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Kidney Disease eauses One'third of all Deaths
Satiotlelta. Tell i.s That Se seThird of All Deaths 8I D to Dreamle Pelson, OeasThlrd to MBema of the Luegs. sad the Salasee PPlelpef y to P laeeoalao. Sroeshts sad n oart Pallure, B at the
Real Disease Whdb ereites Prctleally All Nlaves and Siuses Nearly All the Qeaths I Brlights Disease. easamptOieu Pam anla, Typi old SP rs, Appeaodlelti sad Reart Pallare Are
Phyaleal and Organle Troubles, Justly sod Rightly to be Dreaded, but the annual MortalIty of All These Together Does Not SBeaa That tf Rdaoey Disoeoe,
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney Disease and Do Not Know It.
Son. Jan as Howard, Financial Secretary Royal Tomplars, Stats of lmlbeb, In view of these facts and of the great importance to the human family, we deem It eur Mr. MiAhel aletdlFpe, Seretayr Marlowe ub, New Orleaas, Who Safe
Who Was 01ven Up by Doctors as Incurable, Wa Comletely Cured of duty, regardless of the medicinal authorities and health boards, to sound a timely note of warn. grid Prom laflmnmatlon of t bladder, Was Curd Perr.mtIy
D~is Ie by "Sef CGre." ino everyone that great care should be taken to see to it that your kidmeys are healthy and b S Cure
able to perform their work.
If you kave pains in the Ihck, rheumatism, uric acid poison, rheumatic gout, diabetesg
Bright's discaer, inflammation of the bladder and urinary organs, scalding pains when you urin
ate, eczata, j:ni,'lice, swellings or torpid liver; if a woman, bearimg-downm aeation, falatia
spells, so-calleld female wea'kness, painful periods; the.e symptoms tell you that your kidneys
have been dliseasd for a long time. for kidney diseases seldom put out such symptoms as the
victim recognizes until they have been working several months. You should lose no time
get a 0oc battle of Safe Cure at your druggist's. It will relieve you at ones and effect a per.
mentat cure. It kilts all disease germs.
Miss Josephine Lane, a Seelety Leader of bste, After PIv, Yers ' "
Sufferlag from Backache sad Iadney Trouble, Was Restend 00
Realth by "Warelr's Safe Sure."
SGer;tlemen:-Tt affords me the greatest pleasure to testify to the merits of
,.TIn. J.'I OWARD. -- Warner's Safe Cure, as I consider it was the sole means of restoring me to health.
)Dear Sirs: T sufred grc.atly for seven years with di:betes; was unable to at ' I suffered for nearly three years with inflammation of the bladder, causing me
tend t my business or enjoy lie, and felt that h one fot in the grav. I had severe pains, also the most terrible headaches, and at times I was unable to attend
spent moeymnney with, doctrs tad .in up hip', whent my attention .as called to / to my regular duties. I doctored without receiving any benefit and felt very dis
Warner's Safe Diabetes Cture. I tad n, tth in aything. but ot t'he ar t re- couraged, when a club friend advised me to try Warner's Safe Cure. It seemTd as
quest of my wife I bought a bottle and bega n to take it. I rah surpnrised to fi- S JOSEPH If there was not a sound organ in my body when I began using it, but I gradually
that about ten days after I felt much better tt,! my general hralhh seered to ist- MISS JOSEPHINE. L.ANE. improved and felt much encouraged. Lt took seven months to fully restore me to
prove. The dizzy spells which I had been tobled with disappard quickly, and in "I suTcd for over five year with malari and kdny trouble-my whole system wa - b ded even months to fully re and there to
three months and a half I wsuas restored to perfect health. I would he ben in my r I uT for over five years with lria and kny trole-my whole yem was Ita- .ealth, but during that time I used no medicine but the Safe ure and therefore
grave today had it not been for Warner's Safe Cure and I am certainly very grate- pronai, with the pih t. It affected my general helth, rubbing me of energy and vitality, know that Iowe my recovery and good health of today entirely to it, and am pleaoed
ful. Yours mnost respectfully (signed), JM.S IIOWARI). ant c.us,.iere lhealachc andt backache. The digestive organs were also impaired, so my oe y or C BANYo a y M tre e
oo Sourth Peor'ia street, Chicago, Ill. food seemed tasteless and like lead in my stomach. I passed a dreary existence, and my nature to indorse it. Very truly yours, MICHEL BLANDYPOS, nsoy Marals street, New
ally happy da,position was changed intoone of cn.tant irritation and nervous inconsistencies. Orleans, La., December 8, spos. Secretary "The Marlowe Club."
