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(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
New York. ?Iarch az.-The opening and
clotiing quotations were as follows:
Open. Close.
American Ice, preferred..... 335 33j
'Amalgamated Copper ...... 734 7`~i
Anaconda Mining Co........ laj saj!;
American Cotton Oil....... 44 44
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 84 841~
do. preferred ............ q8A( 9844
Baltimore & Ohio.,........ 904T 944
Brooklyn Rapid Transit..... 67sj 67¼
Canadian Pacific........... a!i ,jt4
Chesapeake & Ohio......... 474 47
Chicago & Alton ......... 331'- 33
Colorado Southern ......... 28!; . 8
Colorado Fuel & Iron....... ,o 69'
Chicago (;ret Western..... 2:5'4 .S,4
Consolidated Gas ..........oi7g 3o0414
E]ric ................... ;6:s 36.Ji
do. first preferred........ 6814 681,1
Htocking Valley Railway....t...! In..$
Illinois tCentral ...........141r 4 141'4
i Reporte l by Coe ('omm'vi Lt Co.)
Srlt Joke. March 21.-Stock UgttoLatioaIS
tuloly were u* fIolows:
Ajax .. .......... ......; .7
C'on. M rcnr ................. 1.19
(:ariua ..... ..... ............ ..'
Cittititry ..................... "45
California .....
IDaly Wcct ............ ...... 42.70
1.uwer Mamtimotht ... ...... .5
.1a:111111":11 .... ...... ......... t.,;o
MayDay)) .................. ._lss
(Ontario ...................... 6.1.
Petro ................ ...... .to
Star ...................... .it
'lettin.... .................. .1814
Utah ... -.. .;
Women's Literary Club Held Interesting
Meeting in Anaconda Today.
Anaconda. March 21.--"Carolina, an
t'nsbtnnissive Crown Province." was the
topic discussed by the W\omen's i.iterary
club at the meeting held this afternoon in
the llearst free library buildina.
The iliemblliers of the club were present
in goodly numbers, for the day was ex.
pected to be an interesting one. end so it
proved. .Mrs. i.. (;. Smith. president of
the clubi, presided. There was ample food
for thought in the program from the in.
itial paper. Mrs. R. S. T.lan, the leader.
had prepared for the afternoon a decidedly
clever paper on "John ('clppplt r: French
Hlugueinots on Pimlico Sound: the (;er
maan Palatinates at the Mouthl of the
Trent." .Mrs. Tolan's effort a:,s one wor.
thy of all the praise she received at the
hands o(f the iemlnbers.
"\'ar .gainst the Tuscarorns and the
Cos.lccquence Thercof." assigied to Mrs.
J. J. .Mac; uinlness. was another of the
papers which made the aftcrro on a pleas.
ant and lively cite from a LTtc'rary gqoini
of vicw. M.\is l.ouis E':hret. now in Hot
Sprint.- Ark. with her niothsr, had pre
viou. to her dep:rtlre from the city pIrc
pared a I,,p(r o "a h,12 ri,'. an t E.x
ports of Early Carolina." The subject
wvai prvIi.uiny assigned to Mrs. J. .\.
Lev 'i-,. lii. t. ing to her tunit v. ida1 b!c al
,ei.;c front t1he I'ieetings, was given to
Mli... i hrct. Thle young lady sent in a
wsel!-writtc n and thoughtful paper on the
subject. M.Hiss Je.sic E. Ihlackstouce paid
attenltion in a learned way to the subject,
"Pirates on the American Sahboard,"
a hile Miss C'ody's work on the paper,
"North Carolina. a Crown Province." rc
ceived the hearty indorsemenlt of the la
dies. Mrs. l)avid Cohen's paper, "The
Regulators: D)aniel Boone, James Knox,
James Robertson and John Sevier," occu
pied ten minutes of the club's time, which
all declared well spent in listening to a
subject that received scholarly attention
in every way. Mrs. T.. D. Fitzgerald con.
ducted "Current Events." "
Lee Calhoun Charged With Violating
Law of the State.
