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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, April 10, 1903, Image 5

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tcoming miles to seeest Store in Butte
arpets and Rugs MenDay's aeelothing '::' In Grocery Dep'tHummer
EGreat Bargrain of yesterday did not prevent th sands of persons from visiting the big store and takin g s Here You Want
t h e clh u, h h in g r li hn ; .y o t c a l g e t w %e 1 1
Bergstrom'sake levator to Thirad vantage of the low prices that rule Inle ich and every depar tment. All other isales dwindle o h Fac Sh imaliles of '
Famous Orchestra i the hnto nothingness when compared with this Oreen Tickets t Sae. Come and s .ee what we asre doing h i . If Russell's Pictuires, i
(.nrlpets shown }in tihe Nor~thwed~. It. "hnnl for youir honefc||. wsill pay sou to dIn a,.
from 2 to p. moil t certainly pays to trade at ennessy's. You know that. And 30.00the big store's decorations are worth with Every Purchase
Shp coming miies to see. _e Only __._ _ath _ _resh Bottled Beer
ofearpets and Rugs Men's Clotinelow Ax ng .' thI Grocery Dep'td. fm
Great Bargains In Mostrs ot to ble fnl eStyles iwher iw in little o i t ot li Many Good Things Here You Want
Take Elevator to Third F..oor the hocet of ere, ohr n fpring its pringh ir. is i Ill t to I bit ato u h'Iti ~Itead fiti 44 t
Here hi the hlndso'est line of ,I''l41t 4 laud t1114111' glln'. 11111-1't.0'.1 type, We IrE' ltn. lilt-t44'.t4 if tn llal' Ill l'l" 11 h1-4 ll, l ll l hi4vell it
(llrilets shownl in the eorttliest. It 4 t for yfll', ,llilr tlllt .t. lo ill illy oil to rto r ,
oodntain silientil' i ml einll f lthi Men's $20.00 and $30.00 Suits
ahore oto ,iutl. ,t, ,.. to the fines1t Only f $13.00 ach Fresh Bottled Beer.
of Roy 11 ~iitois fladIl igelow A%- N'4-4iv Isgt. till' oer fti 1'.till y, hu
Pri L oe1. of Else e where of o *f No ilrek'h b"" stl ot "'"
ievral 0x'.l1eA tlrges 11141 printe On gofl yd in hm,,n uo,.ir ly :*I hotlehs. 'lHhlel
Itter not to e finrdets. We In OW we a, te r 1h'Iw t hl I t 4ie; fih. 4' in yr ,,lr sp.gw
hIn t he nIi l li'4t For nd t ) helst ofk( * i l r s 1 l es fro n $ f~u*r0 :.ll u 4 re: 4ll . l4'h uld l fi r mt i
Mtore to vilsit.ý su4-its fu~r $15.0t1. 3 1s 13 34441 poll hn ' fiver la.tedt. We'
e'yjt Lo1144-14n~ 11)~yh re(114 olf it. 111l lIt thtxi l414v ttC
PieLoeThnE eweeMen's Soft Rats at $1.75 ar a4 .
