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(Reported by C.o Cemmission Co.)
New York, MareL t6.-The opening and
closing quetstions wrn as follows:
Open. Qose.
American Ice ...... ...... 8
do preferred ...... ..... 3I% 33%
Amalgamated Copper ...... 7J% 7a8
Anaconda Mining Co.. .... ts8 ta.
American Cotton Oil ...... 43 41N
Atchison, T. & Santa Fe.... 8a 8I
do preferred ............ 9714 973
Baltimore & Ohio ........... p 9%
Brooklyu Rapid Transit .... 6g% 64%
Canadian Pacif .... .....tsS s7%
Chesapeake & Ohio ........ 463 44%
Chicago & Altos .......... 38 3lI
Colorado Southern ........ s% as6
Colorado Fuel & Irn ...... 64Vs 63%
Chicago Great Western .... s4 84
Consolidated Gas .........2so4 so3%
Delaware Hu&joa ....... p7O 169p4
Eric ........... ...... 3% 35%
do sat preferred .. . 6. 3 66%
(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
Salt Lake, March t6.-The closing quo
tations today were as follows:
Ajal .......................$ . 8
Consolidated tMercur.......... . .55S
Caria .................... ..... . .13
Century .. .................... 70o
California.. ........ .......... .o6
aly-W est ...... .. .............. 40.40
Lareine ..................... .S0
Lower Mammoth................ .59
Mammoth ........ ............ 1.37J
Mayv )ay ............................ . 7
Ontario .'................... 6.00
Potto.. ........ .............. 07
Star ............... .. ..... .04
Tetro.. ........ ............. .tS;4
tah .............. .. ......... .70
Chicago, March n6.-Cattle-Receipts,
s6,o.o head, including ,.ooo Texans; mar
ket steady; good to prime steers, [email protected]
5.75; poor to medium, $3.5004.80; stock
ers and feeders, $3.75f4.75; cows, $1.So0
4.4o; heifers, [email protected]; canners, $5.So
@..$So; bulls, $2.2504.25; calves, $3.oo00
7.40o; Texas fed steers, $3.2504.5o.
Hogs--Receipts today, a5,ooo head; to
morrow, a5.ooo; left over, a,ooo; market
Sc lower; mixed and butchers, [email protected]
7.35; good to choice heavy, $7.5o4j7.6o;
rough heavy, $7.3o07.55; light, $6.800o
7.30: bulk of sales, $7.2507.65.
Shcep-Receipts, 26,ooo head; market
steady to strong; good to choice wethers,
$5.oo0oi.7S; fair to choice mixed, [email protected]
.o0); Western sheep, [email protected]; na
tihe lambs, $4.7505.9o; Western lambs,
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, March ,6.JChttlc--4Re
ceipts, 6,ooo head, including 6oo head
Texans. Market lower. Native steers,
$2.7505.ao; Texas and Indian steers, $3.oo
0( 4.2o; Texas cows, [email protected]; native
Yellowstone County Man Alleged to
Have Cut and Bruised One
Bryan Hart.
Billings, March 16.-Assault in the
first degree is the charge that has been
lodged against James Ryan and he is in
jail pending furnishing bonds. He is al
leged to have committed the assault upon
Bryan Hart, his brother-in-law, at the lat
ter's ranch, five miles cast of town.
Hart had a bottle of whisky, it is said,
and, after a few drinks had been taken,
a quarrel arose over a plow. Ryan pulled
a knife and inflicted severe cuts on Hart's
hands, arms and head, and, failing to sub
due his antagonist, seized a jug and
smashed it over Hart's head. Several of
the cuts on the head are four inches in
length, but the worst wound was inflicted
with the jug, a piece of the vessel having
become embedded in Hart's skull.
6ensational Statement of Doctor in the
Inquest Over the Body of the
Murdered Burdick.
3uffalo, March s6.-The inquest into
the case of the death of Edwin Burdick
was continued today.
