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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, April 10, 1903, Image 6

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Mrs. Myers Has Husband
Put Under Bond to Make
Him Keep Peace.
Ia Not the First Time, It Would Appear,
That He Has Treated Her in a Man
ner Unbecomibig a Husband-So She
Wants It Fixed So That He Will Not
Be Able to Abuse Her in the Future.
,1'Nit 1\1"V r- I 1 ,,re t1 1 ; ial plvh ilnt
c11.liii- t- lilt h .tr h ,int..l m i ti , tI, H-ilh
tht i-,t t in:, t, u iur lilt. it.l h lI pro
t't'nelm - i, I 'lut o,,,kine to th," t1,t in.
li lr. I,, i.. I : .1 . I ,. .l. l It .l jiu ,',
lIl :, it- " t t - tht-t.
It I- -, r i .nt ! h ib. j , I! ,ni
litih i". ii,' -I, , - I,hlrI Ii IIh
|II., % I t i, , l ltt" Ir, null ,.l .I h. r
It ': , I ,:,t I. - ii I . ,, 6 h , I (i I -
In -! , 11 1 r " i , , - , r I, ` t IIrr
..:rt I -. ',1. , I ,I h h, q.111 11 o st
l lt , " .1 , I ii i ' 1 r,. 1! , *
I - it-.+' II , nl Ik, ,d ,( Pl , , Inli "
NI.de Thires Before.
l t . , i lr .,n ll ).. ,
i-' ,, . i\< , i m 1 . it ti , N 11,. .1
k nel , f tw 1., " ; ' , . in I ht lr 1 1",,, bu
t2 mi.t tin .... - . l \ i t io -th
ill -1 ' (,t - 1 1 n Ih ,
-l i:" I r i.,l , . I ," r ,l. .| 6, til t
." : - In in lil,
He Mu t Give Bond.
t t I t 1ii I N i. lil
Cr- .. t 1m . ii al i i i
a, * ! : ' ' '. , " .,li cu" yt
t i im ri ..'t r .t". \ ) ..r ago 11tt I
, n,; url n , , t-t. I but I
ml ' , , ", ,, I. , iito , I t ni ti
tl i " - t , t . - . I ,' i I'II . I!l n'"r .l n vathl
l t ' l i ' .
He Must Give Bord.
', - "' , . , h ,- lu t h . M r. \ty
tr- l;t', ,t , u, h. it. u I,
.,t` iI. It ., :\, ,i. , t, $ III tr I. I. , 1
. , .. Itt , 'l ' L' , . tl+ . I i t,' " I
t . 'I li , t. .,*'l l. I t h wi+ ll Il
u,, I'.;' t1 , - t hI ' ndI t~,, hl- ,:t' , a -. ,I u
t+' ý.u t t;,'., tlh . hc.,rn ., t i i. Ih-,h.-,.l
That's Diferent.
lh ,tra, I',,. lh .....I
I '1 , I , , -,l" nis : t ,,, fu l
thine t . I ,l,,, r 1 . n' t ll : o, i r lonl t
wh. ' h, :,.td, ., tuil t i i,. IH. bi'l Kiwlh
it ut',m t, t,. i,,- -illit,' .1,, nr :u"' hto t lin' 1l4
dI - , . thin;. a*-, I .,% .,It ltnm4 at
+~ tt.
Skin Humours, Scalp Humours,
Hair Humours.
Whether Simple Scrofulous or
Speedily Cured by Cuticura
Soap, Ointment and Pills,
Complete External and Internal
Treatment, One Dollar,
In the treatment of torturing dl-.
figuring, ltchliug, scaly, crusted, pllply,
blotchy and scrofulous humours of the
klin, scalp awl blood, with loss of hair,
Cutlcura Soap, Oltmntmen ad Pills have
been wonderfully successful. Even the
most obstinate of constitutional htu
imours, such as had blood, scrofula, in
herited and contagious humours, with
loss of hair, grandultr swellings, ulcer
ous patches in the throat and mouth,
sore eyes, copper-coloured blotches, as
well as bolls, carbuncles, scurvy, stles,
ule'rs and sors arslaing from a1 lim*
plure or itmpoverlshed condltion of the
bhl)dii, yield to the Cuticura Treatment,
wbhe all other remedles fall.