Jill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 111 th u!%'x111441111 11 izs fbr 4l tin y21 r1o41e11414. 11y.1 1
havel the newest14 and14 best stacMks', ii o't I fromli $2.511 to $3..'41 4vlI'i anid 4~t ; fII. 4 h 4444110
anl d duirinlIg this Green 'T'ieket satle golillg lit $1.75. Teal and Coffees
0e will lllderselli any and all carpet ' S,,IIIte.', ('lOl lt In four
men l. We do this every day hil t(e Men's Spring Overcoats Men's Spring Overcoats i l,,,ll"' 4-1 t,0:4 fiO t,. ,ll 14,
jeir, but just now the difference $15.00, $18.00 lind $210.00 vltatg s. IJegulilr $21o.15 and $:10.00 1ill- , li. , fi Ihur' l t fotr }in' lll try 1 it
will be more marked. ('omie land see. only $10.75 each. * ass, ollly $11.75 eacl. Canned Goods 11i1 lllItle l'illltll'I.lilM itII lW i
Prices on Ingrains Prices on Brussels eon rs l,. clrals usrlht oie'rl4nlt .l o'fii titie (plIt ml'1y 1,,'1(1 1l,. iti, hil1.t, ia
hilght Sind dark covert lOath- ip roi. tdt'oli~ili iilSliihrl(,rlir~ r^.it 1 ''il~ ~ '.ifi.,hlI l
40c quality for 30- y'l-rd6. 6-Se quality for 4,1c 414. ind in lucks land grIays. AIll lkng, in bhlin k 1and graiy ilworstedsl ('£ist of '2 dozen .an fl fr....... '1.::.: 15 , l I ,+rl u ll eon wa1ll -of ; d
50c quality for 4(ke yard. $54. quality for .tIk yard11. sit ltrily new' garments ; worth iitand light 'overls; som1 arel' liii.'d A n I'll1 folr ............$I, 1 gi . . prii e i t or; 4lar
75c q(lalllty for 0te 3yard. $1.00 qluality for hOc 1yard. fron $15.1100 to $240.01t. lGreen Liclt thlrulltghl with silk. C-t.'00 t 4:0.00 Singl rniS fI r . ...... ..1.i,' g tha Ill c I oni illi' :. s .' 1n, l41
["iiii('.V ~ i ('l' f, , ''h'll" .1 I l ! il,.. . . . . . . * h; , " , l :'' It ,, il
Smyrna RPgs Priceson Velvets et price olnly $1o.75. clllt for $14.13. ('llll. (44 t1, S l ti il " .... , in .l.,.11
At these low fig1gresl wet offer 50 $1.00 qualility for 754 ll yard. $9.00 to $6.00 Trousers $7.00 to $9.00 Trousers 1 Ati ens r ..........l411.x1 4f.li, \h .Ihl a1 .hs4 1.4ITl,
myrna rugs, size 30 by 60 Inches, $1.25 lquality for $1.00 y'rd. Only $3.00 Pair . Only $5.00 Paler Single em fr ...........: I:: i y line high ae , In
Only $1.15 each $1.50 quality for $1.2:3 y'llr'lI. A lurge lot of Imilun'ls rolltsers. lie 's hie worsteld tr oi-ers., Iilley lu'(' ll m ii' Itklr I l ji ll' l'hi Il'4 h i.it I 11m', li lt 5 i4 h
50 Moquett R s KIashmir Rugs new an' d delirble styles or '''tstrictly new garmnll it in ;ill u1l.l- (1'- 1141i filt cI'llos flr ......::e, • I 4 g e ull pa ih,