Hon. J. e. Petersen Low With Bright's Disease "warner,' Safe ('ur was the un:y remnedy ea.cr found which helped me. I began taking it
Doctors Tested His Urine andl Pronounced It Bright's Disease, But Could Not in March,, an I before the warm weather came I was completely cured; felt like a new woman, , irst p1an to Scale W all of Pekin
Help Ilim. full iof ier and hope.
'i"Words tannot tell how pleased I am to have my health back. I have a keen appetite and Mr. James A. Galt, of'the Fourteenth U. S. Infantry, Whica Was the First to Scale
Warner's Safe Cure completely cared him after everything else had failed, enjoy toy mnals; digestion is ,perfect. All my aches and pains have left me. I have gained the Wall of Pekin and Plant the Stars and Stripes on Chinese Possessions, Con
Gentlemen: I always enjoyed good health until five years ago. when I began nine poutds in weight and I feel in harmony with all the world because I am now perfectly wel' tracted Inflammation of the Kidneys and Was Cured by Warmers Safe
to notice repeated backache, which kept increasing. I had sharp stitches and my "Miss JOSEPHINE LANE, i$a Shawmut Avenue, Boston, Mass." Mr. Gt' fther w lo cred of all-Stone by Safe Cure.
back felt lame and sore. I had my urine exatmined; the doctor found it highly col-. Mr. Gal's father was also cured of Gall-Stones by Safe Cure."
ored, with considerable brick dust, and pronounced it Bright's disease. I had little Doctors Prescribe Warner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester, N. Y.: Exposug during the was settled
faith in his prescriptions and soon changed, taking some greatly advertised kidney and hospitals use "Safe Cure" exclusively in all cases of kidney or bladder trouble, my kidneys and bladder, causing severe inflammation aid serious pain in passing
cures. but with unsatisfactory results until I used Warner's Safe Cure. Within Warner's Safe Cure is purely vegetable and contains no narcotic or harmful drugs. It b urine. At the time of my discharge I was simply unfit for auty and unable to work.
ten days I felt greatly relieved, the pain gradually decreased and soon disappeared, free front sediment and pleasant to take. It does not constipate; it is a most valuable and ef- My father has been cured of gall-stone through the use of Warner's Safe Cure,
the urine assumed a natural, healthy color and within four months my health was fettive tonic; it is a stimulant to digestion and awakens the torpid liver. It cures all forms of and so he advised me to take it. I used it faithfully for three weeks before I found
fully and completely restored. kidney disease and leaves the kidneys and bladder in a normal healthy condition. It repairs the relief, but it seemed like a godsend to me, I had endured suffering so long. I kept up
I have now enjoyed good health for over four years and indorse Warner's Safe tissues, soothes inflammation and irritation, stimulates the enfeebled organs and heals at the the treatment for four months and was then completely cured. This is over eightee
Cure as the one infallible remedy for kidney trouble. sane time. It builds up the body, gives it strength andl restores energy. You can buy "Safe months ago, but I am pleased to state that I have had no relapse since, but am enjoy
lion. J. C. PETERSEN, yan Plymouth Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. Cure" at any drug store or direct. So CENTS AND Sr A BOTTLE. ing most excellent health, and gladly do I Indorse your Safe Cure. Very respectfully
Doctors ave Him Up Be sure you get "Warner's Safe Cure"-take no other, yours, JAMES A. GALT, City Hotel, St. Paul, Minn. Secretary to Colonel Dagart
Doctors Gave Him Up. 4th U. S. Infantry, Regulars; President St. Paul Ski Club, St. Paul, l oa. Nvem.
