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Tim llarrington, the Cornish wrestler,
Is doing light traininng for a combat with
some good man from the East in the near
future. Whoever his opponent may be
there will he plenty of Butte coin to say
larrington will be returned the winner.
"I don't care who they bring," said
Ilarrington. "I am ready to meet any man
in the world on the mat provided he
makes the middleweight limit. I myself
can make S8 pounds without trouble."
Ilarrington came to Butte from Calu
met. Mich., for the purpose of meeting
Tony I-larris, the local champion, on the
mat. Harris became indisposed soon after
llarrington'a arrival and the match fell
Now the .Michigan wrestler is itching
for a bout with some one else. He is still
working in the mines, but for a half hour
each day he works out in the gymnasium.
The llroadway Athletic club has promised
him a match in the near future and Hat.
rington's friends will bet any old amount
that he will throw his opponent.
Following is a letter written to Dug
dale by Secretary Farrell of the Na
tional Association cf Professional Base
ball leagues. The comnmugication was
btandcd by Mr. Dugdale to our Seattle
correspondent, and he in turn forwarded
it to the Inter Mountain.
It only goes to show what a hopeless
task the outlaws have undertaken. They
stand as much show of holding out against
the Pacific National league as a company
p. raw recruits would stand in the field
against a regiment of trained soldiers.
'Auburn, N. Y., March 3t, Qoo3.
"It. 1E. Dugdalc. Seattle, Wash.
"Dear Friend Dugdale-Your favor at
Shand and contents noted. Ant delighted
to know that you and your friends are
satisfied with existing conditions. The
writer has not the faintest fear but that
law and order and organization shall
eventually prevail. If the national agree
mncut he thrown away. we will have noth
ing left but chaos and anarchy in base
I,a!l. and the administration of justice will
Iwcmmc impossible.
"\W believe that the constitution and
laws are sttperior to any scheme that ex
tingui.hes the light of authority. and per
mits all to guess for thematlves; to toss
and wander without rudder, or sail upon
a boundless sea. W\\ preach the doctrine,
through our association, of respect for the
rKlhts of men.
"Events in your league territory, like
the pendulum of a clock. will swing for
ward and backward for a time, but event
stally the principle of respect for con
tracts, law and order, like the hands,
will go steadily on. and must appeal to
all good citizens, enlisting thle hearty sup
port of the peoplc of your several conm
1Mlt lities.
"Piracy never went into partnership
willth holcSty.
"The delusive glare of bright and shin
lIng reasons ($ $ $ are causing some
players to lose all manhood, and are light
ing lup fur thelm the road of an outcast.
'cry trtuly yours.
"Secretary National Association of Pro
4ssi.onal Itaseball leagues."
Americans to Mexico.
Minterey, April 7.-\Vithin 3o (lays an
pter large colony of Americans will ar
dwe in Mexico. A company composed of
2oo Kansas families purchased aoo,ooo
acres of land in San I.uis Obispo. and
e rsettlement has been already made. The
elenmists operate a store on the co-opera
ive plan.
Named by Morrison.
ol.se, tdaho. April 7.-Governer Morri
son yesterday appointed the following
water commissioners under the provision
of the new irrigation laws: District No.
s, Edward J. Turner of Cover, Bannock
county, for six years; District No. a,
Frank J. Riblett of Albion, Cassia county,
for four years; District No. 3. J. J. Lowell
oe IRowell, Canon county, for two years.
Fisher Is to Resign.
l.o.ldnn, April 7.-As a result of his
connection as director in a financial syn
dicate now before the court, William Hay
Fisher. M. P.. financial secretary of the
treasury, is expected to announce his res
ignatioii of the ministerial position to
To Try Tillman.
Columbia, S. C., April 7.-It was an
niouncedl yesterday that the case of James
It. Tillimah, charged with killing Editor
(;onzales last January, will be called on
April sm.
By United States Supreme Court.
W'ashington, April 7. --- The supreme
court of the United States yesterday af
firmed the decision of the territorial su
plremce court of Oklahoma in the case of
Sheridl' Foster of Noble county, O. T., vs.
I. T. Pryor and others, involving the ques
tion of taxing cattle and other personal
property held on Indian reservations.
Finns Are to Emigrate.
l.ondon, April 7.-Dispatches receive4
here from St. Petersburg confirm the re
cent report from Johannesburg, South
Africa, that application had been made
for imiiigration permits for Jo,ooo Fins.
Sofia, April 7.-A newspaper states that
the Albanians, during the nights of Sat
urday and Sunday last massacred the
Christian inhabitants of Okreida, where an
outlrrcak of Bulgarians recently was re
Diamonds Will Go Up.