Aud greater still, It possible, is the
wonderful record of cures of torturing,
distlgurlug humours among Infants and
chhdren. The suitering which Cutlcura
lt-emedles have alleviated amongl the
young, and the comfort they have af
forded worn-out and worried parents,
have led to their adoption in countless
homes as prlceless curatives for the
dKin and blood. Infantile and birth hu
ilours, milk crust, scalled head, eccema,
rashes and every form of Itching, scaly,
plimply skin and scalp humours, with
loss of hair, of Infancy and childhood,
are speedily, permanently and economi
caily cured when all other remedloes
suttable for children, and even the best
physiciaes, tail.
Id alhtb ew dl. Cutle rtslrla, ot Me. (i
ali i t 'hJ1y5m Vl,.b,5 _ r'rr
, I lN" tr "'IhrOilks JL . cut,."
ri ur'y)' prl'. lin tau ti' ,la lirti ltin r the
tI ull :.' 1 1 tJ-I i th' t -e I' t'iv t' I .ulk
rntpt .
i. 1:"tl 11 i m * n11 1 , ? Is ; 1 ,a .;I ht,
I, t 1.1. ;:1u'l .llu frF ,'%-' Ill-. Itl,', iltn f | ln .
a .th a ' r:olttt I nll 1a ;11ia a l.e
11 - i i i.tlli. , ., 1 I ui t th e' I e t .1 i 1rt '
rlll. h'- \Il r u ., nv i ll: l a Ii i'y 1 to ll'r t i y
I, t r'.lh' or l nnl , I.,. Il, 'h ;ti 'l 11 1 ]H', ttth r,
ri l . ie i;ili,it oi talit-t lt i I ;lorl tri '
inlllth i Li l 'niph bmak c 1 .1 'I' i . li trr
n."I tt, Intnt'l it' .n it n. l tl tt. I'1, \ Lt r
1 , 1 , l -1111. S l I , i . t l I i ll ltoll k t .. \ it
I ' l i- tIji, 'I It. I 1 i thl ;I l lit ,,l l r.lt
Xi;t. \1, 1roliiun i t'a . nt li li it'
-, ,I t", I Ilik. -,,' II, i' ,, i i' h I,' th, '
'ti. Ii iii 111 ti l l 11 '11 1.
I," r, 1 . I"f : at , +I ,. n lh" \.v "1 ,II, rtn
tl I 11 !rt"!.tn 1l l11111 i l, 1 , 11+ ' ,
,- y n ,1 ," i I b ,1 m , ,t,; n: h, , th.r IIr
illl 1 11 II Ith II - inT' I 'iI ti. l t' 1 I, i .' i .n
1i't, ( i "1, i'L i lt 11it ilI'III 1 jii. i, It ut I'
1',1 h i 1 ' . l. r . I ln .
:u i,' I,''n , , i tl ' Il) l t mi I ; lld. t'tit - I i
-, ' n, h,, L ,'l.l:n . u l o nli t, . ,, I a i, r '
I. i' i ,i. 11 K.t d l ll i i 1h i 1111I
I I' lir,, ' ln.ih... (' li ,' ,l Il'''i ; I,.+,I
l fi- 1. I I ;lh l -n .l ;:11 ,1 tho ' "011 : lll.i
:,.r ,In.1I l . . Ih:1 k K innt(.( tilt- \ ,.nt.+n.
u i Ill ll.tl t l "r hl" It " ;lII . It, 1i lt t
t '11 1 ai i'- tt' . . fl it . . 'lii It ' in t' nI
lii, . Ji i . i ti ii I .Ih'i1, t1i s' t niI' o i i-,'h i
I1 1 1,:11,. l t 1i t 1.1 .
5,1 1',Itr .ki o ,I Itlh.h ne. ,.lat. nt;ln vr
1 , r ti n , + l, . ,I I'll , s+ t.
I . \ t iter 1h1 ," In ' ,a ,.n t ,, r h' ,
1. 1 :11, 1 4w i1 . t,. ; - 1 t"l alwo hk r i Sllt I,, li
if i.,i, l it l l tt i llI , t te '. r in
\It'. \I. \I. l,,ttr ' ali ' n t l it H l l, ,t .1
;i", 11 ,,nt r i l' Rn, k I-l n dt t tllrn ,:1,1, h1.1 11
t Itll t !', I luti Ihth le tl. , v il" t o t. Ih .11 I t'll
, 1i ,,t ,t v I- l i- , L i lle• Vi nltl t
ii, t \| . \ \' . I ' t, ,' r i f t ' : i l t ni i , ni l l
.I ,$ l l i ', t l tl'' t s l', in+ I',t t .I
mt l n , u e ) . \MI i t ,1111( ,t II - w 1 rt up1e f t I t
ltlh . i t - o ,ll llht .;ll \\ ' I t 1.1.
ilh - ,11.1, , t: , b l ,, , ' w. ,,.,t 1. rcgg ard \1 1.
