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TCh Inter flountain'o Daily page of all tb 8porto?.
There 4a rul onl Sutton'sI roaidwaiy
11ec.ltcr for tickets Io thr i Iit frd-I ierrera
fgtMoundaiv nigiht. I ndveed thic lltflhlI
nitol expct1s to have the iargest vrua ii l
the history of the houme.
The Ilouliler ramlip of fightlcr hluIii llg
Iterrerti and Bilidy Ttsslhop a-ill comei in
*1E~i: : 4
4* i
~" -L~44
'U.. ·l~PIP~
'''~~~~~~~-i - ··. F .l ~ ~ ~ r
0 ,r/
tp t~
11w',' , j,, I·'k j* n 1 *RAi oJ:
I) cutilent of . inning and both are in
I liit c rii.h k .
' I' v. in or h . k ."t ked <lean o t," si h id
"And if 'hi,rd I a'as ime I trill lose
. ;it all ite g t,'" itas the i y lerrerrera
j t I -l," l try to beat him i :t to
', , re v, ere liutte s .rts s' il
ri, ri l in tie oltciome of a hatile fir
r. :, b ,r-. tl:Thrd tarted his tighting
c:rer : t}..- ,:r. ilt is knov. it to every
Is1. l1:. o ;htsry rster Jack Waie in
h l.i.kc brout ght hi:i i'o prominence.
I .i hi rep tid the tine disc here in
iolite. lic knr kc,l nut Dal ltlin kins and
he stept ,lI liv. arl 1ie. i'f y Ir. in was
;:! n the dtec in over him n n ( oinlts, but
I ,,rd if ughi t Irv. i vto a stalin till.
.utirelo IIlerert ha, not ber- l here long.
ijt , is- -oj iurn in t.ntana his beet li,
rn, th to fiitily es:gt i,h his reputation
as al. ltrr u lman for aiy fighter of his
i cght. ilIe defeatted Kid (tglesly, Jack
M.duhn, '1he \1'isennoin Kid. Kid Lee and
't,,timty Jacobis. and all with n a remark
albly short ttie. The little .Mexican is
tiis ersally ,popular.
lilerrcra ale a national reputation by
riving Terry McGovern one of the hardest
hattles of his career. Since then he has
mett and defeated some of the best men itn
his class includinig Toly Irwin, whon he
knoceked out in seven rounds.
It is hard to dope the betting at this
time. C(lifford, on account of his advan
tui.e in weight and his bull-like strength,
is perhaps a slight favorite in the betting.
IHut it will likely be even money at the
ringside, as Ilerrera's record since coo0
ing to this state is quite remarkable.
IBoth men can hit blows that would do
credit to middleweights. It is these
knockout wallops in the hands of each
which ittduces thie sporting public to be
lieve thle fight will not go to rounds.
At atny ratte it will he a terrific battle
from the l start. and the man landing the
lucky punch first wiill carry oil the long
tid of the purse.
They have atrced to weigh in at 1"3
poundi ringside and to hattle for an
riounds to a decision. I)untc McDonald
will referee.
In the nicCmnpanying cuts the little
fighters illustrate some of their favorite
blons. Clifford's strong point is his in
fighting., lie was spatrring with Doe
NO, 4 1 :.\ST il l.\1I)\V\Y
Established 1823.
That's AllI
Baltimore, Md.
CI ARLS .nd Retail
SWEND CARLSON. Butte, Montana
I 1r t n \ thlln the picture wao taken. Stcp
ping c.lose in, Ihe hooked a short arm Jolt
to the chin, antd he says it is a blow
like thin olith which he hopes to defeat
The little Mexican w. hoxing with
Opie when the canmera caught them. Opie
lId at his head with the rJght, but IIerrera
wards the blow with his lIft and lands
bl)li-ly with his right.
Ijtlh pictures were token exclusivcly
for the Itnter Mocuiitain.