Dear Sirs-I feel it my duty to thank you. Eighteen years ago was suffering could Not Sleep-"Safe Cure" Cured Him,. br ,4, spoa.
prom kidney complamint, and for two years was very low. The doctors had given me Dear Sirs: I received yours of the Sd inst. I got your trial bottle of Warner's Safe Test Your Kidneys.
up unless I went through an operation. At that time I heard of Warner's Safe Cure Cure and used it. Since I have taken two large and two small bottles, which I can gladly say
and immediately stopped all doctors and commenced using your remedy. For the have cured me of kidney trouble, for which I had to be up from two to three times at night; Let some morning urine stand for ao houre n a glass or bottle. It then It is
last is years have enjoyed perfect health, now I can rest without getting up. I had severe pains in kidneys and back. and I have no more milky or cloudy, or ooatains a reddish, brick dust sediment, or if particles or iers
I advertise it to all sick people I come in contact with. and with a great many pain, and ti sure that it was through your Warner' Safe Cure that I now enjoy good health, float about in t, your kidneys are diseased.
it has effected a cure. Very respectfully, JOHN C. PI:LZER, Denhant, Ind., De- You are at liberty to use the above statement. I return hearty thanks to you. Signed),
cember 54. Iona. J. F. SAUNDERS, Long Beach, Cal., Dec. as, tpos. ANALYSIS FREE.
Perfectly Cured. Refuse Substitutes and Imitations. If, after you have made this test, you have any doubt In your mind as to the
Chatanooga, Tenn.-"l have used Warner's Safe Cure for chills caused by uric There is no kidney cure "just as good" as Warner's. Insist on the genuine. Substitutes con- development of the disease in your system, send sample of your urine to the Medical
acid poison in my system and I have been perfectly cured. It has done for me what tain dangerous drugs. Department, Warner's Safe Cure Co., Rochester, N. Y., and our doctors will ana
I have never known any other medicine to do. It cures people in the South who lyze it and send you a report with advice free of charge to you, together with a
suffer much from malaia, which always affects the kidneys. If all the doctors would Beware so-called kidney remedes which are full of sediment and of bad odor; valuable book describing all diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and blood and
prescrib, Warner's Safe Cure instead of quinine, for cases of malaria, there would they rehamhd, treatment for each disease.
be less bad after edaects, as quinine does not remove the disease Ierms from the All letters from women read and answered by a woman doctor. All correepo.A
sytcmt lilc \\'WarMer's Safe Cure. MRS. M. F. DEAN, Tres. Lotos club. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS move the bowemgently atd aid a speedy cure. dcnce in strictest confidence.
Montana Drug (.ompany, ScllIrg Agents, Butte, Montana,
Sailor Is Called Down By
Commander and Is
Made to Kiss it.
Boston, March a2.-An unusual scene
Irts bhen enacted on the United States
revenue cutter Seminole lying in this har
bor. This week one of the seamen, a
veteran tar, broke out in the forecastle in
violent abuse of pretty nearly everything.
lie proceeded in his vituperation without
interruption until he called the United
States flag a dirty rag and indulged in
other unpatriotic sentiments. A quarter
master standing near reported this lan
guage to Captain Rogers, commanding the
Seminole, and the latter took prompt
All hands were called to general muster
and the captain addressed them on the
enormity of the offense committed by one
of their number. Then he compelled the
culprit to kiss the flag six times and re
peat after him an obligation never to speak
disrespectfully of it or to allow anyone
else to do so in his presence.
The name of the offender is not given.
Earthquake in Mexico.
Chilpancingo, Mex., March a8.-A sharp
earthquake in this city caused much
alarm last night, as the people feared an:
other destructive earthquake like that
which struck the city some time ago. The
shock was very violent.
To Quit Stock Market and
Devote Himself to
New York, March 8a.-The Herald this
morning says: It was learned yesterday
that John W. Gates intends to retire per
manently from active participation in the
stock market and that in the future he will
devote such of his time as he will spare to
business to those concerns in which he is
heavily interested. It is not likely that
Mr. Gates will sever his connection with
the firm of Harris, Gates & Company, in
which he is a special partner, but his
friends say it is his intention to drop all
but pressing business matters. He will act
in an advisory capacity in the firm in
which his son is a general partner. In the
immediate future Mr. Gates will devote
most of his time in seeking health and
Washington, March *8.-The Russian
embassy has issued a communication givi
ing particulars of awards of Professor
Asser in the arbitration of the claims of
American scalers for the seizure of their
vessels by the Russian government about
Is years ago. Professor Asser's decision,
which was in favor of the United States,
was delivered last November.
A communication says the submission
of all such matters to an arbitrator proves
Iyo5 W. !"orr#.