R .,, , hi :,,. ,, t,, i ".' 11. p, i, p ,lh*' 10.1
in, t t I t|. \l nl t~mi.. ;a 1 a ratinl to i hi
h,, ut ab1 ,ll, hen |h i t i' i, I p ii ll } I ,,
Te"ih hi :)<,tan 111'11 nth' 111, h Ic"I y' '. got.
lh t'- i the it l , i l t Ati tut it.
\. N. II.
At the Thornton.
a\\' lter Il un ,. I Il. '.l ,.: \\. l I. l I' 01,
\01ai,,andi :; \h1 \. . t . l.H lhtonl . .1 i.,
\\ . 1. I11l,,Ai r. \ t.., I.,; .\I t . ,ihn. l, l tne.,,,
I. : I1. I \1."1+11 . h .. I l..11 (t .11 : . I',
ha::,,,, :, I 1'. /'. l. I 1h'h' a; .11, (,Ida\.
1 .. , Is ,,,1", . Ih h mAt ; I ( anh11 lr 111 . I',nt , \\.
I.. h ij\\ l ,anI., I'mi -In n : lei IIUt l n. Ii -
I,, , I I. nth>. I Ihw;K,; I.. (, lnish. \naco "
. 1 i. Ii..Io . (l t \ .. I.. ILo us, Il. anl ; :. i
\ ,..l:,,l, N .w e\, ., 1. . Fa VncI h hl. .'1l.,u a;
\. JL llg .L l II P . , laule. L.,tin g..t* .
At the Butte.
I'. IKhhll. .\n:wa ,I;,a: \\.alter ;l of. I.i. inl\.
t,.l , i t. tItold,., I.htlt b .y \t \. II. .\\hil 11
Ital vli, If. I' : 1 . .e I" t'c.. \a irtlo n., ('Ci\
Ilerri \\ tmdi.ntl' r. (;r eat il l. ; I. ahi \'. Iti.
WVl f, Ile. 1,,m ..; I'. I. I),nuohor, "t.6 1tle;
J.hith t l l aS-llroun, I' , ytl i u atd.
At the Finlen.
I ,tri-l Stiphen., Iru e t alut ;s Malnit .ill,
I.;lu hhl n. .\lar.le. i l.unlgithli t. I lth.ntt: \\, (..
\l.,r-tt', Sa" h Il.ke; I. \\. Itthn. (.n. ; II. \\t;u
nuitL, \tuii ndati: \\. I ii at 'ell, r'tu.tila; I.
Ii. ir ul, K iupell. i
At the Southern.
Ilank i tlt rugt r, .'city; I.at i. Ka), h oa ker; I).
J. I tt.herrt, ,aImes inh t, l ity; J).n ph ilt nk.
hal-1. .\n: a ltonda t h
Perpetual Motion.
I .. u.,.,. .1
It s tihe corner t sti e of a modern phys
ic' thalt perpetua;ll mllllti.1, ill tlhe senlsr II
which it was lieoht by thie old philoso.
pliers, canhnot tcxi. . Auti ulfailinr orig
ilal source of en ergy is .riotradiction
in tterms, since energy cani only lite trlitk
Itrred, niot creatdc. This being trcte,
llthyt ici e s ri ie litly been put at their
itl' .enlt, to e pl;tin the newly discov
reneul,, mie.ncl ta ,t1 "rit a io-activity," in
\which certain mectals cintinuously give olff
raylu inch 'sre"cnbling llthe kenltgeln redia
ftin in their prHpertiers. The energy of
thi. radiation is suttl cient. et timated in
hea1It tlit, to mell t in a yeaIr' time la
layetr of ice onei ixticth of in inch thick
ab . the radliatineg area. This is not
mtuch, but, sucth as it iu iit has been gihven't
lff for million, of lyear without apparent
change' in the emitting stullblance. It can
hardly hIi said that thi, phenomena has
yet ibeen satisfactrily accounted for. Some
authorities believe that the energy of the
radiation dues not really come from the
radiating .,uhbtance. ,Lt is derived by it
from outtidt' ill some way, Others think
that there is ;in tara;ltion in the active
substance, so slight that it cannot be de
tected, and that in time the radiation will
He Differs.