The district attorney declined to state
what witnessees would b heard, with the
exception of Dr. Marcy, the physician
who was called to the Burdiek house by
telephone on the morning of the murder,
and who was the first person to see the
murdered mnn.
lie was the one also who Deputy Med
ical Examiner Howland had said had
asked him to report the tragedy as a
suicide, if he could do so.
The district attorney said Mrs. Hull,
mother of Mrs. Burdick, would not be re
called today.
Cleveland's Tribute to Beecher.
[Chicago Chronicle.]
But Mr. Cleveland's address on the sub
ject of Henry Ward Beecher's life, char
acter and public services was lined along
a new vein of eloquence, sentiment, appre
ielation, tenderness and profound thought
relating to the missions of genius which
was a new and greater surprise. It re
vealed traits of his mental character and
life which had been unknown to all, even
to those who had long been his friends
and admirers from such distances as our
vast country interposes between Its really
great men and the generality of the peo
New York * 0 mrad stret
Chticago M ar" ette slaln
St Louis • Ceuleal sBig,.g
Butle h aemswa suMu.
Open. Close.
Iowa Central ........... 375 37%
Illn.sls Crntral ........ ,8.4 js84
Kaum Clte Southern ...... s j3o*
Louisville & Nashville ..... ao34 ie
Lead ...... ...... ........ d
Leather .................. tla ISa
MaUhatta Consolidated .... 44o5 140
M.. St. P.&S. Se. M...... 7o0 684
do preferred .... ........ta4 Ias
Metropolitan Traction ..... 34). 133
Mexlican Central .... ...... 64 a6)
Mexican Natioal ......... tt73 Is
Missouri, Kansas & Texas . asay as4
do. preferred ........... ss S6
Missouri Paeific ...o ...... o81 toI4
New York Central .........s384 s6H%
Norfolk & Western ........ t 70o4
Northwestern ............S s 8
North American ..........o04 sor
Ontario & Western ......... 3o01 S3o
Pennsylvania Railway .. ..14334 14)s
People's Ga ............ton loys
Uncle Sams.................... .s4y
Victor. ...... ............... .. . *s
Yankee ........ ,,........... .4o
Daly-jldge......... ........... ,,.634
Grand Central .................. $.4Y.
Martha Washington ............. .os
New York .................. . *434
United States Mining............ 15.0o
Black Bess ..................... SS
Ben Butler. .................... . o
Creole ....................... .5 9
Daly .......................... .4o
Eagle & Blue Bell.. ............. .7o
Sacramento .....2 ..7.......... ... 4
Silver Shield ................. .67
Wabash.. ........ ........... ..7
Silver King.................... 8o
cows and hetfers, [email protected]*o: stockers
and feeders, $3.oog4.as; bulls, $i.6o0
3.65; calves, $S.ooO6.So.
iogs-Receipts, 3,000 head. Market
weak and lower. Bulk of sales at $7.aa9
7.35; heavy, $7.3507.45; packers, $7.o00
7.3o; medium. $7.S257.4o; light, $6.700
7.22%; yorkers, [email protected] ; pigs, $6.oo
Sheep-Receipts, 6,ooo head. Market
strong. Muttons, $3.5oS 6.oo; lambs, $4.00
t6.8o; range wethers, $3.2505.55; ewes,
[email protected]
Omaha Livestock.
South Omaha, March t6.-Cattle
Receipts, 3,ooo head. Market steady. Na
tive steers, [email protected]; cows and heifers,
$3.ooo4.-o; canners, $a.oo03.oo; stockers
and feeders, $3.oo004.o; calves, $3.oo000
6.5o; bulls, stags, etc., [email protected]
Hogs-Receipts, 4,500 nead. Market SO
toc lower. Heavy, $7.2007.30; mixed,
[email protected]: light, $7.oo0 7.ao; pigs, $6.50
07.00; bulk of sales at $7.157S.J5.