1o4. 5. Wates.
conclusively bow preat a value Russia at
taches to the settlement of disputed ponlts
of atbitration. Though the particular
polats concerning the seizure of the,
American schooner, continues the commu
nication, were connected with the general
question of the protection of the sealing
industry, Professor Asser's decision sets
conclusively with the matter in dispute.
Consequently, with regard to the more
general questions connected with the mat
ters adjudicated and in the solution of
which Russia has always been in perfect
agreement with the United States, the
Russian sovernment retains its line of
action necessary for the further settlement
of these questions in conference with the
rights and interests of the country.
One Sinks and Other Dies
When Rescued With
out Senses.
. w York, March a8.--James Murphy,
a tughoat captain, was discovered strug
gling with an unknown man in the East
river yesterday. He was taken on board.
a passenger tug and died before regaining
The other man, whose name is unknown,
was drowned. It is known that both men
had been on board the tug William A.
Kane, which was sunk.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church
'Rev John Hosking, pastor. A general
fc;iĆ½'"ny meetln at so s. m, Sunday,
ibet,, the third quarterly conference.
Preaching at z a. m. by Rev. C. D.
Crouch, The sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be administered after the ser
mon. Sunday school at s :3o p. ma. Ep
worth league at 6:So p. sa. Preaching at
German Evangelical Lutheran Church
M. lludtloff, pastor. Services at ts a. sn.
Sunday school at :4s a. m,. Services
conducted in the Finnish Lutheran church,
No. 318 North Wyoming street.
Walkerville Methodist Episcopal Church
For Sale on Easy Terms Without Commission
Free Conveyances at Our Offices to Show You the Property.
We Loan Money on the best Real Estate Security and collect and remit interest and
principal when due without charge. WRITE US FOR LOANS AND INVEST
MENTS. All papers carefully prepared.
-Rev. C. D. Crouch, pastor. Preaching
services at ix a. m. by Fred Whitford,
and 7:3o p. m. Class meeting at so:IS.
Sunday school at 2:30. Henry Rundle,
superintendent. Epworth league devo
tional services at 6:3o.
Meaderville Methodist Episcopal Church
-Rev. C. D. Crouch, pastor. Sunday
school at a :3o. Preaching at 7:3o by John
B. Pcnhall.
"The Bible and Its Foes; a Reply," will
be the sermon-subject Sunday evening at
Mountain View Methodist Episcopal
church by the pastor, Alfred H., Henry.
Rev. Jacob Mills, D.D., the presiding
elder, will preach in the morning at a
The First Spiritual church will be held
in room of Butte Business college, Owsley
block, Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. A
speaker will be in attendance.
Norwegian and Danish Methodist Epis
copsl Church-N. L. Hansen, pastor.
Morning service at ms o'clock. Evening
service at 8 o'clock. Sunday school at
First Church of Christ (Scientist), No.
85o West Broadway, corner Excelsior
avellue. First reader, Mrs. Nellie Elm
berg. Subject, "Unreality." Services at
ro:45 a. m. and 8 p. m. Wednesday even
ing meeting at 8 o'clock.
Theosophy-Judge W. O. Speer will
conduct a meeting at Theosophical head
quarters at Room 41z Goldberg block, at 8
o'clock. All interested are cordially in
vited to attend. ;
Welsh services in Carpenters' Union
hall, West Granite street, Sunday, as fol
lows: Preaching at is a. m. Sunday
school at ta:ss p. m. English preaching
at 7:jo p. m.
Swedish Mission Church-Sunday,
March so, services at r a. m. and 8 p.m.,
by Rev. Mr. Hendrickson from Anaconda.
Sunday school at za m. and Young Peo
ple's meeting at 6 p. m. Rev. August Gus
tafson, pastor.
First Baptist Church-J. E. Noftsinger,
pastor. The worship for Sunday will be
held in the Auditorium at s a. m,. and 3
p. m., Dr. Coburn speaking.
Unitarian service in Good Templars'
hall, Sunday morning at zz o'clock. Lewis
J. Duncan, minister, will lecture. Subject,
"Spring Openings."
Shortridge Memorial Christian Church
Corner Mercury and Washington streets,
A. L, Chapman, pastor. Preaching at is
a. m. and 7 :3o p. mi.

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