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Sn/The Leading Event- in Butte's Mercantile History n1; '
The Big St or e's Spr in g ! penninq
Began Today, April 7, 1903, at 2 o'elock
Strains of martial music furnished by Bergstrom's famous orchestra greeted the ears of hundreds as they entered the portals of Hennessy's Big
a Store this Tuesday afternoon to participate in the pleasures of seeing the newest, biggest and best stock in the state entrancinglv displayed on the four
immense floors of this mammoth house.
,.,. Half a Million Dollars' Worth Under One Roof
A stock of merchandise that contains the best of everything that this country and Europe c11n 1produce for the protection and :tdorlmenIt of the
citizens of this and adjoining states, everything for their wives' a;od for their children's use, everything for their homes and oflicei in furniture, carpets,
draperies and house furnishings, and the best groceries, provisionis, meats, wines and liquor's needed to promote health and happiness.
The Store Is Handsomely Decorated From Top ,o Bottom
Music on an elaborate scale has been provided, light refreshments will be served, souvenirs will be presented and everything possible done for the
entertainment of thousands of guests who will flock hither from every portion of Montana. You and your friends are invited to participate in the
pleasures of this great occasion.
New Sill. Living Pictures
'lhlis delslrtmenit of tlie ir" " 11'r halve colr -ecoohl II.,ir madeo
Stlore' nlways~l IlttrllelN thle tottlel- p 164.tb.,rl-lly ;lllra'rli~e lee ILlly vi-lilnr,.
l io n o f t h e f al i r I $ 'x . fl t -r th e r e ll. D ll al co l or M w hr .4 1li lt iit l m t h i , "'Ill y~ d a y
lhere'M it rich alssortment~ of the nluo.
she Ma tusical P rogrm m e n ('rlnillll li one. li1ilhg withinl
theeyenpn evryya'rxiul te cuulinles of tbils mtlelt shouldh
Our .toulrd .ilk m for shirt IIIsNe seeing thinh ot ism illion tIh d -
Waist ant shirt waist soliits are *nin sleek of .h.ih. tier ah ouilld thley
rece|ivng.the:pra:e l A t H ennessyp"s s pring O pening.l w erhlok lh1I. mli'al aod olhr' r
sece then, the styles bi.¢ng Just sf otosofrdfr(errlr
right and pritvn low attracions offered for llheir etr*l
P o n g e e, f o r w a r m w e a t h e r T h e lri g r l l p rn..h h , I h n dj a -
wear, prettily etnbroklered In lfh .rolgralm will sihel stle.ja
amo ne six different shades. Prhce ., nh Prlum n il' ru how lenu
$1,00 to $1.77y yarrd. r meIrplurelu enui b
Plon and f'g.ured taffeta milks, o diammte liro g ra m m ,,.
e rs p e d e c h in e a n d a h o s t o f n e w In g o o ar , Ip o . tl l l h M .III N el ffe
weaven In the latest tints. Tuesday Afternoon, 2 to 6 O'lock. Wednesday fternoon, 2 to 6 O'lock' olh,. III., i
eolored Dress Goods It.,. ,.g,,.. h.r ,,,...,,.,. or I,,.
.tt* r, lre oofBergStrom's Orchestra. Bergstrom's Orchestra. 11"' f ""ole Is" -**"ec git. I..
A l 5 1k . n y an r d , at h ar ge lo t o f lI h 1,. i. , - m0 0 /4 li c s g ivh e il l , d ll
sep ring noveltie s in plain color - li bi ln g rml hnt cn l give InI I is1 .
Ing' anti mottled and mixed ef- 1. March, l|KninkerinKker irsyt'.................Tini l. 11:reh, " (infest 1.. Ihbsiihn" pln -
fe.ts Inl sergrs. ,.hr~iot., fancy for 11' 11114 I ra' H I nni 4h 1 Jlillaii n|II' ,'.
Kni<kerbocker cloths. etai i , 2. Selection, " cinta.' (.i.. . . . . erman 2 Inter lezzo, h hllird of Paradise .. .... ... .. athews l1 rce (li i r 1,4ll 11, Il hllon 10414
twine cloths. Soteh mixtureM. 3. Gavotte, "My ideal"....t. ... ........... ... .... ..l ne Waltz, 'Angel's l)ret....... .............. l moan. Sipl ct will he preltill' doao -
ilelrose an1d( granIite. cloths; ..I,,1I it la ,leeilll~ e i*t,. . h ",utl h.,h.1,,
h set n 314 An 4 . ni te 4. W altz, **Fedor. 4. Song, "I W ould That h 'y Love .lh. . .. .... .. endelslan I i t . n ' nd ri .h dr . lmii l . ,
(treat wheoli in fancy mtures 5. Slection, "Olah" ...... ... ......... oKni Ladieo Quartet. It.. Ivan wilh s.. . n la loll
that make up so prettily for h6h March, "The StrollersI.. ... h'. .il.. ...... Ellis *. 'etection, "Fa st .......................... . ounl.