New York, April 7.-New York jewel
ers are greatly disturbed over the news
just received from London that in addi
tion to the increase of ten per cent iii
diamonds recently -made by the Debeers
Mining company the British government
will in all prohability shortly enact a law
establishing an export tax of 4n tmo oa
per cent on all- diamonds sent from South
Timt Harrington.
New York. April 7.-More than $Soo,
ooo changed hands on the result of the
featherweight championship battle be
tween Young Corbett and Terry Mc;Gov
ern. As was expected the bulk of the
money was placed late when the final re
ports reached here regarding the condition
of the two men. There was plenty of
money at the various Broadway hotels
where the sporting men congregate, and it
is estimated that more than $50o,00 was
put up on the little fighters in Brooklyn
All during Tuesday McGovern was a
strung favorite at to to 8. and malty good
sized wagers were made at these odds.
"Pittsburg Phil." one of the heaviest
plungers of the turf, begaIn to place his
money early inl the afternoon. Before the
men entered the ring he had more than
$5.,.o on LMcG;overn to will back the
Probably one of the liveliest places of
betting was the llotel Metropole. George
andl Johnnie Considine placed more than
$lo;ooo on the fight, taking the Corbett
end. Johnnie Considine bet $400 to $500o
several times and in addition to his own
mItoney placed several commnnissions
amounting to $5,000 for a few friends.
Eddie Burke, the bookmaker, took the
Corbett end for $3.0ou, placinlg his money
in small wagers. Nat Goodwin, the cons
cdian, telegraphed Considine to place $8oo
on Corbett for hilm, and the money was
lnput tip, a well-known broker taking the
Mct;overn end and putting up the $ioo0.
Jimmy Wakely bet $S.oou on Corbett and,
in fact, took all the .McG;overn money iin
sight. Charley Thurley, who is a strong
Mc;Govern admirer, wagered $,o.coo
againstt $8,oo on the Brooklynite.
Mike Weinberg, who made several bets
a week ago, managed to get down an ad
ditional $400 on Corbett, getting $5oo for
his money. F. If. Brooks, the Wall street
broker, made several additional wagers,
placing $,oon on McGovern against $9o,.
Atlanta, Ga.. April 7.-The Ia-hour
championship bicycle race at the Coliseum
ended last night in a general mixup in
which seven of the eight men riding at the
tille were thrown. Bell Fenn and Iver
L.awson were injured slightly. The teaml
composed of Jimmllie Moran and Nat Rut
ler of Boston was declared witlnner of the
race with an aggregate of a35 miles, four
laps. George Majors and Ed dBdcll en
gagedl ill a personal emncounter.
Nice, April 7.--Yielding to the rcpre
sentations of the Automobile club, the
authorities have reconsidered their deci
sion to prohibit the mile auto race on the
promenade des Angelais which was taken
in consequence of the fatal accident to
(Count Zaborowski, and will now permit
the race to take place this morning.
Famous Centennial Hock Bicer now on tap
at all first-class saloons.
No Thought of Politics.
Helena. April 7.-Thomas Carter, for
mer United States senator, who arrived
here last night, is greatly displeasdd with
the statements that have been made to the
effect that the visit of the president to
Montana is part of a political move, and
goes on record as saying that such is not
the case. The president is coming as the
representative of all the people, says Mr.
Carter, and has no thought of politics.
Agnes Koltis Buried.
SGreat Falls. April 7.--The funeral of
Mrs. Agrne Koltr., wife of Paul Koltz of
Stockett, who died at Warmn Springs, Fri
tday, was held yesterday, heing atV '"4 '.v
many friends of the family.
Young Corlbett began his ring career ini
1897 in Denver, where he was born and
where his parents still live. He was t8
years of age when he made his first ap
pearance in the ring, and it was more
than two years later that he first became
known east of the Mississippi river.
Corbett was first brought to the atten
tion of Chicago fight followers when
Benny Yanger camne to Denver in ,9oo to
fight him. Yanger won in eight rounds,
and nothing more was thought of Corbett
Six months later he fought Yanger again
and gained a draw with the Chicago
featherweight. Early in igot he won front
Joe Bernstein and boosted his reputation
slightly. He was still comparatively un
known when Kid Broad came out here ant
disposed of him in four rounds.
After that defeat Corbett began to climr,
the ladder. He met Broad again and out
pointed him. He knocked out E.ddie San
try in two rounds, O.scar Gardner in six
and outpointed George l)ixon in to
rounds. All of these victories were over
men who had seen their lest days itn the
ring, and it gave Corbett no great reputa
tion. lie was then matched to fight Terry
McG;overn at llartford, aitl the belief of
999 men in ,.ooo was that Mc;Govern
would win in a walk.
