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Western Union Intends to
Hire Them to Carry
the Messages.
Expect to Have Petticoated
Messengers on Street
in Near Future.
Despite Announcement,
the Company IStill in
Need Male Help.
"We still intend to use young women as
messengers." said Manager Posey of the
Vestern lUnion today. "They may be put
to work at any tome now, possibly within
two or three days. The girls will all be
over 16 years of age and consequently old
enough to take care of themselves. We do
not intend to put any infants or tots to
work at the business of delivering mes
sages. It is necessary that we have some
one to do this work and we think that the
girls can do it all right. It has been tried
succes.sfully in other places. We have re
ceived no protests or communications in
regard to this matter from anyone. At
prtesent we cannot complain of the way
things are going. With us things are go
ing swimmingly."
Nevertheless in the papers today adver
tisements again appear asking for able
bodied men to work for $5 per day, and
telling them to make inquiries at the of
fices of the Western Union. Great ex
citement prevailed among the striking mes
sengers today when it was rumored on the
streets that the feminine carriers would be
at work 4before nightfall, and there was
some talk of mobbing the office if such a
course was attempted. However it does
not seem likely that the company will put
the young women to work today, as no ar
rangements have been made to that end at
the \Western Union office.
Independent Candidate for
Mayor of Missoula
" Withdraws.
?Missoula, April 4.-E. WV. Schilling, in
dependent candidate for mayor of this
city, withdrew fron tile race this morning.
Thii leaves but three tickcts-republican,
dletocr:tic and mlunlicipal owlnership--in
the field. Mr. Schilling declines to give
his reason for Ilaving the field.
Pittsburg Girl Whom He Is to Marry Has
Two Millions in Her Own Right
and the Control of It.
Chicago, April 4.-A dispatch to the
Reccord-lerald from P'ittsburg says that
when the carl of Yarmouth and Miss
Alice Thaw are married in this city April
7 the young bride will have more money
than has been expected. It has been
thought that Miss Thaw's estate was worth
$Sooo,ooo, but investigation shows that
she has, in her own right, nearly $a,ooo,
The statement that the trustees of the
estate would allow her only $s5,ooo a
year has been found to be untrue. By
the terms of her father's will she was
given possession of her share when she
reached the age of ai.
Miss 'Thaw has attained the age of at,
so that shie is now entitled to and has re
ceived her full share of the estate.
Vessel Puts Aside in Nick of Time, But
Is Badly Shaken by Shook.
Chicago, April 4.-A dispatch to the
Record-hlerald from Halifax, N. S., says
the steamer Sardinian which has just ar
rived here had a thrilling experience at
midnight Wednesday. It was very dark
and the lookout was keeping a close
watch for icebergs. Suddenly a huge one
loomed up a short distance ahead. The
helm was put hard to port and the Sar
dinian struck the berg a glancing blow,
She shivered from stem to stern and pas
sengers ran to the deck in terror.
The steamer was unhurt, but had a close
State Normal Bonds.
Helena, April 4.-At a meeting of the
state board of land commiulioners today
Register T. D. Long was authorised to
submit to the state treasurer a bid for
(as,ooo worth of state sprmal school
Mlsoula Strike Ended.
Missoula, April 4.-The strike of the
back drivers and the livery stable employes
is at an end, tl employers hakeing agreed
to the increase asked for by the men. The
agreement will be ratlAed or rejected by
th Trades sad Labor council at a meeting
to be held next week.
Militia Guard Avenues on Every Hand When Presi
dent Roosevelt Arrives in Wisconsin City. ;
La Crosse, Wis., April 4.-The presi
dential train arrived on schedule time at
8:jo o'clock this morning. President
Roosevelt was met at the depot by a com
mittee headed by Congressman Each,
Mayor Borchert, C. S. Van Aken and
Joseph Clark.
All approaches to the depot were roped
off for a block in each direction. Four
~ C"~lii~~li~r''C~l"r~6aR
Ceir Prkan eaD ~'Dulit, ec~os D.Pa~lWhrePrsdeg ecivd
companies of the Wisconsin National
Guard were lined up on either side of
Second street, leading to the depot, where
the carriages were in waiting for the presi
dential party. The first three carriages
were elaborately trimmed in red, white
and blue, and the horses were gaily dec
orated with ribbons to match.