sprineg suils. These core show. i n |11 * ~ 1.Slo IIh , will he , priente.d w ith
severail ent shadings; widths 7. Selection, "llack Husar" ....................Millocker N. (ap.r.pel, ' Avill..." ..... .................. Langy a wenir up and mna orever.
40 to 44 Inches. Prices 59e, Gle ... talk t, " u Thee Alone" .... , . . ..... . , . . . Merman i. Song, "*Kent uc'ky Itioe", t . . , . . .. . .. .. .... . Gethel Wemea's Ready to Wear
ant 75e yar. 9. Cornet Solo, •Answer" . .., ...... ".. .. . Knight L adies Quartet. Garments
F"ine "all'-wool rtaminel anld 1 t. h .'~'l:IofIiNn+" l'o'y hto,l.-pule- title, ,r Illollr.
voile s, in ni l the eus.u l n wen t 10. C aprice, " H oney Bees .. .. E ders , "*Prince os.. ..rn its 1 1r Ill,, li wn -t or a no.ir5
shades. Prives 7,31, $1.00, $1.12 11. Allegretto, "|Dreamingin tbo Shadow"r...... . aye . Song, "Annie Laulrle".......... "............1). Buck and 1,11 or aues ut, all
antd $1,311 yard. W heelherh I~l .l'i'lil lOil
anI ara cthm, 12. March "*Marry American'+.. ,.. .. ... . . .. .. .. .. .. . W heeler (,adicN' Qluartet. : i ely ill at le- anti lurie-d il rinnI1.
Finest imported a in oteh ,nne . f . Clarinet Solo, Second Air .... ... ornlto1 turid price. $1i .,o0 flood ulfurd.
l lures.1, Irich sh1dl~lgll c and novel el'- "1 r'lllirI ill..rlllllvll of, fine,
frets;. widlh 54 Ilnhes. Prices Oriental tea will he served to ladie' on se.,ond floor, awl cup holly. aons Moi, s ,un,,,,'f Ia1,1"11,
$1.2.3. $1,3.). $:l~O0 yalrd an~d ilil to and1( sauicitO er 1t-"hIoh ui 1-111., I'he-liol-l, Irlnil.ll,, (herd,'0"
$2 .h. fur shit p at e ns,, given as Noluvenir. 1I. Flower ton,,, ''I -arts and l1wer .,1 ~I lh
The Intent in twine cloths. aItrp and violin orchestra on third floor, where light psmh l:. March "('a milie r" Itall l i n, f t. i ul,h",; , " I',;, " . .l h
voile-, mistranl, nelons, French will be served to our guests. rro . .inel l, nirely h0,- 1 willh ilk
elam i nes s: I ilk nrnd motir A colored male quartet will render plantation ongfs throegh- '11* quartet asisting in the above programme is conqual of jowl I stolo ,int, MI' t
('Ol111)Jlilt l ia:l. lovely color effec.ts n n ril rnuilp .114 rnb. r ' "i * ''
in plaids, stripelf. Knickerbocker out the store, taking in the grocery and meat market departments. the following well-known singers: 111...',: u , ,iii ell':,
weaves, etc. Prices front $1.,o A reproduction of one of I.ussell's famous cowboy pictures ,Isiir f r . I't-int.
toI::o.041 a dress pattern, will be given to each purchaser. '111S. FITIl' TL.t. IIlS) .1I1.1., FINNGAN.. .,I :.',
Fine ita~olYeti h nglillh mohirfl Sampl give
tailor illtings nnd wellinnes. Sample packages of coffee will e distributed in the grocery. ,IISS II)A nC(Yff. AllS. 'RED FElt1ELL. shir + ,ill ,o .r non'- tuil
milk finish, neat and effective; iug, ile-h. a.lnline :;aiI linltu'l
widths 4$ to 54 inches; ,olorltng sillk; I01la or title, h0ºn . li0n1enI ulid
brown, grays. blue, grrn, black, Cotton Dress Goods * e*iIn Basement ,o,.',''. lo,, ,,,,.,,.,, ,,,,,.Ir il, ,l..