"lie expects some day to be governor."
m"'ell. well, he remtinds me of Har.
"%V. how is he like Harntum?"
H"Be isn't; he's to dil'lrent. tie hasn't
gut 'the greatest show on earth.' "
Vice-Commodore Adam Freudenstein,
G. A. R., Custer Post, says he wasper
manently cured of lame back, kid
ney and bladder trouble by
I he Iollowing letter frm (Commodore J eii , nstein is a
amp,' of th :m-i :l , of in-,litited letters rec, I from Krateful
11 l ;Itll un . 1 h o h aI I s .-h hl ee| (l i t'irni tc tly I ly WV a rnl er
•; f, ( t"re.
St-l.' )li' I : I ai ma, o W iall .
I tin plea .,I to .:y that I halv the great, ennfitnltc inll \\'Warner'
Sa.ie . t it., as I .llitl rel, for years with lanI I,:ik, kidlney and I ludder
troulbb,, -,ntlrad in t ihe ar )y, which nothl m nelild to help unttil [
tri I . ;ale l e.. .\ ft. 1,ottll . did m ore f1 r e ilthani all the dnt tor4t
:intl in .lic;ln ,s previot l yl , tried: it Itha permant l ll y coirnl l te. I i iow feel
Sli,, iltl Igti i I I tIhuid liat an advanced :;,ii, can injoy life, thatnks
to thi liel. icin..
AI)A\i I . I I li :, N1' . I N
Seniii or Vice (I l. ti. A, . It. Cu'ster I'Pot.
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney Disease and
Do Not Know It Until It Has Developed Into Bladder
Trouble, Rheumatism, Diabetes or Bright's Disease.
Ilriht'li dli.eat,. iliaitrs, rtheutnl atism, rli-'',lt;a c gout, uric acid,
nI ar 'nnIIu I . -,n . j:Iitm l ile. re, ; i l. atar h ot O I hll t lt r, pailful pa;ss ge
ofi1h tl r Illln.' a i ll'ient d slr to urinate.. i'. lly iin tihe light, a
lihll. drubl, n ll h;l le it tile -imaill of your biacl. Lnli ill y lour Rroins awl
slhe lI,.. 1 hw I w l ,, l m t, atnl l Ilu clrlu es, Ila.. ,ll' l iil~ ill the back
it .ior in. ik. iorpi, liver, 'e.nita anId scr, ,. yellow, sallow com*
1 i11t 1-11 c. 1 i; ita I'tli'lue. tirel, w rlll-out, nervi le'ting, lack of tllergy
:alll :1ilil itii. ,n cllhin", uh bO:l h iltin; illn dill'., pa;lrls of the boily, are
: tll - ' ,, I. b .;k. u h ilih vily k idneys, nieg -i I. anil they indicate the
ill ..fir hi:' .e .1 l l., Io :-taun ing, aslit te utiaar'd sympt. o sn si.ldon
i1 ake thet.- . , known fir many ioinths.
I et nilne inoe sta.l i erI twenty-four hi- .. in a glass or hottle. T.f
iii . is a r. l .,l thlllntlll in the bottont o t tl.. gilast. or if the urine
I, ! ihdl , 1" Ir 11nll see ptat ttle-i or germs Itb, tin labouti in it. your kid*
il t. iý . u i,,n;l althh . \'n11 i ,houtd t ike ".S.atle ire i to arrest all these
titill1l:l r.il Ctoli. tm an)l dl pl v Il i t s riotlts COill li,,ll II1l 'i.
It. fllir yl-u ha - ti1 a i ti litis te t I, yout have' .. dou t inl yo r mi nd i sc
t .11 111i, t h i..el .lin . l of the dlall 1,re i lln your ." 1. ,il11. a sampl e ofth. your
loiii t.. the Mu liiil I Itipartinint. Warner's S ture ('u., Rochester. N.
1 an.I nor ,iho or . ill t a tslyz.. it andi sei l li -i -ii a report with advice,
Ire... of h:ir.ge. tug.-ltheir ititih a valuatllr ilt l, bIork dlescritbing all dli.s
s:l-s tihi. kllit.), livr. ibladder and bllolL. and t reatmenit for each
\11 I,,ii.r I ir,, li-n iivtln read l nl aswered bI i, ioman doctor. All cor.
Ir i i'- tt iii t irt cte-lL coniiidtece..