·:m~~at ~ · ·? ~:

,·; j~~

C·Ia fr s* si. ~ .lePl aS~r io 0DeFyn'
Chicago, March 14.-Judge Chetlain
today instructed the jury in the trial of
the Indiana coal operators to bring in a
verdict of "not guilty." The jury was
then discharged. The court held that if
there was anly violation of the law by
olcratturs it was a violation of the inter
state and not of the Illitnois statutes. Such
binlg the case the federal jury must try
the case.
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Lively Baseball Season 4 Promised on Pacific Coast
Next Summer-Britts Foul Causes Comment.
Seattle, Wash., March 14.-The de,
mination of the l'acific Nurthweast leagI e
to invade the. two leading cities of CpII
fornia has created consternation in tle
outlaw camp. The "Kernal" and '"Ik "
who are backing the pirates in this wity
"solely for the love of the sport," are ,-l
ready hunting for cover, and the batle
has hardly begun. By mid-csason i he
frost will bit apparent on teCir pedal x
Tlhey arc now ,leng;aged' in a frantic f
fort to hat.r a street run through the
rounds tusedl by I)tgdale last year. It
they fail in this the war is just as good
a-s over in this city. It Itugdale can
!:eep his old grondls for this year there
Kill he nothing to tIh hbht. If they force
hilll out Ito Ih Ilslain struct grounds
they aill staind a cha.ice' it divide the
patronage II il hint oll week days becaunse
the new grounds N hIich thI y arc butldling
are mnore cenltrally locatedl.
It is not at all <cit;it, however, that
the oltI groulnds will Ie c t uip this year.
The "Kernal" on Deck.
The "Kcr;nal" is hatnting the city counr
t'il roomi rvery Mo)ndlay night trying to.
induce .tite of Ithe miilers to, take hold
of the ,.atter and hale a -trt orde'red
throigh the groundl-, lit -, far his if.
forrts Ihave tll tlllnscciT'full.
T'here is a hit of un rilten history in
this connllctioll that is interesting. The
outtlans went to lac"b In urlh, the head
i.f the Seattll I': <tric ciompany, which
otins he groutnds usedt by i)ugd:Ile last
yeair, andl asked him if the would close ap
the tpark if they wauld build a n.w park.
There was nothing said at that time
abouit putting an outlaw teamn ill this city,
and it was understood that the park was
to be rented to Dugdale, and these men
were to build it simply as an investment,
NIr. Furth so understood the ma;tter and
agreed to close up the old park. With
this promise the conspirators Ielased the
ground and then sprung the outlaw teanm,
hoping thereby to crowd I)ugdale off the
lasehall tap. Since then. however, Mr.
I:rtlh hats bt shown that l)utgdale had
brel, promised the use of the grounds for
threec ye.ars. which would allow him to
use the park this year. Though the lease
Is not in writing, It has always been un
derstood that it was to run for three
years, and Dugdale made his contracts
with advertisers on that basis. Mr. Furth
has become convinced that Dugdale has
a good claim on the grounds, and because
deception was practiced in getting him
to promise to close up the old park he
now wants to withdraw that promise and
allow Dugdale to stay where he is. The
pirates are trying to hold him to his
word. This matter will be settled up this
week, and if Dugdale is allowed to re
main in the old park he will have every
thing his own way. A majority of the
city council is opposed to putting a street
through the grounds for this year at least,
so that everything looks rosy for the fat
Dugdale Goes to 'Frisco.
Aflfairs being in sucht good shape int
Seattle, Dugdale left the first of the week
for San Francisco to help McCloskey and
I.ucas get things moving in the two new
cities of the league. McCloskey sent for
him and, though Dugdale has a lot of
work to do at home, he took the first
train for the South. These three expe
rienced baseball men will cause "Uncle
llenry" Ilarris many sleepless nights this
year. Already Harris has lost his confi
dent tone, for lie knows that he will have
the fight of his life to hold his own in
San Francisco, where he is anything but
popular with the sporting public,
\ hen Dugdale and Lucas get sack
from C'alifornia a meeting will be held
ini Tacoma to adopt the playing schedule
and arrange for the opening of the sea
son. The fact that Butte, Helena, Spo
kane, Tacoma, Seattle and Portland stood
solidly behind McCloskey and Lucas in
the fight helped materially in making the
expansion of the league a success, and
has convinced the public that this fight
is to be a hard-oil finish, so far as the
regular teams are concerned,
Jimmy Britt's Foul,
nlimmly Britt losing his fight to Jack
O'Keete in Portland on a foul left a bad
taste in the mouths of the sports In this
rction. A large delegation attended
from Seattle, and they backed Britt to a
man. Jimmy was winning in a walk
when the low punch was delivered, and
,YKeefe would have received the finish
Ing touch in another round at the latest.