Anaconda, March a.--l.ee Calhoun,
who lives at Race Track and is engaged in
driving the stage to Daniels. is under ar
rest upon the charge of altering a brand
on one fi .Morgan Evans' horses. Cal
lioun is said to have offered the horse for
sale to some W\innipeg horse buyers who
were here recently.
Morgan Evans claims that Calhoun
tried to buy the horse from hint upon
otne occasion. Evans had zpiused the horse
and he reported the case to Stock Inspec.
tor Collins, who, finding the animal, had
the brand examined. By rutting off the
,hair the brand of Evans was recognizable.
Evans then swore out a warrant for Cal.
hotln's arrest. The accused was released
by Judce lHendricks upon $1,ooo bonds
pending a hearing. Calhoun has many
friclnll. :rad experienced little difficulty in
securing bonds.
New B., A. & P. Card.
Ill II. ITO ' ill: INTER IMO'UNTAi .,
Anac-,da, March al.-'-'he Butte, Ana
conda & PIcific railroad has made several
cha.lne in its time table, which will take
efciet tom.o rrow imorning. The road will
talk off the train which heretofore left
Butte at 7 a. in. and arrived in Anaconda,
at 7 :50 I. Iit,
No. I will now be the train which is
scheduled under the new time table to
New York *. o areas street
Chicago - Marquette Building
St. Louis * Chemial Building
Butte Henueesy Bullding
$Ioo.oo invested in Grain
or Stocks by our "Safety
Valve Plan" should result in a profit of
$500.00 or more within 30 days, Write
for particulars and send for our free book,
"llIow to Invest Successfully." RICHARD
OLIVER & CO., Bankers and Brokers,
Chicago Stock Exc'mangc Bldg., Chicago,
Open. Close.
Kansas City Southern....... 11 32
Louisville & Nashville......taj'i23 23j
Lead.. ................... 27!; 27
Leather ................. sa? s17,i
Manhattan Consolidated ....t4t 7i 141
•M., St. P. & S. Ste. Marie... 73t' 74
Metropolitan Traction ......ta39; it;38
Mexican Central ........... .71' A8!i
Mexican National .....,... 18st. Io
Missouri. Kansas & Texas.. 26;7 2a6!
do. preferred ............ 58 58
Missouri Pacific ...........t li I.o
New York Central.......... 3., 13j8
Norfolk & Western........ 73. 72?
Northwestern ............. N87' 871.
North Amncrical ............ n7 107
Ontario & Western......... i'; 31i
Preascl Steel (Car Co....... n1!; 6'4
Pennsylvania; Railway ...... t.44 144.,4
Pe'ples lrs ..............t0. ! o.1
Republic Itron & Steel....... at :I
Uncle Sami ........ .......... .^.';
Victor ............ ......... 2
Yatikee .........c ........... .i
Daly Judg" ... ..... ......... t .....
Wabashnsl ...... ...... ....... .. J
Black Blcsa............ ...... .54
Bent Butler ............. .....
Creole ...................... .6n
Danly ....... .......... ..97'Sj
Eagle & Blue Bell ............ .70
(Grand Central ..... ..... ... * -b
Mlartha \\nllinglllil .... ...... .o{l
New York ..................
Sncrakmcttto ................. .a61.
SiI.cr Shitid ................ .07'1
-il~rer King ...... ............ 6n..oo
1 S. Mli~liMl: ............... ...... .75S
leave Butte at to a. im. aidl arrive in
Anaconlla at so:55 a. in.
No. .1 will leave tButte at I :ao p. nl and
arrive in Anaconda at ::IS p. Ilt.
No. 5 will leave Butte at 4:50 p. m. and
arrive in Anaconda at 5:5o p. nl.
No. 7 will leave Bt:tte at II :45 i. nt.
and arrive in Anaconda at IJ :40 a. Int.
The castijound trains will run as to!.
N,. 2 will leave .\nacnnda at 8:3o a.
ni. and arrive at Buttte at 9:-'S a. n.
No. 4 will leave Anacoulda at II :-5 a.
Im. and arrive in Butte at I2:ao p. in.
No. 6 will leave Anlaconda at 3:-u p. it.
and arrive in. Butte at 4 :. p. nm.