Corbett passed through Chicago when
he went to Hartford to train for his fight
with McGovern. He was alone, and there
was not a person in the city who bothered
to look him up. If he had not personally
telephoned to a newspaper office no one
would have known he was in town.
Corbett took his name front James J.
Coriett, whom he admired greatly. lli.s
right name is William Rothwell, and he
was born Octoler ai. 1879. In appear
ance Corbett is a gentlemanly little fel
The difference in disposition between
Corbett and McGovern is typified in their
appearance. Corbett's face is more re
fined and intelligent than that of any pu
gilist of today. The expression is almost
delicate. His eyes are set rather nearer
together than is usual, and have the rest
lessness and alertness of a ferret's. He
dresses well, without being at all ostenta
tious, and his manners are marked by a
quiet courtesy that I)espeak a fair mncas
ure of parental care in his bIringing up.
He talks little, but his choice of words
is good, and there is a distinct impression
of mental strength conveyed by the well
shaped head, the compressed lips and the
clear, alert cyes. In the ring he never
loses his head. He is coolness personified.
When he fights lie purses his lips slightly
and breathes rather audibly. His confi
"Great Falls, April 6, 1903.
"Sporting Editor Inter Mountain:
"Who is the strongest man in the
world today? J. CURRAN."
Louis Cyr is conceded to be the
strongest man, although there are
many, including Sandow, Rolandow,
Attila and Anderson, who lay claim
to the title.
Now that the great championship bat
tie between Terry McGovern and Young
Corbett is a thing of history, the eyes
of the sporting world are turned on the
little fellows, anld the comlnmon inquiry
is: "What will they do now?"
Corbett, it seenis. will profit by his vic
tory amnd go on the stage at a salary of
$1.o1,o) per week.
McGovern will fight any good man that
comnes along, with a view of regaining his
lost laurels.
linut can Terry do it? Camn he stand
his groundl before that pugilistic whirl
wind. lenny al'nger?
T'hcre are many who believe the Tipton
Slalher is the master fighter of his weight.
)One thiing is certain, be has never been
defeated. Ils record is clean, and this
is a good deal more than can be said
for either Corbett or McGovern.
Should McGovern beat Yanger, how
ever, he will be entitled to a return match
with the l)enver champion, although it
would lie hard to find a fight follower
now who would back tihe Brooklyn Ter
As for Young Corbett, we can hardly
llame him for keeping close to that old
adage: "To the victor Ibelongs the spoils,"
and accepting a stage offer of $S,ooo per
But beware !
Many is the champion whose chances for
retaining his hard earned honors dwindled
inl the glare and glimmer of the footlights.
A few weeks won't hurt, perhaps, but
after that, look out.
Piggy Ward wired us this mornling that
he had his menl out for the first timie yes
terday and would have another practice
today. According to the dispatch the cli
mate of San Jose is perfect now and
the Butte tossers are extremuely anxious
to get in form. So eager are they in fact
that Captain Ward has to cauition them
not to go at practice too hard.
It didn't make McGovern any friends
for him to howl that the referee's count
was wrong and that he was robbed of
the fight.
The world knows better.
It is said that Terry is cool now and
that after his first spasm of anguish he
only says: "They counted wrong, hut I
believe it was an unintentional mistake."
tHere are the opinions of a few ex
perts who were sitting by the ringside,
and what they saw certainly counts for
more than the opinion of a bitterly dis
appointed and half-stunned fighter:
W. W. Naughton-"I think she count
was fair and TVrry has no kick coming."
Joe Gavin--"The count was all right.
It was too had that Terry could not have
things his own way."
Harry Corbett-"'l'here is no question
but that the counll wasv all right."
Editor B1aggerly-"I think the couut was
i ,·.Irk~1, hilt t is luitt aS~ut.uulC(. not a
-t g. 141.1' 14,4 44 l 11r i4414
v I t liItit! t444 i iI I ' o U4f 4S4 a
1,.: Lint
"Terible" Terry.
,tr)' Nci *t~i'rtt 444'4tI ' .1 a i ilhtr In'
,' 1 -1 , :4444tl 1' Il;ll 41..11 11 44 n, 44 1 11
it 11 44 - h4a; I.y \I &ti..s.I' v !i.. 4n,\%
t Ili "t. Ifurry hi al I1t4.t 'cCtt I t s.i
P,44oI M~anaager Swant il.1iti
...4I,(tint i aI thelcla mbin.atio Ci14411 h. n4444
44r '44441 bra4kell. NI ci 'rltn duoe, l
44444 il latti. 1i4 l1.4)er allla n adollti
4 i ,r. .1m4 )i4441d 34h144 ted rry in shapt.