et h,. ]'he, ma0to $s .O ayard. ndhrn thev111141g11 ,1%4H h, V1I. I,,., .n i; fll'SWIM
T a' il or - n a des a l€ u t in g s' a nl d tie o t e h l ll ,'r e. w e( . Iv% II s% , uah r f 01 1y ,$ 1., 30 I n! . '.l ,I ~ ,, ih l ,i , ,n Nn- . º S I Mi
1Nlir're, i n 1 t W .wn ight, dark a N o Nbbby for Spring and Summer r.h 0-Hrlllllunl or 1Ihr 1 a00e i l'ud Swot e . a '.i a. r'en
nnedifem gra'lys; widt h sh ,54 to 5s1 it's it treat to Nee. stud1 exnllllllr The11 thidfo ro [n es ' i t)' .nan i~ i e ~ee. i,. .~ ,.hir floorof ,'1,,,1'. bg ', .,l.,.%l '~, s.nit, r.0Jl. i'n $'!a.in..'1 1t $:;;,.oO.
Morem containos specimen piieces bTe hir fooroflienesys bg t-r1yntanr-peimnniecs eststlesino rese-r, in>.wrs . si' rmn .t""o
Inces 1'ic, $.0 yad.thme ho xuu ati ne pretyTolie snlit- rrotll .i|llH IM $Ii,ijN1.
of every thing that anybody can delire for their holuleN or offices, Whinm. r'tll,. wa. I0h1 thin, ull h n"l s ft. ', .oo to$,
Black Dress oGoods pe, teflon ptff fresh ro,. e they big or be they small. On our oln'llillg day just look around find ope hlttle things 1 .soluhly ','uini-hilorei :.nit- lf, in .... h
The reputation of this store for the litlot3"; n~ew, noblhby ndll Ini'e,.•
having the bent blacks in Butte as clean and faciu.ltilg as the we and satisfy yourself that things are as we say. We have the ",,.r M"'sy to up-to-dotr, 111111-w-. nIIII*. fho hide- 1ass, in at rich vari
will not suffer this season. for we proverbiul new dolhlr. largest stock anll ,ol at the lowest prices., kle(,l",, My (if lnohu .tf..rIs, witl, .ill,
lr~ ps: n1(il tJ n ~ke,; m'ien0' iltt. .
certainly have a fine lot of choice Jillerehad Walbtings Haiywood Go,,*11 brow i.ii, Ihtw k, light gorn lll.
Koo0 . An;on the man, tine Pretty Oxfords,. :: innches wide. Parlor Purniture Parlor Purniture The ,,olr ,,,s, .... ,,.,at,., e,"r,,; si,. :,,, to,,k i,.h5, h ,,i ....
following: white grounds with nolt dots and Reveral .' eedingly rhovie .lsp- Iluihredt of odd elairs loud make .f hby sh.rriinge. iIs shown $:1.30. $81 2', 12..0 id $55.00.
F'rench sad (;erman volles..96 fgures, n Ilak, bleg lmern ( of artisti, cuninelt work rokelrs I' every roncleivablll de. Ill're it, the K.lretrsl º'rie.I of Ir*** and Golf Sklrts
and 4. inches wide, at 83e to $,.30 etc., tunn with funi y mlripes. shown in diilvls Iltsl week. They sigu, phil0i alld fan1y, no'etl lid styles hid ell a ll prier- S. m r l.9i t Fi.~0 ti,' ll-wtoul 4-h31111in1 dt're's
,ard. Price $1.0.1 yard. White lmelee- art' nlhe of solid (',eile nllhog- lntlieh . imd, of solid tl m hglly to$1.1..oo4 4110ho -fki'l,. wtll I:t ineh IrIui , wilh
Stylish etnmines, 41 and i0 rfzed Oxfords, with funcy stripes sllny Ill it Varilty of Shapes. Some with t.lat lSld highly polished fin- *lr llr pilgs of Hilk lulf',hn, in Ial.I
in(.hem wide, at 83e to 1112.00 Lard. and Seotc.h lurtun, in their rich are highly xdlished, others have- isher, No g.e-nIoels orn us Nell ,.i, "'1"ly and analind; all Irng'lhe,
N ew m i. trl_. 4. to 40 th (n eolorinKg. it $1 ,00 yard. Several th e f inish, richly u 1hol ler ed in (18 1 furnit lre in quite t , fl. ..ru.thd n . H ey w r'l. neld th ay I 'i,.,, 4 N.30 h.
