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'Th Silver llow Chapter of the Daugh
t(rs of the Amnurican Revolution toit on
'Ihur.lny of last week at the home of Mrs.
(. 1.. F. Kellogg, No. 8j4 West Copper
Ltrc't. The program for this year is
devoted to the history of Montana, and
the subject at the last meeting was "Fur
Traders. Hunters and Trappers," which
was ably handled in an interesting talk by
Mrs. (;rcen Majors.
She began, by speaking of the famous
A Member of the L. U. T. O. Club.
JlHudson flay company, whose agents pene
trated Montana before the Louisiana Pur
chase and the notable journey of Lewis
and Clarke. The company was granted a
charter as early as 1640o y Charles II.
1 his gave them a large district around
Hudson Bay as their exclusive property,
and the right to hunt and to trap in any
district not previously granted to other
companies or individuals.
At the beginning of the past century
s 1ý sij96,rý
President Junior League Graoe M. E. Church.
The most abhored of all facial blemishes, by ladies or gentlemen, that always
make their appearance so prominent as soon as the rays of the sun become
bright and warm in the spring. If those who are afflicted with these un
sightly blemishes only knew how easy and inexpensive it is to remove them
they would not tolerate their presence any longer. My FRECKLEINE will tn
move them without pain or injury to the skin.
I will remove them perfectly and harmlessly, leaving no scar. By the
Latest Scientific Methods the removal of those blemishes is both simple and
inexpensive. No danger or injury to the skin and no scars or marks left
after. I will remove them perfectly and harmlessly.
All Facial Blemishes Successfully Removed.
Hair Dressing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Scalp Treat
ments for Dandruff, Falling Hair, Baldness and
all ailments of the scalp or hair. Manicuring,
Chiropody, Electric or Plain facial Massage.
Oraduate Specialist.
Rooms ao-3232, Pennsylvania Block.
Hours 8:30 a. m. to 7:oo p. m. Phone 96iA
other companies sprang up and entered
into the field, employing as a medium of
exchange with the Indians, liquor, which
had seldom, if ever, been used in trading
by the Hudson Bay company. It is a curl
ous fact that although this company was
A Member of the L. U. T. O. Club.
essentially an English concern, its traders
were mostly Scotch of the bttter claws.
Young men of fine families and alven
turous bent chose to leave holme and ex
plore the great West. It was necessary
for every applicant to undergo a tigid
mental and physical examination and then
to bind himself to work for the company
for five years. It was an unwritten law,
howcver, that the position was for life.
The wages paid, up to R859, were $Soo
. . ..--.=.. -".." -. -I - • I.
per year. The y,. tng men a ho entered the
enropany's service acre usually from 18 to
-*, years of age. They were first sent to
the mrist remote stations, often into the
Arctic circle, in the calacity of salesmen.
They would gain exlpericttc'e by going on
trading expediti.os aithl old trappers.
After this preliiminary training they were
broualt to poinlti nearer civilization, and
at the rtel of 14 yt:ars. if a vacancy OC
curre,,c, they acre c lhic tIo old Iu:tce rt
one of tihe forts m:iltainld by the ct.,
i,:I'. It often hlcappenedl that the long
isol.,ti.atn csoi make the youtng mcn lonely
in which eve.t thty wot\,tl p lsly to head*
,uat,' r, in I , nlt for the privilege of
titmarr tyiing.
if their stit, it werer very rcttntc they
rwouid coften cih-c ni:ticve Givcs, but as
tlchy Icai ' t iecr, r II t l.,, i .ty or some
ftt ihll;a,t , v ci.hit ., t!. y would send
to th, . Io1n'' tt iL t,,r a wife. One
ccipt ,i n ,, ", II ..i.l he hoped she
tilt h .I a l Iiont, " .but .hie was a ruin
one ti ,,olo :at."
'I hlie ti-tiry of the liulton Bay corm
p:ainy is inl ri tlin. ltec:at , it caine into
Mnt.ii n. I ;ir'.' tIh fir-t Atmericant
tr..i' r . lii ' ,i:. .i:ttn Ftr I trailing cornL
l.iv ^. . t 1:,'i lh ,l in St. L.mis in 1813,
.Ihn I., ,,h ..\ tl,r w.. onIe iof the original
Imell. ii. s. Iot ('llil ant Fort Benton
cere tI thi m;.itiain.ld by this company,
ahich ,, puýrh: l I in ttGo, by the North
west "l'rollilt; to. [ t,:aIv\ .