30 it G1het s Just seie these granlld vaulues; siZ spring; aIll sizes. 'uill.h' $4. to 4 Id sizes. '!tlue's $7t.1 ,) $4I4 1 111 if- Itnid IIl, eills fur ......l Dill gir. yo r mo.nhy baIi , if s's
Size 30 by 00 ln.hes, 6 by 9 feet. $1.00, for $'3.ltO p ir. for $5.05 1air. I11111y illorkeyi ti'llon s.i t y ill 1.1' 4 ill gl yon 1
nl R $2.25 each o-n- S tI m I~ Ial's i,, .l. 17il r
ny $6.0 each Big Bargjalns in Men's Underwear I"'"'' ".I , ..liilltl, ,lis,, 4...,,.,tiliIIg ,,.ry
Kiashmir Rugs JszlExtra AxmlI1terr rulgM, size 8.3 Alen's undershirts lnd dhrawg , F,°inle' lit 10m1's nelw milk undieor- ,..ll',ly ('h41h f10i, 14 ,. t,,,, ,; I; 4-,,. ti,;ti/ . , 641 it it 4]i(x1,
Size 7.6 by 10.6 feet. by 10.6 feet. of t lle Ca llforilJ hIn de, hat i ll rhirts ('ll l dr1it 'ers; fa11 4I'M. lll'4t4i4 fdl i. ,
b byof flue Californa. flannel, Jin sill shirrs and drawers; all hizem. for 20.'n
eOnly $10.00 each aOnly $25.00 each mizes. Regular t$1.25. qullity or $2.50 v-lue11 for $1.50. A llo ...pc .... 7 ,. Hams and Bacon
American Orlentals, reprodnetions in delgnI1nand colorinlgs, of the t0O a garment. . Men's fine sn.llitry nllhnoro 1-.w fo ,,r """""".lt'. - 1 p lt.14 144 J7lt rI,,'Il Il fill
best Eastern styles; prlces from $2.00 to $50.00 each. l0en's fancy mehlltO tlldefOtl Ill underwear; lill sizes. iRegular ,1111 pint bttle f'r...... ~t .. 1 ' ilerlui of humotf losom14l ilmas'n from
and drawers, mostly the fort r'; , $2.25 villues for $1.50. . . inllr & ., of .r
*"* a broken line. htegnlar 75c r- Afen'1 fine mercerized milk rib1dl Tobaccos
utr tains and-D p rles' : - - . .o ,o,..... ".'... .., -n . ',- ", " -; :-,.....7
urta ns an fOr :D5i. s e fllllrli-crellr. $rw.ar 0 h.1x11114 fur $1.75 .1. It. ,'111l''4 II ciol hlug Ian''iD 41t Ihsnllh, 11 rIibie. flt u11441 Ilow p4iv5.iI
1h.avy ribbed llnld'erlshlrt11 I1lI g niniret lt.. m-iii11k suilbg h4hii'''ni, ,4miiliithill1 Ill01. Iill i1lit lnIl, l 1, lo t lli' lt 1444
driawers in pink. 75e to $1.00 g~sr- Mllen'i s lerr rized silk shir'ls lau4d l w. I' Ilpl'u-411 dIll eons flr' i 1 lll ii , i I .uts , lili1ilil.
Lace Curtalns Lace Curtains ments for 5e enach. lanld drawers. 1,gui $1.50 gIlr- . 1 llll , I IiS' l 4.
Our stock contains all the lelding uffled net urtiahis fromlll $2..10 Large lot heavy silk finished Silents4 for $2.75. Soll 4lf North ('Clruol4n plug , 411ih I,\' 14- mihl iird h4Ixu, +%ralln
styles in the seeral dependable to $8.00 a paIh brilbriggan shirts and driawers; all Watch the Display In :t 1-is oiilie pIlliuIge.,, for I:: I 2'. illl 11h4eIt IlIl, S; It 5 -:6.