.44 -,tvlr whi4) begaI, fligtintg in flfylD
ha, ;4l1 Ilirl tip a mtaI.titcile fortuale anti
lililvl 34.44 valuaibe Iea41 estate inl Brunl.
ly1. It ' 441411 hl1) io a sIwe llatik accio)lulr
44. 44l I.i4l Iwh t 4lvern his itimlila. with th).
ajii of hia dliii iii the rope44 arena4 is a
t4ltltl 441 C44lcjec14tue. 3t iii t!atlellldtl4 11gh
In rin 444 neagcnle,44 4 ilalIC nettedi him
ali 4...i $4,.. l a.
If,- h1.1 hiad thec mt..t proafitablIe care a
o44 4444 44444 in the ring4 tolay. ilhe 414414
444ii ca1reer u3) to) iii. meeVting4 with 1 4
h Iii Las 4t) parallel in ring annials.
4 44airksille thinig 4114lt M4cl overnil
tli, 44 tthat lie has. perfct hIagal.. 4on4)
never receiving as mli iiiltirc il a , ai
nu,. ii" 141ai4 thro~ugh l 141. t 144144 4)44
a, )i~ieiIilt. Ile 14.1 n44 4441. 4444114.
ti i "4 nt. k144 , t,.4l4 ll 44 iii 4I.41 444:444~1 t
4w 1-1, It,4,44c4 ha la;urdin for1.4 44 4)44. ,u4
'II 141v44 4444 444.444 i ri inj 441l)4 4444 e
4!4 4)h bill n ot 34:4 414 14.r 1t1, siu4 1 !u"4
4h1s 444.. SlIt 44,1414 for h4144 441 h14444 whi44
c.144444 hilt to r4444r1 n 4414144 r.
b,. ..lltwt. 1i1444144h 41 itir 44444ed 444 1
b.+ .i414144 4n 444i'r444 wi 444 44:44 ch4l44. 434tu
at lit, motne4y 4443il f hillt%4it. re4'Iid4t 1i
ht. 1.1'4it :4443 4144)1'i '44lul oft~ 4h43 leel i
r4444214 by 444m4444rison4 44ith 4 44r144. liI hra
44 ," :1 ,l4glci'.iio 441 retit444'4144l1 ill llii,
TI)., 44444:r4 fa4ce. Iii" talk, with1 lilt
l3444.44.444 of the street 4441444144 44nd4 444 mat
ta"r h1w-he 44' Ia t(t-n nteve1*r 41a44 tak3( 444)
cvi 4t a4 se4)111ane ot 3444i.14. 4)443 o! the
rii~ 114 is the limit atured444 444 m44n0 4*44l
114, mi444 ii 144i41444 :444:y 44444 hui, f44ce.
1)44411 withi hiam are laitetl fre44 of a1 flat A
444. lCtemper.
rioht. Terry was not after they set Ihim
in hi, chair." * *
A witty po't of .It. Lotuis sends us the
follllow:n verse :
A foolish young fellow in iutte
Atlimptted to play on the tlutte.
lite tackled the scale.
And his father turnedl pale
And shattered the flultei on his sttttte.
T,,norrow night at the llrnalway gyiti
n.aIIlnun llnrry White and al:rry l'aylor,
tw',, -lred youths,. will crawl through the
roe, oif a 24-foot ring anld for ,0 ruulnd
wj!' j wlt, swing and uppercut, to the delight
of *he atudli,'nce.
' hii is the fir.st of the fIur fights to
be' itrotght off at the new arenla, as stated
itin Ithe inter Mountain last Saturday. The
n, lt oneI will he on, the i6th, whe liler
re.a will undertake to stop Jack Richards
in six round,, or forfeit a $Soo sidt bet.
lTa:ylor and Richards are lightwrights,
anlI each is known to lie a hard hitter
awl willing mixer. 'i'hat's the sort of
puelistic material which pleases slpecta
tor-, inl the house will probably he crowd
ed to witlcess. the bout.