'The hi hir: ,if the fur traders shows that
tihe lhieiif it lini of i ichiange between the
ahite c.on :an tilhe Indians was whisky.
I dian: w..Iit give iIup their robe.s, even
their fod, for a little had I.quor. It must
lie Inorne in mintd that the Indians were the
trappell.r the chite nt. t the traders. The
principal pIroduct in Monttana along these
lines was hiutttilo ftirs. The Indians were
not gunerally hI..tile. The traders, with
their I..Cditun of whisky, would go among
the trils and buy. 'IThough the Indians
becattme intoxicated there was seldom an
instance of violence to the traders; but
white and Indian trappers of different
tribes were tmurderedl. The Indian allowed
no intcrference with his traffic.
At the conclusion of Mrs. Majors' paper
refreshlnents were served by the hostess
and a delightful interval of informal dis
cussion and social pleasure was spent.
Entertains in Honor of Mrs. Bruce
Kremer at Luncheon.
Mrs. Samuel M. Johnstone, who is one
of the nmost original entertainers of Butte,
was hostess at a mid-afternoon luncheon
given Tuesday in honor of Mrs. Bruce
Kremer. At 3 o'clock the ladies assembled
to partake of the delicious luncheon that
A Member of the L. U. T. 0. Club.
was served on trays In Mrs. Johnstone's
pretty dining room.
The table was spread with .ne linen and
in the ceater was a bowl flled w&l white
and pin tdipe-llhose equisite harbM.
gers of spring. It need sareelay be added
that the luncheon was perfect in every
detail and that those who were fortunate
enough to be present had a royally good
time. The guests were Mrs. Brah
Kremer, Mrs. Will Twohy, Mirs. . V.
long, Mrs. James Fosºils, Mrs. 3. D.
Ryan, Miss Ryan, Mrs. J. B. I.eggat, Mrs.
II. I. Wilson, Mrs. HenMry Root and Mrs,
John Forbis.
Takes Miss Claire Rand to Wife--Married
by Rev. Blaolaston.
At s o'clock on Wednsday Miss Claire
Ranil and Mr. Warrentos Richards were
married at the home of $fe. Ruth Burton
nn East Park street. Tihe Rev. S. C.
Itlackiston performed the ceremony. The
bride was gowned in tan etamine and car
ried a bouquet of white roses. She was
attended by little Ruth Rand, who acted as
ring-bearer; Alice Rand, who held the
tirklal bouquet, and Master Ralph Rand,
who was usher.
After the ceremony the party sat down
to a wedding breakfast. The table was
beautifully decorated with tulips, roses,
carnations, lilies and long trailing gar
lands of myrtle.
Those who were present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Richards, Mrs. Richards, Miss
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Johnston,
Mr. and Mrs. Willy, Mr. and Mrs. Parker
Rand, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Rand, Mrs. P.
E. Curtis, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Scott, Mr.
BIradshaw, Mr. Knight and Mr. Bordeaux.
The bride and groom left town on the
afternoon train for Denver, where they
Sill spend their honeymoon. After a
month they will be at home to their
friends at 4s8 South Montana street.
Best Show Ever is in Course of Prepara
tion Even Now.
There is a deal of mystery about the
preparations for the coming minstrel show
to be given by the Overland club. The per.
formers retire to the secrecy of a hall
where all sorts of funny songs end side
splitting jokes are hatched in the mental
incubators of the participants. The show
last year may have been fine, but this will
Already dressmakers are at work on
fetching costumes which will adorn the
persons of the female impersonators. The
first part of the performance will be musi
cal and the second part will be devoted to
Mr. Charles II. Lane is drilling the com
pany and, it is said, that through his ef
forts such a state of proficiency has been
reached that the young men in his charge
are qualified to appear in public at any
In any event the fashionables of Butte
will have cause to show enthusiasm on
April 2:.
Kensington Tea.
Kensington teas are the. fad of the day
and each week brings forth a crop of these
charmingly informal entertainments. One
I . .- n-" . ='.'. " ";t-r 5
of conspicuous pleasantness was that given
on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. E. P. Triol.
The tea table and the parlors were gay
with dainty pink carnations and ferns.
Those who enjoyed Mrs. Triol's hospital.
ity were: Mrs. Marsden Burns, Mrs. W.
G. King, Mrs. W. W. Waslworth, Mrs. J.
G. Evans and Mrs. George Stephenson.
Of Anaoonda Is Guest of Honor at Lowry
The Misses Allie and Anne Lowry en
tertained at tea last week in honor of Miss
Clara Peters of Anaconda. The decora
tions were greens and delicate yellow tu
1!p that were full of suggestions of spring.