Cures All Kidney Diseases. ,
S.,afe (ire purities and strengihln, the kidney, :ldI enable. them to do
their .,,rk: it will aure rhet(llatl., rheulatic :,ut, diabetes, Iright's dlisease. uric acid poison, giall stones. inflammation of
Ili bladdei. r :il uiiinary (organll- l l fetmale wi-l k -i,-s. andiil restiore the lpatientl.s health and vigor.
Sf i tir- i pur.ly vteg-itabliei and conltain ino niarcoltic or hiarmnful drugs; it is free from sediulietit anIl i."t pleasat to
I ik : i ,, not Cn,, tiatel : it is a tiio t vahie,'h.- an: d ilfcltive tnlic:l it kills the di.cl .c geCtir .
\\ \:N I-.l S s1 t. I'P11.1 S lose the hoit I. gentlly and aid at spteedy cure.
utll t.an htv S.i I .C. i 'l at l1) dru ligstore i. li.c 3 and $1.oo a i)ottle. RIEI:.'SI St lI'I HSl.I' 'T.IS. There is nune "ju at - gond'
is %\ 1r1.~r - S.ite I ure. Iti priirilht-cilit and il.ed by doctors and in the leading huupitals as the only absolulte cure for all formst
i di ca,-i. iti lithe kiit y liver. bladder antd liiood.
Beware of so-called kidney cures full of sediment and of bad odor--they not only do not cure, but are positively harmful.
lt alll1:,)h I.:)r IIi, i i't l. fil ttI f I~ i1" l l i ii
I, t', 11'5.l \ it I . ll 1) I I' l" i n i "e t Itll. tl i
, h , ,, . I *.l ,ti l I Ia l l-5 t t' l n;ii a lt .5 sil l s eo e
\ I. ht l i i, r,.i l I' i,,! l I I h i,' p I5 N ., r - l< is '. i i o,
\1i11! a p, ll, 11,1i)1 Inr re .,t lih II w l 1-' tat the
lul hh tlo 51ir ll llll , i l Ithy ii, nlit o fice.
;lid 1,- t ,.u r Iiik. hIh ,, ii .iiiiii i n alt'i aa w
:Irlb Inii r ,I . .I, uilt- I--y'il1l ,it i'I lf11et lit'ilnt
Ston., h"n atrenti n w111i bll 1 at il i at i attractedl l
ni pl ,ttlil NOf. il., . itirf, it i lllt .. ll i4ii to
\ ht a lLih i i 1i1,, a il ii trfl S p r i fua li 'h i, I Ii ,
tUi a IleT l Ipiating dis . O l "tiami l, invented
I. Ihll. lter, iand fi elu. o n gi ll t l lat lo. ii ,ll
iil . 1 h I rsllln una III l .i lhl ied w ihI l the fact
uhf I.il l i l ii. ha eing rtlt lpril ilth part oif
inilvaintl wu.l, l lOf ii hi+, I , alulni eliid
~ltor tf ill el n tillg inr l itly I l Iltan 1
lnder anl o wti. iiiodma, tiih as we
kn. .iini t ln to haiii i it ot tin, l i ti e l ilt liitl
%itlh t11'ii ~11( iifl i atl 'l a a ill llllty r of
lallrie apl, an el .
Ouring tihl arly year t Ii life Unu incoll.
wSleiilui lii atthuat l, w ihii at that tere cong
.ll gii, i a anl i nlll h inaeiitliiin au-tr
tIill a large part ofl tih l trailtic i . the (hitl
ifd ,l i i ssf il i rit'r . Neighbrlill w uld club
lgetllh r a t1 i aii l tlhat; lal it with
' trn. iitir, lic, n orl toi h alirt lin flotI 'mitno
to N.i iniialf ,i , where thil c ,go ani il'l, I n'
S1lhl i. e ,old. , the crew, return iing ti their
hlo e i-i i Ilhnioi-. InhcnlIi, Kentucki y s 'liTlen'
li. ir t sliand iil tn foito , .\long aboiul
18.a1 sieut furbiat i began taklt fing the ir.nc of
tIi ils h lil ats, although at l l il t the werei ,
hlillii a :t on the ai e diilu der, anli ofter
-lle tnii Il f lr the purplulile lof t i litowin l
wftreI rlanli apccii fr tu and colance ncause
o ll, a ,t of thil character by andblrly arrnd
L-l' li1111 ii~~ th ser'lice han lienii-utllelf writl Ii.
l fil-l i toll i i htiu ti liln i , hlulu r .t c hIllat
Original and Unusual.