Sheep-Receipts, 5,5oo bead. Market
strong. Fed muttons, $5.s506.15; wethers,
$5.tIS6.o5; ewes, [email protected](6.i5; lambs,
London Bidding Marked a
Decline in the Prin
cipal Shares.
New York, March s6.-London led the
way this morning in a decline in prices,
which was ulet throughout the list.
Special depression was manifested in
Canadian Pacific and Consolidated Gas,
which lost a point each, and in Southern
Pacific and Baltimore & Ohio, which went
down large fractions. There were frac
tional gains in Louisville & Nashville and
in American Smelting. Opening losses
were quite generally recovered. Reading
rose to t , and Wabash preferred, North
western preferred, Tennessee Coal & Iron
and American Hides sold a point or more
above Saturday's close. Active bidding
for Smelting stocks lifted it a points.
About to:3o o'clock selling orders ap
peared in a number of railroads and
specialties, and prices ran off to below the
opening ranges, Atchison, Southern Pa
cific and Amalgamated showing losses of
a point. Brooklyn Union Gas declined 4
points. Sugar spurted to as6 before is
o'clock, but only held its rise for a m::o
ment, and the general list continued to
sag. The losses reached a point or over
in ULnion Pacific, St. Paul, Canadian Pa
cific, Illinois Central, Baltimore & Ohio
and others. The market became nearly
stagnant at noon.
Bull professionals became discouraged
over their futile efforts to hold the mar
ket and liquidate freely after noon. Many
stocks which had not been seriously af
fected dipped sharply, notably Northwest
ern, which fell s h from the highest and
New York Central sold off a points belo,v
last week's close. Canadian Pacific lost
a4. in all, and Rock Island, Pennsylvania,
Manhattan, Metropolitan Street railway
and Missouri Pacific a point.
There was no appreciable check to the
selling, which continued in a desultory
manner during the afternoon. Consoli
dated Gas declined 3-, Atchison, St.
Paul and Union Pacific a, and others of
importance well over a point.
New York Central was forced down
nearly 3 points. Southern Pacific was
suddenly bid up. The market relapsed into
stagnation and the closing was irregular.
(Reported by Coe Commission Ce.)
Boston, Maroh 16.-The copper mar
ket closed today as follows:
Osceola . . . ........ $72.00
Parrot . .... - * 82.00
Mohawk. - - . . . . 65.00
Daly West - * o - *a 40.00
Tamarack . . . - . - 180.00
Utah Con - . - - - - 28.75
Shannon - a a * *" 18.00
Centennial . . . . . . 29.00
Trinity . ....... 11.50
United States Mining - . a 26.87
Wool Market.
St. Louis. March a.--Territory and
western medium wools, [email protected]; fine,
,[email protected]':6c; coarse, [email protected]
Open. Close.
Republic Iron & Steel ...... sol so
Reading ....... ...... 6oK 6o!4
Rock Island ............. 434 43
Southern Railway .... .... $a s
do. preferred .... ..... 931 93
Southern Paolic .......... 6s 6an
St. Louis & San Francisco. So 791
Smelter .... .. ........... 41i aSi
Sugar Rednery .... ........as4 1 4%
St. Paul ............. i34 :68MH
Tennessee Coal & Iron .... 64 64
Tes PaIde .... ........ 3731 3714
Union Pacii ............. e. i 91H
United States Steel ....... 361 aIM
do. preferred ........... 36t 8Si1
Wabash ......... ....... sgU aSI
do. preferred .......... So 49H
Wisconsin Central ......... ass ss%
do. preferred .... ...... 49H 491
Wheeling & Lake Erie ..... sa4 taw
Tetal sales, 6sy,de shares.
Money. I per cent.
(Continued from Page One.)
the lawyers at present engaged will sift
the matter to the bottom regardless of any
Referring to the interview with Wright,
published in the New York Herald today,
Mr. Flower said:
"I quite sympathise with.Wright when
he says the failure of the London & Globe
was due to the treachery of others. There
is no doubt of that. But it must be re
membered that for three months prior to
the failure the London & Globe had not
a cent in its lockers, yet it was doing
over £5oo,ooo in speculation at every
settlement. The governmment's decision
that the directors as a body could not be
proceeded against does not prevent Wrilht,
as the prime factor in the rotten condi
tions, which existed before the failure,
being made to take the responsibility."