Fortune telling and music made pleasant
entertainment for the young ladies.
The tea table, where that delectable bev
erage was served, was ornamented with a
handsome lace cloth, in the center of
which was a bowlful of tulips.
Those who participated in the merry
party were: Miss Clara Peters, Miss
Madge Marks, Miss Mae Sullivan, Miss
lEdith Bickford, Miss Daisy Dawson, Miss
Belle Kirkpatrick, Miss Julia Sanders
Miss Grace Cullen and Miss Alice Ryan,
Gives Delightful Whist Party-The Prize
Mrs. Spencer Wortman contributed a
delightful whist party to the list of enter
tainments this week. Her home was taste
fully decorated with the flowers of the sea
son. Thrbe handsome prizes were awarded
and at the conclusion of the game light
refreshments were served: Mrs. Wort
man's guests were: Mrs. Will Gulon, Mrs.
W. W. Cheely, Mrs. T. J. Flavin, Mrs.
Charles Jackman, Mrs. J. H. Harper, Mrs.
Tuberville, Mrs. J. W. Gunn, 'Mrs. T. J.
Jeffries, Mrs. A. S. Christie, Mrs. J. D.
Rit e Mrs, Frank C. Bkednbsu h, Mrs.
Superintendent Junior Lee gue Graoe M. E. Church.
Will Wright., Mrs. Sol Buckles, Mrs. Otto
Patterson, Mrs. T. A. Grig, Mrs. Ales
ander MacCauley, Mrs. M. L Cunning
bham, Mrs. Nancy Lebenstein, Mrs. Adolph
Schilling, Mrs. I. N. Symons, Mrs. W. J.
Christie, Mrs. John M. Ingle, Mrs. J. D.
Slemons, Mrs. Green Majors, Mrs. B. C.
Hastings, Mrs. Al Werthelmer, Mrs. Floyd
Closser, Mrs. David Charles, Mrs. Ralph
Place and Mrs. Harry Charles.
Gives Theater Party.
Miss Hattie Young gave a box party at
the Broadway theater on Wednesday even
ing to witness the performance of "The
Cowboy and the Lady." Her guests were:
Miss Puss Cullen, Mr. Charles Sturdlvant
and Mr. Douglas McCormick.
Mrs. Calkins' Tea.
Mrs. Ben Calkins was hostess at a
Kensington tea given on Thursday of last
week. Fancy work and conversation oc
cupied the. ladies until s o'clock when a
dainty tea was served. The decorations
were pink carnations and ferns. Those
present were: Mrs. A. J. Davis, Mrs. J.
Attend Leyson's
Auction Sale
Special Tonight from 7 to 10
Cut GlaLs, Silverware
H. Vivian, Mrs. Ada Epping, Mrs. A. T.
Morgan, Mrs. S. M. Johnstone, Mrs. J. Te
McHatton and Mrs. Harry Richards.
Mrs. eouberger's Luncheon.
One of the most attractive entertain.
ments of the p.t week was a green lun.
One of the L. U. T. O.'s
cheon given by Mrs. Silas Neuberger. The
table was exquisitely decorated in fine,
feathery greens, water ferns and asparagus
plant being liberally used. The bun -hns,
candle shades and menu cards were all in
the prevailing color. Mrs. Netbargcr's
guests were: Mrs. Ada Epping, Mr . A.
T. Morgan, Mrs. Harry Symons. Mrs.
George Tower, Mrs. Walter Bickford,. M~s.
Harry Richards, Miss Bickford, Mi.y W\il
Box Party at Broadway.
On Monday evening Dr. and Mrs. Ilavi
land entertained several of their friend at
the performance of Fields' Minstre!.. The
party occupied a box and greatly c njoted
the funny show. Those present were: Mr.
and Mrs. John N. Kirk. Mr. andl Mrs.
Marsden Burns, Mr. C. F. Kelley and Mr.
Bowling Party.
On Tuesday evening a party of young
people made the Thornton alleys ring with
merriment. A very lively game was t n
joyed after which a supper was partaken
of. Those present were: Miss Christine
Nissler, Miss Mollie Walker. Miss Kate
(Continued on Page Fifteen.)
Mme. Elsa MacPherson
Concert Planiste and Teacher
Diplomee Leipzig Royal Conservatory.
Pupil of Reinecke, Zwintseher, Tcich
muller, Bloomfield, Zeisler. Residence,
Studio, ao5 North Jackson Street, Butte.

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