When the president stepped from the
train he remarked on the beautiful day
and said he had a good night's rest and
was feeling well.
Senator Quarles came on from Mil
Bridgir Otvr I'Iidi Prese~ideni Crosserd Ihc MississiiPj~i a* Miianenrpolli.
5 ------- .- .-------.--.- - -- -. - ---- - -.*-- ;t -.
waukee in the prcbidential train and was
one of the speakers of the morning.
The route of the parade extended over
two miles of gaily decorated streets which
were packed on each side with a solid
Course of Republican Candidate May Be Judged From
His Former Term of Office.
Ilenry Muellcr's candidacy for mayor
has brought out reminiscences of his
previous administration, and many a
compliment is paid him on the score of
the many excellent achievements of his
term in office at that time. It is over
ten years since then, and still the good
service he rendered the city and his fel
low citizens has not been forgotten by
the men who were close to him in the
city governmer.t and the many others who
were directly or indirectly affected by it.
One of the noteworthy events of that
administration was the building of the
big stone culvert on the East side, which
ran from Granite street to Copper, be
tween Wyoming and Arizona. The con
duit was constructed at the urgent re
quest of the two aldermen from the First
ward at that time, one of whom was ex
Mayor P. II. Harrington.
The construction of the culvert was de
sired by the residents of the east side,
so that the gulch might be filled in. There
was a crying need for it, but the city
treasury was empty.
He Was Determined.
That obstacle did not stop Mayor
Mueller and the council that rerved with
him, however. The culvert was built, and
the citizens of the East side rejoiced.
At that time the Anaconda mines were
closed or partly closed and there were
many miners out of employment, and a
demand was made on Mr. Mueller that
the work be done by day labor and not let
out by contract, in order that the idle
miners might get the benefit of the work.
That was contrary to custom, but Mr.
Mueller and his board of city councilmen
rose above custom, and for the good of
the community had the work done by the
miners, employing them by the day.
That was not all that the citizens' can
didate for the mayoralty at this election
did the miners. As has been said, there
were no funds in the city treasury, and
the law required that when such was the
case warrants drawn against the city
should be registered and paid when funds
,- ,-` • - , -.
James Barnes, Who Escaped, Taken
Back to Warm Springs.
James Barnes, who was sent to the insane
asylum from Butte, February is, poss, escaped
frem that inettuties sau eams here last night.
He entered the sherirs offlee sad asked if he
was wanted. He said he had walked to
Anaoanda from Warm Springs and came here
nea a freight train. He was locked up and
today the sherif learned that Barnes had told
the truth. Barnes has been a sort of trusty
around the asylum. A deputy sheriff took him
to Warm Spria this afternoos,
mass of people. The police arrangements
were of the best and there was no delay
getting to the market square, where a bis
stand had been erected.
A large crowd was gathered on the
market square. Mayor Joseph Buehert
welcomed the president in behalf of the
city of La Crosse, in a short address.
The president's speech was frequently
Interrupted by applause. lie extended a
greetini to the people of La Crosse, as
peclally to the old veterans ,a large num
ber of whom were among the hearers. He
compared the war of s861-65 to that with
Spain and said that while his command
ers of the lesser war did not have as big
a job to do they did it; but the trouble
was there was not enough war to go
He then discussed the virtues of good
citizenship and referred to portions of his
speech delivered at Waukesha, regarding
citizens of America speaking ill of other
natiions. The crowd along the route back
to the depot was the largest ever seen in
La Crosse.
should come in. Ily that syste'm tit.
niin rs either had to, w ait itiretinitely for
their money or discount the warrants with
money lenders. IThe tcutomtl was to ec5ASI
the checks with the Ia;tter at a discount, as
the men could not wait.
His Sense of Justice.
lut Mr. fuclh. r was dletrmtinted fha
the miners who lbtilt the ditch and were
entithle to their full pay Ihtull iget every
cent out of it and not have to wait. 'Itit
was thte sort of atn executive he was. atn
that was the regard in which he held hi,
trust as mayor. He felt that it was his
duty to take care of his fellow citizens
and deal to them exact justice in every
particular of the administratiron of the
city governmnenlt.