Ill lllli 14l it Il". l
qualities. fluffled Swiss lirt11ins at 634, sizes. $2.00 garments for $1.00 Hennessy's Windows. Breakfast Bacon pound4
Nottingham lace curtains, 75e, 85e, $1.10 and $1.50 lpair. eachn. Ne'w hr4 ,lIiikfust le411 in -a lt' ' :I it 1 mild Irl ii 14 hi'frliiI
200 pairs going at $1.00. 100 single Nottingham Ilce cur- Great Values in Men's Shrts at 134- )llnlld. I.ln wrlln,144~ hid i r ll a11t pa
250 pairs goIng lat $1.25. tuains, slightly damaniged. Only' 15c .11 li'i working shirts, black MIn 't fMliey shirts ii ithilll- l.'.i qitlllIly It 1' I 1 n Ill, r II llelll,
100 pairs going at $2.25, each. t
With many Intermediate qualitles 500 yards :36.ineh curtulaht Swti with white stripe; ll cize. eg" ered badl plain ld piited
up to $8.00 pair. lit 7,o yard. ular 50c and 75, .Shirts for twi fronts. $1.01 .aue'S gainig at uin
La Belle 'aris novelty net cur. bits. bkhrcks.hsh. Y os fling
taois from $2.75 to $5.50 pair. Extension sush rods only Sc each. Men's black sateen shirts with Wilson IBros.' fla1,y shirts %ith
In Arablan lace curtains, one of 'Tnlpestry portieres from $2.50 to rorded bosoms. leglullir 75o and tMiff Ibossom. All .Si/s, $1.5-1 vIl- Big Bargains on Second Floor
the most popular makes, we have $30.00 a psir. $1.00 values for 504. r Ites for 75o ech.it V o r t ilease the om(In a( thi tnr gerl
.\~ln'44tI ne ShihllS In lwl''.I' 11441i1 wtt lll~. heyllgme w hir)olgi
an assortmienit from $5.00 to $30.00 A big lot of pretty styles iIn 111- 11en's negligee shirts of light l |ldl,1n' find 'i'l'., with niellilleroll bll'olherl, 0W11 we (14) weli, lIot 0 visit nI thi1 dmlol'tllitot demon
pnlr. rlis curtains and maildrals by the striped sateen, willh lolilirs tlt- ltllills; 14(10114 ith loll itI'
Fine Brussels curtains, the yard. Upholstery and drapery faib *l-led. lae r 7I c ti l $1.0r t lhrl, olhl'' with 4olhlr l tratto. Stho t ose o ritgs:
favorIte for parlors, are shown In rio., 50 Inches wide, from 50c to shirts for 50e each. $ i.s I Youths' $7.50 to $10.00 Sults
all grades from $7.50 to $30.00 pair. $3.00 yard. "hrsfr 0 ah lash.edI. $ 1..50 iini $1.75, shli'ts go- Yuh 5 o$00 ut
Afen's overshlrts of light striped Ilg lit $1.00f eluh. Only $5.75 Each
100 Palrs Wool Blankets, Slightly Solled, at madiras cloth. legulhr $1.00 qual- 1 Seieral othlier good shirt ti4r- Abolit 550 sails, a1d,,e h i the latlest
O/4 fff Usual Prices iy for 65e. ,,,,. ,y .'e ,',i IIi" "g.,,, u .ill,,,s ,li".o
Mon's Handkerchiefs .well mide-, iely i l ilne and ler
S. .114-i.4O 4 fu.l.'. . h.i tlid4.. ',ll, ". . 'f liltin . 'Gray, 1.1r 1 V siId dark
B a rg a in s in S h o e s 4' ',0 , ' 14 , f, - .th a* a H to us
20c quiallihi, for we. each.l. / ouths' $13.S0 to $16.50 ultsll
Styles for Men, Women and Children , , ,,,,. l.nn h,,l,,,,o ,...l,,.f. Only $ . ,,, Each
People who buy Hlennessy's Shoes are always talking about themi. Silk Neckwear ',4th ,,,-.,, ,,,nOw., h,.,,; ,,gu,,,r, ,,,,.,, . ,,, u ,, ",,, , f ,l,
We sell the best shoes made-Danister's for men a414d Foster Co.'s for ::ac sub,,, for 150. wor.td sr, , in th, ltet out.
wonmen. We have less expensive but dependable makes, and we have Worth 75c to $1.50 each. 's ot d i n
shioels at fabulously low prices. Look at what we offer for so little Men'sl S us pen de rs .,,,it. , . ;: "ir x', h,.it
lild you'll say so. POt' 3 c "i',.,.ll'i~I~rl' 144i5i)C,,IIIOI, the i,.r1'143 , hi,,,lly r 11411 1 fioi '. !,rowIllE',
A large lot of men~l'sl flue neil-c. (4ell-1 lhi-Ili 11111tile thllt'S ll li'l"lr 4-l1/t14 liii'sI t 24 31ii I 14t-i . -ii1liiio to4
44i041 1ili] 14441t1 I'.4'ir'3li.hu'r l Itt :)4'. $11i.51) 41illi4(5 f ill' 4.7..!.5
Women's Slippers Men's Shoes w,,llr; mode of rh~h silks hIn 34-n t e Io in l0,. ilIr.