Attorney General Finely in the house
of commons this afternoon said the crown
would pay the cost of the extradition of
Wright, and the payment by the crown
of the whole expenses of the proceedinpgs
would be considered.
His prosecution, however, would be left
in the hands of the official receiver of the
London & Globe corporation.
On his way to the federal building Mr.
Wright made a statement in which he
said: "I shall waive all extradition for
malities to go back to England as soon as
the government matures all arrangements.
"The story about the amount of money
lost is all bosh. The amount of money
lost altogether did not exceed £4,ooo,ooo.
This all turns toward the time when the
crash came. The dividends paid out un
der a secured capital, consisting of min
ing property, were more than the capital
itself of the Globe company. The Boer
war, with its financial Irregularities, con
tributed largely, and was chiefly responsi
ble for destroying the value of mining
property at that time, whenever assets
were invested. This is a scheme or plani
to destroy for the time being the market
value of mining propertics.
"The Globe company would today be on
its feet had it not been for the subway, or
underground road, in London. Wut, unfor
tunately, in an unwise moment the Globe
became interested in this and the crash
came. The money was legitimately lost.
"This occurred two years ago. I went
over the books carefully myself with the
receiver and the matter was laid in all
its entirety before parliament. The attor
ney for the crown told me himself that I
had a clean bill of health and was not
culpable in any way. I am an English
man by birth, but I am an American citi
zen. I have three children living with
my wife in England and three are buried
in Philadelphia. Miss Browne is my
niece and is my sister's child. She came
here to visit friends in Philadelphia. I
came here to examine mining properties."
Wright was arraigned before United
States Commissioner Alexander and the
examination was adjourned until Wednes
day. Morris Untermeyer appeared for the
Asked whether he waived examination,
Mr. Untermeyer replied: " On the con
trary, and I wish to add that my client
states that personally he would take a
steamer immediately for England and an
swer these charges, but on the advice of
counsel he will wait further proceedings
on the part of the British government.
Mr. Wright also denies that he is a fugi
tive from justice. lie has been absent
from England three weeks in Paris, but
insists he is not a fugitive from justice."
Charles Fox, legal adviser of the Brit
ish consulate, asked for an adjournment
for two weeks pending the arrival of pa
pers from England. This was opposed by
counsel for the prisoner, who, after con
sulting his client, said:
"1 think an adjournment until Tuesday
or Wednesday will be sufficient. Mr.
Wright insists he is willing to return to
Mr. Alexander then set the hearing for
Wednesday. Nothing was said about bail
for the prisoner.
Wh'ren asked directly whether Mr.
Wright was going to waive extradition,
Mr. L'ntermeyer said the adjournment was
taken so the attorneys might consider
what they would do. Formal complaint
against Wright charges him with fraud in
publishing false statements of assets of
the London & Globe corporation.
M'BRIDE-The funeral of Tony McBride
will take place tomorrow at a o'clock
from Mr. and Mrs. People's residence, No.
409 West Copper street; thence to St. Pat.
rick's church, where services will be held.
M'MURRY-Funeral of Michael Me
Murry will take place from Sherman &
Reed's mortuary chapel, Wednesday, at
a p. m.
(Continued from Page One.)
prevent the company from transferring its
stock or plant to the Amalgamated Cop.
per company or from paying dividends to
the latter company. Mr. Kelley filed with
the court the affidavits that were recently
presented to Judge Clancy in which
Messrs. Shores, Campbell, kLvans, Kelley,
Goodale and others alleged that Judgq
Clancy was prejudiced against the defen.
dant company.
The supreme court, after Mr. Kelley
had presented the case, said that the mat.
ter would be heard next Thursday, upon
the same day the court UI hear the ap.
plication for a change of Judge to try
the contested election case of Ryan against
Weston from Silver Bow county.