wi.h, lricee from 83c to $3.(.0 other .tyles, too, ut ;Dc and 83t '{ron1 telour nl finel of plsh with faslnhio.inn le folk. alerut' haive isn1rolld . lionels and putf- .n. .h ll I+irts ofll i heh ,
y a r d . y ur d . o f r ur e Jh e n t i yt I |n 1 i n l g r e e n f i g - hl l lu n .b o l l e l c h i r l aI q u l l i l t b i i i e f - e t l l e e l rf e a i iu r ( .4e s i~o , , , l q i 0 l i cl'th.ll i i Ia n d h i s s an l e i gh, flr e, av l
Nobby twis~e elothl., 44 lnt,|he ThII IIIsel'I .Latest stred hnlarehltih, foelis, slhalpt. Pr'ilve ss IlJU o oho r make i i e t I>nogiintil'i pkliistet,
wid.. 'Priees oo $1. , .00 an 1 .1 3 ..?, Fine Frelnc,| sophbyru, SR ihlelle I~veuports, file fcet lo11g. fire $1i..;,. otehl'einte u r.t.U ,.* r'owv o1' ,.lrplaing; c',lor
yltrd, wide, fanic(y stripos in nil the bestL madce of sohl mlalhog.ainy, with Tlublde., rubinet, snl., unlllll. B~d illh I.IrthlnM/lllg Ii/.ht g.ray, browsl alndl O)xford
NUnl's velling.' 38 to 48 nhl{,s. washable shadles, Price 50(, yardI, thairt.o maltilhll Imh pinesree ert lint are Whw na hz e will how.( ni special di..ilay of ry a imgh.Uy$70
whde. Pricee from 500t to SS.100 (holee .hote.] zephyrs, H,.A antchen ulllshidtoe(| inl ri"h1 "ori'ellnl tlapl ilnri finaill(.q thre howioiirtld-f-.aithol'lv ll lnrgni% () 17.1 -
yai ,ilieinnon, 46 to.52 inlse,(s wh!e. efet |11i hea eoadf ngs Ol whie, ).vngports, Nix feet lossf, alre, Palorl inkleh., n11 kindsl. .v. lislh urtlrhpnwllar, sholwing dlillllI-Ir Wa'
IPriven from O5e tO $1.15 ,yard. g~roundl. Prise 33e yurd, lWhowl in .levternI atyfew, boui-~ll] "hl, wlls,,o ||. llll/{ll, ~ll, ofUss a oay ut uttn eft tls, ImusIt uII1d game llllllt' 8(I. OD bhgl | llnle(, ural h. n. prol,
Vaine lEnglish cla woratedl. Emblroldel'ed Swinet, hine import- Iflly mlad~e of ilnhtol~laly iiin€ and reois.I, with elaw 'e,,t anldl iln no% anld hnnelsolne, shapl, oetha i,|losl.,s sH thelviln .o.
hands~one for tailor-;made suits; ed fabri:,, 42 inches wide, hI bluhl,: (.rotc~h naluhoKan~y andI upholdetredl peh,,.hl effe¢,l., richly, d,,eordhed il oriesill de- Wo io.'r tsp lr.ing .dr.i
width 60 Jn(,he% Prh~es ftom and white, blue anlid white, gfrealL iU VeronaU vaoi.il' tapen, try iiild the There'', is I|o line of patrlor fulrni- wnI.I|. oe alr*nnl hr
$.,00 to $.3.,0 yasd. and white, etc. P'rice $2,50 yard. new ('urpenl|ne fabrh, of rich col- tur. hin Mlontuna to elunI Iiennw. Igg'l *Ftr.llt Wa~re alrpll yokessu a001d i'r wt h
st-tnh broadelotha. |'rl ces (Gingham n, madrndll~ cloths anld orhlign. My's. Seei it lind you. will say) so, ,llat openedI ep n0 Inr'g. lin,, of stih. I., st ekerolhlr: 1,z, 3;J
from 1.75 to $5 ;.50 yurd zephyrx;,0 .trpe..n ehee nn I n ..,,-t and D raperies '""'"'",1' ,$""° "'ti''".,""; .'"',9"",1',B
yco'l. Dhvos 4 oa nce iniuest lndr liwEdomin le We halVe it big iltock anid fa new% stol'k of everything in floor ic.kfl. diisil., from $'J.01i iil wdtl finli lu(,ked and lieiiltlibile
wide. Prliees from 50e to $1.0tl signll Jil the lnteit tints, whlth coverings, from a cheap hemp to a finc itoynl Wilton car'pet. ()11r ill lp~lorlh lnild iws ul iiri,,% lii Ivl-llil Killill.i; Nt:,';:
y ni' h cae',kiicot,$1 l1 Inelie, l'i'ees 1.e anid ime yurd. selections of Axmilnsterl,s Wiitons, Velvet,, Plush, Brussels, Ta'pes- eialesin Dislhes to iih,.. i tr' oh ,.,n,,h
*, l heit, itir nhs heedninok,3.Ice tries lind Ingrain. emb~race the best lllkoel and styles possible to M.. new" If"llern " 'n eio' win.ii, rxirli /.Fo qiiialit, to.,'.,
wd, atd $i.73, $b..00, $" °. ltand wide, prlee*nefrom 10. tno 4 e < y r . obtaln; many of the designs will not be seen elsewhere in the state, thtat will be liiorolighlyp ii ..rei hhll,. * llll r tll k si lli,,; .s fron
54-1n rh eravenette choviotsl, to :s in ehenl w ide, pricesl from 1 ,50 W e Blh oW li royal asslort nient o t TV ilto u, A xalinister, V elvet and s1; ,7, $s .75, $!1.7 and upl 1o 1s 25.0 to W hih . l Prllh onh l y; i lo r-ni. i l.