Therefore he and the city council, wio
acted in accordance with Mr. Mueller's
views, borrowed the money to pay
miners from the Clark bank and patd
them in full, the city paying interest 0a
the iorrowed money, thereby properly
shouldering its just obligation to pay its
employes in the humblest capacity in full
for their services.
Revoked a Franchise.
Another incident of Mr. Mueller's ad
ministration of the city government was
his revoking of the franchise granted to
the water company by the previous ad
ministration because the company did not
live up to the terms of the grant. The
certified check of the water company for
*$o,ooo was declared forfeited, and it
was not redeemed till Mayor Mantle's
term of office. During that time the com
pany contracted with the city to give the
latter a certain number of free hydrants
for two years and the check was released.
It now hangs in the office of the company
in a frame.
These incidents indicate to the people
who were not in Butte at the time Mr.
Mueller was in office the kind of a mayor
he made in the past, and what may be ex
pected from him now if he is again ele
vated to the office.
County Attorney Breen today filed fa )Jdge
Harney's department of the district setas
information against Alb t Peterson, ajIn .W.
Jackso nal. a A C, .ysood, e
rgery. acT eeused was arrgn atod
d.. te wtil enter p neat Tu
eartment three of the court.
lue n is and, as stated in lat l M ttu s
nter Mountain, of soriag t .he a
The presidential train left for Winona
and St. Paul at 10:30 a. m.
Winona, Minn., April 4.-The presi
* L'
9. ouloa i ýI~i'Z'if Ig, fj Igi,~t .g~i l~ l
dent, at the reqt.uet of Congressman
l'Tawney, mande a ten minute stop at 'in
otia, which was not on the original Iro
grain. lie devotedl this time to makingt
a shirt address froum the rear platform
of his car. lIe splke wurds of praise for
the value of old solliers. and conlllulded.
by urging parents to teach their chlildrenc
to do andl lut to dlodge. 'lihus they would
learn trule tanhlano aln woumanhool.
At the conclusion of his remaurkb the
train left for St. Putl.
St. Patul. April 4.-- The presidenltial
train is due on the Chicago, Milwaukee &
p ' II
The. Cataract Ilo'i, Siveux Falls, Where thist' reuiedtu U'si Slay TuJauss ougtn'.
St. Paul at 2:3o and until I:.to o'cloek
when it leaves Minneapoli"t for Sioux
lalls, there are two r~qt spells. At the
dl pt a committee from both cities will
wv.lome the prehsident who will lie im
no liately takten thri.ugh the bu.osinas sa, -
tin under the escort of Civil and Spanish
war veterans, militiai andI the Twi nty first
infantry from Furt Sinelling. leaching
th, capital at 3 o'clock he will mi.et the
h.e.isl,ture and btate lficers, delivetring an
adlhresb before a joint session of t!he house
am, n.c ate. Foll,,. ie this will am . :ll
addre.is inll front of thIe ,ta'l. for thit
ilt . th, i i nlhi t.
Refused to Hear Attorney, Who is Forced to Re
tire-ln a Mining Suit.
JIulge Clanicy todai repriitnatuled two at
1 Itt ys whio ipsrsi-td iln b'ii ; h,'ird after
h riourt I s, i i e dl i lu.t a.'le ito I,;r
flit .. The ctiort did this in two diltfrilt
pn . W. . I. I. Lippincott iand . S.
'I hr.sher were the two attorneys who
c..til in for a roast frotl the court.
'lIhe caiss in which the matte'r arise
werr E. W. Shively gaiinst n ,-rgte E. I.,
SueI) and Fred Talhln against the Iritan
nia Mining company. The fo .noer case
came before the court upjon a .motion to
strike fromt the answer a portion alleging
that certain mining stock that was to be
ludliveredi to the plaintiff was knwn as pro
imotor's stock.
It wns set up in the complaint that the,
plaintiff put up $s,ooo for i,. S, shares
of btock in. the Butte & Arizona Missing
company; that the plaintiff never received
the stock other than written allgreemietl
to deliver certain stock tok to hi. ' he d
fendant set up by answer that the plaintiff
was to receive certain stock called pro
motcr's stock when a Tond upon the Metz
mine had heen taken, It was to this fea.
ture about the promoter's stock that .irs.