(;tod howling contilnues at the Th'Ioirn
ton' alleys. The series in the indlivihull
totlrnamllent is almost at a Close. ILast
ni:,iht Sheehan, whol, Iwled Black. did
tith. best work and his high average will
likely bring him the $5 prize.
ttthers did good work, but Sheehan and
Black furnished the best article. Ilere's
whlit they did: .
t a 3 lTotal Av.
lac.k .. ,.. i.5 iM ats--512 18o a 3
Shli h'nt .. i r alt 2.16.- 64M 2i9 t-,
I ho,..e who made aoo and better last
week at the Thornton alleys are: Kohl,
Kirklpatrick, Sheehan. harker, Mcrkl:, 1E:1
lis, fisher, Tremnbath, Gaines, McD)onaltd,
(O';,irmap, Charleton, MclPherson, Slater,
T)oran. Sternfels. Perham, McMillan,
Black. 'lurk, Iludloff, McIntyre, 'lIwer,
Boyd. Softlcy, D)avcnport, (Olelrs, O()'lrien,
Semple, Barclay antd Sanllders.
MI ,c I.al:ontise, the Montana chaln
pion, came down to see the Corlbett-Mc
i(;tt'rn fight. lie pronounced it one of
the fastest and Jbest fought hattles lie ever
wiltnessed. Since leaving here about a
year ago Mose has engaged in 1.3 battlei
anI has: won them all. Ilis most import
a: mt contest was the return match with
N',,,)' (;ilibi, who he won from in seve:a
r"utlms. "The game is good at home at the
pr-eseint time," remarked Mose, "and the
lil .'s are large. The ('lifford-Herrera
hose was a corker, each man receiving
$,,too for his share. The latter made
quite a hit in Butte, but his declining to
imtct Blritt did not help his reputation
.Mose will remlain about three weeks and
if anything shows up in the line of
matches he may remain a bit longer.--San
Francisco Bulletin.
Wonder what will become of that match
race between McChesney and lHermis now?
Mhl('hesney made such a miserable show
ii2 in the Montgomery handicap at Mei
phlr that it is doubtful if the race with
.-r nis would draw well. Thc Detroit
clu.b that offered a $to,ooo purse for the
ev\.et will now have another bhet coning.
There are a few dark rumors afloat to
the effect that things don't look good when
.Mc('hesney came in back of the whole
bunch in Memphis. But when it is thought
that the western runner had an awful
'heavy handicap and that the track was
,heavy the talk of "fixed race" falls flat..
Stl.l I~mi %pltilh . 111', 1, 1 ht1lll .l ,1,1
w lor II'1t' .I t 11.1, i110 ",I .1 t il,: t1. I hr l .i,
i.t phil r ic t.l llllltcIllr h ,r it local th it l 11it
s,,t year. lhi's. lOrac l¢.I ly lt ri1l Hn , 1 rll
I lirttli.n1 t i tilt It rit l , al tihe ciltll,
clnart" . yspecifi that hir ll Ill c lo ii i
tl,11u inI a pri'i. fr igh or ptiit, l Ici thoing r, a
hIhition while actinlg a. the chlhlh' I11
-l iti u tor.
For h1i4s 1rr ' I),.111 n ill receii, $r ...,
. 'car st.al il u t.atl, e .rs that lihl ammtilll
itill tracih $.i,oit a year t thI t gl t flwll irs l
Iprit,to l.e.ql., 1 att)a1 t ter ive d Ihl. allhr
about Ihlitic li, this ago, i l tt that ill i111t,'
hi t rlitefu , il to tit*I tli..r it ;,I h , .I% i'111
tllpl tinlg I t. trlin I ltu I I llha io I ., IsItC l
tilit'lct l iand tlither t lli, rw lghtl h l. ( si
tirdayii I icalie toi IIt c nt lu iol thatl I ll,
proposainsellon :,°. a1 111i 0 iunal hie ilume
,'ltler. accel. tet Ihr h club''. t11 .
Iin tulatr May 1.
"I have hbenl lighthin, entlitulatli. fill
17 years." Ryan ,.1)4. ."aInd I gssesr it i1"
about tihl for 1se11 to sllt. I dot't sl anll
I'y this that I II. r l. tr'l.d perestanenlly,.
hult for the ne1°l >,.., at least I will IN,
,Illt of I ' g. nu . it , (1. floc ,h.ll,-i g. ,.
I ,*,11 n,11 i ,, li..h at 1 w i tl uh plopo, ili,1ti
1an1 tt, t1) Ih " rhlu o, alls t ith 'tl I %.1%.1 f .1t
y.111 cat bIe.! that I lime none the wita
. t ,i t lli dhih is, 401114: Ito h.e a 8il.et
athI'r. M. Ik )ilina.ll IItl.tke $1o.ino a
y.¥,I in ll w 1 lork .l. lnlll , lilt hel"l the
1il;lthitt~an Ail irter chlh. milnl il in laiillv
.11 hls advice that I ari. e.,itd lh, St. 1.,itli1
411u144 terl . .owt that I hir, a ine.rlll llll
liy retlirell lnt, oi m1iiiii , il haIdl will g,
up that I .nm sl..lging Fil l. l'here hal . I.4.,
.I lot of talk alult II¥ ,ul" s te 'pping l i il
.illllntn , hut the 11i 111h ., tihl matter l I,
tha t I 1tryiinll n l ha, hr 'n hl ltthnt;:
1l lronul.ho11ll.".