l his makes about the fourth fight that
has been decided by physicians in these
parts lately, and the sports are getting
ilisgusted. A. tighter already whipped
% ill get a punch in the body and will
usik to the canvass holding himself muck
a,.wr lo wn than the blow landed. There
is always a doctor handy to say that he
.is struck in the groin, and the man
Sihi should walk off with the winning end
I.t the purse has to ble satisfied with a
i, c.iion, against hint attd with a stain
Ipn his record as a foul fighter. Not a
.11,1 on the Seattle contintgent tlinks that
Itiiit fouled I 'Keefe. The knockout blow
.s a left hook to the wind and O'Keefe
a.is carried to his corner in a fainting
ii lihtijn. There is some talk of a re
tuirni match. Iut it is inot likely to occur,
tJr the fight dejmotuttrated that the ment
tire nit in the sane class. Britt is too
clever and strong for ()'Keefe and was
ianllaing all the way. lie came out of
the light without a scratch, but with a
tcry bail opinton of Jack Grant as a
it, , re. By the way. Grantt owns an in
t-ie.t in the club which pulled off the
fhit. and it was the club that brought
i)'Keefe out from Chicago to meet Britt.
ii coitrse this had nothling to do with
the decision, but it causes talk.
Inlterest is awaketning in the race meet
which is to be pulled off here in June.
.\Asttrances have been received that a
numtllber of California hor enten will brintg
their batlgtails here for the meet. This
is to be a running meet pure atnd simple,
and the harntess horses will have to wait
until next fall for their chance. The
track opened last year is being worked
on all the time and will be in splendid
shape this year. There is some fear that
the anti-ganmling law piassed by the leg
islature will interfere with the racing,
but the horsemen do not think it can lie
stretched to cover that pouilt. They are
going right ahead with their preparations
anjd it is hoped to have a numlber of Mon
taina horses enter the field. The purses
hung up are substantial in size.
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ltni.tructor Murphy of the Froadwsay
gymnasiumn and matchnmaker for the club,
has received manlty anonymous letters ask
ing him not to match .\lose .al:ontise
again under the atispices of the club.
Some claim he is a foul tighter and that
he gets too many decisiotns from referees
when defeat is coning his way.
In speaking of such letters Murphy said:
"I agree with many of the writers, as I
think I.aFontise was pretty well done for
when Referee Nolan gave him the decision.
,Iibbs was stronger at the end than in the
early rounds and, in mty upinion, would
have won.
"I will put I.aFontise on again, but lie
mlust meet the man I name atnd let mte
referee. I will match hint with Rubc
Ferns, and I'll assure the public that Ferns
will get the decision if he is the better
man. Should Mose begin to foul, then tlt
Ferns do the same thing. I would referee
the ClifTord-Ilerrera go were it not for the
fact that Clifford is my pupil, atnd I could
not expect Bishop and Herrera to accept
"I have another pupil, Jack Richards,
who Is going to make his mark. He is the
strongest lightweight fighter in Butte and
can stand all kinds of punishment. He is
game to the core, and there is ito qiuestion
about his having the punch."
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The latest wrinkle on the countenance
of the baseball world is that the Pacific
Northwest is to have a ten-club league
instead of the eight-club league which we
would have had with the addition of San
Francisco and Los Angeles.
The proposed new clubs are Oakland
and Salt Lake.
Mf I But wouldn't this make a hum
. E. R. COOK., I'ice.-PrejiIt,, Sat.E low.ling .4.sorJ ttion.