N,,. 8 will leave Anaconda at 6:,;. p. n1.
and arrive in Ilutte at 7:3n p. in.
Many Are Disappointed.
Anaronda, March at.-iMany of those
citizens who are interested in tlhe local
school work are somewhat disappointed
that the present vchool board has decided
not to open the new high school building
this terri' of school. The bluiling is one
that givel promise of reflecting mluchl cred
it on the school system here and, aside
fr .nt that, it is a structure both ilnmposilg
andI elegant. The trustees lhave worked
inhal-triously to get it in good shape so
that it will be all that couldl . desired
in the way of a schoolllouse. I. was cx
pccted that the high school classes could
he moved into the new quarters this year.
Th decision ,ot to open tl;e I,Lttiling
during the lpresett tem. :as tohld in yes
terda2y'y Inter Mountmain, is a disaplpoint
lienst to not only the tru:tee,. but to Iltanty
of the older residetllt: woil would be
lpleased to have the inew' building in run
Iillng order before the presenlt board goes
out of ,tiiee.
Fields' Minstrels Popular.
SPE IAt. 19 Torl!! i.NT I ( '0 ' T\' X.
Anaconda. Mareh -r.-The New York
Ilcrald, in speaking of the performlance
given by Al G. Fields and compnlany of
minstrels, which will be seen at the Mar
garet theater next Wednesday, March 1a,
The first part was elaborate to the last
degree. The stage setting of the roof
garden, with its beautiful electric effects,
was a revelation in modern stage setting.
The singing was the best ever heard here,
and far superior to that of many opera
organizations. The comedians were funny
and their jokes were lnew. The special.
ties of the Faust family of acrobats, thi
Clipper quartet, the .Musical Mignani fastt
ily and Doe Quigley were the acnme of
excellence. Al G. Field was never seen
to better advantage here than it his great
trust monologue. The opera house wa!;
crowded to the doors and every one was
more than satisfied.
Signed Order.
Anaconda. March ar.--In the matter of
the estate of Silan M1. I.emiex, deceased,
Judge Napton signed and ordered extended
thie decree of distributionu today.
Dr. (). Y. Warren of W\arnt Springs was
in the city yesterday on business. Ile re
turned home in the evening.
I. Il. Stardoll is in the city from Phil
Judge Fitzpatrick. president of the
school board in Anacolida, is going to
Seattle tonight oil a business trip.
Tinl Ifealy of the I.uxembourg mine at
Georgetown is in lBntte.
John Stmurr has returned froitm Buttle.
The Anaconda branch of thile lilildintg
L.abor International union of America
has presented Colstable ellnroid with a
solid gold star.
Coroner Walsh has decided that no in
quest need be held over the body of Ver
non Bennett, the 4'S-year-old boy who
was killed Thursday night by being run
into by a dog. The child's funeral will
be held from the home of the little boy
tomorrow afternoon, with internlent in
Hill celmetery.
For a Sunday dlinller that niever had an
eqtual for the money see us. Success res
taurant, E. Park avenue. Anaconda.
Rev. Dr. Hanberg and family desire to
extend their sincere thanks to all friends
and acquaintances who so kindly assisted
and comforted them in their late bereave.
mIent, and especially to Presiding Elder
Mills of Helelna and to the local pastors
is It desired thal.ks be given.
Funeral of the late Vernon Betlett will
occur frotm the family residence, No. 504
Spruce street, at a :3o p. m. Sunday. Inter
,nent in hill cemetery.
Des Moines, Iowa, March al.-James
Burns, accused of the murder of Jerry
Corcoran, was today found guilty of tltur
der in the first degree and life Imprison.
lenteit woi recosnntcnded,
Open. Close.