Every Want Butte Business Directory 1 Cent
Listed Her. for the Benefit of Busy People. A Word
WANTED-Four cooks, $4o to $6o; rve
house girls, $as; four waiters, $So;
three chambermaids, $ss. List your work
here; help supplied free; plenty work
now. St. Paiu Emplsytment oek., se NK.
ain. 'Phone 5s5.
WANTWE-TrnthwoRtby persoas in eaoh
state to manage business of wetlthy ere.
eratioe; salar, $tg bash earh Thusdely
rect feam dquarters; expense messy
advanced. Manager, .a7 Catlen Mlid.,
WANTED-soo men for laboring work on
trade and haus: wages $Sa.S pe day
of nine houre. Washes Copper Company,
Anaconda, Moat.
FOR RENT-The Erwin, newly furnished
rooms, modern conveliesaes, pries
reasonable; aja East Park.
ORT RNT-Two furns sied room for
one or two gentlemen. Private family,
Ito West Copper.
TO RENT-Five-room brick last, moderml
range, beater, shades, etc.; west sidel
dlose in; $3o. Curtis & Majors.
TRANSItNT-IS peesI. Yek teek. Na
66 West Park.
HOTEL OXPORD-Rooms $ ap. first.
alags; modern cenveniences. *. Male.
HOUSE-Four-room, brick; modern.
Apply rear Ia9 Colorado St.
PEOPLE'S Empioyment Bureasu. Supplies
all help free. a9 N. Main. 'Phone sog.
RO SALE-Cheap, $goo hotel range
only soeo, t small house safe, a upright
sno, t baby grand piano, a boarding
nuse refrigerator, a organ, $as steel en
gravings for $'S, t new 9-piece birdseye
ample St,ooo l'edroom suit for $soo, bed.
room suits, spring mattresses for $tS.So
and $as, worth double. We have desks,
letterpresses, wardrobes, $s, $7.So and
$So; $65 sideboard only $35. Pack, ship
asid storage, buy sell and exchange. Larg
est house in the West. Butte Exchange
Furniture company, au West Broadway.
J. Chauvin. Manager.
WANTED-You to be protected in the
Harrison Mutual Burial Association
See Sherman & Reed.
Park street. Money loaned on every
article of v.Jue.
M'.NEY TO LOAN-Low rate of interest.
At Girson's, No. a4 East P'ark.
'THOMAS BUGGY, usayer and chemist.
No. tno North Main street, Butte.
Successors t3 A. B. Rot.abauer, to8 N.
Wyo. st. 'Phone 6S9-B. P. O. Box u t.
AI.I KINDS made to order. Alexander
Macaulay, lza South Main. 'Phone 6a.
asS West Broadway. 'Phone 9sj-F.
NOVELS bought, sold and exchanged, at
Palmer's, No. $8 East Broadway.
PAUMIE'S Parisian Dye House-AM
work guaranteed. No. 6. West Galena
street. 'Phone r47-A. Freneh dyeing and
FOR SALE-Three plate floor cigar
cases cheap. 44 W. Park, Pennsylvania
blck lobby.
Collects bad bills; try it. ass N. Main.
I:Four-room house and large lot, South
Sil.. $5oo; part cash.
Lot on, West Broadway, $3So.
ILt on West Woolman, $Soo.
lot on South Idaho, close in, $50o.
L.,,t on California Ave., 36xjno, $.j5,.
SATISFIA(TORY work, lowest esatiates.
W. E. Wynne, No. i East Porphyry.
'Phone 6Ga-F.
(Continued from Page Eight.)
trlt than he will say. His checks are
rosy red and he has that spring to his step
that denotes the athlete.
lie is impatient for the season to open.
Spokane is to be congratulated on the
addition of Ernest Nichols to her pitch
ing staff. Nichols is quite young-only
aj years of age-but he has a phenomenal
recurd. His best work was with the
champion Reliance team of Oakland, Cal.
lie also pitched for two minor California
leaguies and last year did great work with
the Vancouver (B. C.) team.