tiu l kId slippers, two strop. hand- Soaxon calf shoes, laced 5lte-, and desirable designs and eolorig. r is It
turlned sole,, opera heels; sizes 2. dongoils toJISl, Lo~ldonl claj t~le; '/'he shapes are teoks, four-In-hamil.9. A l,,,.g, lIs.,rll,,,,.,,, (,f sr,,,,g. Fine Suits for Women $8.75 Each
to 8. nlpes, 6 to 10. Imperiuls and 54141a1'es:; all new 114'1i'nls' 1d'll liIlMn o 111f lirtw
Only $1.95 pair goods fresh frolli a New York i tllligs II l l I.r ''il l t1 ;1( , t ,Ii1 l4,44r-41l I uth anlit | 11'l '.10 nfriIr i47 4-l41. I1 I, Ilollta g' Elf iiti' ser r-es,
un l I9 ll#sy I, 1 p l nalker ait Ii fr-aotion of their 10114'., 144) lit 154' jiliill. cl1,.1i4015, IiIr~llhi h 1444111 111 4liiilllitds. Thor4'144, . 4 1ir li t 11i' 1113 ir h fiV styles
Wom11o1ln'5 all kId slippers, three Men's "Rex" calf shoes, laced "or J5c 3'ou' (,holee of theis -onlh .\'',w it1i4l 4,ff't1,tie 4 l4 hs i'll 11, r14( h Il 14 l 14,1 14i/i'14 fill tll 1: n 4() ;1llIo'.n f44,4ti 1'10 i .l't'li p T oick
-It p l'lljs yet ornam ents on Vala m ps4 st3 ,le, ]3roadw ay cap toes; sizes 6 750 to $1.50 , T hat's Istr'l't'ht. illeni't li$,4 1 1. tll'h4l'l. ilt4gilhi-ly Ilill, to ihl, l Illl 4ll iri1'hl4, ' I ' i.; ,'k.
]lrench heels; sizes 2¼ to 7. to 11. tut'th :,4' for i'5c ailr'
Only $1.45 pair Culy $2.45 pair Collars and Cuffs Wee oweI ('Ilil of 1,2(0 4 ,(4 w $5.00 Skirts for $2.95 $9.50 Skirts for $4.95
Men's plump donggola kid shoes, A lot of men's white linen col- iilelSlenllers, i1i1i0ny 1iiii4h1 'If Ilie N li k i'.nlg1l11 '.l l f Illt' of llIto 5t lisi golf kil't1, 1i41 o 44f
strops.om 1 e nc a h heelst ipta r. r mo ccltedo 'le, Urallam sind modifiled rs, all stylles in standing, hil h- lne'st. wliI' lblingt 1 1i ll4 rth II S 11) Ilh, ilillll ' ill itI 11411l st li'illl ll'41 14'il0 * il I 4l'l l '.1 4i94 stillhod
solp.Fes che, hn-und bulhldog tot's; slizes 6 to ii. Our landers anld turnt-(owins, ilh'gu- lndl $1.00, g~o at :5 phi;l'.h, 54'1iii45 141i41 i'14hi i4114lfsilI 14 ~~pI'll 54'1 ii,1h iii15e, 4410iil .l'id ,ill.t rmu-s
oles. $5.00 values. larly worth 15o nnd 20e ealh, tr'lllllonl It)(lIllli. ('llllir- gr,', x. (f i1f l11,hlllii llriln l illI th1 l bottomtl;
Only n1.95 pll Only $9.95 pair Some are sliglhtly nimperfeot. All Night Shirts forI, 111 11 Ill ; 1l i4'11ths. iglhg fh lilfi: 1( to 4: hInhlles.