Readint.. .... ..*... 62 6J
Rock Island ............... 47'; 47!i
Southern Railway .......... 33' 33j'
do. preferred ............ 95'i 95'1
Southern Pacific ........... 64.3 64f
St. L.ouis & San Francisco,.. 8aJ4 81a
Smelter .................. 494s .4GM
Sugar Refinery ............6; a6
St. Paul .. .. ... ... tt1 s171s,
Tennessee t. o:ll & Iron ...... 6;., 6 )i
Texas Pacific .............. .9'{ .to
Union Paciic .............. 4-9s ,44
United States Lteel ......... 37 ) 375i
do. preferred ............... l7 1874
'Wabash ...... ........... 29 294.
do. preferred ............ 5uos 5o
W\'isconsin Central ......... 1a', 16:;
do. preferred ............ 5E', so!4
Wheeling & Lake Irie...... 14 a44
l.:rey at 4'j per cent.
"I',tal sales~, 240,600 shares.
IlV .E' .55 I'I7 ;, |" I Ss,
New Drk. .March _1.- -h11w ltacntelnt
Ef 2 er.2,i . of the clearing house hankM of
this city fir thle wek 1as2 Loan04. $s91 ,
4 17.400. decrease. $ 1'..,tl.noo ; dleposits,
S)uu5 .,b-L.4 d)ecCrease. $15.4;7).600; circu
lation, $4.2.86j.5.ou. decrease, $7;4.r.o: le
gal t Ie.lers. $64,57;8.5.s. decrease. $558.
ou : specie. $s6;d.51,5u0, dlecr;ease, $1155.
.oo : rc.c:rve. $-l8,.;551r,.0, decreasec.
$.7 ,3,5' ; res..rve required,. $13.5.70.
0oo1, dccreae, &. ,Nb6u,gnn : surplus, $3,1to.
4052. inc1rease, $2.156,4n0: e'.-t nited States
dep,2it21, $5 311.237.522, iterease. . $;,-67,
I 5.1
New York Money Market.
52 AS1I4EI I i E l 22 .1' , .
Nvw u ri. lMarch .1t. Sterlitg ".x
chan-r! te - arket :c;'aly v.ith actual butsi
ness in hanker.' hills at $4.87.23(4.R;87.35
for dh11and, and1 at $4.8.1. .31 1,841 for 60
tay..: Iposteld rates. *4.85tf 4.88 ; commller
cial hills. $4..33'4#r4.84' a.
Silver-t-ar. 48'€c; Mexican dollars,
Ilonds-- ;overlment, market steady;
.state holn., ilnative: railroads., steady.
tl eported by Cue Comnmi sion Co.)
Boston, Mass., March 21.-The cop
per mining shares closed today as fol
Anaconda - - - - - $123.25
Amalgamated - - - - - 73.12
Parrot - - - - - - - 32.75
Mohawk - - - - - - 58.50
Osceola - - - - - - 72.75
Daly West - - - - - 42.37
Tamarack - -- - - - - 185.00
Utah Con - * . - - 29.62
Shannon - - - - - - 14.00
Centennial- - - . . - 28.50
U. S. Mining - - . . - 25.87
Trinity - - - - - - - 11.25
Publish a List of "Label" Offices Now
Doing Busidess in This
T( lIll, I' Ill.BIC:
The frolhwing .printing oftice:+ inll utte
:.re ciititled to us. the l:abel of the Al
lied I'rinting 'trades Council, and are
strictly un ion:
Label Offices.
Butte Miner. t23-ir 2 West Ilroadway.
Butte Inter .Mountain, 26 West Granite.
(ates & Ruoberts, s 14 East Broadway.
Schwan Printing comlpany, 75 West
McKee I'rineting company, 128 W\est
Journal PI'ulishing company, West
Reveille Publishing companyl, W'est
Please see that this
Label is on all your
Non-Label Offices.
Quick Print companly. IBasement Ilir
bour building. Respectfully,
t;. C. FI.OHR, Sec'y.
George T. Slade, Son-in-Law of James
J. Hill, Will Leave Central Railroad
to Take Charge of Northern.
HY ASSti.e'.VIr:D PI'FS.i.
New York, March 2a.-George T. Slade,
superintendent of the eastern division of
the Central railroad, has resigned, and he
will hle succeeded April i by George Van
Kuren. It is understood Mr. Slade, who
i. a son-ien-law of J. J. Hill, will become
general superintendent of the Great Norh
ern. succeeding Frank I'.irhard, recently
promoted to be general manager of the
road. Mr. Van Kuren, whot was superin
tendent of the eastern division of the Eric
when Mr. Slade was appointed to the posi
tion about a year andl a half ago, was pro
mcotel to Ice general superintendent of
'transportation. 'IThese changes will be
made April i.