vely tohe goodts. lrices from toF *0 y rizd. cre lw Smryrnsl ruge and the new American Orientals are beyond atll con- ,"' w n,.h.a n
$1, 0 tIO Deptyrd 3,finehel wilde, p~rlcee from: .e to eeption. Duplicaese |in sltyhle ad color of rugs worth four or five Rieblylt M Ili us ult f r ltin tuk01 isliekn l 1ife yeov
A ll the new kid Kloves for F 1incy m ner eerized piques, 30 tim es w hait w e ar c charging for these, th,, clt-gihnwll lwenuil ,li our sty 'les inhil]es. Iri,,t only ,..Ua9, eal(h.
E aster .jlltt arrivedl fr mFr a~n ce.''l n; In hesie w ide, lprice s from "l50 to 73c nre lbetter ilnd pr hces low er t'hei
T]he (,elelbruied "lHeynler" glove,., yard* in Statlonel Dept Jltvenlle Beoks ,.Is,,,h,.r,. l Mllller
erm mhet m ed e Ol le Pow stich ng su er dilwis s, thi yenr,o w hlth Easter card s ian d booklets at lo ' m ~. Ntew teN-in f rht flowe$*r vn e. $, L v yra0 or0.
ls t r eeo t an t e 'e nt i ng ish ald e . I$l .t 0 3 2 1in e h e si . l r le e s f'r o m 3 5 e to 7 3 c 1- 4c , 5 (.' 1 0 t,, 1 5e , 'd5c a nd( 50 0 |l h us triite d , h au l 9 0 pla y s. a nd m y 1, w-No w fl li l o rh i t rlid0ti er tihu s s m pyrw r c si
puir. nrd.reach. orn rafrodetldqleneee, Pub llhr's price llals 1 I00 no ii deik.e. tlr w leLer~tin
Theo "Dlinnan" drethe bst ]rin1 Fancy emrodered cltwhite, retlary20cp. Cide' eih."bozwogtfon lvrad Pt
lubk love. in ttr h makta rund ecls lds, Il wthxture, blt 4 neheta wide Hurlutosne r tatiDldeieonrysow "Jl; p0 p Son o lre oliy.* at Keli(.. Pie rm80 o Ne Irilkill PbnM Pishl anrdoltil
the beotuloar erver iof llr. All oth~er fromy s'(toies $1P5yrde 150 en 0e, ltes twodto0e ericts in lit ofe thod t18lthae, NOW. elad01ck. Thel nhew byOll. de. lrgh
coos nldngbakadwit. yr.clrigadsye Pie50a Anterlehh s of bohk-urd," A rtlual rtyand neatto nildeihkl Ne wn mtlsiOlllnerh y deparmen
Thew "Lbolhs fo the neckt hair,~ Fancly wine adrn s e loth, hts etl,b ol ll o pybe"utifuhh' bon' loellrhi, nd thir r~ices, ,,rihh 'an l'e n nuliae uil fromy swelyl prtd
tr:mmopular otpre o pudolla. All qoter %aney Oftrdlpei. ]'riee A5 nother lettotnovl eftisurbt' h riendho D oud in flnlte "more partlefurnhly geti thilwildb nown ollh
itl veral shyles, plillnt fand nt, y ie t 5 rd eatthdmpr n ht ad at leathersla i the natural orf We have hltely put hin a.treat nT aafeatoigopig
mnew tab sioht, ableto tabrc a n eat maiauroihiray blk ared tn t're n g l, url and ibl'ihir's b teven850ou, speral.,r iiadee wte inV avo iay biliy, o ef l. ew 'lxh oialreadto war

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