I(..ci ng will Ihi, year r x l pericnt alil Ihjllll
r4'lcatrt Ijijn1 I1t it IItI.41ltury. Nt ll .%it
tIt I mpw ' ul u n t ' f t I I .14114 (ll 1r4 oflthe
14111)' w'1+,11rll)V it Ill, (li,(l .kllr yI)l uvrr
a hundrl y~ ea4r, ag.414. ufi t thle tirset'.tt
Iia , 1h% tI l''r IIpe n t i ll' lt Ila% .es. '.4 ell'
aIII' iculoking 1,4441 444 hteamrti ly en44tered1
liii i t.4414014,i 4 441j444
'14iii I. 141 uN''44.I 11l. i1144 Ii.rt:4401' r. 18\I,
14111th, :lull "gl rlur i1 rrla 11II a 1 n~svy
444'r illn '14'41414lln f) a hltke' I l~ i iii 4C(I
114W IIad 414''t, t41llllll'1 y ll 14 t,11 Il .111.14
oveir t11 vritimrnt' i 1 f4.41114,", 1 lilt, ,114 414141
new me s,º1/ 14 yl arly limit vlour 11 ar tile
social and official cltcl WII, alltellK the . light~
1141141 it ha, o44 41i, 1441'4 1441 41 t h
41:141441. Sci:4444r,, rlt:,iI ;:41 1141 14:1k life ,I
14n 14 IIlalfairs, ill all w lak iiir h'wil
%jlllI sIk 141 the 84lit iow huls, l hi s
,oma glwingtrl h s te to Ill.' hryrr ealtb( tlll
rereaIill n tItl a tnd litj 41 lsoit i'l .4, )1t 4
Iilma 44C14144' ICrt 41111144 Ixlllr' ,i1p44 whle-41
Iii' gradmitimis of racing IIIwm r, ill laLg'
ini lIle rIlIJIl' oIf 4114 IJIElt elt:IIity, 1w414 to
the141 4ltv1431 l 0441t4414:I :l~~l11f1 atI Cla 14s
NIln' ht III1134''11 444411 .41t i'~ln 11 thel i
Spr i14,4h : "al4 ti l 1111.. 4144 ('1411:141 on44
111,11' a, $51141 i4 ll wel41as 1111. 1111:144
i 441 ilI at '. t'443". I ll'i, air a,411, S1is
tiall point I 443/'. 1411:1 li-l lSlt ex444 St414
the'i4414'r 41 t44:~ "144y' 1 g 'Veat even 4 ....14114I4
wIInnlel of l444'r:l l a,111 144441/ ver s ll44 II
by any, AmIic· Iiad turf body. While i at e ,r
:llllta 4414 III %:11114' 144 $,14,4l4, $44444141 44441
$ 54l1,44 have 1 e4 tilIl flor rTl'Jl 48'.4 t lV
'al~ifornlia. l'l'44444'.,44 :4n44 1l84lnoi, Iliii 14444
latter 444'. 114 f Ia11 1"
'fllei tll i'.t valIlrllll' 413413 even4 44f 4111
AmII'r:4lll 44441, tilt I lilly II:n 14144a44 8tIY
It, also lam4', 44414t1' 4 1441th 4a, 14 olul
Wo4rld's fahr $54u 1444 l4:14418 1. tak' 1he
14:41 inI Iil' histoll ry 4f re'alt iaI aged 4v',
Jill Kelley, tll:ltl:lgl'r of tie ( lnlillIti
1 .l'I (tlul, ray'. Ite' 1% n1ot1 a hl alvy
drinkiott 4a or a s.hirkt'r 444 h48 team.
"The fact i'.," sa:ys Kelley, "tir day43 4o
thll 'bo444er'.' ill hie:'tI43I is p~racticlly 4414r.
Where onei. formerl~tly foIundl about half the
menCI 4444 every team w44 4114 in4'ult1d4'I 4444 111'
lull jeliol no1 f~wadlays :4411444g lit,' Ila3ylt'.