Judge Knowles Will Rule Next Monday`'
Upon Admitting Certain ,Evidence.
The trial of the case of Clara Sackett of
New York against Mary and Joseph James
McCaffrey of Anaconda to dispossess them
of l.ot .t, Block 5 of the original townsite
of Anacondla, which commenced in the
United States court yesterday afternoon,
was reseumced today and had not been con
cluded at nooen when court adjourned until
so a. ct. next Monday. The plaintiff is
seeking to secure possession to the prop
erty iy virtue of an execution, while the
defense claim the property as a homestead.
After two special venires had been ex
haustedl the following jury was secured:
Aelin Ayres, Charles Armstrong, W\'ll.
liatim 1. Belch, William R. Evans, Dalniel
Hanley, Fred Gamter, J. N. Gravelle,'
George E. Palmer, I.. A. Walker, Homer
C. Rickards, U. flight and James W. Bell.
W. E. Thoemas, the clerk of the district
court at Anaconda, was the first witness
called after the jury ihad been secured
yesterday afternoon, and ile testified to the
proceedings taken by the plaintiff to fore
close upon the property. Some documen
tary evidence was introduced and the case
went over until today whetC Joseph McCaf.
Every Want
Listed Here
\ \ T)-Manoager for new branch of
our lusineias here in lutte city. Write
, prompI)tly. with. references, the Morris
.1 Wlnlesale House,. t ncintlati. Ohio.
Sll 'l'r1 TII(-I'SA-NI) copying letterr at
hnmle: either srx: send two stamps for
palrticulars. tilackney & Co., 5.37 llal.lted
strcrt. 'hicago.
' \\T'IEl)-- A vcestmiaker; must Ih a first
class workman: high wages and perla
mrnt position ti a thoroughly capablie man ;
apply at once. I'ailoriniig i)Depai;irtmenrt,
inll.,.3)Iys Big Store.
1.l1'l \.t il' work here. HIelp suppltir I
citel': plenty work now. St. I'aul r13
| ,ý ncl t olale, in N. Main. 'Thine .3.
\I \\ III) - Two thydlriaitic miners for
\ rtnilliont, Mont. None hut tlhose thor
i lyi e.l p. i nced ' i well r, t v t tunleu t,,l
n d apply). I. Ioreii, iatr tti itl t iail tC .
1. \I) I S M.'ist profitablle home cnpl%
itent. Itnaking sfiia pillows: $q to $IS
wekly : lmaterials free: experience tlncc
eI. ry; IIIno canvassing: ste ady work. S.'ll
st.llpel', aillrr~ed envelope. Necw 'ITetile
1h13e. t o., l hicago.
Cl ii'\t i 11 I I TS at himn, full or
i -----· --.
',It time' : in liames, to tiptply or adil
udr,-iut' lvelope: Inottlinlug Ib y; $ii
pelr thulsal : paid weekly: sentl al
drr-,c intrhlnpei for copy .nl lappliciatilonl
hlaik. Imperial iCo.. n..s Liberty St., N. \.
I' 34 IlN\'I Six riioo niunlrrn house it
IN. .1-a South \l aslllnlutl. Smith &
J ltlrites No. 3I3 \\'i't I(raniile stre t.
Nicl. \I'--i;furnihe .- j room -cottage, 4q2
\. (ohll; good location. .Applly 4-)9 W.
'IllII. :.I.WOI)l)- Transients a -pecialty,
6 I:ut i lroadway, Ilutte.
FRi R KI'.1N -s conipletely furnishdirll
housTekeieping rools; heat. letric light,
ml ern. tLipton llhik. .lle.,. South Main.
rti as'unalle: .12 ast Park.
IRANSi ENT-Special, Y"uik tsck. o.
66 West Park.
HO1TEL OXFORD--Roons $ao up. i irst
class: modern conveniences So. Main.