,litilllg hi, tilt to tork, ihel alfter hong,
patllllitl Iilnlhlug llt, eollatid what wasil l of t het l
llmil ii riilla, l nld ullit.1 l lr si r invetiili ever
til , in the ill g irnii u int patent l icthe . In hlis
l flp llc io f ir lla allll hie d cli rtlle. ther child
i, hii fcrlile imagi t llCl lllun foll Ita:
"'1o All hi'f m int hMa iiy ('fncern:
"Ile it knl wn that I, Abralihait I.llllllin ln f
Springlichl,i in the county of Saaii iition, in
the Stafi of aliulini fi, have inverittfd a ew and
improl-ued imri ii. combining adjustabiil
inyinti air chamut er with a siinteboat or
ither isl follr file purpIll of e ina iling their
ilc r v¢.l fgit uliut , iillrll iui iV l ,l tliair
diiil uh of wiater ito i e rll il ailhl)' IhilIs nlr , to
elihile tiu lll i, ullhf Over rl of rii through
shallow water ithoiut diichanging their ciar
le.; antl I ildo herbly hdeclare h the ollowiing
it he a full, i clear .. eed ..uet description therofili
il'hl' l ioiyanit chambers which I employ arei
'lnitincted in sucth nulnle r that i lln y flcan te
ex1anlhd S iii. i- hold i l arge volume of niir
iwhen ri ilred fur uc , iiand ciull ie hcontraclicd
into a very small space and safelty secured
S ,an aih, their servicei can be dispen'ed with.
"The top find bttons of each buiyant chamnt
Nor i. tilpod Of plank or Limettl, of suitableA
Itrllfgth and stifnt, il and thit flexible sideh
and ,nal ofi tlhe chamberil are tlitioitp d of
Inif a rolrluf. clu h fir Other suitable waterf
tprh of fabrir , S icrtrely united tio thie 'dges andt
cud, of tle trill and bttIlm of tihlt - .h mbfn rs."
corwhd l like de'ici 55r.l1, In Ile altached to
lite fl t.i , a 'tlianllgerlll t, faitined toi the guInll
wales of lit veu.sel, and that froa m each c.aimnl
her Ihirt, wll lll rile silts i fvehrtical maItt;
tls ing thrnrlgh h1-l, in the top, ail faslend
Ilt Ihe bottlim it o railh hlaml r. t tops of
1h11.1 fllal lerv to be cnill.'led ,j ly a goys'
tern (f ca b w, ih a h1e;l ' ivy w' odei bar, run*
iling lte full hqnith lof the tl' 1 tl u d'rneatllh
the 1ir-t fir lower deck. s, hlilu wheli ai bar
wa' raclhlld, th1+" "hloyant thai'ihers," las
ht' call Ithem, couhl be t liied dtownward
ilint ihe \water, fly oiwin, of 1, capstan of
w1i11ch il. t rllanglm' nt' , thus producing the de.
sired 'sullt. "Th re ii maiia of the water to
the downward pre-.ure and it\llsion of these
chlamber, wtoul, of iourl', lie comttutnicated
to the vertical shaifi, ilid transmitted from
the later to the tinlhcr iunning tilh, length of
ghi, hloat, tihue railing the biutton of the vessel
higher aibo'e the ib'd of fie stream, and
Olaier the .uriace the nIlre the aill chati bers
w'ere pulhtl- ni1laward into ith water.
Not Limited in Arrangement.
'Thi ideh w'a al unusual )ine', anid in tlhe
conclusion of his . .pplicaltin. I.incoln say.,:
"I wish tI he distinctly understood that I
do nlt intend So limit myself to iny partietlar
of it vas,'l, with the main shaft, fly imeana of
Ihe sliding spurt, which pas; down through
the bloyliat chlimbers, atare 'tide fast to
their buttunts, and lte strist of rollclt 8it,
Local Roads May Again Be in Competition for the
Business of the Northwest.
I I nr". i', con~ idtcrasll , nllltqri.t ill ].B;lI rail.
r,,id l.tl h. I,, vec r the weepting ,ti*itanll of the
SIt Cat, circut cutYtIn appeall, allt
to" Ii at Wt. I'.iul yscterday afteriunoon in the
fIa,.:n- railroal merger rase in which the couirt
' l iu' ally hellI that the North'lertn .ecurlite.