"'het reallon~ flor Itis. it. that the' 15:44r
hr',4 go4ttetn all fast th411Iitt~' plaers ta't drinlk
healvily and h401d the'ir 14'.toiltil%1. ilverill
dulgt'ttrt ill I iquor is a haii thin f44 r 141 l4
athlltir, antl '.41441 tell'. 4444 Ijitt, Withl the
res.ult that the s.teadier troan x(444414 s,('
t'Ct4l' thenu ill' h4444 '.144l ci.lll'14it'1' till' drlink
hablit, 3444 his l'xit 1f4444 thle g1114444 is fast
a4141 permlatlelt,
"Many c goold 14a1l p4layer lias t1'ln
let I iquotr talonti. 'iitt' horriblle e xam4pI4es
that are rtullningl arot'44t4 no4w, 44ak ''K
enough to be mooderate ill tile liba31ion4 alre
a wartling t 144 n p"U lay143ers. that tilty are
herlintg miore a144 mtolre e'very year.
Fo4i4'''llowin i', theit' '.llI'111 o, tilt- 444414 in tile
(44:4.4 (u r t.r'U1g4I. It 448l 1 I' I14llt' 11,t
'11344r14' 1, 414 ",rl 1:1444 14341 till bull e444 oI thle
prt'ier'.'10n, a Iact w.t'itch ~i'.'t local talt j ly.
ý4 .Lost. l',tt.
j.44'. Angel e,............... 6 o Irno
534434441444 l.......'...... 4 t A41,3
Suit FtInl/i4eco ......,.,,... 3 4 .34%)
(º kl n . .. . .. . .. .. . 4 .4411
Seattlc ................... a 1 .486
Establshed 1838.
Thats AllII
Baltimore, Md.
n i i ni lit c i •t r.ti lt . .i.tt.. t it h.te
,.tt, ti i i t tll itt th -k ll it t l I tt l.tt.
,ii t 11. : t.it hl Ii t hr kli, .t t hIttu IilI (IIy.
m it l.it 1til. 4III( r i1 t1I lii suII te' lii
1... 1111q ilt vn,,,' 11 1 il l h.ittllh , amt 111
.Il, t tI l i% t 1 it Ii.' I. I I Ii lll. i s tl llt' +li y
1i1, it . 1 .1 . t i. hr l l tilt li ,,l I i yi , hus
, ., nil h ,, ) t. ,+ >,, :110, h.1) 111.1. 4. ,,, 11. rn
ligllt r
rIll IIt' \ ; ihti t.t I l t t.11 jtI U. t fir , t iley
Ih. eI itisi l t I iti t til it l iTS iti tli ti
tht ltie ' ,hilio o. h ' I tier h thi Lt ,li r' to
tiIt I Ih l th , in ot..t ill' , ,t t t, I etr l h ' hiioq
1U 1 11 t it i 1.t I in :t l tion i 'uI h. , casit
i, , ',l.oll,. s t, lh, t .o ,t . It: hir I vl ltolry
It b. althatlir he i, not .i i,: i, k .Iltl
lightt r
IIt nI i1 llt' whil itt o ti *.l Iir l tl (.liuIn
t/o tI I I hii.i llt lt l* hl..pl htit.g I lir hi
ItoVit utl tin'. lt I :.ut4 11t,11 4tlit hi11t ,itu ttwIloi
t'iuoitit o ihahl.'tt I tiler htit I .. tk t riItt /i
I h iill o u I im 'Iti i o .,. i 1oI,1 iiltip urttl thIII
v.ti,111o.h I k o wlyedk to l t, . h n Alter .,.11·ie,
eIt ee.I (ti l I ,stai stin tre* l " l int liser lie
it1t1r 1as l a .1111 fii t illh . Ille ,,,s iII w hich
h. stated that th,. ,Idlt foir 111s vi,+lry
1.. 1 sluor lvoct to Iltva '.a tvaItahli" lralll
11il I atll . r111,, 4)'.on 111 ,1 1 JM lltio.s b ed
p,ºrlil l'nmstsl ll 111 11t , i v W rll , .l rllier
tlln w..o that lts. -t .1'+' i1ture 4ll.111 lhe
ti+ihtlliq x tine th1 l .4till tr rest u( Ihi pugla
11 ilte h1tl llln ''.+
1)lItilr the 1.1.-t hn ,' 0,s1,1 , ity.1i h.i
hbeltl l illitnO,. at11 a ,h i..,al.u' t nc III 114,1
h ," ,.,1 t i he' '411 1 w . . I g hl t rc hi a m n ,. . h ip
., tal t mse tla,-,', 1 h,11 hm ,,nn i |ll 111 itdi.