S Il t I,; F )It t I': N I --Stor'ruoin on
\\ cut P'ark, near corner oluintaniia; buill
-in i .1 by i o feet, with I iasem int. Inqiire
M. L. \|, -r.i ," "7 N tl%.*il Mul it~lw,l~ Ililt..
S'It [' t)).lI 1n0lerrn flat, with range,
$S8.uo. No. -'4 'Vest Granite.
PEOPL$'S Emtpploymeat Bureau. Supplies
all help free. an. N. Main. 'I'hune aos.
only $.oo, I small house safe. I upr;ght
pia:lo, r baby grand piano, I boarding
ho.e. refrigerator, a organ, $-5 steel en
gravings for $t5, I new 9-piece birdseye
miaple $1.coo eledroomo suit for $5oo, bed.
room suits, spring mattresses fur $ra.So
anl $15, worth double. W hae hav desks,
letterpresses, wardrobes, $5, $7.5o and
$ri,; $65 sideboard only $.t5. Pack, ship
and storage, buy sell and exchange. I.arg
est house in the West. lButte Exchange
Furniture company, auo West Broadway.
J. ('hauvin, Manager.
Four-room hous:- and large lot, South
Side, $500oo: part cash.
Iot on West Broadway. $.;So.
Lot on West \Voolman, $Soo.
Lots on South Idaho, close in, $50o..
J.ut on California Ave., 36xioo, $.15o.
FIl( SALE-Residence, l'ast Side, only
$500 ; it is worth $uoo, and is suitable
fir a miner who wants a four roomll house
l;ar the mines. Smith & Jeffries, No. I9
\\. (;ranite street.
: ,11( SALE--i-esidence of live rooms,
\\est Mercury street; good neighbor
lhood; only $i,ooo: it is wortll $1,500, but
the owner has left butte and needs the
money; we will make you easy terms. ('all
and look at the property. Smithl & Jetlrlei,
INo. 19) \Vest Granite street.
'illc)MAS BU((GGY, assayer ald chemist.
No. I-o North Main street, Butte.
Successors ta A. B. Ro.abanuer, to8 N.
Wyo. st. 'Phone 6sP-B. P. OBox s4.
Al.I. KINDS made to order. Alexander
Macaulay, ela South Main. Phone Ga.
SII' IS TO ('ORDUER, $a5 and upward;
also ladies' own goods; fit guaranteed.
New York Ladies' Tailor, 2oj W. Granite
325 West Broadway. 'Phone 923-F.
frey and Isabella McCaffrey, the defend
aitS, testified as to residence on the prop
erty, and sought to show they could hold
it as a homestead.
County Clerk Phillip Greenan was called
to idintify the date of the homestead by
an index to the record; but the attorley4
g,t int, a squabble over the admhissibility
Io the evidence and court adjourned until
a later date, when a decision will be
It is one of the claims of the plaintifl
that the defendant, Joseph McCaffrey, ex
hausted his homestead right by taking up
a ranch on the Big Hole.
Mistake in Christian Names.
The Inter Mountain, through an Inad
vertanlcy, stated in the issue of March 18
that the bondsmen of Justice Tim l Iarring.
ton were contemplating a withdrawal from
hIis bond. This was an error throughout,
Justice Tim Harrington having no con
nectiont with the person intended. The
Mlir Mountain regrets exceedingly that
Butte Business Directory
For the Benefit of Busy People.
- I
We are positive that you will be more than pleased with the result.
in grailu or tocks Iby our ",Safety \ alie
I'iain" shouldl result in a prolit of so$5.,n
ir lmore within IiI diays. ,Wr te for p.ir
tiular, and sendil for outr fre book. "llI w
to lit.el StiuteIssiully." Hihihatl I livrr &
Co., tanklkes nd I 1-kkers., Chica.. St.k.
l.K.hanlgc l1uihlitg. ('hwago.
i( )k SAI.. InS arII ntu i1 trouh.t il
family of formter t.in l.. we are aire
Ito ollc t ine of le hlit payiing dging
houses in l tItte for $ni ieiss than itss
value; hitise is sn Broadilway. in center
of the city, and the rooms are always full;
pays a prolit of $tIn peir ltoncth, l ,ishe si
giviilng the uwner Iran large roonms for
hotsrekeeliiu . ('an sell fir .$itot; part
cash aind rest on time.