.,1 11iay Wi a al t illegal corploratifonl actiiig in
1,li n -i i Ilto the terllsl olf the antittrul t law.
Ii,. Idc i-ioit is deelled to ibe of the mio.t far
., i-t' portance to this section of any
d, nii halded ildown in year. inc., ifl it i.
i-: in',d by the suipreime cui t of the I'nited
Mtlt l. it neatn that the days thte Noirtlhern
t..l, l ti c licomp v irgalitzld ai a holding
t, to con trol tihe stck atil pltaCtically
tit atvl atd caltad mpeting lines t ail.lroat,
use b ov, dill i *lid cliriiln llle bllo. ll I I d°
1, une tan he found in Butte with i flmiiliar
ti. . 1 of till i tfalurt, n( the courti * decit ionn
in I th1(les(ore stoe nn A the intereted railnailrd
"i d to og qtulted at any i lngih iup ll the
i l it tthe decili ,n.
i ,.c. connected w.hi the Northern Pacifice
I. itihtlHgton atdll the tl reat ll rtherin, are
ni Holly tety chary altiout talking for obviout
Si. They all agree, how ever, that if the
dti-vaat ii sustained it mean, that the three
rcil vI ll again be strongly comlpeting or
It l i.tnl.- tt tlt hat local railroad ttetli ll hi. v
,i'll,. in sutchl manner that by turning the
hli.o iltft in line direction thte bitoyatn t cithatli.
Ei ~ill Ie forced dowtlward into thell water,
anil at the satte time expanded and filled
it ii' air foir bttt.ying tip the ve el y lthe
<l-p'acenment of water; and by turning the
"AIllt( IlI.A 1.1 N('IIf.N."
in : 7. (. Robbins. II. II. Sylvcter.
'ITI ,uell,tli that will initldiatelf iugge t
itt' t ,I those wh reall thle foreging will be
a- i, the tout elt oat tIii patent, andi what
uc ILa olin made, ofl it. .las, for theop
ofl t yountig lackwotlodnan. .\ brilliant tuIe
cIt - lit aflter life as a statesmant antd politician,
ill and latriot, tle was a failiure a. a ite
il . 1il g'eniusl . \\hile it is true tlhat tle
Lt. ot cihanbers operated in the manner ullt.
li,,l by Lincoln in his petition. still, inl order
it i'ln ltated tl teambioati and harge, over
hy,. s.ch as tlhose of the Mlisiippi in low
alit'er, it wotuld have been ntecessary to iforce
tIh' hliaiiber dlown to t depth exceeding the
o l iiiy drauitght iof the ilminer, titus ren
(h-I li, tihe itnvention pract c ally valuele-.
i" ",er, uiLder circuit.itanc. and conidition
th. ut falrable wouldi htie iproved suchl a
cla tthe Illih sel'y lprores ast to have leen
a ,'.ite nuiiittance. t iveritment recognized
th, \w aik poinit of his iInvention froll the out.
hia. idi althouih he spent weeks and onthittl
in ,lnit to improve the invention in order
ti ii' it Ipri.'ictial value, it was ti ,t er vt en
Could Oblige Her.
[I.ippincott's Magazine.]
,of those womenltt who have antipia
tlt ir tbiliacco entlered a street car the
othlier iday aind inquired iof the man sit
tii lneatr her. "Do you clhew tobacco,
sir "
"A", i, mtadami, I do not," was thle reply.
" I cant get yout a chew if yout want
That He Wouldn't Do.
lIt hicago Record-I lierald.]
, o, you know," she said, "father is
a''ry u ty mantt and haitel aTffectation, so
pil ,"i don't statnd on ceremonty when you
go I , ak him for tie."
" 111 right, darling, but I'll tell you right
here that I'm not going to sit on the artl
of hli chalir while laying the mattler le
frec him."
C/.sa.b _- uM ,av3
Crrr~~L~rD~ CWDO
to hu.tle nt in th. days whvtn they were buck.
inu 'to, ntlotl.ir.
iThe decision tl i no effect iii.d tihe SIltrt
ine. inrcl that r1ad pa- tnt in t lhe mte.rger.
t'I til the c -ast hia ietn finally aIdjut :te'i
nle oftil the rertilts of the rutling oi e tlcull lt
court will it noted herre
It will probhlIy he ti. eral month b elor tlhe
cais can ie ipre umd to the ,uprtte court of
the I 'tiild Statl . atl dl e o( ledl by that trilbunatl.