W'omen's kid jullets, gored fronts, Men's velour calf shoes, laced sles, 14 to 8 lnchue.. Only Sc Large lot of m4n'li'. liit, m114114- ijlgilinr $5,100 4l, irt4 for $24:,5. Skhl'ts w1ol'tllh in the Ir4glllhir Wily
potent tIps, hand-turned soles, - style, pebbled calf tops, solid eaLeh. iI n 4light s1i4r14 , till sirh1ily new, W e r.ns rp isa'c W goesg for $a.9, c
three button effects; sizes 2I/ to 8. comfort lace; all sizes and sizes It 1'mInhs 'ual'4y ' tell in timme; Sief Wome1' W41' 11 I 3' Womn'sl Wrappers it SQo
Only $1.95 pair wldthks. fegular $5.00 quality. 25es -l to es 1-2 Inches. ]egiilr 14 1-2 to 1I incheI; 75. lifull' f.. 11de f g ,I q 4ili1ty 1liiri .iifilh of gioloh qslitl alh-o,
lBright donglol kId shoes, laced Only $3.45 pair B5o vtlues for 100 pair. .ibe each, vith fill wihth skh't lili wiit with full wilth skirt with 15
ntyle; Batenst tlp, leather ooterG W om esn's1 Shoes as4'to ns 11 iihml4 41111t -ii i'i Ii41. i l hi .,i 4 iil'. III 1144 . 4 i . I Iilniiu 44, - hfh hti,,tOrIm o tto
stylle at~lz t tIps, letetprao3 ~ Shos Reuluhir 50c qulality, nitaie of fllil(y t'lrlllllngns. Wloith $11,41, slr'ipe4; si/,es :it Io1 44 iiil'li,,5, over 14lioi1l14'r1, trhitlil~ll4 witih
hsoSurpass kid Oxford tIes, low silk, for 25c plair. 11ut 1 tmin' W5 rth, 1, rh1o 1oi ,i th 'h i. r
Only $1.65 palr shoes, dull calf quarters, patent 250 quality, mnde of fine lisle Ilut illg lt S0c 'uch. jricenl ly 354 'a'h. 'hi 11 a lnIrrow illuis hl'1ii ollr red,
leather tips, fshlion toes, spike elastic, 2 paIrs for Sc. Men's while n.n1lli n nighlt virl'y low l4ri4ce fill' 11 Iil'14j)|4p.l', blit 1111vV 11nd l1hi10k stlipcs; sizes :14
For Younger Polks heels, haltd.tllrned soles; sizes 2}i shirts, extrI' fnlle quality 4111 u,,-elI then it' o miorth n1or. to -,Is hi4.hi'. 511h0 lrhiT oIlly 50o
Viol kid shoes, laced stylo, patent to S. tbnn r oiI go fliish'dt lS eai5ch, instelid of $1.30,
till, Friit flexibleso soe spring Only $2.45 pair heavy cotton half hsose, gei Men's Wa tche h Shirt Waists 35c hildren's Coats at $4o.95
heels. Women'se Superba kid Oxford wearing quIltlIty; wiorth& So. GJo- W'oll'l lehlIni'iil'is Iinlilly li'.i-n sillt fChlhhl'ei''s Ilox.t nl~iiilil~tIo ll~ll
Y.ouing ladles', slze. 21- to 5, for $1.75., tles4 trimmed lightly with cut lnag two pallrs for 5e,. A big lot of the 111 (1411 shi'il ll ,illSIM, ('ilt fiill 114il-l~l| we 14t4ti0, hi!If tilht tittilng collis, IoligT andi
.Mlssesl' sizes l 1a to 2, for $1.50. steel, patent tli Par'l toe, leathlet Menl's seamlessi half heose |il r'ofuhl~rI3 for $1.150. 014 ilk.e'~ll, w.iith 14141,k 00114'Ihr 11o lili,h toI..(l sho)rt, weldl illill~ll of Inrlclleoths,
Children's, 81/, to 11, for $1.35, opera heels; sies 2- .to 8. black nlid tan; all slzes. 10o anti olily 75c e01oh. wlilhinilleo chlorS, with white 4'h'-viets 411111 eogcrt cloths, In cli