Hlaskell, attorney for the plaintilt, r,l
jected to the answer and asked the court to
sustain the demurrer. After the attorney
Ex-President Will Try to Raise Funds for
B. T. Washington.
New York, April 4.--Ex-President
Grover Cleveland will preside at a public
meeting to be held in the city Tuesday
evening next for the discussion of methods
and needs of the work of Booker T. Wash
ington at Tuskegee Normal and Indus
trial institute at Tuskegee, Ala. Mr.
Washington will make the principal ad
Other speakers will be Edward Dard
ner Murphy of Montgomery, Ala.; Dr.
Lyman Abbott and W. H. Baldwin, Jr.
The Hampton singers will be present and
will sing.
Freight In Ditch.
Missoula, April la-Beeause f a broken rail
oa the Northern Facile, 35 miles ehast of here,
in ireJiht gars went into the ditch ren telrldl
tesasen wera ijure.
After a britf drive ratl will he t;iake to
Mlinn.apoli,, wh.re a reception and ,an
qel t ait th. Nivllet ho,.l, t parade and
,Ian aJhb. at the armory, wil fiiish the
Where the President Is Today.
Today the pre.idcntial trani pa..se from
Wi',,nsin into Minne4,.,.t. 'Ihis morning
thlce were ltop at L.; (' ro-v and ctller
point% in the Itadiler tiiate. At J:.:o p. nit.
the itain reaclthes t. Pail. )Durinll the
stay the preridilnt will hie diriv-n tihrou.ti
the city and on to lhe i tlft houne. where
- . .= -. o .:a - .
he will uddri x the Iegidlatire. I luring
the naftrernoon the pnetty will he ecsortlId t
Millnc·:l~"l li 1, the train Irlul) ()I( i l the~
shilpi atIIl eiteriig th14 Fuiitthrr WVest. The'
pally will Ihe etit-rtaiiiil at tit NInt in -
I k ;ut lat i chpuccihiiott Icitllitigy II the
itijIT. lIi his huiiiiIli N\Ie~iiily n':ii nonl
inn:ihc iii IH.,(. 'I lie cI ilent Sutcil hlit,
party ycc t'in ( iii Nliiiii,ipuuil toc SiuiNx
Falk hit rt they wii? s;. :It Sti-la~y. 'Thcre
ihI y wllhI Ihe /fill tsc iii lilt t '. iidil h1ar I.
SiniIliy iii ilijig thic lcit I. it will hIctau
dI.y ift r idlel 'siiiy the pt - pie if llth
haIl Iarg., di thie imatter to thei court Judl;'E
(LIanc sabil he wouIIl 4s1ulil the demur
I r. It. S. 'I hresher, attirtey for the Ide
feindhat, a rse andl statted to address the
"I don't want to hear youI," d,'Ieca:tred
Judi.e Iuy. "',,u are a ,goodl talker, but
I don't want to hear anything more."
A, the. ttorney again l i teipjt,.I to ad
dlrsi- thel court Jtudge Clancy saidl: "Sit
down, I tell you."
Mr 'IThrsher had notlhing tmue to say.
Mr. L.ilpiiiicott wa . ordei.ed to sit down
when the. iunirt ruled upon the Ilmtion to
strike out the answer alid for a default in
the case of Fred Tallot against the Brit
anni; a Mining ('company. Mr. 'Thrresher ap
peaired for the de'fendant aiud Mr. Iip
pitlott for the plaiiitiff. After hearing
the atlt,rn. ys Judge ('luny saidI that he
woulb ,lismis., the motion.
Mr. I.ilppincotii t attempteil to discuss the
matter with the court, but w;as orderedl to
sit dlo.wn, otherwise he would be fined.
"I do "o with pleasure," raid the attor
later Mr. Iippincott again asked the
court for an interprctation of his ruling
and was again called to time.
Hadley Has Plans for Several Additions
to the College.
New Haven, Conn., April 4.-President
Iladley of Yale has made public some of
the plans of the corporation for a large
rebuilding scheme involving buildings on
the campus. The plan contemplates the
expenditure of $450o,ooo which, it is hoped
will be given by graduates within a few
years. President Hadley said that of this
amount it was planned to use $75,ooo for
building the second section of the library,
$3o,ooo to build the south middle college,
at the angle of the library between it and
Dwight hall, and $mo,ooo to move Alumni
hall a little back from its present position,
After Dog-Killers.