The very atmosphere in the region of
the Rockies would be pervaded with Ihae
ball fever. Just think of it I
Butte, Hlcelna. San Francisco. I.o.s An
geles, Oaklanld, Salt Lake, Seattle. Ta
comia. Spokane and Portland. All of
these inl one league alld aU bttling for
one pennant.
Wouldn't it make a merry war?
The writer received his dope on this
in a telegram from Harry Ilart, a promli
netnt l)business man, whose oflice.is at No.
1124 California strcet. San Francisco. andil
who is backing .lcCloskey hiat ily.
Mr. Ihart intimated hi his telegram thit
his league would consist of ten cluls in
stead of eight as helrcetofore announced.
tlhere is nlow all agetnt in Salt l.ake City
looking ovrer ilhe ground w itli a view of
establishing a cluh. The t.lth club will
probahbly lie placed in ()Oaklanl. There
must be another California club if the ini
vaders expect to wage a sutccerfil cant
paign. There miust lie gailles played it
Sanl Francisco every week III order to re
duce tile resources of the opl,ploitionl to tie
lowest piossible degree.
It is Hart's idea that if a clhb is .s
tablished in Salt l.akce e t(eams can
start oult from 'Frisco. go north lantd play
Seattle, Portland, Spokane aid Tacomna.
thent come to Butte and Helena, thence
to Salt Lake and from there back to San
Frantcisco. It will be a long trip, but can
be tumade to pay.
F. R. Cook, whose picture appears today
in thle gossip, is vice president of the
State Bowling association and proprietor
of tile Pister alleys. Mr. Cook is himself
an enthusiastic bowler and is one of tile
staunchcFt patrons of the game in Bultte.
Int tile coming state tournament the
P'fiter team will stake a Ilard efTort to
land tile trophy, and it is said Mr. Cook
will back them heavily to win. At any rate
the Pfisters will b)e a factor inl the struggle.
The trophy given by the Collender-Balke
people is now on exhibition inl the window
of the Pfister alleys. It is solid silver
and one of the handsomest prises eves
contended for on a bowling allay.
The tournament will open Monday and
will last through Tuesday,
Pennsylvania will oe the first university
to meet Yale on the track this spring.
Their meet is set for April as. May 3
Yale has interclass games; May 9 the dual
meet with Princeton; ?,ay 16 the Yale
inter-scholastic; May sa the Harvard
games, and May 19-3o the intercollegiate
meet in New Yourk.
l)anny NXedham. former welterweight
champion of the world, wh6 once fought in
Hutte. was arrested in Eau Claire, Wis.,
the other day. charged with grand larceny.
Needham is accused of stealing a gold
so;ehl :11inl $.;o cash from A. MI. bilber
nlakel. a New York traveling man, at the
Ryan hotel, in St. Paul, February .a.
Needhamn and Silbermsagel occupied ad
joinilng rooms, connected by an inside
door. It is alleged that Needham entered
the travelinig manl's room while the latter
slept 'and ru;n,'acked his clothes.
S;ty. the Sporting News: Discussion of
the ftil-rtrike rule Is ill-advised. It has
brn incorpor..ted in the code o. playing
ruile'. aind criticism will not result in re
v ir?;tl unltil after the 19 u race. On Octo
bIr a the writers who oppose its rctention
ca:n llenew the crusade against it, with
prospects of success. Baseball, with or
without the foul-strike rule, is the best
oitdloor gaeic played, anid one unattractive
feature will but slightly affect its attrac
I'no good preliminaries have been ar
r;:,gedl for Monday night's contest. In the
ilst Sidneiy I.a l:o.tise and Young Thomnp
slon will smash each other around the ring
Ier ix rounlds, and in the second two coons
sill try to murder each other. The mlore
tie merrier.
As this week brinms to light the first of
the spring poets, the following lyric is
printed in evidence:
A ball,
A hat,
A hase,
A mnti,
Anid on the seats an antxious fan.
A curve,
A lurch,
A lunge,
A miss
Like maddened geese, the bleachers hiss.
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