
John MacGinniss Fayette Harringta.
-- I

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