Dillon, April 4.-The huamne society
is on the track of the men who have been
killing dogs in this city, and several prose
cutlons are threatened.
Balloting in the School
Election to Reach the
Despite Snowstorm,Ladies
Turn Out to Vote for
Brophy, Ford and Gallwey
Will Be Elected, It
These will he i he'vy vote cast at the
scholi elhection. 'l'ihes ii have been
crowded allt say. Ntolwithlta hdilng tile
siiowptnrnsi the laliesh , are oiut ill full force,
anid the oilte Illlnlluls s to illllmost reailch the
fuill rsv iln rati.e5n.
From the 1..e1 ..tliolt 0i pI. tee who
"atth lded the ,lIll, dufi t l Ihn 1j41111g t t I 1,
it was predi ls'd h.1, t the ticklt Ih..llls
the naIlllle 51 I'. J. Itriglphy, F. A. sI'd
antl i1. A. I .sllwe.y y will I' h It d wil hs
a pa5 d n,.sjslily.
At I 1 ,lll4 5 l e vote. % silt , I) I. --111 the"
l. tI .1hir di1.1l i, i t dI4 i5 h'l w+'',i-t. -
IthlI p rleinltl, S, 8, 5-, an41 55, and 1, mle
T"he leI slliin II.55 h, l jlh sh tll t wae
at the 1111t1h t in; tll.t 11.' tlhe I.nhel 11.
:.i hel.
There rwa i I,I4 hoily ev In kils I h at
Iniun ll whll ih ItI c;1 t tIe. re.le.aneng4 IiI
votet, but it we.e h.li.veI that they weell
all be in by tihe times the 11h1 ,.4 lsc I, as
there wavs lhiim li.e ofl voters w.tilinlg
andl leie weak wea irll eii.hne I ste'dily.
In di'tri":t No. a. i", clu ing prea inet 17,
1oo vol''n o t oft o yu r'iEmitere d h1.ad I04-1'1n
cast at noun, anud it was believed that
there wunhil Ib' a heavy vote there. Thi
polling place war at th. I.nchl.. school
O(. the I:, ,t 4 i l,, at th, olI l ih
s.chIool on (itan;il.e ,Il a, iln listrict l No.'
4, ilchaling pr inl ,, i,, 7, i, is, I llllan
1I, I."t nloot,, ,mo uit ol f 'l, votelllll, had hliln
(aI,. and it wa t'. ctu0iI ? idly ,p dehdl. d thati
the balrce would all Ing in blgor .
o'clu, k Irni; ht.
The pills willve I-. o1' till th o'clpock,
and tlt r' i t, io iih.tCi u why wII a ltldh ndu
r, giltr. So. s dI'lay w:e1; uea",iou, d In
da iy y pcr,,I, Itt lit Is hl.t w nll: pulling
1ll ll, fi tal I I Ihl tlitte r tuf t liti dhor.._
Public Join Students Who
Are Shouting "Long
Live the Republic."
Madrid, Alpril .I. Nlhe rilytg here wes
continled until a late hour last night. The
lilic joined the moii.l of stulent in iparad-i
ing the strreets, a black fhlg was raised and
Ithere were cries of "llong live the republic"
andil "death to the linihiter of the interior.
"'The police chiarged with drawh sa:lers aund
14 studelluts and six policemeLn were
wounded seriously. Malny others were
slightly injured. The rep'dlican party i
active, hopingl to take political advantage
of the situationi, cespeciially if tlihe disorders
All the ulniversities of Spain will hold
memorial services for the students killed
at Salamanca.
'T'he prefect of Saltamnanca has been dl:.
Mrs. Daly's Properties Are
Threatened if She
Helena, April 4.-Mrs. Marcus Daly,
owner of the Bluebird and other mining
properties in Butte, mutt do her annual
representation work on them at once if
she wishes to retain title, according to a
decision from the general land office re
ceived here this morning. Mrs. Daly has
done work on adjacent properties, but the
land office holds this is not enough-that
work must be done on the actual proper.
ties themselves.
Sohoonfeld Appointed.
Helena, April 4.-Otto Shoenfeld has
been apointed secretary of the state
bureau of child and animal protectionll, un
doe the law passed by the last legislaua,

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