Nichols possesses marvelous speed, to
which he adds all styles of curves and
a ots, and has almost absolute command
the ball. While playing a series of
tles lately in the Golden Gate he aver
aged ra strikeouts per game, allowed but
an average of five hits and walked less
than two men.
Spokane's new twirler will probably be
a rival of Butte's Dowling for pitching
iSpokane has traded Pitcher Bernie Mc
.y to Tacoma for Catcher Zalusky. Mc
y didn't like the swap much, hbit the
chai:ge will 'lo hIm no hsm, as McKib.
I.' 61 l ',
No Matter wh tsotofrleyou urequire,
latr Muntin antAds wil hlp ou hequickest;
Relef ou an oun onwit sped ndyou'll ser
The'l hep ou he trube i tickst
HAVING installed new machinery this
season, we are prepared to clean more
carpets and do better work than ever hr
fore. We cordially invite the public to in
spect our plant anl see their carpets
cleaned while they wait. Our remodeling
department is complete with the latest
machines. We guarantee your carpets to
be free from dust, spots or stains. With
our syatem we save you the cost of scour
ing, as we can restore the colors in your
carpet and raise the nappe without the use
of water, acids or ammonia or Iorax.
Butte Upholstering Co.
GE.). E. SHALE, -Manager.
Corner Montana and Porphyry. Tele
phone (.68M.
Cleaning Co.--4.arpets sewed. remod
eled, Oriental rugs scoured. I.to W. Broad
way. Telephone 867A.
Rlt.M(li.) -T'h. Owl I'harm,,acy to s4 56
East Broadway, opposite the Thornton.
lIl.lI:'ll.c 'It HKEAi'AMTMITl'S-Rody moss
sage, chiropody, superfluous hair re
moved. Parlors 45-48 Owsley.
MRS. A. -Ili'kTIlRIGHT, hairdressing,
manicure, chiropodist. s14 West IIdwy.
BEST workmanship, lowest prices guaran
teed. Alexander Macaulay, No. isi
South Main. 'Phone 6a.
U IELONG & SMl'lTHi-llous. movi.mg alld
raising. S7 W. Park. rk Phoc Reull.
CURTAINS laundered and darned, as
cents and up pair. st7 South Montana.
WE have $S,ooo placed with us by a client
who wishes to loan it at so per cent
immediately on real estate. Smith & cef
fries. iS W. Granite St.
MONEY to loan on say kind of security.
The Davenport Co., ss Hamilton street.
LOANS-Money to loan at S per cent; no
deays. Hall Brothers, No. 48 ast
Broadway, Butte, Montana.
LOA S---On furniture; low rates. Room
a, No. y7 West Broadway.
MONEL TO LOAN-Jackman & Armi.
tage Co., Ilirhour block, northeast cornet
MaHi. and Broadway.
JO)HN N. 1.SC)N--'l'eacher violin, nlan
dolin. 148 W. Granite, 'Phone 8l6M.
MIRS. A. . IIAkT'I.L'Y-Cornetit. In
structionis given. 14 W. ('Copper.
MMI. iROUINS(ON, exclusive costuming,
No. sog West Granite. Masks, wigs,
rent or onlc.
ben is an excellent manager to work un
Spokane had too many pitchers and
too few catchers.
Shortstop King Kelly and Outfielder
Hart will also linie up with Tacomua.
The San Francisco Chronicle takes huge
delight in knocking the Pacific Northwest
crowd now working in that city. The
Bulletin and Call seem to be neutral, but
the Chronicle is quite rabid.
The other day it camne out with the
declaration that Harry Hart and John
Coleman, "reputed backers of the Pacific
Northwest team in San Francisco," wav
ered when the time came to put up their
cash in support of McCloskey's scheme.
The upshot of the mnatter was that Hart
and Coleman denied the statement and
the next day the Chronicle was forced
to swallow its words of the day before.