ChIld's sIszes, 6 to 84 for $1.215. Only $29.95 palr 12 1-20 quality for So plth'. Glovesl and Mlltts gri'0dl 11ldM 1111h111,k, 1)14nk 1ii11 1l lhIe lot-, 4-llstor, titli, r'tes 1nnt4 roy'll
Ue ' e~olh s -n'lekanslots 14141 tl'igires; sizes., :1'2 () 42 1 1(1ll 11141411' s; I 51I'Xl iiiS 4 to I-I
Men's otton lose I lack nti .Melit'slaea'.y w4orkhiR"llts1111, I751cle.I~gllr7c -110fl'Io ~lN sllrl Ii'-$.0t
Inffants' patent vamp and foxed WVomen|'s vie! kid Oxford ties, brown, Usual 25o qluality, going to $I.00 values, for 50c pair. ~ |et ~gli 5 .tefr 5 er;.vrisye-$.0t
,shoes, laced style, red kicd tops, perforated vapfoxiug,, lace stay, topi o 5..e' ev ~kmt. o~, e',$7$ lho;fr$.5
slirinig heels; slaes 2 to 6. iltteult tIps, me lum toes; all slzes, two a)ir1s for 25c. Mfen's heavy buck mitts, regil. eaeh. $1.0*1110 o .5
enly 95c Patr enly $d.95 pair e len' fancy' half hose, broke n lir and reversIble shapes; worth Boys' Madras Shirts Women's and MIsses' Coats
I~~~tfnl l5 p lr'nlextra sl lines, In swell styles; vailues lI $1,50 palr, for $1.00. ~ 'ht O ttlel cltr ill~l- N cl a e o le to-rs
Infant.' evi kid shoes, laced style, Women's extra choice dongola to 35e. Selling two pair. for SSc. With attached collar, unbun- Nicely made of fino ,overts,
kid tIps, turned soles, spring heels; kid Oxford ties, patent tips, handt- Men's fancy half hose, extra fln, 111eni's dress kid gloves, p4lu- ilered a01d "tie of mnlldras uloth cheviots, p4bble cheviots iasi Ve
sizes' 3 to 6. turned soles; all sizes. quality; none worth less th]u lir siladesi $1.00 to $1.50 valthcs to nmathl; shown lit blue aind pink 1etlan cloth1, with tIght tttiug
Only $50 pair Oaly $1.45 palr 0e. 6'oing for 25o pair. for 753 paIr, stripes; sizes ra 1-3 to 14 inches. 4nd box bnoks. StylIsh spring
We are showing all the newest Old ladies' dongola kid low Men's fancy half hose, finest Hienneasy's, agents in ]hItte for 500 values for 25c eath. Jackets in blatck, tan, royaland
and best styles in women's fine shoes, common sense last; plain grades, for 50c pair; regularly Knox hats and Banister's fine itoys' Kray (,orduroy p])lits, 71e.- 1vy blle ald enator; all nicely
toes, hand-turned soles, for tender worth 150 to $1.00, shoes. dimn weight, taped seams, patent li|ed with silk; sizes 111, 18 aud
shoes for spring and summer, feet; slies 8 to 9, Collar buttons, set of four on Men's Mocha glves, grays and hand and strictly serviceable; from 32 to 42 ilehes. Oir $10.00
Pit Guaranteed Only $31.5 pair a card, for 10e ; worth 10e eact. tans; $1SO v-aloes for $1.00 pair. size. 4 to 15 years. Only 50c par. to $20.00 values going itt $7.50

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