Io i f lr thiat l W.. ,'t'rwl lio jMl1 1 lE
1,11ks ,i lh,' tn l ,dirwI., ht,. I1 1 . h,.orie
hi, 4,:4, .i| :i i+.l di.llltal..n ,.
wt illl l Is i pri.h l l 1111 ..fa I-..1.. t, thefi
waititn Ili . a III i t(,a iIt I'sik Iiii.ey
c1111 it xrw 1lurL 1, il the srb.li 1.00 ivo
lil III i %l ld) IIIt' llli. ii tf .I alit'IIl. a |O1i _
Ittll I llta l liea behl $I(;,,-- o l it. Inal ar , oIgr
$_ I, im i tI a t at. rI it ,II ,"aat* I ailnlt w i11
l'. lalill it i .ll I .t,- l 1 li t thI l h a ll\tt a h li
t ui t'1 al l ast.tst e. ltt itn i I ,itel' tl hla (a e t'ir
\, .ta.l II ple .a11at, .1e t. l. lh.Iw f i..'n.t Ill New
n k.t l .i rtet. t NewI'tI i Ik, Iltlnklyn. Itt h
SIII awl m I is rev I fy1 St. 1-,I baI y h
Hoiy a t i f rtiljuii l poitiat 0t .et , til m hty
hI .t. ..Ithntc \\'- hri Iir vi,il.t r will
Witl t Will . i yn.. t t l t heiii i a ntirtlprise
iti t i pl) ,n ii a I S .litr-. ii iily toI miiit I
thi.t , in t the ,i t, a whett alnoltllty liti pat
ton:gtI I . a., tmi h ll ea' ter, speaki vlllul'T in
or Itl- lphlk ..f the aier a rt lia-Ion ill
'I he a tal ttitiaot I of the W orlil, a f air
i;l.lii iap friattl ai tefll 'ical point ef viIew
are ievea.rly ,,ll trc tdiI. i 1i tlll J it e grad'1
nl:il p.y)ietlA , of rntruire l fI t i IIr oS ,i
I nllly I ilalll uh lll itlI . ali al the top
wSiight will hit ' ll fll eiasy i Call(' they
will reat , I of .ttii .l at- v'.aitnd fla ore the
ti\\'I 1', Ifair haltt.ii is rTi
'I hhi will srtlre tmtlly high rl.,,, horse.
Itu tlhta , m ht "Iiu.ii itgt," knawii g
at Ill will r as l
mnall. r of tinter ' 1. fis 1 t.r e ry 'est inl
the worhl, Ihe t n" l . lelr,,," art. given
t, ly , ba Iim e, Iby Ihr he l l:hc'p', ntilililns,
tlanI h I tli,,I -l' li ,,e o all hl n,,r , hanli
i'lltai- at Ia a oll Il i r vel, iii.ll " Ilie.
ih , iI, 9. fr( t 1 .t1 til lp rel(. iv tI nt n lf "ur
it- all '14 i lta ' l a nn ra p l.ty. The
iriuIit - a .ilhre l (y.i lit i gtll( , n. tlryr is lat
Iltti' lll lhSi,
T'he' |,,nver 'T,1nr, gill toebther a otal table
'showing wht bitul Young ii t-lhl rilt a i l.rry
Mlla.11 111.ia dilld ly Iuai'i . iA il nparillr ofil t
ithe w y thei litllr Ill.w- acted iu n the l ittl will
IAT V()IIT 'tdNI, MISET oll IllY
I it II N I ..
First- Putl Te y dl wn for ",ven.
'ltl aI a l-'lupe d tlb live i l-fit to lac.
("w thil M.ined a iterh noe uppterult.
l'iilh t rl oot . .\hltivare off with lit Ji.i,.
SO Kthl I'1.ay 1d i wastung Muffe.
S-venlth Illa d rought,, and Iclfs to jasw witl
Esilhth Iflookrl twoh ard rights to jaw.
Ninth Drove .li( vern f illt, his cUrner Un
Truth Strnlaghtl{ned Mcl.overn with fierce
IlJlp I i ll.
I;levv ntllh Sc..nrl a Iilno koll t.
I'irst Scored - rst hlood.
Second--Made Corbett groggy will| a solar
plexus hluw.
'T'hird Slaggered hii, niant with right to rye.
I"ourtbh Ihrw blood ht.n1 ('lrbets'll mo nltth.
1 t11lh II.nt oppIo etl over with punishlil t.
Sixtii |orcer (,nrllw' to break ground,
Srven't D)ropped to Lcee for cotuilt to avoid
Eighth -Tried Io rush the fight and foiled.
Ninth l.ust tvinmpir and the.w himself wide
'Tenth iad ( 'orh.tt groggy.
El'hv..nth Took the count.
Cenlrtlnial flock b¢er now on tap at all
first-clues salooms.

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