Throughout the whole fracas, however,
Lucas and McCloskey have said but lit
tle and have kept the iron continually hot.
If a dispatch from 'Frisco tells the
truth, McCloskey is now on his way to
Butte to ask for his release. President
Lane simply says that McCloskey will be
with Butte this season. It may be that
the Butte management will release Mac,
but it would mean a big loss to this end
of the league.
Jack Clifford called nie up over the long
distansa 'phone from Pipestone Springs
PRlVATJ home for ldses. sog Dakota at.
MRS. BI. WAI.I.A(CIr--l'rnfsaional mid
wife; home in colllinemenlt. 436 S.
Wyoming St.
L)R. T. A. GRIGG--dye, ear, nose, throat
and lungs; prices moderate; terms cash.
No. 4r Hirbour building. 'Phone .14A.
MEIWAII Noodle Parlors--mporters tine
tea, noodles. Chau, Sule Mciwah Co.,
No. i s, corner Mercury. the alley.
RIN(G World's bo, or 'phone moo.
ING, World, boxa ur 'pIon' . oo.
L1)SSLAU & T illoMSON Photograph
er; first-class work guaranteed. Nue,
aty-ael East Park street.
MISS rTURNI.L,'S SC~i.Ot .--All grades
taulbt No. 4Ot West Mercury. Only
private school.
i JEt' 11.,I No' .II We,',t lirolaway, pays
the highest rashl, price for seconld halnd
householl gooids, has new rall.rs to ex
change for ,ld st ,ve andg fu niture; pays
freight to neighbos ing tuwni. Paicks,
stores or exchanges your furniture.
WA-tfliT- '. icnd ha.i.l turniture hought
and sold. No. J33 East P'ark street,
Butte. Telephone 686-1.. E. McNamara.
MRS. . .CARSON, i latilA mssu~er.
Oflees ..os. 74-t75 Penasylvalia bud1
lag. 'Phone M7-31.
If. Ii. HANSON, M. D.-Gencral opers
tive surgeon. Offices: as, a6, y, Silvee
Bow Black. Telephone 4o1.
SCOTT Stove Repair Works removed M
Ne. s Eagea Park. Telephone Na. 61
LARGI(ST1 stock, lowest prices, satiufac.
tory work. The Big 4-- 4 South Wyo.
'DAN CAI.l).i - lailor. New designs
spring and summer woolens. 310 N.
WHY MOVIL your household goods and
other valuables In an open wagon when
you can move so much cleaner, quickee
and cheaper la our new van? Call up
Telephone aj. Montana Truck & Transfue
Co. Offie: No. rs West Broadway.
((Jli't)~l ' & I'I.I.ILSON. Scrap iron,
metal, hides. No. aau East Platinum.
'Phone 639.
several hours ago and said he only
weighed ;IJls pounds this morning. This
gives the lie to the rumor spread about
that Clifford will have great diffliculty in
making the weight. Jack says he will
not weigh over 133 pounds tonight at the
ringside. JOHN II. M'INT'I'OSH.
Washington, March i .-Chief Justice
Ilay today administered the oath to
Henry Hoyt, the new solicitor general of
the department of justice, to the retiring
solicitor, J. K. Richards, as United States
circuit judge of the Sixth circuit, and to
Judge Vandeventer, as judge of the Eighdt
Hamilton, O., March s6.-Alfred Knapp,
the multi-murderer, was given a prelimin
ary examination before Mayor Bosch to
day and held to the grand jury without
bail. The testimony developed nothing
new. Knapp was handcuffed, but ap
peared calm. The court room was thronged.
New York, March t6.--The condition of
Beriah Wilkins, owner of the W\'ashington
Post, was reported to be a little better
Followed Instruotions.
Mr. Subbuos.-Why, what's the mat
ter? Where's the new servant girl?
Mrs. Subbubs-It's due to a misusder
standing. I told her to dust this mornlal,
and the first thing I knew she had dusted.

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