I(Nvl'. .IlIS & M'Ni) Wt.II...
4o( East ilroadway, Illlle.
NI.At .\.) N Si,'( i)-l.l i. l) IIlt I VIx
tures, hilliard asst pool tables fir iale
Itrus wick italkre I llendr crnmpany.
llI l'1 I I lllt L( i'il 'i ti 1Ni ; aIm S.tham
( arlPet ('hCiaing Co. have dhmirld their
ailparit) for loint): good. wsrk lhi, iseasini.
Is.tinalit" furnii-lil free,. No trorll Ito
call. llphont (sll M. ieorgc' I. Sha:le,
ES iiI SID ..1 kl Cjill I:s
(lcaning Cn.--(arpets s.aesd. remod
cled. Oriental rls s.ourerd. sit V W. Blrrd
way. Telehphune 867A.
1'AUMIEL'S Parisian Dye Ilouse-All
work luaraltecd. No. 6o West Galena
street. 'BPhlone 747-A. Frencb heyclg and
Collects bad biils; try it. 55a N. Main.
SA'INvl.ti " IUOY work, low.st c.stimate.
i. e. \\'yune, No. i, East Purphiry.
'Phone 6is-i:.
NOIEI IlS hoglht, stold iand exrhanged, at
'Paeinr'ts, No. 5, East Ilr-:,dway.
RIJlV:Ui -.- Thu iwil Pharmacy to 54.-6
a4st Broadway, opposite the Thornton.
EIE' I'I(:C Ti IEAT'I'MEN i'S- IIdy mas
sage, chiropody, superfluous Ihair re
moved. laritrs 45-48 Owsley.
MRS. A. hiRiiHRlGHT," hairdressing,
manicure, chiropodist. 114 West Bdwy.
BEST workma.ship, lowest prices guaran
teed. Alexander Macaulay, No. isa
South Main. 'lhlone 6a.
illlI.UN(. & SMI'I i---lhouse stovisig and1
raising. si7 W. Park. Pihone 89oll.
C.UlTfAIANS laundered and dared, as5
cets and up pair. 517 South Molltana.
S116:ELES LOAN O- FICE--"No. 58 East
Park street. Money loaned on every
article of v -ue.
MONII'Y TO) L.()AN- low rate of interest.
At (;irson's, N'o. .4 East Park.
JulIN N. OhSt)5 -"Teacher violin, man.
dolin. t.t W. (Granite, 'P'hone 86M.
MRS. A. L. IIAlf I.LY -Corntstil. In
structions given. 14 W. (opper.
MRS. it. \V.'AII.At i-l'rofrsiunal mid
wife; homle illn confinciement. 436 S.
Wyomingl St.
PRIVATE home for ladies. sio Dakota st.
this mistake occurred, and takes pleasure in
correctiig ;any false illpressio that maiy
Ihave arisen tlhrough the inadveurant mixing
uf Inacs.
One Killed His Daughter and Others
Slew Don McGhee.
.ittle Rock, Ark., Mirchl al.-l. Green
and (;. lrown, both negroes, were hanged
at Star City, .itcoln counlty, yesterday
fur the imurder of Don MlcGbee oult June
J, 190.1.
Atkinl, Minn., March lr.-Ole Atkin,
who killed hIis daughter with a bIutcher
kitife because *he internded to marry con
trary to his wishes, was hallgedl here.
"Are you not worried by your wife's
absence ?"
*'No; it's her return that always worries
'it l ,l\ 1. Ti I 11 ta have a client
w ith $ 0.'Sao to I,,an at in per i ent o 01
real , 't. e e lttlrit i nli. Ii titly. St, itli &
J 'ttli.', No. io i'W e lt Ibr:anit. street.
ti l..L11 .ºSN & It 1 II saill tneKotialt" a
ito . for yvItl On realt e itat, sectrity.
IRoo , . I, .t. 11v4 r I h,%w Itlock.