It 1 till iprobably Ihe tx ti inlter beflre that
c'urt', opinion i, known. .Meanwhile thing,
will go along as at Ipre.et ttunles the circuit
tiouri t ihotld tijoillln . till- l rthct, Sectritiet.
co m1dy from acting as a htlding corpora.
It wa. in Montlna, at Illctna, a little over a
year ago,. tat the tiuimorabic meting of guv
t'i ir'rs, of the northlio tern mtates it l prolei t
allgaitt the Norlthern Seciritie. euwt:tnly wat
held. Thie eyel of the fitancial world were
pointed Montataward and the utlteutie of the
meeting which. of course, was lil more than
a re.,olutio and an agree llenlt it light the
lmrger itl the coIurti was the result.
The re ttllnt dct sion wthile its nmy have been
Ian indulicel otoll( ie of til meetin. g on goVer.
nlur was directly due to the energy ditila ed
by P'retident knosevelt aold \tturnt'y tien'eral
Knox in deciding to lpr)ceed agailnt the
Norltherl Secrity compan utinder the Sher
itan antil ltlrut law.
Barnum & Bailey's Princess Mother and
Infanticide in a Day.
[New York Tribune.]
Plrinucess, one of the big liotns of the
arnum, & Bailey show, becante a inother
atnd all infanticide within a few hours at
Madison Square Gtardent yesterday. Site
ate one of her cubs at one sitting attd two
othlers ait another.
The arri.al of the cubs had been ex
pected, and when G eorge Sihbert, onle of
the animal keepers, opened the cage of
Princess and her mate yesterday the ac
tions of the lioness led hinm to believe that
the cul had been horn. lie spoke to her,
but instcad of showing her usual friend
liness for him Princess with an atngry sntarl
splrangl toward him against tlhe hars. lier
action revealeile he three cubs in one cor
ner of the cage and the cause of her ex
Siebert replaced the side of the cage
and sent for Sulperitntetndent Gieorgc Conttk
lin. fly the time he had arrived Printcess
had eaten onte cull aind was preparing to
hide the other two by the same process.
T'he cage was divided inuto two
comtpartmetnts, and the Ilatlher of thle
cubttls was in one em. Ily tCmeans of
a small cage the mtale lion was after
some difliculty removed, and an effort
was then mtade to force Princess into anl
adjoinintg apartment. Several of the anti
mal keepers prodded her with long iron
lars, but the lioness spread herself over
the cubts and refused to move.
Siebert ofiered to go into the cage. but
Princess was it, such an angry mtood that
Sutperintetndent Conklin would tnot permit
it, and fially in the hope that quiet and
darkttness might calm the lion mother and
save the retmaining cull, the cage was
closed iand everyotne ordered to keepl) away.
W.hent late in the afternoon the cage w:as
openedl again the cLhbs had disappeared, and
Princess, sated with her cannihal feast,
was sound asleep.
Through half a century they have stood
for purity of TONE and accuracy of
All the knowledge and skill acquired
by fifty years of research and expert.
ence are put into the TONE and con
'struction of the VOSE today.
Solo Agents
139 North Slain Street.
Easter Cards
[aster Novelties
Of all description. Bibles, Prayer
Books and religiouu articlcsh for all
churches. New Books, New Stationery.
114 North Main Street.
* Expert.
funeral Directors
Tnoe. Lavelle. Prop.
Thos. Sullivan. Mgr.
125 E. Park, Phone e5
Still In town extracting teeth
without pain. Formerly Badl
timore Block, nsw perman
ently located in SHODAIR BLOCK.
Ilestlietl Lr.detlecer and Embalmer
140 W. PFrkSlt., utte. Pene 307.
Six Million Dollars Spent by the
U.P.R. R. Co.
In improving wshat .'.s originally the
&nest track in the W t.
A comparatively straiglht and lte1t
roadbed ballasted with dustless Sher.
man granite, rendering possible the
highest rrie of speed, together with
the greeest degree of safet). Tihe
slagnitude of the ,work must be seen
to be appreciated.
*olid comfort, security and pleasure
to our patrons.
If so, you cannot afford to go via any
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on applicatioe
perscnally or by letter to
H. O. WILSON, O. S. L,
Butte. Mo:tans.
Thirteenth doctor of Clna from gprad
father dcwD. Born and schooled in
the profession. Treats all diseases,
making a cpecialty of chronic troubles.
Consult me. sa7 Soult: Main St,
'he Inter
We are makiug
Close figures
t Books

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