11 I": halt $.,.co, pLlcre,I witll It by ;i c' ntt
who wis.htr to |alll it .it 1o per ''lt
inlnr,,liately fil real reltste. Smith & let.
friets, i, W . (ar.;anitet St.
MON rl to loan on any kind of seculity.
The )ave:sport Co., t I Iiamilton street.
LOANS-Money to loas at 8 per cent; no
deiays. ilall iretlcrs, No. 48 east
Broadway, Butte. Montana.
I.UANS--On furniture; low rates. ta
_, No. 77 West Broadway.
MONrlI. TO LO)AN-Jackman & Armi
tage Co., Ilirbour block, northeast corner
a I l, nd Rroadway.
SCOTT Stove Repair Works removed to
No. ._ BEast Park. Telephone No. $$j.
hMl "l:. R iIllS(I N ,S exrlusive co,'tinning,
No. 's a'acat G(aaite. Mas.ks, wigs,
rent or ::.Ie.
MI' lWAll Noodle '.,arlors-lm.poterlrs e
teas, acodlcs. Chan, Suie Meiwah Co.,
No. I o, corner Mercury the alley.
1I N, 4 'a hi0 I's box or 'phone '11o.
UR. T. A. G(tlt(G --.-ye, ear, nose, throat
and ilng.; prices mo'lerate teams ceash.
No. 4q flirbour builliuna. 'Phone o.I4A.
A tl0s`s 11 1 I lluSN Lr. hiolls anti.
era; (arat-clao s work uaaraatee.d Ns,
at-i cat Park stree 1 fe nt.
nIrS Ipro'Jin. L'oS SCIIIy rL-,all gralde
tatciula. Nto r. Wilt c Meicury. (on, ha
private Sphool.
()Ul(tlM.I, No. 4. \We't Blroadiway, pays
the highle:,st cash price for aserold-hand
househohl good.; has new rang4es to cx
chalnge for old stoves and furnituare; pays
freight to neighlloring towlns. 'acks5
stores or excrhanges your fullrliture.
WAD.'l'l l-) Second lhatad turnaiture hbought
and sold. No. .11 East Park street,
Butte. 'elephonae (r6-F. E. Mcr:>amara.
MRS. L. B. CARSON, scietotif maeurs.
OIoee ..oa. as4-ay5 Penasylvania build.
ing. 'Phone .y997.
tive surgeon. Offices: as, a6, a7, Silves
Bow Block. Telephone 4o0.
)1f N r1' S'I,.tI. in ..(:II.AN,;;. your
olhi :a iug i laaci ine. See me, I will
4alanlltee to wikelkc it like Inew, at Strass
ir's, 2 \'West iroadhalV).
LAR(;Il.SI sto k, lowest price. ~;, ti'faes
tory work. 'The iig 4---4 Sollth Wyo
1)AN AI.lI.- --l'ailur. New designs
sprillg anld suulllecr woolenis. 31o N.
WHY MOVE your household goods sed
other valuables in an open wagon when
you can lmove so much cleaner, qlicket
and cheaper In our new van? Call up
Telephone 23. Montana Truck & TransLfu
Co. Off:e: No. as \'Wet Broadway.
GORDON' & 1'ERELSON. Scrap iron,
metal, hide's. No. ..0 East Platihum.
'P'honle 6.39.
'IllIS is to notify you that unless storage
on your goods as follows is paid on or
before March 3oth, your goods will be sold
at auction to the highest bidder at 3
o'clock p. n, on that day to pay for your
arrears together with costs: Mrs. Macken,
$35.oo00; \'era Znzell, $44.00oo: R1.. . Giles,
$aa.5o; Mrs. Shone, $8.oo; Mrs. Wild,
$6.So ; W. II. Brooks, $4o.oo; C. V. Hough.
ton, $6.o0o; Joe Archamnbault, $27.oo; F.
E. Morlan, $t3.oo: Stratton Hollinls
worth, $6.S€; Robert W. Hendersou,
$7.u50. Butte Exchange Furniture Co., as
West Broadway, Butte, Montana.
1 Cent
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